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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 3, 2021 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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. very, very low along with higher temperatures combined to make this a high concern. >> dry conditions and wind combined with potential sparks by illegal fireworks have people on high alert. it's saturday, july 3rd. you are watching abc7 news at five live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will get to how firefighters are preparing for the high fire danger. first let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning. >> hi. good morning to you. we have plenty of mist and drizzle out there. helping out a little bit this morning in terms of that
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moisture content in the air. live doppler 7 showing you the fog foot print across the bay andown the coast, socked in across california. looking at temperatures this napa59ocean temperatures near average in the mid50's. we will stay cloudy with mist and drizzle right on through the morning hours with 50's and 60's by noontime. partly cloudy, still clouds along the coast with70's. mid-70s inland and then seasonal numbers with 80's in the inland so that's mild to warm. nothing extreme. mid-70s around the bay and we will forecast fog for the 4th. we will have that in detail. >> thank you. developing news from the east bay. a brush fire called the gulf fire is burning. you can see the glow of the
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fire in this video. cal fire estimates at least 35 acres have burned with a moderate rate of spread. it's burning in an area that's pretty remote and away from homes. its been proving to be difficult to fight. it's unclear what sparked the flames and we will bring you any further updates as soon as we get them. >> people can't sleep at night. i hear fireworks going off at >> the 4st the of july weekend is here and that means illegal fireworks and high fire danger. law enforcement and firefighters are gearing up for a busy weekend. >> it only takes a spark for fireworks to turn from lighting up the sky to someone's house. >> fireworks make me nervous. i can't tell people what to do. they prefer if they use common sense and courtesy and don't put others at rick. an oakland resident said that because he lived it.
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in 1991 he looked out his window and saw this. the oakland hims on fire. a product of a small grass >>ju >> the dry conditions on wind and potential sparks by illegal fireworks are keeping firefighters on high alert this weekend. >> the fire danger is very, very high right now. fuel moisture is low along with higher temperatures and drought all combined to make this a very high concern for us. >> on july 4th this intersection will close for 24 hours. also 20 additional firefighters will deploy throughout the city to respond to the fires. >> the oakland fire department will be in all of the hill areas along with in the areas along the 580 corridor, highway 15 corridor and lake merit and along the international boulevard. >> all this pointing to a bigger issue. >> illegal fireworks are a thw
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of $2,500 to anyone who tips off the city on who is shooting illegal fireworks. >> fireworks used to start up about the 1st of july and run through and now they go on year round and they get bigger. >> his hope is money will encourage people to come forward and prevent potential fires. in the east bay. >> and a single spark from a safe and sane firework started this grass fire that you that y see. this was only a safety demonstration put on by firefighters. they showed us how using any type of firework can lead to a full blown emergency with dry conditions in many parts of the bay area a spot fire can become a major wildfire in just a matter of seconds. >> approximately a minute the
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fire can get out of control to where it's probably leaving your yard, getting in to a neighbor's yard, into open space and putting other structures and people in danger. >> the county has established a fireworks hotline. (833)885-2021. it's at the bottom of the screen and on the website. you can call that number to report seeing illegal fireworks going off or in you know someone who is selling them. the professionals putting on fireworks around the bay area are glad to be back on the job after a year of being sidelined because of coronavirus. they are eager to get on with the show. pat here or pyro pat as colleagues call him said he has the best job on earth. is he happy to be back in action in the field putting on fireworks across the country. he put on last night's fireworks at the oakland coliseum and he is happy for the work after such a tough
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year. >> now we are -- we have ramped it back up. it was like a rubber band pulled back. everybody was waiting, waiting, waiting and then come around to the 15th of may it all cut loose. >> his work isn't done. he is heading across the bay to start setting up for san francisco's july 4th fireworks show tonight or tomorrow, excuse me. we have a list of events happening around the bay area for the 4th and you can go to abc7 for all of that information. happening now nearly 48 million americans are in transit to their of scen more at50,019 bor mpuri can stard. thpent up is crush on the roads. some 43 million are on the highways despite the highest gas prices in seven years.
