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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. there is abc 7 news. it means getting out, finally. oh, yes. finally. a new feeling of independence for the people in the pay area this 4th of july. the first major holiday since california relaxed its covid-19 restrictions. good evening. thank you for joining us. you are watching abc live. the bay area is celebrating the 4th of july in true american style. parades and picnics were back on this year after canceled in covid-19 in 2020. abc 7 news reporter gives us a taste of red, white and blue across the bay. [music] >> reporter: marching bands were making a come back. so were the bagpipers the 4th
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of july parade was back. hundreds of people came out to watch. >> really great to have the community come together, finally. feels like the first time. >> i was super duper exci for the parade. it has been a very long time with covid-19 happening. >> reporter: covid-19 canceled last year's parade. it looks like the patriotic spirit never left. >> what does this 4th of july mean to you? >> being out without a mask and surrounded with family and friends. >> reporter: here, july 4th was all about freedom and patriotism on board the ship, squadron of pilots made this fly over honoring fallen men and women who serve in the u.s. armed forces. this aircraft carrier playing host for a 4th of july party. >> for the kids having this experience it means everything to us. learning about the history of the country, it means everything to us. >> and the people that have fought for our country and freedoms to be here. >> retired navy officer told us
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what july 4th means to him. >> it is a freedom of our nation. especially after covid-19. we are coming out of covid-19. it is a wonderful joy to see this many people. the city's annual 4th of july picnic was back today. no fireworks but a great day to have a picnic. >> friends and family together making a toast. >> god bless america. >> good to see all of those smiles. over in the east bay there are road closures along oakland to keep the large 4th of july crowds under control. cars sometimes double or triple park creating traffic jams and blocking roads for fire trucks and ambulances. there are several closures along lakeshore and grand avenues. the closures will be in place until midnight. moan time, high fire danger shutdown grizzly peak today. a poplar spot in the east bay to watch fireworks. cars are not allowed on a
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stretch of grizzly peak boulevard. oakland fire officials say there are checkpoints and the police will turn people away. those that live in the area will need an id to get in. the area is considered a high fire hazard zone because of dry brush and trees. picnics and bbqs are poplar with folks in the east bay. the park district closed regional park in antioch and dove valley regional park earlier this afternoon says both parks reached capacity. all right, to the weather now. oh, how gorgeous is this? taking a live look at the conditions outside. they seem clear and nice now. spencer christian in for drew. the pig question is, fireworks viewing tonight. will we be able to see them? >> it is still iffy fog on fog coastline. that is likely to push along the bay. here is our fog cast. starting at 6:00 p.m.
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we expect to have a substantial marine layer along the coast at that point. between 6:00 and 9:00 leading up to the beginning of the fireworks we expect the fog to reach locally across the bay. expand a bit. there is what we are projecting as the fog is expected to continue to push across the bay during the fireworks display. looking around the bay area, various fireworks locations, away from the coastline, the views location should be good. here in san francisco, the fog is building right now. and if it continues to get deeper it looks like it could obscure our view of the fireworks just a bit. we are hoping for the best. >> all right. finger's crossed, thanks. >> it is getting out of control and severe. given the tinder dry conditions and the high temperatures, it only takes a spark to set a fire off. now, firefighters in san san jose don't want
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anyone using fireworksa the all. what they are doing is to avoid a repeat of last year when the department was stretched to the limit with 54 fires on the 4th of july weekend. this year, the city has doubled the fines for fireworks violations and expanded the social host ordinance. >> as for the party manager you could be held responsible for the fireworks getting used at your event. that could include the fines associated with using fireworks and potentially being assessed the cost of the emergency response. >> fines start at $1,000 for the first violation and there will be extra staff to cope with holiday calls. we put together a list of events happening around the bay area for the 4th. all you have to do to check it out is head to the home page of firefighters in contra costa county stopped forward progress on a 35 acre fire. officials say that it started as a vehicle
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fire near nortonville road. that fire is 50% contained so far. the pass area is closed in concord to buchanan road in pittsburgh. to the south bay now, a fire burned throw mobile homes in san jose destroying one. fire people now need a new place to stay. the good news, though, no one was hurt. smoke could be seen along the i- 680 area. the fire happened at a mobile home park on south jackson avenue. no word yet on what started the blaze. to developing news, demolition preps are underway to bring down the rest of the collapsed condo building in florida. we just learned moments ago that demolition is scheduled to start this evening. abc news reporter explains how it will happen. >> the search and rescue mission in surfside florida is temporarily paused as the crews prepare for the demolition of the building. >> our top priority is that the
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building come down as soon as possible and safely as possible. >> reporter: demolition's expert says workers will be drilling holes into columns and filling them with dynamite before wrapping the collums to try limit debris. >> you have to have it go away from the debris pile they need to continue their recover process. >> reporter: and the officials have been closely watching tropical storm elsa as it moves towards florida where the strong winds could impact the unstable structure. >> i think in terms of the impacts for surfside, we are very concerned about, could see gusts, but it has tracked west. >> reporter: so far no time line has been given for the demolition. >> bringing down this building in a controlled manner. it is critical to expanding our scope of the search and rescue effort. >> reporter: those that live inside the building have been told, now, they can not ever go back home. >> this is not about losing property. this is about trauma.
