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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 4, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® . thousands pack san francisco for 4th of july celebrations, i will show i what it looks like. law enforcement was there and fire departments. >> we begin the week tomorrow with clouds, we end it with a heat wave. i will have the forecast coming up, abc news at 11:00 begins now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. there is abc 7 news. it was a sea of illegal fireworks, some professional grade that filled the skies over the east bay tonight. and along the san francisco waterfront it was legal fireworks in the fog. but for those that missed this over the last two years it was worth
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every single moment. good evening, happy 4th of july, everybody. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. well, more now on the illegal fireworks in just a moment. first, the big show along the san francisco waterfront. even though the pandemic is not quite over yet thousands of people were out and about celebrating america's 245th birthday. abc 7 news reporter jr stone joins us live and it was quite a party down there, jr? [ laughter ] >> reporter: it certainly was. it was truly a san francisco celebration and tonight it is truly san francisco traffic. i want to step out of the way and show you what the embarcadero looks like. you can see it is a stand still for those cars trying to get to the bay bridge. those cars trying to get south of san francisco. but, never the less, what a
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night it was. this is what the 4th of july fire works show looked like in san francisco on sunday night. as long as you did not mind a little fog the show was phenomenal. typical san francisco. colored clouds, mixed with fireworks here and there. a positive usa outlook from everyone in the crowd. >> i am not too, too worried. i still think even if we don't see some fireworks we can still just have a good time just have fun. >> it feels good to be back out here since we had to miss last year. >> reporter: with the reopening in full swing thousands came to san francisco for the 4th. some wore usa masks, others wore no masks at all. >> i love fire works. 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays. >> reporter: the busiest was this blanket stand. 250 blankets sold out in less than an hour.
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>> got these nice beautiful blankets to keep warm. >> today it is freezing. >> reporter: while the fireworks show left lifelong independence day memories here one family made memories during our interview. >> what the kids don't know is we are celebrating the color blue. it is red, white and blue and they are both going to be really, really big brothers. you are having a baby brother. >> just one of the many special 4th of july moments in san francisco. >> reporter: and back out live. you heard the excitement, baby boy on the way in addition to the fireworks,. excitement tonight is all of this traffic. you can see all of the cars trying to get home this evening. this is certainly the busiest i have seen san francisco since before the pandemic. i don't know if you heard any of those loud bangs, those are not organized fireworks, those are illegal fireworks happen
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ing at this hour. reporting in a lively san francisco. j.r. stone, abc news. >> people are making up for all of that lost time. good to see but feeling frustrated at all of that traffic, many thanks to you. now back to the illegal fireworks go off across the bay area tonight. take a look at the video. you can see there are plenty of illegal activity across the oakland area. fireworks are clearly visible despite the fog. pg&e caught this from its east bay cam rafplt taking a look, the vow from our camera, lighting up the night sky. east bay officials were on high alert for works danger tonight. >> there have been numerous reports of fireworks out in the south bay as well. much of the activity can be seen in the hills towards east san jose. you are looking at the video from our south bay camera. this video from 25th and harrison in the mission district. people were lighting up roman candles in the intersection. you can see a car there just