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according to aaa a gallon of gas is going for $4.45 in san francisco. drivers in oakland and san jose are seeing $4.35. wait until you see this one. one gas station in san francisco is nearly $6 a gallon. kate larson explains why prices are so high here in california. >> san francisco resident whitney conner stopped pumping when i pointed out the gas she was pumping was almost $6 a gallon. >> gas prices are not okay. like not okay. that's it. >> sir of had the same reaction when she filled up at the shell station at 4th and bryant south of market. >> i'm glad you pointed it out. i usually don't pay attention. i think it's like ten cents difference, not a dollar or more. >> the surging pr aladhave some questir s. >> going up noeverythi. >> do i want to go on a long road trip, how much do i want
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to be commuting, should i work from home more often if i have the option? >> i'm filling up but not with the six dollars gas. i found gas that's cheaper by a dollar a gallon. why would two shell stations a few miles apart have very different gas prices? >> they pretty much pay the same whole sale price for gas so it comes down to the merchant. >> gas price and energy expert said competition is a factor. the less expensive is a cross the street from a chevron. both have prices in the mid$4 range which is the average price in the bay area. the united states is producing about 10% less oil than it was prepandemic so supply is not keeping up with current demand creating an energy crunch. as for california which has the most expensive gas in the united states. >> you have boutique gas here in california. you then have about 80, 82- cents on every gallon which is
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taxes and then a secondary tax, a carbon tax which is about 50- cents. >> he said gas prices will continue to increase. kate larson. >> it's not just gas that's expensive this 4th of july weekend. rental car prices also skyrocketing. interest in rental cars is up 73%. prices up as much as 300% in some united states cities. the united states has been dealing a rental car shortage due to the pandemic. many companies sold much of their fleets to savemoney. the highway patrol will be out in full force this holiday weekend looking for impaired drivers. the enforcement period started at six and goes through midnight on monday. you can also get pulled over if you have a light out, a cracked windshield or your headlights aren't on. getting caught for driving under the influence can be extremely costly. >> arrested and taken to jail.
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you are going to have to deal with the dmv, with taking the classes, community service, taking your vehicle out of the tow yard. basically you will be spend between 10 and $15,000 on fines and all the other stuff. >> the chp said one freeway is going it be focused on is interstate 5. aaa said 3.5 million people will fly for the 4th of july. they expect 40,000 travelers daily to pass through over the holiday weekend. this as cancellations are piling up. southwest cancelled nearly 200 flights yesterday and more than 200 thursday. the airline claims bad weather and very full flights. we have learned the airline also has severe staffing issues so that will be an unfortunate experience for a lot of people travel figure they get their flight canceled. it should be nice weather.
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you know for fire danger we are going to be comfortable and conditions really country be better unless we saw rain but we know that won't happen. a live look where you can see the clouds around the camera. 50's out there and we will see seasonal numbers and we have had a pretty good dose of low clouds and fog. we will talk about a clearing and how warm we will get through the holiday weekend next. >> thank you. also ahead bouncing back. why downtown san jose restaurants are looking forward to this big weekend. and new challenges for search and rescue crews in florida in the condo collapse. what could complicate efforts even
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water and malnutrition. the animal law and policy clinic are suing the park service. the park install three tanks or trucks but haven't taken any steps to provide food for the elk. developing news out of south florida where residents have been told to evacuate a condo building in north miami beach. a recent inspection showed structural and electrical issues and the building was deemed unsafe in a report by engineers. officials in north miami beach launched an investigation review of all structure that are above five stories following the collapse in surfside. more bodies were found at the site of the collapse in surfside bringing the dead to 22. as crews continue this painstaking work, officials are shifting their eyes to the tropics and a looming hurricane. >> as search teams returned to the rubble deh toll climbing. a heart wrenching discld girl,
