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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 3, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america, breaking overnight, new evacuations, another condo in the miami area ordered shut down. what inspectors found as the remains of the surfside tower are ordered demolished. >> bringing it down as quickly as possible is critical to protect our community. >> plus, how hurricane elsa threatens to impact rescue operations. holiday travel crush. as states ease restrictions crowds packing airports reaching prepandemic levels. lines crawling. short-staffed airports and airlines struggling to keep up as millions more head out on road trips with gas prices soaring. emergency crash landing. >> we're going to lose the other engine. >> a cargo plane crashing into
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the ocean off of honolulu. the coast guard plucking two pilots from the water in dark of night. >> there's a very small margin for error. >> the split-second decision that may have saved their lives. seeking justice. harry dunn's parents flying from the uk to america pursuing a civil suit against the wife of an american diplomat they believe is responsible for their son's death. >> the pain is beyond anything you could ever describe. >> their message this morning. here comes sha'carri. and sprinter's support. the famous faces speaking out overnight following champion runner sha'carri richardson's suspension for marijuana use. her apology as an olympic dream hangs in the balance. good morning, america. on this very busy holiday weekend, more than 47 million people are traveling. you are looking right now live
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at atlanta's hartsfield airport where lines will only be growing and here's a look at the roads in tampa. more congestion is expected as the day progresses. >> at the same time we are watching the first hurricane of the season, elsa stirring up trouble in the caribbean and florida could be in its path. >> and that could hamper the ongoing rescue efforts in surfside, the site of that catastrophic building collapse, and we're getting word of a new building just evacuated not far away. abc's trevor ault is in surfside with the very latest. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. now, ten days into the search and rescue, and it's proven to be extremely difficult logistically and emotionally, we're talking about millions of pounds of debris along with concerns the still-standing structure could come down, that potentially encroaching hurricane and dwindling hope for survivors. and now, this morning, a new building not far from here has also been cleared out. this morning, evacuations under way in north miami beach.
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another condo building just a few miles from the champlain towers south ordered shut after it was determined structurally and electrically unsafe. its 300 residents told they'd have to leave. >> we grabbed what we could, so the most important things like the passport, wallets, social security, birth certificates, all that, and that's it. that was all. >> reporter: north miami beach officials say they launched a thorough review of all condo high-rise buildings immediately following that devastating collapse in neighboring surfside. miami-dade's mayor ordering the demolition of the partly collapsed building after engineers warned it's unstable and a threat to the hundreds of rescuers on scene. >> bringing it down as quickly as possible is critical to protect our community. >> reporter: rescue crews are now in their tenth day of sifting through the debris, closely monitoring hurricane elsa as it moves towards
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florida, 126 people still unaccounted for. the death roll rising to 22 lives lost. >> banging on some debris. seems like she's pretty close to us. >> reporter: dispatch calls obtained by abc affiliate wplg from the night of the collapse detail first responders trying to reach a woman in the rubble, firefighters in conversation with her for hours but unable to reach her in time. >> she's stuck in between two right now. i don't hear her. >> reporter: and the latest heartbreaking development, the body of a 7-year-old girl found and carried out by her father, a firefighter who has been helping with the search since the beginning. >> when he was made aware that we were close to where his loved one may have been, then he stood side by side by some of his other fellow firefighters while we were able to bring her and at least give him an opportunity to say his farewells.
