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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 9, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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masking. and we went to hawaii which is launching a new program for vacationers to get back. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the cdc on children and school this fall. the cdc now says it is time to go back to school, that school should return to in-person learning in this country. health officials saying fully vaccinated students, teachers and staff, do not need to wear masks. that children 12 and under who have not been able to get vaccinated should wear them. and tonight, the cdc and fda both responding to pfizer that have company said million of americans might soon need a third shot, a booster. what federal authorities are saying about that tonight. dr. jha standing by to help clear up some of the confusion. also tonight, the tropical storm slamming the northeast. torrential rain in new york city
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in the last 24 hours. the remarkable images from inside the new york city subway. what's coming next and the record heat across much of this country. the alarming images tonight, lab lab lakes at dangerous lows. tonight, the words heard in newly released body from the attack on the capitol. suspects heard yelling to officers, you're going to die tonight. pierre thomas reporting. president biden and the phone call with vladimir putin today issuing a new warning over the latest ransomware taattacks targeting the u.s. those attacks again base in the russia. and the president was asked today, will there be action if president inside his country. our team in haiti tonight. the fbi and department of the homeland security will help investigate in that country, and the video, nearly two dozen suspects under arrest, including
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two americans. what those americns now claim. back here at home, the acting fda commissioner taking an extraordinary step tonight, calling for a federal investigation into that agency's approval of that new and controversial alzheimer's drug. with the state of emergency in tokyo ahead of the olympic games and news there will be no spectators, now the new headline tonight, the u.s. swimmer who says he will not get vaccinated. the billionaire space race. richard branson, what he plans to do this weekend. what jeff bezos plans to do nine days later. and how do you spell "person of the week"? good evening, and it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together. we have a lot to get to tonight, and we're going to begin with that new guidance so many parents have been waiting to hear what this upcoming school year will look like. tonight the cdc now saying that
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schools across this country should open and bring back in-person learning. the cdc in fact saying students and teachers who are fully vaccinated won't need masks but that children 12 and under who have not been able to get vaccinated should still wear them. school districts and states will make the final decisions. the cdc urging them to take into account the covid cases and the numbers that they're seeing in their local communities. and the other major headline tonight involves that confusion after pfizer in the last 24 hours indicated that million of americans might soon need a booster shot at some point, a third shot. overnight, the cdc and fda pushing back, saying the data isn't there yet, that it's not necessary yet and that the two-shot pfizer vaccine is still effective against this dangerous variant spreading. dr. jha standing by to answer tre be booste? say? but first, schools and updated guidance for millions across the
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country. abc's kaylee hartung leading us off. > reporter: the cdc is urging schools to open and return to in-person learning this fall, saying vaccinated students and teachers don't need to wear masks. but individuals 12 and older who aren't vaccinated should still wear them, which includes millions who are under 12 and can't get the vaccine yet. unvaccinated children should learn at least three feet apart, but the cdc says spacing limitations should not stop schools from reopening. >> we've done a reevaluation of the science, and the science has showed us that we know what works to help keep schools safe and open for the coming school year. >> reporter: the cdc guidance are just recommendations. it will ultimately be up to school districts to make their own rules and decide whether to require proof of vaccination. children under 12 still can't get a vaccine. christian garrido, a father of three, says his kids were just asking today about rules this fall. >> it's a little confusing. i have a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old and they're not old enough to get shots yet so we're still kind of, like, worried th,
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schos wire aonk mandates in sch. and masks will be optional when chandler unified reopens in two weeks. with the delta variant racing through undervaccinated areas, the cdc tracking covid outbreaks at teen church camps in illinois and texas and an indoor gymnastics facility in oklahoma. >> we are seeing some small clusters and larger outbreaks of covid-19 in locations such as camps and community events where proper hard-learned prevention strategies are not enforced and the virus is readily able to thrive. >> reporter: and tonight, there is growing confusion over the need for booster shots. pfizer announcing it will ask the fda to green light a 3rd booster shot to be given six to 12 months after the second dose for better protection against the delta variant. but just hours later the cdc and fda pushing back saying, americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time. >> let's get back to schools for a moment. the bottom line, the cdc is urging schools to open this fall.
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vaccinated teachers and students without masks. students who are not vaccinated should still wear them. that's a lot of students 12 and under who haven't been able to get vaccinated. i know tonight teachers' groups are concerned because not all states are expected to follow the guidance. >> reporter: yeah, david, one major teachers' union says they want masked to be in schools where vaccinations are present. in -- and there's they say vaccinations should not be mandatory. >> we know many of awe home with questions on the new guidance for schools and confusion after pfizer said there could be need for a booster shot, a third shot, so let's bring in dr. ashish jha. great to have you. first i want to get your opinion on updated guidelines for schools. when they said if you're vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask, i thought of kids 12 and under, that's a lot of
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school children who they're saying should wear masks. do you agree with the guidance today? >> good evening, david. thanks for having me back. first of all, thrilled cdc agrees kids need to be back in school full-time in person. i think kids over 12 need to be vaccinated. whether or not they're wearing a mask, my guess is it's going to be driven a lot by local conditions. if you're in vermont vermont, probably not necessary. in missouri, probably helpful. it will vary community to community. >> we heard something similar from the cdc on that saying look at the local dada and make the final decisions. now let's get to pfizer. the potential need for a booster shot, a third shot. do you agree with the cdc, the fda? they came out quickly saying this was simply too early to declare this. >> we've got to be guided by science and evidence and the science is clear, two shots offers a very high degree of protection.
