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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 6, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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overwhelmed in oakland. the city's police chief says this year's fourth was one of the most violent he's seen in decades. this morning local leaders have a few ideas for what to do next year. plus spikes in pandemic extremism and violence seen across the u.s. the new report about which reaches of government were warned about it and when. we're tracking tropical storm elsa. live look right now from key west, florida. just now hit with a hurricane watch. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, july 6th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live, wherever you stream. you're looking at that. what's going on in our area? >> no flooding rain like they're going to have there, which is unfor the. feast or famine we continue to go through. all these areas getting too much rain. flooding is an issue and then we're on fire. 13 mile-per-hour winds at oakland. also sfo. concord. 12 at san carlos and napa.
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20 at fairfield. nice stiff on shore breeze brought the clouds back and measurable drizzle. don't be surprised if you need you're traveling this morning. coolest around half moon bay. 63 in san francisco. the rest of the bay in the low to mid70s. mid70s to mid80s in the south bay. pretty much the same in the north bay with low to mid80s as warm as it gets over in the inland east bay neighborhoods. more on the heat wave coming up. >> thank you. our commitment to building a better bay area means keeping a careful focus on our kids education. we are just about a month away from san francisco public schools returning to in person learning. >> there's a lot of questions. today the school district will hopefully answer some of them during a town hall. amy hollyfield live for us in san francisco. >> reporter: there will be three town hall meetings this week. tonight's will be in english. tomorrow night in spanish. thursday they'll hold one in
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can to six weeks until the first day of school. educators will discuss the safety protocols in place. the science behind the transmission of covid and state and county guidelines. the guidelines for the schools are pending. they have not said whether masks will be required. tonight they've teamed up with ucsf to start talking about what is known and what is in place. the meetings will be on zoom. they're set for an hour. they'll start at 5:30 with that first one tonight. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. the delta variant is now the dominant strain of covid-19 in california. it now accounts for more than a third of all cases which is a six fold increase from may. our abc7 vaccine team has been busy asking the experts everything there is to know about the variant here in the bay area.
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ucsf epidemiologist dr. george rutherford says in the bay area a cluster of covid outbreaks could occur among unvaccinated people. he says he's more concerned now about the delta variant than he was a few weeks ago. >> early variants about 20% of people would get infected. now it's closer to half. it's that much more transmissible. >> it's likely people will be exposed to the delta variant. but doctors say if you think you've been exposed over the holiday weekend, you should get tested even if you don't have any symptoms. new details about the country's increase in violence during this pandemic. an internal memo from last spring warned of a spike in violence and extremism. abc news obtained the homeland security memo and warned that the emotional, mental and financial strain intensified from pandem violce the memo urged officials to develop an action plan for when
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communities return to normal tigun violence an epidemic. fourth of july celebration resulted in moments of mayhem in oakland. police say they were stretched so thin they couldn't stop people from septembering off illegal fireworks. from setting off illegal fireworks. oakland police say they were overwhelmed by 911 calls for other crimes. there were a total of seven shootings during a 15 hour period. one person died. at least a half dozen hurt. a man was critically injured after he got hit by a car at a side show involving hundreds of vehicles. >> we need to bring more resources for nights and weekends where intensity increases like we saw this past weekend. that's something that's necessary while we seek to reimagine safety, bring alternatives, et cetera. we still have to have sufficient resources. >> police chief armstrong says fourth of july in the city was among the most violent he's seen in his more than 20 years
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on the force. >> fireworks cleanup underway in san francisco. sadly people didn't clean up after themselves. this is video of crews out on mission and 26th street picking up the debris folks left behind on sunday night. people set off all kinds of fireworks in thattyfrancisco. it does appear were helping clean up that mess. the san jose fire department said it responded to 20 fireworks-related calls on the fourth of july. our cameras captured a number of illegal fireworks. the department says there were more than 1600 online reports since june 15th which is down from 6600 last year. so far the department has issued just 10 citations. they've seized more than 550 pounds of fireworks. solving the missing pet problem. local shelters sharing something different they're seeing after the fireworks this year. a bay area robbery ring busted. police taking you through dozen was elaborate heists pulled off
