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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 4, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. ♪ with triple the beef. triple the cheese. and triple the bacon... i call this burger the perfect triple threat. but you can call it the triple bacon cheesy jack.
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my $6.99 triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box. it's the fourth of july. we have everything you need to know before going out the door to celebrate including word watch fireworks, free public transportation, plus how bay area cities are cracking down on illegal fireworks. a north bay homeowner's wild encounter with a mountain lion. it's july 4. this is abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. the question is whether or not we will get to see the fireworks. that's always the big question on the fourth of july. usually we will have color for
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clouds closer to the coast. right now, you can see the fog. it as well inland although we have clearing in walnut creek and it's making its way across the bay. the coast will stay mostly cloudy. there's a look at the fog up and down the coast and the sierra nevada we have a few left over thunderstorms. a live look outside. that is san jose. looks like a fire. temperatures in the upper 50s in san francisco. san jose, 62. 56, morgan hill. 57, santa rosa. 65, concord. breezy to gusty winds by the delta. another breezy afternoon. upper 60s to mid-70s bayside and inland mid-80s at 4:00. staying cool and the fog moves in by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. if you're inland, a good forecast for the fireworks.
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we begin with developing news. demolition could begin today on the remainder of the collapse condo building in surfside, florida. we are taking a live look at what remains of the tower. search efforts were suspended yesterday to allow crews to prepare for the demolition ahead of tropical storm elsa. 121 people are still missing. 24 have been confirmed dead. we will bring more on this later in the next half-hour. it is the fourth of july and fireworks are back across the bay area. abc7 news reporter matt boone . >> reporter: -- >> when it breaks open, it looks like it pours out gold like a big horse tail. >> reporter: showing off some of the fireworks, pat pyro spectaculars says until recently, it was unclear whether many shows would take place. >> everybody was no, no, no,
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no. then middle of may the yeses started coming in. >> reporter: the show along the san francisco bay will include two barges, one at aquatic park and won it pier 39. the biggest obstacle is the fog which could creep into the bay. ricardo and monica live in the north bay. they say this will be the first fourth of july fireworks display as recently naturalized u.s. citizens. >> it is a cool experience. i am excited. >> reporter: the pandemic of bending many traditions including a family gathering. >> last year was a bummer because it was the first time in probably they didn't visit for fourth of july. the fact we could do with this here is incredible. >> reporter: east bay, the parking lot of the concord pavilion will host their newly designed firework show. >> the idea was drive-in movie theater style event.
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>> reporter: the mayor said cars will be given one spot to park and another to tailgate. he thought it was important to offer firework show in hopes of preventing people from setting off illegal ones of their own. >> it is nice to have something like this to do. bring back the fun we are used to on the fourth of july. >> if you want to do with traffic and parking for the festivities in san francisco, there is a free alternative. golden gate transit is offering free rides on the ferries through monday. service will be extended tonight for those who plan on watching the fireworks in san francisco. bus service will be free through monday. today, bring the family to half moon bay for the 50th fourth of july parade and festival. music stage and food and drink options. there will be a kid zone with bungee jumping, corn hole. the annual pancake breakfast is
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being held at city hall. it started at 8:00 this morning. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 on main street and the parade is at noon. there are seven legal fireworks displays around the bay area and you can find the locations and times for those on fewer than one dozen cities allow safe fireworks to be used. they are illegal everywhere as. authorities in several communities set up outlines where residents can report illegal fireworks being used. police across the bay area have made busts adding tens of thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks. enrichment, the city is offering $2500 reports for tips that leads to fireworks related conviction. coming up later, we will talk to a captain of the san jose fire department about preparations the city is taking to crackdown on illegal fireworks. an ice cream truck was selling more than just sweet treats according to pittsburgh police. issued pictures of numerous fireworks officers found including m-1000s.
