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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 10, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour. back to class. it's our second hour. back to class. the cdc issue as new set of school guidelines advising who can go without mask. what the nation's key teachers unions are saying and what parents need to know. plus the delta covid variant has cases on the rise. >> temperatures soar in that punishing west coast heat wave. 32 million americans waking up under heat and red flag warnings. plus, elsa the aftermath. drying out after torrential winds and rains. rob is tracking it all. >> naomi osaka breaks her silence. the 23-year-old speaking out for the first time since dropping out of the french open. what she has to say about the
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fallout and the famous friends who stood by her side. and taking care of her mental health. why she says it's okay to not be okay. ♪ meet me in the middle ♪ ♪ also this morning as businesses and workplaces across the country get set to reopen, soothe your back-to-office anxieties before returning to the daily grind. how to clearly ask for what you need, plus the expert tips to reaching your work goals in 2021. >> let's go girls. >> fasten your seat belts. "black widow" arrived. first marvel movie to hit theaters in two years ready to put the pedal to the metal shattering box office records. we've got the "inside scoop." allaboard the "gma" train pulling into hydration station. go from h 2 know to water pro. wate intake
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for ice cream as we say, "good morning america." good saturday morning. this is "gma." >> sitting here discussing "black widow." >> when do you watch? how watch it? >> exactly. >> watched yesterday. it was great. closed my eyes a lot, but it was great. >> for my kids, that's nudge. summer heats calls for something sweet. coming up on "gma," whipping up next-level summertime sweets. pb & j ice cream sandwiches. >> i'm going to have a breakfast of champions. >> right outside the studio. first following a lot of news starting with the covid delta variant and a rising caseload in the u.s. los angeles county reporting 165% jump just in last week. >> this as we're seeing new confusion over mask guidance from the cdc.
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the cdc now saying vaccinated students and teachers can go maskless at school in the fall. not everybody is onboard with that. trevor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, again, dan. we know parents what kaurnclariw to keep their kids safe and the steps schools are taking to do the same. this could impact the policies schools are trying to nail down before schools return in the fall. new federal guidelines saying vaccinated students and teachers don't need to wear a mask unless the school district says otherwise. but the cdc's guidance is just a recommendation. >> if fully vaccinated shouldn't have to wear a mask. my hope.
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they don mask >> r unvaccintudentwhh der 12 should keep wearing face coverings and they're encouraging at least three feet of distance between students in the classroom. >> make it clear that in school learning is important, that vaccines have been the real game changers and that if you don't have a vaccine, you should have a mask. >> reporter: the national education association saying in a statement in part -- schools should be requiring masks in all settings where there are unvaccinated idividuals present. cdc data shows only 22.5% of 12 to 15-year-olds and 35% of 16 and 17-year-olds are fully vaccinated. >> it will really be up to the schools and the districts and the states to determine if they're able to put different rules in place in the classroom for those who are fully vaccinated compared to those who are not yet vaccinated. >> reporter: and the vaccines are definitively working. we've seen caseloads with high vaccination rates fall significantly and stay low. but we are hearing some pushback from some conservative state officials who say that they don't want government outreach happening trying to convince people to get the shot.
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they say it is a personal choice and the government trying to sell you on these vaccines could only convince people that it's not to be trusted. eva. >> got our south carolina making his view of that very clear. trevor ault for us, thank you. now to the west coast where they're dealing with severe heat making the drought situation even worse. abc's will carr is in palm springs for us this morning. good morning again, will. >> reporter: good morning, eva. it's going to be a hot one here today. it's almost 90 degrees and the sun hasn't come up. we're expecting it to get to around 120 today. there will be extreme dangerous heat all across this region and keep in mind that june was the hottest june on record ever for the united states this year. this weekend we're expecting triple digit temp as cross californ prompting statewide flex ales.ts here to voluntarily coer power. governor gavin newm de californians to cut water use by 15%.
