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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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with fireworks and left a local church riddled with bullets. as laura anthony tells us, police are looking for at least one shooter. >> >> this man who doesn't want to be identified was near the evangelist temple fellowship center wednesday night when a tan colored sedan pulled up and at least one man take aim at a group of people. >> right after fireworks he started shooting around the corner. he tried to avoid the gunshot with the fireworks. >> like a distraction? >> among those hit by a gunfire a 30-year-old woman and an eight-year-old girl inside this car. both were struck by at least one bullet. >> they were riding in
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>> it is intoler. >> by the light of day the stucco exterior of the church building had at least a dozen bulletholes in it. to of those rounds went through this window. the pastor told us he is grateful no one was here inside of the church at the time of the shooting. >> i am grateful no one was here and i am also grateful the rounds are so high up that even if someone were here they wouldn't have been been been be >> this young family lives up the street. >> something has to change. it definitely has to change for me, my family, my kids. it is going to take more than just me talking and worrying about things. fireworks have become controversial just about everywhere.
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now that we are in a serious drug, only two cities in the north bay allow fireworks sales. one of those programs is on life-support and up for >> that is a sensitive topic, for sure. >> we are talking about the sales and fireworks and this one of the last north base it is to over them. this year, only under protest. >> i want to be a part of the proliferation of fireworks countywide. >> earlier this year -- led the city council in banning fireworks sales but it didn't last. 2500 residents signed a petition to block the in. there will be a referendum on the ballot in september. >> without fireworks with the organization exist? >> that is a good question. it would be difficult. >> reporter: when they
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initially banned fireworks stands they made an offer. they said they will pay every nonprofit the amount of money they would have earned with their fireworks stand just to remain closed. >> i would not be here if i didn't think they were safe. >> when we asked this woman what she opposed fireworks sales, she didn't want to show her face. >> what makes you most angry? >> the level of studentof studet my fellow citizens. >> have been outside in the men's and mainly fireworks companies that have lost most of the sonoma county market. -- sales from arizona and says this is ingenuous. >> it is the chemicals and the fireworks. now we are scaring the what they should say is we don't like the fireworks and that is why we want to get rid of them. >> fireworks remain legal in this last --. on independence day, freedom of speech remains alive and
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here. san francisco is holding its official fourth of july fireworks show once again. it is a part of the waterfront coming back to life as the reopening process continues. cornell bernard is live along the embarcadero with more on that.: cornell. >> hey, dan! the embarcadero, the city's waterfront is definitely reopening. the motorcyclists of course. this sunday fireworks will be returning for the first time in two years to san francisco. is the city ready to greet thousands of people? the mayor says yes.says yes.say. >> big deal! huge deal. >> original interactive experiences back. the exploratory and reopened to the general public on thursday. the u.s.s. jeremiah o'brien has also reopen for tourist at fisherman's wharf with more tourists out and about. >> san francisco has really suffered during the pandemic
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especially from to with them. >> the cities independence day fireworks show will return sunday. >> san francisco is coming back. we have a lot of making up to do with the activities that we want to do that we missed out on the past year. >> more than 100,000 spectators could line the waterfront for the fireworks show. the mayor says the city is ready to handle the holiday crowds after a long covid lockdown. >> our goal is to make sure people have a good time. we keep everyone safe especially during the fourth of july. we know people will be excited to see fireworks. >> the city has seen a surge in car break-ins. >> some areas stoler stuff. >> michelle kennedy stones families visiting from massachusetts are the latest victims. their backpacks stolen from their car parked on the embarcadero with something precious inside. it was their
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son's baby blanket and stuffed animal. he is living with autism. >> i don't think the baby blanket or stuffed cat means anything at all to who ever took his backpack. it means everything to him. just return it, please. >> the mayor says they are working on a plan to curb ins. meantime, they offer this advice. >> do not leave any valuables in your car. do not park your car and put something in the trunk because that can be problematic. >> that advice too late for michelle's family. >> we want it b. >> be director of the fisherman's wharf business association tells me the association working with police on a plan to keep visitors and their cars safe. no details on that but the mayor says if you're coming for fireworks in san francisco on sunday, try to take public transportation because so many people will be down here as well. cornell, thank you. we have put a
