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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for 51% of cases in the country. >> someone under if masks and social distancing could come back. as melanie woodrow explains, that was one of the questions for the governor today. >> reporter: the delta variant now accounts for more than 51% of new covid-19 cases across the country. l.a. county public health officials recommend everyone wear masks inside, regardless of their vaccination status. at the state level, governor newsom says that might not be needed. >> if we continue to get people vaccinated, that will be unnecessary. this is the call to anyone who has not been vaccinated. get vaccinated. >> reporter: anyone who has been hospitalized or passed away due to covid-19 has not been vaccinated, according to the marin county public health officer. >> i'm not surprised that the governor is having to face tough decisions about what the next steps are. the fact is, the delta variant is increasingly present in the
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state of california and across the bay area. it is more infectious and contributing to cases among unvaccinated people. >> reporter: marin county has no intention of recommending vaccinated people wear masks indoors, unless the state requires it. >> the pattern could not be more clear. vaccination is among unvaccinated people and driven primarily by this new variant. >> reporter: 70% of marin county cases are attributable to the variant according to doctor jack willis. doctor willis says there have been no deaths in marin county in the past month. the past two deaths were unvaccinated, older residents. which is why the number one recommendation remains. >> looking to earn our freedoms and not have to worry about restrictions. the answer is simple, get vaccinated. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc7 news.
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the mask mandate has been reinstated at the state capital, regardless of vaccination status. that is after nine staffers tested positive for covid. four were fully vaccinated. breakthrough infections are rare and less likely to lead to hospitalization and death. in the south bay, san jose is the first of the 10 largest cities in the u.s. to reach an 85% rate of first doses. dustin dorsey explains what that means for herd immunity. >> reporter: a picture perfect day at the park. biking, fishing, residents loving every day they can be back out in the city. >> after being stuck at home for a year, being quarantined, being able to come out and go for a nice walk and enjoy nature. beautiful days in san jose. it is lovely. >> reporter: as they took in a breath of fresh air, city
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leaders breathed a sigh of relief. san jose has an 85% vaccination rate for first doses, the first of the 10 largest cities in the u.s. to reach that milestone. >> i attribute our success to the public health department and partners in the city, reaching every corner of our community. second, we have a community that understands the importance of following public health guidance, of getting vaccinated, of following the science. we are blessed to live in a community like this one. >> reporter: as for local medical officials thoughts, these numbers are a major accomplishment. >> huge. >> reporter: 85% only accounts for residents over 12, with children under that age still unvaccinated. doctor rutherford says herd immunity may not be there yet, but he says san jose is on its way. >> herd immunity not only includes vaccination, but naturally acquired immunity. at least in san jose, where there were large outbreaks in
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december, january, into february of this year, probably lots of the population has immunity from being infected already. if you combine that with this impressive vaccination level, i think you are probably pretty close. >> reporter: the mayor says 85% is nice, but it is just a start and only the first dose. his message, if you are not part of the 85%, get vaccinated. if you are, get your second shot. dustin dorsey, abc7 news. happening now, and effort to vaccinate more people in the south bay. the department of public health is offering vaccinations at paypal park in san jose. you can get vaccinated there for another hour. officials were offering free tickets to the game for the first 155 fans to get vaccinated. club america and atlas fc are set to play at 7:30 tonight. 75% of san franciscans over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated as of today. 82% have received one dose.
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mayor london breed says the city is in a good place, but the delta variant is a real concern if you are not vaccinated. the unified school district is holding health and safety townhomes for parents to talk about what the return to classrooms will look like in the upcoming school year. education reporter lyanne melendez has this story. >> reporter: when students return august 16, things will be as they were before the pandemic, except for one thing. >> face coverings will be required for all staff and all students. >> reporter: that has been made clear during the school district hour-long health and safety town hall meetings, available to all parents, which include health experts from ucsf. >> with masking and good, fresh air, we can really keep all kids safe. there are very few in my mind who really should not be back in person. we have very few cases of covid
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being diagnosed in san francisco since the introduction of the vaccines to the general population. >> reporter: san francisco unified is pushing to have as many eligible kids vaccinated. >> anyone 12 and above can receive a vaccine. they are eligible to be vaccinated. we are excited to work with our partners at ucsf and the department of public health told vaccination clinics. >> if you get vaccinated this week, you will be fully vaccinated by the first day of school. >> reporter: the school district has a permanent vaccination site at burton high school. vaccines are given there every wednesday and thursday from townal are also available for spanish and cantonese speakers. parents can also find them on the district website later in the week. the district is also answering questions on how parents can support their question children
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as things transition back to the classroom. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. in the east bay, oakland is gearing up for a community rally in the wake of an uptick in violent crime. stand a fe oaklan takes placsaturday. police chief leronne armstrong joined us on our 4:00 p.m. newscast to talk about the event. the goal is to show residents they can be part of the solution. >> we have a tremendous problem in the city of oakland that we need to address in a collaborative manner. that includes community. community is so important to the way in which we go forward with solutions around our violence problem and saturday at our rally we will be working with the community to talk about how they can help us moving forward. >> chief armstrong went on to say that he believes oakland can solve its crime problem. he is encouraging people to get to know their neighbors to build trust and says that apartment restructured to help officers better respond to the needs of the community.