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this time last year just over 20% of california was in severe drought. this year, though, that number has spiked to 95%. wells are running dry in the county with little to no running water and lakes are measuring at record lows. lake piru normally one of the best preserved only at 20% capacity, and the drought is also fueling fires. the beckworth complex fire just north of lake tahoe forced new evacuations today. that exploded overnight. it's now over 38,000 acres. keep in mind last year was a historic wildfire season here in california, and we still have a long way to go with this year's fire season. whit? >> people conserving water and conserving power. all right, will carr for us, thank you so much. we appreciate it. coming up here, naomi osaka speaking out. the tennis superstar opening up about her mental health. process. also coming up, "deals & steals" bringing that summer
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welcome back to "gma." coming up maya feller joins us live. the last time we saw our go-to nutritionist is when we gave her an epic mother's day surprise. no tricks up our sleeves. maya with a lot of tips for "pop g hydrated and happy this janai is out ae've got -- nnton >> hello. hydrated and nutritionist. i almost ran away.
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no! i'm not ready. well, so good to join you guys. we will begin "pop news" this morning with music royalty, of course, i'm talking about jennifer lopez and summer got a whole lot hotter if you can imagine, because we've had back-to-back-to-back-to-back heat waves with a brand-new music video from j. lo herself and get this -- it is all in spanish. the megastar ready to dance right into the next fabulous phase of her life releasing "cambia el paso" with the hottest star, raoul alejandro. translates into change the step. spanish 101. take a look. [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ one, two, step ♪ >> ooh. shake your hair back and forth. j. ho says the -- j. lo says the song is about "change," and not being afraid to take the step. she makes it look easy, so easy, this video was shot just days i
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to take the step. she makes it look easy, so easy, this video was shot just days after lopez recorded the track in miami. d tnk, hiream it now on youtub. >> dan is not a man of change so we've established that. >> yeah, i'm still wearing shoes from 1978. but that being said, your rolling of your rs during spanish, wow, look at you, mona. >> my spanish teacher would be proud. we are going to stay in new york for this one. just like that, this morning we are getting our first look at the new "sex and the city" reboot, reunion of sarah jessica parker, cynthia nixon and kristin davis getting back into character on the streets of manhattan as carrie, miranda and charlotte, the image was posted on hbo max's instagram page. the tease, the first day of shooting and sarah jessica parker amping up the intrigue sharing a photo of the episode script. still no word yet on when the limited series will hit hbo max. ah, to be in new york for "sex in the city once again." >> every time we're chatting he's always like you're such a miranda. >> yeah, definitely. >> i mean, you could say --
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>> not a s more. "the avengers" are reassembling debut the trailer for the animated series titled "what if" to explore what happens if certain events never occurred in the marvel universe. we know, and all our favorite actors are back voicing their characters. chris hemsworth, hailey atwell as peggy carter, michael b. jordan as kim monger and bittersweetly, chadwick boseman in his last-ever marvel role voices t'challa, take a look. >> i said, never flies solo! >> oh. is that some kind of catchphrase? oh. [ whistling ] >> you had me worried for a second. >> o good to hear his voice. exploring the possibility of
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t'challa never becoming the black panther but staking on chris pratt's star-lord role. can you keep that straight? one of the many what ifs when it debuts august 11. you're still wearing shoes from 1978 but let's go to 1998. because finally this morning, roll the music! ♪ yo, i'll tell you what i want what i really, really want ♪ ♪ i wanna i wanna ♪ ♪ i wanna i wanna ♪ i want a really. >> time ♪ >> oh, man, i have to hit my life alert. it's been 25 years since the spice girls took the world by storm with think smash hit of course "wannabe," 1996, and correct myself. and scary, baby, ginger, posh and sporty spice just dropped "wannabe 25," a new ep that features the original single, remix and the original demo recording, plus a previously unreleased song called "feed your love." now here's the story from "a" to "z." of course, eva teased us earlier
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but we wanted to let you know the girls' most listened to song over the last quarter century may surprise you, because, guess what? it's not "wannabe." that one comes in at number two, while "who do you think you are" claims the top spot. do you remember it? >> "say you'll be there," "in the desert" or "two becomes one" and "stop" all fill the top five. i know what i'll be listening to because it's not on that list, it's "spice up your life." remember that? that was a big one. ♪ spice up your life ♪ >> not everybody knows this but eva is like spice girls obsessed. you went to the reunion party. >> reunion tour. >> here i was just buying the cd. >> this is embarrassing for everybody. >> a shirt from third grade and everything. very sad it didn't fit. >> we'll move right along. now to our cover story, naomi osaka stunned the tennis world when she withdrew from the french open and wimbledon this year. now she's breaking her silence about that decision.
