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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 3, 2021 8:00am-8:58am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour. breaking overnight. another condo in the miami area is ordered shut down. people ordered to evacuate. what inspectors found as the remains of the surfside tower are ordered demolished. we have the latest on the rescue operations. holiday travel reaching pre-pandemic levels. millions of americans taking to the skies and hitting the road this fourth of july weekend. long lines and soaring gas n era variant grows. could holiday get-togethers lead to a surge in covid cases? also this morning, the latest on britney spears' legal battle. ♪ want a piece of me ♪ >> "the piece of me" singer's
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fight for financial freedom far from over. a key player i conservatorship requesting to back out of the arrangement following that passionate court testimony and as a judge denies the pop superstar's request to remove her father from legal control, house republicans are inviting spears to testify before congress. we're breaking it all down. rk ♪ it's fourth of july weekend and things are heating up. we've got a rundown of the sizzling hol sales. plus, skin care secrets that will give you that summer glow. and as you fire up the grill, we're putting a new spin on your go-to summer side dishes. your holiday weekend starts now as we say, good morning, america. ♪ ♪ good morning. happy saturday. we are celebrating the holiday
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weekend the best way we know how with some fourth of july food. >> yes. >> of course. chef alex guarnaschelli, you know her from the food network. she will be joining us live sharing her secrets to spice up your summer side dishes like that boring macaroni salad. we're going to make it awesome. >> and we're going to have our own hot dog eating contest. >> no, we're not. >> we're not? okay. >> you can. >> just hearing now that -- >> just you and janai. >> got it. there is a lot of news happening this morning in florida. new evacuations ordered as another condo complex is found to be structurally unsafe. this one just a few miles away from the collapsed condo in surfside. >> and the search for possible survivors there continuing even as the death toll rises and officials order what's left of the complex to be demolished. we get the very latest this morning from abc's trevor ault right there in surfside once again. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, again, whit. on top of unimaginable loss these rescue crews have been dealing with a multitude of variables that have complicated this operation and still they are determined to find the more
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than 120 people who remain unaccounted for, but this morning, we're learning it appears this is not the only building in the area that's believed to be unsafe. this morning, evacuations under way in north miami beach. another condo building just a few miles from the champlain towers south ordered shut after it was determined structurally had to leave. we grabbed what we could, the most important things like the passport, wallets. >> reporter: north miami beach officials say they launched a thorough review of all condo high-rise buildings immediately following that devastating collapse in surfside. miami-dade's mayor ordering the demolition of the partly a threat to the hundreds of rescuers on scene. >> bringing it down as quickly as possible is critical to protect our community. >> reporter: rescue crews are now in their tenth day of
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sifting through the debris closely monitoring hurricane elsa as it moves toward florida. 126 people are still unaccounted for, the death toll rising to 22 lives lost.lasteaking vepment, the body of a 7-year-old girl found and carried out by her father, a one y ve been, then he stood side b other fellow firefighters while we were able to bring her and then at least give him an opportunity to say his farewells. >> reporter: and while the demolition of what remains of this structure has officially been authorized the mayor has not yet said when it will actually begin. they say they're working quickly but carefully and the process will likely take weeks. whit.
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>> we're thinking about that firefighter and all families impacted by this. trevor ault for us once again. thank you.>>noto the holiday tr situation. it's likely to hit prepandemic levels. short-staffed airports have airlines strugglintover the spread of the delta variant grow, especially in undervaccinated states. abc's elwyn lopez is in atlanta, one of the busiest airports in the country with more, elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. the lines here growing within the last hour stretching all the way into the lobby, and it is not just here, this weekend it's expected to be the busiest since the pandemic began. this holiday wke fas pre-pandem return. >> this is the long line. i don't know how long it's going to take, maybe six hours. >> reporter: long lines and flight cancellations at airports nationwide. >> the line ends here. i think it goes all around now right there. >> reporter: millions of travelers across the country are on the move. more than 2.1 million people on
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friday went through tsa checkpoints exceeding those taking to the skies that same li iso art9. as the agency grapples with staffing shortages. >> there's going to be long lines, just be patient. >> reporter: this as hundreds of passengers are grounded. southwest canceling thousands of flights in the last month. more than any other airline. those disruptions spreading into friday. >> when we landed here in denver we got the notice that our flight to cincinnati was canceled. yeah, we weren't expecting this and it hasn't been a super great experience. >> reporter: the airne in part that they are dealing with a combination of disruptive weather, very full flights and a flight schedule built for nonstop point-to-point travel but flight crews telling abc news, the airline is short-staffed. from the croed drivers are paying a high price to get away. aaa says we could see gas prices
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go up another 20 cents to the end of august. guys. >> that's going to be a busy weekend however you're deciding to travel. elwyn lopez, thank you. coming up, house republicans invite britney spears to testify about her conservatorship. what the pop superstar could gain from a congressional hearing. and the holiday weekend brings sizzling summer seas. how to get the biggest bang for your buck. also ahead, taylor swift keeping her fans on their toes with new music. we'll take a listen to her latest tune. that's ahead in "pop news." stay with us. metro by t-mobile sees your hard work. day in—and day out. so we're giving you the tools you need to gain the edge. tackle new challenges. and rule your day. you work hard. that's why metro makes switching easy. right, there's zero fees to switch. get our lowest price on unlimited. just twenty-five bucks a line for four lines. plus four free galaxy phones. all on the t-mobile network.
