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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 8, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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inus on this interacting show, "getting answers." today we talked about drug std prepare for wildfires. and of course we got this a wildfire tips. disney is the parent company tonight, a double punch. storms hitting the northeast as we come on the air, with tropical storm elsa also racing up the east coast, set to hit right after this. tonight, tropical storm warnings from north carolina up through d.c., philadelphia, new york city and boston. the northeast just hit with storms, now bracing for what elsa will bring. heavy rain, flash flooding and winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. the i-95 corridor. more than 50 million people in the path. and several tornadoes reported from florida to the carolinas. authorities have now confirmed an ef-2 touching down. and all of this amid rescues already in new york city as we come on, the aimimages of the
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flooding. ginger zee with the newest track tonight. also this evening, president biden at the white house, saying all american combat troops will be out of afghanistan by august 31st. saying, we did not go to that country to nation-build. to his critics, the president asking late today, how many thousands more americans, how many daughters and sons, are you willing to risk? and the president is pressed on the taliban. what happens if kabul falls to the taliban? news on the coronavirus here in the u.s. tonight, the head of the cdc, dr. rochelle walensky, saying the rise of the delta variant here in the u.s. is, quote, troubling. this variant now behind 80% of cases in parts of the midwest and the plains. and news tonight on whether millions of americans will need a booster. what pfizer is now saying about a possible third shot, a booster, and when. there will be no fans with the olympics set to begin in just two weeks in tokyo.
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tonight, a state of emergency declared in tokyo, with the coronavirus. there will be no spectators in the tokyo area and it comes after members of one delegation already arriving testing positive. they were quarantined. in haiti tonight, after the president was assassinated, several suspects now killed in a gun battle with police. at least six more suspects under arrest tonight, including at least two americans, what we've learned. back here at home tonight, the chilling body cam video. the police rescue of a kidnapped girl in louisville. the 6-year-old crying, "i want my daddy." authorities now thanking a quick-thinking neighbor. and news tonight on alzheimer's. the fda now revising its recent decision on a new drug. their guidance now on who should take it. good evening and it's great
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to have you with us here on a thursday night. we have a lot of news to get to and we begin tonight with much of the east coast now bracing for tropical storm elsa. elsa regaining strength as it marches up the coast with winds up to 50 miles per hour. heavy rain, flash flooding and very strong winds are now expected from washington, d.c. to philadelphia, new york city to boston, beginning tomorrow morning. it could be a dangerous commute along parts of the i-95 corridor. they are warning tornadoes are also possible. the system slamming the carolinas today, wind and rain blasting surfside beach, south carolina. roughly 20 homes and an animal hospital injured in port royal. you can see branches littering the streets. and new images tonight of an ef-1 tornado touching down in jacksonville, florida. winds damaging businesses there. and authorities have now confirmed it was an ef-2 tornado flipping trailers at a naval submarine base in kings bay,
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georgia. at least nine people hurt. and the other storms hitting late today, even before elsa. the images here in new york city tonight. major flooding on the major deegan expressway. police using barrier trucks to rescue stranded drivers. this tropical storm expected to hit new york city tomorrow morning. 50 million people all along the coast at risk of flood flashing. so, let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee leading us off again tonight with the latest track. good evening, ginger. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. i do think flash flooding will be the main threat for everyone going through tonight. however, elsa has caused a tornado in ever state that it has touched. so, we need to start with the imminent threat of tornado watches that extend through virginia, into the delmarva peninsula. maryland and delaware, you're next. now, i want to take you through the timing because you hav hhi . tonight, it will move into the jersey shore. the overnight hours. long branch, seabright. look at the rockaways, through
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long island. that's 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., new york city, just watch. all the rain we just got is going to cause even more flooding as elsa comes through. and then, from providence to boston, so, rhode island, connecticut, you're getting it kind of mid-morning through the afternoon. that lunchtime commute going to be a problem. maine, we'll say good-bye to it after 7:00 p.m., but not before it leaves, david, four to six inches in some of the heaviest pockets on top of what we already had. we're going to have issues with water. >> everyone has to be very careful tomorrow morning on that commute. ginger, thank you. elsa moving right up the coast, the i-95 corridor, especially troublesome. the system already deadly. several reported tornadoes. and abc's gio benitez tonight on the damage already. >> there's a tornado right there! >> reporter: after battering florida, tonight, elsa is churning its way up the i-95 corridor. the system gaining strength today over the carolinas. outside charleston, first responders racing to clear trees
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from the only road into edisto island. and overnight in camden county, georgia. >> it's utter chaos over here right now. >> reporter: elsa spawning an ef-2 tornado. flipping trailers at the east coast hub for the navy's fleet of nuclear submarines. >> debris everywhere. >> i come out and there's guys pushing his kids out the top door over here. >> reporter: nine people, including a pregnant woman, were hurt. and the tornado that touched down in jacksonville caught on surveillance camera. 1 110-mile-per-hour winds destroying everything. >> this power line came down and hit right on this fence and went bah-boom and then that porch came down. >> reporter: one person in jacksonville killed by a falling tree. as the northeast prepares for elsa, for the third day in a row, powerful severe thunderstorms slammed the region. rainwater pouring into this subway station in new york city. and david, here in new york city, we're already under a flash flood warning because of those storms. but here's the other problem.
