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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 6, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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on camera last month. >> abc7 news iteam reporter melanie woods has been following this story. hi, melanie. >> the theft happened around 5:30 p.m. yesterday and many people had the holiday off, including sfpd ambassadors usually patrols the area. the san francisco police department will note say whether any suspects have been identified or any arrests have been made. >> in less than a minute, ten individuals ran out of union scare niemann marcus and hands filled with high end handbags. >> we believe this is organized groups. this is not crimes of opportunity and somebody that's down and out. >> three get away cars sped off as what appears to be a nearby security guard took cell phone video. we've seen similar thefts including at this walgreens last month. the mayor said arrests have been made. >> he was apprehended and arrested and he's currently being charged. >> stores like target say the
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alarring rise in theft and security incidence at san francisco locations led them to follow lead in other retailers e in reducing operating hours. >> closing down and lessening hours is not a solution. >> the city has given the district attorney and police chief till the second week in july to come up with solutions. >> we need to take action and take it now. >> the union square business district tells the team sfpd ambassadors were not on duty and even when they are, there's two to three walking a 30 block beat so they can't be everywhere at once. sfpd are not certain if officers would have made a difference. a niemann marcus spokesperson tells them and they're cooperating with the san francisco police department in
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their investigation. niemann marcus dealt with this in the bay area before and a group of people stole handbags from the niemann marcus from the palo alto in may. a spokesperson tells me areteo two cases are related and also reaching out to sfpd. in the news room for the i team, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. we want to get reaction from phil mater. your response to this video? seems to be a trend that's increasingly growing here. >> it does and appears to be organized. it is not the first time and not the second time. the third, fourth, fifth time. in june 21st, we had a coordinating group of seven suspects that went into the real, real store in downtown palo alto and made off with and $50,000 of handbags and june 10 a group group group group group
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and stole bags and it goes on and on and on. sacks fifth avenue got hit as well in union score for $90,000 worth of merchandise. these are organized boosters and this is how it works. you go in there with a group, rental or stolen cars or with fake plates, have them waiting, people go in and grab the merchandise and know what they're looking for and where it is. they're out within a minute. the next stop is a fence but your your usual fence like a pawnshop or something like that. in the age of the internet, you unload the goods with somebody that's going to sell them internationally and hide behind a false front on the internet. through a fake company on amazon or somewhere else so the days of being ab these things through a location, they're gone.
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the internet and other factors playing together turned into a highly organized and profitable operation. >> you put it in perspective with the numbers and asked maryland breed about the rash of crimes and theft today and we want your reaction to what she said because she put it back on businesses. >> we need to make sure we're all doing our part; right. a situation like that, you don't want anyone to get hurt and i'm sure it was a hands off approach with their security but there's other things they can put into place. closing down or limiting hours is not a solution. we need to look at how do we make it safer and easier for people to shop and make it harder for people to commit these sort of acts. >> some business owners might hear that and be frustrated saying it's up to the businesses to do more. they're probably going to say the city should be doing more. >> that's exactly what they're saying. as a matter of fact what they say is if we do more, we'll get sued most likely if something
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goes wrong. your idea is hands off it. as far as what the city will do, there's an ongoing debate and these crimes, all though the money is big, they are not violent. they're nonviolent crimes and thefts that do not go to the front of the line when it comes to prosecutions and don't go to the front of the line when it comes to big investigations. we're trying to get a hold on this but the thing is this idea is that okay, they're nonviolent and i mean, how many hearts will bleed over purses being stolen at a niemann marcus? okay. but they fund criminal operations that are also involved usually with drugs, with human trafficking, and with guns and things that we do want stopped. it's all part of a combine. >> absolutely. it goes back to quality of life issues as we talked about last week together with leeann. just people are frustrated by the quality of life in san francisco. >> i was talking with one officer at union square today and noticed there's a couple of extra police car going around. they said, you know, it's tough
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to keep an eye at preventing crime when you're spending half your time doing reports about people breaking into cars and other crimes. there's only so many people to go around and so many things that can be watched. when there's an open, crime takes it is move. >> absolutely. hopefully this is a stippling point and we'll keep on and see what happens. >> we have to do that and hold people accountable and we put the mayor up there and the district attorney up there and we're going to continue to do that because that's part of building a bet r bay area and not just ones time, you've got to go back and take a look at it again. >> thank an oakland man died after alameda officers taking him into custody and that gets
