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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 6, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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ever, er ♪trthan eve ev ♪ ♪ right threat now in the gulf of mechanixico. where warm water will strengthen the storm. 9 million people under watches and warnings. the storm taking aim at florida. >> battling the elements. rescuers now dealing with the effects of el sa. strong winds and rain pounding the area as they search a fresht in the chest with fire works. new details on what happened. plus new video from a different
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incident showing a downtown l.a. high-rise blasted with fire works. >> plus new this morning. anger after police arrest a man accused in a racist rant. pelted with objects as he is taken into custody. >> the beer, the child and the foul ball. the must see catch from the devoted dad. from abc news in new york. this is "america this morning." >> good tuesday morning. >> we begin with tropical storm el sa picking up steam taking aim at florida. >> winds 60 miles per hour over night the storm continues to get closer to the florida keys and the state western coast. >> the governor expanded the state of emergency to cover two dozen countries where people are
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feeling the initial impact. >> this morning people in florida are already feeling the effects of tropical storm el sa. powerful winds whipping up tampa bay last night. fort meyers residents packing sandbags in preparation. with many refusing to evacuate. >> pretty much like all florida. watching to see what it will do. >> we felt more secure and just staying here and sticking it out. >> a fierce gust of wind blew a chair off a balcony. the person who shot the video says it narrowly missed hitting a woman. monday making land fall in cuba dumping torrential rain. officials there evacuating 180,000 after the storm killed three people in the caribbean. officials in florida are u residents to take precautions.
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>> make sure the boat is secure. patio furniture is put away. get the last minute supplies that they need to get. >> she lives on a boat in key west. storm force her inland. >> get ready for it. >> conditions are expected to deteriorate in the next few hours. >> res kusers at the collapsed condo building are dealing with the effects of el sa. the weather is making a tough job more difficult for search and rescue crews. we have the latest. >> tropical storm is isn't expected to directly hit surf side, florida. it is creating tough conditions. the search and rescue continues. >> this morning with tropical storm approaching florida, the search for survivors in the
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condo collapse goes on. first responders working through pouring rain and strong winds. only pausing for lightning. >> i'm in awe of the men and women of the tas have beentinui conditions. >> after crews demolish the rest of the tower south. the mayor saying the search is at 100% capacity. with rescuers able to access areas that have been too dangerous before. >> the heavy equipment is now able to move around the site. as needed. the looming threat of the building, the dangerous situation where debris could fall is eliminated. >> the search fuelling hope among officials kp families of the 100 people still missing. two weeks after the towers partial collapse,8 victims are confirmed dead. >> what's driving us is hope. the hope that the family has of us being successful and finding
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ia collae. ld nared >> lost ever >> she watched the demolition of the rest of the tower with her son. wondering how to rebuild her life. >> don't forget that people that survive. we have to start again. our life. from zero. >> to give a sense of scale of the operation. they removed nearly 5 million pounds of concrete from the site of the collapse. >> thank you. >> pope francis is alert and breathing on his own after surgery on his intestine. he'll remain in the hospital for a week after having part of his colon removed. >> today president biden will deliver remarks on the coronavirus response as the delta variant fuels resurgence.
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in a hard hit area of missouri. where immunization rates are low. a poll found 74% of unvaccinated people say they probably will not get the shot. >> a lot of people are getting information from the internet. and it's false. i'm talking to patients that believe the vaccine causes infertility somehow. this has been a myth circulating since april. it's very important to understand that we need to follow the science and not just things you read on the internet. >> after missing his goal to get 70% of adults vaccinated by july 4, the president is stressing there's still a lot more work to do. >> to the fire works accident that killed a professional hockey player. this morning the blue jackets coal tender being remembered by
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teammates, league and fans. >> starting game 4 with a moment of silence. >> we extend our deepest sympathy. for family, friends and team. >> he was killed by fire works. after a fourth of july celebration turned deadly. a goal tender for the blue jackets who made his ta benjamin netanyahu debut in 2020. a fire work tilted downward and shot towards a group of people in the hot tub. >> there's a malfunction. it caused two more to be shot in his direction. >> authorities say he tried to clear away from the area. but was struck in the chest. and later died. a he signed as a free agent in 2017. the goal tender seen here
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thanking his teammates. >> thank you. >> his former blue jackets teammate and captain. remembering the goalie as a great person. >> that smile is the first thing i thought of. every day. so happy to be there. living out his dream. >> according to multiple reports the accident happened while he was at the home of a blue jackets coach. >> in los angeles the windows of a downtown high-rise shattered when someone set off fire works too close to the building. take a look. >> the fire works crashed into the window of the upper unit. glass and debris rained down on the street. police were called to the scene. no injuries reported. >> time for a closer look at tuesday morning weather. >> good morning.
