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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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another hot date is on the way. today with more high temperatures. bay area beating the heat while trying to save energy to prevent a strain on the power grid. good morning, it's july 11. i'm liz kreutz. thank you for waking up with us. tran30 for let's let's quick look at the weather and how hot it's going to be where you live today. lisa, good morning. we were talking about these microclimates. some places hot and some not so much. >> that's right. the cooling influence of the
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sea breeze yesterday played a role for those on the peninsula that didn't get too hot. the inland valleys were well over 100 degrees. we have falcon low clouds and mist and drizzle and the national weather service keeping up with the heat warning. temperatures around danville, dublin, concord, over 100 degrees once again up into clear lake this is extended until monday. petaluma, napa, san rafael, some 80s today and maybe some 90s. the south roy south bay, we will have widespread 90s. we are looking at temperatures in the 60s and 70s around the bay by 9:00. hot air mass is to the east of us and present allowing for 80s and 90s. by the middle of the afternoon. we will see triple digits inland again. we will have the cooling influence in hayward and fremont and toward san rafael. it up towards santa rosa and it will be toasty again.
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half moon bay and pacifica in the 50s. low clouds and fog not going anywhere. that will dictate a further cool down, which we will talk about in a few minutes. through the weekend and bay area hotspots like this one of the centennial recreation center in morgan hill. here are other locations. cupertino library, san jose has a few cooling centers. santa rosa, the stealing community center. east bay, the antioch community center. matt boone was in east bay where people tried to remain cool while abiding a flex alert. >> reporter: when the temperature rises in east bay, the swim club in lafayette is one of the places to be to cool down. >> hot day. want to enjoy the pool. >> it's fun. better than sitting on the couch and watching tv.
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you can do what you want. >> reporter: the pandemic had limited access to small groups, but now lifeguards say it's a free for all. >> people have been wanting to come to the pool, and now that they can come everyone is coming down. >> reporter: even if they don't know how hot it is. >> it is really hot. >> reporter: how hot? >> 108 degrees or something? >> reporter: heat has created a strain on the supply of electricity, a flex alert was issued for a second day in a row. another challenging factor, fire burning in oregon damaged powerlines the import energy to northern and southern california. >> collectively, between those two lines, california has lost about 5500 megawatts of power. that is a significant fraction of the state's power supply. >> reporter: in emeryville, temperatures were 30 degrees cooler than over the hills in walnut creek with a priestly family came to get ice cream and eat in an air-conditioned restaurant.
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energy consumption, something they are hyperaware of. >> i think we have been mindful of that for years now. >> reporter: across the state, seem to work with no rolling blackouts implemented. still, and uncomfortable day in areas where it was hard to do anything in the scorching heat. >> it is terrible out here it is so hot. >> you can check out current temperatures where you live with our real-time weather tracker on our abc7 bay area app. search abc7 now. antioch families displaced after their home caught fire. flames broke out just after 9:00 last night on h street. crews say fireworks were going off last night in this area. firefighters were busy putting out a fire nearby when they got the call about the house fire. they say it's likely fireworks did cause this fire. >> i want somebody who did this to go to jail.
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this is my whole house. we don't even know where we are going to go. this is unreal. i missing two cats. >> the official cause of the fire is under investigation. weeel for a fire in california continues to s. it is only it is burning 45 miles north of lake tahoe. evacuation orders have been issued across the california and nevada border. conditions are expected to be brutal thanks to the severe drought, scorching temperatures, and problematic winds. california vaccination pace has slowed down substantially. the current average is 59,000 doses per day. more than 20.4 million californians are fully vaccinated. it's about 60% of the eligible population. just under 3.2 million people are partially vaccinated.
