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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 4, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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today is the first make holiday since california's reopening. the bay area is getting ready to celebrate in a way that hasn't been possible in two years. don't leave the mask at home just yet. good morning, it is sunday, july 4. happy independence day. i'm liz kreutz. and you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will have more on how the bay area is celebrating in a moment. first, let's get over to lisa argen for a look at the holiday forecast. good morning. lots of clouds out there in the form of a marine layer about
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2000 feet tall allowing for relative humidity and disdain drizzle at the shoreline. as we look at a wider perspective, it is up and down the california coast. we have thunderstorms lingering in the sierra nevada with a red flag warning through 11:00 today. this is san jose. 56, downtown. the clouds over head. in santa rosa, it is gray, mid- 50s. fireworks on display inland, no problem. closer to the bay, we have the clouds coming back into play. a sunny afternoon with 70s, oakland. mid-80s livermore. little sunshine at the coast. we will talk about the week ahead which includes warmer weather, coming up. fireworks are back this year across the bay area. matt boone has a look at what crews are doing to prepare for
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the show. >> when this breaks open, it is the one that looks like it pours out gold, like a horsetail. >> reporter: showing off the fireworks, pat with pyro spectacular set until recently, it was unclear whether shows would take place. >> everybody was no, no, no. about the middle of may mac started coming in. >> reporter: the show along the san francisco bay will include two barges and won it aquatic park and won it pier 39. the biggest obstacle is the fog which could creep into the bay. >> the important part is we find fireworks. >> reporter: north bay and say it's her first fireworks display as recently naturalized u.s. citizens. >> it just cool to experience as citizens. >> reporter: the pandemic upending traditions. >> last year was a bummer
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because it was the first time in probably eight or nine years they didn't visit for the fourth of july. the fact we can do that this year is incredible. >> reporter: the parking lot of the concord pavilion will host their firework show. >> the idea was drive-in movie theater style. >> reporter: the mayor said cars will be given one spot to park and another to tailgate. he thought it was important to offer a firework show in hopes of preventing people from setting up illegal ones of their own. >> it's nice to have something like this to bring back a little bit of the fun we are used to. >> reporter: the mayor tells me all 1000 of the tickets they had have sold out already. if you are looking to getting, you will have to watch from the outside. because it is at the base of mt. diablo, hopefully people will be able to view those.
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>> even with so many vaccinated, there are lingering concerns about covid. at mega events like the firework show, should we be wearing a mask? luz pena is part of our vaccine team and spoke to eight epidemiologist two explains why you should keep it on in some cases. >> reporter: in past years, pier 39 was packed with people lining up to watch the fourth of july fireworks. city officials this year are expecting thousands to gather on sunday. >> we are the only county in the bay area hosting a fireworks celebration, and it is due to the vaccine success. >> reporter: data shows since the state's reopening, covid cases have gone up more than 20% in the bay area. epidemiologist dr. rutherford set an event of this size could put many at risk who are unvaccinated. >> the risk is for people
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unvaccinated if they come into contact with someone else unvaccinated and is infectious. >> reporter: he is attributing the risk to the delta variant. first detected in india and accounting for 36% of covid cases in california. >> with the original set of variants, a case in your holds household, a 20% chance of getting infected. now closer to 50%. >> reporter: keeping that in mind, san francisco will have covid-19 safety guidelines in place for the fourth of july celebration. >> the guidances if you are unvaccinated, you should be wearing your mask when in crowds. even if outdoors. >> reporter: embarcadero where people will watch the fireworks, if vaccinated, should you wear a face mask? >> if it is really packed, i might do it. the recommendations, if you're in a crowd of more than 10,000 outdoors, it is recommended you were a face mask. >> reporter: 74% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated