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police say it's from a different bust, those that were pictured, but they were tipped off on this one by a parent. fireworks are banned in pittsburgh. more than half of california residents are vaccinated, but there are concerns about covid-19. at events like the fireworks shows, should we be wearing a mask? abc7 news reporter luz pena spoke to a epidemiologist who explains why you should keep it on in some cases. >> reporter: pier 39 was packed with people lining up to watch the fourth of july fireworks. city officials this year are expecting thousands together on sunday. >> we are the only county in the bay area that's hosting a fireworks celebration, and it is due to our vaccine success. >> reporter: data shows since the stapler is reopening, covid cases have gone up more than
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20% in the bay area, and the epidemiologist dr. rutherford said an event of this size could put many at risk who are unvaccinated. >> the risks and uncertainties for those in vaccinated if they come in contact with someone else in vaccinated and infectious. >> reporter: he is attributing the risk to the delta variant. first detected in india and now accounting for 36% of covid cases in california. >> in the old days with the set of variants, if you had a case in your household, you had a 20% chance of getting infected. now it is closer to 50%. >> reporter: keeping that in mind, san francisco will have covid-19 safety guidelines in place for the fourth of july celebration. >> the guidances if unvaccinated, you should be wearing your mask in crowds, even if outdoors. >> reporter: an outdoor setting like embarcadero people will watch a fireworks, if vaccinated, should you wear a face mask? >> if it is really packed, i
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might do it. the recommendations are in a crowd of more than 10,000 people outdoors, it is recommended you wear a face mask. >> reporter: 74% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated meaning we are close to herd immunity. city officials are aware that people from across the bay will come to this large event, and some maybe unvaccinated. >> we are comfortable having the event because the regional success of our vaccinations. san francisco restaurant and community space mayonnaise is reopening after being closed for more than a year. a grand reopening party kicks off at 4:00 at 16th and valencia. partygoers will be treated to a glass of champagne, food, live music, and speeches. manny's has been busy spinning planning their civic and political and arts programs to get back on track. let's get a check outside.
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>> we are beginning to see it brightened up around the bay the low cloud deck, another hour until we reveal more sun. mid-50s downtown. mid-60s and breezy here. that's a typical season pattern for us. record-breaking holiday travel as airlines grapple with staffing shortages. what you need to know about flight delays and cancellations. cars lined up for thre it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. don't miss our 4th of july special. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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[buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ developing news. search and rescue effort of the collapse congo kong group building has been temporarily suspended as crews prepared to demolish what remains. the rest of the building could be brought down as soon as today. it is a race against time is tropical storm elsa threatens to bring dangerous conditions to the hazardous work of searching for missing people.
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>> reporter: the surfside search and rescue officials prep to demolish what remains of the building. structural instability and the threat of tropical storm elsa convincing authorities it is safest to bring the building down in a controlled fashion. >> we are still hopeful we can do the demolition before the storm. we are hopeful the storm is going in another direction. we are proceeding as quickly as we possibly can. >> reporter: officials said it was necessary to halt the search for now because crews have begun drilling holes into columns. demolitions expert dan hoffman said the holes will be filled with dynamite and thoroughly wrapped to try to limit debris from the blast. >> you have to have it go away from the debris pile that they need to continue the recovery process. the risk is probably acceptable only because they are in a rush
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to get the recovery process back. >> reporter: rescue workers remained determined to find the 121 people still unaccounted for. saturday, the death toll climbing to 24. those who live there are being told they can't ever go back home. >> this is not about losing property. this is about trauma. this is about emotions. >> reporter: by sheer luck, eric spent the night of the collapse at the home of his girlfriend. he is grateful for that spur of the moment decision that may have saved his life, but he is having to leave almost everything behind. >> this is something that will always be with me. no matter where we live, no matter how beautiful, you just don't heal from this. >> that is so sad.
