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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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as dry conditions persist, firefighters are responding to the bay area. our heat wave is over. we are tracking cooler weather. we will have forecast. san francisco is truly back open. sports fans are going wild. abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. yet another flex alert issued for tomorrow as a fire in oregon continues to impact our power. bay area firefighters battle two brush fires today. good evening, thank you for joining us. you are watching abc news live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream.
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right away let's get to abc 7 meteorologist with what is next with this heat wave. >> reporter: yes, especially away from the coast this weekend it was hot. cooler weather is moving on in. look at the 24-hour temperature change. we are dropping double digits inland right now. 20 degrees cooler differently in live more. 11 degrees in concord. the same in fairfield. the marine air is making its way across the region. cooling us off nicely. along the bay, shoreline, mainly in the 50s, a lot of the intense heat, it is out of here. future track temperatures, waking up in the 50s. by lunchtime. tomorrow, a cooler afternoon. we will have the numbers in the forecast in a few minutes. >> breathing a sigh of relief. >> speaking of, another flex alert has been issued for tomorrow. the state's power grid operator is asking everyone to conserve
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electricity, once again, this will be the third flex alert in four days. it will run from 4:00 until 9:00 p.m. power officials say extreme heat and a growing wildfire in southern oregon is threatening transmission lines continues to strain the state's electric grid. in the bay area today, hundreds of firefighters were kept busy by multiple fires, abc 7 news reporter spoke to cal fire officials who requested aid from multiple fire entities to contain the fire. >> reporter: during an extremely hot weekend for many in the bay area firefighters battled multiple fires. >> the conditions are definitely a lot morentfor them to work in. >> reporter: deeper in the hills, firefighters worked for sevehours to contain the deablo fire. >> they received calls
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a.m. burning 128 acres in 98 degree heat. >> it is just an indication of the fuel type that we have right now. the high heats, low humidities. all of the vegetables susceptible to fire. >> reporter: in san jose, another grass fire, firefighters responding to the blaze near rock spring park. this plume of smoke reminding everyone in the area fires can ignite any time. another concern this fire season are fires caused by illegal fireworks. we saw this in antioch. >> it ruined my house, everything they own is on out on my front lawn for what? i don't understand why they are doing it. >> reporter: crews confirmed fireworks were going off on saturday night in this residential area. >> a couple hours ago we responded to a fire here in one street over that caught grass and vehicles on fire. >> reporter: this is a bay
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area wide issue. in concord it has gotten so bad they are relying on technology. they created the concord connect app giving residents a space to report fireworks. >> it pins on a map. say you see a cluster here meadow lane and robin or whatever, then we know we can focus in that area. >> reporter: they are hoping in helps prevent fires caused by illegal fireworks. in san jose, back to you. >> don't forget you can always check out current temperatures where you live with a realtime weathertraker. it is at our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. just search abc 7 now wherever you stream. the police are searching for a missing 37-year-old pleasanton man, the man, that you see here, last seen on saturday at 11:00 a.m. when he told his wife he was going out for a run in the hills near the ranch trails
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area. when he did not return she called for help. the police, will sheriff's office and park police and the chp used drones, aircraft and off road vehicles in their search. they say the man is an avid distance runner with no known health conditions. health is one focus in our efforts to build a better bay area. california said all teachers and students regardless of vaccination status will need to wear masks this fall. all of this is despite cdc guidelines saying masks are not required. abc 7 news anchor spoke with health and human services secretary dr. mark galley about this decision. >> this is one of the strongest prevention strategies that we have seen with so many california students not yet vaccinated having all wear masks to start the year we believe gives us the best chance of getting all back to school. and, so that is why california
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has chosen go with masks, they are a strong very scientifically driven strategy but have not, do not have a requirement for physical distancing for our schools and that will help us get all kids back to the state back in four or are starting. >> is it to make sure kids are not put unfairly. but some argue there should be pressure. >> certainly one of the benefits, look, this pandemic has taken a toll on all of us differently. and, making sure that young people are coming back to school sort of on even ground where we don't see us singling students out for being vaccinated or unvaccinated depending where you are, it helps us work through some of those early concerns and we have heard from administrators since our announcement of this decision on friday in schools across the state how