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♪ ♪ i love it when dan sings in the studio. welcome back to "gma." britney spears' hit song
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"lucky." fans giving the tune a whole new star's recent legal battles. we are breaking down the latest in spears' conservatorship ahead in our "gma" cover story. first, though, it is time for "pop news" with janai. janai, good morning. >> good morning. i loved that britney spears song. >> you were dancing. time for "pop news" and we begin with new music. big red machine, the collaboration of aaron dessner, justin vernon dropping a new one with taylor swift. take a listen to "renegade." ♪ are you really going to talk about that at times like these ♪ ♪ given your baggage make me your future ♪ >> giving jay-z and eminem a run for their money. yoknow what i'm talking about. this is a preview of the upcoming album "how long do you think it's gonna last."
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the trio worked previously together on "folklore" and "evermore." this was recorded the same week of the grammys when they took home the trophy for album of the year. "renegade" out now and the debut album drops august 27th. and next, more a-listers get to weigh in on who the oscar goes to. the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences have announced their list of this year's invitees featuring 395 artists and executives, which is about half the number of last year's edition. on the performers' side there are winners and nominees from this year's oscars including "minari's" steven yeun, andra day, who starred in "the united states versus billie holiday," and who was hilarious when i got to talk to her on sunday, and also, "one night in miami's" leslie odom jr. some other invitees include robert pattinson, issa rae and the one and only janet jackson, miss jackson if you're -- well, now like any invitation, the
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offer can be turned down though most invites are accepted. dan, i'm glad you picked up -- >> yes, yes. it's because i'm nasty so -- >> hello. >> all right. finally -- >> and fade to black. tomorrow may be the fourth of july but today we are celebrating the c.r.o.w.n. act. two years ago california became the first state to pass a law banning natural air discrimination and july 3rd was declared national crown today. tonight is the first annual crown awards which will, quote, honor black women who championed the c.r.o.w.n. act and shown up for black women in every aspect. watch it on facebook at 7:00 p.m. eastern. dan, i will never let you live that down. i will never forgive you for saying that. >> a lively segment this morning. >> i think a lot of us are scarred this morning. >> yes, indeed. >> maybe i didn't fully understand what it meant. >> we'll explain to you later. now to our "gma" cover story. britney spears' fight for her freedom. so many different angles to her
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ord souce learngthpo su bug in legal analt areva martin to help break it all down for us. good morning, areva. >> good morning, eva. >> so let's start with the things i think fans were most shocked about. following her emotional testimony last week, the latest court ruling didn't end britney's conservatorship and a lot of people were expecting at the very least they would remove her father from it altogether. can you help us understand how the judge came to this most recent ruling? >> well, it's important to note that this ruling related to a petition that was actually filed in november of 2020. so it did not take into account the explosive testimony that we heard last week from britney. this was the judge ruling that britney's father would not be suspended as a conservator as had been requested by that earlier petition. also, this ruling confirmed that wealth management company bessemer would be co-conservator with britney's dad. >> and after her testimony,
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jamie spears, her father, said twlu his lawyer that he was sorry to see his daughter was in so much pain and wants all parties to be able to respond to various allegations, but another reaction to britney testifying was that wealth management firm bessemer trust that you just mentioned they've requested to be removed as a co-conservator. what happens if that's approved? >> yes, that's a good question. so we know that ruling confirmed bessemer as the co-conservator, but immediately after that ruling came out, they filed their own petition asking to be removeds. if that happens, that would leave jamie spears as the sole conservator unless the court appoints an additional or a new wealth management firm to serve alongside jamie spears and we should note that right before that explosive testimony was given by britney spears, apparently she made a call to 911 reporting what she alleged to be conservatorship abuse. >> that is very interesting to hear. the other twist in all of this
8:16 am
that i think is fascinating, representative matt gaetz has britney has not respon eqsts yat have to gain from interesting plot twist. congress obviously doesn't have jurisdiction over the los angeles superior court, where britney's case is pending, but if she does testify before congress she would gain this national audience. she would be able to shine a bright light on what she has described as this conservatorship abuse. we know that there are advocates who are claiming that conservatorship abuse exists not only with respect to britney's case but in cases pending in los angeles, and other counties throughout the country, so it would give her an opportunity to shed light on this and perhaps put a little pressure on the los angeles superior court to provide more oversight with respect to her conservatorship and perhaps even launch an investigation which we know her dad has asked the court to investigate some of those charges made during britney's testimony last week.