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at places like starbucks and walgreens. tracking tropical storm elsa. another live look from the east coast as the storm bears down on millions this morning. this is a live look from sfo this morning. you can see the low clouds. four-hundredths of an inch of drizzle on san bruno mountain. we'll have extreme sunshine if you're running errands this afternoon. cool then comfortable conditions but that
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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happening right now, tropical storm elsa is inching closer to florida. it is strengthening this morning and it could make landfall as early as tomorrow morning. just north of tampa bay. this is video from when it made landfall in cuba yesterday afternoon. areas on the outskirts of havana were drenched which led to flash flooding. florida's governor has declared a state of emergency
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for 15 counties along the gulf coast. right now a lot of people are being proactive. they're filling up sandbags to take home. this video is from hillsborough and ma that tee counties. this video shows stormy conditions people are already facing there. you can see winds sent that chair over a balcony. this video was taken yesterday afternoon. let's take a live look at key west right now. you can see what it looks like. ominous as that storm is getting ready to come in. >> 50 miles to the west of key west right now. it is going to strengthen a little bit as we get deeper -- as it gets deeper into the gulf and over warmer water. you can see it's about 60 to near 70 mile-per-hour winds. should have almost 70 mile-per- hour sustained winds which means gusts will be higher when it does make that landfall. the heaviest rain from it fort myers towards winter heavy at least 8 inches and that's going to cause flooding there. notice it hugs the coast as it weakens which means there's
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more inland flooding possible from it the coast of georgia, the carolinas, the delmarva peninsula. even up to new england if it continues that track. that's something we'll keep an eye on. it could also delay some flight if you're heading that way. weed pollen. grass pollen. mold spores all low. uv index is back down to very high after being extreme yesterday. neighborhood temperatures about 55 to 59 with many areas of drizzle for the east bay. 52 in santa rosa. 62 in los gatos. mid to upper 50s. we'll stay that way through 7:00. 60s and 70s for noon. 70s and 80s, cooler than yesterday. more on that heat wave coming up. how about trigto the san prlewestbound on the high-rise it's a stalled pickup truck blocking the slow lanes. stay to the left if you did. i've seen a couple of tow
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trucks passing through our screen. you can see those brake lights in the westbound direction starting to build now as you make your way over towards the foster city side of things. popping over to san jose. this is 280 at 17. very light conditions here. no delays as far as you're getting up towards cupertino about an 8 minute drive out of downtown san jose north on 280. overall we're looking good. our typical slowing out of the central valley with about a 40 minute drive westbound on 580 up and over the altamont pass. a racist outburst has a new jersey neighborhood outraged. video of one white neighbor's confrontation going viral. yet another arsenal fireworks doing major damage. the cause of this block party blow up is coming
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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a crowd gathered outside a new jersey man's home after video went viral of him yelling racist slurs at a neighbor. >> not africa. >> this is -- >> not -- i was born in america. i'm from america. >> oh boy. in the video edward matthews can be heard yelling at a neighbor saying this is not africa. he also used racist slurs toward the person filming. before the video ends matthews gave out his address calling for people to show up at his home and that's what they did. one woman claims matthews harassed her a few years ago. >> can we have tried to get justice. if we got justice this wouldn't be happening now. >> we're not going to just let him harass people, especially black people. within this community or any community. >> the original confrontation happened friday. police eventually arrested matthews yesterday in the
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middle of these protests. he faces harassment and bias intimidation charges. investigators from different agencies worked together to break up a major robbery ring in the bay area. hayward police say seven people committed more than 50 robberies in the nine counties you see highlighted on this map. these thieves targeted starbucks, walgreens, cvs. they often passed notes to employees saying that guns and then demanded to see the safe. police worked with the fbi and the u.s. marshal's office to make these arrests. a cascade of explosions caught on camera in ohio similar to that viral fireworks explosion in it los angeles. stacks of fireworks mistakenly blew up at a fourth of july block party in toledo. this is terrifying. >> no. >> you can see lling,