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meaning we are close to herd immunity. city officials are aware people from across the bay will come to this large event, and some may be unvaccinated. >> we are comfortable having this event because of the regional success of our vaccinations. >> if you don't want to deal with traffic and parking, there's a free alternative this weekend. golden gate transit is offering free rides on theories through monday. service extended tonight for those planning to watch the fireworks in san francisco. bus service will be free through monday. today, bring the family to half moon bay for the fourth of july parade and festival. there's a music stage plus food and drink options. there will be a kids zone with bungee jumping, corn hole, and asked throwing. the annual pancake breakfast is at city hall starting at 8:00 this morning. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00
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on main street and the parade is at noon. there are seven legal fireworks displays tonight. you can find the locations and times on fewer than one dozen cities allowed safe fireworks to be used. they are illegal everywhere else. authorities in several communities that apartments for residents to report a legal fireworks being used. police across the bay area have made large fireworks busts netting thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks. richmond is offering reports for tips that lead to a fireworks-related conviction. later this morning, i spoke with the san jose fire captain who was talking about steps the department is taking to crackdown on illegal fireworks pork there were long waits at the nation's airports for rental cars. we spoke with a woman who waited for three hours. it is expensive too. the wall street journal said
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rates are up 89% for the fourth of july weekend. there aren't enough cars. the pandemic wiped out about two thirds of the business, and rental cars company solar fleets to make money. the demand is back and the companies aren't prepared. the number of people traveling through airports hit a pandemic era record. the tsa screen within 2.1 million people on the move for the fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: by now, most americans plan to travel this weekend may have already braved the fourth of july frenzy on the roads. >> it will be busy and congested. >> reporter: or at some of the airports. many of which seemed to be bursting at the scenes on friday. aaa expecting 48 million will have traveled by road or air by the time the fourth of july weekend comes to a close. most of them, 43 million, opted to drive to and from destinations, according to aaa. >> the biggest difference is
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people traveling by car. there are a number of factors. international travel is down, cruising as it picked up, and people may feel more comfortable traveling by car. >> reporter: gross expects rising fuel prices are likely keeping families from a post pandemic get away. it won't be cheap with the cost of a gallon of gas averaging $3.12 nationally. the highest in seven years. experts say not only is summer demand to blame, but a shortage of fuel truck drivers that have lost some service stations empty. flying, you will want to face instructions or face fines. the faa has received over 3000 reports of unruly passengers this year alone. a majority of incidents related to noncompliance of the federal mandate requiring mask wearing on flights. hoping to address people who don't listen to crew instructions, the agency rolled out a video message for those who should know better, from those who do.
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>> all go to jail if they keep doing that stuff. sfo expects big crowds for the weekend. here is a live look at the airport right now. it is quiet but will change. it's been the busiest weekend since the pandemic began. there is a lot of pent-up demand to travel. let's get a check on the forecast. hopefully the weather won't impact people on the roads and flying. i heard from a few, the heavy drizzle along the coast and around the bay. above it is dry and warmer. mt. tam looks nice. sunshine on the way, pleasant temperatures for some. elsewhere, you will need the jacket. i will have the details with the seven-day forecast, next. crews in florida preparing to demolish the condo that collapsed. why neighbors are struggling to deal with it.