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daughter of a firefighter on the scene. >> it's very difficult. when removing a fellow firefighter's daughter and that's just where i want to say the emotion. >> the girl's father has been helping with search and rescue efforts since the building came down. he put a small american flag next to her body. his jacket draped over her as she was carried down. the federal government picking up 100% of the cost. officials are moving forward with plans to demolish the rest of the building. eyes also on the tropics, officials monitoring elsa which could bring wind and rain to the area and disrupt search and rescue efforts. >> we are not just running an emergency response as you can see. we are also preparing our whole community for a possible storm at the same time. >> as we head in to the
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holidays, the neighboring city of miami beach canceling fireworks in honor of the surfside victims. the south bay a first real push for restaurants after the state's reopening in mid-june. dine downtown returns to san jose this year with added importance. amanda has the details. >> downtown san jose is slowly bouncing back after the state's reopening and it's no secret restaurants can use a boost in business. >> we didn't snap our fingers and things came back to life. there's still the uphill climb for the businesses to try to get back to normalcy. >> eateries that survived getting help as dine downtown returns. >> we get a lot of people who are very fans of the dine downtown. >> menus, chef specials and they are serving up we want the
5:17 am
comfortable coming in. the experience -- there. we have great restaurants, great chefs in downtown. we want to show them what we are. >> the co owner said that its been 15 months too long. >> this is a good time right now. it's a good moment to try to bring the magic back. >> at the shop, the co owner is bracing for customers to come with a level of anxiety but said the promotion really puts the power in people'shands. >> maybe some that have been scared to leave the house. maybe some going back to the offices. now there is that opportunity that we can come try a new place. >> a life line of s at the come backstory continues. >> for us to have that little push and to have people not just in san jose but santa clara county to come experience can be and they are the start of it. there are nearly 30 restaurants participating in this dine downtown program. a program that will last until
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july 18th. in downtown san jose. abc7 news. there are health concerns this holiday weekend with the delta variant of coronavirus. the bay area health officials say if we aren't careful another surge could be possible in parts of california. stephanie sierra shares their warning. >> as the delta variant spreads rapidly across the united states public health officials are concerned certain pockets of california could see a 4th of july surge. >> as the variant comes in you are at very high risk. this is not a good time to not be vaccinated. >> the real concern is about unvaccinated people gathering and potentially spreading the strain known to be significantly more transmissible. >> probably 30%, 40% more transmissible than the uk variant. >> to put it in perspective. >> the rose garden with like ten out of 75 infected or something like that. this could be 40 out of 75.
5:19 am
>> the masking guidance recommends people stay masked when attending meg events. >> we have seen a significant up tick, especiallia among the unvaccinated population. >> the deputy health officer for marin is expecting the case rates to more than double after the holiday. >> would not be surprise fire department marin goes from three cases a day to 20 cases of coronavirus a day. >> though more than 90% of the dose they one unvaccinated pocket to trigger a serious outbreak. >> not everybody is following the rules. those who aren't vaccinated, not wearing masks and that increases the risk of transmission. >> families gathering for large fireworks celebrations with children 12 and under should be careful and wear masks. for those who are eligible it's
5:20 am
not too late. >> the most important message for everybody going in to the 4th is to get vaccinated today. >> stephanie sierra. abc7 news. > let's check the forecast now with lisa. some fog possible. it may dampen the celebrations. >> have >> concord has the clear skies. we have mount diablo and mount tam. we have that the low cloud and fog deck that's been with us. allowing for little bit of moisture out there. in fact low clouds and drizzle along the coast. you may have to use the wipers. that fog reaching locally across the bay there. you can see from vallejo, north
5:21 am
through southern california. there is some moisture in southern california san diego there, otherwise we are looking at afternoon thunderstorms at the red flag warning for the sierra nevada. they have had the storms. they have been mostly dry and we are worried about the lightning strikes. we will look for this red flag warning to go into effect tonight into 11:00 sunday morning. mountains there looking at possibly some thunderstorms. 58 in san leandro. it's 59 heyward with 56 in berkeley. alameda in the upper 50's. the sea surface temperatures in the mid50's. that's allowing for the overnight lows to kind of stay right there from 56 in the city, 55 in nevado. look outside and with the cloud deck, the camera is gray. low clouds, fog and patchy drizzle this morning. mild to warm days. that certainly has been the situation for the inland east bay with plenty of 80's. it'll be through the holiday