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underway at 5:00. caltrans clearing out a homeless encampment that's overtaken a park and ride in central san rafael and dozers rolled in to scoop up buckets unr wa1 at the d items of transit center and caltrans partnered with marine county, city of san rafael and social services agency to find help for people impacted by today's action. a san francisco o woman's future is looking better since we showcased her plight last week the mother of two owed $3,000 in back rent and since the story aired, maria has received nearly $10,000 in donations from community members and two nonprofit agencies. so much thanks to the generosity of some of our viewers as well. she called the donations a
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blessing. here comes elsa. outer bands of tropical storm hit florida today and this is video from key west. today the national weather service issued a hurricane warning for florida's gulf coast. president biden declared a state of emergency making federal aid available. elsa slammed into cuba yesterday dropping several inches of rain and packing 60 miles per hour winds. check in with mr. christian track the storm. what does it look like right now, spencer. it's gaining strength and moving into the tropical waters of the gulf of mexico and intensifying and expect the track towards the north along the west coast of florida and gaining strength and becong category one hurricane tomorrow morning and continues up the florida coast and it's going to expect to make land fall tomorrow night up in the northern corner of the state north of the tampa area and cross over to southern georgia, coastal carolinas, and produce
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heavy, heavy rain fall according to the color coded chart here, we could see 4 to 8- inches ovrain in the hardest hit areas over the next 48 hours from western florida up through southern georgia and coastal carolina. we'll watch the storm update you on any developments. the justice department along with the fbi have released several new videos in the effort to find more suspects. one video shows about a dozen people harassing guards and making them back up till the group could break into the senate chamber. other videos show at least 11 people wanted for the violent clash outside the capitol with police. to date more than 500 people have been arrested and at least 20 of them in california including a gilroy woman. and a new poll shows 47% of americans think the country is headed in the right direction and highest in 12 years. it also revealed two-thirds believe democracy in the united states is under threat.
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the polls were done by pbs news hour. building businesses, a pathway to success here in the bay area. the new businesses that open their doors in the middle of a pandemic. mask dangers, a controversial new study points out dangers of kids wearing masks. running out. a lot of shortages over the past ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we all know restaurants suffered from covid and many trying to stay afloat and a group of entrepreneurs were busy starting new businesses and we have their storieswe havs >> did you have any regrets? >> a little bit, yes. >> the couple quick lippy visited going pivoted going from a retail model to selling products and their company is called shared cultures. >> instagram and social media has been our most district channel to get to the end customer. >> the seven new businesses call bay view their home.
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>> each vendor introduces themselves and your businesses. >> people come and they are vegan and we're entering ourselves into a culture that's predominantly a white culture. >> most of these new businesses are led by women of color. the mayor toured the bay view maker's kitchen, which they all share at different times. their funding comes from the office of economic and work force development. >> the funding received by the bay view makers kitchen focused on two things. number one, building economic opportunities even during covid and number two preventing businesses from leaving the bay view. >> we want to make it easier for our minority and women owned businesses to start and get going, and we had to make
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sure that there are is athere i >> a picture mar ality even in hardest of times. leeann melendez, abc7 news. unlike toilet paper, chips are expected to be in short supply for years. we look into the impact and why s.t.e.m. education could be a big factor to restore the supply. >> the economy is starting to recover and vehicle sales is starting to pick up. there was a shortage of computer chips and over the past six months, a chip plant fire in japan, a texas freeze that shut down the power grid and a shortage taiwan. >> it's allowed us all to stay
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connected over the course of the pandemic. >> chip makers put customers on limited allocations trying to expand and build new chip fabrication plants and even that is being hampered by by by supply shortage. >> in order to get vehicles, you need chips so it's just compulsive problem because chips are going in everything. >> chip production in the u.s. dropped from 37 to 12% over the past 20 years and proposed federal infrastructure bill woul50 billion into domestic chip manufacturing and could create 400,000 new jobs and manufacturing groups kicked off a campaign to encourage young people to focus on stem education and rethink the role and importance of manufacturing. >> you can be a part of this very high end critical piece of the ecosystem that's powering autonomous vehicles and next generation communication networks. >> the shortage is not expected
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to end quickly. ford project add loss as high as $2.5 billion this year due news. facebook, twitter, and google may stop services in hong kong and it was the practice of putting people's personal information online said they could be harassed by others. the proposed laws could make the bay area tech companies liable for sharing user info and the companies don't want to put staff at risk of criminal investigations. next door made it official today. it is going public. the san francisco based neighborhood social network announced it'll list its shares on the nasdaq as part of a merger with venture capital firm. the deal is expected to rise next door'to $4.3llion. ging >>let's get forecast. hewa is is is