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crews are preparing to demolish what remains of the collapsed condo in surfside before tropical storm elsa takes aim at the state. this comes as the death toll climbs to 24 with 121 still missing more than a week after the disaster. christine sloan has the details. >> reporter: preparations are underway in surfside, florida, to demolish what is left up champlain showers. officials pausing the efforts saturday afternoon as they get
6:14 am
ready. with elsa churning towards florida, concerns are growing. >> the building is too unsafe. this will protect search and rescue teams because we don't know when it could fall over. >> reporter: the governor declaring a state of emergency as the storm approaches. >> while we are hopeful we can do the demolition for the storm, we are hopeful the storm goes in another direction. we are proceeding as quickly as we can. >> reporter: officials say controlled demolition with explosive charges should have a minimal impact on the surrounding area, allowing crews to resume the search and rescue operation and expand to areas they haven't been able to safely access. neighbors still struggling to deal with it all. >> there is so much love in this town. everybody watches out for each other. the deep connection has brought a deep sorrow. >> reporter: miami beach another surrounding cities are conducting a thorough review of all condo high-rise buildings,
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hoping to prevent another tragedy. a few miles away, 300 residents of crestview towers in north miami beach forced to leave their homes. that's after an engineering report deemed it on structurally and electrically unsafe almost six months ago. city officials saying they just learned about it this week. >> nobody knew. i didn't know it was deemed unsafe since january. it is july 2? it makes no sense. back here in california, there are nine wildfires burning to the north. among the largest, the lava wildfire in siskiyou county and the salt fire in shasta county. this is the time lapse video of the salt fire which has burned nearly 7500 acres. it's 5% contained. firefighters have been strengthening containment lines
6:16 am
along interstate 5. it has destroyed 41 buildings including 27 homes. evacuation orders remain in place. the lava wildfire is 36% contained and was sparked by a lightning strike and scorch more than 24,000 acres. fires burning on the flanks of mt. shasta and has forced the evacuation of 3500 people. firefighters are facing extreme conditions with temperatures expected to reach nearly 100 degrees this weekend. in the north bay, police say mountain lion is becoming a common visitor. the animal was seen on the east side friday night following a series of sightings the past week. if it's the same cat, it is managing to cross highway 101. video from wednesday shows a prowling a man's backyard. joe city spotted it jump over a fence into his backyard before leaving. scary. many small businesses are
6:17 am
struggling right now following the pandemic restrictions. abc7 news reporter visited san carlos and owners fear they may lose their shops if the city doesn't act quickly. >> reporter: in downtown san carlos a debate is growing. this stretch of street is been closed to accommodate outdoor dining during the pandemic. the city council is said is great for restaurants, but with california reopens, some say it's time for the street to reopen too. >> we are asking them to remove this so we can start having business as well as the restaurants. >> reporter: laurel street is filled with family-owned businesses, some there for decades. the owners say the lack of parking and access to their stores have led to financial struggles. >> our business is down 70%. >> there are four is mrs. that have closed and two others i know of that have not signed the lease because they are saying if the street doesn't open, they won't get enough
6:18 am
customers to pay their expenses. >> reporter: the barricades don't just cause problems for businesses, but for the customers as well. gail has shopped here for years. how did she get here? >> walk through the alley, of the alley, through the park to get here to shop. it is ridiculous. >> it is really challenging. it seems the dignitaries only respect the restaurants. we have been here over 25 years. we feel like we were left alone. >> we need to have a plan. >> reporter: he voted against closing the street, but now it's closed until september 2022. collins said there's no plans for a refill but wants to find a solution that works for everyone. >> we have an obligation to take care of everyone and find a way to continue to have a robust downtown, but at the same time, not harm certain elements that aren't restaurants. >>
6:19 am
and let us survive as well. the way it is, most of us are going to be out of business sooner than later. let's get a check of the forecast. always so gray this month as we start the day. >> it depends on where you are. in your microclimate. you could have the shorts on or the jacket. it depends. we have the fog that will hang along the coast, but around the bay, the breeze will pick up in the afternoon and that will allow for comfortable but somewhat breezy conditions towards 3:00 in the afternoon. live doppler 7 picking up on the low cloud deck. it is along the coast and peninsula, but thunderstorms are winding down in the sierra nevada. this was p keating yesterday.
