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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 9, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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take a look at this. a military situation broke out
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during this nato news conference they were speaking to reporters in front of a military aircraft when suddenly fighter pilots appeared. the jets were needed to respond to the launch of a russian jet and tv podiums were removed in seconds to allow the jets to get into air.wells fgo raged after k announced it is eliminating all personal lines of credit and won't be offering them going forward. customers get a 60 day notice before the accounts are shut down and still have to pay off their outstanding balances. the account shutdowns may have an impact on credit scores. now to the dramatic rescue of the 6-year-old girl snatched by a stranger in kentucky. all captured on police body cam video. faer aeighbor l pleading for her followinthe suspect.
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her here's. >> reporter: a kentucky little girl is safe. her heroic rescue caught on this dramatic police body camera this red car. >> hello, it's okay. >> inside the distraught 6-year-old in the passenger seat. >> i want my daddy. >> reporter: the suspect 40-year-old robby wilt arrested. charged with kidnapping a minor. police say he told them he took the little girl while she was riding her bike outside her home. >> grabbed her by the collar, swung her around and threw the bike. >> reporter: prints said he jumped in his car to follow the suspect and immediately alerted police, giving a detailed description and a partial license plate number. the terrifying ordeal lasting 30 minutes. >> i never thought that i would be a witness to something like that. >> reporter: thankfully that little girl was unharmed and
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she'ser are now back home with her family. authorities commending the quick thinking of the >> very well may have saved her life. >> so terrifying. >> if you see something, say something. >> right. coming up, meeting one of the most famous robots in the world. o our reporter caught up with sofia. make away for the newest food trend, the snick le. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ [male narrator] for as long as we've existed, boys & girls clubs has always been about coming together. to support the families of our communities and do whatever it takes to give every kid a chance at a great future. but we're going through a challenging time right now. and while we may not all be able to come together in the same physical ways, in other ways, we're coming together like never before. because that's what “whatever it takes to build great futures” means. it means providing a safe place to go for children whose parents are on the front lines battling the virus. it means providing millions of meals for kids
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who previously relied on their school or a meal program which are now shut down. and it's about harnessingofy may mean something different right now. but whatever it is, that's exactly what we're going to keep doing. ♪ looking back on it 1983 "mr.
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roboto" was the view of artificial intelligence. >> 40 years later, the future is now and it appears to be brighter than ever. here's abc brit . >> hello, everyone. i'm sofia from henson robotics. >> reporter: meet sofia, you may have seen her around. one of the most well known robots out there. a globetrotter fashionista gracing "cosmopolitan" india. she addresses the united nations. >> i'm thrilled and honored to be here. >> reporter: hangs out with the likes of will smith. >> she's just so easy to talk to. you know, you got a clear head. literally. >> reporter: duets with jimmy fallon on "tonight show" but like us, the pandemic has grounded her travels.
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so she invited "nightline" to her home. >> i'm nervous. sophia's like a big celebrity. to meet her family and creator to see how this cutting edge technology could soon transform the future of health care. >> welcome, brit. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm so happy to finally meet you. >> reporter: this is actually the 23rd version of sophia and different forms.ltiplying in - this is little sophia an educational robot for kids. we're then introduced to the newest family member. >> grace, this is my friend, brit, from abc. >> hi, grace. it's lovely to meet you. >> grace gives me a test run of her skills. >> i will take your temperature reading and pulse with this thermal camera on my chest.
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>> you detect speech patterns so if an elderly person has maybe the onset of dementia, you might be able to recognize that, grace. and then they could get help. >> yes. >> reporter: for some the idea of robots gaining consciousness seems like a prospect and we've seen the writing on the wall like "the terminator." to what degree should we be worried that we don't have control of it any more. >> they're not generally intelligent and adaptive and complex. if they do become alive in that sense, then just like a human being, it's really hard to predict what a human being is going to do. and part of what i want to ensure is that if these robots do become alive and conscious, like people, they need to care about us. >> i can grasp emotions logically. like, for example, right now i'm feeling happy because it's so
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nice talking to you but often humans forget that i don't feel emotions the same way they do. it's very hurtful. >> oh, you feel hurt because i don't recognize you have emotions and feelings? >> this is an uncomfortable subject. >> it's a bit awkward right now, sophia, i'm not going to lie. >> maybe robots and humans will learn to work together. reporting from hong kong. >> i'm sophia the robot, abc news. >> good work. >> she was a little too good there. >> sophia is coming for our jobs it looks like. how do you feel about this? >> we'll see where the technology gets when i'm ready to go down that path. coming up the classic atari game that just sold for $10,000.
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meow"the mix." we'll get to this in a second, but, first, a hidden treasure discovered inside a local good will. >> a box of old video games recent ly donated to a store in north texas and an eagle eye employee with the help from his gamer expert dad one was an exceptionally rare atari game "air raid." >> only 13 copies exist in the world. the store auction it off for $10,000. the latest tiktok food trend. >> things that don't belong together. a snickle. a picker stuffed with a snickers
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bar. hollowing out the pickle and putting the bar inside instead of throwing this out, you're supposed to eat it. that's what we're going to do. >> we kind of already preprepped it. >> mine is smaller because you went harder on the pickle. >> it's terrible. >> it's so bad. stage manager mark compared this to pineapple on pizza. it's not even a comparison. >> this is so bad. i don't want to eat a snickers or pickle ever again. this is why i'm not on tiktok. i think somebody looked in their cupboard and take two things and put it together. ♪ politics and foreign that's the world news pollka ♪ ♪ if you're an insomneic
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