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>> yous about 48 hours and the heat wave upons and we have breezy conditions and cooler and we have strong breezes and gusts to 30 miles per hour and sfo and conference flow continues and most bay area locations now and at this time yesterday. 24 hour temperature changes significant and looking down on to the bay for low clouds beginning to push out over the golden gate and skies are mainly helping and 59 degrees in the city and oakland 65 and 71 in mountain view and san jose and 59 degrees at half- moon basement the view from emeryville and see the low clouds building along the coastline and haven't made much of an on shore push yet and current temperature readings and other caond va and napa and and a
4:19 pm
blue skies from rooftop camera and features with low clouds and returning overnight and that's been a very familiar pattern the last few days and inland heat wave on thursday and heightened fire threat with the extended period of hot weather and a risk of heat related illness from overexposure to the heat and sun. overnight we expect to see that little surge of low clouds pushing across the bay once again along with that continued pattern of patchy drize until overnight and early morning hours and 5:00 tomorrow morning and there may be a few damp spots and burn to the coastline by mid-morning and most of the day inland. temperatures in the mid 50s and on the coast low 70s near the bay shoreline and mid to upper 80s close to 90 degrees tomorrow. then on thursday the heat starts building and we'll see most inland areas heating up to upper 90s and low 100s and the same picture on friday up to about 105, 104 in the hottest
4:20 pm
caand samecture on san'rdt start moderating till early next week. accu weather seven day forecast and inland areas and high temperatures during that period up to 100-102 degrees and hottest inland spots mid 80s on the bay shoreline and low to mid 60s on the coast and heat eases just a bit on monday and not a lot. just a few degrees and by tuesday we'll see temperatures more seasonable and comfortable and safer range. >> all right, thank you so much, spencer. thank you, spencer. one of the most unique jobs qui'side chhave a venue change - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week,
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7 on your side michael finny is here with a look at consumer side. >> everyone likes costco. news about costco impacting shoppers and it's especially
4:24 pm
seor spper pandemic service hours for customers with the abilities and those over the age of 60. on july 26th, that's found that the prices offered by the retailers pharmacy, gets this, medicare and generic drug statements nearly 50% of the time. department of motor vehicles ready to drive. get it drive customers away from paper and announcing customers can opt in to receive reminders like driver's license, renewal notices by e- mail and snail mail. dmv officials say it's part of the on going effort to expand digital effort and reduce the carbon footprint. subway is calling the biggest changes inthe brand's
4:25 pm
history. the nationwide chain is eat fresh, rre campaign. it'll include more than 20 menu updates with six all new sandwiches and restaurants close early on july 12 so stores can prepare for the update. to mark the occasion, subway giving away a million free sandwiches. they'll do it from 10:00 a.m. till noon on july 13th so we've got you covered for a free lubb much. >> they're keeping the tuna on the menu i hear. >> you've >> for the buc this is is
4:26 pm
their first finals in 47 years. at 5:30, nba count down gets you ready for the finals. tipoff at 6:00 then stay for us for after the game with sports s anchors. you probably heard claims that wearing masks can cause problems because of carbon dioxide. is that really true? >> a new study says yes, but doctors are skeptical.
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we're winding down the mass vaccination sites that did so much in the spring for those eager to get their first and second shot if they needed a second. now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and oftentimes door to door literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus. >> the president warned americans against complacency in the fight against covid and his administration will partner with 42,000 local pharmacies across the country to convince people to get strategy includes pharmacists and doctors
4:30 pm
encourage the shot. there there there there you still need a mask in jails, and public transition and they're working closely with state and local health officials to adjust their mask requirements. new research published in the journal of medical association suggest mask wearing in children can expose to high levels of carbon dioxide. we spoke to several medical professionals saying why they're not high enough to be of concern. lewis. >> the study was done in po ghof ages 6-17 years old carbondioxidwithin eang a face according to the cdc, masks should not be placed on childre
4:31 pm
old. after three minutes of mask wearing, younger children reported higher levels of carbon dioxide in their system. >> it takes sometimes a period of time to adjust to the mask and kids are breathing less robust than when they first had the max on. >> the medical director for respiratory says the co2 levels report redirect examination not dangerous. >> there they be some increase in co2 but that increase is not physiologically significant. >> could there be any health implications in the long term for kids wearing masks, maybe when the school year begins in the prolonged houser? >> i personally do not believe there's any negative long term effects from mask wearing. >> the study included 45 children ages 6-17 years old
4:32 pm
and looked into their immediate co2 levels. >> i think it's probably worth a further exploration. we took the data precedence of bradstone institute and they say more research is necessary. >> the wrong thing to do would be draw conclusion from this small study that these levels of carbon dioxide are causing trouble. >> covid cases among children are on the rise. pointing to vaccination and mask wearing. still as the best protection from covid. >> now about a quarter of new cases are actually in children, particularly with the delta variant. >> the study note ed it was done in a laboratory setting and could have made children apprehensive and impacted the way they were breathing while wearing a face mask. liz. >> quick question, what about lung development? any concern about all of that?