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ruinr cover. and those fireworks exploded in every direction. even stet rental truck on fire. four people got hurt. they are expected to be okay. what? >> why is this woman still out there? go inside. it's flying across her porch. >> look at the porch. somebody caused the blast by throwing a bag of used fireworks in the back of the truck. the only legal fireworks in ohio are novelty items like sparklers. loud pops and bangs like what you just saw causing online community pages in the south bay to be packed with with posts about either missing or found pets. a family in san jose's north side neighborhood says fireworks scared off their dog marco on the night of the 3rd. dog owner bryce lynch says living in the area for more than a decade has prepared him for the inevitable pyrotechnics. he's navigated the noise by keeping his chocolate lab close by. >> he sticks with me wherever i
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go and i'm constantly petting him. he just looks at me like what's going on? >> bang, bang, bang, bang. >> we have been driving around shortly after speaking with abc7 news. he was 12 blocks away. he is alive but he hurt. poor marco. >> only kind of pops i needed. so this small town has come up with a safe and creative way to celebrate the fourth of july. so downieville rolled out bubble wrap to create that popping sensation that comes with the real fireworks. fireworks are banned there since the town is located in the tahoe national forest. the rolling of the bubble wrap down main street started about
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14 years ago as a substitute for fireworks. some california drivers heading home from las vegas for the fourth of july got to take a few souvenirs home with them. traffic tickets. the nevada state highway patrol caught this driver trying to get away with something we have seen before. skipping past traffic on the freeway shoulder. this was on i-15 right at the california border yesterday. at one point so many people were trying to get back from vegas traffic was backed up there for 20 miles. that is so annoying. come on, people. that's all. what? are you going to make an excuse for them? >> no. i think it's sad when people get pulled over. >> okay. but. >> i know that's so illegal. i know. i know. i know. >> unless there is some emergency happening that is not for them. >> it's not for them.
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i know. just wait like everybody else. >> round one goes to karma. >> same goes for the bay bridge. >> don't even start. >> okay, i won't. >> good, i'm glad. >> sorry. should not have brought that up. >> 880 the coliseum looking north at the east bay hills that are covered in clouds with measurable drizzle falling there. be careful driving through there. here's a look at mt tam on the other side of the cloud deck. minor cooling. a sunny afternoon. the coast will see some sunshine. maybe not quite as much as yesterday. building inland heat wave begins thursday and goes all the way through at least monday and that's going to rise our risk of heat illness and heighten our fire threat. right now we don't have advisories or watches for either of those. it's something we'll keep an eye on. right now we still have the area high pressure bringing us the breezy on shore flow during the day soat bring backthizzle. it's going to litt re
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aggressive tod. temperatures a to bea yesterday. look at these spring-like low to mid70s for most of the south bay and then low to mid80s los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. peninsula, 70 to 74 degrees. we have 73 in menlo park. 58 at half moon bay. 63 to 67 for downtown and south san francisco. game time is back to normal today. 6:45. it'll be 60 degrees dropping to 57. the usual increasing clouds and breezy conditions. head up through the north bay. we have upper 50s along the coast. 67 at sausalito to 77 at san rafael. lakeport about 90. east bay, 68 at berkeley and oakland. 70 to 75 elsewhere. inland, we have upper 70s for most of the trivalley until you get out to livermore at 83. 84 at pittsburgh and antioch. doesn't that look like the last several nights? about the last 7 to 8 nights. temperatures in the 50s with
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clouds and patchy drizzle. it's been since june 19th we had our last heat wave. it will start thursday inland and it will continue through at least monday with 80s around the bay. 60s for the coast and 70s in san francisco. >> find your friend now who has the pool. make those plans. good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> and ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> good morning. great to be with both of you this morning. yeah, looks like i'm standing on the beach in a nice morning but we have a tropical storm coming. we're in a hurricane watch. this will kick up to 9 to 11- foot surf later towill be chang here. tropical storm elsa making its way through just west of key west. kind of torturing them and the flash flooding and tornadoes are the main threats. i'll track it, i'll time it all the way up into the mid atlantic and even impacts for part of the east coast. but before it does that, rescue crews in surfside are resuming the search for survivors. the storm could impact their efforts. we are there live as well. also ahead, the latest on pope francis recovering after