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>> reporter: and just a few miles away, hundreds of residents were evacuate friday crest view towers in north miami beach because of structural and electrical concerns. >> nobody knew. i did not know that the building was deemed unsafe since january. >> reporter: back to you. looking ahead. a 4th of july celebration went rogue. >> safe to say this was not supposed to happen. ahead, a fireworks show ended before it actually began. and, close to home. an east bay
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fireworks meant for a display accidently exploded today. quite a sight here. at first, rescue crews thought a car was on fire but when they arrived at the scene they discovered fireworks being set up for the show had gone off unexpectedly. employees of the company suffered minor injury, no one else was hurt. ocean city canceled all of its firework celebration out of an abundance of caution. president biden will celebrate the 4th of july at the white house tonight. the president will host a party on the south lawn, make egg speech before the show on the national mall that begins at 9:09 p.m. the 17 minute display will be launched from both sides of the reflecting pool at the lincoln memorial. the national park service is expecting one of the largest crowds in several years. well, the city of alameda
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is hosting its porch of july event. a chance for them to decorate their porches and yards and front windows and vehicles. this year's 4th of july parade that has been canceled but anyone who wants to celebrate can take part in the porch of july activities. residents are encouraged to wear red, white and blue even if they don't want to decorate. decorating categories include the most star spangled spirit, postcards from alameda and the people's choice award. a different kind of fireworks display tonight in concord to tell you about. a drive in fireworks show set for tonight at the concord pavilion. organizers say it will be the largest fireworks display ever seen in the city. gates open at 7:00 p.m. and tickets dollar 25 a vehicle. cars will be parked every other space just to keep their distance. the bay area's own chow down champ held on to his title. joey chestnut set a new world
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joey chestnut was victorious. he won his 14th title at nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> he is eyeing his own record. >> look at that crowd. oh, dear. chestnut ended up break his own record eating 76 hot doings and buns in 10 minutes. he did so in front of a crowd of 5,000 fans at a minor league stadium
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in brooklyn. the woman's winner won 53rd hot dogs, she managed to win despite being able to jump to her stomach because of a torn ocl. this is like a car accident, i can not stop watching even though i want to. >> i look for a second and look away and then again. >> yes. a good strategy. well, congratulations to joey. >> impressive, yes. >> we are concerned about the fog, aren't we? for the fireworks. it looks like a little bit of fog is developing right now. assisted by an onshore flow of rather considerable breeze, a brisk one. 21 mile-an-hour winds in san francisco right now. 20 at sfo. it is all flowing onshore which tends to build the marine layer. looking westward. you see low clouds off in the distance. not imposing at the moment, though, a lot of blue sky for the bay. 61 degrees, oak land, 68, 73 in
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mountain view. 74 in morgan hill and 59 at half-moon bay. the golden gate it looks drearer. this time yesterday we had more low clouds. they thinned out later in the evening, make they will get lucky. 71 right now in santa rosa. napa, 85, concord, 81, 79 degrees at livermore and here is a view from mount tammy. you can see a finger of low clouds and fog reaching over the bay. it is not widespread yet. let's hope for the best. these are the forecast. low clouds will increase or likely to before the fireworks begin. we can expect mild to warm days midweek and a wave of summer heat will develop by the end of next week. for tonight, the forecast looks like this. starting at 7:00 p.m. taking it up to 10:00 p.m. into the fireworks time. you can see where to expect fog across the bay. it may not be present it might be deep or dense. on we go.