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san francisco updated to tell carter to mandate those in high- risk settings to be fully vaccinated by september 15. abc7 reporter spoke to city officials about what the update means and who could be exempt. >> reporter: san francisco has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. 75% of the population is fully vaccinated but as the delta as variant becomes a dominant strain across the state, san francisco is updating its health order for those in high risk workplaces. >> skilled nursing facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly and jails in shelters. >> reporter: san francisco was mandating for workers in high risk settings to get vaccinated. once a vaccines were fully approved by the fda. now, those in high risk settings need to be vaccinated by september 15. >> we expect it's possible the vaccines will be fully approved by the time september 15 date
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comes around. >> reporter: the deputy sheriffs work with inmates in jail sand responded to the order in part. the sf dsa values and respects the right to choice. wear protective options in place with face masks and testing already. forcing vaccines is not a san francisco value. the health order highlights that these to keep records of employee vaccination status and provide them to the city public health officer of requested. on page 11, the exemptions. number 1, based on religious beliefs. qualifying medical reasons. >> if you are going to refuse to be vaccinated, and you can't do certain jobs. >> reporter: chief of the emergency department at the san francisco general hospital says about 94% of the hospital staff is fully vaccinated. there's about
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workers at sf general that are in vaccinated. what are some of their concerns? >> questions regarding long- term implications, short-term implications. what is happening? what it is getting put in my arm when i get a vaccine? reasonable questions. google is reopening his california offices on a voluntary basis starting tomorrow. the chronicle reports the tech giant will require that workers be vaccinated, but those who provide proof can remove their masks. in vaccinated employees will be required to wear masks and take a covid-19 test every week. google shuttle bus service and cafeterias are also expected to return. most google employees are expected to be back in the office in september. a vaccination clinic in san jose is focusing on the deaf community. the deaf counseling advocate and referral agency hosted the event. it's one of the nonprofits in the country. the johnson & johnson advisor vaccines were available yesterday. many in the deaf community found the website to be coming
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confusing so it included interpreters to relay information about the vaccines. >> we can see people face-to- face and the deaf community is a connection to be able to come in and ask questions and touch base. maybe talk about frustrations. we can call in in video but in person is a great way for deaf people to communicate . >> a second clinic will take place july 24 in santa rosa. if you are interested in making a vaccine appointment, head to our website, bay area doctor is being hailed a hero after making a save at oracle park. the action turned from the game on the field to what was happening in the stands. that is when he came in clutch. we talk with him and we have the story. >> reporter: a day of the ballpark became one this man won't soon forget. >> my wife and i were at the
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game. >> reporter: the doctor went to oracle park to cheer on the nationals as they took on the giants. you may be wondering why he wasn't cheering on the home team? he is father to two major league players including nationals picture joe ross. joe was sidelined for the game but his dad wasn't. in the middle of an and income a woman started choking and gesturing she couldn't breathe. that is when the doctor jumped into action. >> i gave her a couple heimlich maneuver and a small piece of hot dog came out. >> reporter: one try wasn't enough. >> i gave her two hard thrusts. half a thumb size piece of hot dog came out, and she was better. >> reporter: retired nurse soaping the person in need of help wasn't something she was used to. >> she was very thankful. her brother was also.
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>> reporter: fans cheered but never expecting to be the hero of the day, he wouldn't think twice of helping someone who needs it. >> these are things you see and you react to right away. not necessarily thinking about % something wrong, and you recognize someone needs assistance. >> reporter: as for the giants, they recognize dr. ross needed a thank you. he was presented with a memento from the game. >> she said it's a small token of appreciation from us. >> reporter: news spread fast. dr. ross said he got a text from his other major leg son before even leaving oracle park. even the nationals manager had something to say. >> joe should be very proud of him. >> reporter: even after the game -- >> even after the game people were coming up and speaking to me and that made me feel good. let's get a check on the weather. >> we are looking at the fog. this was a really for many
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around the bay and at the coast. once again, it should be nice out there for most of you except if you are in the in the valleys. triple-digit heat to talk about, and we will do that in a few minutes. hundreds of people turn out for march for peace in oakland. why not everyone liked the message. sir richard branson prepared to become the first person to reach space in his own spacecraft. that is coming
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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welcome back. here is a live look outside if you can see it from the golden gate bridge camera. a little fog out there. all systems are go for billionaire richard branson's journey to the edge of state base. >> my mission statement is to turn the dream of space travel into a reality for my grandchildren, for your grandchildren, everyone.
