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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 7, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. elsa slams into florida, turning deadly. the possible tornado a short time ago. the images coming in now. states of emergency now in effect in florida and georgia. heavy rain, dangerous winds, 65 miles per hour. one person killed. trees coming down. rescue workers searching for nine people now missing off florida when their boat capsized. more than a dozen others rescued. first responders carrying people from their homes. tornado watches now in effect from florida into georgia. then this storm into the carolinas and up the east coast. d.c., philadelphia, new york and boston will feel this. ginger zee timing it out tonight. the horror in haiti. the president of haiti assassinated, ambushed in his residence overnight.
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the first lady also shot and the images just in tonight, she has now been brought to the u.s., air lifted to florida. the ambassador to the u.s. saying they're hoping american doctors can save her. the heartbreaking toll tonight. at least 18 more victims found in surfside, florida. now a recovery operation. the mayor breaking down today as she said searchers have been working for days, as if the victims were their own loved ones. the coronavirus here in the u.s. and news tonight on the highly transmissible delta variant, now the dominant strain here in the u.s. what they're now seeing from missouri to utah to kentucky. and the images from new york city tonight, honoring front line workers. two federal agents and a police officer shot and wounded in chicago. and late today, chicago's mayor face-to-face with president biden, amid growing pleas for help. horrific shooting on the highway in houston. a teenager shot in the head coming home from a baseball game with his father and brother. the deadly crane collapse in
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philadelphia. what we've learned tonight. and the hunt for a bear after a deadly attack at a campsite, using helicopters, setting traps. and now searchers on the ground. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. and we begin tonight with florida under a state of emergency at this hour, tropical storm elsa slamming into florida, roaring ashore along the gulf coast. the system making landfall north of tampa, cedar key battered by heavy rain, dangerous winds. up to 65 miles per hour. and tonight, as we come on, a tornado watch is now in effect from north florida, right into georgia. and we have images coming in of damage caused by a possible tornado just a short time ago. these pictures from jacksonville. there have been families rescued from their homes and tonight, emergenc ay crewsre searching for nine people missing awf iin
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west. a boat carrying 22 people capsizing in the storm. more than a dozen rescued. the images of deputies wading through the flood waters, helping to evacuate residents. the storm bringing down trees, landing on cars. at least one dead in jacksonville. this image from brandon, florida, tonight, that driver was able to get out. elsa moving through florida, now ready to take aim right up the east coast. tropical storm warnings in effect from georgia all the way to the carolinas all the way up into the northeast at this hour. this is going to move right into the i-95 corridor. but of course we begin in florida with the damage already, and abc's will reeve leading us repteight, elsa has the entire east coast on alert. the storm moving inland after pummeling much of florida over the past 24 hours. images now coming in of extensive damage in jacksonville from a possible tornado. elsa has just made landfall to the northwest, in taylor county. here in the big bend region, as rains come along, flooding is a
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major concern. >> main road going through horseshoe beach is flooded. got damage to some of the homes. >> reporter: powerful storm surge inundating coastal roads with sea water. high winds peeling back shingles.ell on cars. in gainesville, flooding rains forcing first responders to carry some people from their homes. elsa slammed the keys tuesday, knocking out power to thousands. submerging cars in ft. myers and toppling huge trees in hillsboro county. our ginger zee in tampa. >> just after 4:00 a.m., and elsa just passed about 50 miles west of tampa bay. you can see the bay, with the wind starting to shove in, getting pretty angry. >> reporter: in the waters off key west, the coast guard and a good samaritan rescuing 15 people after their vessel capsized. nine people remain missing tonight. david, what remains here now, some wind, some rain, and there
