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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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beginning its toasty warmup today. we're taking a live look outside right now. mike nicco is going to be tracking neighborhoods that are going to be soaring into triple digits and he'll let us know when. the variants compete against each other for susceptible hosts and the variant that's most and right now that's the delta variant. >> delta dominance. the variant taking hold in some parts of the country but not others. the bay area leading the way with promising signs, except for in one county. plus west coast bon voyage. the new cruise underway to make your next vacation. it is thursday, july 8th. you're watching abc 7 mornings on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. the numbers are going up today. >> today is the transition day. if you step outside you may notice some areas not as cloudy. not as much drizzle. we'll start with a little bit of fog up around santa rosa.
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visibilities down to a mile. notice someone turned the fan. they slowed the fan down on our air-conditioning. it's only 12 miles per hour in fairfield. in the cloud deck not even making it into walnut creek you can see. faster sunshine. and lesser influence of a sea breeze and you've got 70 at san francisco. 78 at oakland. 86 at san jose. 92 at santa rosa. 100 in antioch. we'll talk about how the heat gets even more excess icoming up. we're monitoring an earthquake centered in napa county. struck angwin just after 12:30 this morning. no reports of any damage. if you're not vaccinated yet, now might be the time. the bay area of course is highly protected because of our high vaccination rates. the highly contagious delta variant is the dominant strain in the u.s. it is hitting the unvaccinated especially hard. and particularly in america's heartland. white house has sent covid surge teams to missouri and
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colorado to help medical workers get a handle on outbreaks. this is coming as the global death toll has passed 4 million people overnight. a new study from the commonwealth fund shows america's rapid vaccine rollout has saved up to 279,000 lives. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joining us live with information about how to stop this cycle of new infections and variants. amy. >> reporter: well health officials are worried about a summer surge. they are watching hospitals closely. they are noticing that almost all of the patients in hospitals with covid are unvaccinated. the delta variant is the dominant strain in the u.s. right now. and some parts of the country like missouri and utah are seeing a jump in cases. but we're also seeing a spike here at home in sonoma county. the health officer there says 72% of the county's icu beds are full.
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13 of those patients have covid. the last time sonoma saw numbers like this was in mid february. one doctor we talked to said he is surprised to see this happening now. >> i would have thought we would have had a little more of a break. that we the doe : the od area due disa new death a day for the nine county region. that's the lowest death rate we have seen since the start of the pandemic. officials give the credit to the vaccine. they say just about everyone who is dying of covid right now is not vaccinated. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the mask mandate at california state capitol building has been reinstated after a covid-19 outbreak. >> we take health and safety extremely seriously. for us we're strengthening our
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mask mandate. >> lawmakers and employees will have to mask up regardless of vaccination status. now remember l.a. county is also recommending everyone go back to masking indoors as the delta variant continues to spread. governor newsom says there are no plans to bring back a state mandate for masks. >> if we anyone that hasn't been vaccinated, get vaccinated. >> here in the bay area marin county officials are especially hopeful people will heed this warning. anyone in the county who has been hospitalized or passed away due to covid-19 has not been vaccinated. 75% of san franciscoens over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. and 82% have received at least one dose. mayor london breed said the city is in a good place but the delta variant is a real concern if you're not already vaccinated. san francisco unified school district will hold one more town hall meeting to talk about the return to full in-
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person learning this fall. it starts at 5:30 tonight on zoom. it's also going to also be streamed on the district's facebook page. the main take away is that all students and staff will need to wear masks. >> with masking and good, you know fresh air we can really keep all kids safe. so there are very few in my mind who really shouldn't be back in person. >> the district is encouraging everyone ages 12 and up to get vaccinated. students go back to school on august 16th. happening today, president joe biden will speak on the decision to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan. this morning the president will meet with his national security team to receive an update on the progress of the draw down. last week the u.s. military handed control of bagram air force base to afghan security forces 20 years after entering the country. violence in afghanistan is rising with the taliban taking control of more territory since foreign troops began to leave. this morning tropical storm