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julia macfarlane has that story, good morning to you, julia. >> reporter: good morning, eva. you're right. naomi osaka made world headlines when she withdraw from two major grand slams citing mental health concerns. now she is setting the record straight for her decision. it's okay not to be okay. that is the message naomi osaka is shouting out from the cover of "time" magazine. breaking her silence after the fallout from her decision not to take part in mandatory post-match interviews. osaka was fined $15,000 by the organizers of the french open after she said she would not participate in press conferences. then pulling out of the french open and the wimbledon tournament saying she was dealing with depression and anxiety. writing in "time" the world number two argues that the sporting community does not treat mental health seriously enough saying i communicated i wanted to skip press conferences at roland garros to exercise self-care, i stand by that.
8:17 am
athletes are humans. perhaps we should give athletes the right to take a mental break from media scrutiny on a rare occasion without being subject to strict sanctions. osaka revealed she had received support from around the world following the drama around her exit, michelle obama, michael phelps, steph curry, novak djokovic and meghan markle to name a few. both meghan markle and husband prince harry are outspoken advocates for mental health. both having spoken out about their own mental health struggles. female tennis legends also leaping to osaka's defense. billie jean king calling osaka incredibly brave. martina navratilova tweeting of athletes -- we're taught to take care of our body and perhaps it gets short shrift. for osaka born in japan the next challenge is the tokyo olympics later this month. she has no regrets about her decision to speak out saying, michael phelps told me by
8:18 am
speaking up i may have saved a life. if that's true, then it was all worth it. well, osaka wrote having the opportunity to play in front of japanese fans at the upcoming olympics was a dream come true. however, that city is now under a state of emergency due to rising coronavirus cases. the games are now going to be held without any spectators in the stands. eva. >> julia macfarlane, no question that her speaking up about this struggle will help so many people. >> a lot of people. it's really brave and really important. she is smashing stigmas. let's get a check of our weather with rob marciano who was supposed to be on vacation but elsa had other plans. >> elsa finds you. tropical storm will find you, it's been, like, since 2008 since rhode island has seen a tropical storm and elsa came over the top of these historic narragansett towers moving quite quickly so that was a saving grace of this. here's a 24-hour loop to show you how quickly it moved through the northeast hammering it hard with flooding rains and damaging
8:19 am
winds and flooding rains, and, boom. it's already out past the canadian mayorstimes. maritimes. the other big story, severe weather. we had over 200 reports of damaging winds net, norman to fayetteville, little rock to st. louis. you could see damaging winds and possible tornado later on today and then the heat dome continues to build. another heat wave for the west, we've got ten states that are in this heat wave and that is 32 million good saturday morning patchy fog in the city making for a comfortable day. the santa clara valley and excessive heat wave through sunday night. be careful. k plentyof water. temperatures the coast will be cool, patchy to half moon bay. look for 60s there 80 in oakland. more
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time now for "deals & steals." time now for "deals & steals." serving up summer sizzle with serious savings. tory johnson has everything you need all from small businesses who we love to support and, of course, you can get these deals by pointing your camera right there to the bottom of the screen, the qr code. goes right to the deals. good morning to you. walk us through it. where are we starting here? >> first up, whit, we're starting with rapid x. this is a big assortment of sleek, modern, fast chargers and all of them are designed to accommodate multiple devices at one time. so whether you need a seven-unit charger that's going to sit on a desktop or counter or want something for your car that stretches from front seat to backseat to accommodate five passengers, we've got a variety of options there, all as i said fast charging and they're all 50% off so they start today at $7.50. then we're going to hustle clean and i'm going to need a little vanna whit action here. >> here we go. i got my wipes and ready.