4:33 pm
>> there's in evidence of this right now but there's strong medical data to point through the first two decades of life is the vital time of lung development. according to the doctor, there's lung development going on till your child is 10-12 years old and even more after that. >> thank you for that good information . in less than an hour from now, san francisco public schools holding a town hall meeting on zoom to discuss return to in-person learning and they'll discuss the safety protocols in place and safety transmission of covid and state and county guidelines and the guidelines for the school is still pending and have not said whether masks will be required and there'll be a similar a sim hall for spanish sperms tomorrow and cantonese on -- speakers tomorrow and cantonese thursday. researchers study two groups of kids living in low income, high crime communities in the bay area and found that those who were taught about
4:34 pm
stress and were taught techniques on dealing with it like yoga gained more than an hour of sleep per night. what's wrong with this photo? the military picture
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both resigning. her manager says spears wants to retire so i guess why would you need a manager if you ety o add letter that manager wrote to the conservatorship saying spears expressed her "intention to officially retire"he said he hasn't spoken to conspiracy in over two years and that's how long it's been since she has performed. i don't know. what do you guys think? is there more to it? something else behind it? >> have to wonder if there's not more to it. >> are there threats like free brittney. >> maybe they have her best interest kaying she wants to retire and realizing the pr is not so good anymore and that's why e backinout d don't know. crker otthe night fore briteyo
4:38 pm
to thelike all heard, she called 911 and reported that she was under an abusive conservatorship in some way and clearly some change needs made. i don't know enough about this incident with her manager and don't know the behind the scenes but it's sad. >> who's to say she won't come back in a couple years. you see athletes retire and then come back. a lot is going on with her on all kinds of levels and maybe needs a break away. >> she'll come back maybe when she's not under somebody else's control and can manage her money and everything else. >> ready for the break out tour. absolutely. this is a crazy story,li >> this al . march in
4:39 pm
high heels. they expressed outrage learning the people were training in pumps, in heels. the defense ministry defended the move posting photos on facebook showing female soldiers from other nations in high heels. the women had been training in heels twice a day, had a parade celebrating ukraine's independence from the former soviet union and the first thing i thought of was the quote of ginger rogers is that she had to do everything back ward and in heels and women are doing this, spencer. >> it seems strastrastrastrastra the purpose of the parade is display readiness for military engagement and we're engaging in heels? >> i find is is is is is
4:40 pm
the defense ministry posted on facebook of other countries marching in heels. like it's not just us. this is the norm, isn't it? no. after all the criticism they said they'll consider more ergonomic footwear. chris, you want to see basketball players running in heels. >> yeah right. they need to wear comfortable shoes to get around so i think the combat boots are a good idea. >> i want to see the men in the military wear those >> that's an idea. age old food questions, pineapple on pizza or flat or regular. a company is selling flat round hot dog bun patties on website. the palties have ridges that
4:41 pm
makes it optimal for grilling and many say resembles bologna and it's so popular right it's sold out. >> looks like a wide round piece of bologna as you pointed
4:42 pm
out and i don't eat dogs or bologna. i'm the wrong person to weigh in on this. that's like all natural hot dogs are on the list. >> whether it's oblong or circular. end of story. chris r you're a hot dog eater. >> i haven't had one in a while but i do agree with pineapple on pizza and will enjoy hawaiian pizza in a while. teeter to ther, chuck walker, and it's
4:43 pm
six days and it attached the teeter totte was up and down 160,000 times as of yesterday afternoon. >> wow. >> wow. true dedication. >> there's always an unusual record waiting to be broken. that's one of them. kind of cute don't you think? >> i understand they modified it so it's like a chair so you won't fall over when you fall asleep or something. couldn't you still tip over like forwards? >> i was curious about the bathroom breaks like ten days. got to eat and drink something.