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weave through the intersection or trying to. and then another one backs up right next to the fireworks as a small crowd watches from the sidewalk there. concerns of illegal fireworks intensified this year due to the dry grass. abc 7 news reporter matt boone spoke to firefighters as they prepare for busy night of fireworks calls. >> especially this year, not the year to take that risk. >> reporter: that was the plea. this was the reality. looking over pleasant hill, illegal fireworks started going off just after the sunset. >> it does challenge us continuously. >> reporter: the assistant chief says they spent weeks preparing for this night. seizing hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks this week from people trying to sell them on lined. >> i
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drug seizures. >> reporter: the city of concord decided to go all out. >> the 4th of july always been our signature event. >> reporter: the mayor says that they moved the show to the pavilion allowing people to drive up and tailgate, allowing them to be seen from all over the area. >> hopefully in terms of pulling people out, maybe they will go to their front yards and watch maybe they will not do illegal fireworks. >> it is concerning to this resident my am glad they got it managed with the fire department. you can see everything is so dry. >> reporter: this is the view from point richmond, no fireworks event this year. fire departments and law enforcement say they have staffed up and will be issuing fines to violators all in hopes of preventing injuries and out of control fires. in pleasant hill, matt boone, abc 7 news. moving on now, ret -- -- remaining
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building in florida was demolished a couple hours ago. quite a sight to see. the search for the 120 people missing will resume when it is safe to do so. they are also dealing with tropical storm elsa expected to make landfall in just a few days. the building collapsed june 24th. the death toll now stands at 24. several lawsuits have been filed on behalf of survivors and victims. fireworks meant for a july 4th display in ocean accidently exploded today. now at first rescue crews thought it was a car fire. soon discovered fireworks being set up for the show had gone off unexpectedly. employees of the fireworks company suffered minor injuries, no one else was hurt. ocean city canceled all of its
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firework celebrations out of precaution. a vehicle fire spread to grass in contra costa county and burned 35 acres earlier today. it started at 1:30 near nortonville road not far from the pavilion. cal fire and east bay regional parks helped them contain that blaze. the road was closed for several hours but since reopened. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. the scenes we missed because of the pandemic. how the bay area brought back many of their traditions like this parade. one of the big firework shows tonight this one at great maker. the fog waited until after the fireworks and now a heat wave will be building. i will have the forecast coming up. heading to break. here is a sneak peek at tonight's fireworks show happening in washington, d.c.
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♪ all i want is roost friiiiies ♪ my new roost fries, crispy chicken, melted cheese, mystery sauce. what's not to love? this could be my biggest hit yet! my new $3.50 roost fries. only at jack in the box. oh, check out the fireworks show at great america in the south bay. there is georgeous. the theme park sent us this video. the first firework show since 2019. admission to the park was sold out today. the bay area celebrated the 4th of july in true american style. parades and picnics back on this year after canceled by covid-19 in 2020. abc 7 news reporter gives us a taste of that red, white the bay. >> reporter: marching bands
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were making a comeback. >> reporter: so were the bagpipers -frp bagpipers. the parade was back. >> it has been great to have the community come together, finally, feels like the first time. >> i was super duper excited for the parade. it is like it has been a really long time. especially with covid-19 happening [ band playing ] >> reporter: covid-19 canceled last year's parade. it looks like the spirit never left. >> what does the 4th of july mean to you? >> being out without a mask and being surrounded by family and friends. >> reporter: here, july 4th, all about freedom on board the hornet. a squadron of pilots made this formation flyover honoring men and women who served in the armed forces. this playing host for a july 4th party. they are visiting from dallas. for our kids, having this experience it means learning about the history of the country.