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♪ we're still friends, right? ♪ we're still friends. right? >> the tough day at the office for "black widow," back now as scarlett johansson and jerermy renner battling it out in "captain america: civil war" now five years and one global pandemic later "black widow" finally getting her very own marv the movie. the blockbuster already raking in millions worldwide. we've got the details ahead in "binge this." >> you already saw it. >> i saw it last night. >> on my list. that's ahead. first, though, the top headlines we're following right now --
8:31 am
new recommendations from the centers for disease control say vaccinated teachers and students can go maskless in schools this fall unless the school district says otherwise. already california says masks will still be required there. severe drought in the west has california's gg ste mergcy in 50 of the state's 58 counties. he's asking usby 15%. thbill takes a leap tomorrow as richard branson prepares for a trip into space on one of his company's rockets. he's assigned himself to virgin galactic's first full-scale crew to set off actually ten days before his rival, billionaire jeff bezos heads into space on one of his blue origin ships. they keep saying they're not in competition but sure feels like it. >> it's not a race. but i'm going first and i'm going farther. either way fun to watch. time to turn now to -- [ air horn ] >> that's right, "binge this." mona in for janai. the air horn and everything! >> i love the deejay air horn. >> what's up first? >> oh, it is 11 years and 8
8:32 am
movies later to call this highly anticipated would be an understatement, because scarlett johansson's "black widow" gets her superhero origin story. so recent marvel offerings like "wandavision" and "loki" have taken place right after the epic events of "avengers: endgame," button and we find natasha romanoff, a/k/a black widow on the return after they disbanded in 2016's "captain america: civil war." nearly a dozen mcu movies have smashed box office records since then. marvel fance have been asking for this "black widow" solo outing since johansson first suited up over a decade ago in "iron man 2" and amp the pandemic, premiering this weekend ux and we find out if it was all worth it, and if it was worth the wait. david harbour and rachel weisz getting in on the action along with florence pugh. this is the oscar nominee's entry into the mcu, and she's already set to reprise her role
8:33 am
i the upcoming "hawkeye" miniseries. always something to look forward to when diey plus with premiere access. >> you know we love it, xoxo. so "gossip girl." the inside scoop. >> upper east siders, i'm stoked on this. that's the secret i'll never tell. nearly ten years since "gossip girl" logged off for the last time after six seasons, secrets and scandals back on the menu in a brand-new sequel series. while you won't see serena or blair or chuck, you will hear a familiar friend, kristen bell returns as the iconic voice of gossip girl herself. now based on instagram. oh, my god. i feel so old. got to keep up with the times, of course, a whole new crop of more inclusive characters will bring the private school drama to life in this ten-part reboot. the first episode is streaming now on hbo max and new episodes drop thursday. xoxo!
8:34 am
>> ah -- yeah. yeah. xoxo, i feel that way. roll out the red carpet. tonight is sports' most glamorous night. i know i'll be watching even though i don't know what it is. tell us about it. >> i will tell you about it. it is time to celebrate the year in sports, the espys are said to celebrae nominees like simone biles, naomi osaka and tom brady, plus maya moore will receive the arthur ashe courage award. the former minnesotalings star forward left the wnba at very top of her game to pursue criminal justice reform. have your tissues ready because the evening always provides inspirational moments, the new "captain america," an avid sports fan, anthony mackie, will serve as master of ceremonies and there will be plenty of "gma" love to go around because our beloved robin roberts is presenting and i will be live from the red carpet tomorrow morning. you can watch the espy awards live tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. >> always a great show. looking forward to that. >> okay. let's talk about music for the weekend. what's going on in the tunes? >> i got you covered.
8:35 am
bts giving us permission to dance and their army is here for it. the k-pop supergroup dropped a music video for their latest single "permission to dance" co-written by ed sheeran. the dance track is off the group's "butter" cd single which dropped earlier with a music video that instantly smashed youtube streaming records like all of their other music videos. this latest has wrapped up just north of 80 million views as of right now and it is a whole lot. >> ed sheeran is now working with bts. they got a thing going on? >> he is a songwriter. >> he is a songwriter. >> it's a whole bop. is that what kids are saying. >> are you part of the army? >> just say, yes. >> say yes. >> part of the army? >> i love it. >> also a snack. >> xoxo. >> okay. ah -- thank you, mona. appreciate it. great job. i'm sorry for embarrassing everybody. coming up as offices re-open across the country, how to
8:36 am
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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♪ back now on "gma," america is gearing up to head back to the office. if you're feeling those back to the grind anxieties, matt spielman has the tips you may need to recenter, refocus and make this the new phase a fresh start. matt is an executive career and organizational coach and joins us now. matt, good morning to you. so what's the best thing that managers and employees can do to sort of preemptively tackle the stress of returning to the office? >> well, dan, i think it's communicate and overcommunicate. for managers -- and it works both ways, dan. for managers, provide clear communication at a regular cadence. it's the absence of communication that almost always is perceived negatively. as soon as managers, as soon as you know something, say something. and for employees, the communication works both ways. it's incumbent upon you to raise your hand and share your thoughts and concerns about maybe safety protocols or child
8:41 am
care challenges, and do it in a constructive way. we are all in unchartered wears right now. there is a lot of unknown and it will be a test and learn. i think compassion and communication will go a long way. >> sounds like a nice mix. we've been hearing about this phrase, "the great recession." a lot of people either leaving their jobs or thinking about leaving their jobs as we enter this new phase. are you seeing this trend and what do you think is driving it? >> so, you know what i am, i am seeing the trend and my colleagues are seeing the trend. it's a little more anecdotal than based on research reports i've read, but the last year and a half we've had ample time to reflect on what it is that we may want, and our career coaching approach we initially focus on where you are now before we start looking for greener grass that may or may not exist. specifically what we discuss with our clients is -- what could you do in your current role to genre ate the four es.
