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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 10, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight, man. appreciate my teammates, you know what i mean, i couldn't do it without then. brady, i know you ain't here, everybody in tomba baampa bay, it. and we gets another one next year. oh, they cut me off. i'm like drake right now. >> hey, thank you guys for coming. tampa bay buccaneers, great season. yo! ow, ow, i knew it! ow, ow, i knew it!
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this is abc7 news. high heat around the state mixed with a fire in oregon created a major strain on the state's power grid today. bay area residents tried to beat the heat without blasting their ac. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i am dion lim. you are watching abc7 news at 11:00 live on abc7 and whatever you stream. let's get to meteorologist, drew tuma. >> certainly exceeded 100 degrees in our warmest spots. 105 was the high today in concord, 111 in cloverdale, 98 was the high in santa rosa. relief, found along the coast. half moon bay, only 62 degrees. even in this late hour, we are warm in several cities from brentwood to fairfield, up into cloverdale. we are in the 70s and 80s. that is the launching pad for another hot day tomorrow. excessive heat warning zen effect again for the second half of the weekend tomorrow for areas she did that link.
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the heat advisory and valleys in the north bay and south bay for temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, so future track of temperatures, look at this. by 8:00, 9:00, we are already into the 70s, 80s, close to 90 before lunchtime in the hottest spots. tomorrow is another hot day. we will let you know when we get heat relief finally. >> we definitely need that relief. speaking of, cooling centers are open to the weekend in bay area hot spots, like this one at the centennial recreation center in morgan hill. there are just some other locations as well to mention . the cupertino library, san jose has a few cooling centers as well, including one at the camden community center. in santa rosa, the stlemmunity east bay, the antioch community center. matt boone was in the east bay today where people tried to stay cool while abiding by a flex alert.
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>> reporter: when the temperature rises in the east bay? >> to heart. >> reporter: the swim club in lafayette is one of the places to be to cool down. >> hot y.nttoenjoy pool. ho ithcouch tching tv. ju off d and go down slides. >> reporter: the pandemic had limited access to small groups, but lifeguards say it is a free- for-all now. >> i think people have been wanting to come to the pool , and now that they can, everyone is coming down here >> reporter: even if they don't know how quite hot it is. >> it's really hot. >> reporter: how hot? >> i don't know, 108 degrees or something? >> reporter: high heat in several parts of the state have created major strain on the electricity, with the california independent system operator, which oversees the grid, issuing a flex alert for the second day in a row. another challenging factor? a fire burning in oregon damaged power lines that import
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energy to northern and southern california. >> collectively, between these two lines, california has lost about 5500 megawatts of power . that is a significant fraction of the state's power supply. >> reporter: in emeryville, temperatures were about 30 degrees cooler than over the hills in walnut creek , but the priestly family came to get ice cream and eat in an air- conditioned restaurant. >> they try to put us outside, but we didn't do it . >> reporter: energy comes in, something they are hyperaware of. >> we are pretty mindful of that for years now . >> reporter: across the state, it seemed to work with no rolling blackouts implemented . still, an uncomfortable day in areas where it was hard to do anything in the scorching heat . >> it's terrible out here. >> reporter: in walnut creek, matt boone, abc7 news. >> don't forget, you can check out current temperatures where you live without real-time weather tracker. it is at our abc7 bay area connected tv app . just search abc7 now whatever you stream. california's vaccination pace has slowed down substantially. the current average is about
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59,000 doses a day. over 20.4 million californians are fully vaccinated. that's about 60% of the eligible population. just under 3.2 million a partially vaccinated. san francisco updated its help in order to mandate those working in high risk settings to be fully vaccinated by september 15th. abc7 news reporter lose pena spoke to officials what this means, and who would be exempt. >> reporter: san francisco has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. 75% of the population is fully vaccinated, but as the delta. becomes the dominant strain across the state, san francisco is updating its help order for those in high risk workplaces. >> in our skilled nursing facilities and hospitals, jails, shelters . >> reporter: initially, san francisco was mandating for workers in high risk settin tovaccinat the vaccines are fully approved by
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the fda. now, those in high risk settings need to be vaccinated by september 15th. >> we expect it's possible but the vaccines will be fully e me september 15th date comes around . >> reporter: san francisco's deputy sheriffs work with inmates in jails and responded to this order in part. the sf dsa values and respects the right to choice. we have protective options in place with face mask and testing already. forcing vaccines is not a san francisco value. health order highlights that these workplaces will need to keep records of employee vaccination status and provide them to the city public health officer if requested. on page 11, the exemptions. number one based on religious beliefs. two, qualifying medical reasons. >> if you're going to refuse to be vaccinated, you can't do certain jobs . >> reporter: dr. caldwell,
