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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the state's largest fire this year north of tahoe just wiped out an entire town. plus to booster or not to booster. today's major meeting pushing the debate on if you might need another shot. going back to google today. some workers are voicing complaints that you might share. >> you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. happy you're here, friend. happy you're back. >> yes. >> mike, let's talk about this heat wave leaving. >> moving on. >> the way we like to see it. >> it's going to hold on in two areas we have to talk about. for most of us it's going to be seasonal if not cooler than average starting today. there you go. the blanket of clouds. the marine layer is back. little drizzle this morning. look at the winds gusting to 44 miles per hour in fairfield. what a head wind you have to drive into coming into the city
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orwest from that. look at these temperatures. san francisco, 61. 67 in richmond. 68 at oakland. 67 in san mateo. 70s for the rest of the bay. 80s inland. in the northeastern part of mendocino county, high to very high risk of heat illness. another flex alert is in effect today. asking you to conserve electricity from 4:00 to 9:00 tonight. power officials say extreme heat and the growing wildfire in southern oregon are threatening transmission lines. new this morning, crews are working to put out a fire at a restaurant in the east bay. video shows these flames this at buffet in concord. the flames were shooting through the there. now to the largest fire in california this year burning about 45 miles north
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the beckwourth complex fire has burned 86,000 acres. containment at 20%. the lightning. -caused fire is extremely dry brush there. evacuation orders remain in effect on both sides of the california-nevada border. there are not many homes still left in this small town. this is the second fire devastating the community in less than a year. firefighter ace cross the bay area were kept busy over the weekend. >> from the hills between livermore and brentwood, crews worked for more than 7 hours to contain the diablo fire. flames swept through grassland scorching 98-degree heat. in san jose crews responded to a fire near rock springs park. >> it's an indication of the fuel type that we have right now. the high heats. the low humidities. it all makes it all the vegetation really susceptible to fire. >> and another condition this
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fire season are fires caused by illegal fireworks. in concord they're relying on technology to help them out. to give residents a place to easily report fireworks between county couple is creating custom designed signs in hopes of helping firefighters save rural homes. the fire safe signs feature reflective lettering and comes with evacuated stickers that could be put on the sign. that can let firefighters know to focus on saving the home and not performing a rescue mission. the signs are $89 and a portion of the profits will benefit first responder organizations. that's just one of several wildfires we've been telling you about burning up and down california. you can follow each of them with our exclusive abc 7 wildfire tracker. interactive map shows you where fires are spreading and information on the fire fight in real time. it's available right now at
6:04 am and on your abc 7 news app. a major part of our commitment at abc 7 news in building a better bay area is keeping an eye on how our workplaces will be evolving as we emee to go back into the office and how is up for debate and it's one that we're all having right now. >> one of the bay area's most recognizable companies. amy hollyfield live at google headquarters with how it's handling reopening today. hi, amy. >> good morning. those big shuttle buses you've likely seen rolling from san francisco to here in mountain view will start running again today. another sign that life is starting to return to normal. there is some controversy surrounding this return to the office. with some google employees saying they think the company should allow them to keep working remotely, especially now that a google executive has announced he will be working from new zealand. google officials say his transfer request was approved
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and other employees can make the same request. the company will approve a certain number of requests but most employees will be required to work in the mountainview office at least three days a week starting in september. coming in today is voluntary. this is a soft reopening. the cafeteria will be open starting today. that's a bit of an incentive to draw people in. vaccinated workers will not be required to wear a mask. unvaccinated though will need to wear a mask. so all of this starting here in the south bay another sign that life is returning to post pandemic life. reporting live in mountain view, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. happening today, pfizer's trying to convince u.s. health officials that a booster shot is needed to fight against the delta variant. jobina fortson with what we're going to be hearing at the meeting today. >> pfizer is expected to meet with the fda and other health officials today. the company says a booster shot