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i haven't seen anything that says we need a third shot right now. obviously that might change, but right now, two shots is plenty. >> but you're not ruling out the possibility of a booster shot. >> no, in fact next year that may be a possibility. >> dr. jha, thank you as always. in the meantime we move on tonight. the tropical storm elsa slamming the northeast with heavy rain and winds, gusting up to 60 miles per hour. look at the pictures tonight. drivers navigating through washed out roads in new york. torrential rain. we showed you some of this in new york city last night here. part of the subway system under water. the question, what comes next? across much of this country, the dangerous heat moving in. troubling lake levels already. let's get to sio ac hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. the sun broke out heren island, the surf is still quite high.
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already elsa is over 100 miles east of boston. the rest of the map is a mess. more severe weather heading through d.c., down i-10 from st. louis to nebraska. the heat's going to be the big story through the weekend. look at all these heat warnings. dangerous heat wave across part of the west. threatening all-time record highs. las vegas, peeking in salt lake city sunday and monday. another dangerous heat wave in the u.s. >> they just went through this weeks ago. as rob mentioned really concerning temperatures. you're about to see why. we just had the hottest june on record and the west is looking at its third heat wave in weeks. california concerned about the strain on the power grid. residents being told to cut down on water and this evening, the adages of the dangerously low here's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, that heat
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wave has california -- the governor declaring a state of emergency in 50 of 58 counties asking people to cut water use by 15%. >> not only on residences, but industrial and commercial and agricultural. >> reporter: 95% of california designated as a severe drought, last year at this time, it was 21%. in tulare county wells running dry. from those taps, little or no running water. >> you can't cool down, you can't take a proper shower, nothing. >> reporter: across the west lake powell, lake mead and folsom lake at record lows. lake piru is considered one of the best preserved lakes, but it's only at 20% capacity. >> and this is one of the main reservoirs here in too much of the of the work on - downstream. >> reporter: fueling fires, this
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one roaring north of sacramento forcing new evacuations today. so far this year wildfires burning more than twice the acreage of last year's record fire season. lakes rervoirs i piru is at le fifth of its typical surface area. the water used to lap up where those trees are behind me. that means aircraft -- >> signs say this is all evidence of climate change. we're seeing it in more lakes across the country. the dangerous heat wave moving in yet again. in the meantime tonight to the chilling words heard in newly released body camera video from the attack on the capitol. this new video shows the suspect can be heard yelling at the officers, you're going to die tonight. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, graphic
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new videos showing just how vicious the threat was that officers faced defending the capitol january 6th. >> you're gonna die tonight! >> reporter: the new footage from police body cameras showing the utter fury unleashed on officers on the steps of the capitol as they protected a key entrance. officers beaten as they fought off the mob. in this video, one officer knocked off his feet. the mob preparing to drag him into the crowd. another officer seen here lying face down, surrounded, being beaten with a baton, in some of the most violent imagery yet from the insurrection. authorities arresting more than 500 suspects, on average three per day, since the january 6th assault. and the investigation far from over. the fbi seeking more than 300 still-to-be identified rioters, including more than 200 who assaulted officers. david, when the house select committee investigating the
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insurrection begins hearings in two weeks, among the first to be interviewed and witnesses, capitol police officers attacked that terrible day. >> pierre thomas live in washington tonight. pierre, thank you. and to the white house tonight amid new ransomware attacks behind the scenes in the russia again, president biden in a phone call with president vladimir putin today warning the u.s. will take any necessary action to defend our critical infrastructure. let's bring in abc's rachel scott tonight. rachel, there has been a string of recent cyberattacks again, including one on a software company, a contractor for the rnc, and of course we all remember the colonial pipeline, gas prices spiking. let's hear what the president said today about the phone call with putin. >> well, i made it very clear with him that -- that the united states expects when a ransomware operation is coming from his
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soil, even though it's not -- not sponsored by the state, we expect him to act if we've given him enough information to act on who that is. >> let's get back to rachel. the president pressed if there would be consequences for russia after this conversation, this agreement, or encouraging conversation was the word they used to describe it in which president putin seemed to acknowledge he might have to take action in his own country. but if no action, the president said there would be action from the u.s.? >> reporter: exactly right. president tonight making it clear there will be consequences for that latest cyberattack. a senior administration official says they will not be dell telegraphing what action they plan to take, but we could expect it in the coming days and weeks. the phone call lasted nearly an hour, and i'm told the president delivered a strong message that russia has the responsibility and must crack down on
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cybercriminals in its own country. but the biden administration is expecting things to change over night. they say this will take time, but they acknowledge the two sides are talking, the geneva summit opening up a line of communication. >> rachel, thank you. one more headline at the white house tonight -- president biden signing a sweeping executive order today targeting big business and big tech companies and promoting competition, he said in the u.s. economy. the president said increases tthe benefits to american consumers. more jobs, lower prescription drug prices and fewer rules from airlines, encouraging them to offer refunds for fees. next tonight to haiti. the fbi and department of homeland security will help investigate assassination o cous nearly two dozen suspects under arrest, including two americans. tonight, what those americans now claim. abc's marcus moore, and our team
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in port-au-prince tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi and the department of homeland security dispatching senior officials to haiti to help investigate the brutal assassination of president jovenel moise. the country in utter turmoil. the haitian goveme help keep e peace. the government officials here declaring a state of siege. they urged people to stay in their homes and to remain calm, and that is what we have seen here. this is a moment of calm, but the certain is this city, port-au-prince, and this country, could descend into chaos at any moment. tonight, many questions remain about who killed the president and why. nearly two dozen people under now arrest, two seen here, dragged by police through an angry crowd. officials parading suspects in front of the cameras along with a large cache of weapons. two are american citizens, james solages and joseph vincent. a haitian judge leading the investigation says the americans claim they were only acting as translators for the assassins.