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that scheduled surgery. what we're learning about his condition. amy robach is live with the latest. the vacation rush as post pandemic travel has taken off. how you can navigate delays and where to find the best savings. then we are so excited to have the one, the only patti labelle with us live. she's taking us into her kitchen. we cannot wait to see
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪
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[goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ making the best of a situation happening now strong winds and heavy rain are hitting southern florida as tropical storm elsa approaches. that isn't stopping two young children on the pier who got drenched by big waves. the national weather service has issued a storm surge warning. the storm has the potential to cause major flooding and more wind and rain as it moves up
6:25 am
the west side of florida. they look like they were relatively safe. here's a look at the huge wet west. flooding there and throughout florida. we're watching this excessive heat watch for tahoe or right around tahoe in the lower elevations from saturday, sunday through monday. temperatures up to 108. look at this, 108 to 128 possible in the desert southwest. this is for six consecutive days. we'll tap into this heat but not all of us will get it. we'll talk about that coming up. a mama bear wanted to show her cub how fun pools are. >> and it does look like fun. i don't blame this bear for wanting a take a dip to of the heat. >> there's -- it's as if we're not even here, huh? they're just having fun in the pool. >> do you know what? i heard that noise the first time i saw this video and i
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thought it was the bear. it's now i know the dog inside of the house growling. >> that bear is relaxing. >> this bear loves this. look at this little bear. asking for a towel. wondering where the hot dog is. >> i like how he shakes off a little bit and gets out. >> the mama's like this is not zero depth entry. next time a better house. paul hubler shared this video of the two bears going for a swim. this is in glendale in l.a. county. mama bear and her cub stayed for a while. they were in no rush then they walked off back into the wilderness once she found the steps. >> oh look. >> how cute. >> little hug. bear hugs. >> but he is saying next time can we get the salt water pool. >> ask i think he's content. >> he's like this chlorine is not good for the fur. all right. look at this. we're on a roll with the animals.
6:27 am
giraffes pretty much like us. watch them also hide under cover when it rains. these four giraffes at a zoo found shelter in this small cave. the taronga zoo posted the video saying humans weren't the only ones unimpressed by sydney's wet weather. their faces. >> the one looks like it's chewing gum like unbothered. >> are we done here? that's cute. >> next at 6:30, the new jerseys the giants will wear this weekend and they're not a hit with the fans. i like them. >> i thought they were cool. we'll see what you think about this. we're also out live this morning with the new places you can stop wearing your mask today. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it.
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have you heard about the delta plus? >> no. >> it's mutating compared to other viruses incredibly quickly. >> your top stories now at 6:30. delta plus danger. the newest variant sending scientists searching for answers. our abc7 vaccine team has what you need to know and if it a booster shot might be on the horizon. juul in jeopardy. the san francisco-based company once the coveted trend for teens facing a final deadline and in survival mode. another britney spears bomb shell. perhaps one of the biggest yet. the newest report with rumors she might be retiring. good morning. it's tuesday, july 6th. you're watching abc7 mornings live on abc7, hulu live and where ever you stream. we want to start with mike. >> we have that drizzle out there. big story
6:31 am
it's been measurable. tilden park six-hundredths. 11 hundredths in los tromos. drizzle making it down to where we will be commuting. may be a slick spot or two. breezes out there from sfo through oakland, concord, napa. that's going to keep our temperatures cool. 58 at half moon bay to mid to upper 60s around san francisco and oakland. 70s elsewhere to 80s inland. san francisco getting more in line with masking guidelines. starting today you'll no longer need to cover your face at city hall if you are fully vaccinated. amy hollyfield live for us at city hall this morning. amy. >> reporter: for the fully vaccinated. if you've had your shots, starting today you can walk into city hall without your mask. you don't have to wear this. this applies to most city buildings. here in san francisco.