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>> reporter: and the miami-dade county mayor says she's been asked repeatedly if it would be possible to bring down what's left of the structure before her hurricane elsa potentially makes its way through the area. she said the answer is no, that it will likely take weeks to safely complete the demolition. eva. >> trevor ault for us there in florida. and rescue workers are keeping an eye on elsa, the storm is currently pounding the caribbean, pounding barbados with heavy rain and strong winds. rob is in norwalk, connecticut, with the latest on the hurricane's track. good morning to you, rob. >> hey, good morning, eva. this thing is really humming across the caribbean, and it will be near the florida coast before too long. let's take a look at it on the satellite picture. still very organized, category 1 storm with 75-mile-per-hour winds but because it's moving so fast, it's hampering any sort of strengthening but we do have hurricane warnings and watches up for hispaniola, jamaica and cuba. the track brings it just to haiti later on this afternoon then to cuba later on
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tonight, and as much interaction as we get with land, it should weaken it likely coming ashore the florida peninsula monday, tuesday, wednesday as a tropical storm. even if it's far west of miami, miami will get impacts from this in the way of some downpours, so that's not going to be good for efforts today. messy across the northeast and i-10 along the gulf coast is where we'll see the heaviest amounts of rain. we'll talk more about this throughout the show. over to you. >> rob, thanks. we'll come back to you soon. we're going to turn now to the holiday travel. millions of americans looking to get away. if you're flying or hitting the roads, though, be prepared to wait. abc's elwyn lopez is in atlanta for us this morning. elwyn, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. the lines here at the atlanta airport are starting to pick back up, and it's not just here. this holiday weekend is expected to be the busiest since the pandemic began. this holiday weekend frustration growing as prepandemic crowds return. >> these are long lines.
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i don't know how long it's going to take. maybe six hours. >> reporter: long lines and flight cancellations at airports nationwide. >> the line ends here. i think it goes all around now right there. >> reporter: millions of travelers across the country are on the move. >> definitely busier than usual. i've been traveling a little bit during the pandemic as well but it's definitely been getting more busy. >> reporter: more than 2.1 million people on thursday and friday went tsa checkpoints, a new pandemic record exceeding those taking to the skies that same day in 2019. >> when they say like to come two hours before your flight, come two hours before your flight. i came an hour before my departure time and i got to my gate as they were boarding. >> reporter: tsa warning about lines like these crawling in some airports as the agency grapples with staffing shortages. >> there are going to be long lines, just be patient. >> reporter: this as hundreds of passengers are grounded. southwest canceling thousands of
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flights in the last month, more than any other airline. those disruptions spreading into friday. >> when we landed here in denver, we got the notice that our flight to cincinnati was canceled. yeah, we weren't expecting this and it hasn't been a super great experience. >> reporter: the airline saying in part that they are dealing with a combination of disruptive weather, very full flights and a flight schedule built for nonstop point-to-point travel. but flight crews telling abc news, the airline is short-staffed. from the crowded runways to the jam-packed highways where drivers are paying a high price to get away. gas now averaging a record-breaking $3.12 a gallon. >> gas prices have been trending more expensive, and there's no slowing down even after the holiday weekend. we expect gas prices to continue to increase another 10, possibly 20 cents through the end of august. >> reporter: and demand for rental cars is also soaring. travel search engine kayak says they are up as much as 300% in
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some places compared to this time in 2019. whit. >> elwyn, thank you. following this morning, one pilot is fighting for his life, and another is in serious condition after a crash landing in the ocean off the coast of hawaii. now investigators are trying to find out what went wrong. abc's zohreen shah has the latest and the video of the rescue. zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the u.s. coast guard tells me they have trained for this moment their whole lives, and when they saw those two pilots alive, they knew everything they had done their entire careers was worth it. >> we've lost number one engine, and we're coming straight to the airport. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. coast guard rescue crews speaking out about the critical decisions leading them to successfully rescue both pilots after their cargo plane crash landed near hawaii. >> this is a very small margin for error. >> reporter: this maui-bound 737 taking off from honolulu friday morning.