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chief at fremont-winema national forest says about 94% of the hospital staff is fully vaccinated. there's about 6% of health care workers that as a general are still unvaccinated. what are some of their concerns? >> questions regarding one of the long-term implications, short-term implications, what exactly is happening, and what is getting put into my arm and i am getting a vaccine? reasonable questions . >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. a vaccination clinic in san jose today focused on the deaf community. the deaf counseling advocacy and referral agency hosted the event, one of the first deaf run nonprofits in the country. the pfizer and johnson & johnson vaccines were available today. organizes say many in the deaf community found states website confusing, so the pop- up tto
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pele face-to-face, and the deaf community feels a lot more of a connection to be able to come in and ask questions, and kind of touch base, talk about some frustrations . we can always call in on video in this, but in person is a great way for deaf people to communicate. >> a second clinic for the deaf community will take place july 24th in santa rosa. if you're interested in making a vaccine appointment, head to our website. in the east bay, hundreds of people came out to stand up for safe oakland. oakland police chief remembered those lost to gun violence but also called on the community to act as partners. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard brings us this report from oakland. >> reporter: community march for peace led by oakland police chief leronne armstrong . earlier, the chief hosted this rally at lake merritt, calling for gun violence to stop. >> today is about saving lives. today is about standing up and speaking our voice here today is about a safe oakland .
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>> reporter: many neighbors have their own ideas about >> is that too much? >> i think the community >> reporter: calling on community neighbors to prevent crime . this, as oakland reports 71 homicides this he . the city, recovering from a chaotic fourth of july weekend with fatal shootings, illegal fireworks, and a sideshow involving 300 cars, spectator was injured. >> we're not going to be able to do this alone. it's going to take law enforcement a community coming together. this is that they . >> reporter: faith leaders urge many not to stay silent. >> it is time for us to stop hiding behind lord god. i didn't see nothing. i don't know nothing. it is not my problem anymore. >> reporter: but some neighbors said it is everyonet hand bec people are out here. it's not the police a fault. it's the individual . when you see something happen in the neighborhood , get on the
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phone to call the police . >> reporter: not everyone who showed up here like the message. anti-police protesters showed up and tried to disrupt the event. last month, the oakland city council voted to die for and about $18 million for the police department's budget >> this is not about politics. this is about saving lives. >> reporter: the chief the small community meetings will be held around oakland talking safety and crime prevention. in oakland, cornell bernard, abc7 news. meantime, oakland is trying something new to put an end to sideshows . sky seven over the intersection of 35th avenue and macarthur boulevard yesterday and spotted a bunch of so-called they are called . the intersection in the city's district has been a hot spot for sideshow activity, and you can see all the tire marks on the pavement there left on macarthur boulevard behind drivers spinning their cars. still ahead on abc7 news at
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11:00, spectators cheered for a bay area doctor, calling him a hero after setting a woman's life at today's giants game. weatherman, th delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. new at 11:00, a bay area doctor is being hailed a hero after making quite a say that oracle park today. in a split second, the action turned from the game on the field to what was happening in the stands, and that is when he really came in clutch. >> reporter: day at the ballpark saturday became one this man won't soon forget. >> my wife and i were at the game . >> reporter: dr. willie ross
11:17 pm
went to oracle park to cheer on the nationals as they took on the giants. you may be wondering why he was not cheering on the home team. dr. ross is home to two major league players, including nationals pitcher, joe ross. joe was sidelined for the game, but his dad sure wasn't it in the middle of an inning, a woman seated nearby started choking and gesturing she could not brief . that is what dr. ross, a pediatrician and trade emergency room doctor jumped into action. >> i gave her a couple of heimlich maneuver and a small piece of hot dogs >> e y wanot ga her two hard thrusts, and then sort of a half a thumb sized ece of t , and she was much better . >> reporter: the woman is a retired nurse, so being the person in need of help was definitely not something she was used to. >> she was thankful. her brother was thankful also. >> reporter: dr. ross said fans cheered but never expected to be the hero of the day.
