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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 6, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> dicky: from holly "jimmy kimmel live nba finals game night" witht -- chance the rapper, and an nba edition of "mean tweets." presented by nissan and youtube tv. and now, anthony anderson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> anthony: hello and welcome to "jimmy kimmel live nba finals game night." i am your guest host, anthony anderson. [ cheers and applause ] i'm filling in for jimmy, who is
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off having a white boy summer. tonight, from phoenix, game one of the nba finals between the suns and the bucks. milwaukee versus phoenix. it's the battle of cheap connecting flights. you know, it's hard to explain the excitement of having your team in the finals, but this phoenix fan really slammed it home. >> it's been since 1993. the valley is, like -- if you are boiling potatoes on a stove and it's like, you got to check it because the water's about to blow, that's us right now. >> anthony: right. in case you're wondering, they legalized weed in arizona eight months ago. and it appears to be working. but mr. potato head's got a point. the last time the suns were in the finals was 1993. to give you some perspective, in 1993, o.j. was still doing "naked gun" movies.
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phoenix has never won an nba championship. but they do win the awrd for least creative team name. the suns? you know who else has a sun? literally every other city in the world. but the truth is a lot of nba team names don't make any damn sense. like my los angeles clippers. guillermo, do you even know what a clipper is? >> guillermo: clipper, i think it's the thing you use to get a hair cut? >> anthony: exactly! our team should be named after something we have a lot of here. so instead of the l.a. clippers, i'm going to dub us "the l.a. purse chihuahuas." and what about the nets? that says nothing about what it's like to actually live in brooklyn today. so, the brooklyn nets are now "the brooklyn earded dude with six roommates."
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the cleveland cavaliers? no one knows what the hell a cavalier is. so they're now known as "lebron's old team." next up, the utah jazz. there is absolutely no jazz in utah. probably because there is like only one black guy in ut. in fact, let's name the team after him. the utah jazz is now the "utah dayquans." good work, dayquan. keep it up, brother. and finally, the houston rockets. lost 55 games this year. so i'm not even bothering to rename them. we're just going to turn their arena into one of those popup halloween pop-up stores. sell some sexy ref costumes and try again next year. probably the best thing about this year's finals is that the players don't have to live in that covid bubble at disney world.
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many players were separated from their loved ones during that time. but this is a fun fact. there were six barbers in the bubble, which is a good example of just how black the nba is. "i'm fine with not seeing my family for months on end, but i'll be damned if my hairline ain't crispy." this is also the first nba finals in more than a decade without lebron james or steph curry. which is kind of a bummer. that's like if you showed up to see "fast 9" and it was just tyrese and helen mirren. since lebron and the lakers will not get a chance to repeat this year, we decided to have some fun with pedestrians here in los angeles. we went to the farmers market and asked people if they've been watching the lakers play in the finals. again, the lakers aren't in the finals. in fact, when we taped this, tht
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but that didn't stop people from lying on national television in this lakers edition of "lie witness news." [ cheers and applause ] >> big news, everybody's excited, the lakers back in the finals again. >> yes! >> are you excited? >> absolutely, i love the lakers. >> are they going to three-peat this year? >> i think so. >> the big news in l.a., the lakers back in the finals. were you surprised to see them back this year? >> i am not. the lakers are a fantastic team. >> been watching the finals? >> been watching the finals, yes. >> obviously the big news here in l.a., the lakers back in the finals. have you been enjoying that? >> the lakers are in the finals? >> are you asking me? >> well, kind of, because i don't know how accurate that is. >> right, right. >> okay. >> have your friends been watching? >> i've been watching. >> you've been enjoying it? >> i really have. >> you think they have a good chance at the finals? >> absolutely. >> you really took that full circle. what would you say to the people that said the lakers will not be in the finals this year? >> i would say to anyone that
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talked trash about the lakers we dead it this year. >> no, i think what he's doing is a great promotion, you know, get money out of it. >> you've been watching him do that? >> yeah. >> what are people saying about that? >> we love it. every time he does it, me and my buddies, we all sclap and cheer for it. we all love lebron. >> everybody talking about that big moment where lebron had that gastric accident. >> yes. >> from his taco tuesday. >> yep. >> was it wrong for him to have eaten so many tacos or did you feel bad for him when he had that accident during the game? >> i think it's nonmaterial event. i mean, some athletes eat what they eat and they're going to get sick. >> but having that kind of accident on the court? >> i think it's a little bit embarrassing. it happens in all sports. >> you saw when that happened? >> i did. >> what was your reaction? >> i was surprised that, it being a professional athlete. >> show me your reaction. i'll be the sports caster. here comes lebron, looking for