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will be cleanup. david? >> will reeve leading us off. will, thank you. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee with the latest track tonight as the storm now prepares to move right up the coast. ginger, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. that's why we raced up here ahead of it, because we will be feeling impacts. so, i started the morning in tampa and now worried about it here for friday morning. let me take you through the timing. tornado watch in place, just on the phone with my sister who is an officer in the navy at kings bay, georgia. looks like they had some damage from what was likely a tornado. that's sliding up. savannah is in the tornado watch. midnight to 6:00 a.m., charleston, you should be on alert. heavy bands of rain will make their way through myrtle beach, wilmington, even charlotte could pick up the back side of some of that rain. but up the i-95 corridor it goes, david, as you said, and into the atlantic again. and here's where it could wrap up and gain tropical storm strength again. from east rockaways right through long eisland, up throug the cape, we have tropical storm
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watches now that extend. so, we could see rain in maine. in friday night, we will say good-bye to elsa. david? >> drive safely out there. ginger, thank you to you and your sister reporting in tonight. we're also following that developing situation, the hor roy in haiti. the haitian president assassinated in his residence. the first lady was shot and critically wounded. and late today, the images coming in, she's now been flown to florida for treatment, in stable but critical condition at this hour. they're hoping american doctors can safe her. the ambassador calling the killers well-trained commandos. president biden condemning the attack, calling it a heinous act. and here's abc's rachel scott from the white house. >> reporter: tonight, haiti's first lady rushed to miami by private plane, wheeled out on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance, hours after she and her husband, haiti's president jovenel moise, were ambushed in their own home. the brutal attack shortly after 1:00 a.m. a group of heavily armed men
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breaking in, shooting and killing the 53-year-old head of state. today, the driveway still covered in shell casings. a neighbor says there was such a barrage of gunfire, it felt like an earthquake. haiti's ambassador to the u.s. described the assassins as armed commandos and spoke spanish and english and presented themselves as american d.e.a. agents. >> it was a well-orchestrated attack. we are talking about mercenaries, foreign mercenaries. >> reporter: authorities declaring a "state of siege," closing the international airport. the busy capital streets emptied out. haiti has long been gripped by political turmoil and unrest. it has the poorest economy in the west. not a single dose of the covid vaccine yet distributed. moise had been ruling by decree for over a year and was facing was facing calls to step down. today, the acting prime minister calling for calm to, quote, make sure the country does not fall into chaos.
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and in washington, president biden condemning the assassination. >> we need a lot more information, but it's just -- it's very worrisome about the state of haiti. >> reporter: while in a miami hospital tonight, haiti's first lady, martine moise, fights for her life. >> we do hope the doctors will find a way to save her life because it will be a more devastating blow to the country to lose the president and his wife at the same time. >> just an extraordinary series of events. let's get to rachel scott live at the white house. and rachel, the haitian government asking for help in finding the killers and everyone wants to know who is protecting the acting prime minister. they're asking for security help, as well? >> reporter: yes, and david, we just heard from the acting prime minister tonight. he says that he believes that some of the suspects responsible for this attack are still in haiti. he says that he is now in charge of the government for now, but tonight, the u.s. government is calling for free and fair elections by the end of the year, david. >> all right, rachel scott at
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the white house. rachel, thank you. also tonight, the heartbreaking toll this evening in surfside, florida. at least 18 more victims pulled from the rubble at that building collapse. the search, in fact, now shifting to a recovery operation. and the mayor breaking down today. we watched as she said searchers have been working there for days as if the victims were their own loved ones. abc's victor oquendo from surfside again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the search at the collapsed condo building in surfside moving to a recovery mission. >> at this point, we have truly exhausted every option available to us in the search and rescue mission. >> reporter: officials notifying families as the death toll jumped to at least 54. today teams largely spared from the brunt of elsa as they looked for more than 80 still unaccounted for. crews digging through the rubble by, separating residents' personal items and storing them in buckets.