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great it is to have something that is simple and clear. they don't have to plan around distancing, they don't have to come up with special programs to determine who is vaccinated and who is not. >> reporter: still so many mixed messages, wear the mask, do not wear it, in l.a., recommendations to wear masks indoors what are you doing in your personal life? if you go to trader joe's how do you handle? >> i think it is a really excellent question, thank you for asking it. i choose to wear my mask indoors, i have three young kids not vaccinated. one is 11, and i worry. so i c■hoose o o hat s simple for me, which is wear my mask indoors. >> reporter: dr. galley is hopeful that a vaccinll ailafor ildren around holiday or by the holidays. does not anticipate further lockdowns or restrictions because of the delta variant. if you are interest inside making a vaccine appointment all you have to do is head to
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our website. people receiving state unemployment have to prove they are looking for a job. the state recognized that searching for work was at odds with the stay at home order. now that the state lifted most covid-19 restrikes recipients are being asked to start their job hunt and attest that they are doing so. as california continues to reopen, tomorrow google is reopening its california offices on a voluntary basis. the chronicle reports that the tech giant will not require that workers be vaccinated but those that provide proof can remove their masks in the office. unvaccinated employees will be required to wear a mask and take a test every week. most google employees will be back in the office by september. today was proof in san
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francisco that we were back open. many sports matches that included the euro final and mba finals and it meant huge -- nba final and it meant huge crowds at the bars. [cheers and applause] >> italy fans taking to the streets of san francisco's world famous italian neighborhood of north beach. the area known to out of towners as little italy. >> the italians concurred. >> reporter: they did. winning the final and fans in all out celebration mode on sunday in the city. [music] >> i love it. the energy you can hear it. it is electric. people are very happy. and, people are just like craving connection, i noticed. >> reporter: michael nba but ran into this crowd cheering on italy's soccer victory over england. for many here it was their first time among this many people since
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the reopening. >> my true, true feeling is that it feels so good to, for us all to be together like this. like this. and not have all of the distancing and just celebrate together. it has been so long and it just feels beautiful. >> reporter: and that beautiful feeling was echoed inside, too. and mr. binges there was chanting and singing. >> especially with italian win here in north beach, with all of the irish and italians it is coming home. we need the business. >> they are looking for a reason to have a beer and drink and celebrate. the war is over. [ laughter ] >> it is the first barhop we have done since i don't know how long it has been. >> over a year. have not seen it like this in forever. >> we defeated. here is my son! here. here. [indiscernible] ner toat since the fise italy
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reopening he has been ordering four times the amount of alcohol that he was prepandemic, that is how busy they have been. jr stone, abc 7 news. >> many reasons to celebrate. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, we will have highlights of the soccer game coming up in sports. the parties, though, were wilier in italy where thousands of people packed the streets there. plus, a new era of space exploration, blasting off into space. reaction to the historic voyage. plus, what exactly is lurking in lake merit? the creature spotted recently that delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco
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another giant leap for mankind taken this weekend. billionaire became the first person to have a self-rocket into space. he and five employees took off from new mexico, south of albuquerque, abc 7 news reporter has local reaction and why some believe today was was was was was was w safely lack on earth. >> i dreamt of this moment since i was a kid. honestly nothing could prepare you. >> the trip, a historic step. >> reporter: here in the bay area many watched the launch on abc 7 news live stream. >> thrilling we are back out in space and doing it in a different way. >> over time i think that my kids might go to space instead of another country row. >> reporter: unlike rockets that launch vertically this one
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took off tethered to a mothership. the eve, named for his late mother. after released from eve the ignition and they shot up traveling miles above the earth's surface. a aerospace engineer calls it historic. >> i think what we all witnessed was the first step in the commercialization of space. just like the wright brothers. >> reporter: he volunteers at the aviation museum in san carlos where a replica is on display. he was going to go there summer or early fall but moved up the flight winning the billian airspace race. >> troubling why he would want to take the risk but he is competing with bezos. >> reporter: he wishing him luck on saturday in a post on instagram.
