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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 2, 2021 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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i think it's a little too late rng,trel mne alder way is hr as americans rushheiryth destinations. the city where traffic could be 300% worse than usual and the locations where gas prices are rising the fastest. we're saving you time and money. plus, a message from police releasing this video as an important reminder to all drivers this weekend. breaking overnight, a landmark settlement with survivors of sexual abuse the agreement announced by the boy scouts. what's next for the trump organization one day after the indictment charging the former former president's company and his financial chief with running a 15-year tax scheme.
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we speak to trump's former lawyer. caught on camera, the small plane falling out of the sky. a student pilot on board. breaking overnight, the american sprinter and olympic hopeful testing positive for marijuana. will she miss the tokyo games as a result? and if you got paid to ride your bike to work, would you do it? the new offer this morning. ♪ i want to ride my bicycle, bicycle ♪ good friday morning, everyone. i'm andrea fujii. mona is off. >> i'm andrew dymburt, and we begin with the big travel rush. for the holiday weekend, traffic on the roads and at the airports is expected to exceed prepandemic levels. >> one expert warns today could look more like the day before thanksgiving than early july. this morning, millions across the country are preparing to celebrate america's independence and america's re-opening. the travel rush already off to a rocky start as airlines cancel flights due to bad weather and a
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post-pandemic worker shortage. american airlines canceled 13 flight this week reportedly because they had no crew to fly the planes frustrating this travel who missed her connecting flight. >> i'm tired. i'm cranky. i'm hungry. >> reporter: southwest canceled or delayed thousands of flights across the country last weekend partially blaming bad weather and also a pilot shortage. pilots blamed the airlines for not being prepared after laying of thousands of employees during the pandemic, even while getting billions of dollars in covid relief funds from the government. >> 12 to 15 months once you lay a pilot off before you get the operation running again. a year ago we were canceling because we didn't have enough flying and now we're canceling because we don't have enough pilots. how did that happen? it's unacceptable. >> reporter: most are expected to travel by car as gas prices hit a seven-year high now averaging $3.12 a gallon
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nationwide. these states are seeing the steepest prices, utah, indiana, oregon and washington. and when it comes to traffic, aaa says drivers on highway 17 near san francisco can expect congestion to be 340% worse than usual. about the same on i-95 near boston. 330% worse than usual. >> people should be expecting that the e. tri roads of the past year are kind of over. >> reporter: and this morning this video is a reminder to everyone to slow down. that suv going airborne careening over a median on this highway in las vegas somehow landing on its wheels. everybody is okay. police say slippery conditions were to blame. experts predict the worst traffic between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. today, and for the drive home monday, try to get a head start before 1:00 p.m. h left a trail of destruction across the washington, d.c. area. a storm is blamed for causing this five-story building under construction to collapse. five workers were injured. strong winds also toppled a fence along the national mall ahead of the july 4th
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celebration and large trees fell on homes and power lines in the maryland suburbs. we'll check today's forecast in just a few minutes. breaking overnight, lawyers for the boy scouts of america say the organization has agreed to pay $850 million to survivors of child sex abuse. the boy scouts say the deal is a significant step toward the organization's recovery from bankruptcy due to the overwhelmingbe othlargest kind in u.s. history. now to the legal problems for former president trump's company and his top financial adviser. prosecutors have outlined charges in connection with a 15-year tax scheme. this morning we're hearing from trump's former attorney who says this may just be the tip of the iceberg. others claim it's all politics. this morning the man once called a fixer for former president trump is now predicting more charges are coming after the indictment of the trump organization and the company's most senior executive not named trump. >> i do ultimately believe that
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the trump family and donald himself will be held accountable. >> reporter: on thursday prosecutors in new york revealed the allegations against the trump organization and cfo allen g xeby p executives off the books during a 15-year-long scheme. congressional testimony from michael cohen, trump's former attorney, was the initial basis for the investigation. >> there are more than a dozen different areas that are being investigated at the present moment by both the district attorney, as well as the attorney general's office. >> reporter: prosecutors say weisselberg collected more than $1.7 million from the company under the table and evaded more than $900,000 in personal taxes by receiving part of his compensation in perks including a rent-free apartment, two mercedes and private school tuition for his kids. according to the indictment, the tuition was paid by personal checks signed by donald trump. weisselberg's former
