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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 6, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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can you come to mama? come on. >> three!
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>>variant is inin
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what experts say you should expect after the 4th of july weekend. oakland leaders the police chief describing 12 hours of chaos. pets have gone missing after being spooked by the fireworks. i will give you an idea how hot it will be where you are. the news starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the delta variant is now the dominant strain of covid-19 in california. >> and will that new variant and 4th of july gatherings mean a case spike is coming? we asked the experts. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 commitment to building a better bay area includes a focus on course, we have new information about that delta variant. >> accounts for more than a third of all cases.
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a six fold increase for may. health officials say the rapid increase suggests the strain is more easily transmitted. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larson is on our vaccine team and found out what impact it could have in the bay area, kate? >> reporter: last summer there was a surge in covid-19 cases, now, 64% of people 12 and older in the u.s. are at least partially vaccinated. but that is still not enough. doctors say the delta variant could create more clusters of new cases after the holiday weekend. >> with much of the country reopened the 4th of july felt a lot closer to prepandemic times. but while 50 million people traveled by car and plane over the long weekend new cases of the highly transmissible delta variant continue to spread as the country came up short by seven million shots of president biden's self- imposed vaccine goal. >> there are four states in this country that we are looking at that we are more concerned about in terms of lower rates
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of vaccinations. utah, nevada, arkansas, and missouri. >> i live in a rural area. it is pretty hard hit. and you guys here in san francisco seem to be on it. >> reporter: bryant walker is visiting from indiana. >>y with are struggled in some of our rural areas to get the shots and get everybody back on their feet. >> reporter: the delta variant is fueling surges in unvaccinated states, abc team member said this. >> i just don't think we will see kind of a national surge. >> reporter: he said it is too soon to say what kind of impact localized surges will have. >> what we are waiting to see if there is a increase in hospitalizations. >> reporter: are you more concerned about delta variant than a few weeks ago? >> i am with the earlier variants if there was a case in the household 20% of the people in the household get infected and now it is closer to half. >> reporter: this doctor says it is possible that even in the bay area small
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clusters of covid-19 outbreaks could occur a phropbg unvaccinated people. >> i know alameda had a few hundred cases last week. >> reporter: 82% of san francisco residents 12 and up received one vaccine dose. the doctor says because of high vaccination rates it is unlikely surges in other parts of the country will impact the bay area in the same way. >> we have kind of a wall of immunity around the state and, you know, that is going to keep transmission low. tell not make it 0 but it will keep it low as we have had. >> reporter: it is likely people in the bay area will be exposed to the delta variant which is why it is so fortunate get vaccinated. if you think you were exposed to covid-19 over the weekend or spending time with unvaccinated people it may be wise to get to covid-19 test. back to you. >> all right, thank you. starting tomorrow you will no longer need a mask when you go frcisco city hall if you are fully vaccinated. this policy lines up with
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guidance from the state the change is in effect for other city facilities. signs, however, will remain posted as a remindtory visitors. >> 4th of july celebrations resulted in real moments of mayhem in oakland. the police say they were stretched so thin last night they did not stop people from setting off illegal fireworks. there were seven shootings during a 15 hour period. one person died and at least half a dozen injured. sideshows were also a significant issue. we talked to city leaders about what can be done. >> reporter: this is is all new video of a 300 vehicle sideshow going down on 4th of july in mccarther and high. one injury, officers say it was just one of the issues they dealt with. >> we are talking about 12
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hours of nonstop chaos. >> reporter: that from the police chief who says the department had to top responding to illegal fireworks calls because of the many shootings and the sideshow. in fact, viewer sent us this video of an oakland police officer just driving around the illegal fireworks and it comes to the sideshows, oakland councilmember says the state, county and city need to work together. he would like to so a state law confiscating any car involved in an illegal sideshow saying he knows the attitude among drivers out there. >> unless i get some push back where i know i will lose my car i will not change my behavior. >> reporter: 4th of july was another night where there were nearly 100 outstanding 911 calls in east oakland. something not en e ty >> clearly ed to bring more resources for nights and weekends where intensity increases like this past weekend. that is something that i think
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is necessary while we seek reimagine safety, bring alternatives. >> reporter: there are are are changes. >> the violence overtook all of our resources. >> reporter: back to you. now, check out this mess in san francisco. crews were called out to mission and 26th streets to pick up the debris left behind. people set off all sorts of fireworks including the safe and sane variety that are illegal in the city. in the south pay our cameras captured a number of illegal fireworks, early numbers show they responded to 20 fireworks- related calls. the department says there were more than 1600 online reports since june 15th. that is down from 6600 last year. so far the department has
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issued 10 citations and seized more than 550 pounds of fireworks. in the north bay, a large 4th of july party was broken up by gunfire leaving a man dead and three others injured. santa rosa police say they believe the shooting was gang related. witnesses told abc 7 news that a man in a silver honda opened fire just passed midnight. 35-year-old man was killed. a group of teenagers were injuried and are now in stable condition. no one was arrested. you have to see this. high end heist tonight from the neiman marcus store in san francisco all caught on camera. the video taken by a man nearby who shared this video with abc 7 news. you can see 10 people running out of the store in union square carrying all they could, armfuls of designer handbags. the police say multiple get away vehicles were waiting for the thieves and they did escape. >> just incredible. tropical storm elsa made
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landfall in cuba this afternoon. areas on the out skirts of havana were drenched. elsa is turning north now and hit the florida keys tomorrow. the governor declared a state of emergency for 15 counties along the florida gulf coast. abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian is watching elsa. >> now moving into the gulf of mexico over the warm tropical waters it is expected to intensify tomorrow gaining tropical storm strength of 65 miles per hour as it moves up along the west coast of florida as a potential flooding rainmaker. in fact, there are flash flood watches and warnings out along florida's west coast. and as the storm moves tomorrow up along the coastline it is expected to make landfall early wednesday over the panhandle and southern georgia and up on the coastal carolinas as a severe flood threat, is what i am trying to say.
