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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 2, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are in the 60s and 70s around the bay and low to mid 60s for the coast into san francisco. yet another pandemic rebound. the holiday travel rush hitting a high that we have not before last year's shutdown. aaa says nearly 48 million americans will be celebrating july 4th with an independence day getaway. >> as we look over our shelter, this is sfo. it is the busiest time to fly out, just right now. we are there with how things are looking. hello, matt.
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>> reporter: the first hour we were here -- you can see what is happening. people are lining up around the escalators to get into this tsa line at terminal 2. this is delta, alaska, and united travelers. it is starting to pack in at sfo this week. they are expecting about 40,000 travelers per day to go through the airport million people are expected to fly this weekend across the country. yesterday, the tsa screened more than 2.1 million people and, as mentioned, that is the second busiest travel day since the pandemic began. it requires an increase in travel workers american airlines is planning 5500 flight during the day during the weekend but they say stating issues have forced them to cancel some flights. southwest is facing some similar issues, urging employees to pick up extra shifts and offering more money as travelers finally decided it's time to disguise again. some have gotten here early as the rush began. >> yeah, i watched the news and
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i have been aware. they were saying to get there early. what do you expect in terms of travel? >> i have no idea. usually, i figure it is pretty good and it has and good so far. >> reporter: sfo's not the only busy airport. oakland international anticipates 160,000 travelers and that is triple the amount from july 4th last year was in the middle of the pandemic. if you have not traveled lately, everybody here at the airport is wearing a mask and that is still a federal regulation inside an airport and on the airplane and, of course, as people mentioned, you want to try to get here early because you could get stuck in line. this is expected to be the busiest part of the day and then on monday, that will likely be the busiest travel day of the year since the pandemic began.
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matt boone, 7news. san francisco is preparing for thousands of visitors. the city hosting its fireworks shows sunday night. it could draw 100,000 spectators along the waterfront. covid canceled the event last year. >> our goal is to make sure people have a good time and to keep everyone safe, especially during the fourth of july. we know people will be excited to come to san francisco to see fireworks. >> with car break-ins on the rise, the mayor is urging people to keep their valuables in hotels or out of sight. they are adding extra service to all people come and go from the city for the fireworks. it was supposed to start around 9:30 and end at 10:00. they will add a special event trains that will depart only at the canero station at 10:40. coltrane will also offer late- night service between san francisco and the south bay and sfa variable offer late-night service for the oakland roads. they're preparing for busy weekend. they released a report saying that fireworks related injuries
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and deaths increased during the pandemic. the santa clara medical center has more staffing and the director says she is seeing too many people who are coming into the emergency room with preventable injuries. >> we are seeing patients, that say i do not know that a sparkler was so dangerous. there is nothing fun about the burning and the loss of fingers or i injuries and permanent vision loss and disfigurement. >> fireworks, even the so- called safe and sane kind, are illegal in nearly every bay area county. they urging people to attend professional fireworks displays as opposed to putting together your own and that is because of the severe stroud drought conditions. there is a battle going on between the oakland a's and the -- this is over a lack of late- night train service. they will not offer special event service for fans who want to stay for the postgame fireworks.
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they say they have sold 30,000 tickets and cannot support more fans without public transit because it does not have enough parking. oakland a's suspended ticket sales. they told 7news that this is frustrating because the bart provided service for last week. >> i think it is unacceptable that the east bay would receive less service compared to san francisco and i think it is unfortunate that is the way it is playing out. >> bart denied any favoritism and says it is due to the fireworks show being scheduled must later than expected end of the game. they also are going back to pre- pandemic service and they require extra staffing. you can still take bart home from the game but you need to be on the coliseum station platform by 10:10. encouraging news for people who got the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine. studies are showing it offers protection from the delta variant. we have the announcement from j&j.