6:20 am
the heat from yesterday and the sun a lot for the storms and moisture coming up from an area of high pressure. this will allow for a quieter day in the mountains as the moisture leaves and the trigger mechanism, area of low pressure moves out. as we look closer to home, walnut creek a lot of cloud cover. numbers in the 50s downtown. 60, oakland. 59, san jose. we have the clouds for emeryville with 59 in novato. 57, napa. concord, 60. santa cruz, mid-50s with 70 today. the marine layer compressed closer to the shoreline. mild to warm for the fourth of july today. the clouds will be with us at the coast moving through the bay. the best viewing will be inland than a wave of summer heat by the weekend but we will get some of the heat by thursday
6:21 am
inland and friday as the warmth moves across the bay. the fog pulls back and partly sunny to mostly cloudy at the coast. elsewhere, a lot of sun. tomorrow morning, the fog as needed too through the delta and looking at cloudy skies across the east bay. then up pulls back and we will look at a sunny afternoon. tonight for the fireworks, it will be mild in south bay with numbers in the upper 60s. 50s with clouds along the coast up to santa rosa into east bay and oakland. livermore will be clear at 60. looking at 60 along redwood city which should have mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, the highs will be in a range from 60s to 80s. wednesday near 90 inland. by thursday, upper 90s. the heat is on. it stays away from the bay
6:22 am
until it looks like next weekend. seven-day today and oakland. 76, napa. mid-60s downtown. the accuweather seven-day forecast. keeping the heat away for short- term as we get into the rest of the day today. 80s inland as well on monday. 70s around the bay. changes by about thursday with the mid-90s inland. closer to the bay, it will warm up. the coast will stay comfortable, but we escaped the last heat way that it looks like this one is coming our way. >> we will prepare for it. it's a race against time to save a melting
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in northern italy, scientists are trying to save a melting glacier. they are adding hundreds of thousands of feet of protective covering to lock the heat from the sun. julia mcfarland explains a warning about climate change to the rest of the world. >> reporter: summer in the italian alps and a desperate race against time in a bid to delay the snow melting, climate experts in northern italy are shielding the endangered glacier with massive sheets of cloth. covering 120,000 square meters. authorities say around 70% of the snow can be saved over the summer with a protective cover aimed at reflecting the sun's rays. >> the best we can do is extend the lifetime of the glaciers by some years. not much more than that. >> reporter: in the alps, climate change and increasing global temperatures threatening ski resorts and livelihoods. james witnessed glaciers melting at an alarming rate,
6:26 am
western europe's highest mountain. >> we often think of climate change in the outer reaches of the world from greenland, antarctica, islands in the indian ocean, but what is happening here shows the changes are happening much closer to home. >> reporter: around the world, global warming is called glaciers to melt at a rapid rate. one geologist telling us that if the trends continue, future scenarios predict a majority of the world's glaciers could be gone by the year 2100. environmentalists are calling mexico's state-ownemexi oil company after a gas leak sparked this fireball that lit up the waters of the gulf of mexico. greenpeace mexico said the league appeared to be caused the failure of an underwater valve. the accident highlights the risk of mexico's policy of promoting fossil fuels. so far, it is unclear how much environmental damage the gas
6:27 am
leak and oceanic fireball caused. it took more than five hours to put out the fire. check details on the santa cruz mountains treasure hunt. there is a winner and it took just one crew clue. she and her sons found the box with the trophy and $1000. organizers posted the details on their instagram page. it was 60s ago. two men organized the treasure hunt wanted to encourage people to go outside. they gave treasure seekers clues to take them them hidden money in a state park. it was such a hit, organizers say they will do it again. a man sharing history of his brief time as a multibillionaire. james noticed last week and that chase mistakenly deposited $50 billion into his bank account. he said he reported it right away. it took the bank four days to correct the error so for a few days he and his family were one of the richest families in the world. james said there was never a
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good morning. thank you for joining us on abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will start this half hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. everyone wants to know if we will see the fireworks. we have been on this pattern for quite a while but nothing has budged but we are finding the sun above the marine layer. it has yet to burn through. when it does, we will have a nice day but it comes back in
6:31 am
time to the fireworks for most of you except inland. 60, oakland. 59, san jose. 50s on the coast. mid-50s and santa rosa. concord and livermore, and near 60. 57, napa. mist and drizzle along the coast. the fog reteach by midmorning. 9:00 we are sunny except along the coast. if you 70s inland and upper 50s, half moon bay. 3:00, 80s inland. closer to the bay, breezy and low 70s. along the shore, we have got the clouds. we will talk about the holiday tomorrow for most of you, and then the warm up next week. the u.s. is falling short of president biden's goal of getting 70% of american adults vaccinated with at least one dose by today.
