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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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with dr. alok patel. then we took a citizens tonight, tropical storm elsa taking aim at the florida coast. watches and warnings now in effect from the florida keys to the western coast and up along the panhandle. you flash flooding and winds in- gugsing up to 60 miles an hour. the deadly storm making landfall in cuba today. roughly 180,000 people forced to higher ground. ginger zee with the timing and the track. also tonight, a demolition crew using a controlled explosion to bring down the remaining tower in surfside, florida. officials forced to work quickly ahead of tropical storm elsa. the implosion opening new paths for rescuers searching for possible survivors. the death toll climbing. several more bodies recovered. america emerging from the pandemic, traveling in record numbers for the long holiday weekend.
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the highly transmissible covid delta variant spreading across the u.s. and after just missing president biden's vaccination goal, the white house increasing efforts to get more shots in arms. 74% of unvaccinated people say they definitely or probably will not do it. overseas tonight, pope francis recovering from surgery. the vatican calling it a scheduled procedure. how long will he remain hospitalized? our amay robach in vatican city. back home, the urgent mnhunt under way for the suspect wanted for killing three people, including a golf pro, shot on the golf course. a white pickup truck driving onto the green. a gunman opening fire. the bodies of two others victims found in the back of the pickup. news tonight about a young nhl player killed in a fireworks accident. the 24-year-old goalie dying of a traumatic chest injury. and former president jimmy carter and former first lady rosalynn carter celebrating their 75th anniversary, sharing
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their secrets about marriage and what they learned along the way. good evening. it's great to have us with on a busy monday night. i'm whit johnson, in for david tonight. we begin with tropical storm elsa closing in on florida. a tropical storm warning extending from key west to tampa. also with winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, now on a path towards the western coast of florida. the outer bands already hitting the keys at this hour. the storm making landfall in cuba today with heavy rain and flash flooding. families lining up for sandbags many tampa. and at the scene of the building collapse in surfside, florida, search and rescue crews are already battling the wind from elsa. you see there, trying to protect themselves from the blowing dust. the keys now bracing for torrential rains, strong winds and rough surf.
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our chief meteorologist ginger zee in just a moment, but first, abc's trevor ault leads us off from key west. >> reporter: after lashing the caribbean with wind and waves, even taking lives, outer bands of elsa now hitting south florida with tornado warnings and heavy rain. >> we're looking at heavy rainfall, flash flooding. there could be isolated tornadoes. >> reporter: with the storm approaching here in the florida keys, officials are warning people who live in houseboats or trailers that they need to seek safer shelter. our ginger zee in tampa. >> you can see, i mean, dozens of people. there's a whole line of cars that goes back to the end of this drive and they need to get it. they have flooding even when they get a couple of inches, let alone up to a half foot. >> reporter: the air force not taking chances either, evacuating these aircraft from macdill air force base. after hitting barbados as a category 1 hurricane, winds 85 miles an hour, elsa making
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landfall this afternoon, dumping torrential rain on cuba. officials there evacuating 180,000 to higher ground. at least three people reported dead in the caribbean so far. >> and trevor ault is right there in key west where we can see the outer bands just getting started. trevor, conditions there only expected to get worse in the coming hours. >> reporter: they are, whit. elsa is expected to track very close to us and we are feeling it pick up right now. they are concerned about dangerous flooding overnight. winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour and the potential for tornadoes. whit? >> trevor, thank you. let's get to ginger zee outside st. petersburg, florida, tracking elsa's every move. time this out for us, ginger. >> reporter: yeah, well, you can see behind me, whit, that is called a shelf cloud. we're about to go from a hot holiday day to storms. and those thunderstorms are all tropical fueled but the bulk is still more than 24 hours away. it's more than 300 miles to our south. it will slip by key west, very
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stormy through the day tomorrow there. but it will make its way up to naples, ft. myers. you see everybody in the track. now, here's how it's going to time out for you. by 7:00 a.m., you see how it is touching naples there. you have the western keys, going to be very gusty. you could see gusts up to 6 0 miles per hour, easily. tampa could get a couple of inches, the impact is going to be flash flooding and tornado threat. whit? >> ginger, we know you'll be watching it closely. as ginger mentioned, elsa already a factor in the search for survivors of that devastating building collapse in surfside, florida. several more bodies recovered from the rubble today. a demolition crew bringing down what remained of the highly unstable champlain powers south building overnight. abc's victor oquendo in surfside tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, the search for survivors expanding in surfside, florida. crews overnight imploding the part of champlain towers south left standing. the controlled demolition toppling the weakened building as tropical storm elsa closes in on