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it means everything to us. >> fighting for the countries to be here. ross told us the freedom of our nation, especially after covid-19, coming out of covid-19. just a wonderful joy to see this many people. >> reporter: it is the 4th of will july picnic. a great day to have a picnic. >> friends, neighbors together again making a toast. >> god bless america. >> check it out in the east bay. the festivities have a new look. the parade and party in the park had to be canceled because of the pandemic. instead, though, the city decided to take the parade to the neighborhood. a small group of vehicles made their way around town bringing spirit to the community. >> we are making lemonade out of lemons this year. can not have the regular
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parade, that is usually the biggest thing to hit every year. so much fun. and i did not want to miss it. this is -- we are doing the best we can. >> we have seen it for a lot of years. >> what is special about it? >> i really think it is just fun to see the old cars. >> i love it. everyone is so positive. everyone is hoping things will be back to normal next year. something that we were pleasantly surprised in san francisco, even though we had fog you were spot on, we could see the fireworks. >> we had a similar situation, the fog was dense early in the everyoning everyoning and -- evening and then thinned out. the fireworks viewing was pretty good. >> you get a raise. >> tell that to the people who authorize today. >> here is a look at what is going on. the wind is calm, i am happy to say. pretty breezy earlier. not in a way that would interfere with the outdoor fun. the breeze settled down. most locations are looking at
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surface wind speeds under 10 miles an hour. a degree or two cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago. so, maybe we will have a comfortable night for sleeping. the view from our roof top camera. looking across the roof top camera. oakland, 69, 61 at mountain view. 68 at morgan hill and 55 at half-moon bay. here is the view of apparently not legally authorized fire works still going on but let's take a look at the temperature readings right now. 55 in santa rosa. 60 in fairfield. concord, 61. and here is the view at the golden gate. in the early evening hours showed signs of thickening fog and now it is relatively clear. these are the post firework clouds will increase overnight. mild to warm days ahead into midweek. then a wave of summer heat will develop around the end of the week. here is the forecast animation
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tonight, starting at midnight. again, expecting increasing low clouds near the coast and over the bay and locally inland but high clouds or mid-level clouds will pass over as well. 7:00 tomorrow morning, the day gets under way, we will have lingering low clouds, they will burn back to the coastline quickly tkpweufg us mainly sunny day over the bay and inland much like previous days this week and low clouds will stack up at the coastline. overnight low temperatures in the 50s. pleasantly cool overnight period. tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay. highs of 76 in santa clara, 85 down in morgan hill. 60 degrees on the coast in pacifica and half-moon bay, breezy. san francisco, high of 65 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay, look for 79 in petaluma. 78 at napa. eastbound high, 73 at oakland. 76 at fremont and the inland
11:19 pm
east bay will warm up to mainly middle to upper 80s. here is a look at the accu- weather 7 day forecast. first three days of the week will be relatively mild to warm. uniform range of highs. middle 70s around the bay shoreline. then the heat. it intensifies on thursday and friday. by saturday, sunday, high temperatures inland to be around 100 degrees or hotter. middle 60s on the coast. a little bit of a heat wave coming our way. difficult to say how long it will last. it looks like we will get a good blast of heat. >> things could change in the coming days. >> all right, spencer thanks. still ahead on the news at 11:00. hot dog eating king, joey
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we continue to see the displays along the skyline. we are taking a live picture from the emeryville camera. things die down just a little bit. still some activity in this picture as you can see. every few seconds or so. they have been going nonstop of course, the situation will continue to monitor. today americans are celebrating the independence of the covid-19 restrictions, many join together in gatherings big and small, they are voicing concerns about the spread of the variant.the variai >> reporter: tonight, the holiday rush is back in full swing. millions of americans writing a new wave of hope, returning to their july 4th customs in a way they were unable to last year. >> it feels really good
11:24 pm
around people. >> in huntington beach, california, some feel the need to mask up. >> that is my comfort zone right now. >> long lines at tsa checkpoints in numbers not seen the pandemic. concerns remain about the delta variant in low vaccination pockets. >> we are seeing increases in cases in those areas of the country where there is lower vaccination rates. >> reporter: the highly contagious variant identified in all 50 states. accounting for more than 26% of new covid-19 cases nationwide. dr. fauci saying those that are fully vaccinated might still want to wear a mask in areas with high infection rates. >> when i am in that area where there is a considerable degree, i might want to be wearing a mask to be protected.
11:25 pm
>> reporter: the worst time to head out the door is between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and the best time is now. back to you. >> number 14 for san jose's joey chestnut. he was the winner of the 4th of july hot dog eating contest. >> he is eyeing his own record. look >> oh, boy. i still have a hard time watching it. he ended up breaking his own record eating 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. he did so in front of a crowd of 5,000 fans at a minor league baseball stadium in brooklyn. the women's competition was won eating 30. and she won despite not being able to jump because she has a torn acl.