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it is a tropical storm, but luck is not on their side. >> certainly not. the first hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm. we are looking at typical weather here for the fourth of july, which is good news. that means we have a healthy marine layer and even mist and drizzle. a couple of hundredths have accumulated along the shoreline. we are seeing greater conditions for the east bay. on top of mt. tam, the black hole where it says san rafael, the clouds are burning back. within the next hour, we will see mostly sunny skies move across parts of the east bay. the fog from northern california all the way down to southern california and the textured looking clouds is from a system bringing up subtropical moisture allowing for thunderstorms from sierra nevada and looking at those
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winding down through the early morning hours. yesterday a good deal of cloud cover in the sierra nevada. and then those lightning strikes. so far, no problems. south bay, the fog scattering out allowing for 60s. 62 in oakland. 63, mountain view. or sun on the way for you. mid-50s and morgan hill. half moon bay, 57. the fog is beginning to retreat in the north bay. san rafael,. 57, santa rosa. 61, novato. sunshine in the east bay with mid-60s. santa cruz, upper 50s with partly sunny conditions. mild to warm for the fourth. it has been pretty nice out there in the inland valleys. tonight, the low clouds move back by about 7:00 or 8:00. the sun sets at 8:30 five so
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the fireworks all be filled with the fog at the shoreline and getting close to the bay. inland we are clear. a wave of summer heat at the end of the week and into the weekend. fog pulls back by 10:00. mostly sunny skies. early on, the fog through the delta looking like we will see a cloudy start tomorrow. there is a look at what to expect for the fourth. temperatures from the upper 50s downtown. the heat will be with us but not until about thursday or friday. triple digits just about there by thursday. 82, concord. 74, richmond. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking comfortable, seasonal until about thursday. triple digits inland and hopefully we stay cool at the coast. we will keep you posted. there were long waits at the nation's airports for rental cars and we spoke with a
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woman who waited three hours at sfo. it is also expensive. rates are up at least 89% for the fourth of july weekend. there aren't enough cars. the pandemic wiped out about two thirds of the business. rent a car company sold of their fleet to make money. now the demand is back, almost overnight, and they are not prepared. and the number of people traveling through airports hit a record on friday. tsa screen within 2.1 million people on the move for the fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: most americans who plan to travel this holiday weekend may have already braved the fourth of july frenzy on the roads. >> i think it will be pretty busy. >> reporter: or at some of the airports. many of which seemed to be bursting at the seams on friday. aaa expecting 48 million people will have traveled either by road or air by the time the fourth of july weekend comes to a close. most of them, 43 million, opted
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to drive to and from their destinations, according to andrew chris from aaa. >> the number of people traveling by car is a bigger difference. international travel is down. cruising has not picked back up , and people may feel more comfortable traveling by car. >> reporter: he expects rising fuel prices aren't keeping most families from a post pandemic get away. it won't be cheap with the cost of a gallon of gas averaging $3.12 nationally. the highest in seven years. experts say not only is summer demand to blame, but a shortage of fuel truck drivers that have left some service stations empty. if you are flying, adhere to instructions her face paying hefty fines. the federal aviation administration has received over 3000 reports of unruly passengers this year alone. the majority of incidents related to noncompliance of the federal mandate requiring mask wearing on flights.
9:20 am
hoping to address people who don't listen to crew instructions, the agency rolled out a video message for those who should know better from those who do. >> though go to jail if they keep doing that stuff. sfo expects big crowds through the weekend. here is a live look. there are planes landing and taking off. the airport projects it will be the busiest since the pandemic began. it has broken the 40,000 passenger marker day. sfo reported more than 765,000 passengers for all of last july. the holiday weekend kicked off with flight cancellations and delays. dallas-fort worth had the most in the world. the rise in demand is crippling major airlines as they face staffing issues, packed flights, and bad weather. a clear sign that visitors have come back to san francisco, there was a three block wait for cars to drive down the crooked portion of lombard street yesterday.
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this is a different site compared to one year ago when you could see this video, the tourist attraction was practically empty. just ahead. a south bay hot spot for illegal firewo delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet.
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now, that's making a difference.