6:32 am
there are a few exceptions. you still need a mask in jails, healthcare settings and on public transit. they are working closely with state and health officials to adjust their mask requirements as needed. 74% of the eligible population in san francisco is vaccinated. one of the highest rates in the nation so they feel safe taking this step now. officials say they are watching the number of cases of the delta variant very carefully and they will adjust their policies as needed. they'll keep you posted on that that as of right now they do feel like it's safe for you to take your mask off inside places like city hall if you are vaccinated. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. happening today, president joe biden is set to deliver remarks about getting many more americans vaccinated. the president is walking a fine line though. he wants to show the progress in the fight against covid but
6:33 am
also acknowledge that the fourth of july really wasn't what he hoped it would be after failing to meet a self-imposed deadline of getting 70% of adults vaccinated. today president biden is expected to talk about the delta variant. he's going to be focusing on economic investment efforts. scientists are reporting a new version of the delta variant. they're calling it delta plus. an additional mutation in spike protein. even with a new mutation the vaccines continue to prove effective against these variants. infectious disease specialist talked about if booster shots might be needed. >> there is a chance of that. like older people. i think it's going to be a decision that the united states makes in the likely to emulate the uk and israel and immuno suppressed patients need a third shot. >> more data needs to be collected to confirm if delta plus is more transmissible than the delta variant. in this surfside, florida rescuers are racing to find
6:34 am
people trapped in the rubble of the collapsed condo building. now we're hearing from a woman whose sister lived in that building. her family is hoping for a miracle. >> i would tell her that, you know, i would wait forever to be with you and to reunite with you. and that i'm holding out every bit of hope with every ounce of everything inside of me as a human being that you might be in there still alive. i struggle to even grasp the thought of living the rest of my life without her. >> that was ashley dean talking about her sister cassie stratton. 28 victims have been identified. more than 100 are still missing. some airlines are waiving change fees for certain florida cities. delta, american and united are waiving change fees on american you have to rebook by tomorrow.
6:35 am
for delta you have to fly by fl july 10th. tropical storm conditions are expected today in the florida keys and the southwestern part of the state. the storm has winds of 65 miles per hour. in the north bay, police are trying to track down the gunman who opened fire at a fourth of july party. santa rosa police believe this shooting was gang related. witnesses told abc7 news a man in a silver honda started shooting just after midnight yesterday. 35-year-old javier montes was killed. a number of teenagers were injured. investigators believe the gunman targeted that party. this morning san francisco police want to find the thieves behind this high end heist at the neiman marcus store. the whole thing caught on camera. ten people running out of the store on union square carrying a bunch of designer handbags. this happened just before 6:00 last night. a witness took this video and
6:36 am
shared it with abc7 news. multiple get away vehicles were there waiting for the thieves. solving these bay area burglaries. our i-team is putting together new data digging into one possible source of the issue. looking live at the big board. we are significantly down this morning. another update on how the markets are doing next. finding summer vacation success with travel numbers pushing to their highest heights in the pandemic. there are expert tips you need to know that can help you save must be and keep your patience before you book that next big trip. but first a trip outside with meteorologist mike nicco. >> maybe a trip to the beach or san francisco. somewhere where it's going to be cooler than our inland neighborhoods as we head into the weekend. let's take a look at what's going on right now. san mateo. it's misty out there as is the case in areas if you're commuting this morning. breezy from the bay bridge north into the delta and all the way back to the golden gate bridge. could be damp spots because of that mist and drizzle. look at n we have clean air.