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everyone is welcome at the event. again it is on saturday. from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the amphitheater. under a new law, the california attorney general's office will investigate any police shooting that takes the life of an unarmed citizen. until now, local police departments conducted their own investigations, like the shooting in vallejo. a man was unarmed when an officer shot and killed him last year. the new law requires the attorney general's office to respond immediately and take over the investigation. his office alone will determine if losses charges should be fired against an officer. >> impartial, fair investigations and independent reviews of officer involved shootings are an essential component for achieving that. we must have accountability and transparency. >> he expects police departments to fully cooperate.
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deaths that are not the result of shootings, like the recent in custody death in alameda, are not covered under this law. in the north bay, the fbi is helping look for an arsonist who used fireworks to send a message to a local politician. police believe it is a targeted attack and now leaders have weighed in to condemn it. more on all of this reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: the fireworks stands of emptied, but controversy about their sales burns hotter than ever. >> someone tried to send me a message and someone tried to intimidate me. >> reporter: that is a councilmember at a special meeting last night after this on the fourth of july. he posted these photos of a recycling bin outside his home, set ablaze by fireworks. earlier this year, councilmember jackie elwood received a threatening phone call on the same issue. >>people did this, i will say, you are better than this.
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>> reporter: rohnert park has allowed the sale of fireworks for years. they build their budgets around them. as they told us last week -- without fireworks would your organization exist? >> that is a good question, it would be very difficult. >> reporter: still on sunday night, the rohnert park police reported 200 fireworks related incidents, including the recycling bin. police have opened an investigation, but they are not saying much about suspects or even if the suspects came from rohnert park. as for the city's reputation of being so friendly, well, a lot of people are embarrassed on what happened with this issue. >> i thought it was terrible. >> reporter: he helped lead support to keep selling fireworks, but said whoever tossed them into the recycling peoplethis ty >> i can't imagine someone would do this on purpose. >> reporter: rohnert park will vote on a referendum about fireworks this september. it cannot come soon enough.
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>> will it be my home next? will they come to city hall? a lot more to come. the debate over a new stadium for the a's. the two major sticking points that emerged in today's session. a cat with thousands of followers, shut down. how 7 on your side bailed ernie out of instagram jail. the inland heat your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb.
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shows overturned rvs and downed trees. the national weather service reports the twister hit near kings bay in camden county, georgia. there are reports 10 people were injured, including a pregnant woman. no sensitive military assets or submarines were damaged. the 14 day rescue mission following the collapse of a florida condo building will become a recovery effort tonight. cruz found eight more victims today. a meteorologist is with the search crews, to make sure they are safe. the death toll is now 54, but keep in mind 109 people are still missing. officials and families say at this point finding survivors is simply not likely. >> i had hope for the first week, maybe. after the first week, i lost that hope. >> unfortunately we are not seeing anything positive and it continues in that sense. the key things we are looking for, livable spaces, we are not
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coming across that. >> about two hours ago, rescue crews and first responders held a moment of silence to honor the victims. world leaders are condemning the assassination of haiti's president. gunmen entered the home of jovenel moise early this morning killing him and his wife. the interim prime minister said the gunman were highly trained and heavily armed. he is calling on the people of haiti to remain calm. jovenel moise was elected in 2016, but did not take office for a year because of concerns around the election results. he claimed that entitled him to another year of power, but his opponents said his term ended in february. excuse me, they injured his wife. >> yeah, she is in critical condition. former president donald trump has filed a class-action lawsuit, several of them, against facebook, twitter, and