6:32 am
the number stands at 67%. that is 7.4 million shots shy of the president's goal. as the delta variant spreads, there is increasing concern over the millions of people who have missed their second dose. experts warn those fully vaccinated are adequately protected against the very and. despite the efforts of president biden and his administration, a new poll shows vaccine hesitant americans overwhelmingly reject the reported risk of the delta variant. according to abc news washington post new poll, 30% of adults say they have not been vaccinated and unlikely to get the shot. in this group, 73% of those say officials are exaggerating the risk of the delta variant. 79% say they have little or no risk of getting sick from the virus. the delta variant accounts a quarter of the new cases in the country so it is something we need to take seriously. coming up on this week, as
6:33 am
concerns grow over the delta variant, white house covid-19 response coordinator will talk about july for celebrations and the falling vaccination rate. you can watch the interview on this week with george stephanopoulos this morning on abc7. several criminals targeted a major i.t. services provider exposing hundreds of customers in the u.s. and abroad to a ransomware attack. the miami-based company said it has been compromised by sophisticated cyber attack just before this weekend. the company says fewer than 1% of the clients have been impacted, and that includes a grocery store chain whose stores were closed yesterday. the systems were taken off-line by the attack. president biden has been briefed and the fbi is investigating. today, san francisco restaurant and community space manny's is reopening. a grand reopening party will kickoff at 4:00 at 16th and valencia. there will be champagne, food, and speeches. it has been busy planning its
6:34 am
first set of civic, political, and arts programming to get back on track. a sign that visitors have come back to san francisco. there was a three block wait for cars to drive down the crooked portion of lombard street yesterday. this is a different site compared to one year ago when the landmark tourist attraction was practically empty. this fourth of july is the major holiday since california reopen the economy after a challenging 15 months. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard said it comes with words of warning. >> reporter: there's a block party this july 4 weekend at thrive city at chase center, hosted by the warriors. the sun was out and the grills sizzling with free burgers for fans who were ready to party like the hendersons. >> it means independence. >> out with the family for the first time in a year.
6:35 am
enjoying the beautiful weather and celebrating the new normal. >> i am vaccinated and things are looking up now. >> reporter: the block party will continue on independence day from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. fireworks will light up the san francisco waterfront july 4. thousands are expected. firefighters are pleading with folks to leave the pyrotechnics to the pros but they know not everyone will listen. >> fireworks in san francisco are illegal for a reason. >> reporter: the fire department made this announcement after illegal fireworks caused more than 100 grass fires last july for. firefighters drove through barrage of bottle rockets, responding to calls. this year with drier condition so bad, they urge people to think and be careful. >> the sparks, the booms we hear going off, every single one of those have ignitable embers. >> reporter: friday,
6:36 am
firefighters demonstrated how fast a safe sparkler can start a grass fire on a dry hillside. less than one minute. >> we saw in seconds fires that quickly were at a point where no homeowner with a garden hose could extinguish them. >> reporter: extra firefighters will be on duty this holiday weekend and most expect to be busy. a 12-year-old from san francisco was one of the stars of pixar's newest film luca. emma berman is a big fan of pixar films. it was a dream come true when she landed the role of guilia. >> your life is so much cooler than mine. >> it's an inspiring story of friendship and some are adventures of luca and guilia. >> the underdogs have to look out for each other. >> there is a twist in the
6:37 am
story which is they are sea monsters. everyone in the human town are afraid of sea monsters. >> i not pretend. >> that creates a big problem. you will laugh but you will also cry. sometimes at the same time. it is an emotional film and has incredible messages. accepting yourself and accepting others for who they are. there is the strong female lead character of guilia. she is about girl power and that a strong and important message that needs to be shared too. >> have fun. >> go start a club for losers. >> my name is emma berman and i voice trances sent -- guilia. enjoyed doing school plays. i always wanted to be the main character. my mom signed me up for summer camp where i did a theater
6:38 am
production of annie. i continued doing local feeders in the bay area. i kept training. i did dancing and voiceover, acting training. that is how i got my start. i performed in a show called gypsy where i was playing the role of baby june and i got nice words in a newspaper. it motivates me. from there, i got a call back and three months later i got the part of guilia. >> we have one week to train. >> this is my first film and it's a disney pixar moving so that's insane and crazy. the character stood out to me a lot because i relate to her because we're both passionate and determined and hard- working, but we are outgoing and goofy. her catchphrases funny. she says santella.