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>> our first responders have truly searched that pile every single day since the collapse as if they're searching for their own loved ones. >> reporter: the mayor overcome with emotion when translating her remarks in spanish. late tuesday, officials let journalists view the massive pile. this is the closest we have been able to get to the collapse site. they've removed 5 million pounds of concrete and debris, you can see, they have a lot of work ahead. those who barely made it out of the tower now starting from scratch. so, this is -- >> this is -- >> your bedroom now? >> that's my bedroom. >> reporter: >> reporter: 82-year-old zulia taub is living in a fiends apartment as the nonprofit, global empowerment mission, helps her with a long-term solution. her home of 22 years, all her belongings, gone. >> i came out with a pa ja ma and a housecoat. >> reporter: that's it? >> my purse. >> reporter: it was her dream to retire to champlain towers
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south, and she's determined to rebuild her life in surfside. >> this is my community and i love florida and i will love to stay home. >> reporter: and transitioning to a recovery operation was an incredibly difficult decision that the fire chief says with us based on science and engineering, not emotion. tonight, there will be a moment of silence for the victims. david? >> victor, thank you again tonight. we're going to turn now to the coronavirus here in the u.s. the highly transmissible delta variant now the dominant strain here in this country. and what they're seeing from missouri to utah and the urgent efforts in so many parts of this country, including parts of kentucky. and the images right here in new york city tonight, honoring the front line workers here in this city and across the country. here's abc's stephanie ramos. ♪ >> reporter: in new york city, once the epicenter of the virus, a ticker-tape parade honoring the front line workers. as doctors and nurses across parts of the country fight the
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newest threat, the delta variant. from missouri to utah. in salt lake city, they are alarmed with what they're seeing. >> the young people, the pregnant people that are coming in right now with all these problems, that are intubated and, you know, on death's door, it's hard to see. that's the most concerning thing for me. >> reporter: months after its last surge, intermountain health care in utah now treating a new flow of patients with one thing in common -- they're not vaccinated. >> i have never taken care of a single patient in the icu, on a ventilator, who was fully vaccinated. >> reporter: in missouri, where they've had to bring in nurses from elsewhere and extra ventilators, and unvaccinated patients now filling some icus, to kentucky, where there is a renewed push to reach the understand vaccinated. >> i'm so glad that's over. >> reporter: rural clinics hoping word of mouth will ease fake veen fears. many are listening. >> i waited a long time. i should've got it a long time ago. i talked to some friends of mine. they said, you know, the vaccine
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may not be 100%, but if you get covid, you're in bad shape. you can die from it. >> reporter: while back in new york city, authorities hope the high rate of vaccinations will hold off the severe cases of the delta variant, while they honor doctors and nurses. front line workers, part of the parade. each of them critical in helping the city get through the pandemic. the parade's grand marshal, nurse sandra lindsay, the first person in the country vaccinated. today with a message for others. >> if you are on the fence, if you have any hesitation, today should serve as a testament that vaccine works. science will win. >> and stephanie ramos now with us tonight. and stephanie, this delta variant, of course, now the dominant strain in the u.s., and we were looking at the numbers today, accounting for more than half of new cases and in some places, authorities believe it's much higher? >> reporter: it is, david. some parts of this country, including missouri, are seeing
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the delta variant in 80% of new covid cases. dr. fauci today saying it is critical to goat fully vaccinated, because the delta variant is doubling up every couple of weeks and so far, vaccines do hold up against it, david. >> the newest front in this virus. stephanie, thank you. and the news from chicago tonight. two federal agents and a police officer shot and wounded in an unmarked car. late today, chicago's mayor face-to-face with president biden, amid those growing pleas for help. abc's alex perez in chicago. >> reporter: a chaotic scene in chicago. authorities scrambling after three officers were shot. >> we need an ambulance. we got three p.o.s shot. get some ambulances over here. >> reporter: the frantic scene playing out in the early morning hours. two atf agents and one chicago police officer working undercover in an unmarked vehicle when they came under fire. >> at 5:50 a.m. this morning, officers were fired upon from the street towards the onramp while they were in their car
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>> reporter: dozens of first responders on the scene. the injuries, thankfully, authorities say, not life-threatening. and tonight, detectives are questioning are person of interest. according to the city's top cop, 36 chicago police officers have been shot or shot at this year already. >> this is a very challenging time to be in law enforcement, but they are rising to the challenge, doing all they can. >> reporter: this morning's shooting comes on the heels of a violent fourth of july weekend in chicago. more than 100 people shot, at least 18 killed. now some local officials asking the feds for help. >> our communities are under siege. our police officers are under siege. they're outmanned and they're outgunned. >> and alex perez with us from chicago tonight. alex, we know president biden was in illinois today, chicago mayor lori lightfoot meeting him on the tarmac? >> reporter: yeah, david. we're told the two talked about that federal help that's expected to arrive soon. special teams that will be dispatched to tackle gun