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youtube. this comes after trump was suspended from the social media sites in response to posts he made surrounding the january 6 assault on the u.s. capital. the former president likely faces a tough fight, as internet companies have a right to enforce the terms of service and such restrictions do not violate first amendment rights. in the south bay, major repair work will begin. prior to being drained, the reservoir held a significant amount of drinking water. chris nguyen explains how long the project will take and why it is needed. >> reporter: and santa clara county, a special groundbreaking as officials at the start of the anderson dam tunnel project. >> this is seismically unsafe. if we had a major earthquake, we could see a sloughing of the dam. >> reporter: the tunnel will allow them to release more water safely during major storms or emergencies. it will take three years to build and as part of a larger
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retrofit project which will take an additional seven years to finish. >> this is not something where you can just sit at a table and drop plans. this takes a lot of coordination between federal agencies, the state, and the county. >> reporter: of a major earthquake were to hit, downtown morgan hill would be under 35 feet of water. coyote creek would flood, channeling runoff 30 miles to san francisco bay, putting downtown san jose under eight feet of water. some say the floods of 2017 or a clear reminder of why this project is so important. >> a long time in the waiting for families who lost homes or property. it's too late for some of them. some were able to rebuild and come back, but with nervousness and hesitation. >> reporter: anderson is the water district's largest drinking water reservoir. >> it is a big deal and people will be safer. >> reporter: local leaders say congresswoman zoe lofgren played a role in efforts at the
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federal level. >> everyone needs to get on the same page. whatever we need to do, let's do it and get the project done. >> reporter: the project is expected to cost more than $600 million and will be covered by water rates and voter approved funding from 2012. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. it is about to get hotter and drier. a lot hotter. >> it is always scary when we are talking about fire season. >> it is, because we have fire concerned and health concerns. we start with an excessive heat watch which goes in effect on noon at saturday until 11:00 p.m. on sunday. northbay mountains, east bay hills and the diablo range. high temperatures and this time will be in the mid-90s to low 100s and that increases the risk of heat related illnesses. we have an excessive heat warning in effect from noon friday to midnight sunday night or until 12:00 a.m. monday for lake county and most of mendocino county.
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also solano county. the warning is in effect until 9:00 p.m. monday. so it is extended beyond the hours of the other mornin it will be quite hot. right now we are experiencing breezy, cool, and comfortable conditions. wind speeds up to 29 miles per hour in san francisco. gusts up to 32 at sfo. we have a building marine layer. we will miss that over the next several days. it is 63 in oakland. 67, mountain view. san jose, 69. 75, morgan hill .55 in half moon bay. other readings, 75 in santa rosa. novato, 73. napa, 72. 82 in fairfield. concord, 81. mainly blue skies in this direction, but clouds will be coming in shortly. morning fog and spotty drizzle near the coast and pay
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tomorrow. inland heat wave begins tomorrow afternoon and that means increased fire danger and risk of heat related illnesses. here is the forecast animation for tonight. later tonight and overnight we see the increase and fog and of course the increase, not only the chance, but a likelihood of spotty drizzle. a mainly sunny day after the morning hours and of course that is when the heat begins tomorrow afternoon. overnight we experience relatively cool conditions with lows in the low to mid 50s. highs tomorrow range from 64 in half moon bay francisco. not so warm at the coast. even at the bay shoreline it will be mild to warm, but not hot. temperatures up to 100 degrees in the hottest inland locations. here is the seven-day forecast. four consecutive days of that intense heat. friday and saturday, inland highs up to 104 point 106, just dropping off a couple of degrees on sunday. monday temperatures begin to
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moderate. it will not be until next wednesday that we find temperatures back in a more comfortable range. try to stay hydrated. seek shade if you are outside and avoid overexposure to the heat. >> thank you, spencer. as we continue, the economy is bouncing back and employers are looking this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪ jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it.