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elsa is making its way up the east coast. >> here's a look at jacksonville, florida. elsa had strengthened to a category 1 hurricane before weakening to a tropical storm and making landfall yesterday in florida. andrew dibert has a look at damage there and a. >> reporter: elsa turning deadly in florida. police say a falling tree killed a driver as heavy rain and wind hit the city. >> this poor gentleman was just driving. probably heading home. and tree came down and hit his car. >> reporter: another large tree slamming into an apartment building. this man was looking out his window when the winds picked up. >> all of a sudden i seen my chairs pick up and start going to the right. and then all of a sudden they went to the left about 5 seconds later. then everything started going to the left. and next thing i knew the tree came down. i heard a train. which they say you always hear a train. i heard the train. >> reporter: hours later elsa producing another tornado in southeast georgia. this one touching down at a
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>> it is utter chaos over here right now. >> reporter: the winds flipping over and tearing apart large rvs. >> pickup trucks flipped over. debris everywhere. trailers knocked over. >> reporter: at least ten people from the camp site were taken to the hospital. according to the navy, there appears to be damage to buildings on the base but a spokesperson confirms there's no damage to the submarines stored at the base. meanwhile the cleanup is already underway along florida's west coast where elsa made landfall wednesday. bringing powerful storm surge and inundating coastal roads. andrew dimbert, abc news new york. the assassination of haiti's question. with questions drawing top interest online. the nation thrown into a state of siege and now an intense shootout on the streets to take down the suspected assassins. at home, a new capital
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police field office planted in san francisco. the plots and people they'll monitori flowing the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. today's a transition day as temperatures jump 10 to 20 degrees over yesterday. the heat starts tomorrow and goes through sunday around most of the
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developing news this morning. dramatic video released by the national weather service of firnado. as of this morning the tennant fire is burning 10,000 acres. it is 79% contained. that's one of several wildfires
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burning across california. you can follow each of them with our exclusive wildfire tracker. the interactive map shows you where the fires are spreading and more information on the fire fight in real time. it's available right now at and your abc 7 news app. also shows you our threat, our elevated threat of fire in orange or red where it's extreme. you can check that out also as we head into the weekend and we deal with these extremely hot temperatures. there's a little bit of drizzle out there. few and far between. what's going to be the issue for your running errands going to be the hot cars you come out to after they've been sitting in the 90s and 100-degree heat. exercising safest early. it's going to be hotter inland if you forgot to do the yardwork yesterday. good news, pollen's going to be low. uv index is going to be high. temperatures on the peninsula. looking 51 at san mateo. 59 at san bruno. we have low 50s in santa rosa. rest of us in the mid to upper
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50s. as we break through the day, we'll stay where we are. drier conditions. temperatures the most comfortable they're going to be moving forward in the 50s. we'll stay in the 50s to low 60s at the coast. 70 to 77 around the bay. look at that. 81 inland to 98 by 4:00 and still a few neighborhoods holding on to 90 at 7:00. this is just day one. we'll have more coming up in the acc uweather seven day forecast. >> this is one of the busiest stretches in the entire bay area. 80 freeway. the east shore freeway making your way past golden gate fields on through berkeley and into the mcarthur maze. traffic is flowing nicely. a bit bogged down. no major delays there. overall looking good with the exception of of course all the altamont pass. highway 37 undergoing a month long repaving project between lakeville highway and petaluma
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river bridge. only one lane will be open both directions. they hope to do that in the off commute hours. >> thank you, sue. new at 6:00, the major change on how you'll be > you mahave a friend obsessed over their pet's instagram. is their clout to me. he kind of runs sideways. drops his leg down, run as little sideways. >> we explain the battle to bring justice for ernie and win back the thousands of followers he deserves. as we head to break, taking a live look outside
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president jovenel moise yesterday morning, killing him and injuring his wife. she was flown to a miami hospital for treatment. authorities declared a state of siege shutting down the international airport. haiti's ambassador to the u.s. described the assassins as armed commandos who spoke spanish and english. >> we're talking about mercenaries. foreign mercenaries. >> haiti has long been gripped by political unrest. moise and opposition leaders were disputing the end of his term. former president trump is suspending facebook, twitter and youtube. analysts say the former president likely faces a tough fight and that's because internet companies have a right to enforce their terms of service and suspensions like this do not violate any first amendment rights. u.s. capitol police say they are opening a field office