6:37 am
once it starts warming up it turns to moderate, which is still healthy. it's just not going to be quite as clean as the next couple of days. if you're in san francisco, 52 in sunnyside is the the financial marina about 56 degrees. slick streets are possible the closer you are to the coast or higher elevations in it san francisco because of that mist and drizzle. look at this, everybody around the mid50s to 61 in saratoga. here's a look around today at 8:00. you see not much of a change. cloud cover still there. temperatures haven't changed much. as we head up into the noon hour, look at the cloud cover pulling back to the coast. keeping you in the 50s. 60s around the bay. 70s mainly inland. as we head towards 4:00 we can see some 80s showing up in morgan hill, some of the east bay valleys up in the north bay. some 90s around clear lake. but look at these upper 60s to near 70 around the bay. 63 in san francisco. if you're going out during the evening hours you can see the cloud cover already coming back
6:38 am
and so are the 50s and 60s for the coast and bay while a few 70s hold on inland. tonight 1st going to be misty. one of our last ones. heat is on the way. i'll show you that coming up. here's sue. >> if you need proof the holiday weekend is over, take a look at some of these drive times. early morning commuters are out in full force. just under an hour westbound on 580 slowing from antioch to concord westbound 4. you're driving to san francisco over the golden gate is looking good from san rafael. metering lights turned on at 6:10 this morning. you're backed up for about an 8 to 10 minute delay just to get to the metering lights and on into the upper deck. earlier stall westbound on the san mateo bridge cleared off the high-rise. slow traffic across the span. here you're looking at a 17
6:39 am
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there have been more than 3500 burglaries reported in san francisco so far this year. >> police say they're working on increasing staffing at the department is nearly 400 short of people, so are the clearance rates. the percentage of cases cleared indicating an arrest was made now 4 to 6% below the numbers reported this time last year. one business owner who has been in the city for 30 years is considering moving out. thieves have targeted this market twice in two weeks. just days ago a person drove a car into the store front to break down the door. >> i have to check on the cameras, see if the door's still there or not. it's really traumatizing for us. it's like we're suffering here. >> we are working on that portion now. we definitely have a staffing shortage and we have some work to do in that area. >> we reached out to sfpd for further comment but have not heard back. the survival of san francisco-based juul is at stake. it's mounting an all out campaign to persuade the fda to
6:42 am
allow it to continue to sell its e-cigarettes in the u.s. the agency has until september 9th to decide whether the devices and nicotine pods have enough public health benefit as a safer alternative for smokers for it to stay on the market. the company is facing thousands of lawsuits claiming it knowingly sold its trendy vaping products to minors. now to your morning money report. important travel tips to help you save cash, especially after this record breaking weekend of holiday travel. airlines say travel is almost back to 2019 levels. the weekend holiday meant that airports were packed. there were long lines. thousands of delayed flights because airlines really just could not keep up. the tsa screened nearly 8 million peleso many people are traveling, how do you find the best deals? experts say you should think outside the box. >> check out the places where you have membership like the big box stores like costco.
6:43 am
>> coming up, why it could be beneficial to look for last minute deals. that's at 7:00 after abc7 mornings. well, add your morning cereal to the list of items seeing a price hike. general mills says it's raising prices across nearly all mpanos gm also owns pillsbury, green giant and haagen daas. the company blames rising costs of ingredients, packaging, shipping and labor. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are still down by about 115 points. airbnb is serious about its ban on parties. more than 50,000 bookings have been blocked in 15 cities. usually from young people who do not have a history of positive reviews. san francisco-based airbnb issued a global ban on house parties last year. it allows entire house bookings
6:44 am
by people under 25 but only if they have a good airbnb history or if they're making long term rental plans. the internet is full of opinions regarding a new jersey butcher's product. they are flat, round hot dogs. rastelli's is selling the patties in a pack of three for $18. that's an expensive hot dog. right now it is out of stock. rastelli's says the patties have ridges which they claim make them optimal for grilling and adds more surface area so you can put on more many says it resembles bologna and bavarian street food. >> so are they like little small bites or like big like a hamburger patty? can you tell? >> it better be big because for that price. >> it looks small. i can't tell. >> oh wait. it's eight. what? >> eight three ounce round
6:45 am
dogs. maybe it's like a little bite. would you feel better if you could do it like a little bite? >> like a slider? >> it could be a slider. >> all i know is i said earlier we should come up with a hamburger that's in the shape of a hot dog and it already exists. it's right here in san francisco. >> i'm ready to try it. >> it looks delicious. >> i'd rather try that. >> that sounds better; right? >> honestly. >> last time we had something with ridges you got upset because only ruffles have ridges. >> that's true. >> i remember that. >> yeah. let's take a look at what's going on from the exploratorium. gray outside. mist and drizzle. mt tam, wouldn't that be a nice hike and you come out in that sunshine. we'll use this as the backdrop. minor cooling today. drizzle and sunshine. we'll see a few peaks through
6:46 am