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you may have noticed a record number of help-wanted signs going up across the bay area and the united states. the number of available jobs rose to 9.2 million in may, the highest since records began in 2000. the labor department is crediting the rebounding economy for the intense demand. >> the recovering economy as part of building a better bay area and there is a scramble to hire tech and health workers. jobseekers can expect higher pay and recruitment bonuses. david louie shows us which jobs those are. >> reporter: with the economy on the rebound, 160,000 workers nationally quit their jobs last month in search of a better one. why? because competition to hire employees is driving up a in many categories. in a report from pro
6:25 pm
demand in the bay area for creative jobs has caused a 10% rise in pay. a 3% increase in tech and engineering and a 2% rise in operations jobs. remote work is also given workers time to reassess what is important to them. >> it is not about perhaps a better job, but a better worklife balance or the ability to work from home or to have more flexibility. >> reporter: bay area pay is falling for some jobs. i'm 4% in accounting and finance and 2% in marketing and business development. perhaps because those jobs can be done by remote workers in lower cost parts of the country or even overseas. the fastest growth is contract workers. >> really high-end folks who want to work nine months on a project and take off and come back into another project next year, those are the most in demand in that category is up 20%, pre-covid. >> reporter: it is also challenging for hospitals. sequoia hospital in redwood city, filling positions takes
6:26 pm
more time and money. >> we are often looking at hiring bonuses and retention bonuses. it can be up to several thousand dollars to allow staff to move here from out of state or to help them pay off student loans and things like that. >> reporter: she projects the struggle to fill those jobs could last as long as two years. david louie, abc7 news. as you know it is a mess out there. a major cleaning
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the oakland city council held a study session today for the first time on a proposed site for a a's stadium. the city is under pressure to draft a deal that will be voted on in less than two weeks. >> this is our last option in oakland. >> reporter: speaking to the city council, oakland a's president dave kaval was clear what would happen if the deal
6:30 pm
fell apart. >> we need a downtown location and that is howard terminal. it really is howard terminal or bust. >> reporter: it would include a $1 billion investment by by a's for the stadium. >> if properly implemented, the district at howard terminal has the potential to accomplish a number of very worthy objectives. one is to keep the a's rooted in oakland. another is to be a catalyst for building out long needed infrastructure around the site. >> reporter: but by the end of the meeting, to sticking points emerged. one over whether the a's would get a waiver on affordable housing obligations, quickly dismissed by several councilmembers including dan cobb. >> it sets a bad precedent, it is a bad idea and to me that is a shocking element of this that i have difficulty swallowing. >> reporter: the other sticking point has to do with the
6:31 pm
creation of a special tax district which would divert city revenues to fund infrastructure for the project, something that a's want, but the city opposes. >> the overwhelming majority of the growth and assessed values and taxes generated in that area would likely have occurred absent the project. absent the project, it would flow into the city general fund and be available for critical city services. >> reporter: during public comment, additional concerns on traffic and environmental impacts were raised, though many of those will be addressed during a formal environmental impact review. the city wants the team to agree not to relocate for 45 years. now staff have to work fast to finalize the proposed term sheet by next friday before the vote on the 20th. councilmembers have doubts that he deal can be reached in time. >> for me and many of us, we do not know for sure what is the sincerity of really trying to make it work.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: in oakland, matt boone, abc7 news. the city of los angeles is appealing a judge's order to find housing for the entire homeless population in the famous skid row. the case started when downtown businesses owned residents filed a lawsuit claiming city government did a poor job in mishandled money. they won and the judge ordered the city to find housing for every homeless person by october. the city filed an appeal until the ninth circuit of appeals that the cases keeping them from addressing the crisis. >> to impose those preferences through a sweeping order, rather than decisions made by elected officials, is judicial overreach of the worst sort. >> no word on when the judges might rule. you have seen the trash everywhere. it is time to clean up california. that is what the governor says and he thinks he has come up with a way to do it. governor newsom and caltrans join together today to kick off
6:33 pm
the clean california initiative. they say they will tackle all of the garbage and debris across the state. >> it is too dirty. time to clean up the state and now you have a historic amount of money. $1.1 billion. unprecent to cleanup the state of california. >> that money is designated to clean up and beautify streets, thoroughfares, entrances and exits at transit centers across california. caltrans says it will also be used to engage local government and the community and create jobs that focus on a cleaner environment. now to our special series, california dreaming, where we look at issues affecting the california dream and people working to get that dream alive. with summer underway it is time to celebrate one of the great things about living in the golden state, our beaches. and there is plenty of good news. >> whether you are exploring a forest or the beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean, the