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in san francisco after the january 6th attack on the capitol. now the plan is to investigate threats made against members of congress. capitol police report the total threats so far in 2021 are double what they were at this point last year. the new field office is going to help law enforcement have a western base investigations. it's be easier and less expensive get to hawaii. people who are coming from the mainland who have been fully vaccinated can skip the covid- 19 testing and mandatory quarantine. the state is asking travelers to upload their proof of vaccination to its safe travels program website to speed up the screening process. the cruise industry is preparing to set sail once again from the port of seattle. 300 royal caribbean employees departed for alaska on a simulated cruise yesterday. the cruise line will be testing
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covid-19 protocols in front of cdc observers. the first real cruise leaves seattle on july 19th. passengers may notice changes like ex. ad medical facilities and better ventilation. self-serve buffets are a thing of the past. >> most important thing is making sure our guests feel safe. that really is going to give them this comfort level to relax and have a great vacation night they really want to do. >> passengers leaving from the port of seattle who are old enough to qualify for vaccines will be required to prove that they've received the shot. fans of a vallejo cat can rest easy knowing erniez journey is back on instagram. >> the cat has 8000 followers. irene wong took ernie in after she found him purring under her car. >> he was just sweet to begin with. he was a little baby, maybe a
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couple months old. but something about him. >> so ernie had a pretty badly injured paw which had to be amputated. the surgery did not slow him down. for fun she listed his birthday on the app and she said he was 9 years old. instagram then shut down erniez journey because listen, the minimum age to use instagram is 13. >> so i had to say this is my cat's account and i handle, or i'm the manager of the account and i'm 50. so, you know. come on. >> oh my goodness. 7 on your side helped wong contact instagram and its parent company facebook. a few days later ernie got out of instagram jail. the company says it made a mistake and erniez journey can >> i was going to say, my dog has an instagram. >> don't put the age. >> i know.
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>> well how old is he? >> he's going to turn 16 month. so he is good. i swear if erniez journey get as blue check mark before i do, i'm going to be mad. >> call michael. >> i'll get on that. 6:20. looking back towards mount tam and look at that. beautiful picture of some of the cloud cover that is definitely drier than it was this time yesterday. haven't had measurable drizzle anywhere yet. look at the river of clouds running through marin county. we look north from mount tam. isn't that absolutely gorgeous? we have a drier morning today. brighter and warmer noon. heat risk is high to very high inland starting tomorrow and through sunday. we'll be back to average. we have to wait until wednesday. you can see the area of low
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pressure being pushed to the north. fewer clouds at night. drier and warmer conditions with 60s and 70s in our hills. even some areas possibly around 80 while down where we live mainly in the 50s and 60s. this morning was the most comfortable morning or coolest morning moving forward. let's take a look at those temperatures and we'll start in the south bay. we're seeing 90s the usual hot spots. los gatos, morgan hill. 86 in this san jose. peninsula, wide range from 74 at san bruno to 85 in redwood city. we'll have mid60s along the coast to near 70 in downtown and south san francisco. mid60s north bay coast with more sunshine. 72 at sausalito. upper 80s to low 90s through most of the north bay valleys. look at cloverdale. that is more to come. 100s there. 75 in richmond. 83 in castro valley and fremont. 94 to 101 in the east bay inland neighborhoods. tonight, 50s and 60s. not as cool it was is
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rnin in yellows and oranges, those are the 70s and 80s. my accuweather seven day forecast. we jump 10 to 20 degrees today. 2 to 4 degrees tomorrow. couple more degrees hottest saturday. that's when the heat illness risk will be our highest. and then you can see by monday we're starting to lose some of the heat. tuesday and wednesday we're back to average. >> mike, thank you. good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> can and ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> reggie, kumasi, great to be with both of you. different beach, different morning but same storm i'm talking about. i've got all my gear on here in the rock aways we have a tropical storm watch. it goes up to boston. so the storm is still moving through the southeast. it slammed parts of georgia with a likely tornado at a naval base. my sister's an officer there, so we're watching for injuries there. will reeve will have a story. i'm going to track that thing up the coast and give you kind any of you from the west coast are planning to travel here this weekend. it'll be done by saturday. then we're going to talk about the pandemic and the latest on