florida, clearing the way for rescuers to safery reach areas previously inaccessible. >> truly we could not continue pwithout bringing this building down. the pilest closest to the building was actual ly holding the building up. >> reporter: heavy equipment now also allowed on the site. rescuers sifting through debris looking for voids and victims in six sections of the rubble. officials saying master bedrooms, where some residents were likely asleep during the collapse, could have fallen into these now reachable areas. >> i'm very hopeful that we're going to start seeing some miracles in the coming days. >> reporter: rescuers making sure no pets were in the building before it came down. authorities insisting the existing pile was not affected, as dozens of people held candles, lights, to honor the now 27 victims confirmed dead and the 118 people who haven't been found nearly two weeks after the tower's partial collapse. for so many families awaiting answers, the implosion -- triggering. >> just the thought of another building coming down was very haunting.
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>> reporter: ashley dean's sister, cassie stratton, was on the phone with her husband when the building collapsed -- and is still missing. ashley wishing the implosion of the remaining tower had happened sooner, if it meant getting to victims faster. now, her family, like so many, waiting for a miracle. >> i would tell her that -- i would wait forever to -- to be with you and to reunite with you. and i'm holding out every bit of hope, with every ounce of everything inside of me as a human being, that you might be in there still alive. i struggle to even grasp the thought of living the rest of my life without her. >> such a painful time for all those families. victor oquendo is back with us from surfside, where they are already feeling the impacts of elsa. and victor, how worried are officials there about weather conditions hampering the rescue efforts? >> reporter: whit, they are keeping a close eye on the storm. while we want be taking a direct
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hit here, lightning is a real concern when we have all of these teams and that equipment on top of the pile. this is the same kind of weather they've been battling all along and there's more on the way tomorrow. whit? >> victor, thank you. now to america emerging from the pandemic in record numbers. nearly 50 million people driving or flying this holiday weekend. at the same time, the highly transmissible delta variant is spreading across the u.s. unvaccinated americans at the greatest risk of hospitalization and death. 64% of americans 12 and older getting one dose of vaccine, but challenges remain. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: across the country, a return to a traditional july fourth. a record number of americans taking to the skies and hitting the road. for many, the coronavirus in the rear view mirror. >> we're closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. that's not to say the battle
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against covid-19 is over. ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ >> reporter: at the white house, the president celebrating progress against the virus. but the country coming up 7 million shots short of the president's self-imposed july 4th goal. >> if i could send one message it would be, it's not too late. get vaccinatd. protect yourself and your loved ones. >> reporter: the delta variant fueling regional surges in undervaccinated states. this springfield, missouri, hospital forced to bring in extra ventilators from other hospitals. >> now we're seeing numbers higher than we did in the original surge that we saw last year. it's really stretching our ability to continue providing care. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll reveals the steep challenge ahead. 74% of unvaccinated people say they definitely or probably will not get the shot. in that same poll, whit, 73% believe officials are exaggerating the risk of the
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delta variant and 79% of them think there's little to no risk of them getting sick from the coronavirus. these numbers highlighting the work that still needs to be done to convince the unvaccinated to get that shot. whit? >> stephanie ramos, thank you. now to a fourth of july tragedy in michigan. a young nhl goalie for the columbus blue jackets killed in a fireworks accident involving a mortar blast. the coroner saying he died of chest trauma. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, a fourth of july celebration turned tragic. nhl goalie mattis kivlenieks killed, authorities say, by fireworks gone wrong. >> kivlenieks, his first national hockey league victory! >> reporter: kivlenieks, a goaltender for the columbus blue jackets. police say the 24-year-old was at a private gathering sunday night when a mortar-style firework tilted downward and shot towards a group of people in a hot tub. authorities say he tried to clear out of the way but was struck in the chest by the firework and later died. a native of latvia, kivlenieks
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signed with the blue jackets in 2017, making his debut in 2020. tonight, tributes pouring in. the blue jackets general manager tweeting, "life is so precious and can be so fragile. hug your loved ones today. r.i.p. matiss, you will be dearly missed." >> reporter: accidents like this all too common. in 2020 alone, there were more than 15,000 fireworks-related injuries in the united states. this incident from toledo, ohio, last night resulted in four injuries, though none life-threatening. and whit, authorities say at this point, they do not suspect foul play and that this appears to be a horribly tragic accident. whit? >> all right, alex perez, thank you. overseas tonight, pope francis recovering from intestinal surgery. the vet can calling it a scheduled procedure, saying he's in good condition and will likely remain hospitalized for a week. the operation taking place hours after delivering sunday prayers.