11:18 pm
he said he would not think twice about helping someone who needs it. >> these are things that you see and react to right away. they are not necessarily about thinking what you're doing, but you see something wrong, and you recognize someone needs assistance . >> reporter: for the giants, they recognized dr. ross deserved a thank you . an usher presented in with a memento from the game. >> she said it is a small token of appreciation from us . >> reporter: news of the in the stands wrote spread fast. dr. ross said he got attacked of his other major-league son before leaving oracle park. onga meg y abt . joe should be proud of him. >> reporter: ever the baseball dad, dr. ross knows a thing or two about walkoff wins, but today , it was one of his own. >> people after the game were coming up to me and speaking to me, so that made me feel really good. >> he should feel great. tonight, hollywood and sports world came together for the espy award, celebration of some of the best and most
11:19 pm
inspirational sports stars right now. chris alvarez joins us now with some of the highlights and some magical moments. >> this is always a fun event. a little different this year. normally it's after the major- league all-star game, but due to the nba finals schedule, it's on abc . the sp's were pushed up, and >> reporter: trading jerseys for jackets. >> put my suit on, look fresh . >> reporter: the world's biggest athletes and stars. >> summertime in the city . we're out. >> reporter: like tracy more than on a daddy day with his 8- year-old daughter. >> i'm a little nervous sometimes. >> reporter: at the red carpet in the espys of the espys. it just got real . in new york city, for the first time in two decades, on the rooftop at the seaport's pier 17, hosted by marvel star, anthony mackie. >>
11:20 pm
athletes and get autographs . >> reporter: who invited a b,14 spelling bee champ who also happens to be an amazing basketball player . >> i try to emulate james hardin. >> reporter: one of the best nights about tonight is hollywood and the sports world colliding, and that's playing out here on the red carpet. zachary levi plays kurt warner in an upcoming film. >> there's nothing like being back together. >> reporter: literally, together. american other gall, the kurt h warner starry. >> i wish i could throw a football as good as this man. >> in three months, you can't there as well as i can . >> reporter: inspiring stories like chris, who received the jimmy b award for perseverance is the only person with down syndrome to complete an ironman. moments before showtime, a few final pictures, and then it started to rain.
11:21 pm
did you go an extra hole in the jump? >> tonight, i did because my hair is long. >> reporter: as they say, the show must go on. in new york, mike marza, abc 7 news. as for the ceremony, tara vanderveer was named the best coach. san mateo native, tom brady named male athlete nfl player for your pit his tampa bay bucs won team of the year. steph curry made a cameo making fun of aaron rodgers in the "will he or won't he and cole come back to green bay saga? gronk is always fun. he's got the weather reports, the goofy gel for the weather. i appreciate that coming out of gronk. >> he's good on the field and good i guess in his hairdo? >> he's got all the things. we've got more sports coming up in a few minutes.
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it is a weekend of champions on abc and espn . tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. on espn, the wimbledon final for the men's, and the euro final of italy versus england here on abc7 three of the finals between the suns and bucks. may be good to stay in a watch although sports. >> especially with ac because we got another day of this heatwave. especially intense heatwave. let's go outside . live look from the exploratory in camera. this is about it in terms of the fog. our marine layer is so compressed right now. the warm area of high pressure brings that daytime he is. so tomorrow morning, many of us , going to be waking up to sunshine from the start. that sunrise coming up before 7:00 a.m. right now, we're on the bay shore line. generally comfortable . 50s and 60s for the most part , but you can see some warmer weather inlet. we're still in the 70s and 80s
11:23 pm
frombrentwood, even in northway. cloverdale, clear lake still at 82 degrees. this warm overnight period is really the launching pad to get us into another hot day. tomorrow afternoon, while across the state right now , we're dealing with warm temperatures. your 100 still in fresno and bakersfield, palm springs coming in at a hot 99 degrees . back home, overnight tonight in terms of the marine layer. it is hugging our coast right now over the city, and that's about it in terms of the fog . 50s to low 60s along the bay shore line. some of them are warm, like antioch will stay in the mid- 70s for the starting temperature tomorrow morning. closer look at our- microclimates, starting in the south day. 90 in san jose for the forecast, high 87 in sunnyvale, 89 the high and sent a clear. along the peninsula, a warm day for many of us. 87 brentwood city, 80 for menlo park, but the coast, thanks to that park, only 62 in pacifica.
