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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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what labs are seeing with the latest covid-19 variants and what it means for surges. >> going for the ultimate goal. pushing to get everyone vaccinate flood tracking dangerous heat. temperatures and warnings coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, there is abc 7 news. the variants compete against each other for hosts and the variants that is most transmissible is going to win. that right now it is the delta variant. >> tonight, the delta variant is the dominant strain in the united states. it is hitting the unvaccinated hard, especially in america's
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heartland. now the white house sent covid- 19 search teams to missouri and colorado to help them get a handle on the out breaks. it comes as a death toll from covid-19 passed the four mark tonight. abc 7 news reporter kate larson spoke to the expert presidency how to stop the cycle of new infections and variants. from missouri and kentucky to utah much of the u.s. is in the midst of a summer surge. the delta variant, the dominant covid-19 strain across the country. >> i would of thought we would of had a little bit more of a break. continued the downslope into august. >> reporter: he says the abbreviated break is easily explained. >> more people vaccinated in those states or more naturally acquired immunity in those states we would be seeing less transmission now. the less transmission the fewer variants will emerge. >> every three times the coronavirus reproduces there is a chance it
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will mutate to a potentially more transmissible variant. >> what you are seeing a predominance. >> reporter: she has been working on the sequency of it since the start of the pandemic, the university published a study about a variant known as the california variant. suggesting it could evade the vaccines but since the study began, the variant has become less prevalent. >> at one point a few months ago constituted almost, i think, 40% of samples. at the highest levels and then it just gradually died down and it was over taken by the alpha variant and recently we also seen the gamma variant and the delta variant rising in frequency. >> reporter: it is hard to know which variant will out
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compete the other. >> if you get sick, it is all the same, right? you have the same chances of going into the hospital more or less, the same chances of having a severe case. the trick is about not getting infected in the first place. >> reporter: the way not to get infected and prevent the virus from spreading is to get vaccinated. >> and the mask mandate at california state capitol has been reinstated. >> we take it seriously. for us, we are strengthening our mask mandate. >> lawmakers and employees will have to mask up regardless of vaccination status. california is recommending everyone mask going indoors but the governor saws bringing back a mandate at the state level might not be need flood if we continue to get people vaccinate today is unnecessary. this is the call to anyone
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unvaccinated get vaccinated. >> here in the bay area officials are hopeful people will listen to the warning, anyone in the county who has been hospitalized or passed away due to covid-19 has not been vaccinated. it is an encouraging sign. if you get vaccinated you could avoid serious results. bringing the vaccine to soccer fans at paypal park. the goal was to reach one of the hardest hit communities in the county. >> reporter: a sold out crowd at paypal park in san jose on wednesday night. 18,000 people attending the first international event since the state reopened. the match between club america and atlas fc more significant as the santa clara public health department was able to reach the hardest hit community. >> we have been struggling to get people vaccinated. we still have 40% of the
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population in the latino population that have not been vaccinated. today we are seeing hundreds of people here. >> reporter: according to the demographics dashboard they make up 50% of cases. but at paypal park convenience and the vaccine. >> i was just walking through, they told me if you get vaccinated we are going to give you tickets. i am like why not, i have been trying to get vaccinated for awhile i was just busy working and i am at the right place, right time. >> an example of getting into a sport that is very poplar in the latin x. community, getting the people here and offering them the vaccine right next to the stadium. that is awesome. >> reporter: this doctor says it is just another avenreaf the many vaccine efforts by the county. >> i am proud to live in the w know, facing the pandemic, treating the patients
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and now vaccinating many people as we can. >> reporter: for this soccer fan, the ultimate goal was to finally get his vaccination and scoring two free tickets. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, it is definitely a game changer. >> reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. as of tonight, 75% of san franciscoians over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. 82% have received at least one dose. the mayor says the city is in a good place here but the delta variant is a concern if you are not already vaccinated. developing news, evacuations and road closures lifted in menocino county for the broiler fire. it broke out near redwood valley just before 3:00 p.m. burned 80 acres and 20% contained. one home was destroyed. the cause is still under investigation. the conditions in terms of fire are only going to get more difficult for california firefighters over the next few days, extreme heat is
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coming. let's go to our meteorologist who is tracking, really, a major heat event. >> yes, dan, going to stretch for four days where we will be dealing with triple digits inland. let me show you the warnings up. beginning at noon. it is for the lake county excessive heat warning in effect until midnight on monday. the reason for this t is going to be extreme heat that we are talking about. 110 to 115 degrees. so high to very high heat risk. we have excessive heat watch that goes up saturday afternoon and runs until saturday night for the north and east bay hills, the risk of heat illnesses there, middle 90s to lower 100s. the good news is, it will not be a area wide event. 100 tomorrow in antioch, 96 in walnut creek. 78 and comfortable in oakland, 69 in san francisco and with the breeze half-moon bay 64 degrees, i will be back to let you know exactly how hot and how long in the accu-