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i asked acting prime minister claude joseph about their role. they said that they were only merely translators in the midst of this operation and that they were set up. is that true? >> only the investigation can tell. >> reporter: 19 suspects are from colombia. the head of the colombian police says they traveled into haiti in two teams through the dominican republican. he said they were recruited, but wouldn't say who recruited them and why. how can you be sure you have to right people? >> we do have the right people, and they are under investigation. they're talking now. so we are going to give justice. >> reporter: david, the acting prime minster says his focus right now is on keeping people calm and the streets here in port-au-prince peaceful, but he knows haiti is a fragile place. that's why they're asking the united states to send troops to support stability as they try to
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. tonight the fda taking a rare step involving the new and controversial alzheimer's drug aduhelm. the acting commissioner calling on the inspector general to investigate the drug's approval process, writing she wants to determine whether think interactions that occurred were inconsistent with the fda's policies and procedures before approval. and tonight amid so much concern in tokyo ahead of the olympics with the coronavirus, the american swimmer michael andrew set to compete in several events and a gold medal favorite revealing he hasn't been vaccinated against covid. he said he didn't want to risk taking the vaccine, not knowing what it would do to his body. when we come back, billionaires vying to be first and space, and what you'll see here this weekend.
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"inx. vi richard branson t f h o vehicle to jeff bezos set for blastoff nine days later. bezos' flight going slightly higher than branson's. when we come back, the speller, the moment she made history, and it turns out tonight, it's not just spelling. are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,
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and don't take it if you're on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. we are committed to making jardiance available and affordable. with our savings card, eligible patients pay as little as $10. the spelling bee champ making history. how could she got be our person of the week? zalia avant-garde, 14 years old from harvey, louisiana, preparing for two years for this moment. >> murraya. m-u-r-r-a-y-a. >> that is correct!
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>> reporter: zalia twirling as she made history. the first african-american competitor to ever win the national spelling bee since it started. . the last african-american competitor to reach the final round was 1936. 80 years later, zalia making history. >> the second i heard it i knew i knew it. i get the word, and i know it immediately. >> reporter: turns out spelling is her second love. her first love, basketball, making history there, too. three guinness world records. the latest for dribbling six balls simultaneously for 30 seconds. and tonight here, zalia with her message. >> i'm hoping a lot of people see me and maybe think about going into a spelling and general -- just education in general. >> making history and making us
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. right now, triple digits and part of the east bay and this is a dangerous heatwave that will stay with us through the weekend. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. >> you're watching abc7 news at 4:00 live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. let's get over to sandhya patel, tracking this heatwave. >> this heatwave is intense. 106 in fairfield, 107 in ukiah. san francisco, just enough of a seabreeze. inland areas, baking in the heat. and excessive heat warning remains in effect until sunday. for lake and mendocino, until midnight monday. high to very high risk of heat illnesses. we have a heat advisory for the north bay valleys and the santa
4:00 pm
clara valley until 11:00 pm sunday, as temperatures will be in the mid-90s to upper 100s. i will be back to let you know exactly how hot for your weekend and for how long, coming up. everyone is urged to reduce their energy usage right now and continue with that through 9:00 tonight. we have more on the flex alert that has been issued by the state. i hope you have that ac on. >> reporter: that is exactly my idea, larry. i will explain it in a minute. the alert starts now, 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm tonight. they are worried the electric grid will be overwhelmed. they want to avoid rolling blackouts, so as you said, need to cut back on electric use and turn down the thermostat. it worked in the june heatwave,


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