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just three minutes in, two miles off the coast, one engine fails then the second. >> we're gonna lose the other engine too. running very hot. >> reporter: the plane plunges. >> i immediately started to have the hair stand up on the back of my neck. we know that this is for sure an aircraft in the water. >> reporter: rescue conditions dire. pitch black darkness, 17-mile-per-hour winds. >> there's multiple layers, and you can go ahead and probably multiply that by ten. >> reporter: night goggles allowing them to follow the oil train and debris. finally they spot human life. >> i saw something reflecting on the tail of the aircraft in the water, and it was a -- one of the pilots was waving from the tail of the aircraft. >> reporter: they're about to save his co-pilot on floating cargo 200 feet away but stop when they look back. >> everything that he was floating on sank. >> reporter: they hoist their rescue swimmer down. >> i quickly wrapped my
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flotation device, rescue device around him, secured it, and gave the thumb's up to get back into the helicopter. >> reporter: an hour after crashing both men rescued. the ntsb is sending down ten investigators to try and figure out what happened. as for the survivors, one is in critical condition, the other in serious condition. rescue crews sending thoughts their way and also giving them credit for what they call an amazing landing given the circumstances. eva. >> yeah, an incredible rescue for sure. zohreen shah for us there, thank you. well, now to the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan and new details about the time line for getting american troops out. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks is on the north lawn with the withdrawal the pentagon says is on track to be completed by the end of august. that's ahead of president biden's september 11th deadline. good morning, maryalice. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yes, the pace is really picking up now. most u.s. troops and equipment are already out of afghanistan. like you said, the pentagon is now confirming that the formal
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withdrawal process will be done by the end of august. now, of course, at the same time, we are seeing the taliban just surging in the last few weeks taking more and more territory. some within the intelligence community have predicted that the afghan government could fall within months. i asked president biden yesterday if he's worried about that. he told me he thinks that the afghan government does have the capacity to sustain itself, but that they're going to have to grow support and conduct further negotiations with the taliban down the road. now, as for the thousands of afghan citizens who have helped u.s. troops like translators and drivers, yesterday the white house confirmed that they are working to relocate many of them outside of afghanistan where they'll be able to complete and wait for their immigration visas. jen psaki said that they are working to make sure that they are moving as many as possible out of the country before the end of the military drawdown. many say they are facing serious risks now because they helped u.s. troops.
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and, guys, just a reminder of the size and scope of the war over the last 20 years, more than 2,300 americans have died in afghanistan. more -- or just about 800,000 american service men and women have been stationed there at least once. dan. >> so much history, so much sacrifice. maryalice parks, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. we're going to turn now to the pandemic as the u.s. national case average creeps back up, rising more than 9% in the last week alone. halth experts have been using those figures to make key decisions on how to fight the virus, but an abc news survey of state covid-19 information dashboards shows more than two dozen states are either opting to drop their daily updates or planning to end daily reports in the coming weeks. alarmed health experts say without realtime reporting we could be flying blind here. the virus is still spreading across this country and the
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world including hideki matsuyama who tested positive and was forced to withdraw from the pga tournament. he's the first masters champ from japan and was planning to participate at the tokyo olympics later this month. now his participation there is uncertain. joining us is dr. john brownstein, epidemiologist at boston children's hospital and an abc news contributor. thanks so much for being with us this morning. let's get right to some of these latest numbers. arkansas has seen a 200% rise in infections over the last two weeks with only about a third of their total population vaccinated. local officials there and in louisiana, missouri, mississippi and nevada all reporting an increase in cases of covid-19 ahead of this holiday weekend. so, okay, memorial day didn't seem to have a major effect on the numbers. is there any reason to be concerned about the july 4th festivities? >> yeah, good morning, eva. i am concerned. at a national level we don't expect to see a major increase in hospitalizations and deaths
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but you can't look at the country in a uniform way. we have major pockets of unvaccinated americans. we have not hit that 70% goal and like memorial day, we have the delta variant. the variant is more transmissible, potentially more severe and will become the dominant strain. so if you have unvaccinated communities with increased mobility, reduced mask wearing, social distancing that's going away, you'll see increases in cases. this won't be a major surge but pockets of outbreaks but we have tens of millions of americans that will likely be infected by the delta variant. >> should people think twice about attending parties and large fireworks events then? >> well, i think if you're fully vaccinated the world looks just very different. it protects you against serious illness and death, but we have to be mindful about our children that aren't vaccinated, those with compromised immune systems and use our best judgment, but if we're in an area where cases are coming down, you can be less cautious. in places with rising cases you need to consider masking and social distancing, unfortunately.