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weather forecast coming up. >> okay, thank you very much. tropical storm elsa is rolling into south carolina now. the storm surges and heavy rain are expected along the coast. earlier this storm slammed florida's northern gulf coast. elsa is blamed for one death when a tree fell on to a car. 10 people suffer strong-related injuries after a possible tornado touched down. crews on a rescue mission at the condo site shifted to recovery efforts, the death toll climbed to 54. abc news reporter morgan norwood has a look at how the victims are being remembered and how the survivors are starting over. >> reporter: tonight, a heartbreaking shift in the search at champlain towers. >> it is with deep profound sadness that this afternoon i am able to share that we made the extremely difficult decision to
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transition from operation search and rescue to recovery. >> reporter: crews combing the rubble and debris for 14 days, battling fires and storms, searching for voids only to find more victims. >> this is probably in regards to numerous building collapses that provided the least amount of voids available for survivability. >> reporter: the mayor, overcome with emotion while translating. victims remembered in a deafening moment of silence. those who barely made it out of the tower now starting from scratch. >> so this is -- >> this is my bedroom now. >> this is my bedroom. >> the 82-year-old is living in a friend's apartment helping with a long- term solution. her home of 22 years. >> i came out with pajama and
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housecoat. >> that is it. >> my purse. >> reporter: back to you. >> california is joining dozens of states in suing google over its app store practices. it alleges that the company holds a monopoly on android app. it faces aims for developers for in-app purchases, the district of columbia and 36 states are named as participants in the suit. scary moments after a man tries to break into a 5-year-old's room. the intruder does not get that far. you will see what happened. the unemployment logjam, one million claims in california. now, much-needed help is on the way. is the exodus from california a myth? surprising new numbers coming up next. all of that is ahead. here is a look at what is ahead on jimmy kimmel live with guest host wanda sykes. >> watch this or i tell your
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faces. she translated for me what her mother says happened. >> she was basically saying that he went, knocked the door, he tried to open the door and then peeking through the windows trying to see and he was showing his private parts. >> reporter: she translated for me her father warned the man, who the sheriff's office is identifying as daniel diaz, a registered sex offender to leave or else. he apparently did not leave but went around to the other side of the house. that is when her father heard the come through the window of his little girl's room. >> the man turned on the lights. that is when my sister woke up and got scared. >> reporter: this older sister said her mother screamed for her husband and her father tackled him and pulled him out of the house. the camera captures them outside and her father pins him down. you can hear him duct taping him to restrain him as they call 911. >> i was scared. i thought the man would of taken her and kidnapped her. >> it is sad that people are
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outside doing things like that. >> reporter: she tells me her younger daughter is fine but scared. something she is feeling, too. >> i feel like i am not safe. >> scary but turned out okay. online records show diaz was convicted of assault with attempted rain in 2009. he got out of prison in 2018. moving on, new at 11:00, the u.s. capitol police say they are opening a field office in san francisco following the january 6th attack in washington, d.c. on the capitol. the plan is to investigate the threats made against members of congress. capital police -- capitol police say the threats are double from what they were last year. the field office will give the law enforcement a western base for investigations. and new developments, the state's troubled employment development department will get more staff. state lawmakers agree to allow each of the 80 members to hire two temporary edd staffers to help people who are struggling
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to get unemployment benefits. we have been reporting on this for 1 1/2 years almost. the edd's backlog surpasses 1 million. well, chances are you have seen this really stunning video, a group of 10 people running out of a neiman marcus in san francisco's union square with designer bags in hand. police call it organized retail crime. a growing trend. the president of the california retailers association says we are starting to see real consequences. >> stores closing early and locking their doors and an environment where it seems as if there is no reprecautions for these types of behaviors for these criminals. >> she says the bags you saw will end up on an online marketplace. one thing that might help, the governor put $5.7 million in the budget for an organized retail crime task force to try to get a better handle on this problem. new research shows california is still golden despite indications
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there was a mass exodus of people from the state. university of california study found 18% of residents moved last year, up 2% from 2017. and while musk left, affluent americans are the most satisfied. overall most residents still believe in the california dream. >> it is unique to the 40 million californian that we have there. the real question is if people think their dream works for then. we saw by a 2-1 that californians still do believe the dream is working for people like them and their families. >> uc research found two factors that make people consider moving is to seek lower taxes and more affordable housing which we do have a problem with affordable housing, certainly in california and the next few days, extreme heat. >> mere we go again, dan. it seems like we are seeing more of these
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heat events which obviously it is still pretty early in the summer. we don't want to see this. let me warn you, it be dangerous heat inland. let's look at the risks. heat illnesses, declining air quaility is what we are facing and increase fire danger tharpbd time of the year comes with the hot weather. of course, the extreme extreme drought. here are the areas that are in the excessive heat warning and watch. warning is 100-110 degrees. we are talking about parts of lake mendocino. the hills under that watch, middle 90s to lower 100s, increase risk of heat illnesses, this is why you need to take it easy. here is a live look. we have clouds tonight. air quality you will notice over the next four days, moderate for all areas. with the exception of the coast and central bay, good there on thursday. overall the air quality will go downhill as the heat builds.
