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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 6, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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new video overnight showing fireworks being set off in downtown los angeles. one of them smashed the window of a residenal the glass rained down on the streets below. there were no injuries or arrests reported. and take a look at this video from new jersey. look at the left side of your screen there. that big puff of pink smoke is coming from a suspected bank robber. he allegedly stole $2300 on saturday in newark. what he didn't know is the teller put an exploding dye pack in with the cash, and the suspect was captured yesterday. authorities in iowa are investigating a child's death after an accident on an amusement park's river ride. an attorney for the park says the ride has been operating since 1983 and that it's safe. abc's megan tevrizian reports. >> reporter: this morning, a family is grieving after their
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11-year-old son died following a ride malfunction at an amusement park over the holiday weekend. >> i need an ambulance right now to adventureland. total of four patients. everyone is out of the water. this is code 3. please respond to adventureland. >> the accident happening saturday at adventureland park in iowa. 11-year-old michael jaramillo was on the raging river ride with five other family members when the raft overturned. >> when it flipped over, all of us were trapped in the seat belts. i see the silhouettes of my sons trying to grab each other, trying to grab us. they wanted us to help them. we couldn't do it. >> reporter: witnesses jumping in to help free the riders as emergency crews rushed to the park. jaramillo and three others were taken to the hospital. jaramillo passed away on sunday. his brother, david, who turns 16 tomorrow, is in a medically induced coma. dee and her boyfriend brought their two sons to adventureland,
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and her boys rode the same ride 45 minutes before the fatal accident. >> i'm speechless, because just knowing that it was so close with how it happened and where it happened, like i can't even imagine how the family feels. at the same time that could have been my kids. >> reporter: adventureland releasing a statement indicating the ride was inspected the day before the accident and was found to be in sound working order. but this is the second death on that same ride in the last five years. the ride is now shut down, but the rest of the theme park's rides and water park remain open. andrew, andrea? >> all right, megan, thank you. amazon employees now answer to a new ceo. yesterday jeff bezos followed through on his promise to step down, 27 years to the day after founding the company. andy jassy will handle the day-to-day operations now. the world's richest man now plans to focus on philanthropic projects, climate change and space travel. all right. coming up, the former first
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couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ [male narrator] for as long as we've existed, boys & girls clubs has always been about coming together. to support the families of our communities and do whatever it takes to give every kid a chance at a great future. but we're going through a challenging time right now. and while we may not all be able to come together in the same physical ways, in other ways, we're coming together like never before. because that's what “whatever it takes to build great futures” means. it means providing a safe place to go for children whose parents are on the front lines battling the virus. it means providing millions of meals for kids who previously relied on their school or a meal program which are now shut down.
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and it's about harnessing the power of technology to keep kids moving forward with their education. so yeah. “whatever it takes to build great futures” may mean something different right now. but whatever it is, that's exactly what we're going to keep doing. ♪ and a boogie style no one else could play ♪ ♪ he was a top man at his craft, but then his number came up and he was gone with the draft ♪ ♪ he's in the army now, blowing reveille ♪ >> beautiful shot of atlan ♪ and a booge style no one else could play ♪ ♪ he was a top man at his craft, but then his number came up and he was gone with the draft ♪ ♪ he's in the army now, blowing reveille ♪ >> beautiful shot of atlanta there. we have a love story now that has roots back to the days of the second world war, and now it's entering a beautiful new chapter. >> beautiful it is. president jimmy carter and first lady rosalynn carter marked 75
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years of marriage tomorrow. they share their secrets of long-lasting love with abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: this is a love story where the first few pages were written in rural georgia. >> when i first had a date with her, the next morning i told my wife -- my mother, that was the girl i wanted to marry. >> life with jimmy carter has been an adventure. >> reporter: in a rare interview, president and mrs. carter tell us that they're planning to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary with a large party in plains, georgia, with 300 people invited. >> well, it turned out to be too big, but i think it will be okay. >> reporter: so tell me about this anniversary. >> we try to share as much as we possibly can do. you know, exciting and enjoyable things like bird watching and downhill skiing and fly fishing,