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daughter-in-law says she gave documents to prosecutors after she says her family lived rent-free in a new york apartment for years. she believes weisselberg will cooperate with investigators to save his family. >> seeing him walk in handcuffs, i don't think he can watch his kids do that. i just don't think he can. that was painful. >> reporter: trump calls the charges a disgrace insisting the investigation is politically motivated. and a lawyer for trump says after years of investigation and the collection of millions of documents and devoting the resources of dozens of prosecutors and outside consultants, this is all they have? weisselberg has pleaded not guilty. he could face up to 15 years in prison for the most serious charge of grand larceny. the white house is sending response teams to parts of the country where covid-19 cases are surging. missouri is one of the hot spots. daily cases there are up 121% in recent weeks. the delta variant of the virus
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is spreading rapidly. doctors are seeing more young unvaccinated patients in the hospital. >> we thought we were out of is, but now we're ck vi tget staffing to ease. gathus havineven monica uptk t th plning for that. also filling up with covid patients again. the governor is urging everyone to get vaccinated saying, quote, 95% of you don't have to die. we turn now to surfside, florida, where 145 people are still missing. plans are being made to demolish what's left of the building that collapsed. president biden spent three hours with victims' families yesterday, and now miami beach has announced a candlelit vigil on july 4th. abc's faith abubey has the latest. faith, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, andrew. president biden says the federal government will cover the search and rescue efforts' cost at 100%
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for the first 30 days, which is a huge help for local officials scuefforcoins.e search a mang plans to kely level the restiay collse maructure shifting 6 to 12 inches overnight thursday causing a safety scare for rescue workers. >> given our ongoing safety concerns about the integrity of the building, we're continuing to restrict access to the collapse zone. >> reporter: the job has been physically grueling and mentally daunting. the workers pressing on. some rescue workers also coming down with covid-19. president biden thanking the crews for their sacrifice. >> these folks are always showing up no matter what. they're risking their lives. >> reporter: the president and first lady also spending three hours behind closed doors with grieving families and survivors of the collapse before making their way to a makeshift the wis mourning they're going through hell.
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>> reporter: david velasquez still holding out hope that rescue workers will find his mother, father ater buried in the debris. >> i'm not ready to eulogize my family yet. there's still hope. there's still hope for a lot of people. >> reporter: this morning, questions still lingering about what caused the collapse and why major structural issues for the condo were not addressed earlier. "the washington post" reporting five of seven of the board members resigned in 2017 partly in frustration. among them the board president who told "the post," there were contentious debate about residents forking up the $15 million in repairs. abc news learning individual condo owners were on the hook for anywhere between $80,000 to $336,000 each. weekend, neighring city ami day beach has canceled its july 4th celebrations out of respect. outside holding their flashlights, their phones and
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candles to shine a light for the victims. andrew. >> faith, thank you for that report. >> well, a stunning scene from canada. authorities say a wildfire has destroyed 90% of this village in british columbia. lytton is the same village that recorded the highest temperature during this week's heat wave at 121 degrees. more than 300 deaths are being blamed on the heat in western canada. meanwhile, across the border in the u.s. at least 108 deaths in washington and oregon are now blamed on this week's heat. let's take a look now at your friday forecast. travelers in the northeast will be facing rain all day today. flash flooding is possible from king today's high the teer an70s in nthst and around the g the northwest, and we're
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tracking tropical storm elsa churning in the atlantic at around 30 miles per hour. it's projected to move into the gulf of mexico early next week. coming up, new protection from sky high medical bills. also ahead, what bill cosby is planning now that he's out of prison. and the plane crash caught on camera with a student pilot at the controls.
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one day after bill cosby was released from prison, he left philadelphia to reunite with his wife at their home in massachusetts. the first time they're seeing each other in three years. his sexual assault conviction now overturned, cosby plans to return to the stage and wants to keep working on a documentary.