6:23 am
the numbers. the death toll now topping 4 million worldwide. communities with lower vaccination rates are seeing a rise in cases and a new study is revealing that the rapid vaccine rollout here in america saved up to 279,000 lives. showing a tale of really two nations. and then a gma exclusive with the family of the late glee star naya rivera. her mother is opening up about her last phone call with her daughter and how her son is doing. deals and steals. everything
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let's take a live look at walnut creek. one of those areas that's going to see a significant jump in temperatures not only from yesterday but this morning where it's 56 right now. if you're about to head out the door, probably likely going to be 96 when you return. so maybe turn the air conditioner on. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees warmer today. reggie. >> mike, thank you. new developments in the battle between britney spears
6:26 am
and her conservatorship. the singer's mother has filed a court petition to allow britney to hire her own attorney. last week a judge denied britney's request to remove her father from his role overseeing her conservatorship. the next hearing is scheduled for wednesday. big news from actress scarlett johansson and her husband snl star colin jost. multiple media outlets are reporting the avengers star is pregnant with her second child. this will be jost's first child. the couple has been married since october of last year. marvel fans have been long awaiting johansson's latest super hero film black widow. the movie has been sitting in the can since may of last year. >> fandango says black widow has the biggest presales of any movie this year. actor david harbour costars. >> we want narratives with clear good guys and bad guys and i think that as the genre
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moves forward we're able to incorporate these people, my character makes some very bad decisions but maybe there's redemption for him, who knows. >> black widow streaming on disney plus premiere access and in theaters tomorrow. disney is the parent company of abc 7. top stories we are tracking at 6:30. bill cosby's next role. the newly released ex-convict making moves on his first step back in show business. edd upgrade. the change it's promising will get you your money. grocery store price gouge. how some brands are hiding higher prices on every day items and how you did get around it. first as we head to break. taking a live look outside at 6:27. we'll be
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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now at 6:30, skipping the surge. the bay area with one of its best signs yet in the battle against the delta variant while other parts of the country begin to suffer from it a summer surge. the incoming heat wave today giving us other things to talk about. a live look outside this morning. it's pretty cool right now but mike is looking at the neighborhoods that are going to be hitting triple digits and the easy way you can track when it's warming up in your backyard. risking it all for the nba finals. you're not going to believe what one phoenix suns fan did to make sure he got a seat. the game two drama just hours from tipoff right here on abc 7. good morning, everybody. it's thursday, july 8th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we're starting with a look at ings are changing. let's map it out for you. first we'll take a look at what's going on with our
6:31 am
excessive heat warning. all those areas in it red. it starts tomorrow. for most of the bay it through sunday before lake, mendocino and solano counties keep that warning through monday. that's going to create a high to very high heat risk as we head through those days. right now you can see the fan has been turned down on our free air-conditioning. only wind in it double digits is 12 miles per hour in fairfield. you can see looking at san rafael there, it's mostly cloudy. a little bit of fog north of there. we'll talk about when we come back. first i want to give you the temperatures. you can see some 100s already in antioch, fairfield. a lot of 80s and 90s inland. 70s and 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast. most of us above average today and even hotter weather on the way. make sure you check out our temperatures any time on your tv, our realtime temperature tracker lets you see the current temps in c7 bay area connected tv app.
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download the app now. just search abc7 bay area. kumasi. >> thank you, mike. now to the emerging threat of the delta variant in the u.s. and the promising numbers showing that the bay area is well protected. >> our largest cities are showing some of the highest vaccination rates of anywhere in the country. just take a look at the data that backs it up. led by san jose's nation- leading 85% of residents with at least one dose. san francisco right behind it with 82%. and oakland, 79%. and in the north bay, 97% of people in san anselmo have at least one dose. this morning reporter amy hollyfield live at john muir health in concord with what health leaders are reminding you about these variants. amy. >> reporter: hi there, reggie. there is good news from those numbers that you just gave us. deaths now are nearly nonexistent here in the bay area. deaths due to covid we're averaging about one a day in the nine county region.