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things like that. >> reporter: you've gone fly fishing recently? >> yes. i went last year. >> we have a little pond in front of our house, and i go out and cast. >> reporter: he's turning 97 this year, and she is turning 94. he jokes that she turned him down the first time he asked for her hand in marriage. >> my impression was that she was dating all the other boys in the county. there were about four of them. >> all four. it was a wild time. but i had promised my father on his death bed that i would finish college. but he was persistent and i gave in.nn 2or v >> reporter: their adventure together took them to the white house in january of 1977. >> as jimmy said earlier, there is no way that we would be here tonight with jimmy president of the united states without your help. >> reporter: it was a difficult
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four years. after hostages were taken at the american embassy in iran, his presidency ended after just one term. >> president carter, you say often that marrying mrs. carter was the pinnacle of your life. more than any presidency. >> oh, yes. that was the most important thing in my life. it was happy and joyful, and obviously long-lasting. every night we try to make sure we're completely reconciled from all during the day when we go to bed. for 75 years of marriage, we were always warm, deeper in our love for one another. i think that's kind of extraordinary. it doesn't happen to very many couples, but it certainly happened to us. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, plains, georgia.
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>> such a classy couple. happy anniversary to them. >> 75 years and counting. truly remarkable. coming up, a brand-new summertime food controversy. >> that happened. you're watching "world news now."
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time now for this happened. and we're starting with the death of the world's tallest horse. >> 20-year-old belgian big jake lived on a horse farm in wisconsin. he stood nearly 7 feet tall and weighed 2500 pounds. the farm's owner jerry gilbert called jake a superstar and a truly magnificent animal. >> so back in 2010, big jake became the guinness world record holder for the world's tallest living horse. it is a record he held for 11 straight years. and yeah, will be missed. >> those pictures say it all. look howbig he is. wow! next to a ride here in new york city that's been years in the making, in fact, decades in the making. >> this so cool.
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after being retired in 1969, an historic 118-year-old subway car has been put back into service, but only for a very special event. >> the wooden 1904 car with woven seats and leather straps will be used to carry essential workers in new york's upcoming hometown heroes ticker tape parade. >> if i'm not mistaken, i think that's the mta museum there where they have all sorts of old cars you can check out. it's really cool. it's down in brooklyn. i'm a really big fan. >> taking those special workers in style. >> 118 years old. amazing. next to a new -- i guess we can call it a generation. hoping this doesn't catch on, though, hot dogs. >> we're using the term loosely. when we say hot dog, we think of an oblong of america's favorite foods.
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rastelli's is out with its new line of flat round hot dogs. >> the hot dog patties are $18 for a pack of eight and can be more easily clung to condiments. >> but it's so easy to put that stuff on regular hot dogs. >> very easy, yes. >> but apparently it also makes it easier to buy just one type of bun for your cookouts. that i do see. i see that appeal. but many hot dogs purists are not sold, hello, right here. some comparing to it baloney. >> you use a hamburger bun, i'm guessing? >> you can use a hamburger bun for that. and hamburgers. that's only the appeal i see. finally, to a quick trick to help with the warm weather in virginia. >> yeah, a pair of llamas cooled off with the help of a small horse. llamas, that is. and a small pool. >> the first time in years that both alfie and jojo have been properly sheared. their owner said she was anxious to see them cooled off properly. look how different they look with all that fur. >> still super cute. they look kind of like giant dogs. they look between a dog and a
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horse. >> they need a bigger pool first of all. >> they need a bigger pool. >> poo
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it's live's stars and stripes celebration with kelly and ryan. today, a red, white and blue chat anbarbecue, eficonho us what to do with your fourth of july leftovers. plus an american performance from the american band, american authors. all next on live. and now here are your star-spangled co-hosts, kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheering] aw, good morning, hello. ooh, look at that! huh? monday, july 5th, its ousts and stripes celebration!


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