11:24 pm
our area beaches are going to be crowded once again like they were today. downtown san francisco, we escape much of this heat. only 66 tomorrow, 62 for the high in sunset. north bay, intense heat with the excessive heat warning in effect for a lot of us cloverdale. that's very intense heat right now. 100 and calistoga, 91 in napa, hitting 92 in novato. east bay tomorrow, 66 in oakland. 85 in union city. 86, the high in castro valley, and inland, we have access to heat valley again. 102 in brentwood, 100 in concord, 99, the high in pleasantville . waste to beat the heat? drink plenty of water have to be outside, take frequent breaks in the shade, or go inside to some air- conditioning. wear lightweight clothing, and delete your pets or people
11:25 pm
inside cars . the inside of the car heats up very quickly . speaking of pets, be careful walking your dog's tomorrow. the air temperature , even when it's in the mid-90s, hungry can feel likand the asphalt can be as hot as 145 degrees, so that's going to be pretty bad on our puppies' paws. be careful, that peak daytime heating between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. next seven days, the heat was continues tomorrow, and then finally that relief will hit us . we will drop about 10 to 15 degrees by monday afternoon, and thankfully, it looks like our temperatures stay pretty near average by this time of year. we will have been wide range for much of the seven-day forecast. you can see by thursday, friday, 70s, upper 80s to near 90s in our hottest spots. one more day of this you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month,
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it is a record . two men world day. >> three, two, one!
11:29 pm
woo hoo! >> everyone is so excited . the pair passed 216 consecutive hours at noon. that beats the previous teeter totter record set in sacramento back in 1971. apparently, it's been a tough ride. >> this has been such a struggle. i have a hard time at night. the days are awesome because you're all out cheering us on and supporting us. it is awesome. thank you for all that. >> the record-breaking attempt ran for 10 straight days. so many questions about this, including like, you know, what if nature calls? >> breaks, yeah. >> sleep? >> good for them. congratulations. still, many questions, but congratulations to them. the a's and rangers play on his baseball in texas. the giants light up the scoreboard against the
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. the giants debuted their new orange and white city connected jerseys this weekend, and for all the mixed reviews, hard to argue the results on the field . plenty of runs here on saturday. youngster excited to giants play some baseball . giants put up three in the first. tyrell estrada, swinging goes about 60 feet, but that's going to work. injured buster posey, watching the young catche today.
11:34 pm
part comes through. five-run inning, and the 8-0. bark, 2 part 2, and the fans love that. cruising. josh bell get so full by this pitch, this is what you call swing and a miss stuff. watch the replay. there goes the back. six strikeouts in six innings for difo. all-star, brandon crawford hits his 18th homer of the year . three of his career high, tied for the most by any shortstop in history. giants win, 10-04. 2-0 in those clergy's. it is down, 2-0. seth brown makes it back to back off mike fulton a, is given of homers in the majors. this was way gone. 472 feet, longest homer at the new texas park. tied at two . both teams at a run, and we go to three. those youngsters, still hanging in there . both teams scored in the 10th, and stephen piscotty, a 250 blast. stephen curry's decision to skip the upcoming olympic upcoml
11:35 pm
was to heal up and get ready for new warriors season. the added benefits, playing at the ball tournament . where is klay co.? surfing legend, kelly slater looking like klay and steph with the no look shot, and aaron rodgers, the packers quarterback and cal legend? he fires football. that's what he does . walking side-by-side with former niner alex smith , and here is curry. give him a basketball, and he dialed from distance . splash, of course. here is chief quarterback, patrick mahomes. the qb likes what he sees . breaks into a dance immediately. he's got 12 points , watch his reaction. nine weeks until football starts. yes. stephen curry, though, missing the birdie putt on 18 . some struggles in the short game for steph . the leader is john . the curry family leads . dad, dell, is tied for 18th with 28 points . brother seth, tied for
11:36 pm
52nd with nine points. abc7 sports is sponsored ale department . usc 64, dustin poirier beats conor mcgregor. >> so much sports, so little time. much more too, abc7 news at 11:00. a terrifying scene at a michigan festival. a ride malfunctions and appears to tip over. people spring into action.