6:33 am
officials are still watching icus very carefully. they are filling up in some places. including is in sonoma county. the icu beds there are 72% full and 13 of those patients in icu have covid. county health officials say all of those icu patients are not vaccinated. a surge is happening in a few states across the country like missouri and utah and the delta variant is now the most dominant strain in the u.s. >> if we had more people vaccinated in those states or if it we had more naturally acquired immunity in those states we would be seeing less transmission now. less transmission we have, the fewer variants will emerge. >> reporter: he said he would have expected to have seen a longer break in cases. he thought it would be at least until august before we saw possible surge. the last time sonoma saw numbers like this was in mid february. but the death rate is the lowest death rate we have seen since the start of the pandemic and officials give all the
6:34 am
credit to the vaccines saying that just about everyone who is dying from covid now is unvaccinated. live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. developing news in surfside, florida. what was once a search and rescue effort is now a covery mission. we want to give you a live look at the collapse site this morning. first responders don't expect to find any more survivors here. exactly two weeks after the condo building collapsed, 54 people have died and 86 people have still not been accounted for. now last night there was a moment of silence to mark the end of the search. some of the rescuers in tears there. volunteers and first responders spent two weeks battling fires and storms digging for air pockets only to find remains and no survivors. officials are still trying to get an exact count of how many people were inside the building when it fell. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that happened on a muni bus. they say a 16-year-old boy got hit tuesday night while he was riding line 25 on treasure
6:35 am
island. investigators say the shot got fired from outside of the bus and north point drive and gate view avenue. the bus was stopped at the time. the teen was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. he is expected to recover. police have not released any suspect information. california attorney general's office is going to be investigating all police shootings that result in a death of a person who is not armed. up until now a local police department would do its own investigation, but under this new law that just took effect on july 1st, attorney general is required to take over. a team will be sent to shooting scenes immediately to start collecting evidence and he expects police departments to comply. >> we expect cooperation. we expect commitment to a full, complete and thorough investigation. we have people on the scene that will make sure that will happen. >> deaths that are not the result of police shootings like the recent in custody death of mario gonzalez in alameda are
6:36 am
not covered under this law. bonta coauthored this law. oakland is gearing up for a community rally in the wake of an uptick in violent crime. stand up for a safe happening saturday. chief armstrong talked about this event. you can be part of the solution. >> we have a tremendous problem here in the city of oakland that we need to address collaborative manner. that includes community. community is important to the way in which we go forward to solutions around our violence problem. saturday at our rally we'll be working to talk about how they can help us moving forward. >> chief armstrong believes oakland can solve its crime problem. he's ebb couraging you to know your neighbors. everyone is welcome to the stand up for a safe oakland event on saturday. it runs from 12:00 to 2:00.