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>> we're seeing california is now advising people to wear masks indoors again because of the concern with this delta variant. that's in line with the w.h.o. recommendations, but the guidance from the cdc has been different, so what should we be doing? >> yeah, it's very confusing because mask guidance is really based on what's happening at the local level. the cdc is setting policy on a national scale. when you look at the data across the country, it's going really well. the w.h.o. is looking at countries that are just not able to vaccinate their populations so, of course, you need to have masking as a way to keep transmission down and the same is true for undervaccinated communities. if you're seeing hyperlocal surges unfortunately you'll have to bring in masking and social distancing to protect those vulnerable populations. >> so these decisions are really based on where you live. that's how you have to make these decisions. dr. brownstein, thank you so much. whit, over to you. eva, turning now to sha'carri richardson, the u.s. track and field star apologizing for testing positive for marijuana. janai norman has more on what this could mean for her olympic
7:17 am
dreams, and, janai, those games in tokyo just weeks away now. >> just weeks away and her olympic dreams still hanging in the balance as sha'carri richardson is suspended for one month after officials say she tested positive for thc. at this point she won't be allowed to run her signature event, the 100-meter, but demand pouring in on social media that she be allowed to race in tokyo. celebrities, athletes, even politicians coming to her defense. soccer star sydney laroe responding, we need to look at what athletes are being given to deal with mental and physical demands of this. if xanax and opioids are legal then marijuana should be too. richardson apologizing, she took responsibility for her actions and admitted she smoked marijuana to cope with the death of her biological mother. >> don't judge me because i am human. i'm you. i just happen to run a little faster. >> so there is still a chance she may be allowed to run for the usa in relays. many calling the rule archaic saying thc is not a
7:18 am
performance-enhancing drug. and it's legal in a number of states including oregon where richardson consumed it but others saying rules are rules. guys? >> a lot of controversy over this case. we'll keep watching it, janai. thanks. let's check the weather once again, rob marciano in norwalk, connecticut. rob, good morning once again. >> good morning, dan. we got a little bit of a mist happening in the northeast. not the best of weather shaping up if you want to hit the beach but not a complete washout for this holiday weekend. talk more about that in a sec. where it is, it is going to be raining more, not because of hurricane elsa just yet but because there is a stalled front down across the gulf coast and that's where we're highlighting some of the heavier action and it stretches all the way through texas, there you see that. computer model showing houston down i-10 through pensacola where some of the heavier stuff will be. might be enough throughout the day and tomorrow where we get enough to see some flash flooding. fourth of july is tomorrow. let's go over what some folks will be enduring. i think that area will see more in the way of showers and thunderstorms.
7:19 am
florida as well, a little bit drier across the northeastern third of the country after seeing a bit of a misty day today and the heat continues out in the west with some mountain thunderstorms a distinct possibility there, especially in the intermountain west. . good saturday morning i am lisa argen work up to cloy crowds and fog. this is mount tam and the cloud clears to the coast. we have drizzle this morning. mild to warm days through the holiday weekend and clouds and fog for the 4th from the coast to the bay shoreline. otherwise, inland valleys will be clear. 77 in fremont, 79 in san jose, look for 81 in santa rosa. and comforting a through the week but warmer by the end of the i just got back from colorado after i spent a few days exploring there having fun and having adventures and seeing how that state is coming back from the pandemic, and i had the honor of meeting a new friend of
7:20 am
mine, an army vet who has lost his leg during combat but that hasn't stopped him from reaching some pretty lofty goals. mountain climber chad jukes has defied the odds in more ways than one. >> in reality, everything, everybody adapts. >> reporter: an iraq war veteran jukes lost his leg in combat, but that hasn't stopped him from accomplishing some of the most challenging climbs in the world including summiting mt. everest. we geared up, and chad took me on the new via ferrata climb arapaho basin. so tell me, chad, what do you enjoy most about climbing? >> honestly one of my favorite things about climbing is experiencing with somebody who has never done it before. >> great. you got it. >> perfect. >> reporter: with the help of a prosthetic, chad made the incredible 29,000-foot journey to the top of the world in 2016. he hasn't missed a beat since. just watching you walk and climb ahead of me, i see just how