4:44 pm
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sneer year people hit the roads and result in $200-$300 million a year in total costs. >> more accidents in a multimillion dollar plan by california lawmakers and many animal crossing projects receive state funding including $12 million for proposed crossing plan in the santa cruz mountains. >> this is an absolute win for people, animal and just the state as well just showing these wildlife crossings are
4:48 pm
the pathway. >> mountain lions are allowed safe passage and leading to major environmental impacts. >> each year we have one or more mountain lions killed on highway 17. we need at least one or more to make it north to provide good connectivity. >> hope is monemonemonemonemonee prevent crossings. >> we can reduce that hazard and provide crassing for the wildlife population. >> we know about it on state highways and that should the bar. you could say he avoids that
4:49 pm
cost. >> and to avoid this this this being told. an ohio police officer went above and beyond to help rescue a raccoon in need. the officer spotted the raccoon with a can stuck on his head. look at that. so sad. he was able to grab and eventually pry that can off and he paused and looked back at his way of saying thank you wedgies. he must have been so scared. >> scary for the hill l guy. >> we're seeing more and more wildlife searching for food because of the dry conditions. >> there's climate change and a symptom of climate change as animal behavior is shifting from what used to be the norm and a look at what's coming our way weather wise and we expect increasing clouds and new coastline over the bay and some spotty drizzle over the hours
4:50 pm
and low temperatures in the morning hours in the mid 50s and pretty comfortably cool and then tomorrow then clouds lingering upper 50s and low 70s on the bay shoreline and mid to upper 80s inland as it starts getting warmer and speaking of warmer, check out the accu weather seven day forecast thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday and we expect inland highs to be up to or above 100 degrees and mid 80s d 80s d 80s shorelines and temperatures moderate over the next week . one of the most unique jobs in america is up for grabs. east island is ready to open for guests and it's off st. pablo and richmond and volunteers stepping up to install a temporary fix for a broken underwater cable supplying power to the island and they're looking for new
4:51 pm
innkeepers running the operation there. the job may sound glamorous and ideal ick but it's a lot -- idyllic and you'll need the coast guard lins k met veand a four course gourmet dinner and breakfast and champion are experienced. >> the days where we're not seeing guests and the keepers need to take the laundry and garbage out and recycling and shop for the next weekend meals worth of food. >> yeah, no big deal. no big deal. the last time this job was up for grabs, 10,000 people applied and many of them were not qualified. folks at light station trying totem p down the viralness of this job posting around. >> could you be qualified? >> i wish i could cook a gourmet meal but sadly i don't have the skill. check this out, it's the
4:52 pm
world's taste sand castle. the castle built in denmark was nearly 70 feet tall and 11 feet higher than 5,of sand mixed scpte to cool. the long awaited black widow hits theaters this weekend. >> i think you understand immediately how high the stakes are. >>
4:53 pm
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nba finals and after the game and jimmy kimmel after the game night and abc7 news at 11:00. catch wheel of fortune overnight or this morning, tomorrow morning. another big marvel movie open this is week and this is one fan haves been demanding for years, a stand alone black widow film exploring the character east past including her family. we spoke with the film stars. >> i know you're out there. >> i know you know i'm out here. are we going like grown ups? >> is there sisters that's a better term and if it is, it's
4:56 pm
one extreme case of of of rivalry. scarlet johansson returns to black widow. >> you guys give me in the first 15 minutes. >> yeah, the first 15 minutes are tough. i think you understand immediately how high the stakes are. very in your face. >> in the film you learn how these two were raised and they fight but florence feels protected by scarlet in real life. something i noticed at pre- pandemic 2020 oscars. joyce looking at something that was very nerve wrecking and i saw my good friend. i sometimes look at those pictures and see how instantly relaxed i am. i looked up to her for a long
4:57 pm
time so sharing moments like doing my first marvel movie with her being there or stepping onto my first oscar's cup and her being there are moments that i'm so grateful to have had her there for. i hope that doesn't end. >> black widow has a serious story to tell but being a marvel movie, special effects are a big part of the picture. >> our visual effects team are the best and the industry. >> basically we spend most of the movie with the set pieces and it's tedious and fun and weird and all in between. >> black widow in theaters and
4:58 pm
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and other viral video of the disturbing crime wave hitting san francisco retailer. x of 5:00, the new deadline for the city to come up with some solutions. documenting the takedown of a local landmark. why officials say they had no choice in removing atp seen by tens of thousands of people every day. >> that was just the beginning. you'll see what it's like to see from above, a chp chase that reached 130 mph. also, how six neighbors jumped into action to save the house from burning. what they did to make sure everyone got out safely. plus, how a few pots and pans do a lot more than cook food. sometimes they can be a testament to zillions.


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