11:26 pm
still impressive nonetheless. all right, chris alvarez joins us with a preview of the other sports we cover. coming up in sports, the a's and red sox wrap up a playoff like series. and buster leaves early. the latest on his injured thumb that forced
11:27 pm
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it is the 4th of july and the giants are still in 1st place. the dodgers won 9 in a row and half a game out in the west. they are trying to stay ahead of the blue crew. no one will mess with these gentleman in arizona. seriously, nobody is going to
11:30 pm
do it. posey on 1st. here he is, gap left center, the 34-year-old catcher scores all of the way from 1st. taking a year off can do that. slater he is out of that slump. 460 feet last time. and 467 a new career high. posey on again, this time, he can jog home. 7th homer of the year. 5-0 san francisco. scary sight in the 6th. foul tip right here. hits posey on the base of the thumb. in pain immediately. catchers are tough guys, theeck expression, you know he is hurt. he came back, officially ruled a left thumb contusion for the all- star. >> it is even and does not react with that much, you know, kind of emotion very often. so, obviously we take that really
11:31 pm
seriously. good news on the x-ray and getting him ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> do you think he is a possibility? >> i think he is a possibility. not going to start the game but hopefully he is available off of the bench in some capacity. >> a's and red sox from the coliseum. stylish family decked out in the 4th of july. the first pitch of the game. your shortstop. great diving stop. and then throw across to get hernandez for the out. what a play to start the game. just before he came to bat. matt olson, an all-star for the first time in his career. bottom 6, down 0. he has 20 home runs, not this time. the strike out ends the inning, a well pitched game both sides. oakland leaving seven men on base. still, 1-0. tying run on 3rd. but, brown, strikes out. that is your game. oakland now, 3-1/2 back from the astros, next up, a series against the astros beginning on tuesday. five years ago on this day.
11:32 pm
kevin durant announced he was signing with the warriors. winning two nbc finals, mvps leading to 3 final appearances and those two titles. >> did you see this in the 49er, celebrating the 4th in style. his wife posting this video on instagram. the sun glasses and of course the red, white and blue kicks. rocking a niner's unform 10 weeks today when san francisco begins the season in detroit. abc 7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> chris had to get that in didn't he? oh, george. much more to come on abc news at 11:00. up next the remaining portion of a condo in south florida is demolished tonight. why it had to be done before the search and rescue was complete. and a major fire burning in northern california. crews work together to get it under control. we are learning about a number of
11:33 pm
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this is what it looked like tonight in antioch. illegal fireworks filled the skies. bad traffic jams from the city's official show that happened downtown. including some people blocking off streets to shoot off their own fire works. the remaining units of a florida condo complex that collapsed 10 days ago went down tonight. search and rescue will resume once it is deemed safe.
11:37 pm
we have the story. >> reporter: what had remained of champlain towers, it was brought down by demolition crews, crews prepared for this. >> over the past 48 hours our unified command team has been working tirelessly with the demolition experts to quickly and safely prepare the building for demolition and to create a safety plan. >> reporter: with many still unaccounted for and possibly buried in the rubble. the team using called energetic felling. >> the gravity will pull everything straight down with a little tilt where the material wants to stay away from the collapsed part so they can continue the recovery. >> reporter: once the building is down they would be able to expand their search to previously not
11:38 pm
accessible areas. >> emotions are high, everyone wants to find people alive. >> an expert telling wplg he no longer believes there are any survivors under the rubble. >> the circumstances as we saw the last few days are too difficult for me to say that i believe there is a solid chance to find somebody alive. >> reporter: in my my beach, no 4th of july fireworks, the city inviting residents to stand outside with with a candle, a flashlight, or anything that lights up to remember the victims and honor first responders. back to you. developing news out of northern california where firefighters are gaining ground on two major wildfires. the fire burning north of shasta lake and the lava fire is burning east. containment is up to 39% on the lava fire. it scorched nearly 25,000 acres and it is creeping up the slopes of mount
11:39 pm