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>> yeah, this is a case that so many people are watching and are just really enthralled with. areva martin, thank you so much for your analysis this morning. let's head over now to rob marciano. >> hey, good morning again, eva. let's talk about hurricane elsa. the first hurricane of the season battering some of the islands in the caribbean. here's video out of st. vincent which saw 75 to 85-mile-per-hour winds. there you see the big waves rolling ashore and roof damage of homes in that area, and also, barbados sustaining some big winds. this is the first actually hurricane, proper hurricane to hit barbados in like 60 years. you can see some of the tree dahere so you know it came in with ll urs. 75r-ur, ill category 1 storm heading to the west at a brisk pace of 31 miles per hour. it's humming along. hurricane watches and warnings posted for hispaniola, jamaica and cuba. there you see it making landfall
8:18 am
in haiti today and cuba tonight. gulf of mexico on monday. at that point likely a tropical storm but may strengthen more than that and it will affect all of the florida peninsula. it's just a matter of what capacity and then heading up into probably parts of the southeast on wednesday and thursday and maybe all the way up the east coast, so it's definitely a storm that bears watching for us here in the u.s. that's a check of what's happening with elsa. good saturday morning. it's a foggy start here along the coast but we'll get clearing. we'll be heating up inland rand tomorrown to some mist and drizzle and cooler temperatures around the bay. so even a warmup a small one. mid-60s to mid-70s but the 90s to upper 90s in the inland valley and getting up toward lake cut where we have heat >> as you can imagine with a
8:19 am
name like elsa the memes have been flying around this week, and one of which saying she's going back to her home in orlando, florida. hopefully elsa won't be a bad storm and we can get by with this one. >> i thought she was from arendelle actually, elsa. >> i think that's somewhere in orlando. a pocket. >> thanks, rob. >> a lot of people are urging her to let it go. i'm sure. rob, thank you. as everybody knows it's july 4th weekend, which means big sales are under way right now, but which items should you buy now and which ones should you hold off? amy panos is the home editor of "better homes and gardens" has the answers that could save you some money. amy, good morning to you. thanks for coming on. >> good morning. >> so -- >> my pleasure. happy to be here. >> it's great to have you. i know you're going to quiz uswe should bu wait on some items.he a swe're ous get started with grills.