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>> reporter: a lot of people are excited about this because johnson & johnson was not really a part of this conversation before but they say is one-shot covid vaccine not only offers protection from the delta variant but also the protection lasts a long time. the director for the center of biology and vaccine research discussed the result of the organization study. >> we showed that the durability of the single shot j&j vaccine is remarkably good and lasts for at least eight months. it is much longer -- less than a two fold reduction of antibody responses over that timeframe and no detectable reduction of t cell responses over that timeframe. >> according to johnson & johnson, the nudity offers hopes that they can fight against other variants, not just the delta variant. they have shown that people who got the pfizer and moderna vaccines are also protected from it. good with coyotes. there being hit again by a cutthroat pack of coyotes and
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turning bloody with their pets. they are using weapons to fight back. sounding the allergy alarm. stanford doctors say climate change is causing a more challenging allergy season. thousands of strikes of lightning is causing places across the recent and there is gripping video of one town's escaped through the flames. look at all this mist and drizzle. if you're going to the beaches, expect more of that sunshine throughout the holiday weekend.
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a village in village columbia has been devastated by
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record-breaking heat and wildfires. residents as the fire destroyed most of the homes and buildings there. wildfires in western canada are generating clouds that are causing more than 700,000 lightning strikes in a single day. it is likely now fueling more fires. days before burning down -- they recorded the highest temperature ever in canada. in california come you can check several wild fires burning across the state with our exclusive wildfire tracker. it lets you show where they are spreading and containment information in real-time. it is up at our website. >> we focus about what was going on in canada and like portland, three consecutive days they set all- time record highs for the entire country. now, they are gone. that hurts so bad. here is a look from the east bay hills camera. this is a beautiful site.
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the cascade and the clouds through the we have low to moderate pollen. that should not be an issue. the uv index definitely will be. even if it is cloudy at the beach, you can still get burned, so where that sunscreen. 56 in richmond and hayward. 60 with some body drizzle. it is measurable in the east bay, above 1000 feet. we are up to the low 60s everywhere. let's talk about moving forward throughout the day. 60 near the coast, 70 to 75 for the day, 75 to 85 in mind. everyone is near 70 degrees through the evening hours. more on that weekend forecast. how about the commute? >> the commute is okay. here is the toll plaza. there are no metering lights and things are moving at the limit all over the bay area. you will notice those sensors are not lit up in red thanks to
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-- it is nice and clear in san rafael, showing off one on one. i was talking about how usually you see a big, red line out of tracy and we do not even have that. many are off today but the traffic will be busier this afternoon. we have a high wind advisory issued by the chp for the bridge and alatoona pass. we have a new addition for commuters. the san francisco bay ferry added the brand-new seaplane lagoon ferry terminal in alameda. it takes place right next to where the u.s. -- it is also lowering fares and adding more weekday departures than ever before, all in an effort to get you back on board as we make our way out of this pandemic. this is tough. we are showing why more californians are buying guns than ever before. keeping an eye on tarmac sent freeways all morning long. we have this abc exclusive, looking into problems with southwest canceling flights and
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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a task forces detailing how they plan to take on the crisis in the tenderloin. we are breaking down the action. >> reporter: the san francisco street-level drug dealing task force, the full name, includes police officers, prosecutors, public defenders and tenderloin community members. they recommend setting aside more money for community safety and to train workers on de- escalation techniques and creating a 24/7 treatment center in the tenderloin that offers therapy and prioritizing housing for people during and after drug treatment. the task force says the prices has risen to, quote, frightening new level and one member says none of the recommendations received unanimous support but they did do their best to compromise.
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more in california are buying guns than ever before. state attorney general rob released stats yesterday. handgun sales went up 65 1/2% between 2019 and 2020 and long gun sales increased 46%. he says people may have been more inclined to purchase guns during the uncertainty of the pandemic. although legal gun sales are not necessarily tied to gun violence, homicide rates went up in california last year, as did the number of domestic violence firearms. a coyote problem at a senior city community in san jose is getting out of control. >> the aggressive animals are attacking and in some cases killing dogs. the general manager of the village says this is this ongoing coexistence battle and now neighbors are taking extreme steps to protect their pets. they have had to arm themselves during walks with weapons and look at this.