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tropical storm making its way up the west coast of florida. expected to make land fall as a tropical storm north of tampa on wednesday morning. bringing rain and wind to 40 to 60 miles per hour gusts for west and north florida. those will go up into the carolinas thursday. gusts over 80 near tampa on wednesday. four to eight inches of rain for the sunshine state. >> coming up, the moment a bank robber grabs an exproeding dye pack. man accused in a racist rant.a protesters pelting him and police with objects. the scene coming up. >> strange site in the middle of the sea. the sea. why scientists your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq.
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new jersey attempted bank robbery goes up in pink smoke. that's the suspect after the dye pack went off as he tried to get away with the cash saturday. he was opt run until place caught up with him. he faces robbery and weapons charges. >> it happened last night as police arrested a man after a vdeo of his racist rant went viral. in the video he dared people to come to his house. last night hundreds did just that. >> tempers flare last night in a new jersey neighborhood. as police take a man accused of racial harassment into custody. protesters pelting a police cruiser with objects as officers
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escort him away from his home. >> it's not africa. >> i was born in america. >> the chaos stems from a video online. showing a man who police say is threatening his neighbors last know where i was when it happened? at work. >> on friday police charged him with harassment and bias intimidation in connection with with that dispute. another video surfaced over the weekend. showing matthews using more racial slurs. in one of the videos he called on people to show up at his home. and dozens did just that. monday night. surrounding his home with signs and smashing the windows. >> he tried addressing the crowd. only to be ushered back in by an officer. he says he was trying to apologize.
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>> i walked out and tried to talk to them. and the police threw me back in. >> the crowd grew larger. police taking him back into custody. to face additional charges. he says the video only shows part of ongoing dispute with his neighbors. racially based.idents are - because of my anger being out of control. and i used words that i should never use. it will never occur again. >> many of the protesters claim neighbors reported him to police in the past. no actions were taken. >> coming up want covid scare for kate middleton. who is forced to self-isolate. >> accident on on an amusement park ride. leaving an 11 year-old dead. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork...
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your heart isn't just yours. protect it with bayer aspirin. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. welcome the rainbow. taste the rainbow. back now with the aftermath of an explosion and fire on a small island in the caspian sea caused about a so-called mud volcano. the blast was initially thought to be a fire on an oil platform, but that was later classified. a magnitude 5.2 earthquake shook hawaii. it was centered off the north shore of the big island felt on all the state's main islands including 300 miles away on kauai. there were no immediate reports of gadge or injuries. investigators are searching the floor of the pacific
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st friday. the two pilots were seriously injured. they reported engine trouble before the 46-year-old plane a deadly water ride accident is under investigation in iowa. it took the life of an 11-year-old boy and injured several others. abc's megan tevrizian has the details. >> reporter: this morning, a family is grieving after their 11-year-old son died following a ride malfunction at an amusement park over the holiday weekend. >> i need an ambulance team right now to adventureland. total four patients. everyone is out of the water. this is code 3. please respond to adventureland. >> reporter: the accident happening saturday at adventureland park in iowa. 11-year-old michael jaramillo was on the raging river ride with five other family membe when his raft overturns. >> when it flipped over, all of us were trapped in the seat and seat belts.