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virgin galactic will fly paying customers opening up a new era in human space travel. >> got to all be doing everything we can to help this incredible planet we live on. and, i will devote the rest of my life doing that. >> get this, more than 600 people who signed up for future flights paying more than $200,000 each for a trip into space. in the news room, back to you. >> did not expect that demand. from launch to return the abc 7 news app sent mobile alerts like this one featuring video of his space mission. be the first to know by downloading the app and enable notifications. a site was caught on video in lake merit. matt boone has video of the sea creature that has the internet buzzing with the health of the lake. >> reporter: it is a poplar
11:18 pm
place for a jog or afternoon stroll one thing it is not known is diverse marine life. >> i never see anything like maybe i don't know tiny fish. >> reporter: dan says he lived in oakland for eight years curious about what lies beneath the sometimes murky surface. >> every once in awhile i will pause while the water was clear and there it was. >> reporter: he was not sure what it was. >> i had to google it. i was, you know, what is that? how did it get in there? >> reporter: it was a bat ray. >> they are common in the san francisco bay, they use it as a nursery. >> reporter: senior biologist for the california of sciences they may be common in the bay but even she was surprised to hear one made it through the channel that connects to the lake. it could be a sign that the eco system of the lake is improving. >> probably the only one in there, right, nothing, anything eating what he is looking for. so there definitely forgers he was cruising around looking for something to eat on the
11:19 pm
bottom. >> oh my god. >> reporter: watching the video andrea said she had no idea rays were in the lake. >> because this is an urban environment. >> reporter: for mike it was less surprising to hear something from the bay made it in. >> people from oakland enkn shg downthfor a long time. >> reporter: another reason for people to come down and enjoy the lake. >> we walk around this lake you will see oakland all in one nutshell. >> maybe a bat ray. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in oakland, matt boone, abc 7 news. >> mysterious. >> yes. >> keep tabs on him. >> yes. keep you posted. weatherwise we with are starting to feel the cooler air move in this evening. we will break the heat wave that lasted this weekend, tomorrow, tell feel fantastic out there. we will show you outside. live look at live doplar 7 along with satellite. we have the marine layer, growing as we speak. zoom on in, you will see the fog over the city and it is stretching well into the east bay right now from rich land down
11:20 pm
to hayward, fremont, pushing inland, foggy weather from santa rosa, stretching into napa right now. as the marine layer grows, early tomorrow morning it will likely have coastal drizzle, areas of dense fog. be aware of that if you are up early tomorrow morning, outside, the camera showing the low coverage with the light bouncing off, visibility issues as well along the coastline. keeping tabs on that for you overnight tonight. right now, the temperatures are falling into the 50s for the most part, 54 right now in the city, 58 in oakland, the same in san jose, down to 53 in santa rosa. inland, getting the influence of the marine air. cooling off to 60. down to 69 in brentwood, after spending the day in the 90s. overnight tonight, continuing to track the fog. pushing inland. it is foggy start for a lot of us tomorrow morning, the temperatures cooler tonight than we were last night for a lot of us inland falling into the 50s. let's track the fog for
11:21 pm
-- 3:30. marine layer, slow to break down and pull afternn we ll ofmate. rrow rn south bay tomorrow, nice day for a lot of us. 79 the coast. 73 in redwood -- 9 in cupertino. clouds, afternoon sunshine, 61, it is below average for this time of the year. it is breezy and foggy in city. north bay, 80. 79 in santa rosa. as you go north on 101 it gets hotter. you see 94 and hitting 100 in
11:22 pm
lake port. there are areas that the heat is not breaking quite yet. for a lot of us on the east bay, nice, 68 in oakland, breezy in the afternoon. 73 in fremont and inland we are mainly in the 80s if not close to about 90 degrees. so, certainly cooler. 91 86 in concord. we have a heat warning in effect for tomorrow. again, the only area where temperatures are hot in the 90s if not exceeding 100 degrees. there we will cool off by tuesday. accu-weather seven-day forecast. morning clouds, patchy coastal drizzle. a cooler day all in all. near average, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures dip a bit by thursday. the coolest day of the week. by next weekend, near average, mild to warm, looks like after this heat wave is over, the next 7 days not looking bad. next 7 days not looking bad. >> i feel a sigh of relief.
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tomorrow's giants game at orcle park. he came to the park to watch his son, joe ross play against the giants, during the game he saw a female fan choking nearby. he hustled over and found her unable to speak. the doctor used the heimlich maneuver dislodging food. she was thankful and apparently so were the fans. >> people even after the game were coming up to me and speaking to me. that made me feel really good. then the giants brought us a bobblehead after things settled down a little bit. >> i got a kick out of that. the woman was well enough to stay for the rest of the game. by the way the doctor's other son is a right hander with the texas
11:27 pm
rangers. talk about proud dad. speaking of, chris alvarez is here with a preview of sports, chris? coming up in sports, giants and a's send their all-star starters to the mound. stars were out in tahoe. a recap of the final day and
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twins, remember them from saturday night's game. now, nick, swing and a miss. top of the 4th, 2-0, make it 3- 0. olson warming up for the home run derby tomorrow. 421 feet. let's bash. if one is good, two is better. another, finishing the first half, a's win 4-1. oakland back from haouft place houston in the al west. giants going for the sweep. a great day to be on the cove in san francisco. kevin continuing his brilliant 1st half striking out turner, good luck hitting that. 3 life run blast to center. 420 feet, 3-0 giants, battery doing it all for san francisco. gossman pitched in the 7th inning and walked off to a standing ovation, picks up his 9th of the year. giants win, san francisco, finishing the first half.