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san jose is a hospital for illegal fireworks. the fire department is hoping to avoid a repeat of last year when it responded to 54 fireworks related fires on the fourth of july. officials are urging people to find safe ways to celebrate. i spoke with the san jose fire department captain about the city's efforts. thank you for joining us. we appreciate you being here. the city is putting an emphasis of avoiding what happened last year when the fire department was overwhelmed with calls about illegal fireworks.
9:24 am
what changes are is a department making this year? >> operationally, we are up staffing so we will have extra engines and extra personnel to deal with any of the potential emergencies we have to go on. last year, it was fourth of july was pretty crazy. we had 54 fires in the city on the fourth of july. it was a pretty busy night. what we are doing is asking people to refrain from using fireworks in the city of san jose. even the safe and sane fireworks are illegal in the city. we are encouraging people to go to the professional displays. we understand fireworks are a part of the tradition. we are coming out of pandemic shut down, so we understand people want to get out and celebrate. please try to do it in a responsible manner with the things that are out there that are professionally set up
9:25 am
and authorized. >> explain explain with illegal fireworks, especially during dry conditions, the drought conditions right now. >> there are inherent risks to using fireworks in general. we have people that experience dramatic injuries to hands and eyes and things like that. with these drier conditions, and a firework the container, could start a house fire, grass fire and with the dry conditions, it makes it that much worse. it stretches our resources then. we don't want people to lose any property or get injured in the process of celebrating. >> what can people do if they see or hear illegal fireworks in her neighborhood? >> we have a few avenues for people to report that. the first is, if there is a fire or true emergency, call
9:26 am
911 and let us know and we will respond. if you are calling just to report fireworks and there's not an actual emergency, call 311 and we can take the report. you can go to the san jose main website. to report fireworks in your neighborhood. >> i want to talk about the social host ordinance. something the city is expanding. can you talk about what that is and what it means? >> with the social host ordinance is if you are hosting an event at your home, for instance, and fireworks are being used as a part of your event, as the property owner or property manager, you can be held responsible for the fireworks getting used at your event. that can include fines associated with using fireworks and being assessed the cost of the emergency response.
9:27 am
that is something new in the city of san jose. we are trying to emphasize that. as the host of the event, you are responsible for what happens at your event. >> there are penalties and fines of caught using illegal fireworks. we have to wrap. thank you so much and have a happy fourth. there are plenty of ways to celebrate. we put a list of events happening around the bay area. you can find it on still to come. a mountain lion is roaming around a bay area community. we will tell you where. they are being recognized for the first time in 75 years. that is a blessing from god. >> a well deserved honor. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy.
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♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will start this half hour with a look at the weather with meat lisa argen. good morning. the clouds have scattered out to the south bay and moving out of the east bay, but we have a good amount around the closer bay shoreline. there is a look at san jose. nice and clear and 62. partly sunny, oakland. 58, downtown. the breezes with us. it will be breezy to gusty along the shoreline. 57, santa rosa. san rafael is clearing out. 65, concord. let's go through 10:00 or 11:00 where we have more 60s over the bay. 3:00, low 70s and hayward. fremont, 74. mid to upper 80s inland.
9:31 am
the fog comes back for the fireworks tonight except if you are into the east bay valleys. developing news in california. there are nine wildfires burning to the north right now. among the largest, the lava wildfire in siskiyou county and the salt fire in shasta county. this is time-lapse video of the salt fire. effort 7500 acres and 5% contained. firefighters have been strengthening containment line's alongside i-5 mac. the fires destroyed 41 buildings including 27 homes. evacuation orders remain in place for communities near the fire. the lava wildfire is 36% contained. it was sparked by a lightning strike and scorch more than 24,000 acres. it's burning partly on the flanks of mt. shasta. it is forced the evacuation of 3500 people. firefighters are facing extreme conditions with temperatures
9:32 am
expected to reach 100 degrees this weekend. and the north bay, petaluma police say a mountain lion is becoming a common visitor. police say the animal was seen on the east side friday night following a series of sightings. if it's the same big cat, it is managing to cross highway 101. this video shows the cougar prowling a man's backyard. joe said he spotted the cougar jump over a fence into his backyard before leaving. >> reporter: the u.s. is falling short of president biden's goal of getting 70% of american adults vaccinated with at least one dose by july 4. right now the number stands at 67%. that's 7.4 million shots shy of the president's goal. is the delta variant spreads, there is increasing concern over the millions who have missed their second dose.