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we will keep watching and give you the latest as it develops. >> thank you, see you shortly. the entire condo building that partially collapsed in florida is now demolished. crews say they removed five million pounds of debris. abc news reporter marci gonzalez reports that officials made a pledge to the families of the loved ones that are still missing. >> reporter: in the rubble, another heartbreaking discovery. search and rescue crews finding the body of a 28th victim. the team pausing for lightning but otherwise working around-the- clock through rain and strong winds. >> i am in awe of the men and women of the task force teams continuing to brave dangerous and changing conditions. >> reporter: the search efforts now finally at full capacity. now that the section of champlain towers left standing has been demolished. making it possible for rescuers to reach areas that were too dangerous before. >> the heavy equipment is now
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able to move around the site as needed. the looming threat of that building, the dangerous situation where debris could fall down is now eliminated. >> reporter: the new access fueling hope for some of the families of the 117 people who remain missing nearly two weeks after the collapse. with the officials saying the search will continue 24 hours a day until every single person is accounted for. >> i pray for the other families that someone, any of us can have some kind of miracle that maybe someone can still be alive underneath there. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. in pursuit of lost pets, scared away by 4th of july fireworks. ahead, pet owners in the south bay reach out for help. also here, you may be looking at a way to make homes wildfire proof. a uc scientists dirty discovery that is proving to withstand the flames. >> jason said i found out. we got pretty excited. >> as they should be.
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online communities are packed with posts about missing or found pets. all pointing to the fireworks yesterday. pets get scared and they run off. new at 11:00. abc 7 news reporter explains how pet owners are dealing with this, including a couple
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searching for their lost dog. >> reporter: around san jose's neighborhood clear signs alerting people that their dog is policing. a day early but not less detrimental. >> we have been driving around, posting, talking to dog owners seeing if they see him to let us know. >> reporter: their marco, one of several dogs and cats posted to neighborhood forums, people pleading for help or posting in an effort to reconnect. >> we got online today. first thing i noticed there pos g goout help me find my dog. >> reporter: this dog owner says living in the area for more than a decade prepared him for the pyrotechnics, he navigated the noise by keeping his lab chet close. >> he sticks with me wherever i go and i am constantly petting him. he is looking at me what is going on? >> rally,bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: some
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encouraging news. several local animal shelters reported fewer pets separate friday their owners this year. the humane society saw four dogs and four cats at their intake. they typically see 25 of each over the holiday. >> we think it is a lot more education on the part of shelters throughout the nation to remind people of ways to better help their animals deal with the stress of the july 4th activities. >> reporter: back in san jose, minutes after connecting with sandy and daniel word about marco. he was found 12 blocks away, alive, but injured. >> he has a pelvic injury. but no broken bones, he was stable. that is all i know. i have not seen him. this literally happened minutes ago. >> reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. >> as wildfires become a growing threat in california, researchers at uc davis are trying to create fireproof houses using mud. it is a process similar to
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brick work. engineers hope homes built with these mud blocks would replace wood and stucco that can not withstand the heat of a wildfire. uc davis researchers tested the blocks in a furnace for seven hours at more than 2,000 degrees. >> and as you can see the brick it is still there. it does not burn. >> that is pretty remarkable. >> researchers put a blowtorch to a block of wood and a mud block comparing the differences. they say materials are cheap and sustainable because you can use locally sourced dirt to create the mud and press the bricks at the job site. >> could be a game changer. new details about the hide entreasure found in the santa cruz -- hidden treasure found in santa cruz mountains. we spoke to the family that tracked down the cash in less than 24 hours. >> he started walking over towards us with $1,000 cash and it was like yay! >> reporter: a mother and two children are $1,000 richer tonight. they had a pretty good idea
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where to look for that treasure box. >> we saw the video. we did investigating ic parks have overlooks. figured it was castle rock. mary was working on thursday but told her boys they were going hiking friday morning to find it. >> we could hear him moving the box, the scraping because we were not right next to him we were aways on the trail. we looked at each other and our eyes got big. it sounded like a box. we knew. then jason said, i found it! >> reporter: and then they went to the website to confirm they have, indeed, found the treasure and the organizers got in touch with them. >> we described the award and yep that is you. >> reporter: the cofounder says they hoped they would find it quickly so people believed it was real and not some kind of hoax or a prank. but finding it in less than a day? >> it was a little faster than expected. we expected to get a couple clues into it.