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>> branson sure the video message on twitter last night. he is making the trip nine days before jeff pesos. abc news reporter tells us even elon musk is expected to be on hand for the historic launch. >> reporter: this morning, the content to a historic milestone in space. richard branson set to become the first person to reach space in his own spacecraft. the flight is expected to last 90 minutes. virgin galactic spaceship unity will be attached to the mother ship named after his mother as it takes off. at 45,000 feet, unity drops in the rocket ignites and takes branson and five others to the edge of space. where they will experience weightlessness for a few minutes before returning to the surface. >> welcome to the club, astronauts. >> reporter: the spacex founder elon much said to attend the launch. we will see you there to wish you the best. and jeff bezos wishing branson
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and his team is successful in safelite through an instagram post. branson set to lift up 90s before jeff bezos takes his rocket into space. branson announced his flight just over a week ago. branson telling gma this is not a space race. >> i know it has been painted as a race. i don't think either of us see it that way. >> reporter: also there to watch, some high schoolers and third-graders from new mexico. >> we called the parents last friday. most of them were like are you serious? >> reporter: this will be virgin galactic third test flight. hundreds of people came out to stand up for safe oakland. oakland's police chief remembered those lost to gun violence, but called on the community to act as partners. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard brings this.
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>> reporter: a community march for peace led by oakland police chief armstrong. earlier the chief hosted this rally calling for gun violence to stop. >> today is about saving lives. today is about standing up and speaking our voice. today is about a safe oakland. >> reporter: neighbors have their own idea. >> what about the national guard? is it too much. >> it is too much. the community as a national guard. >> reporter: the chief calling on community numbers to play a role in preventing crime. 71 homicides this year. the city recovering from a chaotic fourth of july weekend with fatal shooting's, legal fireworks, and a sideshow involving 300 cars where spectator was injured. >> we won't be able to do this alone. will take law enforcement and community coming together. this is that day. >> reporter: faith leaders many not to stay silent. >> it's time to stop hiding behind lord god. i didn't see nothing. i don't know nothing.
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it's not my anymore. >> reporter: some neighbors say it is everyone's problem.the po when you see something happening, get on the phone and for the event but not everyone who showed up liked the message. anti-police protesters showed up and tried to disrupt the event. last month the oakland city council voted $18 million from the police department's budget. >> this is not about politics. it is about saving lives. >> reporter: small community town hall meetings will be held this summer around oakland talking safety and crime prevention. fireworks related cost to 911 down in concord thanks to a new reporting strategy. the police department added a new tab to the concord connect mobile app. members of the community could file real-time reports online.
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458 reports of illegal fireworks were filed in the first week of july. 320 calls were made to the 911 or nonemergency phone lines. officers confiscated more than 100 illegal fireworks. an important date in the effort to recall governor newsom is approaching. friday is the filing deadline for anyone who wants to get their name on the ballot for the september recall election. the deadline will determine the field of challengers entering the race. caitlyn jenner, kevin faulconer among republicans vying to be the next governor. there's one democrat announced. his intentions are on youtube star kevin. two man broke the seesaw record in concord. >> three, two, one. >> they passed 216 consecutive hours at noon yesterday. that beats the previous record set in sacramento in 1971.
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it's been a tough ride for them. >> this has been such a struggle. i have a hard time at night. the days are awesome because you all are out cheering us on and supporting us. thank you for all of that. >> the record-breaking attempt ran for 10 days when they had to do it in the heat and everything, lisa. that is so impressive. >> that brings back good members memories of teeter totter's. it wasn't so bad yesterday around the bay. we had microclimates in full spring. in the east bay, it was really hot. and also up to the north. we have to keep these advisories going throughout the weekend even though we got the nice sea breeze around fremont and the peninsula. things were kind of comfortable around the bay.