6:34 pm
features that we have up and down the california coast is just beautiful and striking. >> the beach mean so much to so many. it is where we can all go to beat the heat and relax. >> the california coastline has some of the most productive ocean ecosystems in the world. there is nothing like this. it is so unbelievably special. >> the coastline for the state of california is about 1100 miles and there are many things along the coast that have improved dramatically over the past few decades. when it comes to coastal protection. when it comes to cleaning up beaches and making sure they are safer's for swimming, we are leaders in that arena. >> our report card analyzes 500 beaches up and down the coast and has found really strong water quality results. the water quality in california, at least during the summer dry months, looks good. our beaches are healthy, clean, and most of california's
6:35 pm
beaches, which is great news for beachgoers. >> if you look at today's report card versus the mid-90s, it is night and day. a lot of that is that there has been an enormous investment by the state of california, but we definitely made a lot of progress. we just have so much more to do. >> the foundation has a program where volunteers go out and take water samples and put out a report to make sure our beaches are swimmable, fishable and enjoyable. >> not only is it cornerstone of california's coastal tourism economy, it provides us with a lot of benefits. >> i think we have an understanding of the solutions that the ocean offers when we are looking at climate change. taking up some of the carbon dioxide. protecting us from the worst impacts of climate change. it drives weather patterns and helps regulate our temperature
6:36 pm
and makes our planet habitable. so the ocean has value as is. >> in california we have a network of 124 marine protected areas up and down our coast. that is 16% of state waters protected inside these areas. safe havens for wildlife and marine life. protected areas are kind of like a state or national park in that they are set aside to protect the ecological, cultural, historical, and geologic resources that are there. what is great about these areas is that you can go to them. there are beautiful habitats and these areas are great places for californians and visitors all summer long. >> we are one of the leaders in the entire country, if not the world, in putting together that network of protected areas. governor newsom passed an executive order to conserve 30% of our land and sea by the year 2030. this initiative is a global
6:37 pm
movement. >> other states and other countries could learn from what california is doing. future generations will be able to see the same beautiful coastlines and ecosystems that we see >>eal e bay encourages their beach report card to see how safe your favorite beach is. you can stream all of our california dreaming series on demand, including our 30 minute special, right now on our abc7 apps on roku, fire tv, android tv, and apple tv. a big boost for a barry area community that looks to rebound from the pandemic. the investment is said to have an impact for years to come. instagram shuts down the account of ernie the cat, account of ernie the cat, because he is underage. ♪ ♪ ♪ account of ernie the cat, because he is underage. ♪ ♪ ♪
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instagram accounts dedicated to cabs are among the most popular on the internet and on the platform. >> one such account found itself in instagram jail, until 7 on your side's michael finney bailed it out. >> how did this happen? ernie the three-legged cat
6:41 pm
amassed thousands of followers in just three short months and instagram decided to shut ernie down. ernie is normal the lawn. the cat came into the lives of his owner when they found ernie purring under their parked car. >> he was sweet to begin with. a little baby, a couple of months old. >> reporter: ernie took a liking to irene and joe and always manage to find his way back to them, until they decided to take him in. unfortunately, he had a badly injured paw and doctors said there would be no choice except to amputate one of his legs. the surgery, however, did not slow ernie down. >> he can run a football field all the way over to me. he kind of runs sideways and drops his leg down and runs
6:42 pm
sideways. >> reporter: at the beginning of the pandemic, irene decided to launch in instagram account just for ernie. then almost a year later, she thought it would be fun to list ernie's birthdate on his account. >> i thought it would be cute to put his birthdate in settings, so people can see when his birthday is. >> reporter: that was a mistake. you see, ernie is nine and the minimum age to open in instagram account is 13. instagram promptly shut down ernie's account for being underage. >> i had to say this is my cats account and i am the manager of the account and i am 50. so, you know, come on. >> reporter: irene launched a free ernie campaign. she pleaded, but nothing seemed to work. through it all, ernie seemed to love the attention. >> he is like a baby, too. he is very needy. he needs people.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: irene contacted 7 on your side and we contacted instagram and even facebook, the parent company. a few days later, ernie got out of instagram jail. the company admitted its mistake, saying it was a false positive, which led to their account being disabled. the account owner is back to posting normally. >> thank you to your whole group for helping us. >> and all, instagram shut down the account for 36 days. more than a month without ernie the three-legged cat. >> justice for ernie. >> thanks, michael. we've done plenty of stories about the amount of people moving out of state, but to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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essential workers were celebrated today in new york city. a tickertape parade was held with 14 floats, 13 marching bands and 2500 healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store workers and transit employees. the nurse who was the first person in the u.s. to get vaccinated in december led the