5:22 am
weekend. we are looking at fog to not only be at the coast but around the bay. you will have to go inland and then we will look at temperatures really starting to climb as we get toward the end of the upcoming workweek. here is a look at the cloud deck. you can see 7:30 this morning across the bay. perhaps through the livermore valley and then we pull back on the clouds by midafternoon. we have sunny skies but clouds at the coast and then by tomorrow morning, once again that fog perhaps all the way through, getting close to the delta, not quite and as we pull back again afternoon sun. the beaches from stinson to point reyes looking at the cloudy skies. the fog forecast tomorrow night. you can see the fog right across the bay. san leandro and fremont. low 60's in oakland. milder with 67 in san jose. 79 today. 71 in oakland. 81 in santa rosa with 74 in palo alto and low 60's half
5:23 am
moon bay. the accuweather seven day forecast, morning clouds and this will take us through the 4th. should be nice. not for the fireworks but for of course the fire danger which we want to keep as low as possible. then through the upcoming workweek it is quiet until we get to the end of the week and that's when we look for high pressure to build. we haven't had that heat. we escaped the last one in pacific northwest. that heat -- looks like we will turn it up by next weekend. >> we will get ready for it. thank you. just ahead the edd is quietly renewed its troubled partnership with bank of america. everybody including the bank is
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as possiblout there is no money. >> steve was shocked to find a thief drained $16,000 from his edd debit card. >> it was a nightmare. nobody knew what was going on. >> i'm the victim and i'm being treated like the criminal. >> annamarii said someone ran up $14,000 on her edd account even before she got her debit card. the bank restored her money only to take it back out and then froze her account. they are among thousands of fraud victims who say bank of america made it impossible to get their benefits restored. >> if you look at the account again it was considered closed. >> i had $4,000 that was gone. >> about $60,800 is gone. >> bank of america along with edd unfortunately left our people hanging at the worst possible time. >> what they have just done has been to renew a contract that has made so many lives
5:27 am
miserable. >> state lawmakers have blasted edd for renewing the contract with bank of america to provide edd debit cards despite the widespread turmoil and fraud. as it turns out bank of america is just as upset. just today the bank said that it wants out of the contract saying we have advised the state we would like ex this business as soon as possible. the deal with edd has brought plenty of grief to the bank as well. b of a claims it lost $200 million for criminals making fake claims of fraud on edd debit cards which they falsely obtained. now b of a is facing a class action lawsuit claiming that the bank failed to prevent fraud or put security chips on debit cards and then denied claims without investigation. a judge ruled the bank likely broke federal law by rejecting claims and freezing accounts using only an automated fraud
5:28 am
filter. the edd said a contract renewal gives bank of america the time it needs to manage million of ongoing accounts. the contract includes a major financial perk for both the bank and the edd. under the agreement they share the transaction fees generated every time someone swipes an edd debit card. those revenues skyrocketed during the pandemic, the edd bringing in more than $47 million from last march until this april, nearly five times more than in 2019. >> fees collected with your contractor, that just smells. >> we have found many card lders so il pape checks. to fer an a personal bank account, avoiding debit cards entirely. 7 on your side. an under water pipeline
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leak sparked flames that set part of the gulf of mexico on fire. have you to see this video. its being called the eye of fire similar to something out of lord of the rings really. some questioned why boats were spraying water on the fire which was already on water but the spray was actually to choke off the oxygen that was fueling the flames. the fire took more than five hours to be fully put out. that is wild. you never see something like that. wow. still to come on abc7 morning a company bricking employees back to the office. there are tough decision as head. the challenges employees and employers are facing who may look at their priorities again. and disney is celebrating magic makers. how you can nominate someone who inspires you and the
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will be a major outbreak, that we will have another epidemic nationwide. i am concerned lives will be lost. >> the president worried the delta variant will keep spreading among unvaccinated people. the united states is not going to meet his july 4th goal to have 70% of adults partially vaccinated. 172 million people have had just one dose and that is just shy of 67%. good morning. thank you for joining us here on abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will start this half hour as always with another look at the weather with lisa. good morning. >> we are in a holding pattern. we have had the low clouds, the fog and some afternoon sun. temperatures near average. as we look at the numbers this morning, more in the low 60's in sunnyvale and san jose with cloudy skies. 60 campbell. the rest of the bay area low to mid50's. 57 in lafayette. the low clouds and fog with us