the cloud cover. that'll become thicker and overcast with more drizzle and a summer spread. that means the inland areas warm the most. we'll be comfortable for most of the bay and san francisco and the coast. look at these temperatures. low to mid70s for most of the south bay. 80 san jose. same thing in redwood city. 58 along the coast to near 60 towards the sunset. 63 to 67 for downtown. upper 50s for the north bay coast. quite a range from 76 in vallejo to 79 at napa to even some 90s north of there. for the east bay, we have 68 in it berkeley and oakland. most influenced by the sea breeze. low to mid70s elsewhere. as you move towards the valleys, look at all these 70s. that is really comfortable. considering it's going to be about 20, 25 degrees warmer in
6:47 am
about two days. 50s out there once again with splotches of green in the megoi the state. heat building 101 in yosemite. 87 in tahoe is close to a record high. excessive heat for nearly six days down in the desert southwest. that's what we tap into but look at that. 60s to 70s coast and san francisco. 80s mainly around the bay and 90s to 100 inland from thursday all the way through monday. >> thank you, mike. this morning firefighters are making progress against three large wildfires burning in northern california. containment on the lava fire at the foot of mount shasta is now more than 70%. that fire has burned 46 square miles which is nearly the size of san francisco. containment of the nearby tenant fire is at 51% while the salt fire is at 20%. as wildfires become a growing threat in california, researchers are trying to create fireproof houses using
6:48 am
mud. it's a process similar to ancient adobe brick work. mechanical engineers hope homes built with these would replace traditional wood and stucco. uc davis researchers tested the blocks in a furnace for seven hours and more than 2000 degrees. >> and the -- as you can see the brick is still there. it doesn't burn. >> the block of wood and then again to a mud block and you can see how the two paraphiad. they also say materials are cheap and sustainable because you can use locally sourced dirt to create the mud and press the bricks at the job site. new details about britney spears. there are reports her long time manager is resigning and he says britney wants to retire. this is just the latest twist since her testimony against her conservatorship. rudolph wrote a letter obtained by variety as well as deadline. it's to the conservatorship and it says britney has expressed her intention to officially
6:49 am
retire adding he wishes britney health and happiness. the letter says i'll be there for her if she ever needs me me again. rudolph hasn't spoken to britney in over two years. a fireworks accident killed a professional hockey player. the goalie being remembered by his teammates, the league and fans. >> the national hockey league family mourns the goaltender matiss kivlenieks. we extend our sympathies during this time. >> the nhl started game four of the stanley cup finals with a moment of silence for matiss kivlenieks. he was at a private gathering for the holiday when a mortar- style firework tilted downward and shot toward a group of people. kivlenieks tried to clear from the area but the firework hit him in the chest. he was only 24 years old. the giants are going to be showing off their new jerseys
6:50 am
this weekend when they play the washington nationals. the team unveiled the new uniforms part of nike's city connect brand. the color that stands out the most is orange, which is the color of the golden gate bridge. the bridge is represented on the sleeves as well as the cap and the summer fog is there too at the bottom of the g logo. the city connect campaign is an attempt to align uniforms with the city they represent. san francisco is one of seven teams that signed up to be a part of the inaugural jersey launch. no plans for jerseys for the a's. >> we said people had a problem with it. what problem do they have with it? >> somebody said it looks like a creamsicle. >> wow. >> that's just what i read. >> i like it. but i have no taste? >> i like orange. >> i like orange. we've got to switch it up sometimes; right? >> maybe. happening tonight it's game one of the nba finals. >> the phoenix suns and the
6:51 am
milwaukee bucks square off on abc7. this is the suns first appearance in an nba final since 1993 and for the bucks, it's their first final in 47 years. at 5:30 tonight nba countdown gets you ready for the finals. tipoff is at 6:00 and then abc7 sports director for after the game on abc7. we have new details in that hidden treasure we were telling you about. it was found in the santa cruz mountains. a mom and her two sons now have $1000. the hunt started thursday with various clues leading to $1000 posted on an instagram account. on saturday a picture showed up with the group holding a trophy meaning they figured out where the money was. the winners are mary garcia and her sons cory and jason. >> we could hear him moving the box the scraping. we weren't right next to him. we were a ways on the trail. we could tell that didn't -- it
6:52 am
sounded like a box. so we knew. then jason said i found it. >> the organizers say there will be more treasure hunts in the future and they're going to be posting updates on instagram. new at 6:00, a boom at the box office. >> f9 is past $500 million worldwide. that's the biggest hollywood hit since the start of the pandemic. it hasn't broken any pre- pandemic sales numbers but its success is coming on the heels of godzilla versus kong which brought in half a million dollars globally. >> we're in a better time right now for movie going. if you see it's been a sour weekend at the box office, bulk of that has to do with what's on the marquee. we want to get out. especially after more than a year and a half of lockdown. >> oh. now hollywood is banking on a number of films with spinoff characters or stories that have
6:53 am
already proven to be successful. and that includes space jam 2, jungle cruise and shag-chi and the legend of the ten rings. two men are now more than halfway to their record breaking goal of ten days on a seesaw. >> on a what? >> a seesaw. did you think i said fe totter. i did not. >> chuck and mike have been on the teeter-totter seesaw for six days in concord. walker first broke this record 50 years ago to beat a rival pair of fast food workers in southern california and he says this time though the goal is different. >> i've got a son and four daughters and four grand kids. they've had to listen to it their whole life. now they get to witness it and it's been everything i said it was. >> all right. neck pillow. did you see that? >> does he? also there's a cooler too. >> you need all of that.