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as we look at live doppler 7, same set up as yesterday where the deck of low clouds, 1000 or 12,000, 1200 feet in that allows for intrusion from the san mateo coast throw marion county and mist and drizzle. it saved a lot of us yesterday from that excessive heat. not everyone, we are looking at some of the leftover warm numbers where we have the excessive heat warning throughout the day today. 68, blackhawk. 85, mt. diablo. go up a couple of hundred feet are a couple of thousand feet is where you get 80 and 90 degrees. 65, dublin were temperatures were over 100 degrees. some impressive cooling into the 60s this morning. closer to the bay and we have 72 in los gatos. mid-50s around novato and san carlos looking at the marine influence. mt. diablo in the 80s. it is 90 on top of mt. tam
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where it was 100 yesterday. looking at some very warm air above and looking at high pressure allowing for a group fund parts of the bay area. we have the fog along the coast. excessive heat and land. looking at mild to warm temperatures again around the bay complements of some breezy winds. i thought it was a close call yesterday that some of us cleared at the coast. the fog is sitting awfully close, and that wind man, gusty and cool through the afternoon once again. up and down the coast we have the fog and we will have received two gusty afternoon winds into your monday. the fog pushes to the east bay, but then it retreats. the typical summertime pattern allowing for more microclimates in a narrower range. 20 miles per hour winds at 10:00. sty. rancisco, they're getting
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by late in the day, the delta has winds up to 30 miles per hour and into tuesday, more cool air getting transported across the bay and the heat relief coming to the inland valleys. today in concord, livermore, the hottest locations, 100 to. dropping to 90 for your monday. the rest of the workweek looks pretty comfortable with temperatures around the mid- 80s. south bay today, heat advisory. looks like a typical afternoon in the summer. 88, milpitas. it was nice yesterday on the peninsula. 79, san mateo. downtown, 66. lake county through monday the heat will be with you. 100, calistoga. 76, oakland. 85, union city. inland, upper 90s in pleasanton to about one 02 in brentwood.
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the seven-day forecast, another scorcher inland with temperatures ranging from the 50s to the triple digits. on monday, it's not bad. the rest of the week is looking pretty comfortable with the system allowing plenty of low clouds for the coast and the sea breeze to keep going throughout the week. that brings comfortable readings. just ahead. bay area athletes, the sp awards. highlights right after the break.
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? hollywood in the sports world came together for the espy awards for some of the best and inspirational sports stars. the reporter with our sister station in new york was on the red carpet and has more on the big night. >> reporter: trading jerseys for jackets. >> put my suit on and look fresh. >> reporter: the world's biggest athletes and stars. >> summertime in the city.
5:27 am
>> reporter: like tracy morgan with his 8-year-old daughter. >> i was a little nervous. >> reporter: on the red carpet. >> i am the voice. >> reporter: iisha scott real. for the first time in two decades on the rooftop, at the pier 17 hosted by marvel star anthony mackie. >> i am so excited. it's not mine night. i'm here to meet athletes and get autographs. >> reporter: who invited a spelling champ who happens to be an amazing basketball player. zachary plays warner in an upcoming film. >> there is nothing like being back together. >> reporter: american underdog, the kurt warner story. >> i wish i could throw football as good as this man. he's got 40 years on me. >> thank god in three months
5:28 am
you can throw as well as i can. that would be pretty embarrassing. spirories. reivg an awd r perseverance ththe only person with down syndrome to complete the ironman.tetorain. >>my hair is a little long. i need a little extra hold. it could be raining. >> reporter: the show must go on. >> stafford's tara was named coach of the year. she passed, led stafford to their first national title since 1992. the san mateo native tom brady was named the male athlete of the year and nfl player of the year. the books one code team of the year. warriors superstar stephen curry one nba best player.