5:33 am
through midmorning hours by ten we are sunny in livermore at 67, still cloudy in the city in the upper 50's but then that will give way to sun. a school and breezy day but low 70's. oakland with mid-80s's inland. another pleasant day but not too hot. the low clouds and fog come back tonight. we will talk about when we see return to the heat and the forecast for the 4th which is just around the corner. >> thank you. the president declared coronavirus is on the run. the united states is still falling short of his goal to have 70% of adults receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. that short fall is raising fears for the unvaccinated. >> the kickoff to july 4th. what many hoped would be a celebration of independence from the virus. instead pockets of this country are still firmly in its grip. >> 18 months after the start of a pandemic, back to square
5:34 am
one essentially. >> the delta variant fueling a dramatic rise in cases in under vaccinated states. the country now set to miss that july 4th goal by about 7 million shots. a 67% of adults partially vaccinated. the president touting progress on the pandemic and jobs. >> our economy is on the move. we have coronavirus on the run. >> acknowledging he worries that the delta variant will keep spreading among the unvaccinated. >> i'm not concerned there will be a major outbreak. i am concerned that lives will be lost. >> for the vaccinated promising news from johnson and johnson. a new study shows its vaccine holds up against the variant including the delta months or longer. tough decisions on the horizon about the future of work as more companies ask employees back to the office workers may find their
5:35 am
priorities don't align with those of their bosses. david shows us the challenges. >> there are no best practices to guide workers and their bosses as they navigate the future of work. >> in an absolute revolution on, you know, future of work and nobody has seen anything like this. >> while organizations say tan management experts heading to a unknown future. to a unknown future. a doctor in the school of business said employees spent a lot of time looking at their priorities while doing remote work and so have employers. >> i think there will be a lot of spring cleaning that will go on. get rid of some practices that worked prepandemic and not post and add new packages. >> manageerns man i have little choice with the red hot
5:36 am
labor market and workers willing to quit if they prefer remote work. finding the right formula could back fire when diversity is a major initiative. employees trying to balance family life with remote work may loose the visibility that may get them a promotion. >> you may find single young men are all managers coming in five days a week. >> in that case giving employees a choice could be a bad decision. just as letting them all take fridays and mondays off when everybody is packed in on wednesday. the future of work is being created on the fly. and it's feeding time at the oakland zoo but with a twist. they are one of the first to vaccinate it's high risk animals. tigers and bears d mountain lions and ferrets along with a treat as a reward.
5:37 am
bats and river otters will be b next. the vaccines were donated. ? it's branson verses bezos. who will be the first to make if into space in whit johnson has the details on the trip. >> the billionaire space race is on. just weeks before amazon founder jeff bezoa's history making launch into space richard branson releasing video announcing he will blast off first. >> astronaut 001 richard branson. ly be looking at the customer space flight experience this july our dream will become a reality. >> his flight just over a week away scheduled nine days before bezos. >> i'm just expecting the most extraordinary trip of my lifetime and extraordinary trips of a lifetime rather people in the future. >> joining him are two pie loots and three mission specialists. he will fly with his brother, a
5:38 am
mystery $28 million bidder and 82-year-old, who underwent astronaut training in the 60's buner nt in are gointobe >>fina >> they open the hatch and you step outside. what is the first thing you say? >> honey, that was the best thing to ever happened to me. >> with history on the line, branson remains courteous toward his rival insisting he doesn't see you it as a race. >> jeff has a different approach. we aren't in direct competition. i have huge respect for what he is doing and i know he has huge respect for our team as well. >> whit johnson. abc news new york. >> and disney wants to shine a light on the magic around us. 50 magic makers will win a trip to celebrate it's 50th anniversary. magic comes in all shapes and
5:39 am
sizes from simple act acts of kindness. they are celebrating this ever day magic and need your help. if you know someone inspiring you can nominate them now. go to disney magic or you can use the hash tag disney magic makers on social media to share your story. disney is the parent company of abc7. still ahead on abc7 mornings. there has been an increase in the need for mental health suppose during the pandemic. we have tips on how to find help if you need it. and a live look outside as we head to break. a foggy gray this saturday, july 4th weekend. saturday, july 4th weekend. we will check in so, you have diabetes, here are some easy rules. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day,