6:54 am
so a pedometer attached showed they have been up and down 116,000 times as of yesterday >> it's a tt area . they're in. so that's kind of nice. who would you want to stare at for that long? ten days straight. >> there you are. >> still there. >> and sleeping like that too? >> if you get a nice eye mask. >> you can sleep like that? >> it looked very soothing. >> kumasi. >> very meditative. >> kumasi. how long do you think you would really last? >> two hours. >> that's shorter than i would have given you. >> let's be honest. up next the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch all of our news casts live and on demand through the bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv,
6:55 am
android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download the app now and you can start streaming. >> can as we head to break, let's take a live look outside right now. it is 6:54. we'll be right back.
6:56 am
if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air,
6:57 am
and even take on climate change... would you press it? it is 6:57 if you're just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. starting today no more masks. san francisco city hall if you are fully vaccinated. other city facilities are also dropping the mask requirements with the exception of jails, healthcare settings and of course on public transit. the san francisco unified school district is preparing to welcome students back for full
6:58 am
time in-person learning. it's hosting a series of town hall meetings for families and teachers starts tonight at 5:30. educators say they're going to discuss safety protocols that'll be in place. number three, san francisco police want to find the thieves who ripped off high end handbags from the union square neiman marcus store. this happened last night. ten people were seen running from the store. a hurricane watch has been issued for southern parts of florida as tropical storm elsa is expected to make landfall there today. some airlines offering change fees for certain cities that would be impacted. >> if question could just have some of that water they're going to receive there it would temper our heightened fire danger and moderate risk of heat illness especially for inland neighborhoods that starts thursday and rolls through the weekend. following your tuesday morning commute, the holiday weekend is over. bay bridge metering lights on at 6:10 this morning. you're backed up towards the maze, 80 westbound the heaviest approach. and number seven, look at our friends here. a mama bear and her cub needed
6:59 am
a place to escape the heat. so they went for a dip in p in n pool. they chose this nice one. the two ended up swimming for a while. a long while it looks like. >> look how well they swim. >> this little cub is having a great time. >> really is. >> yeah. >> then it got out and it looked for its towel. >> and the patty shaped hot dog. curious about that. somewhere and his picnic basket. >> it really got out of the pool so well. >> bears are not to be played with but those are so cute and i would miss them when they left. >> as long as you stay away. >> do you think they left a lot of hair in the filter? >> yes. totally. >> can you imagine cleaning out the filter? oh, okay. >> what am i supposed to do with this? is it recyclable? do i make something?
7:00 am
>> right. >> knit something? >> cute though. >> invite more friends over. >> speaking of that, invite us to pool parties. we're very entertaining. good morning, america. tropical storm elsa on the move this morning. a hurricane watch issued for parts of florida. elsa closes in bringing flash flooding and tornadoes. ginger zee in florida tracking it. and that race against time. rescue crews search for survivors after the demolition of the remaining building cleared the way to safely reach areas they couldn't access before. the storm kicking up dust and debris. pope francis recovering in the hospital after that scheduled surgery. the latest on his condition this morning. amy robach is live in vatican city. urgent manhunt. the search for the suspect in the murder of three people including a golf pro after


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