11:32 pm
suns and bucks, game 3 of the finals, seeing shifting to milwaukee. the second quarter, a close game, giannis, so nice we show it twice. no one wants to get in his way. 3rd quarter, the greek freak,fr, 41 points, 13 rebounds your play of the day, johnson, all over tucker, 14 points off of the bench. easily the most impressive right there. like what just happened. milwaukee ends the 3rd on a run, drew holiday, now, the bucks win. game 4 wednesday right here on abc 7. final round of the celebrity golf tournament. in even in the off season, curry defended monica sorenson. so good to see alex smith on the course and really doing anything. the former 49er buries this
11:33 pm
long putt, fist pump. the loser jumps in the lake. right there, tells the fan to get your swim trunks ready. steph finishes with an eagle. they tied so, we have not seen the video anywhere, where is it? abc 7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. a new poll that shows how vaccination rates differ along political party lines, the the the the th
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hotel staff is well trained. they stepped up in a big way. >> an alert hotel employee is credited with the police seizing more than a dozen weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a hotel room. the housekeeper spotted one of the guns while cleaning the room. >> reporter: the authorities praising an alert housekeeper whose tip led to the police to uncover large arsenal of weapons in a hotel in denver. just a block away from coors field that is set to host the all-star game. >> we want to say thank you to a very alert, astute and properly trained staff member and the set of employees the the
11:38 pm
hotel who saw something and said something. >> reporter: hotel security alerting the authority who's arrested three men and a women on the 4th and 8th floors. >> these individuals were safely taken into custody. >> a dozen long guns, body armor were seized from a room that featured a balcony overlooking the downtown area. >> thank you to whoever they saw. they could of stopped a catastrophe. >> it looked like national guard members like ran through the lobby. >> there was like a whole group of policeman out front, crime scene unit. >> reporter: investigators say they believe the suspects were involved with illegal arms and drug sales, the fbi does not believe it was connected to terrorism or a threat at the all-star game. >> we are committed to ensure that the rest of the all-star festivities are safe as well as the rest of our city, our
11:39 pm
community is safe. >> reporter: one suspect, richard platt appeared before a judge on sunday. his bond set at $50,000 cash. the other three suspects are expect inside court on monday. back to you. president biden will meet with san san san san san san homicides are up 30% in the past 18 months and gun assaults are up 8% in large cities. the president is expected to discus what federal law enforcement is doing to stop the flow of illegal guns according to the associated press the mayor of washington, d.c. and new york's likely next mayor were also invited to attend the meeting. druci ge vainated people to put politics aside. >> this iso gnfor politics. it is a public health issue.
11:40 pm
viruses and public health don't know the difference between a democrat, republican or independent. >> we should mention vaccination rates vary widely across the country. in a new poll, 93% of democrats say they were or plan to get vaccinated while only 49% of the republicans said the same. in arkansas a state with one of the lowest vaccination rates cases increased 110% over the past two weeks. the cdc says 99.7% of current infections are among those who are not vaccinated. new developments tonight from the surfside condo complex collapse. search crews discovered another four victims bringing the confirmed death toll to 90. 31 more people are feared lost in the rubble. the mayor said information about where the victims were in the building before the collapse has help inside the recovery effort. >> it has been an important
11:41 pm
part of the search and rescue. it has allowed the search and rescue teams to, on many, many occasions pinpoint exactly where ths were found. >> israeli search and rescue team was given a heartfelt send off as they returned home. several people with israeli citizenship were reportedly killed or remain missing. this was the 18th day of the search. a man is in custody tonight accused of working with the masterminds between the killing of the country's president of haiti. he is believed to enter the country on a private jet. the fbi and department of homeland security are sending agents to haiti to investigate the assassination of their president. the biden administration wants to find out who is responsible for the crime and hold them accountable. the authorities have arrested at least 20 people including two americans. >> my ultimate goal is to give
11:42 pm
justice to him. >> the country is facing economic turmoil since last wednesday's attack. there are shortages of food and fuel and people are lining up for gas and using anything they can to haul it away. thousands of cubans took to the streets today to protest food shortages and high prices amid the coronavirus crisis. all of this as health th th reported that increases in covid-19 deaths. young people took part in the antigovernment demonstration in the capitol. people move inside and broke up the march as word of what was happening on the island spread, members of south florida's cuban community came together to support the protesters. in developing news, pope francis appear inside public today for the first time since undergoing surgery last week. he held his weekly prayer from
11:43 pm