shasta. they are running into rugged terrain and some places they can not reach the flames. the sheriff's office announce today did arrest 14 people earlier in the week for refusing to leave the evacuation area. this fire was sparked by a lightning strike. and while it is not nearly as big, the salt fire, it is more destructive. it burned more than 9100 acres. this fire started on wednesday and investigators believe that it was ignited by a spark from a vehicle on interstate 5. now, the fallout from the major ransomware attack that is sending small businesses scrambling. cyberexperts say a russian- backed hacking group is responsible. we have a warning tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it
11:40 pm
software company telling abc news teams are working to stem a damaging cybersecurity act. >> we shut everything down. we identified the issue, we are patching it. >> reporter: 1,000 companies that rely on client fist are remote it services have been paralyzed. many of them small businesses in the u.s. and around the world. locked out of their systems until a ransom is paid. a swedish grocery store chain had to close most of the 800 stores yesterday because the cash registered were locked up in this attack. >> it impacts our customer's livelihoods, it is a 12 person company. their customers are getting hosed. >> reporter: cybersecurity believes a russia-based hacking group is behind the ransomware attack. the group behind an attack on jbs foods, blamed for the ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline. >> happening more often. one reason? they can get away with it. they are providing a means of
11:41 pm
compensation that can't be tracked. >> reporter: the russian government denying any involvement in the attacks and has not commented on this hack. president biden on the heels with a summit with putin says they are investigating. >> if it is either with the knowledge of and or a consequence of russia then i told putin we will respond. >> abc news obtained a new document showing weeks ago that the department of homeland security warned law enforcement and government agencies across the country that ransomware attacks are likely to increase, causing an inadvertent impact. back to you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. a firefighter from oakland is in washington, d.c. for the white house celebration. how he got the invitation, next. i'm spencer christian, mild and seasonal weather and then the heat is on. i will have the ac
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today, president biden said america is coming back together as he hosted more than 1,000 military members, essential workers and their families. a bbq was held and the crowd watched the fireworks display happening on the national mall. the president praised americans for making strides against covid-19, though the nation missed the goal of 70% of americans getting at least one vaccine dose by today. >> think back to where you were a year ago and think >> quite a difference. 67% of adults have received at least one
11:46 pm
dose of the vaccine. 58% are fully vaccinated. vice president harris and second gentleman visited los angeles firefighters today to thank them for their service. it was a surprise visit to station 19 in brentwood where the vice president and second gentleman have a home. they were joined by congressman lou and his wife. the group brought firefighters some cookies from a local women- owned small business. one of the more than 1,000 people hosted by president biden at the white house was an oakland firefighter paramedic. gonzalez was chosen by the association of hispanic firefighters to be part of their delegation. gonzalez says he is honored and humbled to have been selected to represent the dedicated firefighters working on the frontlines during the pandemic. >> the city of alameda is having its porch of july weekend. decorate your porches, yards,
11:47 pm
vehicles. this year's 4th of july parade has been canceled but common who wants to celebrate can take part in the "porch of july" activities. decorating categories are the most star spangled spirit postcards from alameda and the people's choice award. i love seeing the shows of patriotism, people wearing red, white and blue. >> yes. and catchy phrases like the porch of july. >> yes. the weather is getting cool. was it great that the fog lifted enough for us to see the fireworks tonight. >> got so lucky. >> here is what is happening right now. a view from our roof top camera. looking across the embarcadero. temperature readings in middle 50s in oakland. more fireworks and these are not legal fireworks looking towards the east, west, southwest. 55 degrees right now at santa
11:48 pm
rosa and napa, fairfield, 58. and the golden gate we see an absence of fog but we expect some to develop. post firework clouds will increase overnight. warm days lie lady to the middle of the week. summer-like heat will develop at the end of the week. overnight, seeing the low clouds pushing across the bay and locally inland. start of the day tomorrow, lingering low clouds over the bay, they will go back to the coastline giving us a sunny day over the coast. overnight temperatures, in the middle to upper 50s. high temperatures tomorrow, south bay. mainly upper 70s to middle 80s up to 85 degrees at morgan hill. we will see lots of middle to upper 70s. redwood city, up to 60 on the coast. at pacifica and half-moon bay. maximum temperature of 65 degrees tomorrow afternoon. up in the north bay, lock for highs at 82 in santa rosa. and 81, 78 at napa. east bay high, 70 in oakland, 73 at