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violence here in this city and cities across the country. and david, the three officers that were shot today have been released from the hospital. >> encouraging to hear. alex, thank you. there is also late word tonight of a deadly police shooting in terra haute, indiana. authorities say an officer was shots and killed this afternoon. the suspect was wounded and rushed into surgery. police are searching for other possible suspects. the fbi will now reportedly lead that investigation. and a federal judge tonight finding that the air force is mostly responsible for a church massacre in souther land springs, texas, you'll remember that event. former airman kevin kelly killing 26 people at the first baptist church in 2017. in a civil lawsuit filed by survivors and families of the victims, the judge now ruling the air force is, quote, 60% to blame, because kelly's criminal history was never entered into the database. when we come back here, the teenage son on his way home from a base gal gaball game, shot in
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breyers natural vanilla is made with 100% grade a milk and cream and only sustainably farmed vanilla. better starts with breyers. next tonight, the newest apparent act of road rage after a night at the ballpark. a father and his two sons on their way home from houston's minute maid park. someone opening fire, shooting into the cab of their pickup, hitting one of the boys in the head, gravely wounding him. police tonight are hunting for that shooter. tonight, from philadelphia, a crane flipping over, killing one worker, a second man rushed to the hospital. fire officials now say the rig was lifting heavy equipment off of a tractor trailer when it toppled over. police and federal investigators looking into the cause and authorities are thankful that area was not crowded at the time. when we come back here tonight, that massive hunt for a bear that killed a woman at a campsite. authorities are now using helicopters and setting traps. no one likes to choose between safe or sporty. modern or reliable. we want both - we want a hybrid.
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class action lawsuits against facebook, twitter, google and their ceos. his accounts have been suspended due to his comments on the january 6th insurrection. he claims his first amendment rights are being violated. and in western montana tonight, a massive air and ground search after a deadly bear attack, killing a woman who had been staying at a campsite. fellow campers scaring the animal off and then calling authorities. when we come back tonight, that powerful moment here in new york city and the nurses across the country and the messages the country and the messages through the windows. 6% of us rs have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning. ♪ ♪
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tonight, those images right here in new york city. honoring the first responders, the doctors, the nurses. those on the front lines. >> they mean everything. they are the ones that kept us going. these are the people that were behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, around the clock, 24/7. >> at the front, the grand marshal. nurse sandra lindsay. the first person in the country to get the vaccine. all of this today in a city where we've been honoring frant line workers from the start. the heroes all over this country. we have followed the johnson family from manchester, new hampshire. the nurses at catholic medical center caring for their father. his family could not enter the hospital, communicating with those nurses through signs. the nurses, "we will make sure he's comfortable and in no pain." "we will tell him you hold him." "we will hold his hand." the johnsons writing back, "thank you." a week and half into their
3:58 pm
father's fight, those difficult messages. "he is at peace. "we are so sorry." the family heartbroken but they told us grateful that they gained another family in the process. >> we love you guys. we love you. >> and they have come back to that window months after losing their father. and the nurses telling us they're grateful. >> just seeing them come to the window, to know that someone out there believes in us and that the work that we do is important in here. that means a lot. >> while back in new york city tonight, that same message. a city, a country grateful. we cannot forget they got us through and are still hard at work. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. this is the call to anyone who has not been enuring calirnians to get vaccinated among news that the delta variant is spreading rapidly. >> thank you for joining us. you are watching abc7 news at 4:00, life here on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you >> the delta variant is raising concerns across the country on the globe. it now accounts for more than 51% of cases in the u.s. in missouri new cases are so prevalent that the government is deploying a covid surge team and the world health organization is monitoring an uptick in cases in south america, where the variant is raising new concerns about the vaccine effectiveness. data suggests the pfizer vaccine
4:00 pm
is only 34% effective against this variant, though it is much more effective at preventing serious illness. >> the masks are going back on at the state capital because of a new covid-19 outbreak. nine legislative staffers tested positive in the last week. starting tomorrow, unvaccinated employees left to be tested twice each week. with the delta variant circulating, some wonder if restrictions like masks and social distancing could come back everywhere. >> that was one of the questions for governor newsom today. >> reporter: the delta variant now accounts for approximately one in every five cases of covid-19 across the country, prompting l.a. county public health officials to recommend everyone wear masks inside, regardless of the vaccination status. at the state level, governor gavin newsom says that might not be needed. >> if we continue to get people vaccinated, that will be unnecessary. this is


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