a hospital window. the pontiff said his prayers have been going to haiti in the last few days after the assassination of the president and the wounding of his wife. the 84-year-old pontiff mentioned how important good health care is and said it should be free and accessible to all. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 tonight. people are flocking back to movie theaters post pandemic, the new box office record set this weekend a cooler start to the week coming
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"black widow" set a box office record by bringing in $80 million. the long awaited film topped the previous record set by "f9" a few weeks ago. it is also available on disney plus and rentals on the platform and international theater
11:47 pm
sales the film grossed over $215 million total over this weekend. starring scarlett johansson. another movie, documents a while. >> i was going through our recordings and we found it. >> it is still alive? >> yes. it is out there. >> the loneliest whale. the search for a whale that scientists believe it lived in solitude because of frequency of its voice and can not be by other whales we found the whale and it is in l.a. i could not believe it. it was ridiculous. >> it got made because of a
11:48 pm
crowd funding campaign. leo decaprio helped out with $50,000. the ending is not what you would expect. >> i did not think i would be excited about a movie about a whale but now, i have >>do. fascinating. cool stuff. weatherwise, tracking cooler weather. moving on in. we have the fog, it will deepen. patchy drizzle as well. an indication that we are cooling off after this weekend's intense heat wave. 50s across the board for a lot of us. starting temperatures for us tomorrow. zoom on in this morning on the future cast. you can see coastal drizzle. i expect drizzle as well in the east bay with the fog developing, the fog really slow to pull a.m., we are trying to clear it out of the east bay. we will see sunshine in the afternoon. heading into monday afternoon, feeling better for many of us. 86 in concord for a high. 79 in san jose with a lot of sunshine.
11:49 pm
68 in oakland, 61 here in the city. cool for this time of the year. 79 in santa rosa. cool tomorrow, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. repeat it on tuesday. even into wednesday, by thursday, dragging, a little cooler air, coolest day of the week in the seven-day. we will keep it steady for the weekend. >> were you getting bored of this forecast? snow -- i am happy for it. >> all right, chris now with a final preview of sports, chris in. coming up in sports we will get you fired up for the 49er season opener, nine weeks away, mike brown, the warriors assistant
11:50 pm
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stis not playing in the olympics to get ready for the up coming season. the head coach squad. >> we were scheduled to have steve kerr on our show. but we want winners, okay. [ laughter ] >> so, out goes kerr in we bring mike brown. we don't want the guy that lost the game last night. we want the man who authored the victory. that seems right to you, doesn't it? [ laughter ] >> it -- [ laughter ] >> you know, any time i can be of service i am here. [ laughter ] i don't know how we pull today off last night but we will take it and not giving that one back. >> you know, steve keeps texting me, i will have to block him at this rate. he wants to be on, he wants to be on. i did not have the heart to tell him you took his slot.
11:54 pm
funny thing, yesterday, watching the game, in the 1st quarter, you are up, this so team nigeria and came back for the 4th quarter and team usa is down like 9. i am like what happened here? [ laughter ] >> what is going on? i started panicking. what happened to us? we lost our edge. any way, any way, at what point did you think that you guys had a chance to win that game? >> when i heard this. [ making buzzing sound ] >> i was panicking when we were up 9 with 1 1/2 minutes to go. we were in the same boat. >> congratulations and can't wait to see what you do with team nigeria
11:55 pm
in the olympics when they begin. all i ask when you get together with steve and i want you to walk in like conor mcgregor. the strut. [ laughter ] >> i don't want -- >> i will practice that. i will practice that. >> i don't want you to go out like he did last night. [ laughter ] >> that would be bad. that would be bad. >> good stuff right there. we are robby gold weeks away from the 9ers kicking off the season. nine weeks until san francisco heads out to take on goff. . >> every time i look down at the schedule i count 10 or 11 wins. especially in the 17 game schedule. i look at it and right now i am looking at y'all quarterback situation, you are dangling jimmy g. this season. aaron rodgers flirting in the
11:56 pm
draft but y'all didn't get him. y'all didn't get him. y'all know what? you will not be ready fofofofofo y'all not ready. a full stadium between england and italy. scoring the fastest goal. even the royals were going wild. it goes to penalties. missing a wide open left side, hits the post, england, unbelievable. going for their first title since the 1966 cup. final chance, there it is. italy wins in penalties, the first title since 1968. wimbledon, djokovic, dropping the first set, won the next two, here in the 4th what a rally. joker in far court. tremendous winner by novak. fired up. championship point now. and the unforced error will
11:57 pm
seal the deal. djokovic wins. he now has a record cord cord c grand slam wins. chris, thank you very much. and that is it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew and chris and all of us here, thanks for joining us. don't forget to tune in bright and early tomorrow. have a great night as we take a live look outside we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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