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you will see it in just a second. body armor for their dogs. >> even if i had the bear spray with me because i was taking her out for a second, i could not have pulled it out fast enough because it was on her in seconds. >> it developed a technique for the hunting process that is injuring our animals and our citizens. >> the county agency does not have the authority to kill coyotes. they say the issue has been brought to fish and wildlife. look at this. we have new video of that mountain lion spotted in petaluma. you can see the animal prowling around in this man's backyard. they shared this camera footage with -- he spotted the mountain lion at his house on wednesday and he's said it jumped a fence into his backyard and strolled around a bit and then left. local authorities were searching for the mountain lion on wednesday and they said it was last spotted in the hills beyond hayes lane. this is actually kind of scary.
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>> it is a beautiful animal. >> it is. >> i always think that first but then i think what if it was in my backyard. >> it just walked out there. >> imagine having a yard. >> if you do not have a yard, you will not have to worry about it. he is not jumping five stories onto a balcony. i think a lot of that has to do with the drought and the fact they cannot find water and sometimes they cannot find food. let's look at what is going on around walnut creek. there is a mixture of clouds, especially around 680 and 24, where you find some drizzle. there is low to advertise and clouds will return tonight, bringing us patchy drizzle. this current pattern we have been stuck in will stick around for the entire weekend due to these areas of low pressure. they are shifting a little bit and they are not moving enough
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to see any discernible changes in the pattern. so enjoy the comfy onshore breeze as we go through the weekend. it is keeping us mainly in the mid to upper 70s for most of the south. the farther you are away from the water -- they are in the low to mid 80s. as you look at the peninsula, we have low to mid 70s. it is 77 in redwood city. around the coast, 60 to 62 degrees. mid to upper 60s for south san francisco all the way to sausalito. the breeze is coming right here, keeping -- low to mid 80s through the north bay and then low to mid 90s around ukiah. the coolest is the east bay, richmond, and berkeley and then as we head into the game tonight, the big game always want boston is in town, but we also have the fireworks. it will drop down to about 61 degrees. you go to the east bay valley,
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it is about 80 to 88 degree. tonight, it could be like how it has been the last couple of nights. temperatures are in the mid-50s near to 60 and we have drizzle. check out how long this pattern hangs around. almost all the way through wednesday and then signs are pointing towards a warming trend starting thursday. good morning america is coming at 7:00 right here on abc seven. >> we have a look at what is ahead. nice to be with both of you on this friday, going into the holiday weekend. we have to talk about the exodus. nearly 40 million americans are expected to the roads and skies. through the weekend, as you head to the airport, we have exclusive new details about what is behind some of those frustrating flight cancellations and tell you the best and worst times to hit the road, which is always helpful. also, another abc news exclusive . the billionaire space race. branson is joining us live as he gets ready to launch into space. he is trying to be just bezos? time to rise and shine and this time from colorado. many majestic sites. we will see how the great outdoors is helping the great comeback
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let's look at what is going on. there is the tahoe forecast. we have some thunderstorms for friday and saturday and a lesser chance sunday into monday. temperatures are going to be warmer than average. let's focus in on the fireworks. i am not up at 9:00 most nights, to be honest. if you have had cloud cover you will probably have cloud cover sunday if you have had it for the earlier days this week because we are not on the same pattern. the farther you are away from the ocean and also the bay, the more likely you are to see those fireworks unimpeded. transfer temperatures 59 to 62. abc seven is committed to help make the bay area even better to live. we are looking at the climate and environment. doctors at stanford are warning you to prepare for what will be
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a challenging allergy season. they have been collecting data for the past 20 years and here is what they found. >> we are looking at policies just about two months longer than it was 20 years ago. people will probably have to start their medications earlier than normal and then stay on them longer. >> of pollen is also getting more allergenic because of the effects from the heat. as we go into the summer with the major drought and wildfire risks, this problem could get worse. we put together and abc11 climate watch team to give you expert insight to understand and navigate the impact of our change and kleiman. you can see it on the climate section on our abc seven news connected at available for at btb come and drill to be -- they are making history. for the seventh time, he is the named an all-star, passing will
6:26 am
clarke. this is the fifth time in his career that he will start for the national league. he opted out of last year's shortened season. he is already hitting 12 home runs, as many homers that he had in 2018 and 2019 combined. the all-star game is set for july 13th at coors field in denver. next at 6:30, we go live for ever top story. the jam-packed holiday travel rush. there is one part of the bay area that is expected to see more than four times the normal traffic extract with fireworks shows already starting for the fourth of july, see a spectacular show from the most magical place on earth. we are halfway through -- the shark came up from underneath the canoe. >> off the california coast. he is sharing what it was like for the very first time. a live look at site at 6:20's. we will be right back.