8:20 am
whato u guys t, buy or wait on this one? i'm going to go with wait. >> wait. >> i'll say buy just to be different. >> eva says buy. amy, what's the answer? >> all right, eva's got it. that is a strong buy. july is really the first time that grills start going on sale this summer, so if you need a grill, i would go ahead and get one, then you're still going to be able to use it for a couple of more months. so let's buy on that. in fact, at lowe's right now, there is a $50 off deal on select weber genesis grills so great time to buy it and use it tonight or tomorrow. >> i'm going to be using a grill tomorrow with these guys. janai is coming over and she wants us to make a lot of hot dogs so we'll be doing that. moving on to outdoor furniture, buy now or wait, what say you? what do you guys say? >> buy. >> what do you think? >> i'm going wait. >> wait. >> okay. the waits have it on this one. a little bit of a surprise, right? so, if you can hold off until august, september, labor day,
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you're going to get the rock bottom deals on outdoor furniture, and i'm talking about the big things like outdoor tatisets, sofas, sectionalssome dea tad now for sure so, but if you're not super, super picky about what you're going to get and you just want an awesome deal i would hold a little bit lateonn the mmer. >>up is summerswimsuits and san. what do you say, buy or wait now. >> wait. >> buy. >> i'll say buy. >> oh, the buys have it. it is time to shop for this kind of stuff. but now in a normal year conventional wisdom would hold that the best deals happen later in the summer on things like swimsuits because it's high season right now, right, but the pandemic has made everything different and retailers are really into just moving the merch. so there are good sales to be had right now. in fact, macy's has 20% off certain summer items through i
8:22 am
think july 5th. i think that's on the graphic there and then j. crew has up to 70% off normal retail prices on things like swimsuits, so, if you feel like shopping, go for it, and another idea, if you've got little kids, buy a size or two up and they can wear it next year. >> go get those speedos, whit. here's the last one, sunscreen and bug spray. guys, what do you think? buy now or wait. >> wait. >> i feel like you have to use it. >> okay, so, she's right. you got to buy that if you need it. i say buy even if you don't need it. there are awesome deals right now going on, summer skin care, sunscreen, bug spray, it's interesting, it's high season. you'd think they wouldn't do deals but they do and, again, you can stock up. did you know that sunscreen according to the professionals has to be sort of shelf stable and at full strength for three years and for bug spray it's two years so you could buy a bunch of it now, making sure the
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expiration dates are going to hold you for a couple of years, and use it next summer. in fact, tonight, if you can skittle over to target quickly tonight, before midnight, you can get a $5 gift card if you buy $20 worth of summer skin care. >> all right. >> one for four on that. >> sorry about whit. but thank you very much for joining us, amy, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> coming up here on "gma," the skin care secrets to get the summer glow in holiday weekend. plus, fourth of july food tips to make your get-together a hit. we will be right back. gether a hit. we will be right back. “cracked windshield” take 1. ♪ you say ♪
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building a better bay area, moved moving forward finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning. i am liz kreutz. bay area transit agencies is encouraging people to take public transit.
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free rides will be available as well this holiday weekend on golden gate transit, larksbur fairy and special service for those that go into the city in san francisco to see the fireworks and need to get back to the north bay. face masks are required let's check the weather. >> we are ightening up across the bay bay, walnut creek and 56 downtown. and it feels muggy out there despite being a little cooler than yesterday. 62 in mountainview. look for numbers in the low to mid-60s here in the city to mid to upper 80s inland. liz. thanks you. thanks you. thanks for joining why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin...
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, welcome to earth. >> welcome back to "gma" with that not so warm welcome from will smith in "independence day" saving the world from alien invasion. that movie, believe it or not, turns 25 today. the blockbuster hit in theaters on this very day back in 1996 and we'll have more on that coming up in "binge this." i can't believe, 25 years. >> 1996 doesn't seem that long ago. >> i know. it was a good movie. >> i still have shoes from that year, i think. >> yes, he does. he really does. here are the headlines we're following right now. people who live in a ten-story condo complex in florida have been ordered to evacuate.cay
8:31 am
unsafe. the building -- that building o after that building collapsed just over a week ago. about 20 people are missing after a massive mudslide swept away rows of houses in a town west of tokyo. japanese officials say dozens of homes may have been buried under the mud. parts of japan had been inundated with days of torrential rain. a dramatic rescue at sea after a cargo jet suffered engine failure and ditched to the pacific ocean, off the coast of honolulu. a coast guard team managed to pull the two pilots out of the water. a national transportation safety board team is on the scene there trying to find out why the plane went down. time to switch it up and -- [ air horn ] >> yes, that's a new jersey bird call so we brought in new jersey's own janai norman for "binge this." it is time for "binge this."
8:32 am
and first up, what better way to celebrate america this holiday weekend than a little civics lesson for the whole family. former president barack obama and first lady michelle obama are executive producers of "we the people" and this new series has a bit of everything. it's educational, cleverly animated and jam packed with brand-new music. the composers behind "frozen" wrote a power ballad titled "these are your rights" and h.e.r., the grammy winner, sings about the importance of education, so major schoolhouse rock vibes here. lin-manuel miranda and amanda not sure who they have singing about taxes. you can find out when "we the people" starts streaming tomorrow, the fourth of july, on also have a fun thr for us. yes, okay, so that's right.