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the open man, and oh, he's had a gastric accident. >> oh, no. >> going to need someone to clean that up. >> that is just terrible. i can't believe he did that. >> i'm sure you saw lebron had that gastric accident. >> yeah. >> what are people saying about that? >> a lot of mixed feelings out there but everyone is agreeing with me, he should stay off the tacos. >> go lakers! >> we're lakers, not fakers. >> we're lakers, not fakers. >> we're lakers, not fakers. >> lebron, stay off the tacos. >> anthony: we have a good show for you tonight. we've got an nba edition of "mean tweets" and we'll be right back with chance the rapper. >> announcer: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by nissan. [ cheers and applause ] for directions. r asked where are we going? wherever i'm going, that's where we're going. ♪ okay dad. and my mix tapes, had all my jams.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> anthony: welcome back to "jimmy kimmel live nba finals game night." oh, darn. going to have to make a change real quick. ah -- okay. ♪ okay, oh, keep going with the music. it's going to work. yeah, yep, yep, yep. okay. got it. i'm your new host, big daddy. all right. coming up, fans dunk on your
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favorite players in a special nba edition of "mean tweets" with shaquille o'neal, dwight howard, zach lavine and many more. stay tuned for that. and this thursday, i will be back with another primetime special for game two of the nba finals with my guest, jason momoa. [ cheers and applause ] later tonight, make sure to watch "jimmy kimmel live" at its regular time when it will be hosted by my friend, wanda sykes. now, her guests on that show will be ludacris and kim fields, with music from merry clayton. [ cheers and applause ] my guest tonight is a groundbreaking, multi-grammy-winning musical artist who is now making the leap to filmmaker. he may need to change his name. his new concert film, "magnificent coloring world," openings in theaters later this summer. joining us now from chicago is the very talented
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chance the rapper. >> hey! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. hey, what's up? >> anthony: what's going on, chance, how you doing, man? it's been awhile. >> everything's good. good to see you, man. this is very cool that you -- that you're doing this. >> anthony: yeah, good to see you, too, brother. who are you rooting for in the finals? >> um -- man. i'm what you call a -- a bandwagon fan, so -- >> anthony: okay. >> so i usually -- if there's a wagon, i'm the band, if there's the band, you know what i mean? so, right now i -- i am very much so in support of the milwaukee bucks, because they're close and giannis is my dude, but i'm also, i've been a close friend of chris paul for a really long time and he's just had, like, very beautiful journey that i also would love to see this year get him a ring,
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so -- i'm in the middle, but you know, whoever wins, i will be at their parade for sure. >> anthony: all right, who is your favorite player on the bucks? >> my favorite player? hmm, that's a good one. i feel like -- i feel like i've been a jrue holiday fan for a little while. >> anthony: uh-huh. >> but obviously giannis is my guy. brook lopez is raw. >> anthony: all right. >> khris middleton really, like, you know, took over in, what was it game six, the last game. but -- they got a whole roster. i guess giannis is my favorite and he's got his brother on the team. shoutout to giannis's brother. i like that they, you know what i'm saying, they end up on the same roster that's like me an my brother. >> anthony: what do you and giannis talk about, man? >> how tall he is. it's hard not to talk about other things than that, it's like, man, this is crazy. >> anthony: now, how -- >> yeah, good to see you. >> anthony: what is the height difference between you and giannis? six, seven feet? >> yes.
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it's up there. i don't know. it's like -- it's the height difference where you can tell when you shake his hand and he's got your whole forearm and bicep. and you're like, hey, man. >> anthony: all right, all right. hey, well, chance, we have to take a commercial break. we'll be right back with more chance the rapper when we'll come back. stay tuned. >> announcer: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by youtube tv. watch live tv with unlimited dvr and more, no cable box required. try it free. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor
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now, that's making a difference. ♪ just got to forget how to fly ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> anthony: welcome back. i am anthony anderson. aka big daddy. chance the rapper is with us. that was from "magnificent coloring world". opening in theaters late this summer. now chance, you made that trailer. >> i did. i edited that trailer. >> anthony: all right. talk to us about that process.