7:21 am
stable you are on this. it must have taken a lot of practice. >> over time just learning how to use the technology and the devices and figuring out what's the best fit really changed things a lot and led me to really just be able to do whatever i want to do. >> amazing. >> it's not really that limiting. >> reporter: one after the other, he's pursued his dreams taking on the highest peaks. >> as a beginner, man, you really feel what mountain climbers and rock climbers feel, and i'm digging it, dowd. yeah. >> we had so much fun. he was just ripping it up and down that hill. such a pleasure to meet chad. he's going to be opening up a food truck here in the next month or two, and now that we're opening up the economy after covid, he is excited to feed everybody as he says. love him. guys, back to you. >> out on the rock face. >> yeah. >> what an inspiration. i also enjoyed watching rob struggle. all right, rob,
7:22 am
we'll talk to you soon. thanks so much. >> the struggle was real. >> it sure was. still ahead here, parents from the uk flying to america seeking justice for the death of their teenage son, what they're saying about their civil suit against the wife of an american diplomat. plus, ncaa athletes cashing in on that new rule change allowing them to make money off their name and likeness. and fourth of july means fireworks. the big show is making a return this holiday weekend. "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. like a good neighbor, state farm is there. ♪ oh, just one. jake from state farm, it's the least i can do. you really did me a solid with that “maya markdown” on my insurance. here's the deal maya, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. right. no really. there's no markdowns, just great rates. pull around back in 20 minutes. i'll hook you up with the good parts. when you want the real deal...
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. good morning. i am liz kretz it bay area transit agency is urgingyone to take tranceetit. rides on bus and ferry are free through monday. there will be special ferry
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service tom for people who go to the fireworks in san francisco and need to get back to the north bay. face masks are required on public transit. now let's check the holiday weekend forecast with leeza argen. >> hey, kind what have you see is what you get as the clouds clear here. it is near 60 degrees in the east bay valleys, and we will get a sunny day with mid-80s, 59 in san jose, a lot of clouds there. here's san jose, with low 50s in santa rosa. so the numbers in the 60s with clouds at the coast. 71 in oakland and 81 in santa rosa. >> thank you. thanks you for joining us. the rt bed. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. don't miss our 4th of july special. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop. with comcast business, you get the network that can deliver
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and see how you can help make a difference. welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. and there they are gearing up. you're looking at the weigh-in for the annual july 4th nathan's famous hot dog eating contest on new york's coney island. i think that was -- is that billy chestnut weighing in? famous name. it was indoors in front of a limited crowd last year because of the pandemic, but this time the exercise in competitive gluttony will be held at the home of the brooklyn cyclones minor league baseball team. still no word if janai norman is going to enter as a ringer. >> you know she is in the building. she might punch you for that. >> of course. >> i don't understand why they weigh people in. like what if you weigh too much, you can't eat the hot dogs. >> you can only eat in your weight class. >> i think it's just part of the dramatics. >> janai norman ate a bunch of hot dogs at a company party. that's why --
7:31 am
>> yes, yes. >> just to let everybody in on that. >> don't shame a girl for liking hot dogs. >> she'll never hear the end of it. let's take a look at some of the other big stories we're following this morning. north of boston in wakefield, massachusetts, police are asking people to stay in their homes as officers search for approximately eight heavily armed men who fled from a traffic stop. olice say the men claim to be from a group that don't recognize quote/unquote our laws and they disappeared into nearby woods carrying rifles and handguns. residents of a miami high-rise evacuating their homes after authorities ordered the building closed immediately, saying it's unsafe structurally and electrically. this building is just five miles from the collapsed condo in surfside where rescuers are still digging for possible survivors more than a week after the disaster. los angeles dodgers pitcher trevor bauer is on administrative leave after an assault allegation by a woman who says bauer beat her on two occasions. bauer was not with his teammates on friday when they met president biden at the white house to celebrate their world