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they found it this one. >> this is not necessarily all about the money. they want people to get outside, have fun and enjoy nature. >> we are going to do some other treasure hunts as well and up the stakes as we go. >> up the stakes? we will keep you posted. the whole point after everybody has been cooped up was to get everybody outside and have a little bit of fun and obviously that is what happened. >>and it gives us a little discussion because our director guessed correctly the first clue. >> we will keep you posted if they happen. but for the moment let's turn our attention to the weather. yes, the up coming heat, coming our way in three days, right now we are looking at relatively cool and mild and pleasant conditions around the bay area. here is a look at current surface winds that are calm in most areas, breezy identity around concord with guests at 22 miles an hour and 33 mile-an-hour wind speeds. it is a degree or two cooler than this time last night. here is the view, looking back
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at the skyline of san francisco where it is 56 degrees. 59 at oakland right now. 61 mountain view, upper 50s in san jose and morgan hill, half-moon bay. looking along the ba right now. we expect some to develop overnight. middle 50s. 59 at fairfield. concord, 57, and the view from the roof top camera looking here on this calm evening. forecast features, low clouds, fog, drizzle developing overnight and into the early morning hours, mild to warm the next two days, the heel will crank up beginning on thursday. for tonight, the forecast animation looks like this. stkpog low clouds pushing across the bay oakland inland. as the commute gets under way there will be fog lingering and perhaps a spot or two of patchy drizzle. coastline,ov thbay and inland h
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inmorrow evening. overnight lows in upper 50s. gh at half-moon bay, 63 in san francisco, around the bay shoreline, around 77, 71 degrees or so. lower to middle 80s. it will get warmer starting on thursday as we see triple digit highs in the warmest inland spots, thursday, friday, and saturday. the temperatures just continue to increase during that period of time. so, here say look at the accu- weather seven-day forecast. here is the heat wave beginning on thursday, four consecutive days of triple digit temperature readings in the hottest inland locations, right around the bay shoreline. look for highs in the, oh, middle 80s or so. and, on the coast we will see lower to middle 60s. as warm as it is going to get. the heat wave will start ea ua ttle bit early next week. >> thank you. all right, still to come, teetering on the edge of a world record. the edge of a world record. update on two men in you're strong.
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halfway to their record- breaking goal of 10 days on a teeter totter. >> yes, they are five days in their quest at a park in concord. walker first broke the record 50 years ago to beat a rival pair of fast food workers in southern california. this time, though, he says the goal is different. >> i have got a son and four daughters and four grandkids so they had to listen to it their whole life and now they get to witness it. and it has that i said it was. wn,0 tiancoun othis they look d as well. >> chris is here with a look at sports, chris? >> coming up in sports,
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baseball. could the giants bats keep up in
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sports, sponsored by your toyota dealers. uniforms highlighting the golden gate bridge and bay area fog. they will debut against washington. to the game today. hey now he is an all-star and pitching like one. the gloves were out and ready to play. flared to right. davis, what a catch and then, throws to 1st. that is a double-play. no hitter through 5. top 6, more defense. a smash to 3rd. flores, a great stop and pick on the other end. no hitter watch on through 6 inng top
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nolan, in the inning, the ing, going, it is going to bounce off of the wall and get away. the nba finals begin tomorrow night right here on abc 7. phoenix and milwaukee.and milwa. : -- milwaukee, not lacking for confidence. >> i think guys have done a great job of adjusting with him not out there and, you know, to of the games of our season. >> a level of gratitude in this position, you know, you move on from that and you start to strategize and figure out ways to, you know, maximize the moment. stanley cup final game 4, tampa bay,
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montreal. 6 minutes to go, lightning, now, tampa bay wifes and girlfriends well, they are excite about that? we head to overtime. four minutes in. and montreal josh anderson, the game winner, what a play that was. the fans going crazy outside the arena. game 5 in tampa. after weeks of trash talk the match celebrity tees off in montana featuring two quarterbacks and two of the best on the pga tour. tom brady and phil mickelson to
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that is it for us tonight. thanks for watchingfor all of u appreciate your
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first, the new details into that tragic and deadly ride malfunction at an amusement park over the weekend. you're watching "world news now."
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