10:19 pm
you know, because sometimes the trailer, you know, is better than the movie. >> oh, yeah, oh yeah. >> anthony: i haven't seen this movie yet, i'm not saying your trailer is better than the movie, but sometimes that's what happens. >> that's a goal for some editors. i edited the movie, me and a team of three others. but i spent a long, long time editing the trailer. but i'm a trailer snob, so, if i -- i like movies to have a better trailer than the movie, just in case i got to convince somebody to watch the movie, you know what i mean? >> anthony: okay, okay, but you alo made this movie five years ago now? >> so -- so four years ago i filmed this, right? i was on tour and i came up with this crazy idea for a new kind of staging for a show, where it's kind of like,nstead of just one stage with the crowd kind of centered, it's like a smicircle of like five stages connected and like a long row of bleachers across from the main stage is where all the fans are. and i shot it on a sound stage
10:20 pm
in chicago and i didn't know how to edit yet so it kind of just happened. you know what i mean? and last year, during the pandemic i started shooting a lot of my own, like, little virtual concerts and got better with direction and with cinematography and learned a lot about just a lot of different areas of film and editing was kind of the thing that when i picked it up, i was like, i should go back to this project and fix it. so, five-year anniversary, i was like, let's try to go big. >> anthony: took you five years to make that trailer? okay. that's basically what i got out of it. now chance, you're a very positive and high energy guy. no matter where you are, you always look like you are cheering at an nba finals game. so, we wanted to give you a little quiz, you know, we're going to show you some photos of yourself having fun and you have to guess if it's basketball-related or not. in a game we call "on the court or on the town?" all right. so, here's the first photo.
10:21 pm
you seem very happy about something but is this basketball or what? >> this one is a very difficult one because even though you erased the bottom part of the shirt, i can tell that i was getting a fit off. so, i want to say that i was at a basketball game but at the sa time, the joy in my f sa i'm going to go court. >> anthony: which one is it? all right! you're on the court watching the bulls play the celtics in the 2017 playoffs. i don't know why you're smiling. the bulls lost. all right, let's try another one. you're drinking something. but were you on the court or on the town? >> the better question is, why did you erase the straw? making a -- >> anthony: because we wanted to make it look like you were whistling. >> okay.
10:22 pm
that is definitely what i'm getting off in this photo. i'm going to go court again, because there's no way i could breathe in the club with that. >> anthony: yes. yes. that soda probably cost you $28 courtside. now, this one right here looks like someone is proposing to you. is it on the court or on the town? >> that looks like a strip club face i'm making. i'm going club! >> anthony: you're at the club, let's see -- hey! it's at your birthday party. now, you know i'm pissed you didn't invite me. ain't like you ability got my number. >> next time. >> anthony: next time. all right, this one is a little -- >> i think we had your name on the list but i think you told them your name was big daddy at the door? >> anthony: oh -- yes. yes. now -- it's just healthy and husky. all right. this one's a little tricky.
10:23 pm
>> this one is tricky. >> anthony: at the club or on the town? >> that's a really nice sweater i have on. >> anthony: uh-huh. >> the sweater under the sherpa jacket is really nice. >> anthony: yeah. >> i feel like i only wear shirts like that when i'm on daytime tv. that's daytime tv. >> anthony: oh, you're right, it's you on "the view." all right. thank you for playing. "magnificent coloring world" opens in theaters later this summer. the full trailer will drop on friday. thanks, chance. we'll be back with an all-nba edition of "mean tweets." >> announcer: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by nissan. ♪ ♪
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do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at >> anthony: welcome back to the
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fourth quarter of our "nba game night" special. you know, basketball fans are very passionate. maybe even a little too passionate. there are a lot of haters out there, but it's important to remember that professional athletes have feelings, too. so let the healing begin with this all-new, all-nba edition of "mean tweets." [ cheers and applause ] >> shaquille o'neal, more like shaquille hasn't missed a meal. that's a good one. tell your mother make my sandwich and be naked when i get there. hi, mom. >> if lavar ball is such a big baller, why can't he afford a toothbrush? because i like my teeth golden. >> grant hill annoys me when he talks. put your eyebrows down. he looks like he's surprising himself with what he's saying. that's funny. >> caron butler is a [ bleep ].
10:28 pm
>> khris middleton could shop down trees with his teeth. >> kemba actually leads all guards in charges drawn two of the last three years. my working theory is, he is so short, they simply do not see him. that's -- that's probably true. >> kyle lowry look like a where's my hug type dude. yes, please, please. >> dwight howard looks like a sound cloud rapper who offers you his albums at the gas station you avoid. dang. >> i really dig spencer dinwiddie and he deserves all the respect. but why does he look like the oldest young person i've ever seen? i -- thanks for the respect. >> ja morant looks like a guy who would bench press just the bar. >> brandon ingram so skinny he can look through a peephole with
10:29 pm
both eyes. i don't even know what that means. >> i like trae young but his hair looks like a lollipop that got dropped on the carpet. what flavor? it may be delicious. >> zach lavine sucks. they should have never traded jimmy butler. if you disagree, you're wrong, and suck my butt hole. i do disagree but i'm a pass. strong pass. >> siakam get like 60 teeth. i think he mean got, but -- [ cheers and applause ] >> anthony: that is all the time we have. thanks to chance the rapper. watch wanda sykes host "jimmy kimmel live" later tonight with her guests ludacris, kim fields and merry clayton. good night, america.
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