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through the overnight hours, more widespread, 7:00 in the morning, starting the day with lingering low clouds, they will quickly burn back to the coastline. that is a pattern for a week or so now, giving us sunny skies over the bay and inland. tonight, overnight low temperatures, generally in the middle to upper firsts. tomorrow's highs, starting in the south bay. mainly in the middle to upper 70s. 78 at san jose. 85 down at morgan hill. on the peninsula, mainly, middle to upper 70s. 60 degrees, s, s, s, s, s, s, locations. now, 75 inland east bay, highs in the middle to upper 80s perhaps up to 90 in brentwood. now, here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. first three days of the week we will have mild to warm temperatures. sort of a steady pattern.
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middle to upper 80s. 70s in the shoreline. up to 60 on the coast. it starts to heat up on thursday and friday. middle 90s inland. upper 70s around the bay. on saturday, sunday, if the pattern holds up as the computer model is showing us we expect triple digit heat inland. could be hot. of course, we will watch it every day. things may change. >> and no drops of rain. no drops of rain. >> not here in the bay area. >> all right. keep watching. >> you have to drink your water. coming up in sports, a's, red sox, down the wire for the third straight day.
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it may be early july but feeling like october playoff. it is great at the coliseum all weeklong. the rubber match would not go into extra innings like the first two games. this family decked out in 4th of july gear. i approve of that look. how about this, long throw into the hole and it gets hernandez, he is fast, too. just before matt olson came to bat he was named an all-star for the first time. very deserving, bottom 6th, olson has 21 home runs, not this time. a swing and a mis. -- miss.
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well-pitched game. still down 1-0. tying run on 3rd. seth brown swing and hard fought game. >> two good teams and, you know, it seemed like each game had its, had a different personality to it. >> we weraible to match them in games where runs were scored and games that were not. one run gave them the series but i would love to see them again some point in time based on the fact that it means good things happen for both teams. giants right hander starter, second best era. just under a run. for the third time, brandon crawford, an all-star. joining 34-year-old posey as the position player in san francisco. 17 homers, he is 4 shy of his car roar best 21. and the manager says he has
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other skillsas well. >> i can say confidently there is no one more deserving. he made, sounds strange but incredible straoeubs, incredible presence in the locker room. the normal music was not blaring but like he got straight to it and played d.j. he does it all right now. >> love to hear it. the angels otowi, position player last week. named for the pitcher. the first player ever on the team to do both. he leads the majors with 31 homers. on the mound he is 3-1. is 3-1. he pitches once a week. remember this five years ago on this day, kevin durant announced he was signing with the warriors, only played pie the bay for three -- by the bay for throw seasons, helped them to three final appearances and two titles, days after he left for the nets, the warriors ceo announced no player will ever wear 35 for them
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again. crawford wears the number. d.j. skills, i have this shirt, relax the d.j. i think i am a d.j. i appreciate him jumping on the music when it was not right. >> that explains all of the music coming pumping from the sports department. >> that is me or when i am walking around i have it in my pocket. >> mystery solved. thanks, chris. just ahead, a firefighter from oakland is in washington, d.c.
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coming up tonight. a trip back in time today for a bay area community's 4th of july celebration. police all over the bay area are busy cracking down on illegal fireworks. we have another bust to tell you about that was so big officer his to call for help. all coming up tonight at 6:00. right now at the white house president biden is hosting first responders, hospital workers, military families, and that including oakland fire department/paramedic gonzalez he was chosen to be part of the delegation. gonzalez says he is honored and humbled to have been selected to represent the dedicated firefighters works on the frontlines during the pandemic. we are so proud of him and all of the first responders. nice to have that recognition, too. >> absolutely. >> glad to see it. >> that is all of the time we
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have. we will see you in 30 minutes for abc news at 6:00 tonight, america's comeback as the country marks a nearly normal independence day. but in florida final preparations underway to demolish what remains of that partially collapsed surfside building as tropical storm elsa nears the u.s. more than 120 people remain unaccounted for with hopes of finding anyone alive diminishing. survivng residents now bracing to watch their homes destroyed. tracking tropical storm elsa now blamed for several deaths across the caribbean. the storm slamming into the dominican republic and triggering flash flooding across jamaica. cuba now bracing for torrential rain, heavy winds and possible mudslides, with tropical storm alerts across parts of florida. the scenes of celebrations across the country. americans gathering for fourth of july with friends and family and with little to no covid restrictions in place. the country falling short of


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