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yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ building a better bay area, moving forward on solutions. this is abc seven news. at 6:30, going for the holiday weekend? the rush that we have not seen in quite a long time. there is one highway that you will want to avoid. a new warning -- watch out
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for your facebook friends. the company is asking some users about dangerous activity online. ♪ ♪ >> this is my favorite fireworks show of all time. it is amazing. you are looking at the very first show at disney's magic kingdom since the pandemic began to we have the complete list of safe and legal show. >> i want to see that. >> it is so good. >> happy friday, everyone. it is july 2nd and you are watching abc seven stream. i am excited about the weekend. what is the weather going to be like? >> the issue is i feel pressured to look at the clear conditions.
6:31 am
it is not all that clear. >> we are used to that. >> we should be. we will still be disappointed. i will have the complete forecast on that coming up. let's get you out the door by talking about some drizzle. it has been measurable in the higher elevations and it is falling places like 24, you will need the windshield wipers. we have that onshore breeze making sure everybody is being blanketed by clouds. we have things to the coast, bringing you to the mid 60s in san francisco in upper 60s and mid-70s around the bay and mainly 80s inland. now, the busiest travel period since the start of the pandemic getting underway with road trips to meeting the fourth of july weekend. see metro police protecting 43 million americans that will hit the roads, which is a 5% increase from 2019. in the bay area, i was 17 is going to be the busiest corridor. the peak travel time is monday -- it is monday from 6:00 to 8:00. traffic is going to be 340% more than normal and the increase in travel also means bad news for your wallet.
6:32 am
>> over three dollars an hour since the colonial pipeline hack and we have foreseen the gas prices are going to be dropping for the -- it is due to demand. >> california has the most expensive gas in the country and the average cost is $4.28 a gallon. if you are flying and have a middle seat, i am sorry. you probably have neighbors on either side of you and they will want both armrests. domestic leisure travel is back in sfo says they will see the most travel this holiday weekend since the beginning of pandemic times. abc seven news is at the airport. how is it looking? >> reporter: a little bit of good news if you are trying to get in here on this busy holiday weekend. if you look by me at the tsa line, it is actually moving quite well. if you joined about a half hour ago, the line was wrapping around these escalators. they were weaving through the
6:33 am
trammell. it is definitely for now. as you mentioned, it will be a busy weekend. 40,000 people are expected to travel through sfo each day through the next couple of days . in total, 3 1/2 million people are expected to fly across the country the tsa screened more than 2.1 million people, the second busiest travel day since the pandemic began. that increase in travel requires an increase in travel workers. american airlines is planning to be 500 flights per day during this holiday weekend and they say staffing issues have already forced them to cancel some flights through the end of july and according to flight aware, only one flight has been canceled at sfo. american airlines -- southwest also facing similar issues, asking employees to pick up after chips and offering more money. they have not canceled any flights at sfo today. we did speak to passengers who got here as the rest began. one was able to see his family
6:34 am
after nearly 2 years. >> i am trying to visit some grandkids and my daughter and husband, of course. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw them? >> probably almost 2 years ago. it has been a tough time for travelers. >> reporter: an exciting day for people finally hitting the skies in the area. oakland international expects 160,000 travelers will pass to, triple from the 2020 holiday. if you have not traveled for a while, a quick reminder that mass are required by the federal government right now in terminals and on airplanes. obviously, if you are going anywhere, try to give yourself as much time as possible because we have been watching the slime balloon and shrink. at any given moment, it could really take a while to get through, which we have not seen for a while but it is definitely starting to pick up. southwest airlines
6:35 am
responding to canceling hundreds of flights per day. more than 200 are canceled from yesterday and 2600 in june. the airline is dealing with severe staffing shortages. look at this internal memo from mid-june. it says more than 20% of flight attendants called in sick and about 900 pilots took a leave of absence during the pandemic. they have to be before they can get back in the cockpit. in one statement, they said we are aware of the frustration this disruption is having on employees and customers. we apologize and are dedicated to doing better. we are in emeryville, where signs are clear that there will be no fireworks over the holiday weekend there. these notices are up near marina park. it is a really good spot to see fireworks across the bay of san francisco as long as there is no father their planning closures along dallas street and frontage road. in the east bay, these areas are going to be closed all day
6:36 am
on the fourth of july. we flew over that area. the goal of this is to prevent fires, clouds, and illegal parking and lookout points. there will also be several street closures around lake merritt, including parts of grand avenue and lakeshore avenue. this map gives you an idea of the locations. these trees will be closed all day on saturday and sunday. the massive search and rescue operation in surfside, florida, resumes. concerns about structural damage and remaining condo building stalled efforts. we are at the live desk with more on that and president joe biden's visit. >> reporter: 18 are confirmed dead and one for five are still missing and search and rescue crews are back at the fight and they are looking for survivors. they were stalled for 15 hours because of structural concerns involving the part of the building that remained standing. once the search is over, officials plan to tear down what is left of the building.