6:37 am
a new affordable housing development is opening in san francisco's in addition district today. mayor london breed, representatives from it bridge housing and community members are holding a grand opening event this morning. the new development is located at a courtyard and a rooftop terrace. new details in the bay area's housing crisis. the region has one of the worst records in the country for building enough housing for its work force. the manhattan institute says that san francisco has the worst jobs to housing ratio of any major u.s. city with nearly 3.5 new jobs for every new home. many major cities are struggling to change regulations that stop new housing from being built. the city martinez getting a financial boost. congressman mike thompson presented city officials with a check for more than $7-point million. that's just a portion of the $9
6:38 am
million martinez will get from the federal government. >> they'll be able to use this money for any covid-related issues. they'll be able to help the community. this is an investment in our community and this is a big step in helping us get back to normal. >> covid's been really difficult for our community and all members here. we're looking forward to using this money for economic stimulus. for investment in our critical infrastructure pieces and to help with some of the digital divide issues that are in our community as well. >> the money will be dispersed in two payments over two years. a chase across the rooftops of los angeles. a story behind one man's attempt to outrun police overnight. looking at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we are significantly down this morning. another check of the markets when we come back. also new at 6:00, naomi osaka with a major announcement. the tennis phenom with something you will see all over
6:39 am
twitter today. weather wise as promised we'll take a look at what's going on with that fog. it's thickest up around the airport in santa rosa we're seeing most of the fog this morning. lower clouds bumping into the east bay hills as we look north from 880. haven't had anything measurable. the fog is the biggest issue on the roads. that's this morning. we'll have winds in the same area during the evening commute if you're out on the ferry. mass transit, cool then hot. up to 40 degrees warmer with you head back home. moderate. that's still healthy. that's through saturday for our air quality. 51 to 54 through san francisco. a little bit of mist in the air. rest of us in the 50s. through the morning, watch how quickly the low clouds return to the coast. 70s and 80s developing inland. some 90s in the north bay. as we head to 4:00, some
6:40 am
hundreds. a lot of 90s inland. still very comfortable from mid60s around san francisco to upper 70s inland. this is just the beginning. more on the heat wave coming up in the seven day forecast. how about the commute? >> looking pretty good. getting up and out, this thursday morning in san jose. this is 101 at 880. traffic is moving nicely here. we do have the fog that mike's been talking about. zoom in, you can see that in the north bay. that could hamper your drive on 101 or throughout sonoma county. very slow over the altamont pass. less than 30 in others. you're looking at about a 45 minute drive coming from tracy on 205 and up and over the altamont pass. about a 45 minute drive. we'll be back with more
6:41 am
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new at 6:00, a wild sight in southern california. a shirtless man climbing on top of a church started a fire and then jumped from rooftop to rooftop. you have to see this video. this is from last night. the man was in his underwear. he had on one sock. investigators say he lit the church cross on fire and then paced around on the roof. when police got there he tried to escape jumping from roof to roof between buildings at one point dangling from a power line. >> what's in his mouth? >> i just hope he's okay. this is a lot. >> uh-huh. >> police eventually took him into custody. >> okay. >> organized retail crime. it's a growing trend. this video from earlier this week shows ten people running out of the neiman marcus. they got away with a bunch of
6:44 am
designer bags. the president of the california retailers association says we're starting to see real consequences. >> stores closing early. storeslocking their doors. an environment where it seems as if there's no repercussions for these types of marys for these criminals. >> she says the bags you saw will end up in an online market place. one thing that might help, the governor has put $5.7 million in the budget for an organized retail crime task force. new research shows california is still golden despite indicators there is a mass exodus of people from the state. a university of california study found 18% of residents moved last year which is up just 2% from 2015. while billionaire elon musk left, research shows affluent californians are the group most satisfied with the direction of the state. overall most residents still
6:45 am
believe in the california dream. >> it's unique to the 40 million californians that we have there. the real question is why do people think their dream works for them. we saw by a two to one margin californians still do believe the dream is working for people like them and their families. >> can uc research found the two factors that do make people consider moving are taxes and the cost of housing. new developments. the state's troubled employment development department will wil getting more staff. to hire two temporary edd staffers to help people who are struggling to get unemployment benefits. the edd's backlog of jobless claims surpasses a million. now to your morning money report and a troubling trend we have to tell you about before you go to the grocery store. so you've heard of inflation but how about shrinkflation. this is when manufacturers quietly change the sizing of their products making them smaller but the cost doesn't
6:46 am