5:29 am
the season he continued to break records including become in the oldest since michael jordan. he became the franchise all- time leading scorer and is second on the nba all-time made three-pointers list. he couldn't make it to the espy's is he's competing at a golf tournament. a weekend of champions. on espn is the wimbledon final. at noon, the euro final of italy versus england. on abc7 at 5:00 p.m., game three of the nba finals between the sons and bucks. still to come. a scary scene at a michigan festival. a ride malfunctions and nearly tips over. instead of watching a potential disaster, people sprang into action.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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you are watching abc7 news tran30 for thank you for joining us. we will start with another look at the forecast with lisa argen. we have the marine layer back this morning. a little mist and drizzle of close to the coast. it will exert its influence around the bay, and keeping us out of the excessive heat that is arriving inland. here's a look at the advisories where temperatures from low 60s in saratoga and los gatos in the 70s and 80s. everyone is cool from the low 60s in redwood city to the low 50s in novato. still have the excessive heat warning for inland communities danville, dublin through 11:00.
5:33 am
temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. tomorrow night in clear lake where it will be another scorcher there monday. the heat advisory once again it will be hot towards santa rosa and down towards morgan hill. is where, you are feeling the influence of the afternoon sea breeze and the low cloud deck with a higher relative humidity. noon, 80s and 90s. 3:00 and 4:00, 107 in cloverdale with upper 90s in antioch and upper 70s around the bay. talking about the microclimate in full swing and a detailed look at the week ahead in a few minutes. the delta variant is raising concerns about coronavirus. it's rapid spread is fueling a caseload of nearly 15,000 across the u.s. 25 states including california are seeing cases climb. that sparking a debate about masking. just
5:34 am
guidelines for returning to the classroom. it said vaccinated students and teachers do not need to wear a mask unless the school district says otherwise. >> it will be up to the schools to determine if they are able to put different rules in place for the classroom. for those fully vaccinated compared to those that are not vaccinated. >> the national education association released a statement saying school should require masks in any situation involving someone unvaccinated whether child or adult. coming up on this way, dr. fauci will be joining to talk about vaccine resistance to the delta variant in the school mask guidelines. you can watch it on this week with george stephanopoulos right here on abc7. scary mamas got a camera to cherry festival in northern michigan. social media video shows the moment a ride started to malfunction. dozens were strapped into their seats when something went wrong. witnesses said the ride began to lift off the ground with each sway. >> it started rocking back and
5:35 am
forth, and then it started going more. it was to the point where the base was leaning back and i was like it looks like it's about to fall back into the river. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> about two dozen spectators grabbed onto the rail to hold the base down until it stopped. riders were shaken but no one was seriously hurt. the ride is sent back to the factory, has been sent back where it was made. very scary for those people. a little boy with big dreams who got help from the fresno fire department. 9-year-old jesse was at the scene is firefighters responded to a fire. he asked if he could lend a hand. he got to help with the hose and watch the crew at work. >> i want to be a firefighter when they grow up. they do hard-working stuff. i asked if i could help them today and they said yes. >> he's a neat kid who may be a future fresno fire partner.
5:36 am
>> he got a tour of the fire engine and took him a special sticker. swimmer from long island is going for the gold in tokyo. she qualified for the paralympics. >> reporter: world-class swimmer anastasia pagonis has her sights set on olympic gold. the 17-year-old from long island is blind but letting nothing stand in her way. she shattered two world records for the 400 freestyle while qualifying for the paralympic games in tokyo. >> when i jump in the water, that is my happy place. when i'm out of the water, i have to rely on someone to take me somewhere. my guide dog and my cane to help me navigate. >> reporter: and she was 11, she started having trouble reading. a retina specialist made the diagnosis before she lost all of her site. >> i have a genetic disease. >> reporter: battli
5:37 am
doctor recommended she try swimming, a noncontact sport. >> when i got in the water, i fell in love with it. >> reporter: done the was the challenge of finding a coach. >> i stopped swimming for about a year. we had to find a coach that would actually train the blind girl and have faith in me. >> reporter: mark dan and was an instant believer. >> i thought this kid is going to be an olympian. >> reporter: he uses a tapper to guide her in the pool. >> it lets her know she's coming up to the wall and she has to be safe. >> reporter: years of practice and determination peeking off, inspiring others along the way. >> showing people, this is what blind is. this is what it looks like and this is the thing i can do being blind. being my first game, i am excited to be there and hopefully get the gold. >> we are all rooting for her. still ahead. a lack of water warning.