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elsa moves in during the morning commute. as ginger just said, the ground >> all right, gio benitez with us, as well. we're going to turn to the other news this thursday night and president biden at the white house today, saying all american combat troops will be out of afghanistan by august 31st. saying, we did not go to afghanistan to nation-build. and to his critics, the president asking late today, how many thousands more americans, how many daughters and sons, are you willing to risk? the president was pressed on the taliban already taking back small parts of that country, afghan soldiers surrendering. we have reported on the images right here. the president was asked, what happens if kabul falls to the taliban? abc's rachel scott at the white house. >> reporter: today, president biden declaring the military mission in afghanistan will end on august 31st. saying it's not in america's interest to keep fighting the nearly 20-year war. >> the status quo was not an option. staying would have meant u.s.
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troops taking casualties, aerican men and women back in the middle of a civil war. >> reporter: the president pushing back on those who say he's moving too fast. >> how many thousands more americans, daughters and sons, are you willing to risk? would you send your own son or daughter? i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. >> reporter: bidden biden says afghans control their own destiny. >> we did not go to aftghanista to nation-build. and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people, alone, to decide their future and how they want to run their country. >> reporter: but the taliban is gaining ground. more than a third of the country's districts now in their control. if kabul falls to the taliban, what will the united states do about it? >> the question is, how much of a threat to the united states of america and to our allies is whatever results, in terms of a
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government or an agreement? that's when that judgment will be made. >> reporter: biden was empathetic. >> mr. president, will the united states be responsible for the loss of afghan civilian lives that could happen after the military exit? >> no. no, no, no. it's up to the people of afghanistan to decide on what government they want, not us to impose the government on them. >> reporter: and even as he brings an end to america's longest war, the president insisting -- >> no, there's no mission accomplished. the mission was accomplished in that we got osama bin laden and terrorism is not emanating from that part of the world. >> for now and that's the question, as we move forward, will there be pockets for potential terrorists or havens as we move forward. that will be the big debate. in the meantime, rachel scott at the white house. and president biden was pressed on those afghans that helped the americans over the years. the president vowing to protect them? >> reporter: yes, david. and there are 18,000 afghans who worked for the u.s. that are now
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looking for a special visa to enter the country. the president saying today that they will always have a home in the united states, but that process of getting them out of afghanistan and into safety is going to take time and tonight, many are fearing for their lives. david? >> all right, rachel scott live at the white house. rachel, thank you. there's also news tonight on the coronavirus here in the u.s. this evening, the head of the cdc, dr. roe chel walensky, now saying the rise of the delta variant in the u.s., though expected is, quote, troubling. this variant now behind 80% of cases in parts of the midwest, the plains. and there's also news tonight whether millions of americans will need a booster a third shot. what pfizer is now saying tonight. and here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, health officials are warning the delta variant is spreading faster than expected throughout the country. >> although we expected the delta variant to become the dominant strain in the united states, this rapid rise is troubling. >> reporter: in southwest missouri, just 6% of icu beds are available. teams inside mercy hospital are treating patients who are