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is needed within 12 months of the second shot. the two shot vaccine protects people and the cdc says booster shots are not needed at this time. former acting director of the cdc weighed in this morning on gma. >> depends a lot on what people do right now. if everyone were to get vaccinated with this vaccine, there'd be less virus spreading around. less likelihood there would be variants that we would need a new vaccine for. so far we've not been seeing break through cases of severe disease and hospitalization in people who are fully vaccinated with the vaccines out there. >> dr. besser does talk more about the dangers of the delta variant. you can watch at 7:00. dr. anthony fauci says it's too soon for the government to recommend another shot. >> thank you. if you have any questions related to the vaccine or what comes next, head to our website. the entire abc 7 vaccine team
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is trusted experts and resources standing by. this is seen. 6:07 right now. san jose mayor heading to washington, d.c. today. he's meeting with president biden and other mayors to talk about crime. shootings and killings are up around the country. leaving local politicians and police struggling to manage the violence. what federal law enforcement is doing to stop the flow of illegal guns. that includes new strike forces in chicago, new york, los angeles and san francisco and washington to help take down illegal gun traffickers. meanwhile today, san francisco mayor london breed and police chief bill scott will be presenting the latest public safety statistics. it's coming from the public police department report about the first half of 2021. that report summarizing stats from a program that informs public safety strategies and resources to deter and reduce
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crime. now that news conference will be live streamed on the department's facebook page. carnival chaos. witnesses now sharing the moments of mayhem. the scary viral video gone wrong. all star security scare. firearms found in a hotel room near tonight's home run derby. the fbi calming fears about a possible connection. sunset spectacle. make sure you're looking up just after sundown tonight. you'll want to see this phenomenon that's out of had this world. >> make sure you're away from the coast. this is coming back quickly tonight. we have a west-northwest wind. 22 miles per hour. pushing, yep, free air- conditioning to all neighborhoods. unfortunately it'll get a little aggressive over parts of the bay. we do have a small craft advisory from 3:00
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it's going to be a sight to see in the sky tonight. earth's closest neighbors are going to be at their closest to each other. this is called a planter conjunction. it's expected to happen about 45 minutes after sunset. venus and mars are going to be visible in the same field of view. both planets are targets for the next generation of space exploration. nasa announced new missions to study venus. >> about 9:15 tonight places like san francisco and oakland will probably look like this. you'll want to stay away from those areas. this cloud cover is bringing us drizzle. so far it's been measurable on san bruno. not on the east bay hills. i had to use my windshield wipers quite a bit traveling through there. we have tree pollen moderate today and wednesday. everything else is low except for the uv index which is going to be high once that sun breaks free of the cloud cover. which is covering all the south bay along with mid50s to around
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60 degrees. we pretty much have low to upper 50s everywhere. 48 at bode go, a bay. gorgeous shot from mount tam this morning. temperatures in the 50s through 7:00. notice the coast in the upper 50s to low 60s from noon to 4:00. 7:00, down to 57. 67 to 70 around the bay. 74 to 83 inland and a gorgeous evening on tap. notice we do have a flex alert. i'll show you the rest of the state and how hot it's going to be there coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> hi, mike. thank you. we'll start off with a live look at the san mateo bridge where we have a wind adviso bay bridge toll plaza. our hot spot is the east bay. o union city, there are seven cars involved in this crash on southbound 880 before whipple road. speeds are down to 8 miles per
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hour. we have a stall blocking one lane on southbound 880 before 0 fremont boulevard. over we have a crash before little valley road. you can see a slow down there as well. moving up to concord. all lanes are blocked on northbound 242 between 680 and concord avenue because of road construction. that will reopen at 10:00 this morning. >> thank you. the billionaires blast off. there's a sweep stakes up for grabs for you after the historic launch to space. the curious clues this morning in the disappearance of a missing
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police are searching for a 37-year-old man missing. philip crasic told his wife he was going out for a run in the hills. when he didn't come back she
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called for help. park police and chp used drones, aircraft and offrode vehicles in the search for him. an avid distance runner with no known health conditions. wild story right here. three suspects taken into custody on gun and drug charges in denver. they're due in court today. a total of four people were arrested after a hotel housekeeper spotted a gun in their room. it happened friday about a block from coors field. major league baseball's all- star game is set to be played tomorrow. now hotel security alerted authorities, police ended up finding more than a dozen long guns and body armor and more than 1000 rounds of ammo. three men and a woman in their 40s were arrested. the fbi telling abc news they have no reason to believe this incident was connected to terrorism or threat directed at the all-star game. >> we'll find out in the coming hours and days exactly how they're planning. but one mistake tripped them up and thank god for it.