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farmers are facing cutbacks as the drought was more severe. a live look outside. looking over the embarcadero from the roof camera. time is 5:37. we will check in with lisa
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oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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here is the live look from new mexico of a virgin galactic aircraft and rocket plane said to launch into space in a little lesson two hours. it was delayed by 90 minutes because of poor weather. richard branson is set to become the first person to reach space in his own aircraft. excited to see that. 711 is canceled for the second year in a row but you can get a free slurpee any day this month. 7-eleven celebrates its birthday on july 11 by offering free slurpee's.
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for the perm pandemic for something to cancel last year and this year celebrations. the retailers giving all members of its seven reports loyalty at a coupon for a free small slurpee. it can be redeemed any day in july. it's the return of flog city fleet in the san francisco market. it highlights the best in jewelry, clothing, accessories, houseware and so much more. every sunday, vendors will be inside the building grand hall to celebrate community and small businesses. fog city fleet is open until 5:00. 105 and 106 at the livermore airport yesterday and we had fog in the morning just like we do this morning. high pressure has its grip on the inland east bay. this fog is not going to allow for heat around the bay.
5:42 am
we will talk about the comfortable bayside and cool oceanside temperatures when we come back. the a's and rangers play x
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> to conserve water, growers in santa cruz county are already being used how agriculture can do his part to save water. the climate and environment are a vital part of our focus on building a better bay area. governor newsom is urging conservation statewide. >> not only residences, but commercial operations and agriculture operations. >> abc7 news reporter david louie takes us to the fields to show how water conservation applies to crops. >> reporter: this time of year, the fields are producing berries, lettuce, and salary. something else has sprouted.
5:45 am
about 1000 meters to measure how much groundwater is being tapped to irrigate the crops. is agriculture boomed, so do concerns about saltwater. the water management agency was an early user of meters. its success may become a model for other parts of the state in need of conserving every gallon of water possible. javier is a strawberry grower. >> if we see they are watering 2 1/2 hours versus 1.5 hours, we have a way and figuring out the counter amount of water that is being used could perhaps is being wasted. >> reporter: the meters along with other measures have reduced water use by nearly 3.1 billion gallons over the past four years compared to a decade you go. it's equivalent of filling 77 and a half-million bathtubs. the water agency staff works with growers to use water
5:46 am
efficiently. >> we look at what kind of crops are being grown so we contract not only how much water is being used, but what are the crop patterns. >> reporter: california growers used to draft as much groundwater as they want to for free. if you have resisted the meters by not allowing access to their land. their water use is estimated with aerial photography. samora believes they are committed to good stewardship. >> they pay attention to what's going on, making sure we are sustainable in the valley will have water 30, 40, 50 years ago for future farming generations. >> reporter: other agencies are required to develop groundwater plans to achieve sustainability in 20 years. let's get a check on the forecast. we see the fog out there, but the dry conditions are big can deal. >> with a back to back years in
5:47 am
the historic nature of it all, zero soil moisture out there, creating dangerous conditions even despite the strong onshore wind. windy eventually ends up drying you out even though the moisture content is higher here. we will spread the sea breeze across the bay throughout the day today. low clouds and fog, tank top along the shore and moving inland. the depth of this, 1000 feet with 50s for some of you from san francisco. oakland, 60. 58, mountain view. 51, pacifica. you can see low clouds here from mt. tam, but they are out there. it warmed up here. go up uplehundred feet, 100 degrees atop mt. tam yesterday. lower elevation had gusty winds and that help to limit the heat around the bay. 58 by the delta.