8:33 am
the perfect addition to your fourth of july watch list, "independence day" which you were just talking about, it's been 25 years since will smith kicked some alien butt back in 1996, "independence day" would go on to become the highest grossing movie of that year, plus, get this, its soundtrack won a grammy while the visual effects took home an oscar for their work and not to be outdone, will smith and vivica a. fox nabbed the best kiss award at the mtv movie awards. maybe this thriller isn't for everyone but you can stream "independence day" on hbo max. >> is for everyone. now -- >> whoa, whoa. whoa. that was so aggressive. >> she was thank you.'lt' o >>e'll get you caught up. okay, lots of remakes and a really cool. we had to mention this epic mash-up of rupaul's "drag race" and "the brady bunch." >> what?
8:34 am
>> right, yeah, here's the story. the special is called "dragging the classics" and features "drag race" fan favorites like shea coulee and nina west. the queens are joined by five original members of "the brady bunch" to re-create an episode of the beloved sitcom pretty much line by line and rupaul makes a cameo as well. the emmy-winning host helps jan pick out a wig, of course, and if you still need a little more drag in your life go ahead and catch up on the current season of "drag race." you can stream it now on paramount plus and there's one more that we must add to your weekend watch list. i'm really excited about this one. the music documentary "summer of soul." directed by questlove, from the roots. his film takes us back to the summer of 1969 and the harlem cultural festival, which was a six-week series of free concerts in the mt. morris park neighborhood. right here in new york. you may have heard about this
8:35 am
event. this documentary changes all of that. questlove says he got goosebumps the first time he watched all 40 hours of the previous unreleased concert footage and so much history here, including gladys knight, stevie wonder, both at the start of their careers melding their music with social justice, "summer of soul" now streaming on hulu. dan actually texted me yesterday to ask, are we talking about s? so you liked it a lot. >> thank you for including it. it is incredible. it blew my mind and stevie wonder doing a drum solo in the first five minutes of that film, absolutely incredible. speaking of music, olivia rodrigo is all over the place. what's going on with that? >> if you can't get enough of olivia rodrigo, then join the club. the pop st dominate 2021 with her concert film "sour prom" and a half hour voyage through rodrigo's debut album all taking place at a hig license" and breakup anthem "good for you," streamed over 7 million types on her youtube channel.
8:36 am
also getting some attention this week, rocker courtney love suggesting on instagram that the gen-z superstar copied the cover of "live through this," from love's band hole sparking debate about the line between a tribute and a copycat. no feud here. olivia replying, love you and live through this. liitf ambuit's all good. >> looks like olivia kind of defused it. quite skillfully. >> all love. >> turn down the heat a little bit. good stuff. thank you, janai. coming up on "gma," dr. michelle henry is here to share her summer skin care secrets. how to get that glow this fourth of july weekend. we'll be right back. ♪ if you steal my sunshine ♪ why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin,
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8:40 am our shot. the covid-19 vaccines are ready. and so is walgreens, with pharmacy experts ready to make it easy for you to get it safely, for free. because this is our shot... getting back together. back now on "gma," following the recent heat wave across the country, it's the perfect time to give your skincare routine a switchup. the hot summer months can be really tough on our skin so dermatologist dr. michelle henry is here with summer skin care secrets that we all need. thanks so much for being with us, dr. henry. >> thank you for having me. >> so let's start with the basics. staying moisturized throughout the day. it's way easier said than done. what do you recommend?
8:41 am
>> so, absolutely important. critical during the summer months so when you moisturize your skin it's important how you apply your moisturizer so you have your favorite lightweight moisturizer. what do you do? it's best to apply it on damp skin so that you really lock in that moisture. tap, tap, tap, pat it in gently for the best effect and don't forget to go beyond your moisturizer. i love a facial mist. it's a nice, quick way to give yourself a midday boost of hydration without running makeup. >> you say that we can make this mist ourselves, you say? >> absolutely. so my favorite mist is very easy to make, three simple ingredients, three tablespoons of organic aloe gel, a half a cup of rose petals and two cups of water. boil your rose petals, then drain about half a cup of that beautiful fragrant liquid, add three tablespoons of that aloe and you have an amazing cooling
8:42 am
facial mist that is full of antioxidants. >> we always hear about how we should stay hydrated. i'm feeling a weird mist. what is that? >> it's like a water gun. >> it will ruin my -- >> yes, it is virtually impossible to have beautiful radiant skin if you're dehydrated, so i recommend about 11 to 15 cups of water per day to keep yourself well hydrated. watermelon, cantaloupe and , gk celery count as well. >> so sunscreen is also important in the summertime. how do we make sure we're applying enough? what is sort of the hourly rate of sunscreen application? >> so absolutely, sunscreen is absolutely critical. we know it helps to prevent against wrinkles and sunspots and keeps us looking beautiful. so, if you're going outside, remember to apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before you go out if it's a chemical sunscreen. now, if you're in a pinch try a mineral sunscreen because that works immediately.