9:33 am
experts warn only those fully vaccinated are adequately protected against the variant. despite the efforts of president biden and his administration, a new poll shows axing hesitant americans overwhelming reject the risk of the delta variant. according to a washington post poll, 30% of adults say they have not been vaccinated and they are unlikely to be. in this group, 73% say officials are exaggerating the risk of the delta variant. 79% of that group think that little or no sick from the virus. the delta variant accounts for a quarter of new cases in the country. it is very dangerous. we got to take it seriously. president biden will celebrate the fourth of july at the white house tonight. he will host a party on the south lawn, making a speech before the fireworks show on the national mall which belongs begins at 9:09. the display will be launched at both sides of the reflecting pool. the national park service is expecting one of the largest crowds in several years.
9:34 am
as we celebrate america's independence, there's another celebration happening. to pay tribute to a chapter of u.s. history that isn't widely known. with the 400 chinese-american veterans who served in the u.s. armed forces during world war ii are being honored with the congressional gold medal. the first of three ceremonies took place yesterday in san francisco's chinatown. this has been a long time coming to celebrate the approximately 20,000 chinese- americans served their country. >> these men and women served with dignity and for the rights that they didn't necessarily earn at that time, but for all of us who now enjoy those privileges of being americans. >> they are being recognized for the first time in 75 years. that is a blessing from god. >> her father, immigrated from china at the age of 13 and enlisted in the u.s. navy at 22. he was awarded metal after metal
9:35 am
for his service in the south pacific during the war. still ahead. heads change lives. you have a chance to share how your pet made a positive impact. we are joined by berkeley humane to talk about its best in show contest. let's take a live look outside. a gloomy start to this fourth of july what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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9:38 am
the excitement that we have as people for the fireworks and loud bangs and sounds is exactly what's terrifying to our pets. >> what advice do you have for people who have an anxious pet during fireworks? >> there are things people can do. one is make sure that the pets have a collar with their phone number and they are microchip and the contact information on the microchip is accurate and up-to-date. the pets should not be outside. we should be planning to make sure pets are inside and they are safe and secure. we have ideas on things people can do. >> let's talk about the big event you have coming up this year. the fifth annual best in show stories beyond the shelter. what do you want people to know about it? >> berkeley humane is one of the most trusted animal welfare in the bay area. we have never once gotten tired of hearing about somebody's pat.
9:39 am
we are asking you submit the pet story to us. the event is called best in show, stories from be on the shelter. this is an opportunity for people to submit a story about how a pet has impacted their life. >> submit a story and you will pick the top three? what stories are you looking for? >> we have gotten hundreds of wonderful entries. the stories make us laugh and they make us cry. we will call that down to the three top finalists. the deadline is september 15. go to our website and submit your story. the event itself is october 15. that evening, the three finalists will read their stories live and one of them will be crowned best in show. >> pets have made a huge difference for so many, especially during this difficult year. how was the pandemic impacted
9:40 am
your shelter? >> like every organizationorga had to reinvent ourselves and many of our programs to continue to serve the community. we have never been providing more medical care to the community. we have been providing 75,000 pounds of food to people who were struggling to make ends meet. so they could keep their pets. we have been active this last year. >> so people are hearing this and saying i want to participate ends support you and be part of this event in october. we are talking to you now because you need people to submit these stories. what can people do right now? >> if you go to the website, berkeley, the entry form is very straightforward. it is a short story. you don't have to be a great writer. tell us something about your pet and how you feel it has impacted your life.