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younger and sicker, and mostly unvaccinated. >> this is the absolute worst that i've ever seen. there's people saying that they are comparing us to new york about a year ago. >> reporter: in nearly all u.s. counties with the highest covid rates, less than 40% of residents are vaccinated. the delta variant now behind 80% of cases in parts of the midwest and plains. officials in colorado linking at least one outbreak to last month's country jam festival in grand junction. and outside new orleans, the number of covid patients at one hospital tripling in the last two weeks. all of them unvaccinated. >> and so people are out and about going and eating and traveling, which is totally understandable, and you put in a new variant with poor vaccination rates and it's a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: back in missouri, tricia jones' family encouraged her to get vaccinated. >> we were like, "mom, please just go and get it." >> reporter: but her family says she chose not to get the vaccine
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and died of the delta variant last month. >> i was actually the one who felt her last actual breath, one without the ventilator. >> cannot forget these families and stephanie ramos with us tonight. that new headline from pfizer this evening about a possible booster shot that pfizer says would offer the best protection against known variants including the delta variant, stephanie? >> reporter: yes, david. pfizer is out with that update tonight, saying their data show s that -- >> go ahead, stephanie, we can hear you. >> i'm sorry, i was just told that we were not on the air, but david, as i was saying, two doses of the current vaccine work well, including against the delta variant, but that a third booster dose would work even better. so, they plan to ask the fda to authorize a third dose of the original vaccine, but that will be up to the fda and the cdc to
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decide. david? >> the gremlins from the storms passing through. stephanie, thank you for sticking with it. we appreciate it. next tonight here, the olympics set to begin in two weeks in tokyo. the decision that came today. there will be no fans in the stands. tonight, a state of emergency now declared in tokyo because of the coronavirus and here's our foreign correspondent james longman. >> reporter: tonight, an olympics like no other. for the first time ever, fans will not be allowed in the stands to watch the games in tokyo. a rise in covid cases pushing japan's prime minister to announce a state of emergency in the city. it came just hours before the torch was due to begin the last leg of its trip to the opening ceremony in two weeks. tokyo's covid numbers are relatively small, under 1,000 daily cases in a city of almost 14 million. but the surging delta variant and the poor vaccine rollout has authorities worried about the potential for serious outbreaks. just 15% are fully vaccinated in
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japan. compare that to almost 50% in the u.s. and britain. there's been serious public opposition to the games, even though around 80% of the athletes and journalists arriving will have been vaccinated. but the cost of cancelling for the international olympic committee is just too high. some estimates say they'd lose as much as $4 billion in tv revenue. the bill for the japanese as much as $17 billion. athletes from the you began dan delegation tested positive for the delta variant when they arrived in the country last month. they were immediately quarantined. but this is likely to happen again and that's why there's so much concern at just how slow japan's vaccine rollout has been. david? >> all right, james longman and he'll be with us for the olympics here. james, thank you. to haiti tonight, there are fast-moving developments after the president was assassinated, the first lady shot multiple times. we reported she was brought here to the u.s. for treatment. tonight now, several suspects now killed in a gun battle with police. at least six more now under arrest, including at least two americans. here's abc's marcus moore.
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>> reporter: tonight, an all-out hunt for the killers of haitian president jovenel moise. police arresting these two men, placing them in the back of a pickup truck, surrounded by an angry crowd. outside a local police station, haitians burning tires and pickup trucks, demanding justice. authorities say they killed four people connected to the assassination in a gun battle. at least six others now under arrest and we know two are americans. one of them james solages, who lives near ft. lauderdale. his alleged role still unclear. today, haiti's acting prime minister with this message -- "this barbaric act is not going unpunished." and new details tonight are emerging of the brutal attack. video showing armed men outside the president's home before the assassination. local media reports they tied up a maid and one other household worker before storming the president's bedroom -- shooting him 12 times. the first lady suffered three gunshot wounds.