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>> investigators say the weapons may be related to an illegal guns for drugs transaction. billionaire richard branson has made it to space and you can win a ride on a future virgin galactic flight. >> a $10 donation gets you 100 entries. the sweepstakes ends on august 31st and the winners are going to be announced in september. >> i have dreamt of this moment since i was a kid. and honestly, nothing could prepare you for the view of earth from space. >> yesterday branson became the first person to blast off in his own spaceship. a lot of people in the bay area watched the launch in new mexico. on our abc7 news live stream. a former aerospace engineer for lockheed martin said this could change the transportation industry. >> i think what we witnesseds was the first step in the commercialization of space. just like the wright brothers
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invented the powered flight. >> virgin galactic says it will start flying paying customers pretty soon. amazon founder jeff bezos will be the next billionaire to fly into space. he's set to fly with his company blue origin on july 20th. perhaps the best story out of the espy awards is about chris nikic. chris had a bigger dream to feel included. his dad came up with an idea to hire a coach for him to compete in one of the most grueling races in the world. >> i thought what if chris could do something that's never been done. what an impact that would have on his life and others like him around the world. >> listen to the schedule right here. chris trained six day as week for 13 months. then last november he became the first person with down syndrome to complete the iron man triathlon. a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run in it less than 17 hours.
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>> when i started this was all about a boy and his dream. but now it is so much more. >> chris received the jimmy v. award for perseverance at the espys. incredible, incredible feat. those iron mans are no joke. >> that's amazing. >> and a lot of dedication. six days for 13 months. >> for 13 months. that's a lot of training. congratulations to him. >> not worthy. i may swim two miles today but i'm not going to bike 112 and then run a marathon. >> that's the entire thing. it's a whole marathon at the tail end of all of it too. crazy. >> just. >> wow. he is what an inspiration. that is amazing. congratulations to him. let's take a look at what's going on. east bay hills. look at that. a river of clouds running through it about 20, 25 miles per hour. the cooling sea breeze is touching just about all of our neighborhoods today and so are
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the clouds this morning. look at this. 280 at 17 socked in. eventually we'll have sunshine away from the coast where the clouds are going ton clingy. below to average highs today. in fact, pretty much all the way through the extended into the weekend. cloudswi some patchy drizzle like we're dealing with this morning. let's jump into the temperatures. most of the heat is gone. most of it is. it's still 90 in morgan hill and gilroy. 86 at los gatos. mid to upper 70s for the rest of the south bay. low to 70s on the peninsula. drop into the mid and upper 60s as you head northbound. along the coast we'll have upper 50s today to near 60 in daly city. low to mid60s for downtown. south san francisco. for the north bay coast to sausalito, some of the fastest breezes will be along the north bay coast this afternoon through the san brunos. through the san pablo bay and into the delta. look at those temperatures. 73 in vallejo.
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lake port the most dangerous. hercules, 70 to 73 for the rest of the east bay. brentwood at 91. flex alert. record high 92 in tahoe. 110 in fresno. still 93 in sacramento. 113 in palm springs. the rest of the state is going to be using a lot of electricity trying to stay comfortable this afternoon. for us, look at this blanket of cloud cover. oh, doesn't that make you want to just kind of head back to bed on a monday morning with those temperatures in the 50s? so pretty steady today. tomorrow. wednesday morning, clouds, drizzle. afternoon sunshine away from the coast. even cooler a little below average more so thursday and friday. then back to
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oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy.
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job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. we are back. it's 6:23. check this out. those are real popsicles and this is a timeline of those popsicles melting in front of
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the giant popsicles art installation. saturday's record high 120 degrees. this death valley they said hold my beer. it was 129. it could be 130. they haven't made it official yet. either way, it it was one of the hottest places on earth. ouch. all right. let's take a look at where our extreme heat is holding on barely in the northeast corner of mendocino and lake counties where we could have up to 106 degrees today. that brings us back to a high to very high heat risk. this is what day four, five of it. your body, listen to it. it's going to get broken down by that heat. cloud cover trying to make its way into the east bay stopping a little short in some areas. anywhere from 2 to 9 degrees below average today. what a difference the weekend makes. went into the weekend, it was 10 to 20 degrees above average. now we're cooler than average. >> we'll take it.