6:39 am
>> too much? >> there were challenging part doing this new dialect. i worked with my dialect and voiceover coach who helped me with the italian. then after i got the part, to celebrate, i want to this beautiful italian restaurant. i also met a waiter here who is an italian native. i had some zoom sessions with them where he taught me a little bit of italian. introduced me more to the language. i wanted to understand the language a little more and now the melody. he was reading everything on the menu with the italian pronunciation for me. it was helpful because i understood the language. >> he just came from italy.
6:40 am
his accent was very strong italian accent. >> i really want to continue doing acting. i also want to go to college and learn new things and i want to work at pixar doing animation or storyboard design. it is so crazy. it is so cool. i want to learn more about it. >> she will go on to do incredible things. what a wonderful opportunity for her. still ahead. a momentous celebration. how hundreds of world war ii veterans are being honored in san francisco. here is a live look outside as we head to break. the sun has come up. looking at the san francisco skyline. happy fourth of july.
6:41 am
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talk to your doctor about dupixent. here is a live look. a little ominous, those clouds.
6:43 am
not how you imagined fourth of july, but it is summer in san francisco. today, the san francisco symphony returns for its summer performance at stern grove. it will be a special fourth of july concert. they just started their in- person summer series 2 days ago. stern grove will not be livestreaming the event. reservations are free and they are still open. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon. the fog is beginning to give way to sunshine as we look live. a pretty shot here. temperatures in the 50s and going for a high in the mid- 60s. the breeze kicks in. we will talk about the fireworks and warmth headed our way. next, the nba finals are set in the giants go down to set in the giants go down to the wire in arizon paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know.
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welcome back. here is a live look outside. you can see the fog rolling. we will check from our mt. tam camera. i hope you are enjoying the start of your holiday. the giants had a's will be looking for win today. first pitch the oakland coliseum, 1:07. giants will go for another win against the diamondbacks. last night a two run homer put them ahead of the d-backs. here is chris alvarez. a year ago yesterday, the giants opened up their summer camp as they prepared for a 60- gain pandemic shortened season. halfway through the 2021 season, the giants have the best record taking on a team with the worst record. the arizona diamondbacks. top three scoreless. two run shot.
6:47 am
giants up. arizona down until nick takes sammy out to right field. arizona takes the lead. top of the eighth, the giants down. austin slater, here is how you break out of a slump. 6-5, giants. jake mcgee will throw a scoreless ninth for his 16th save. the giants win. this was a good one at the coliseum. a's and red sox. he tries to flip the cap onto his hair. base hit and that ties the game. back and forth we go. here he is again in the 10th. a chance to win the game, but seth brown out by a good chunk. we keep playing into the 12 thinning. tony kemp, flyball. friday night he threw out seth brown and saturday night, this time it goes in favor the a's.
6:48 am
win. eastern conference finals, he was hobbling with his ankle. khris middleton for milwaukee. 23 in the third. game high 32. milwaukee led by 20 in the fourth. atlanta makes a run. defense to offense. the dunk and the hawks are within six. it gets no closer. 90 seconds to go, brook lopez, the alley-oop. looks win and advance into their first nba finals since 1974. the deer district going nuts. game one of the finals tuesday night on abc7. soccer, the earthquakes trying to snap a winless streak taking on minnesota united fc. defense turns to offense.
6:49 am
he scores in the 15th minute. minnesota scores the next two. san jose, he buries it. his first career goal right there. the winless streak is now up to eight. that is your look at sports. let's get a check in the fourth of july forecast. some places will get fireworks and some won't. the fog will be our steady companion from the coast and moving around the bay. it's starting to clear in the east bay. looking at the gray skies along the shoreline. a system to the east and west of us. the one to the west allowing for the steady onshore flow. the one to the east, bringing the showers and red flag warning that expires at 11:00 for the sierra nevada as moisture gets pulled into the
6:50 am
mountains. emeryville, are ready brightening in the east bay. 60, oakland. 62, mountain view. san jose, upper 50s. san francisco looking at partly sunny conditions. it looks pretty nice in the buildings. 55, santa rosa. windy conditions towards the delta. winds up to the 36 miles per hour. the fog about a mile not have visibility at half moon bay. this is gorgeous with upper 50s in santa cruz with a high of 70. beautiful day in santa cruz. mild to warm for most of you. we have the clouds at the coast , and they moved in by 8:00. best viewing for inland valleys. a heat wave allows for temperatures to climb by the end of this week and into next weekend. it will take a little time.