get smaller. a 9.75-ounce bag of doritos is now an ounce smaller. last month walmart was selling the smaller bags for 22 cents more than the larger one. wheat thins also thinning out. the box was 16 ounces in 2020. it is 14 ounces this year. but the cost is still the same at $3 a box. >> you're getting two ounces less so in it essence you're paying more. you'll have to go to the store more often because the package empties quicker. >> experts say price per unit is more important to pay attention to than ever before, which is usually listed on the tag on the store shelf. california is joining dozens of states in suing google over its app store practices. the suit alleged the mountain view-based company holds a monopoly itakat the fees google is charging developers for in- app purchases. the district of columbia and 36 states are named as participants. let's take a live look at
6:47 am
the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are still down by 470 points. the teletubys are vaccinated and ready to play. a tweet from the children's sew official account went viral yesterday. apparently they are vaxxed in time for a tubby hot summer. >> stop. >> we really should just stop now. however, i will go on. the tweet included these photos of the vaccination cards. they may be ready to come out and play but we're not quite sure these vaccines are fda approved. uh-huh. >> i didn't know they were still around. >> they are. fun fact. i had a teletubby in college for some reason. i had po, the red one. i don't know how that happened. someone gave it to me. >> like in the dorm? >> yeah. >> which is clearly homophobic because i should have gotten
6:48 am
the purple one who has a purse. >> did you need one at all? >> yeah. i did. >> okay. >> there were some tough nights. >> his birthday's in september. >> 9/9. come through. >> we'll see if it we can find one. >> dropping hints. >> let's take a look at what's going on at 6:48 this morning. some cloud cover. little mist. not much drizzle. just gorgeous. shot from mount tam looking north from marin county. look at the river of clouds in the valleys there. that's neat. we're going to have less drizzle overall this morning and probably none for the next couple of mornings unless you're near the coast. more sunshine and warmth starting today. today is our transition day. 10 to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. fewer clouds at night. not as cool, especially in our hills and in the heat risk will be moderate around the bay to even very high inland as we
6:49 am
head through the weekend. today,86 at san jose. gilroy at 94 degrees. low to mid80s for the to upper mid60s along the coast today. nearing 70 in downtown. south san francisco and across the golden gate bridge. north bay, upper 80s to low 90s through most of the valleys. we have 100s around cloverdale. east bay, 75 at richmond to about 83 in castro valley and fremont. we'll have 78 in oakland. as we move inland. 94 to 101. temperatures in the low to mid50s right now. quite a change when you get home later on. best chance for a record is tahoe at 89 degrees around the state. my accuweather seven day forecast, we keep building with saturday being our hottest day and our most dangerous day except for at the coast into san francisco where we'll have 60s and 70s. the heat eases monday. we lose the 100s. by wednesday we lose the 90s.
6:50 am
back to average. >> thank you. marin residents will be facing tough new water restrictions starting next week. the water district's board voted to allow most residents to turn on their sprinklers on one assigned day a week. drip irrigation will be limited to two day as week. violators can face fines as high as $250. rules come three months after the district started mandating a 40% reduction in water use. new at 6:00, check out this trash eating robot in it france. the jelly fish bot sucks up plastic bags, bottles and other trash. it's powered by electricity. this is a robot i can get behind. i like it. for the first time the oakland city council hosted a discuss session. the city is under pressure to draft a deal in less than two weeks. the a's presentation argued the $12 billion development would keep the team in oakland and
6:51 am
would be a catalyst for future infrastructure. a major sticking point for council members is the a's desire to forego traditional guidelines when it comes to making affordable housing part of the plan. >> it's a bad idea and to me that's a shocking element of this that is -- i have difficulty swallowing. >> another potential stumbling block is the a's request to create a special tax district away from the ballpark site. the city opposes that. negotiations will continue before a scheduled vote on july 20th. thanksa participants and said the staff presentation ensures our belowed a's stay rooted in oakland. new at 6:00, tennis star naomi osaka is talking about her decision to prioritize her mental health. it's okay to not be okay. that's the message osaka is sending in her essay that's
6:52 am
just been published. she learned that you can't please everybody. in may osaka pulled out of the tournament because she was suffering from anxiety and depression. she says she wants to make her fans proud during the tokyo olympics. bill cosby apparently wants to jump back into show business. the disgraced comedian's publicist tells the l.a. times plans are in the works to get the cosby show star back on stage. his next act will include issues of criminal justice reform based on his own experiences. cosby was released from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his 2018 sex assault conviction on a technicality. happening tonight, game two of the nba finals. abc 7 has you covered for a full day of high stakes drama. the phoenix suns led by vet chris paul took game one of the best of seven series over the milwaukee bucks. nba countdown gets you ready for the tipoff that starts at 5:30. game two starts at 6:00 right after the action ends you can
6:53 am
catch after the game with abc7 sports director larry beal right here. as the competition is heating up between the suns and bucks in the finals, fans will do pretty much anything to get tickets to the game. so suns fan donovan sold his car for $2500 but that was enough to get tickets to the first game. >> as soon as we beat the clippers i put my car on the market. sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity to me. i'm going to make it happen. >> no. no, no, no. no, sir. >> well, he says it was worth it because the suns won. you know the used car market is good. >> the used car market is good as a seller. >> that's what he was doing. >> but watch out when he needs a ride again.