9:41 am
the pandemic, we didn't have much good to say this past year, but one of the positives has been many people got to spend time with their animals. if you spend time with your animals, you have stories to share. >> thank you so much. berkeley humane, we are happy to have you want talking about july 4 and this important event and hopefully we get a lot of great stories that make a difference. >> thank you. you have the rest of the summer to work on your story. the deadline is september 15. visit berkeley or check out our website, good advice to keep your dog inside. you have a dog that likes to run away sometimes. >> we have been through that and they get so scared. looking at mt. tam where the clouds finally scattering out, but not everywhere. slower burn in parts of the east bay.
9:42 am
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here is a live look outside from our roof camera looking over the embarcadero. the giants and the a's will be looking for another win today. the a's take on the red sox. first pitch, 1:07. the giants will go for a win against the diamondbacks at 6:10. last night eight two run homer put the giants ahead of the diamondbacks. a year ago yesterday, the giants opened up their summer camp as as
9:45 am
game pandemic shortened season. halfway through the 2021 and giants entered with the best record in baseball taking on a team with the worst. the arizona diamondbacks. this youngster trying to get the mask on just right. top three scoreless. mike yastrzemski day bright. it try to go spider-man to catch this one. two run shot. giants up at one point. arizona down until nick takes sammy out to right field. arizona takes the lead. top of the eighth, the giants down. austin slater, here his how you break out of a slump. 6-5 giants. jake mcgee will throw a scoreless ninth for his 16th say. the giants win. this was a good one at the coliseum. a's and red sox. the eighth, elvis, base hit will tie the game. back and forth we go. here he is again in the 10th.
9:46 am
a chance to win the game but seth brown out by a good chunk.. we keep playing into the 12th inning. tony kemp, fly ball to center field. kiki hernandez throughout seth brown and saturday night it goes in favor of the a's. win number 49 for the year for oakland. game six of the eastern conference finals. trey young in for atlanta. 14 points and clearly hobbled with the ankle. khris middleton for milwaukee. 23 in the third and finished with a game-high 32, scoring all over the floor. milwaukee led by 20 in the fourth but atlanta makes a run. defense to offense. the dunk and the hawks are within six. it gets no closer. 90 seconds to go. he throws it down. the box win advance into their
9:47 am
first nba finals since 1974. the deer district going nuts. imagine thrive city when the warriors are back in the finals. soccer, the earthquakes trying to snap a seven match winless street taking a minnesota united fc. he scores in the 15th minute. minnesota scores the next two. san jose, he buries it. his first career goal right there. the winless streak is now 8. that is your look at sports. let's get a check in the forecast with lisa argen. we see the gray which doesn't bode well for fireworks tonight. it is receding now. here is a look at live doppler 7 where you can see mt. tam. east bay and south bay is nice
9:48 am
and clear. the fog is up and down the coast, looking at a gray start for much of california along the shoreline. thunderstorms have been a thing on the past and the sierra nevada. the red flag warning discontinued for the greater lake tahoe area. thunderstorms in the area last night through early this morning. there is a peek at a little bit of blue sky. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. 67, mountain view. 62, san jose. morgan hill, 59. half moon bay, 57. there is a look at the cloud cover in the city. we will see mostly cloudy skies at the coast. a look here at santa cruz where it is pretty nice. temperatures near 60. 70 today with the sea breeze in the afternoon. mild to one today for the fourth. the fog moves in from the coast and bay for the fireworks.
9:49 am
you will have to be inland to enjoy a clear view. a wave of summer heat coming our way the end of this weekend more likely into next weekend. it looks like the east bay valleys heating up first. the fireworks forecast, up the coast from marin through san mateo and redwood city looking at clouds for this evening and even across the bay into oakland, san leandro. upper 50s. in upper 60s from san jose, we will have the clear sky to start out. look at the heat coming our way as we look at the week ahead. inland, upper 80s to 90. that is about average. we are in a holding pattern again. thursday and friday, numbers well above average. over 100 degrees by next weekend. 74 in sunnyvale today. los gatos, 80s.