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thanks, mike. thorfying nt caughtseen this vi yet. the video shows the carnival ride swinging out of control at a festival in michigan. as these bistanders become heroes as they come in to help. the massive pendulum. at one point the base of the ride nearly lifted off the ground. people rushed over to try to hold it down. trevor drew was on that ride. >> i've never seen anything shake like that. >> this incident happened on an attraction called the magic carpet ride. the michigan department of licensing and regulatory affairs says carnival rides in the state are annually. arnold amusements says it inspects rides every morning. amazon restored service
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after a global shutdown overnight. for nearly two hours shoppers couldn't get past the home page. at the peak of the outage more than 37,000 users reported having issues. there's no word on wh this outage in the first place. do you happen to have any old video games lying around. they could be worth a lot of money. >> do not throw them away. an up opened copy of nintendo's classic super mar owe 64 just sold at auction for more than $1.5 million. that's nearly double the record just set on friday for the most expensive single video game ever sold. it was the first to mario in 3d. wow. $1.5million. >> nice. well, some top stories at 6:30. protests like we haven't seen in decades. new video as president biden is criticized for not taking action. closer to home.
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the entire side of a freeway shut down right now. that could affect that morning commute. plus. >> i've got the gift. the third eye. you have to get into a deep meditative state. some people call me warlock. >> the severe drought turning us a little desperate. wait till you the ar is going to to find some usable water. as we head to break this morning, a live look outside. 6:27. picture perfect across the bay area. we're back in a moment. [announcement on pa]
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and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? making news here at 6:30, b in person. not everyone is excited about
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today's return to the office. a serious sigh of relief when you step outside today. mike is tracking a cooler forecast for us. and he's going to tell us where we are going to feel it the most. and now here is the guest host of jeopardy, george stephanopoulos. >> who is jeopardy george? you know the answer. george stephanopoulos taking us behind the scenes at his week with the beloved game show. thanks for being here. july 12th as you wake up on this morning. you're watching abc 7 mornings. >> we're going to check in with you, mike. it's going to get cooler today, thankfully. >> that free air-conditioning you were hoarding over the weekend in the city. >> san francisco said not us. >> we want no parts. >> not here. not going to happen. no. no. well thank you for sharing. let's take a look at what's going on. excessive heat warning one more
6:31 am
day northeast corner of mendocino. as you look towards lake counties. that's through 8:00 tonight. that's it. for the rest of us, 35 miles per hour at fairfield. it was gusting to 44 earlier. as you can see from our camera there the marine layer is back. 90 in morgan hill. a lot of 80s inland. 78 at napa. 60s and 70s around the bay. this is one of many to come. i'll have that seven day forecast coming up. let's get back to julian. thank you. if you ever miss mike's forecast, check out the temperatures and air quality and wind any time on your tv. our weather tracker lets you see current conditions across the bay area. they're live now and you can download it wherever you stream. all you have to do is search abc 7 bay area. as california continues to
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reopen, google is reopening its bay area offices today on a voluntary basis. the chronicle reports the tech giant will not be requiring workers to be vaccinated. there are some restrictions in place for unvaccinated employees. amy hollyfield live for us this morning outside of the google campus with more. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning. the unvaccinated workers will be required to wear a mask. but the real controversy surrounding today's opening is that some workers think that the company should allow them to continue working from home. adding to that tension is the fact that one google executive has announced he will be working from new zealand. he plans to work remotely from there. some google employees found that upsetting. google says employees can request to work remotely and they will approve a percentage of those requests. but most google employees will be required to work at the offices in mountain view so the competition to get approved for
6:33 am