6:54 am
there's nothing to buy. bus pass. >> he'll be fine. forget the cafeteria. >> self-driving robots are delivering food on college campuses. this is the second robot story in less than 65 seconds. grubhub joined forces with russian startup for this. yandex is going to operate the robots that can maneuver in places cars can't. >> okay. tropical storm elsa really put a damper on a lot of peoples vacations. >> this 6-year-old was not having it she was not amused. >> how'd you like your first tropical storm? >> tropical? what do you mean i hate it. >> jen watts posted this video of her daughter nora on instagram. the family from indiana is on vacation. watts says nora just wanted the storm to pass quickly so she could get in the pool. they're staying in has offered
6:55 am
them a discount for their next stay. >> are they going back? you think? >> i can't imagine. why would you drag your daughter like that? on social media. >> i know. i know. don't come asking me questions when i'm irritated. >> yeah. >> parents will do anything for the fame these days. they really will. >> okay. >> throw their own child under the bus. but she was wearing a cute little rainbow dress. which is also a bit after drag because it's raining outside. up next the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch all of our newscasts live and on monday through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download now and start streaming. as we head to break, let's take a live look outside right now. >> nora would not like this. >> tropical? i hate it. >> we'll be right
6:56 am
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it is 6:57. if you're just joining us here
6:58 am
are the seven things to know this morning. >> number one, today is the transition day. the to 19 degrees warmer as we jump from 70 in san francisco to 97 in livermore. the hottest and most dangerous days are ahead of us tomorrow through monday. number two, tropical storm elsa barreling up the east coast this morning bringing rain, wind and the threat of tornadoes to the carolinas. one person died in florida when a falling tree hit a driver. number three, no more survivors are expected in the surfside condo collapse. first responders say this is now a recovery mission, not a search and rescue. number four, spectators have been banned from the upcoming tokyo olympics. the decision comes as japanese officials announce a state of emergency for tokyo in response to a spike in it covid-19 cases. number five, tonight the san francisco unified school district will hold its final town hall meeting to talk about the return to full in-person learning. the main take away, all students and staff will have to wear masks. and number six, we're following a thursday morning
6:59 am
commute. metering lights on at the bay bridge 6:25. here's a look at your drive time from are hercules through the 80 corridor into san francisco. look at ernie with a tie on. okay. >> cute. >> number seven, a vallejo cat is back on instagram. erniez journey was suspended because his owner listed him as 9 years old and the minimum age to use instagram is 13. so ernie got kicked off. the 7 on your side team contacted instagram on the owner's behalf and now we can all look at ernie and see what ernie's up to. >> look what he did. >> look what he did. >> i want to see more pictures of ernie. >> what other journeys? >> you'll have to follow. >> that's true. what is your cat going? we haven't seen him. >> oh, oreo. >> we haven't had oreo surprises. >> he's protesting me leaving. >> being here on set. >> he's like where you been,
7:00 am
dude? i'm like, here's your food? yeah, he's not happy. >> poor oreo. >> upset about less screen time. >> there you go. good morning, america. as we start this thursday together, elsa is hitting the east coast. overnight, path of destruction, elsa turning deadly in florida, tornadoes touching down, one hitting a naval base in georgia. the storm now moving north with torrential rain and damaging winds. ginger and our weather team tracking it all. also breaking overnight, a shootout in haiti between police and four of the haitian president's suspected assassins, two other suspects in custody, as we learn more about how the ambush was carried out in the middle of the night. the president's injured wife flown to a miami hospital for treatment. tale of two americas. heroic frontline workers honored
7:01 am
in the former epicenter of the pandemic as hospitalizations


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