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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning." right now ona booster shot? pfizer makes the case for a third vaccine dose as the highly contagious delta variant spreads across the u.s. more than 40 states seeing infections on the rise. one country allowing some adults to get boosters. crisis in the caribbean. protests erupt in cuba. the largest in decades. anger boils over in the streets. what people are demanding. plus, the breaking news overnight after the assassination of haiti's president. the alleged mastermind, now under arrest. flying high.
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what billionaire richard branson said was his favorite moment of the historic flight and the sweepstakes he's launching. a sticky situation in the sky. what led to this woman being duct taped. it's george's turn. what george stephanopoulos learned while prepping to take over as "jeopardy!" guest host. the super price paid for a rare mario video good monday morning, everyone. we begin with the pandemic and a major step to determine whether booster shots are needed to fight covid-19. >> pfizer is meetling with u.s. officials today to discuss the need for a third shot. it comes after israel announced
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it will be offering boosters. >> meanwhile the delta variant is surging across the u.s. with infections on the rise in 42 states. abc's ike ejiochi is here with the latest. >> reporter: pfizer said a third dose could increasingly promote immunity. this morning hospital workers around the country at wits end. >> this is nothing like i imagined in nursing school. >> reporter: springfield, missouri's mercy hospital opening a fifth covid ward. 25 states facing an increase in new cases. 17 states seeing a jump in hospital admissions. in six states, the number of people dying every day is going up with 99.5% of them unvaccinated according to the
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cdc director. dr. anthony fauci pointing to a solution. >> the bad news is we have a nasty variantment the good news is we have a vaccine that works against it. >> reporter: the daily vaccination rate is dropping, down 85% since april. all across the country efforts to battle it continues. >> we all suffer the same consequence if the delta variant gets us and we're not vaccinated. >> reporter: this morning new word from pfizer. the drug company meeting with the fda today to discuss its request for federal authorization for a third dose. >> it's entirely conceivable that at some time we may need a boost. >> reporter: the fda and cdc says right now a booster isn't needed. andrew? >> ike ejiochi there in washington, d.c. thank you. authorities in denver are thanking a hotel house keeper
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for alerting them to a stash of weapons inside a room near coors field. police found 16 long guns, body armor and more than 1,000 rounds of ammo. now initially police feared a las vegas style shooting plot. investigators now believe it was likely a guns for drug sale. hotels have made many security changes since the las vegas massacre in 2017. we turn to the breaking news overnight from two global hot spots, both in the caribbean. there's word of a major new arrest in the assassination of haiti's president. the suspect has ties to florida. first the new unrest in cuba this morning. this morning neuter mow turmoil cuba. cubans taking to the streets protesting food and medicine
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shortages. the largest demonstrations in nearly three decades in a country notorious for cracking down on descent. an economic crisis has hit the nation hard. cuba's president blames u.s. restrictions on exports, foreign funds and travel. cubans across the u.s. voicing their support for the protesters. thousands shutting down to streets in miami. >> i want to see the president to do something for cuba now. >> we have to make sure the message today and every day moving forward isn't lost and that the true nature of this barbaric regime is >> reporter: april raul castro stepped down. meanwhile, in haiti officials
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arresting a man with florida ties. christian emmanuel sannin sannin allegedly used a security firm to hire columbian officials. of people of haiti face chaos and desperation. >> haiti has been in the midst of a gas shortage. the opportunity to get gas is spontaneous. >> reporter: agents from the fbi and homeland security have arrived in haiti to help in the investigation. u.s. troops are not expected to be sent. >> haiti's former first lady who
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was critically injured is now recovering. officials say recovery work in surfside, florida could take several more weeks. rescuers from israel headed home. they created 3d images of the site, earning thanks and special recognition. former president trump teased a possible run for the white house in 2024. trump won a straw poll getting 71% of the vote. florida governor ron desantis came in second place. republicans in texas have advanced a series of new voting restrictions that would eliminate 24-hour polling places, ban drop boxes and stop drive-through voting. some democrats are considering leaving the state house, similar
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to their walk-out in may. some critics spoke against the proposals. in the west this morning fires are raging, fueled by triple digit temperatures. the beckworth fire in northern california exploded in size, already scorching 85,000 acres. that fire and others are threatening california's electricity supply. po experts say it's only going to get worse. >> how bad do you think this season could be? >> cal fire has responded to more fires this year than last year. we'll see a lot more damaging fires. it impacts us and stresses our staffing. >> officials in arizona identified two firefighters killed in a plane crash while
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fighting a fire. record heat has been scorching the region. death valley hitting 130. >> time for a look at your monday forecast.forecast. >> good morning, the heat is on against into the southwest and northwest as well from phoenix all the way up to boise. when is it going to break? not any time soon. we have excessive heat warnings through california and nevada as well. let's take you to the northeast. sowers and thunderstorms prevail from d.c. up to new york. for accuweather, i'm meteorologist chris nally. coming up, bill cosby's new comedy tour hits a setback. also ahead the terrifying
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be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. back now with the scene in georgia. police say a man plowed his truck into a restaurant and started shooting injuring several people. a chair ended up jammed into the fernd of the truck. the driver had been asked to lee because he was drunk. >> cosby hope of returning to the comedy circuit may have hit a set back. the owners of the comedy cellar says he will not welcome him back. the owner says audiences wouldn't support cosby return.