8:42 am
what are the four es? additional energy, excitement, enjoyment which ultimately lead to deeper engagement. remember that you've all invested time, energy, months, possibly years in your current role, and it's worth it to spend some time to see what you could do to make it work for you. >> i like it. the four es make a lot of sense. sounds like it would make work life and life generally a lot better. matt, thank you so much for your analysis and expertise on a saturday morning. appreciate it very much. let's send it out to rob who is covering the fifth "e," the remains of elsa as she moves off into the ocean. rob, good morning once again. >> hey, good morning, dan. yeah. elsa has finally let it go and it's safe to be out here on the beach here in narragansett so we put our toes in the sand to show you what a surfing mecca this is, especially for new england. people enjoying waves left over from elsa. take a look at the waves yesterday. it was really rough out here. you really had to know what you were doing to tackle some of
8:43 am
this surf. some of the most -- the biggest waves i've ever seen on this beach. heavy surf advisories are up for the new england beaches if you're heading out to take in some waves, water and sun and a little bit calmer and warmer down across the southeast. that's a check of what's > good the inland valleys of the north bay and the santa clara valley including well, now, the "gma" t well, now the "gma" train is pulling into the hydration station, brutal summer heat makes it all the more essential to quench your thirst and here with expert h2o advice is dietitian and nutritionist maya feller. thanks so much for being with us this morning. this is something i think a lot of us have been thinking about and trying to do since the heat has come on. break it down for us. why is staying hydrated so important, especially this time of year? >> well, good morning, eva.
8:44 am
so hydration is really important for every system in the body to function optimally. hydration needs will vary based on the individual and like you said in hot summer months we need to make up for those water losses and hydrate well. according to the food and nutrition board there's not a specific requirement for hydration, however, there is a recommendation that's about 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men so that's just about a gallon. now when we're talking about hydration, i always like to think about electrolytes. they help your body pull that water in, hydrate those cells. if you want to make your own electrolyte potion at home, i recommend taking 16 ounces of water, you add two tablespoons of maple syrup and half a packet of salt. if you want extra health benefits, you can do that with mineral water. >> good to know. you have creative solutions to help us get this water into us because just drinking gallons of water sometimes gets old.
8:45 am
>> oh, my goodness. it gets so old. some patients are like, i can't do it anymore. this is when we lean into hydration that has been infused so maybe using herbs like basil or mint, even some citrus like lemon, orange. also, one of the things i love to do in the morning is start my day with sparkling water and frozen blueberries. another one of my favorites, eva, is actually ginger, cucumber and lemon similar to this one. i love the ginger because it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory coming from the lemon, a little bit of hydration from the cucumber. if you eat it you get a fiber boost. i know we're talking about the liquid, but interestingly enough, that's only 80% of where your hydration is coming from. the other 20% will come from foods so things like bell peppers, cucumbers, melons, those are incredibly hydrating so a great way to add some extra hydrating foods into your overall pattern of eating. >> good watermelons count.
8:46 am
right? you have a few more dos and one big don't. tell us about that. >> yes. so those energy beverages that are sugar sweetened or alcohol, you're going to want to slow down on that. those can act as a diuretic and really pull water from your system. i know for many people who are just rolling with the tap water, that can get a little bit boring and hard. folks might really benefit from a prompt maybe in their telephone with an alert, hey, drink some water now. the other thing i always like to say is, get a gorgeous water bottle. right? the more beautiful it is, the more likely you're going to hydrate. >> i just ordered two water bottles that look exactly like the one you have there on the table. that way i know if i've gotten through my water for the day. maya, such great advice. >> exactly. this is a full liter. >> such great advice and so much help for all of us trying to stay hydrated in the summer months. coming up, something else tt a sweetsummertime -- sweet.