8:43 am
during the peak hours of the day which are between 10:00 and 4:00 p.m.10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. very critical. nice trick to know the shadow rule. if your shadow is shorter than you, the sun is high in the sky and you're likely at a higher risk of a burn. if your shadow is longer than you, then likely the sun's rays aren't as potent. so that's a great rule to keep you safe. don't forget your lips, scalp and ears, and invest in a powder sunscreen you can apply over your makeup. also, if you're getting wet, there's no such thing as waterproof so reapply frequently. >> let's talk about summertime acne prevention, the sunscreen, the masks, the sweat. everything going on. how do we stay on offense? >> yes, so, one of the first things that you can do is switch your cleanser, so switch from your hydrating creamy cleanser to a more robust foam or gel cleanser, which will do a great job of getting rid of dirt, oil and debris.
8:44 am
also, if you get that kind of cystic hormonal acne, try to incorporate organic spearmint tea. that can block some of those hormones. it's also a nice stress reducer so that's fantastic. switch your moisturizer from a creamy thick moisturizer to an oil-free moisturizer to help not clog your pores. >> some skin care basics, what are your go-to favorite solutions? >> so we're going outdoors, we're getting or encountering uv light and pollution, all those environmental aggressors, so i like bulking up on your environmental shield and do that by using antioxidants, so that uv light will create these free radicals and those free radicals come in and really terrorize our skin and poke holes in collagen and compromise our skin's quality so i love adding topicals like vitamin c, resveratrol to help squelch those free radicals and protect your skin all summer long. >> dr. henry, these guys do take
8:45 am
good care of their skin. i see them with eye patches on when we're getting ready in the morning. >> i love it. i can tell. >> it's part of the job. >> mostly when whit has had a late night, you know what i'm saying. >> got to hydrate. >> thank you so much for being with us. rob, i know you use the eye patches as well. >> and full mask. full mud mask on this morning. >> robf an iv fluids guy. >> i'll take the hydration anyway i can get it. that's for sure. good morning again, guys. this is a weekend where you don't want too much hydration or moisture in the air falling on your outdoor plans or traveling on some of the interstates so we got some spots that are highlighted that might be trouble. cloudy in the northeast, some leftover showers, not quite as heavy a rain as we saw yesterday but they'll be popping up i-95, i-90, then i-10 along the gulf coast where the heaviest rains will be today. tomorrow similar spot. hotter and dry across the midsection of the country. i wouldn't say it's full-on
8:46 am
sunny across the great lakes and the northeast tomorrow, but it certainly will be drier and temperatures warming up just a little bit for fireworks festivities and barbecues tomorrow night once the sun goes down and we start to light them up. much more so than we did last year, reason to celebrate and will be dry across the northeast and northwest will be dry and warming up as has been the trend the past two weeks. good morning to you. fog continues to scatter. our heat advisories to the north. look for upper >> and we're back. ready to get it popping tomorrow night at dan's place. call the fire department. >> i thought that was planned. a blue steel type of thing. turn around, give a look at the camera. pretty awesome. >> they told me there was no
8:47 am
toss-back. so i was just out here taking a gander at the ocean. always nice to play with you. >> i love pensive rob. rob, we'll see you at the barbecue tomorrow. and actually back on the show tomorrow morning and talk later. coming up here on the show, chef alex guarnaschelli is here with her fresh take on some classic summer side dishes. we'll be right back with alex. ♪ yeah, yeah, in the usa ♪ out b. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day this is an abc news special report. good morning. i'm dan harris. we're coming on the air at this
8:48 am
hour with breaking news out of surfside, florida, just moments ago, officials announce they'll demolish the remainder of the tower as soon as tomorrow because they're concerned about the approaching storm elsa. the surfside mayor spoke just moments ago. >> instead of waiting weeks and allowing the bur rasy to crawl has made a very dramatic decision and sign the order to get this building taken down im fear was the hurricane may take it down, in the wrong direction, on top of the pile where we have victims. >> a key point here officials stre stressing that the search and rescue mission will continue, this is still a search and rescue mission. i want to go now to abc's trevor ault on the ground in surfside, he joins us on the phone. trevor, just say more about this
8:49 am