7:32 am
series victory. bauer's agents say he won't appeal the decision to put him on leave but one agent did dispute the allegation. we're going to start this half hour with the parents of a british teenager allegedly hit and killed by the wife of an american diplomat. they're giving a deposition in a civil lawsuit during their trip to the united states. abc's elizabeth schulze spoke with them. elizabeth, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. well, harry dunn was killed allegedly by an american diplomat's wife driving on the wrong side of the road in the uk. his parents tell me their grief is still raw, and their fight is far from over. this morning, harry dunn's parents are speaking out bringing their quest for justice in the death of their 19-year-old son to the united states. >> we'd, quite frankly, go to the ends of the earth to try and get some justice for our boy, so there was no question that we would not be here. >> reporter: dunn's parents flying from the uk to give evidence under oath as part of a
7:33 am
civil lawsuit against anne sacoolas, the wife of an american diplomat accused of causing their son's death. >> the pain is beyond anything you could ever describe. it runs so deep. so deep. >> reporter: in august 2019, sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road near a u.s. military base in the uk when she hit dunn's motorcycle according to british authorities. she left the country three weeks later claiming diplomatic immunity. >> i would like to see her take accountability for what she's done. >> reporter: the parents now moving forward with a civil claim in the u.s. searching for answers about what happened that night. >> we desperately, desperately need to know our child's last hours on this earth, what they were going through, the pain they were suffering, and why they were in that situation. >> reporter: dunn's parents are also urging authorities to push ahead with a criminal case against acool last in the uk. the case reaching the highest
7:34 am
levels of government after the u.s. state department rejected a request by the british government to extradite sacoolas last year. both parents now calling on president biden to hear their pleas for accountability and closure. >> he was amazing. he was a big lad, gave the biggest bear hugs, would do anything for anyone. big heart, big, big heart. >> reporter: now a lawyer representing anne sacoolas didn't respond to our request for a comment. her lawyer has previously said that she's devastated by the unintentional accident and deeply sorry for any pain it's caused the family. eva. >> elizabeth schulze for us there, thank you. and as america celebrates its independence, we're taking a closer look at the men and women involved in protecting our freedom and a sad reality, how many in the military need more than a thank you for their service. they need food. abc's maryalice parks has more. >> reporter: this food pantry in virginia beach is just for
7:35 am
active duty military families. >> we asked them to fill out this short form. >> reporter: it's 1 of 12 food assistance programs on or near military bases across the country run by the armed services ymca. the group opened four new sites this last year alone when demand for basics like food skyrocketed. >> prior to the pandemic in san diego, for example, we were serving 400 families a month. >> active? >> active duty military families. >> 400. >> post-pandemic we had to shift to 400 a week. >> reporter: in a survey this week from blue star families 29% of junior enlisted families talked about food insecurity. in new census data too, 20% of national guard households with children reported at least sometimes not having enough to eat. experts say the problem is complex, entry level pay is low, junior enlisted make $21,000 to $24,000 a year, plus a housing allowance if they live off base. lawyer's husband is in the navy.
7:36 am
his salary is supporting a family of four. >> at the end of the month when everyone gets that period sometimes, you know, a couple of days till payday, they have everything. >> reporter: erika's husband was a nuclear mechanic on an aircraft carrier in washington state. she had been a teacher, but her certification didn't transfer when they moved and told me they ran up credit cards to cover the basics. >> it really felt shameful. it was like i just didn't want anyone to know that that was our reality. >> reporter: the department of defense tells us they have established a working group to study the problem and, quote, identify resources to help resolve this challenge. but a spokesperson with the national guard association bristled at the idea of a long-standing problem saying in a statement, quote, everything we see, hear and can conceive of says that's not the case. >> these folks need to go to a unit and talk to soldiers, listen to the struggles that some of these soldiers are going through. they would be surprised at the amount of underunemployment in those units.