6:37 am
the mayor of surfside met with president joe biden yesterday. >> president joe biden was very attentive and he basically, in so many words, said, listen, i am here to tell you will get whatever you need. >> reporter: he has promised to cover 100% of search and rescue costs for the first 30 days. questions still linger over what caused the collapse. the washington post reports five out of seven condo board members resigned in 2019, partly in frustration. the board president told the post there were contentious debates with residents about getting the money to pay for repairs. in the wake of the collapse, they have ordered all buildings that are more than 30 years old and more than three stories high to be assessed for recertification. now to the pandemic. concerns about the delta variant. while the bay
6:38 am
vaccination rates, other areas are at much higher risk. that is why the white house is launching a search response team, several teams, to send to virus hotspots. >> to be clear, the federal government stands ready to meet the moment and work with our state partners to respond to the delta variant. >> the delta variant is now behind one in four new cases across the country and more than 1000 counties across the u.s., less than 30% of people are vaccinated. 99% of people who have died of covid in the past six months were not vaccinated. closing time for target for the ongoing crisis getting six stores no choice but to shut down early. here is the big board with the new york stock exchange. we are just slightly up another update on how they are doing up next. the court battle for brittany spears with a major new twist. one side that was say they are giving up. here is san mateo bridge.
6:39 am
we are seeing a little bit of sunshine breaking through the cloud cover on the peninsula and we are going to have holiday delays on the roads watch out for that date are on. we have some drizzle this morning, so if you are at a mass transit stop, it will be a little down. we have the breeze from the golden gate through the delta, making things a little dicey. there will be choppy waters. it will remain good tomorrow, which is healthy for all of us through sunday. temperatures are around 54 to 56 degrees with measurable drizzle. it is already falling in san francisco and you can see we have 56 in coma and saratoga and tracy. 60 in livermore. here is a look at the cloud cover in san jose. 101 right here. there are no changes through 7:00. you might see a change bike 9:00 when we round out the morning commute with the drizzle starting to dry up. near 60 along the coast. 70 to 76 to 71 for the bay. 77 to a warm 85 and then a warm
6:40 am
76. here is a joe. good morning, i was just checking some information for aaa. if you need to head out the door on the road to travel, anywhere today for the fourth of july weekend, leave before 12:00 is what they say and they are telling me the worst time to leave is between 4:00 and 5:00. nobody is around regular day. it is looking pretty clear. also clear on walnut creek right now, lookin
6:41 am
[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
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the u.s. military has left bagram airfield in afghanistan after active buying it for nearly 20 years.