remote work, well that's also adding tension to the workplace. google's cafeteria will be reopening today. those big shuttle buses you have likely seen traveling from san francisco to the south bay, those are going to start running again today. this is a soft opening though. employees are showing up voluntarily. workers will be required to be here three days a week starting in september, except for those who do get approved to work remotely. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. also happening today, an activist group will protest against the cdc's policy for reopening schools. equal opportunity now by any means necessary is a caucus. it's planning a car caravan protest starting at 2:00 this afternoon. protesters do not want in person learning to start without mandatory covid-19 vaccinations and testing. california still requiring masks in schools for in person
6:34 am
learning. this applies to all teachers and students. health and human services secretthe state's decision in a conversation with abc 7. >> this is one of the strongest prevention strategies that we've seen with so many california students not yet vaccinated having all wear masks to start the year. we believe gives us the best chance of getting all back to school. >> dr. ghaly is hopeful a vaccine will be available for children under 12 by california. he doesn't anticipate any further lowdowns or restrictions. developing news this morning. there's growing unrest in cuba. jobina at the live desk with the protests that erupted and how americans are responding. >> thank you. cuba has fallen on hard economic times with food d kes
6:35 am
streets in a country that's notorious for cracking down on dissent. it's the largest demonstration cuba has seen in nearly three decades. the cuban president blames u.s. restrictions on exports. cuban americans in florida are also protesting. >> i want to see the president to see something and to do something for cuba now. >> we have to make sure that their message today and every day moving forward isn't lost. and that the true nature of this barbaric regime is exposed. >> republican senator marco rubio criticized the president for not taking action. he tweeted last night quote, the people of cuba bravely take to the streets against 62 years of socialist tie rany. 12 hours later president biden has yet to say a word about it. in april raul castro stepped down as cuba's leader. prompting calls for change in the communist nation. pope francis just appeared in public for the first time
6:36 am
since undergoing surgery. he led his weekly prayer from a hospital window yesterday. the pontiff said his prayers have been going to haiti in the last few days. he mentioned how important good healthcare is and said it should be free and accessible to all. the recovery effort at the site of the florida condo collapse is expected to take weeks. >> 90 people have been found dead in the rubble so far. more than 30 still missing this morning. surfside's mayor says information about where the victims were in the building before it collapsed has helped. >> this has been an extremely important component of the search and rescue. it has allowed the search and rescue teams to on many occasions pinpoint exactly where the victims were ultimately found. >> an israeli search and rescue team, they were given heart felt sendoff sunday as they left to return home. several people with israeli citizenship were reportedly killed or still remain missing.
6:37 am
new details in california's fast-paced fire season. wineries fear this fire season will be their last after going into it without insurance. the chronicle is reporting some have seen their premiums increase by 300%. othershave just been dropped by their insurance companies. a quote from a vendor saw their quote go from $200,000 to $800,000. dozens of wineries sustained some damage after last fire season and brokers say paying out these wineries isn't sustainable for insurance. for the carrier, i should say. with some even withdrawing from the market. severe droughts have led to desperate measures. >> the owner of a property in the hills found water by trusting an ancient method that is more than just science. rob thompson uses these stainless steel rods. he says they move on their own and cross when found a well. now thompson says he's found more than 4000 california water wells in 40 years since he was
6:38 am
just 10 years old. >> i've got the gift. the third eye. that sense that most everyone has but they choose not to use it. you have to get into a deep meditative state. you really can't have any thoughts come in or out when you're in the process. you have to be really neutral. and let your tools do the work for you. >> thompson says people call him all types of things. most notably a warlock. thompson says he's found more wells in it oregon and washington. he can tell how deep a drill needs to go to get to that well and how much water it has too. incredible. here is another question. talking about water. what is in the waters at lake merritt? the creature recently spotted lurking below. it could be telling us something about our oceans. looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange this morning. we have another update on how the markets are doing coming up in it a moment. how do you make a movie
6:39 am