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our affiliate wplg capturing these images of her arriving at a miami hospital for life-saving treatment. the assassination has left a vulnerable nation without a leader. the white house tonight saying it stands with the people of haiti. >> we want to provide assistance, whether that is assistance requested by the government or assistance that is needed for the people of the country to prosper in the future. >> reporter: david, the state department says tonight it is aware of the americans who were arrested but is directing all questions to haitian authorities. and tonight, the associated press reports that one of the americans who was arrested works security at the canadian embassy in port-au-prince. but david, tonight, there is still no word on a motive for the attack. >> marcus moore tonight. thank you, marcus. we turn next tonight to the chilling body cam video, the police rescue of a kidnapped girl in louisville. the 6-year-old crying, "i want my daddy," when she was saved. they are thinking a quick-thinking neighbor tonight and here's abc's erielle reshef.
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>> opening the passenger girl! >> reporter: tonight, a louisville, kentucky, little girl is safe. hr heroic rescue from an alleged kidnapper caught in this dramatic police body camera video. officers opening the door of this red car. >> hello! it's okay! ror >> i wt myad! >> we hav rl wildt arrested. charged with kidnapping a minor. police say he told them he took the little girl while she was riding her bike outside her home. >> grabbed her by the collar, slung her around and threw the bike. >> reporter: prentiss weatherford says he jumped in his car to follow the suspect and immediately alerted police, giving a detailed drimgs and a partial license plate number. the terrifying ordeal lasting 30 minutes. >> i never thought i'd be a witness to something like that. >> reporter: david, police say thankfully that little girl was
3:48 pm
unharmed. tonight, she is back home with her family. authorities commending the kwi thinking of that neighbor and the officers who rescued her. david? >> no question about that. erielle, thank you. when we come back here, the high profile lawyer, michael avenatti, who once represented stormy daniels, now getting more than two years in prison in another case. and that major headline tonight on that new alzheimer's drug. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever,
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tonight, news about disgraced attorney michael avenatti. a federal judge in manhattan today sentencing him to 2 1/2 years in prison for trying to extort more than $20 million from nike. avenatti in tears, telling the court, quote, i and i alone have destroyed my career, my relationships, my life. when we come back here tonight, what the fda is now saying about that new alz h alzheimer's drug. was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... my symptoms were keeping me from being there for her.
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false positive and negative results may occur. ask your prescriber or an online prescriber if cologuard is right for you. i'll do it. good plan. arica rong.ngd e ock., first responders. for 15 days now. looking for survivors in surfside, florida. so many of them from south florida. hoping for a miracle. last night, as the rescue mission turned to a mission of recovery, a moment of silence. a prayer next to the site.
3:58 pm
the mayor overcome, asking for prayers for the families and for the victims. the first responders embracing one another and the families who have been holding out hope. including the family of hilda noriega. we will never forget meeting her grandson, michael. i can see your strength and i gather your grandmother is partly responsible for that. >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean, she's the strongest woman i know. >> tonight, the family photos found in the rubble. their grandmother's remains have been found, too. she was 92. and a community grateful tonight to those first responders who never gave up. and we are grateful, too. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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now from abc7, live breaking news. thank you so much for joining us, i am dion lim. >> and i am kristen sze. you are watching us here, you s you might have felt it 10 minutes ago, shaking in san francisco, due to an earthquake that originated all the way in nevada. smith valley was the origin. it was a 5.9, preliminarily. >> we felt it here in the studios and we are getting reports of people feeling at across the bay area. there was another quake in farmington, east of stockton. that was a 4.8. this could be an aftershock from that. we are getting conflicting information. it could be from either one of those quakes.
4:00 pm
>> they happened close to each other, but those places are far that origiteou ea, farmington, smith valley, nevada. which is really far away. at 5.9, you can understand. folks in the millennium tower, that is a high-rise, definitely felt the shaking. the farther up you go, the more you might feel it. here is the usgs map. you can see the two dots. the one on the right is smith valley and the second red dot would be the farmington area. >> just giving you an idea of where exactly this is. all of us at the station had to google these locations, because we had heard of these names, but did not know exactly where they were on the map. this is three hours east of sacramento. at least that is where smith valley, nevada, is located. it appears to be quite rural and not heavily populated. taking a look at twitter, we
4:01 pm
are seeing a tremendous amount of people weighing in, saying yes, they have felt


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