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building a better bay area,
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the delta variant is raising new concerns about coronavirus . is fueling a rise daily -- rising daily caseload. nearly 15,000 a day across the country. 25 states including california are seeing cases climbing . that is sparking another debate about masking. just as the cdc is out with new guidelines for returning to the classroom. it says vaccinated students and teachers don't need to wear a mask unless the school district says otherwise. >> it will really be up to the schools and the districts and states to determine if they are able to put different rules in place in the classroom. for those who are fully vaccinated, compared to those who are not yet vaccinated. >> the national education association released a its gui saying schools should require masks in any situation
11:41 pm
is, etit chd an adt. developing news . a downtown miami courthouse has been shut down temporarily following a safety inspection . stemming from the surfside condo collapse finding victims at the site has been much quicker since the demolition of the remaining part of the building. surfside mayor charles burket told the media today that area will likely be cleared sooner than later. he says much of the debris is at ground level or below, and the death toll went up overnight to 86. some scary moments caught on camera at a cherry festival in northern michigan . social media video shows the moment a ride began to malfunction . dozens of people were strapped into their seats when clearly, something went wrong. witnesses say the ride began to rock and lift off the ground with each sway. >> it started rocking a little bit back and forth, then it started going more, and it was to the point where the base of
11:42 pm
it was leaning way back, and i was like, "that looks like it's about to fall back into the river right now." i could not believe what i was seeing. >> i can only imagine . about two dozen quick thinking spectators grabbed onto the rail to hold the base down until it stopped . riders were shaken, but the good news, no one seriously hurt. that ride has been sent back to the factory where it was made. developing news now. crews in the final stages the preparations to send business magnate richard branson to space. abc news reporter geo benitez has a look at how the space rivalry is heating up between branson and another billionaire. >> reporter: virgin galactic is making final preparations for the historic flight of its spaceship unity, carrying the company's founder richard branson . the rivalry between billionaires rancid and amazon founder jeff bezos is heating up your branson, telling "gma" this is not a space race. >> i know it has been painted as arrays. i don't think either of us see it that way . we're not in
11:43 pm
direct competition . >> reporter: but bezos' blue origin company is firing shots at twitter, posting this graphic comparing the two companies. origins at its new shepard capsule, named for the first american in space, alan shepard, flies farther than virgin spaceship, 62 miles above the surface, past the karman line, which many believe is the true edge of space . virgin will reach about 55 miles. >> the united states recognizes 50 miles as the definition of space . the nasa recognizes that as the definition, and so does faa. and we are out . still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, officials say they were successful in cracking down on illegal fireworks this year .
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now, to a little boy with big dreams
11:47 pm
from the fresno fire department. 9-year-old jesse was at the scene, as firefighters responded to a fire last night. he asked if he could lend a hand when the flames were out . jesse got to help with the hose and watch the crew at work. >> i want to be a firefighter when i grew up . they always do hard work and stuff, so i was going to ask if i could help them today, and they said yes. >> seems like a neat kid, maybe a future fresno firefighter. >> jesse also got a tour of the fresno fire engine, and he took on a special sticker. good for him. fireworks related calls to 911 were down in concord this year, thanks to a new reporting strategy. the police department at in the new tap to the city's concord connect mobile app members of the community could file real- time reports online. 458 reports of illegal fireworks were filed in the first week of july . 320 calls were made to the city's 911 are nonemergency phone lines. officers confiscated more than 100 illegal fireworks.