9:50 am
one of the warmer locations, palomar alto. 73. clouds clinging to the coast. near 60 degrees. in the north bay, upper 80s in cloverdale. sonoma and napa throughout the afternoon, the breeze picks up. will be about 70 in oakland. sunshine with the afternoon sea breeze through union city and through the delta you will notice it's getting breezy as well. 82, concord. 88, brentwood. 81, pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast. clouds tonight. if you have plans for the fourth, the best viewing will be inland. as we get into a pattern into the middle of the week, 70s and 80s around the bay and inland. the coast doesn't change much. by the end of the week, highs
9:51 am
15 degrees above average in the inland valleys making the warmth across the bay. it doesn't look like it will be a bay area event. hoping to hold onto our sea breeze. it is block party time. the warriors fourth of july celebration continues today.
9:52 am
9:53 am
here are the winning numbers from the 101 million powerball drawing. 26, 40, 41, 55, 65 and the powerball number 24. nobody picked all six numbers and the jackpot goes to $113 million. the winning numbers from the 60 million super lotto plus drawing format, 9, 21, 33, florida and mega number 16. that drawing, a ticket matching five numbers was sold at the cvs on columbus parkway. that is worth more than $50,000.
9:54 am
wednesday nights price increases to $61 million. the fourth of july zippers major holiday since california reopened its economy. cornell barnard says the fourth of july festivities come with words of warning. >> reporter: there's a block party happening this weekend at thrive city. hosted by the warriors. >> i'm going to have fun. >> reporter: the girls were sizzling with free burgers for fans who were finally ready to party like the hendersons. >> it means independence, i guess. >> pigging out with the family for the first time in a year. enjoying the beautiful weather and celebrating the new normal. >> i am vaccinated. things are looking up. >> reporter: the block party will continue on independency from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for the first time in two years, fireworks
9:55 am
the waterfront. thousands are expected. firefighters are pleading with folks to leave the pyrotechnics to the pros but they know not everyone will listen. >> fireworks in san francisco are illegal for a reason. >> reporter: the fire department made this announcement after illegal fireworks cost more than 100 grass fires last july for. firefighters drove through barrage of bottle rockets responding to calls. this year with drier condition so bad, the urge people to think and be careful. >> this sparks, large booms we hear going off. every single one of those has an ignitable number. >> reporter: friday, firefighters demonstrated how fast a simple save sparkler can start a grass fire on a dry hillside. less than one minute. >> we saw in seconds fires that quickly were at a point where a homeowner with a garden hose could possibly extinguish them. >> reporter: extra firefighters will be on duty this holiday weekend and most expect to be
9:56 am
busy. today, the san francisco symphony returns for its annual summer performance at stern grove festival. it will be a special fourth of july concert. they just started person summer series 2 days ago. stern grove will not be livestreaming the event. reservations are free and they are still open. the concert starts at 2:00 this afternoon. new details on the treasure hunt. there was a winner and it took one clue. marcy and her sons found the box with the trophy and $1000 inside. organizers posted the details on their instagram page. they posted it six days ago. two menno organized it wanted to encourage people to go outside. they gave clues to take seekers to the hidden money. it was such a hit that they plan to do it again. good for that mom and sons. let's get a final check of your weather.
9:57 am
>> we are forecasting clouds to come back. they haven't retreated yet all across the base. 70s and 80s when they do. they move back in. the sun sets at 8:30 five. cloudy at the coast and around the bayshore. clear inland. numbers drop into the 50s and it will be breezy. right now, winds 25 miles per hour peeking at 30 through the delta. 20 miles per hour by fremont. holiday monday, very little change with low clouds and fog once again to greet us in the morning. that holds through the middle of the week than warmer weather by the end of the week, especially inland. and slightly warmer across the bay. thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a fabulous and safe fourth of july. keep your pet safe. head over to espn and watch joey chestnut at coney island.
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