11:49 pm
hayward. and the inland east bay will generally have highs in the middle to upper 80s. possibly up at 90 at brentwood. here is the forecast. so, the first three days of the week we will see the temperatures in a seasonal range. middle to upper 80s inland. 70s around the bay. then the heat sores. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, a strong likelihood we will see temperatures inland around 100 to 102 degrees. it will get hot by next weekend unless something changes in the way the systems are developed. >> yes, steamy, all right, spencer, thanks. >> stay with us. chris has a preview of sports. coming up in sports, 49ers star, tight end, hard at work with the season over two
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the major league all-star game is next week in denver. the reserves and pitchers were announced. giants have three. it remains to be seen how posey's injury will effect it. gozman earned his first all- star selection. his second best in all of baseball. and for the third time in his career, bay area native, crawford, he is an all-star. four shy of his career best. and dave says he has other skills as well. >> yes, i can confidently say there is no one more deserving. he has made incredible strides this year and an incredible presence. after the game we all came in and for whatever reason the normal music was not blaring. like he got straight to it and played d.j. he does it all right now. just before his at bat in
11:54 pm
the 6th inning, a's first baseman found out he is an all-star. they put it on the big board there. only among the american league leaders in multiple offensive categories hitting .283. the two time gold glove award winner has lead and carried the team throughout the season. his skipper believes there is just the beginning. >> this year, at times, really carried us. few teams have guys that have carried just, that he is durable and he plays every day, gold glove defense. >> i set it off. it is a matter of time before he is an all-star. i think he can be an mvp. >> the angels ohtani was voted in as a position player. today, named as a pitcher. the first player ever to be on the team as both. leads the major with 30 home runs, he will number the home run derby. pitching about once a week. well, it is jimmy garrapalo
11:55 pm
week. 10 weeks from today, jimmy g. and the 9ers will be in detroit to take to t jarad goff. they put on tight ends from across the league attending a three day summit to pass along tricks of the trade as they prepare for the up coming season. >> a massive success. 49 tight ends in nashville at this high school, all together in one room, on the field, learning from each other. awesome to get them all here. it was a great success. looking forward to this season watching them apply the knowledge they learned in their field. let's go tight ends. there it is again. san jose earthquake, playing a draw last night. scoring this goal in the 82nd minute to tie the game.
11:56 pm
that was the first career mls goal, something he will remember forever. >> and once i came in i was just waiting for my opportunity. i just tucked in a little bit. he found me and i saw open space and i was like all right, i will take it. he is going to foul me in the box or i am going to score. i just happen to score. >> a 4th of july tradition unlike and other. joey chestnut going for the 14th win. really, no contest at all. like the old larry bird line. which one of you fellas is going to come in second. chestnut broke his own record and ate76 hot dogs, we did not get to see the finish. 5,000 pans watched and chestnut said it helped. >> it just felt good. even if i was uncomfortable having everyone cheer me and push me it made me feel good and helped me keep going. >> the women's title was won by
11:57 pm
downing 30. and booker won the chugging contest, gallon of lemonade in about 40 seconds. whoa. back to you. that is a lot of lemonade. well, that is it for tonight, everybody. abc 7 news continues tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. for spencer christian and chris alvarez and all of us here at abc 7 news thank you for joiningous this 4th of july. we leave you now with a live look outside look outside at those fireworks, have ♪ talking about that, ♪ hey jason, try to catch on of my chocolate croissant bites in your mouth. jack, you gotta stop clowning around. oh... i didn't mean it like that. wow bro. jack, that came out wrong. my chocolate croissant bites. only at jack in the box. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds my chocolate croissant bites. on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
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