7:37 am
>> the best way we can salute our troops is do right by them as a country. for far too long we overlooked the issue of military amilies that are going hungry. we can't let the government off the hook. >> reporter: now there are a lot of different policy ideas being floated. some say that congress should pass a bill to even out pay and benefits for the national guard across the country and get rid of rules that keep them from qualify for housing benefits unless deployed over 30 days. others say congress should pass a rule to make it easier for active military families to qualify for snap, the federal food assistance program. right now a lot of families don't qualify. but advocates say whatever it is, congress and the federal government needs to do something so that no members of the military are ever worried about feeding themselves or their families, whit. >> absolutely, really alarming to hear that so many military families are going through this. maryalice parks for us, thanks so much. we do want to turn and get a check of the weather. rob marciano, it is going to be a busy holiday weekend, especially as hurricane elsa approaches. >> yeah, we're keeping a eye on
7:38 am
hurricane elsa as it tracks across the caribbean and rebuilding more in the way of heat. i was in portland where they reached 116 for a high. i never experienced heat like that that far north and as we see once again it's proving that heat is actually the number one weather-related killer, so folks still struggling with the heat there, and it will rebuild to not quite the extent last week but certainly well above average temperatures. here you see it over the next several days. not just in the west but we're also looking at a rebuilding of the heat in the east as well, below average right now, a lot of cloud cover and muck in the air. kind of a stagnant air mass but by tomorrow and certainly on monday, folks will be getting to or above average for temperatures there. as far as the fourth of july forecast for some other areas, take out some of your forecast cities, huh? this is always fun. washington, d.c., 84, lincoln, nebraska, 94. jefferson city, missouri, 89. kennedy, california, 92 and
7:39 am
sunny, and roosevelt, utah, a high temperature of 97 degrees. happy fourth, everybody. od morning to you. it's gray start for most of us. temperatures are climb through the low 70s in emeryville. low to mid-80s for inland valleys, and looking at more fog tonight through tomorrow mornrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrn >> this weather report sponsored by embrill. happy birthday, america. fourth of july weekend. back to you guys. >> okay. thanks, rob. appreciate it. we'll talk to you a little bit later in the show. coming up, the college athletes cashing in on the new opportunities thanks to ncaa rules changes. and independence day looking a whole lot different than last year. how to celebrate safely. a whole lot different than last year. how to celebrate safely. differ year. how to celebrate safely. t we ar. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers.
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? welcome back to "gma" and the college athletes making deals taking advantage of new opportunities to cash in on their fame. abc's deirdre bolton is here with more. good morning, deirdre. >> reporter: good morning, eva. experts say this is the biggest change to the college sports landscape since title ix, the gender equity law that was put
7:44 am
in place almost 50 years ago. from football to basketball, to volleyball, swimming and diving a big change is here. >> this is a historic moment for all student athletes and generations to come, so i'm very excited to be part of it. >> reporter: for the first time ever college athletes can sell the rights to their name, images and likenesses removing a big restriction. >> they still cannot be paid by their schools. that hasn't changed, but they're now able to enter into contracts with all sorts of companies. there are all sorts of possibilities. >> reporter: between tiktok, instagram, youtube and twitter, fresno state basketball stars hanna and haley cavinder have followers in the millions. the twins just signed a deal with the phone company boost mobile. other athletes signing deals with petsmart and milo's tea company. >> every single athlete in their own unique way can profit off their own image and likeness. >> reporter: football player will ullmer is also a musician. but under the old rule, his scholarship eligibility would have been vulnerable had he
7:45 am
taken money for music. >> it's always been sort of a compromising position like sort of pick one over the other and that can be hard sometimes because i have a passion and a love for both. we're human beings just like everybody else, and there's no reason you should, you know, limit or label yourself as just an athlete. >> reporter: but they're only allowed in states where this practice is not against the law. the ncaa hoping congress can step in and pass a set of federal guidelines. >> we'd much rather have congress act. we want to work with them to get their action in place. but if that looks like it will take too long or maybe not occur at all, we'll have to go in and craft our own permanent rules. >> reporter: as for auburn gymnast, derrian gobourne, she said she can finally spread her wings. >> one of my biggest dreams to like model different fashion brands because i started off in modeling so i wanted to take that career further. >> reporter: the other athletes
7:46 am
