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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 7, 2021 1:41am-1:59am PDT

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we're getting our first look at a propane explosion that levelled a home in western michigan. sunday's blast in plainfield township could have been much worse. the people inside the house thought the loud boom they heard was fireworks. they were saved by a newspaper delivery person who saw the flames and everyone was okay. now, to a very brave teenager who is also a survivor of a vicious shark attack. he's back in the water in san diego, and he's doing it over
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and over again this year. abc's megan tevrizian has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a lesson of resilience from a boy who survived being mauled by a great white shark. >> a lifeguard who came, he's like yeah, i can see your lungs, like, through your back. >> 15-year-old sean hayes now vowed to swim in the same ocean where he died for. >> i think we're on day 170. >> in 2018, hayes was attacked by a great white in san diego while lobster diving with a friends. he struggled to swim to a nearby kayak and was air lifted to the hospital. the attack so severe, he needed several surgeries and about 1,000 stitches. a few weeks after the attack, the then 13-year-old described his or deal on "good morning america." >> i come up, and my mask is off and i'm all confuse and i look over, my wet suit is all ripped up, and blood is starting to go into the water.
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>> reporter: now three years later, he is helping people get over their fear, volunteering to help amputees alongside another shark attack survivor, bethany hamilton. >> i can't describe it. it's so much fun, it feels good to, you know, to help them. >> reporter: but while he's able to see the ocean on a nearly daily basis, his mom is still emotional. >> i haven't been down to that beach yet. it's awkward. i almost lost my child here. >> while he face remarkable challenges he remains hopeful and grateful. >> the doctors and physical therapy, they put a lot of work, to even walk down and carry the board with my arm and stuff and i'm thankful. >> reporter: on the third anniversary of the shark attack this september, he plans to surf with some people who saved his life. >> megan, thank you. that was pretty incredible. coming up, we have a segment called "that's incredible." what we're just finding out about the real reason for those ridges on ritz crackers.
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♪ if you're blue and you don't ♪ why don't you go where fashion sits ♪ putting on the ritz. ♪ >> tons of props here today. what do you like, putting on your ritz, the old slogan goes, everything tastes great when it sits on a nice ritz cracker. >> you might not know this, what you can actually do with that ritz cracker, our own will ganss is here now with that, and a few other hacks for this installment of "that's incredible, hi, will. >> good morning, you guys. snacks galore today. a new video seen by more than two million people on tiktok is blowing people's minds. the official ritz cracker tiktok account and finally explaining
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what the ridges are for on the edges of the buttery treat. s no just for the aesthetic. it turns out they're used to slice pieces of cheese, you guys. i know you have all of those props there in front of you, you hve the cheese and the ritz crackers, feel free to use your cracker as a buzz saw. you kind of take your cracker and then you will press down pretty hard and the crackers are more sturdy than i thought and you see how it perforates the cheese. >> oh, my goodness. it works out perfectly. >> rip it. i mean who knew? and that's just one of many, many hacks i've learned on tiktok just this week, you guys. i couldn't stop after this one hack. feel free to keep snacking by the way. >> oh, we will. you know what, will, what also cuts through cheese really well, the bottom of the wine glass and i would definitely use that over a ritz about, thut is really cool. >> butter knives. >> also your hands. >> hey, let's me have this one. sometimes you are just traveling light. you don't have wine with you. next one.
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you know how sometimes there is a sticker on the bottom, like if you buy a new mug or a new cup and i know you guys have cups there and you need like to get it off before you put it in the dishwasher or anything like that, here's how you do it. this is another tiktok hack. grab a piece of scotch tape, put it on the sticker, but make sure it is sticking off the edge of your cup or mug, press down, press down, press down, get this, tape nice and on, there and then oh, well, hopefully yours will go better than mine did. how you are guys? you put it on the edge? >> put it on the sticker. leave some of it hanging off and then pull the whole thing. >> i like the ritz and the cheese better, will. >> look, look. perfect. thank god you're here, andrew. >> that's a great hack. >> this is one of my biggest pet peeves trying to pull off the price tag sticker and it lingers and you have to scratch at-away and then you have to ruin your
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names. >> i'm all for it. >> this loaf of bread, you know how it comes with the twisty tie or even worse the little plastic thing that you either lose or can't get it back on the thing, so no more twisty ties, we're done with the twisty tie, here's the tiktok hack how to do this, you take your loaf of bread, spin it, and then with the excess plastic, just wrap it around. >> this is pretty cool. boom. you're done. and it looks like he's wearing a little hat. >> wow. and you just changed my life with two hacks. >> perfect. >> two? >> i gave you three. >> i don't eat bread though. >> all right. that was great. >> let me get one last one in here. wax paper. you know how you usually go like this, and put this on the outside and you tear it and it never works? the hack, put this part, the cardboard part, inside the box, inside the rectangle and then pull. perfect tear. look at that. >> wow.
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>> and we didn't practice by the way. >> i have no idea what i'm doing right now. >> we have tiktok to thank. that's incredible. >> thanks, will. >> that's awesome, thank you.
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♪ walking on sunshine ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, whoa ♪ >> you know who's walking on sunshine? the phoenix suns. right now. this morning, after the phoenix suns 118-105 victory over the milwaukee buck, in game one of the nba finals, we are meeting a super fan. >> a little extra love on the sun, one of their biggest fans, and here to tell all, we have will ganss. >> zoreen looking like a literal ray of sun this morning nur yellow but this woman has been rooting for the suns, even though they haven't seen an nba final since '93 she never gave
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up hope and now she is ready to see her beloved suns rises to the top. >> you could say joanne ralph has a sunny disposition. >> i never criticize them, i never flip them off, i just look at them and go this, like this, but that's why b-it. >> even when it comes to fair weather fans of her beloved phoenix surgeon the 81-year-old has been a suns super fan since moving to arizona back in the '80s. >> i just watched the suns instead of detroit. and it was, i just got hooked on them. >> while she's thrilled her team is back in the finals this year, she still calls connie hawkins her all time favorite player recalling the time the two had a discussion about whether joanne would join the team on a special crew. >> he said come on, and i said to be honest with you, i might get in trouble. and he put his arm around me and he said, yeah, you might just get in trouble. so i didn't sign up for the crew. >> back in 1997, joanne did make it into the half time show,
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during the suns game. >> we had what we called wanna bee teachers, a bikini front and back and doing the chicken dance along with 80 other people. >> her moves earning her two round trip tickets. >> the real prize for joanne is being there for the suns dream team back in 1993. >> back then, people were writing on their roofs, their car windows, the farmers were plowing, were cutting the hay, it said go suns. >> and now, nearly three decades later, her team is back on top. >> they have to like each other and respect each other, and we have that this year. >> with the finals officially under way, this suns super fan is confident her team is ready to ral lit valley. >> i'm sure we can beat whichever one they send our way. >> joanne reported six years before the nba was even founded and she's been waiting nearly three decades for her favorite team to be back in the finals you guys.
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