5:48 am
southwest wind at 20. 48, novato. even the microclimates at this hour indicating the extreme of how the fog is helping out in spots. the fog getting into the lower elevations. we have bed along the coast. the excessive heat warning continues. it will be mild to warm today. the breezy winds allowing for comfortable conditions. no thanks to the heat and high pressure that is encroaching upon the sacramento valley. the low clouds and fog here staying from marin to san mateo and the sea breeze through the afternoon extending all the way inland. this is monday. no changes. the fog stays with us. the winds have been a consistent factor. looking at sunday morning, 20 to 25 miles per hour.
5:49 am
they get stronger through the delta. 30 miles per hour. monday, we will be out of the 90s everywhere. 80s. the afternoon sea breeze that allows for the cooling effect. elsewhere across the state, it is oppressive. 114, fresno. san luis obispo was warm. san jose out of the 90s. 76 in oakland. san mateo, 79. we still have the excessive heat warning inland where temperatures will be at or above 100 degrees and towards lake county, lakeport, 109. that continues into monday evening. 66, the city. mid-80s around fremont. 80 degrees towards hayward.
5:50 am
looking at some comfortable readings bay shoreline. seven-day forecast looking at 50s coast side. 70s and 80s around the bay. triple digit inland. monday, sets the stage for comfortable week with 70s and 80s for the most part and keeping the fog right at the coast. today is the last game for the a's entrance before the all- star break. they hope to in the sierras against the rangers. first pitch at 11:35. the giants could sweep the nationals at home. first pitch at 1:05. yesterday, the giants won big. chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning sports. >> reporter: the giants and their jerseys debuted this weekend for all the mixed reviews. friday win and plenty of runs saturday afternoon. this youngster excited. they put up three runs in the first.
5:51 am
it goes 60 feet. darren scores. 3-0, san francisco. buster posey watching the young catcher called up on saturday. he singles in. giants up. the fans love it. anthony cruising. josh bell. the bat goes flying. six strikeouts in six innings. brandon crawford hit his 18th homer of the year. tied for the most by any shortstop in history before the all-star break. the giants win 10-4. a's down. sean murphy and seth brown go back to back. just like that, we are tied. this goes to extra innings in
5:52 am
the twins, they are still watching the baseball game. both teams scored in the 10th. oakland scores four in foot bl the a's win. rrgetting ready fo the warriors season. playing at the golf tournament in tahoe this weekend. plenty of boats on the water. the no look shot is good. aaron rodgers, packers quarterback, throwing the football over the boats. here is stephen curry. splash and the runoff. here's the chiefs quarterback. he likes what he sees. that is quite the dance move. patrick mahomes. nine weeks until nfl sunday.
5:53 am
here is steph. birdie putt on 18. he struggled with the short game at the end, but still in the mix. 39 points and tied at six. ymc the u.s. team. draymond green sets th. it doesn't matter the uniform, he will play and talk trash. look at him with the block. team usa hasn't had a lot of practice and brown has been working with team nigeria. they upset. usa team still trying to figure things out. that's the look at sports. skate your way to san francisco for a party on wh
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sunday, roller disco parties returning to golden gate park this afternoon. the man known as the godfather in will lead with some groovy tunes. he will be teaching dance moves to people of all ages. this is free. noon until 5:00 in a spot with proud roller history, skating arena on sixth avenue and kennedy drive. everything i own is on my front lawn. for what? i don't understand why they are doing it. >> and east bay family displaced after their home caught fire. why firefighters believe fireworks could be to blame. a major-league save. a doctor is sprung into action to save a woman's life at the giants game.
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another hot day is on the way with more high temperatures. bay area residents beating the heat while trying to save energy to prevent a strain on the power grid. good morning. it's july 11. i'm liz kreutz. in you are watching abc7 news tran30 for let's start with a quick look at the weather and how hot it's going to be today. we have mother nature helping with the natural acn looking at a 40 degrees spread
6:01 am
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