6:51 am
here is the fog. as it sets up along the coast, we will have a pretty nice day. the breeze kicks up. if you are in a breezier belt around the bay, we will keep that with us today and tomorrow. no changes yet. wait until wednesday inland and thursday for everyone else. there is a look at the fog. 9:00 we will be in the low 60s. upper 60s around santa rosa. oakland will be gray in the upper 50s as well as the city. numbers will be dictated by the low clouds and fog. for the best viewing, you have to move farther inland. the highs throughout the inland, east bay, we will keep it in the upper 80s to near 90. fairly typical through the middle of the week and then thursday, upper 90s. next weekend, we should bewe shd
6:52 am
seeing numbers in the low 100. 76, santa clara. low to mid-70s, san bruno. 65, downtown. north bay, 88 in cloverdale. east bay, it's been in the 70s. the breeze through the afternoon. 82, concord. upper 80s towards brentwood. breezy in the afternoon. seven-day forecast, seasonal and sunny after the morning fog. towards wednesday, maybe a few degrees warmer inland. thursday the numbers begin to climb inland and around the bay into friday and next weekend. the high pressure looks to come back to town by next weekend. as we celebrate america's independence, there was another celebration to pay tribute to a chapter of u.s. history that
6:53 am
isn't widely known. within 400 chinese-american veterans that served in the u.s. armed forces during world war ii are being honored with the congressional gold medal. the first of three ceremonies took place yesterday in san francisco chinatown. to celebrate the 20,000 chinese- americans who served their country. >> these men and women served with dignity and for the rights that they didn't necessarily earn at that time, but for all of us who now enjoy the privileges of being americans. >> they are being recognized for the first time in 75 years. that is a blessing from god. >> her father immigrated from southern china at the age of 13 and enlisted in the u.s. navy at 22. he was awarded medal after medal for his service in the south pacific during the war. another fourth of july, another nathan's hot dog eating contest.
6:54 am
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here are the numbers from the $60 million super lotto plus drawing. 4, 9, 21, 33, 40 and mega number 16. a ticket matching five numbers was sold at the cvs on columbus parkway. it's worth more than $50,000. the wednesday night jackpot increases to $61 million. today, san jose joey chestnut will try for his 14th wednesday at the hot dog eating contest in coney on the.the.the. chestnut holds the world record of 75 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. weigh-ins took place yesterday. the july 4 contest dates back 100 years. you can watch it starting at 9:00 on our sister network espn and an encore recitation at 1:00 p.m. on espn.
6:57 am
it is truly impressive. every year he wins. let's see if he can do it again. good morning, everyone. look at that. isn't that pretty? 70 today in santa cruz. sunshine around the bay as well. the fog moves back in. getting heat by the end of the upcoming workweek. enjoy the cooler weather today. 70, oakland. 75, fremont. 79, santa rosa. you degrees below average. the seven-day forecast, steady through midweek and bringing back the heat. joey chestnut trending on twitter. thank you were joining us. i'm liz kreutz. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. egg were joining us and have a great fourth of july and a great day.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. preparing for demolition. the remains of the collapsed surfside building being brought down as soon as today. >> we are proceeding as quickly as we possibly can. >> what's behind the move with search and rescue at a halt. >> this is about trauma. >> plus, a fateful decision that saved this couples' lives. eyes on elsa. still packing a punch. lashing haiti and the dominican republic. our weather team tracking its path with florida now in its sights and the threats for the panhandle. holiday travel records. americans on the move facing delays and cancellations at the airports. heavy traffic on highways. the best time to hit the road for your return home. plus, where the


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