4:19 am
i see the silhouettes of my sons trying to grab each other, grab us. they wanted us to help them. we couldn't do it. >> reporter: witnesses jumping in to help free the riders as emergency crews rushed to the park. jaramillo and threetaken the hs jaramillo passed away on sunday. his brother david who turns 16 tomorrow is in a medically induced coma. dee sabic and her boyfriend brought their two sons to adventureland and her sons rode it 45 minutes before the accident. >> i'm speechless because just knowing that it was so close with how it happened and where it happened like i can't even imagine how the family fee feels. at the same time, it could have been my kids. >> reporter: adventureland releasing a statement saying it was inspected the day before the accident and was found to be in sound working order. but this is the second death on
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that same ride in the last five years. the ride is now shut down but the rest of the theme park's rides and water park remain open. andrew, andrea. >> thanks, megan. kate middleton is self-isolating after having contact with someone who later tested positive for covid. the duchess of cambridge made appearances last week at wimbledon and at an england soccer match. a spokesperson says middleton is experiencing no symptoms. kate is fully vaccinated, but uk authorities say anyone who has had close contact with an infected person must isolate for ten days. turning now to sports, don't call it a comeback. the montreal canadiens have extended the stanley cup final at least one more game and scored an overtime winner last night against the lightning and trail the series 3-1. game five is tomorrow night in tampa. >> good luck. coming up, the picasso painting found sitting in a closet in maine. how did it get there? also ahead, born to ride. the olympic dreams coming true for bruce springsteen's daughter. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your
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time to check the pulse. maybe it's time to check your closet too. we have a master work of art hidden i closet. >> sold at auction. this work sat in the closet of a house in maine that was passed doin through generations. there for 50 years. >> the painting has been sold for $150,000. >> good find. >> next a congratulations to gwen stefani and blake shelton. >> the star judges from the voice said i do over the week. at his oklahoma ranch. and they shared photos with millions of followers. >> it was held inside a specially built chapel on the
4:24 am
property. he wore a bow tie and blue jeans. and white cowboy boots. she's sharing snaps of the day on imtsa gorgeous. >> born to ride. >> the bosses daughter is heading to the olympics on horse back. a member of the -- her first olympic appearance. she has been riding horses ever since she got her first pony at 6 years old. >> to a dad with good hands. >> he has the ability to multi-task. right to the video. check out what happened at a baseball game in arizona. dad has a peer in one hand and daughter on his arm. the ball gets to him a foul ball. had reloess his daughter, catches the ball and grabs the girl midair. daughter is good.
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checking the top story, president biden will address the covid-19 response today after making it clear that the fight against the virus is not over. the president fell short of his goal to get 70% of adults vaccinated by july 4th. the delta variant is still spreading fast in states with low vaccination rates. the manhunt continues for the suspect in a triple murder that occurred on a country club near atlanta. a golf pro and two other men were shot to death saturday. two victims were found in the back of a pickup truck. the third near the club's 10th hole. tropical storm elsa is barreling toward florida with 60-mile-an-hour winds after sweeping over cuba. it's expected to brush by dangerously close to key west today and landfall could come
4:28 am
tomorrow around the state's big bend. and today's weather, in addition to elsa, there is a lot of rain from the rockies all the way to the southeast and new england. sunny from the northern rockies to the west coast. and finally, hollywood director richard donner has ded. >> he directed some of the biggest blockbusters in the past 50 years. here's our will ganss. >> excuse me, miss, i've got you. >> reporter: he's the man behind some of the biggest action adventure movies ever. richard donner, the director of 1978's "superman" starring christopher reeve as the man of steel. less than a decade later he directed "the goonies." >> goonies never say die. >> reporter: that film's executive producer steven spielberg remembering his late friend on twitter, being in his circle was akin to hanging out with your favorite coach. smartest professor, staunchest ally and, of course, the greatest goonie of all. a few years after that he would
4:29 am
direct mel gibson and danny glover in "lethal weapon." >> have you ever met anybody you haven't killed? >> i haven't killed you yet. >> reporter: they would stay together for three sequels "lethal weapon 4" in 1998. he teamed up with bill murray for the dark christmas comedy "scrooged." born richard donner schwartzberg in the bronx in 1930, the director got his start on the other side of the camera studying theater at nyu. he began directing commercials and tv shows like "gilligan's island" and "the twilight zone." he made the leap to film with "the omen" starring gregory peck becoming the fifth highest grossing movie that year. establishing richard as a hollywood heavyweight. he was recently honored for his work spanning five decades in hollywood. >> it's extraordinary. this industry is my friend. and it's been just the greatest gift in the world to me. >> reporter: richard is survived
4:30 am
by his wife lauren. together they founded the donner company that includes "free willy" and right now on "ame morning" tropical threat now in the gulf of mechanixico. where warm water will strengthen the storm. 9 million people under watches and warnings. the storm taking aim at florida. >> battling the elements. rescuers now dealing with the effects of el sa. strong winds and rain pounding the area as they search a fresh pile of rubble. >> tragic accident. a player killed after he was hit in the chest with fire works. new details on what happened. plus new video from a different
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incident showing a downtown l.a. high-rise blasted with


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