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the safest, most technologically advanced car we have ever introduced. cares for what matters. the new s-class. from mercedes-benz. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? here is a live look at the golden gate bridge camera. a foggy start to this morning and not a lot of cars on the road. i'm sure that will change as
5:42 am
people hit the roads. and now to a strange story out of southern california. chp officers pulled over a driver with a satellite dish mounted on the road of this toyota prius. the driver assured them the dish only blocked the view when they make right turns. that's because there is a court trailing across the windshield into the front passenger window. the chp said it's not legal to drive with anything that may obstruct the driver's view. very strange. bay area transit agencies are encouraging everybody to take public transportation this holiday weekend. rides on golden gate transit, the golden gate ferry are free through monday. there will be special ferry service tomorrow of people who go to the fireworks show in san francisco and then need to get back to the north bay. a remainder, face masks are still required on public transit. pretty gray this morning. >> yeah. its been the rule for much of the week. low clouds and fog have cleared. we have the afternoon breeze. 67 now on top of mount tam.
5:43 am
it was 80 yesterday so still upper elevations are warm as we get inland it's really near perfect. along the coast and bay side communities, you know the routine. we will talk about that fireworks and 4th of july forecast coming up. >> thank you. here is casey now with a look at what's ahead in sports. we will have that. >> the latest onsaga and the a this close to tying it up
5:44 am
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. here is a live look this morning. sun starting to come up now at 5:45. t y before 4t celebrate. in sports the a's will try to pick up the pieces after suffering a heartbreaking loss yesterday. the team is scheduled totake on the red sox at 4:15 at oakland coliseum. the giants will play the diamondbacks in arizona. first pitch at 7:10.
5:46 am
here is the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. the key vote just week away its clearly a's and the city of oakland aren't on the same page. new documents said the a's and the city have work to do. some of the sticking points will include the off site jack london square financial district and the nonrelocation terms. the city wants the a's's to sign on for 40 years. the a's only agree for 20. >> the on site is something we can take the risk out and handle. that's hundreds of millions of dollars. obviously the off site areas are areas that the city could have invested in for the last generation. it's actually burdened our project with all of those dollars. that's not custom on projects like this. that's not done in san francisco, in san jose, in southern california. it just actually kind of crushes the project under its own weight. >> red sox visiting the a's. this is what getting up staged
5:47 am
looks like. frankie gets help from left field. isn't there anything that kemp can't do? great body control to bring in a difficult catch. elvis hasn't hit a home irall year until now. the game is tied. red sox go 3-2. a's trying to tie. here comes seth brown and he is out at home. the 3-2 the final. giants trying to snap the season long four game losing street. no doubter from alex dickerson. his first home run of the giant. it is a big run.
5:48 am
11-4 the final. a half game ahead of the -- tampad2-anthey get board in les the shot that triples. the first to -- calendar month. lightning win 6-3. that's with the morning sports. i hope you have a great great weekend. >> let's get another forecast. >> you know it's that time of year in the bay area and chances are, that it's going to be pretty foggy and yes that's where we are at. we are not only today but for the weekend but things plerthe looking at much of california along the coast. we have low clouds and fog. moisture from san diego through
5:49 am
los angeles and that moisture perhaps making its way all the way up through the sierra nevada. we have seen thunderstorms, the possibility of dry thunderstorms and a red flag warning through late tonight, 11:00 on sunday through the greater lake tahoe area. you may have heard about elsa. a category 1. this is the 5th named storm of the season but the first hurricane. it's spinning there and as we look at the track of it, notice through cuba, just brazing it as a one. it'll be downgraded as it hits the land but the possibility of showers and thunderstorms making for some pretty wet weather as we get into miami into monday. that's what they have been worried about and so far as hurricane season started june 1st this is the first one in the atlantic. there's a look at mount tam where temperatures are warm in the upper elevations. the surface the low clouds, the fog, mother nature's air conditioning with us.