that we spoke with echoed derrian's comments saying that while being an athlete is a huge important part of who they are, it is not the sum total of what they have to offer. dan. >> deirdre, thank you so much. coming up on "gma," helping you have a safe fourth of july and warnings about setting off your own fireworks. ireworks. ett ett your own fireworks. well, geico's 85 years isn't just about time, you know. it means experience. i mean, put it this way. if i told you i'd been jarring raspberry preserves for 85 years, what would you think? (humming) well, at first you'd be like, "that has gotta be some scrumptious jam!" (humming) and then you'd think, "he looks fantastic! i must know his skin care routine." geico. saving people money for 85 years. beg your pardon. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts,
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7:50 am
11,000 firework displays will take place in the u.s. but if you're looking to skip the displays and create your own backyard light show this year, you may be paying top dollar due to shortages. >> so about 30% of the consumer fireworks that we hoped would be here for the fourth of july have not arrived. >> reporter: the bigger concern for this holiday weekend, safety. between june 21st, 2019 and july 21st that same year, an estimated 7,300 fireworks-related injuries were treated in u.s. hospital emergency departments. >> as i was getting ready to light it or just lighting the mortar, my life changed forever. >> reporter: last year, ben shortreed was seriously injured in a backyard accident after a sky mortar firework exploded in his hand. >> the mortar was loaded and walked it over to a place in my yard, and it was in my left hand. >> reporter: ben, who served in
7:51 am
the marine corps, had damage so severe doctors had to amputate his hand. experts warn that no firework is truly safe. >> things like bottle rockets or things that are called roman candles, really try not to handle them. >> reporter: even sparklers can burn at an alarming 2,000 degrees. >> dry shrubs and grass and trees mixed together with a spark or a flame from a fireworks can really cause an unfortunate disaster. >> reporter: which is why officials up and down the west coast are begging residents to refrain from setting off fireworks at home. >> we're trying to remind people of the number of days that people in our community couldn't breathe last year here in our own community. >> all important reminders and we will be right back with our "play of the day." from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past
7:52 am
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♪ back now with our "play of the day" and a toddler and her
7:56 am
bff making music together. check out gia and her family's rottweiler zara. they love to perform duets. gia on the mic. zara on backup. ♪ music to each other's ears. yes. "gma" is now two hours on saturday. coming up, our "gma" cover story, britney spears and her fight to end her conservatorship. >> announcer: now as the country re-opens for so much hope for a brighter summer, it's time t building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solution. this is abc7 news. good morning, everybody opinion the california highway patrol is going to be out in full force this holiday weaning look for impaired drivers. the maximum enforcement period started at 6:hundred last night and goes through midnight on monday. you can get pulled over if you have a light out, a cracked windshield or your headlights are not on. the c-h-p says one freeway is
7:57 am
going to be heavily focusing on is interstate 5. getting caught for driving under the influence can be extremely costly and, of course, deadly. happening today, something fun and free for the family to celebrate the 4th of july weekend. golden state warriors host the thrive city block party at the chase center. the free event includes local food vendors, beer gardens and nba2k gaming zone opinion barbeque sample is at 11:30 at is it:30, you can check out a pet costume parade. the thrive city block party runs today and tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and let's get over to lisa for a check of the weather. high, good morning. walnut creek, looking at a little bit of sunshine here. but a lot of clouds in the east bay hills. but temperatures in the valleys have been nice. in the mid-maybe upper 80s, but with 62 in mountainview we are are in and around 60 and concord and livermore. another view and this furry
7:58 am
friend here, looking at the clouds here in the city. so we will look at 60s, and temperatures will be comfortable across the bay. but that sea breeze will kick up. low 70s for oakland. with 77 in fremont, 78 in napa. low 80s, santa rosa. so really nice for inland valleys. a little change to the holiday weekend. then we get warmer and much warmer towards the end of the upcoming workweek. thanks for joining us. the news continues right now at gma. we will see you at there's an invisible threat in your backyard that could cause deadly heartworm disease for your dog. but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus.
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good morning, america. it's our second hour. breaking overnight. another condo in the miami area is ordered shut down. people ordered to evacuate. what inspectors found as the remains of the surfside tower are ordered demolished. we have the latest on the rescue operations. holiday travel reaching pre-pandemic levels. millions of americans taking to the skies and hitting the road this fourth of july weekend. long lines and soaring gas prices as concern over the delta variant grows. could holiday get-togethers lead to a surge in covid cases? also this morning, the latest on britney spears' legal battle. ♪ want a piece of me ♪ >> "the piece of me" singer's fight for financial freedom far from over.


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