8:47 am
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♪ we are back with ♪ we are back with summertime sweet, the hottest months call for the coolest treats and dan langan is here with super simple delectable desserts, dan, good morning to you. of course, we all scream for ice cream. right? well, tell us what we're making here. we could have it for breakfast. right? >> absolutely, i mean, everybody loves peanut butter and jelly. this is my ice cream sandwich. it couldn't be any easier. it is a no churn ice cream. we have some sweetened condensed milk and yogurt and all we'll do is fold in whipped cream. that's going to keep the ice cream fluffy and airy. no churn. no ice cream-maker needed. so as so here, we've got a pan to freeze it in. and you pour that ice cream and whipped cream in there, spread it out. you're going to hit this with
8:51 am
a little raspberry sauce. just raspberries cooked down with a little sugar and a little bit of lemon, you could use whatever fruit you want, though, and some more of the ice cream goes right on top and then once it's all layered up, put it in the freezer. let it firm up. ready to go. >> not in the mood for raspberries what are other options we could work in there. >> you could use anything, melted peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut spread, blueberry, strawberries, even edible cookie dough. whatever you want to put in there. >> okay. >> all right. now, while we wait for the ice cream to freeze let's talk about peanut butter cookies and putting it owl together. >> these are cakey peanut butter cookies. so they're going to stay nice and soft in the refrigerator. butter, sugar, we're going to add our dry ideas, flour, salt, baking powder, the usual suspect, stir it up till it turns into a cookie dough, it will be nice and soft and once all combined you just have to scoop it out. so it looks like this when it's finished. take a cookie scoop. i love these, all of them turn out the same size and roll that dough in some chopped up peanuts
8:52 am
and i love this, because you get a little crunch on the cookie, it gross great with crisis cream sandwiches. >> ooh! >> parchment-lined tray in the oven. let them cool before awe centralable them and i like to freeze them so they firm up before assembly. so you take that raspberry swirl ice cream with that beautiful swirl of the raspberry in there, nice big scoop right on top. top it with tore cookie and do it with any type, cake ki chocolate cookies, whatever you want to use, whatever ice cream, it's going to be awesome. this is what they look like when they're finished. >> yes. >> dan has added an extra layer. >> yeah, i was going to say dan made his a triple layer. is that acceptable? >> so easy to make. >> what i appreciate -- >> i'll say yes. >> -- dan is inventing a new word, "cakey." i love that. >> that's right. dan, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we have a few here and we'll get to work on these, and you can get all of these recipes plus
8:53 am
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8:57 am
pictures with the trophy. it runs from 11 to 6 at marina green the love revival celebrates the state's reopening. murals and art will be unveiled. there will be live music from a new orleans-style swing band. it's from 1:00 to 6:00. tonight you can watch a movie at the chase center. thrive city cinema kicks off with the musical "sing." it will be on an led board. the movie will start at 6:00. every saturday the chase center will host a free movie night. all right. low is a, let's get a check on the weather. >> we've got breezy to gusty winds, a marine layer that's there andment not on top of mount tam. 62347 mer gan hill. you can see the breeze up to 12 miles an hour 62 in santa rosa,
8:58 am
already in the low 70s where we have our excessive heat warning but we're cooler. the marine layer has transported some of that cooler air across the bay. we'll end up as warm or warmer than yesterday. 106 in concord and liver more 94 with a heat advisory for the shout bay. we'll talk about when we cool down in a few minutes. up next, covid cases have doubled in one bay area. it's going to be a hot weekend. inland cities could
8:59 am
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, we are in for a dangerously hot weekend with triple digit temperatures in some parts of the bay area and a flex alert has returned. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, july 10th, you are watching abc7 right here on abc7, hulu life, try three or whatever else you stream. >> good morning to you. we have a marine layer to show you on our visible picture. you can see along the coast, you can see the fog west of san francisco, up through marin, down along the san mateo coast. that will keep to school, but we stl


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