about a disney ride putting the rock and emily blunt in it. that's a good start. they're sharing surprises about the upcoming jungle cruise. first checking in with mike nicco. >> can only hope they're as good as the pirates of the caribbean ones. here's a look at what's going on with the bridge. you can see the mist and drizzle. not as prevalent as you're going to find possibly on the bay bridge. golden gate bridge. maybe even the san mateo bridge. that's why you need to have caution. that is out there. plus it's going to be windy and choppy just about all day. right now it's mainly in the delta. it will back to the golden gate bridge through the evening commute. what's going on with these clouds. how they're racing off to the east and bringing heat relief to just about all of our neighborhoods today. a little drizzle up in the east bay hills this morning. air quality is good just about every day and just about every microclimate through wednesday. if you're heading out in east bay, we'll stick here. richmond, 52 to about 57 in it union city. how about other neighborhoods
6:40 am
you'll find a whole lot of 50s here. from 51 in santa rosa to a few 60s los gatos at 60. antioch and brentwood 62 degrees. that's pretty nice compared to those 70s and 80s we had for throes over the weekend. throughout the day, notice the clouds back to the coast where they're going to be stubborn there. still in the 50s. mid to upper 50s at noon for half moon bay and san francisco. 60s around the bay. 70s inland. 80s around antioch. even a 90 up around clear lake. one of the reasons you're in that excessive heat warning through this evening at 8:00. 100 and 97 in cloverdale. 60s and 70s around the bay. as we head to 7:00, clouds start marching back. getting ready to do this. and we're going to repeat this almost every day of the forecast. i'll show you that coming up next. want to get over to jobina to talk about the monday morning commute. >> hi, mike. thank you. good morning, everyone. we have the backup beginning at
6:41 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 6:12. it's backed up to the maze. it's monday. live look in emoryville. 80 looking much better. moving at the limit. the crash we were following in union city involving seven cars has cleared on southbound 880 before ripple road. the only thing is the damage has been done so speeds are still down to around 6 miles per hour as you travel southbound over. we still have a crash involving a motorcycle on westbound 84 before little valley road. speeds there are down to 19 miles per hour. happening now in the east bay, all northbound lanes of highway 242 between concord and walnut creek are closed for major roadwork. this is happening at the highway 242 and 680 interchange and the concord avenue onramp. this is work from earlier. that's when everything will reopen. take alternate routes until then.
6:42 am
the stretch will be closed next delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet.
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now, that's making a difference.
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welcome back to abc 7 mornings. today a michigan judge will hold a hearing to consider possible financial penalties against some of former president trump's lawyers. challenging the election results in michigan. the lawsuit claimed widespread fraud but it was dropped in december after a judge found nothing but speculation that votes for trump were somehow destroyed or switched. president biden won the state of michigan by 2.8 percentage points. a white house delegation is in haiti helping with the investigation into the assassination of haiti's president. a haitian man with ties to florida is now in custody accused of working with the master minds behind the assassination of president jovenel moise. he
6:45 am
at least 20 people, including two americans. >> my only and ultimate goal is to give justice to president moise. >> the country is facing economic turmoil since last wednesday's attack. there are shortages of food and fuel. people are lining up for gas using anything they can to take it away. every president has their quirks and president biden has a habit of speaking while whispering while he speaks. >> people say well that's a give away. you guys, i think it's time to give ordinary people a tax break. guess what, employers can't find workers. i said yeah, pay them more. >> the whisper could be intentional. a professor of political rhetoric explains why we're more likely to listen when the president lowers his voice. >> we're in a period of political discourse when the normal way of communicating is loud. and the volume is loud. and so i think the contrast
6:46 am
effect between not just the previous president but other governmental actors and activists, frankly, for him getting your message across depends on loud volume means it sort of sets everybody back a little bit when you see someone going in a different direction and reducing their volume. >> experts say whispering also makes the conversation feel more personal and intimate. it's time for that morning money report. tesla ceo elon musk due in court because of a lawsuit from his own company's shareholders. tesla acquired solar city corporation. shareholders say musk did it to save solar city from bankruptcy but musk was also the board chairman at the time. now according to the lawsuit, stockholders want musk to repair that cost. a reminder for people receiving unemployment benefits. you now need to prove you're looking for a job again. california waived those requirements last year when the pandemic forced millions of