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life doplar 7 showing you the fog near the coast, pushing in towards the east bay tonight. that is a good thing, keeping the temperatures moderated along the coast and around the bay. tonight, numbers are in the 50s to the 70s. here is a look at what to expect tomorrow morning, spotty drizzle, certainly with the fog, between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. then, the afternoon, noon time you are looking at 90s inland to our north and triple digits showing up by 4:00 in the afternoon. good news is along the coastline, 50s, 60s thanks to the fog. near the coast and bay. triple digit, heat risk, high to very high friday through monday. morning temperatures in the 50s, 60s, allowing the extra time if you are commuting because of fog and the drizzle may slow you down. tomorrow afternoon, south bay, 86 in san jose, it will warm, gilroy, hot, middle 80s around redwood city. breezy along cot.
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lingering fog here, 62 daly city. north bay temperatures, lowtory middle 90s from sonoma to santa rosa, 88 in san rafael. 78 oakland, 83 castro valley, heading inland, you will be up to 100 degrees in fairfield. 98 degrees in concord. accu-weather seven-day forecast, seeing the heating up inland tomorrow, heat risk increasing with middle 100s inland, friday, saturday, lower to middle 60s coast side, it will be excessive inland for a few days and then the heat will moderate as we start off a new workweek. by wednesday, those 80s are looking good. >> they are looking good. >> they are looking good. a long way from now it seem [hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings]
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for the first time the oakland city council held a study session lltasi. e unt of essu to t de inlethan two weeks time. the presentation argued that the $12 billion would keep the team in oakland and a catalyst for future infrastructure. a major sticking point is the a's desire to forego guidelines when it
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comes to making affordable housing as part of the plan. >> it is a bad idea. to me that is a shocking element of this that is -- i have difficulty swallowing. >> another potential stumbling block is the a's request to create a special tax district away from the ballpark site. the city opposes that. negotiations will continue before a scheduled vote on july 20th so the clock is ticking. the mayor released a statement thanking today's participants and said quote the presentation showed how we can structure a deal that ensures our beloved a's stay rooted in oakland. we will keep you posted on that process. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore
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entering play tonight, needing to avoid a losing streak. the all-star catcher, posey has not played since injuring his hand. deep to center field. and he just misses a home run. rbi double brings the runner in. alex wood dealing on the mound. a swing and a miss. picking up his 8th win, bottom 8, giants up 3-2. and rough, that is two runs of insurance. 427 feet to dead center giants win 5-2. dodgers lost. okay, the a's, matt olson will be in the home run ye. thatis the most against any
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opponent. 1-0a's. a 3-1 game. it stays fair, left field line, a's are down, tied it and then r murphy ball to left. tagging from 3rd but michael brentley with a perfect throw, he is out as the a's fail to add-on. bottom 7, kyle tucker breaks the tie, solo homer to right. a's lose 4-3. oakland 5 1/2 games back of houston in the al west. stanley cup in the building for game 5, tampa bay looking to closeout montreal. right in front of the net. that was easy, 1-0 on the opening goal. thinking oh, no, lightning goalie was a wall. name the trophy award winner as the most valuable player of the playoffs? nothing getting by him. former shark with one of the final block shots for tampa.
11:31 pm
lightning win 1-0. that is ba-to-back titles for tampa bay. celebrity golf tournament, there is steph curry hi ftg right here. watch out. it is happening. even fast in slow motion, he got out of there. they all are set to meet with the media tomorrow. stay away from that. abc 7 sports
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enjoy the rest of the evening and stay tuned for jimmy kimmel live. good night from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host wanda sykes! tonight - colin farrell -- quinta brunson -- a kid with a huge mouth -- and music from japanese breakfast. and now -- wanda sykes! [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: have a seat. thank you so much. hello and welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm your guest host, wanda sykes.
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