11:48 pm
looking ahead to the weather, and some relief is on the way. >> 24 more hours of this intense heat inland , and monday, cooler it will finally move in . look at highs across the state. death valley minute to 129 so i been hotter before. 111 in fresno, but fresno. clear skies for many of us, and we will find our warmest spots holding in the 60s and 70s first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow inland, it's another hot day. we have this excessive heat warning in effect, heat advisories for another day for good reason . 102 in antioch, 108 in cloverdale, 98 in santa rosa, even san jose, it's going to feel warm and 94 lot of sunshine . monday, the heat will begin to retreat. future track temperatures, monday afternoon inland, mainly 80s to low 90s.
11:49 pm
that is where to say it's going to be a refreshing, but it's going to feel like that inland . a shoreline, around the 60s if not low 70s, so the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are showing you the heat with continue sunday . the relief hits us monday, and dion, we are stair staying your average . maybe tomorrow morning , fog not out of the question . maybe a little coastal drizzle before we see the heat up by the afternoon. >> let's stay in san francisco the next couple of days . drew, thanks. chris now with the preview of sports. chris? >> jalen rose gives us an outlook about the warriors' upcoming draft an off-season. practice makes perfect 14 nigeria.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. we are just a few weeks away from the nba draft on
11:53 pm
thursday, july 29th on abc7 . the warriors are picking 7th and 14th in the first round, unless they make a trade. here is espn nba analyst, jalen rose on potential trades and the warriors' off-season outlook. >> you got to trade. here is why. because you've got three guys on your roster that won the championship together. the splash brothers and draymond green. if klay thompson is able to come back and be remotely the player that he was, especially after coming off an injury, you got a 100% be in and win mode . wiggins has had a good season. i like wiseman as a young prospect. i think he's going to continue to mature, like we saw deandre ayton do with the phoenix suns. but they don't have time to wait. and i've heard some speculation that they were looking potentially to package the 7th pick, andrew weissman, for pascal siakam. let me tell you something.
11:54 pm
bob myers? you do that. >> can they keep wiseman and still win? >> if you have wiseman on the floor, his defender now becomes a help defender. along with draymond's man because he's not a shooter, so you're not giving up wiseman. you are investing in your big pre-. >> when claycomo comes back, he can still shoot, so having the presence of him as a threat as a shooter, how do you think that changes the warriors? >> you can't rush it, and i don't think steve kerr will . that's another reason why you make that move. so he does not now how to come back and feel like he needs to be at 20, 25 point score from the rim because he's not. so, i anticipate they know that too. i would not be surprised if they
11:55 pm
knew the big fellow, who i still think has star potential. olympic exhibition ga taking on warriors' assistant mike brown leading nigeria. damian lillard dial from distance. it does not matter the uniform. dray is going to play defense and talk trash. team usa has not had a lot of practice, and brown has been working with that nigeria team for weeks. they upset the usa team still trying to figure it out . u.s. was favored, but they fall, 90- 87 . u.s. assistant steve kerr , bummed but excited for brown who's helping to build. >> the phone is blowing up. hopefully, people will jump on the bandwagon a little bit more and support as in any way, shape, or form because we need a lot of love. we need a lot of love. game three of the nba
11:56 pm
finals, tomorrow night at 5:00 right here on abc7 . the suns have never won an nba title, but devin booker and company are up k out giannis prame channeling his inner marshawn lynch what that atmosphere is going to be like. >> doesn't feel like it is something starting a little bit over again, the fact that you guys are home? >> i'm feeling >> we're playing for the prize. i don't think, you know, there's going to be a storm but we have not seen. if those guys are bringing it, we're going to bring it. that is that. >> women's wimbledon singles final, optionally bharathi, taking on now.
11:57 pm
party wins her first wimbledon and her second grand slam title. abc7 sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. that is it for tonight's show. i am dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us here at abc7 news, they can so much for joining us . we leave you tie with a live look outside a, well, rather clear evening, looking at emeryville right now. those heating
11:58 pm
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