6:47 am
people out of work. ret now with most d are being asked to start their job hunt at a test that they are doing so. it is 6:47 right now on this monday morning. we're taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. you can see we're up about 32 points. we'll have more coming up. the euro finals and the nba finals on the same day meant some huge crowds at bars. one party even poured into the streets of san francisco's north beach. so here's why. it was italy versus england in the euro final and in this thrilling match italy claimed its first european championship since 1968 in a penalties shootout. for many it was a first time since being out with so many people. >> it feels so good for us all to be together and not have all this distancing and just celebrate together. it's been so long and it just
6:48 am
feels beautiful. >> we love to see it. one bar owner says that since the state reopened last month he's ordering four times the amount of alcohol he was ordering before the pandemic. not during. before. >> some people trying to do some catching up it appears. >> making up for lost time. >> they were having a good time. we're hearing from the doctor who jumped into action during a giants game. >> really incredible here. it happened saturday. dr. willie ross was there to watch his son who happens to be a nationals pitcher during the game he happened to see a woman choking nearby. he hustled over to check on her. that's when he found she was not able to talk so the doctor had to use the heimlich maneuver to get that food that was trapped in her throat. >> people even after the game were coming up to 33 and speaking to me. that made me feel really good. then the giants bought a bobble head for us after this settled down a little bit. >> the woman was okay. she even stayed for the rest of
6:49 am
the game. she said i paid good money to be here. by the way, dr. ross' other son happens to be a right hander with the texas rangers. producing mlb players left and right here. both sons. jeopardy fans, a familiar face wbe on the show this week. >> uh-huh. good morning america anchor george stephanopoulos is guest hosting starting tonight. he's taking us behind the scenes. >> now here is the guest host of jeopardy, george stephanopoulos. >> it was such a privilege to step on to that iconic jeopardy set that alex trebek made famous. good to see you all. this is a lot harder than it looks. just telling you. god bless alex trebek and everybody who's been a guest host. >> the job, don't fumble when reading the clues, stay focused, keep things moving and remember what alex always said, it's about the game. the contestants and i navigated our new roles together. if it makes you feel better, i'm a lot more than you
6:50 am
are right now. >> so he describes the experience as intense but also a lot of fun. more on that coming up on gma at 7:00 and you can watch him guest host all week before robin roberts gets her turn next week. donations will be made to two charities they choose. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. kudos to them. that is a tough job. >> right. >> it's more than just reading the questions. you have to know your stuff going into it. >> and the pacing i heard is the hardest part too is to keep it going. i could see robin going over there when they interview the contestants. how's it going, girl? like five minutes later. >> you're just having a conversation with robin. >> that's fun. i can't wait to see it. congratulations to them and to jeopardy. that's pretty cool. weather wise, congratulations to us if you're tired of the heat. this is a blbl
6:51 am
from tam. rolling across the east bay hills about 20 miles per hour. the understoodunnulations as it moves through. don't be surprised if that's around for the rest of the morning commute. slow sunshine today is going to help deep the cooling trend. the air-conditioning is back and it will be back just about every single day of the extended forecast. so let's jump in and show you the difference. remember the high we had over the four corners? we're not under that one in that southerly flow. we're back under the eastern pacific high and its northwesterly flow. that's why we're seeing cloudy mornings with drizzle and temperatures average to more than likely below average. we have 90 in morgan hill and gilroy. 75 to 78 for the rest of the south bay. low to mid70s for the rest of the peninsula. as we head up the coast there, you can see around 58 to 60 degrees. low to mid60s for downtown. south san francisco. for the north bay coast to
6:52 am
sausalito. look at that breeze. napa at 78. 79 at santa rosa. cloverdale northward. mid90s to around 100. for the east bay, 60s around richmond. hercules. berkeley. oakland and hayward and loto mid70s elsewhere. as you move inland. 91 in brentwood. if you're thinking about going and watching the mr. me tear conjunctionture, you can see a lot of rinse and repeat. today, tomorrow, wednesday, cooler thursday and friday wildfire before returning back to average saturday and sunday. julian. >> got to enjoy that cooldown. thank you, mike. it is no loch ness monster. check it out. can you see what it it's a bat ray. apparently dan took the video