6:43 am
>> president joe biden has said the last afghanistan will leave by september 11 of this year and this is one step forward to making good on that promise. the first u.s. troops arrived at the bagram airfield north of kabul after the september 11th attacks in 2001. this was the main military base in the fight against the taliban and al qaeda. nearly 2 decades of past since then and now control over the area feels will be turned over to the afghan national security and defense force. this is new video american troops leaving the military base overnight. two u.s. security officials say the majority of american troops will most likely be gone by this sunday, july 4th. a few people are remaining to protect the embassy. now to the -- top attorney tells abc news
6:44 am
this is just the tip of the iceberg. michael cohen predicts more charges may follow yesterday's indictment. his congressional testimony was the initial basis for this investigation. he says although former president donald trump and the trump family do not base charges right now, he believes they will ultimately be held accountable. >> there more than a dozen different areas that are being investigated at the present moment by both the district attorney, along with the attorney general's office. >> new york prosecutors have accused the trump organization cfo of avoiding taxes. they claim weisselberg collected more than $1.7 million for the company under the table. they say he was partially compensated with an apartment and two mercedes-benz vehicles and private tuition for his kids. this helped him avoid paying more than $900,000 in personal taxes. they are disclosing closing stories stores open because of shoplifting. all of the stores in the city
6:45 am
are now operating from 9:00 to 6:00. they say for more than a month, stores have experienced an alarming rise in security incidents. san francisco is cutting hours -- estate is not the answer. >> we need to make sure, again, that when these things occur, that there is an accountability component, where police officers make an arrest in some cases, which they have had to do, including the one you saw all over the news in walgreen, with the guy on a bike. an arrest has been made. the question is will this person be held accountable for what they did. >> that man that the merits talking about is now facing 15 counts and multiple shoplifting cases in san francisco. we got it all on video. now department released the june jobs report and the latest number shows an economic recovery. the u.s. added 850,000 jobs last month. economists have predicted the west gained only 700,000 jobs. the implemented rate went up
6:46 am
slightly to 5.9%. it stood at 5.8% in may. president joe biden expects to talk about the latest job support at 7:30 this morning. look at the new york stock exchange. trading is getting underway and it was a little up about eight points. >> they are considering adding a new feature to allow people to tweet only to friends. the platform released these mockups of the proposed trusted friends feature. it is similar to instagram's). it could be real life friends or just another small group you may know personally. twitter did not reveal any details about when this feature might launch. hopefully will never have to use this feature but facebook is reportedly testing a feature that would send a prompt to users asking if they are worried that someone they know might be becoming an extremist. according to cnn, facebook is working to provide resources to those who may have engaged with or were exposed to extremist content. the prompt redirects users to a support page with ways to help
6:47 am
people leave violent movements. new details in britney spears a fight. a co-conservator of her estate is now backing out of the controversial agreement. the financial management from the father -- they are asking to be removed from the conservatorship. the move comes after she spoke in court last week about the agreement come calling it abusive. the company says they want to respect her wishes to end it. on wednesday, judge denied a request to remove her father as conservator of her estate. billionaires race to become the first in space. >> weeks after amazon and blue origin says they will partake in a fight that happens later this month, virgin group founder richard brandt says he is going to take a ride in version collapsed sticks first flight. you will do it sooner than bezos. >> oh, mine. >> the window to lunch begins the 11th and then blue origin
6:48 am
will launch july 20th. he has been talking about his mission on gma. >> i have gotten truly excited with the final safety checks coming through and i was asked where i would like to go and, of course, the answer was yes. i am just expecting the most extraordinary trip of my lifetime. >> that includestwo pilots and three mission specialists. you can watch the full interview coming up at 7:00 on gma after abc seven. have you figured out the first clue for the treasure hunt that is happening in santa cruz? well, thousand dollars is still up for grabs. here is the clue. a place fit for a clean. can you smell what he is cooking? the answer tells you where the state park -- tells you where the treasure is hidden in. this treasure hunt is organized
6:49 am
by two natives who wanted to encourage people to go outside. they are showing the clues on instagram at the official treasure hunt and that money is in a public spot that is,, accessible through normal movement. >> then again, a request
6:50 am
6:51 am
some are cinema. they will have free movies for those to enjoy. >> i like that. i mean, it looks like liked it so much and the symphony is performing. i am excited about that. there is no red carpet shopping. >> no. maybe the oakland a's game tonight. >> oh.