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>> we're hearing from the by standers who jumped into action when a ride in michigan began to malfunction. we have the frightening video. >> this morning, fear and chaos on the carnival ride at a festival in michigan. the attraction swinging out of control. swaying back and forth with nearly a dozen on board. at one point you see the ride nearly tip over. a passenger knew immediately something was wrong. >> it was more violent. it was shaking. >> by standers on the ground trying to hold down the ride. >> it looked like it was about to tip over. the base was like leaning way back. that looks like it will fall back into the river. >> a spokesperson for the ride says it's unclear what caused the malfunction. and the ride has been
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dismantled. he's praising those who rushed to help. >> it goes to show you what type of people live here. they without second thought will go over and do whatever they need to. >> it's just the latest scare involving amusement rides this summer. earlier this month, 11 year-old boy died when his raft over turned on this water ride at a park in iowa. >> i feel like -- my baby. >> last month this brand new ride in maryland. 6 flags. had to be shut down after it began shaking. prompting safety concerns. nobody was hurt. >> unlike amusement parks, carnival ride inspections vary from state to state. >> coming up the passenger who was duct taped during an american airlines flight. >> billionaire successful mission to the edge of space.
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he's launching an opportunity for every day people to go on their own space adventure. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: a moment 17 years in the making. >> ignition, good rocket motor burn. >> reporter: richard branson more than 50 miles beyond the earth's surface, becoming the first person to go to space in his own spaceship. the heart stopping moment unity's rocket ignites. blasting branson and five others to the edge of space. giving them four minutes of weightlessness. >> for the next generation of dreamers, if we can do this, just imagine what you can do. yay! >> reporter: the crew safely touching back to earth. the whole thing less than 60 minutes. the nearly 71-year-old branson beating amazon founder jeff bezos to space by nine days.
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just hours after their historic flight branson speaking with us. >> everything i've dreamt about since i was a kid came true and moreeen to space! excuse us. >> reporter: joining the celebration, spacex founder elon musk coming to new mexico to wish his friend well. >> it was great this morning to find elon in my kitchen at 3:00. >> reporter: virgin galactic launching a sweepstakes to win two seats on a future flight. >> as a kid myself, when i saw the moon landing, i was making ro rockets out of cardboard boxes. you know, i dreamt of building a rocket to go to space one day. yeah, that's what we've >> reporter: virgin galactic has two test flights left this year.
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gio benitez, abc news at spaceport america in new mexico. > ce to sports. the bucs beat the suns in game three in the nba finals. giannis antetokounmpo scored 41 points. the suns still lead the series 2-1. game four is wednesday. across the pond in london, 49 people were arrested during this chaos at the european soccer match. england lost to italy. more on that later in this half hour. coming up, one of our very own tries guest hosting for "jeopardy!" also, taking a deep dive also, taking a deep dive into the why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema,
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time to check the pulse. we begin with our. working with the crew, he said the key is staying focussed on the clues and remembering what alex always said. it's about the game. >> the making of all the clues and the debates over what seems like small matters. i'm a lot more nervous than you are. >> your job is harder. >> you are not going to want to miss this. more moments later on good morning america. >> good luck. >> movie fans flock to theaters to take in the latest marvel flick. >> taking in $160 million. a pandemic record.
4:24 am
it make another 60 million from rentals. and indication that debuting movies in theaters and a streaming service can be a winning strategy. a growing problem on hawaii. too many tourists. >> post pandemic travel rush is raising tension with frustrating traffic ask lots of tempers flaring. the mayor requested airlines reduce flights to the island. >> next we are taking a deep dive into the deepest swimming pool. >> opening to the public dubai. there's an entire world to explore. >> designed to res sunken city. with a apartment an building and arcade. >> this game from 1996 just sold for $1.5 million. breaking a record.
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pfizer meets today with u.s. health officials to discuss the need for a booster shot. a third dose of the vaccine to protect against variants of the coronavirus. the delta variant is quickly spreading across the country sfl thousands of cubans and other cities are demonstrating against food and medicine shortages. dealing with a coronavirus out break. the biggest political protest on the island in decade. >> online stores are back up and running after a global outage disrupted shopping over night. services were down for two hours. the company did not immediately comment on cause of the outage. >> record number of man tee deaths. the animals are starving. some blame water pollution for killing sea grass. a key food source.
4:28 am
>> strong storms across the east. heat wave across the west with monsoons. thunderstorms and the desert southwest. >> finally a weekend of champions. in sports. >> we have the highlights. >> sparks flying at the 2021 with italy taking its first european title since 1968. the game tied at 120 minutes. with italy and england at one a piece. sending both teams into a shoot outment prince george in the stands with his parents cheering on england. and david beckham sharing a fist bump with tom cruz. this moment decided the championship. 19 year-old shooting for england. that shot, blocked. fans celebrating around the globe. even taking to the streets in
4:29 am
new york. meanwhile on the tennis court. a particular scene. djokovic winning wimbledon. tieing the world record with his 20th grand slam title. >> i consider myself the best. otherwise i wouldn't be talking confidently about winning slams and making history. >> winning the women's single tournament. first number one seed to win since williams won as the top seed in 2016. and back state side. game three of the finals bringing the suns up two games to none to the bucks home court in milwaukee sunday night. giannis antetokounmpo scoring 41 points in game three. leading the bucks to the first win in the series. >> game four of the finals in milwaukee will be on wednesday night 9:00 p.m. watch it right here. >> it's also major league
4:30 am
baseball all star week. >> sports, this morning." th vac de as the highly contagious delta variant spreads across the u.s. more than 40 states seeing infections on the rise. one country allowing some adults to get boosters. crisis in the caribbean. protests erupt in cuba. the largest in decades. anger boils over in the streets. what people are demanding. plus, the breaking news overnight after the assassination of haiti's president. the alleged mastermind, now under arrest.


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