6:53 am
last tuesday. he's lived in oakland for eight years and has never seen anything like it. a senior biologist at the california academy of scientists says bat rays are common in the san francisco bay but not in lake merritt. >> probably food, honestly. he's probably the only one in there. there's probably anything eating what he's looking for. they're definitely foragers. he was probably just looking for something to eat on the bottom. >> the biologist says this could be a sign that the lake's health is improving. $80 million. that's how much black widow brought in over the weekend setting a pandemic box office record. the long awaited film topped the previous record that f9 set a few weeks back. if you combine the rentals and international theater sales, the film grossed over $215 million total over the weekend. black widow was supposed to come out in may of 2020 but was
6:54 am
delayed because was pandemic. marvel and abc7 are both owned by disney. new at 6:00, stars of disney's jungle cruise are talking about the upcoming movie. >> we're hearing from emily blunt and the rock this morning. they're on good morning america talking about the exntof jule c into the world. >> it's really exciting to because you can feel certainly here in america that people are going back to theaters and the experience of going back to theaters so to have us be the next movie getting ready to come out is very exciting. >> this is a buddy movie in it a way. half of it y'all not really feeling each other. but then you get along. but in real life, explain this dynamic. >> it's called hate. >> i notice. i didn't want to say that. >> the rock has to have special shirts. like tailored for those guns; right? my god. look at him. >> i know. >> they also have a surprise for a special guy on gma.
6:55 am
that's coming up at 7:00. you can see jungle cruise at the end of the month or order it with disney plus with premiere access july 30th. >> you're right. that's all i'm going to say about that. >> we know kumasi's tuning in it at 7:00 this morning on gma. >> i'm going to be watching. coming up next the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch abc 7 bay area connected it have app. apple tv, apple tv, amazon fire tv and roku. as we head to break, taking a live look outside right now
6:56 am
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it is 6:57. if you're just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, pfizer will be meeting with the fda and other federal health officials today. seeking emergency use authorization for a covid-19 booster shot. number two, google is reopening its california offices on a voluntary basis
6:58 am
starting today. the chronicle reports vaccinated employees can take off their mask inside. unvaccinated people will have to continue wearing those masks and take weekly covid-19 tests. number three, mayor liccardo will be meeting with president biden today. the beckwourth complex fire has destroyed homes. 134 square miles have been burned. evacuation orders are in effect on both sides of the california- nevada border. lake and the northeastern part of mendocino county. you're under the excessive heat warning with high heat risks. look for the rest of the bay area. anywhere from 2 to 9 degrees below average. the heat wave is over. number six, we have a lot of slow spots in the east bay but our biggest issue right now is roadwork.
6:59 am
northbound 242 it's closed between 680 and concord avenue until 10:00 this morning. expect delays and take alternate routes. and number seven, look at this. you can win a ride on a future virgin galactic flight. richard branson say as $10 donation to space for humanity will get you 100 entries. that sweepstakes ends on august 31st and then the winners will be announced in september. both of you love space. >> would you do it? >> you more than you. i don't know. >> someone's been to camp and someone else hasn't. >> uh-oh. >> okay. but i will say i don't know. i don't know about that. >> okay. >> what about you though? >> my birthday's in september. bring it on. >> you you would do it for your birthday. >> we're not ready for you to go, mike. >> i'm going to come back. >> that means you'reyou'reyou're it. >> no. >> blocking the entrance.
7:00 am
>> i don't blame him. >> i feel the love. i appreciate it and i love it. >> check out the live stream instead. >> i'm going anyway. good morning, america. happening now, wildfire emergency in the west. overnight, strong winds, bone-dry conditions and intense heat fuel the flames. mandatory evacuations forcing people from their homes. more than 18 million on heat alert. some facing record-breaking temperatures. as the northeast faces another flash flood threat. delta surge. covid cases now climbing in at least 25 states as the new variant spreads in areas with the lower vaccination rates. and the big question, do you need a covid booster shot? pfizer officials set to meet with top health experts today. here on "gma," dr. richard besser joins us live. protests erupt in cuba, the largest in decades. anger in the streets over food
7:01 am
and fuel shortages.


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