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americans frustrated with surprise medica bills are getting some relief. the biden administration says beginning next year, patients will be protected from high medical bills due to out of network care. a new regulation will ban health care providers from charging full price for procedures done by doctors outside a patient's insurance plan unless a patient gives consent. house speaker nancy pelosi has chosen republican liz cheney to join a committee investigating the january attack on the capitol. cheney says she is honored to serve. house republican leader kevin mccarthy was apparently annoyed by cheney's decision to accept the job. >> let me be very clear. i'm not threatening anybody with committee assignments. what i'm saying is it was shocking to me that if a person is a republican, they get their committee assignments from the republican conference. for somebody to accept committee assignments from speaker pelosi, that's unprecedented. >> repavublie
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said if they'll participate in committee's work. britney spears could be heading to capitol hill. she has been invited to testify before congress about her battle to end her conservatorship. congressman matt gaetz says spears has been mistreated by the legal system. the faa is investigating this small plane's emergency parachute landing near ft. myers, florida. a flight instructor and student reported engine trouble, so they deployed the chute as they slowly began their descent to the ground. they ended up landing safely in a river and no one was hurt. the american sprinter testing positive for marijuana. will she miss the olympics? also, the nfl team being punished for sexual harassment. but does the punishment fit the crime? people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar
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long term consequences. now as you're thinking about make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. back now with an unusual sight. authorities in northern italy covered this glacier to stop it from melting in the summer heat. they hope covering the glacier with long strips of cloth will reflect the sun's rays and prevent the snow beneath from melting. in a first from social media, pinterest says it's banning all weight loss ads. the idea is to reduce pressure on people facing body image challenges. it will still have ads for healthy lifestyle products if they don't ls. after i nfl isun oneit mtriedans harasen a tox abc's megan tevrizian reports
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critics are far from satisfied. the punisng the franchise exual misconduct and harassment allegations. many involving cheerleaders and female employees. commissioner roger goodell saying bullying and intimidation frequently took place, and many describe the culture as one of fear. the investigation looked at claims dating back to 2004. team owner dan snyder has now agreed to step back from day-to-day operations of the team, saying he has great remorse and promising nobody who works here will ever have that kind of experience again. >> not only was i being hit on, but i also was being just berated and spoken down to, degraded on a daily basis. we wouldegit cry rmer washingnloend : emily the only woman s othe the
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eyisbanks, who employaged saying the fine isn' enough, and accusing the nfl of protecting dan snyder by not making the investigation's findings public. >> i'm getting call after call, text after text telling me that they're physically ill hearing this news and just feeling so disappointed and dispirited. >> reporter: critics compare the $10 million fine to pocket change for a team recently valued at $3.5 billion. dan snyder's wife tanya, who recently was named co-ceo will now take over day-to-day operations of the team. andrea, andrew? >> megan, thank you. the olympic games could be in jeopardy for an american sprinter. accordinul a'carri chardsor at
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? time to check "the pulse." we begin with a billionaire space race. >> richard branson seemed to have one upped jeff bezos. branson announced he will be on board a virgin galactic rocket-powered plane flying briefly into space. >> that will make him the first billionaire in space, nine days ahead of bezos. bezos will be joined on his trip by aviation pioneer wallie funk.
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she was part of the first women astronauts put through training but never went to space. funk is 82. she will be the oldest person ever in space on this flight, and that is on the 52nd anniversary of the apollo moon landing. next, what would it take you the bike to work? >> how about cold hard cash? amazon is offering up to $350 a month to its office employees if they bike to work. >> and the goal is finding a greener way to commute. next, dozens of ducks that invaded a neighborhood in baton rouge, louisiana now have a new place to call home. >> neighbors complained after things got out of hand with the ducks swarming them for food each time they stepped outside. the ducks have now been relocated to a private pond. >> the duck dynasty may not be over. a mama duck stayed behind. >> and there are some of her ducklings as well. finally, it was really hot this week. imagine having to wear a wool coat. >> the owners of an oregonian mall sanctuary brought their sheep into their apartment to
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leaving afghanistan after 20 years and the major military move we expect to send the next few days. we are live with the first look of what to expect at the airport. a new report on the johnson & johnson study vaccine and how it holds up to the delta variant. the oakland a's a's a's a's issues putting fans in a tough spot. good morning. it is friday, july 2nd, and you are watching abc7 news, and let's talk about this hu >>caom camera have thstiff an


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