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here's abc's amy robach at the vatican. >> reporter: tonight, pope francis is recovering in the hospital following what vatican officials are calling a scheduled colon surgery. news of the procedure coming in just hours after the pope delivered his sunday blessing to thousands in st. peter's square. the surgery was performed at rome's gemelli hospital, where the 84-year-old pope was treated for "diverticular stenosis of the colon." diverticulitis is a condition where small, bulging pouches along the digestive tract become inflamed or infected, which can lead to symptoms such as abdominal pain and bloating. according to vatican officials, the procedure lasted about three hours and involved the removal of the left portion of the colon. >> removal of that segment should allow him to be relieved of his chronic symptoms and have a normal, perfect and healthy routine for the rest of his
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life. >> reporter: the holy see press office releasing a statement, saying po iing following the sue was in good general condition, alert and breathing on his own and he is expected to remain in the hospital for seven days, barring any complications. best wishes have been pouring in from around the world for the pope, including from retired pope benedict. his private secretary saying he has prayed and is praying for pope francis's full recovery. whit? >> amy, our thanks to you tonight. back here at home, new developments in the urgent manhunt for a murder suspect wanted for killing three people near atlanta. authorities say a pickup truck drive onto a golf course, a gunman then shot and killed a golf pro. police finding two bodies in the back of that truck. abc's elwyn lopez is in georgia. >> reporter: tonight, an urgent manhunt underway in metro atlanta. police trying to find out who killed three men after discovering their bodies at a country club. among those murdered, golf pro gene siller.
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>> gene had no enemies in our world. he was a friend to everyone and he was a helper, a person of compassion. >> reporter: police say a pickup truck drove onto the 10th hole of the kennesaw golf course saturday afternoon. that's when authorities say the 46-year-old golf director at the club and father of two came to check on the driver. the gunman shooting him in the head, then taking off. police finding two other bodies in the flatbed of the truck. one of them identified as the owner of the car, paul pierson. both had been shot. >> i can't understand, like, how or why this actually happened. >> reporter: the president of the pga stating in part, "we are truly heartbroken to hear about the senseless murder that took place." and whit, authorities telling me tonight that the motive of the shootings are still unclear and the country club president saying siller would have turned 47 this wednesday. whit? >> elwyn lopez with those disturbing details. thank you. tonight, there are reports
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of fierce fighting in afghanistan. the taliban advancing against afghan forces in the northern part of the country. more than 300 afghan troops fleeing across the border. and new images tonight of the abandoned bagram airfield. he u.s. military leaving the base after nearly 20 years. as america's longest war draws to a close. and there is news tonight about what is being called the biggest global ransomware attack on record. the attack targeting kaseya, a company providing i.t. management for about 40,000 businesses and government organizations in the u.s. and around the word. the russian hacker group revel demanding $70 million in bitcoin to provide a decryption tool to unlock their files. the full impact of the attack may not be known until businesses reopen tomorrow. and a personal milestone for jimmy and rosalynn carter. the former president and first lady celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary this week. and in a rare interview with our steve osunsami, sharing their
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secrets of an unbreakable bound that's now stronger than ever. >> reporter: it's the first time we're hearing from president and mrs. carter in person in years. and it's to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary this week. >> for 75 years of marriage, we've always grown deeper in our love for one another. i think that's extraordinary. >> life with jimmy carter has been an adventure. >> reporter: they tell us they are both vaccinated and feel that their time together during the pandemic was good for their marriage. >> and so it was just jimmy and me and it was really wonderful. >> reporter: he's already given her a diamond necklace for this diamond anniversary, which is on wednesday. on saturday, they're planning a big party with 300 people invited. president carter, you say often that marrying mrs. carter was the pinnacle of your life. more than any presidency. >> oh, yes.