6:52 am
>> very nice. >> it is always fun but the whole heart situation -- >> it is like you have a barbecue on the area. >> our neighbors are -- our neighborhood bubble during the pandemic, we are absolutely doing that. we are starting that because a couple of us go to bed early. that is fine. >> nice, yeah. let's see what else is going on weather-wise. i wanted to show you elsa is now a hurricane. >> oh, no. >> she could wreak some havoc as you can see through the dominican republic, cuba, and even florida, 120 you have relatives in florida, keep this in mind. i will keep you updated on what is going on. we have a gorgeous shot of the marine layer penetrating just about all of our neighborhoods, bringing a little drizzle and sunshine. it is up until noon and then
6:53 am
just some limited sunshine. i know you are traveling and i wanted to put this one in here come even though these are usually local headlines. thunderstorms are possible all weekend. remember your lightning rolls and a warming trend is likely but not until next week. temperatures you see are going to be around through wednesday. 74 to 84 -- for the peninsula, 70 in we have up to 60 to 62 along the coast and then the to upper 60s for downtown, south san francisco and low to mid 60s around bodega bay and also for sausalito. the closer you are on the water, the glory will be. 77 at san rafael and they have less of an effect the further north you go. it is 82 at santa rosa and low to mid 90s around cloverdale and ukiah. 68 in richmond because of the breeze and 70 to 76 for the rest of east bay. and then we have 80 in brentwood. we have some heat up in the north. if you're around mt. shasta, you have the lava fire and also
6:54 am
heat up around one to 105. careful for the smoke and the ket. noticed the temperatures fluctuate through wednesday and then thursday, we start to see a little bit of an uptick. enjoy the comfortable weather. we're hearing from the boy scout who got bit by a shark across the coast of catalina island. they were returning from an overnight trip with their troop on wednesday morning and i piled into a canoe to row back to the mainland and he says they had something and can close to capsizing. >> we were like it is a shark and we started rowing. we were kind of freaking out, trying to paddle. i was much further down in the water and that is when the sharks came out and i was like -- i lost my paddle and it looks down and i was like, oh, i lost a finger. >> you will have surgery ter today. it turns out he did not lose a finger. it was badly cut, so doctors will have to try to fix the
6:55 am
bone and ligaments and nerves. >> the nightly fireworks show at walt disney world is back. >> yes, thousands of people braved the rain to watch as the fireworks lit up the sky for the first time since the start of the pandemic. >> i know this sounds stupid but this gives me chills because i just love this show so much. it is so good. this is called happily ever after. they're running this for the end of september and october they start a new show for the 50th anniversary. in california, disneyland surprised guests with a preview of their fireworks show and they are set to return on sunday, july 4th and that is mickey's mixed magic. >> look how cool. >> i am telling you -- >> this is magical. >> when that happened, i was not ready. i was not ready for it. >> oh, goodness. >> okay. this will only take a second but that part of the show, the lyrics say we all have the
6:56 am
courage to fly and as soon as they say fly, then here comes tinkerbell flying across the sky. what did i tell you? they just looked at me like what is wrong with you? look -- this is wonderful
6:57 am
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it is 6:58 if you're just joining us with seven things to know. overnight u.s. military left the airfield in afghanistan were too occupied the basins 9/11 attacks attacks attacks crews are searching for survivors in the condo collapse in florida with 18 confirmed dead, 145 missing. the president promised to cover the search and rescue cost for the first 30 days. number three, live at san francisco international airport where the holiday weekend travel rush is underway. line looks to be getting better
6:59 am
but they expect this to be the busiest weekend since the pandemic started. number four, san francisco preparing for thousands of visitors, the city hosting the fireworks show sunday night. bart will have trains and the last train at embarcadero station running at 10:40 p.m. to catch a ride home. cloud cover, temperatures 59 to 62. number six, it is so late for the commute that aaa says the best time to leave for travel today is before noon. the worst time is between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. number seven, two men are trying to break break totter record in concord, started yesterday going to noon, july 10. one of them said the last record in 1971 in sacramento. he is trying to break his record and we wish him luck.
7:00 am
>> that is a lot of sitting. back is it teeter totter or . as we start this friday morning, the record holiday travel rush now under way. on the move, the most americans since the pandemic began now hitting the roads and skies. airports bracing. already feeling the crush. the exclusive new details. why southwest has really been canceling hundreds of flights and with 43 million expected to drive, the new gas price high and the worst time to be on the road. breaking news for our viewers in the west. tropical storm elsa strengthening into a hurricane and wildfires force evacuations out west. new trouble for trump.


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