5:50 am
it seems but things will change. its been a while since we have seen the heat and it's going to come back into play by the end of the upcoming workweek missing us with the 4th of july holiday. 61 mountain view and san jose, half moon bay this was a shot, you can see its fogged. just fog along the coast. it'll clear. the marine layer getting compressed. we aren't looking at any heat as we look at the gray start here in the city. low clouds, even mist and drizzle this morning. we will see mild, warm temperatures inland and that will take us through monday and then for the 4th of july, not many do we have clouds at the coast but right along the bayshore. heading inland for the livermore valley, pleasanton, it looks nice with clear skies as we look at that forecast notice that we have the fog bank into the day today, pulls back but it'll be breezy here and for mostly cloudy skies
5:51 am
from point reyes through stinson and then into sunday a repeat performance. there's a look at what you can expect with the temperatures, noontime in the 70's inland. 60's along the coast. we will warm up through the 80's to around 70 around the at then the clouds expand through midnight. upper 70's santa clara. look fo san mateo this holding pattern with us throughout the day. 65 downtown. up in the north bay, its been pretty nice with low 80's there. 73 in san leandro and inland we are in the mid-80s's in concord. status quo through the end of the week. >> really like it, really warm for this weekend. all right. thank you. as the state reopens and people are returning back to their normal lives a need for mental health support is on the rise. experts say there's a shortage
5:52 am
of behavioral health professionals in the bay area. justin dorsey has tips for you to find help. >> it's summertime in the bay area. the weather is nice, agall gogh >> now immediage ofe d,u was ao of adrenaline, everybody was in survival mode. now that those stressors have pass is the people starting to process what's happened. >> there are three times as many americans reporting depression now compared to the beginning of the pandemic. mental health professionals encouraged to see people but they are in short supply. >> it's not just mental health therapists. it's drug and to. >> therare hundreds of open
5:53 am
mental health support positions across the south bay and more needs to be done to keep them around. cost of living sending professionals out of the bay area. as a result people who need help sometimes struggle to find it but there are alternatives. >> when you have a situation like this with increased need and seeing a decline in our traditional resources that we use, it being creative and flexible and identifying other ways to provide support is important. >> kaiser is doing just that to help with their increased work load they are outsourcing help from other agencies to support patients along with their own care team. >> our priority is to make sure that they come back with the care that they need in the moment. if you don't have kaiser and are struggling to find the help trained peer counselors can be used you can visit psychology
5:54 am to look for professionals in your area. in the south bay, dustin dorsey. all tails and wh iors stth w
5:55 am
we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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happening today something fun and free for the whole family to celebrate the 4th july weekend. the warriors hosting the block party at the chase cent. gardens, 2k gang zone. a barbecue sampling starts in the west plaza at 11:30 this morning, at 12:30 check out a pet costume parade. >> a lot of people dress up their dogs. i'm like [inaudible] what sort of big area for this. we have coffee carts for
5:57 am
puppichinos, dog areas, we have vendors and booths. >> the block party runs today and tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. next on abc mornings at 6:00 a.m. the 4th holiday weekend is in full swing. how firefighters gearing up to respond to potential fires caused by illegal fireworks. and sticker shock at the gas pump. what is going on with surging gas prices in the bay area and across the country.
5:58 am
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moisture being very low along with higher temperatures and the drought all combined to make this a very high concern for us. >> this morning high fire danger. dry conditions and wind combined potential sparks by illegal fireworks have firefighters on high alert. good morning. it's saturday, july 3rd. you are watching abc7 news at six. live here on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will get to how firefighters are preparing. first let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning to you. you may have noticed we have had the low clouds, the fog and the seasonal temperatures. that won't change through today and the holiday weekend. that is some good news even some mist and drizzle, not only at the coast but across the bay in spots. our pattern is holding with the low clouds and fog all the way down the coast and a


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