emphasis we're hearing from officials on the ground here that this is designed to enable them to continue the search and rescue mission instead of bringing it to an end. >> that's right, dan, and it really is a significant acceleration in their plans in terms of tearing down this building. last night the miami-day county mayor said this process was going to take weeks. they made a dramatic decision in accelerating this process and it speaks likely to the precariousness of the structure and the stability that is still standing and we've seen that has hindered the search and rescue mission already. thursday, shutting down those efforts for 15 hours and since then, since they've resumed their search itprevented them from enter some pockets of that debris. there are still a 124 people
8:50 am
unaccounted for and it seems they believe on top of preventing hurricane or tropical storm elsa from maybe toppling over the remainder of this struck dhur they believe this can bring this down in a controlled manner. and then, beyond protecting their hundreds of rescue workers who have been arguably in danger over the past week and a half, they'll be able to continue the search and rescue safely, they'll also now be able to access pockets of this rubble they had been restricted from because of the fear that the building was going to come down at any moment. the most recent forecast with tropical storm elsa recently downgraded, the most recent trend shows it heading mostly west of the area. that positive movement they don't feel they can take the
8:51 am
risk of leaving this structure up and they argue that taking it down on their own is going to help them speed up this process and maybe at the very least get some closure for some of these families, but having said that, the big question now is, execution, we can't ignore the fact that yesterday the mayor said this is a process that cannot happen quickly it's going to take weeks, now they're doing it quickly, we'll have to do it in a safe manner. >> emphasize a few points you made there, trevor, they'll try to do this quickly, it could happen as soon as tomorrow but they're not giving us a hard time line. the other thing point is, they're going to use explosives to fall in the opposite direction of the pile where the search and rescue mission third, they updated the numbers, 24 confirmed dead as of right now, 124 people still missing.
8:52 am
thanks again to abc's trevor ault on the ground there. our coverage continues on abc news live. on we'll have complete details coming up on "world news tonight" with my colleague whit johnson. i'm dan harris in new york. have a great rest of your day. >> announcer: thisnnouncer: thia in the bottom of your bowl like a salad dressing and then drop the warm potatoes in there and you crush them up a little and you can cut them. a dash of pickle juice and chopped pickles. it just gives it that little tartness, that little vibrancy, a little bit of extra acidity and you can see that it's not really heavy and mayonnaisy but it has so much flavor. >> we only have a few seconds here. what's your pro tip on this dish? >> okay, so, potatoes come in all sizes, big, small, separate them by size and cook them in different pots so that you get all perfectly cooked potatoes.
8:53 am
>> love that and, alex, one more for you. you also have some grilling tips for us as well to go along with these sides. what do you got? >> yeah, so just basic, turn on your grill, clean it. give it a brush, so important, right. when we're in a panic, don't crowd your grill. we don't like a crowded subway car or we don't like to be packed like sardines, do the same for your grill. separate your meat and veg and give it room to brown and get beautiful then third of all, you have that lid. don't forget the lid on your grill. you can put it down and trap that heat and it alm forgive us, we are out of time
8:54 am
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share your story. disney is the parent company of abc7. let's check the weather. we see the clouds behind you, but we are beginning to clear in the bay area. this is san rafael. mid-50s in the city right now. and it is 61 in san jose where we have the clouds here. you can see the layers. 58 in napa. wind is breezy by the delta. so even despite cooler spot we will be in the 60s in the city, breezy winds to the mid and upper 80s with sunshine inland. >> thank you. the 4th of july holiday week send in full swing. how firefighters are gearing up to respond to potential fires caused by ilreal fireworks. and sticker shock at the gas pump. what is going on with surging gas prices in the bay area and across the co
8:59 am
9:00 am
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the fire danger is very, very high right now. environment forts on edge this 4th of july over illegal fireworks. how fire departments are preparing for a busy weekend. gas prices not okay. like not okay. > >> pain at the pump. good morning everybody. you are watching abc7 news live here on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will


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