6:47 pm
parade as the grand marshal. that is fantastic. the city of martinez received an economic shot in the arm today courtesy of the american rescue plan. congressman mike thompson presented officials with a check for more than $7.8 million. a portion of that will be received from the federal government. >> they will be able to use this money for covid related issues. they will be able to help the community. this is an investment in our community and a big step to helping us get back to normal. >> covid has been difficult for our community and we are looking forward to using this money for economic stimulus, for investment in critical infrastructure, and to help with digital divide issues in our community, as well. >> it will be up to to council to determine how the money will be spent. it will be dispersed into payments over the course of two years. contrary to popular belief,
6:48 pm
californians are not fleeing the state in record numbers. no research shows 23% of voters say they are seriously considering moving elsewhere, but that is lower than the 24% found in a 2019 survey. last year during the pandemic, the share of movers grew only slightly since 2015. overall most residents, by a 2 to 1 margin, say they still believe in the california dream, that it is a great place to live and raise a family. i am happy to hear that and maybe it has to do with our nice weather. >> i am, too, and it is a great place to live, but if you're going to flee temporarily, maybe the next four or five days -- let me give you a look at the forecast features. morning commuters will encounter morning fog and drizzle, but then it gets hot in thin afternoon as the heatwave begins tomorrow. of course is that he goes up, it means increased fire danger
6:49 pm
and an increased risk of heat -related illness. tonight is low clouds expand, we see temperatures in the low to mid 50s. a comfortable range. 60s at the ghost. inland areas will heat up to upper 90s to about 100 tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast and you can see we expect high temperatures inland to be over 100 degrees in many locations. mid-80s around the bay shoreline and mid-60s at the coast. not much of a warm-up in those areas. temperature start to moderate on monday and tuesday. wednesday of next week, temperatures will be back to an average seasonal range for this time of year. if you survive the heat, you will enjoy it next week. >> that is good to know. we will push through, spencer, thank you. we have some baseball to talk about and interesting news. >> yes we do. the all-star break is coming up
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
ask your doctor about entresto. abc7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> offense will not be a problem at mile high, coors field in denver.
6:53 pm
the ball will be flying out of the yard on monday. the eight-man field includes that guy, first-time all-firs matt olson. he had a homer tonight. 21 home runs and counting. he has the full support of teammates and skipper, who can't wait to see him put on a power display. >> when you see guys get on a roll, it seems like they keep hitting one after another and i have seen him do that many times. he seems to be the type of guy that once the lights shine brighter, he is able to step up. >> the angels superstar is the favorite to win the derby. today he broke the record for most homers by a japanese player in a major-league season. shohei ohtani through seven innings last night. the first player ever to be on an all-star team as a position player and pitcher. the phoenix suns are off to a lead in the nba finals after
6:54 pm
last night's 118-105 win over milwaukee. game two, tomorrow night at 6:00, followed by after the game right here on abc7. a torn acl on this play. he is out indefinitely after game one. back after hyper extending his knee, giannis antetokounmpo looked great. chris paul scored a game-high 32. the 30 six-year-old said he is giving it all in his first finals appearance. >> i don't think about being 36 when i step on the floor. a lot of commitment. to make sure you get ready for the game. when you are competitive, it is nothing. >> hopefully he can put us in a position to win. hopefully i feel more comfortable. i don't know how tomorrow will be, but hopefully i can be in a better position tomorrow. >> roger federer, looking to become the oldest man to reach the wimbledon semis.
6:55 pm
this was not his day. slips right there and the fans could not believe it. matchpoint now. roger, walking off the court. after the match, he said retirement is not in the cards yet, but many were wondering. england and denmark at wembley stadium, big-time soccer. tied in extra time. the penalty kick is blocked. if that once you do not succeed, try again and you score. england secures their first trip to a major tournament final since 1966 when they won the world cup, so it is england and italy in the final on sunday. to tahoe now for the american century golf tournament practice round. that is steph curry on the lesparring. floating like a butterfly, but watch out. he got him in that. slow motion.
6:56 pm
imagine how fast that left hand is. it should be a fun weekend. i want to go, but i would never take a swipe at steph curry, even though my last name is alvarez. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> he is too pretty. >> not the face. >> not the face, exactly. coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00 it is press your luck, followed by the $100,000 pyramid. at 10:00, card sharks, then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> you can watch as live and on- demand. it is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. that is it for this edition of abc7 news news. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again at 11:00.
6:57 pm
straight answers to your vaccine questions about access. risk. >> everyone has to continue to be vigilant. >> and what is happening in your community. >> to ensure that those at highest risk are able to get up. >> the way we get through it is to prioritize the highest risk.
6:58 pm
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