3:47 pm
that was the most important thing in my life. having rose say, okay, finally, and staying with me all this long has been the most wonderful thing in my life. >> he's pretty wonderful in my life, too. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, plains, georgia. >> thank you, steve there. and you can watch his full interview with jimmy and rosalynn carter any time on abc news live and on hulu. when we come back, the deadly accident on an amusement park water ride. are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds.
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to the index now and an alleged nmg new jersey bank robber on the run. authorities say some of the cash cob tanned a red dye pack which exploded as the man fled. you can see here this video. he appears not to notice the trail of pink smoke and then drops the pack. still, police say, he got away with more than $2,000. amazon founder jeff bezos, the world's richest man, today officially stepping down as ceo of the company he founded. forbes estimating the 57-year-old is worth more than $200 billion. bezos remains executive chairman, devoting more time to side projects including his july 20th space flight. the first crewed mission for his company blue origin. and a passing to note. director and producer richard donner has died. he was the man behind so many fan favorites including the "lethal weapon" film series, the original "superman" and goonies. when we come back, america's
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finally tonight, after a difficult year and a half, an extra special celebration across the country. from coast to coast, the great american fourth of july comeback on full display. for many, the return of fireworks. that familiar sensation came with an emotional release. >> it feels good to be back out here since we had to miss last year due to the pandemic. >> reporter: from new york to chicago to houston, over the vegas strip and in san francisco. >> yourt of july is one of my favorite holidays. >> reporter: and even where
3:58 pm
fireworks are not allowed because of fire danger, like this mountain town near tahoe, california, american innovation prevailed. they rolled out hundreds of feet of bubble wrap down main street to stomp and pop their way through the celebration. back in the big apple, hundreds of thousands watched the long-awaited macy's fireworks blast off above the east river. >> it's really great just to see the city coming back to life again. >> reporter: the return of those colorful bursts lighting up the skies, lifting up a nation. what a sight. thank you so much for watching. i'm whit johnson in new york. david will be right back here tomorrow night. have a great night.
3:59 pm
building a better bay area. this is abc7 news . >> there were m 80s going off all over the place. >> the entire city was up all night extremely busy night with fires. >> illegal fireworks lighting up the skies all across the bay area. fireworks were not the only problem last night. >> thank you for joining us. you are watching abc7 news at 4:00. sad to say america's 245th birthday was marred by a wave of violence nationwide. more than 400 shootings were reported over the weekend. oakland saw its share of violence was one death and a total of seven shootings during a 15 hour period.hour period.ho.
4:00 pm
oakland police say those shootings, at least one homicide meant they did zero fireworks enforcement because they were overwhelmed with 911 calls. as laura anthony found, fire departments throughout the east bay were scrambling to respond to dozens of fire spurred by illegal fireworks >> 12 hours of nonstop chaos. >> reporter: it's not just the illegal fireworks. the reign of terror, violenterrn that left at least two people dead, and several others were critically injured. >> my heart goes out to the families of the victims. the celebratory gunfire led to the vast majorityvast majorityva shootings. a man was left with critical injuries after being struck by a vehicle during a sideshow. a 16-ye-


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