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happening around the bay area for the fourth of july. just go to our website it was supposed to be a safe operation to destroy illegal fireworks. it turned into a cata failure. >> talk about talk about a massive explosion inside of a bomb squad vehicle rocked a south los angeles neighborhood just last night injuring 17 people including 10 law enforcement officers. several homes in the area were also damaged. officials say the blast was completely unexpected. there were 10 pounds of explosives inside of a container on the rig which was rated for at least 15 pounds. a team from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and explosives is investigating. search and rescue efforts in florida resumed within the last hour. they were stopped earlier today when it appeared more of the condo tower was crumbling so they wanted to get everyone out
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for safety. also today, president joe biden and first lady dr. jill biden met with first responders and victims family members. josh -- is live in surfside with more. josh? >> reporter: dan, good evening. what passes for good news these days here in surfside, the local fire department tweeted they have finally resumed the search and rescue after a hiatus all day for safety concerns. this, with president biden visiting the town to offer at least some measure of comfort. >> and a beachfront community rock-a-bye grief president biden and the first lady today paid their respect laying flowers at a growing wall of hope spending most of the afternoon meeting with families whose loved ones were fast asleep last thursday morning. their building with pancakes to the ground. every day people told the president they fear they have lost it all. >> and brought back so many memories. it is bad enough. it is bad enough to lose
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somebody. the hard part, the really hard part is to not know whether they survived or not. just don't have any idea. >> on day number eight, all operations have stopped because of a structural part of the building that did not fall, in fears that it might. the president has committed federal resources to stabilize the resource -- the >> there is a possibility someone could be a life. someone can be there. the last thing you want to have happen is have the ability to collapse. >> because the operation is on pause, the death toll has stayed at at at at are still still still still sti
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agonizing wait for answer made easier by the president's vi today. >> evenly shared with us a lot of compassion what it is like to lose families in this kind of tragedy. he spoke about his sonhis sonhin much the loss and is says people say i know how you feel. i really know. no, they don't know how you feel. that is what he says. once you lose somebody so great in your life it is just so hard to expect and so hard to overcome. >> reporter: the search has now resumed. it is going to to to to to this nightmare for families. authorities plan to demolish the building that did not fall last week to try to prevent future safety concerns. in the meantime, they will be continuing to search. 145 men, women and children
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in a report says hotels in the united states and especially the bay area are yet to really see the full effect of the rebound. according to the american hotel and lodging association, 21 of the top 25 hotel markets in the u.s. remain in a depression or recession. san francisco hotels have taken the biggest hit down 67% in may of this year compared to may of 2019. while leisure travel is rebounding hotels have yet to see a bump in busin busin busins >> a brand-new homeless shelter is open in berkeley. city officials, sponsors, and stakeholders stated a ribbon- cutting ceremony for the horizon transitional village. the warehouse facility in southwest berkeley provides tenants indoors that can accommodate 50 people providing them meals, workshops, and and services.
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>> the goal is not to just provide a place to sleep but create community and really uplift people while we are working with them to move them into permanent housing. we know the solution to homelessness is housing. >> today's opening comes three days after they signed a contract. the money comes from a tran tax. and alameda-based space rocket company has launched a major effort to make the bay area a leader and fast emerging space race. approaches underway to lower the cost to send up more satellites to track fires, storms and other important missions. david louis give you an inside look. july could be a big
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month. there is also a company called astra. it is based on the edge of san francisco bay in alameda that has a lofty mission. it is building rocket systems to build small satellites, thousands of them someday, to -- by 2025. >> connect devices. it is really a whole new economic frontier for space. >>'s team of engineers design build and test what is in alameda hoping to bring the cost down. >> it didn't reach orbit, they have been lining up contracts
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for government and private entities hungry to send up satellites an established leader in a new global space race. a number of contracts have signed. the pressure is now on and the expectations high to deliver the vision. i don't know if they are selling tickets. are you sure? maybe not. back here on earth all eyes looking to fourth of july. >> we have green layer. let me show you why. this is an alignment of systems. we have this low pressure system offshore's generating an
4:18 pm
onshore flow. is driving some drizzle in our direction as well. drizzle will keep our fuels moist. that is good news. no extreme heat in the immediate forecast future. that means reduced wildfire risk. let's take a look at current surface wind speeds. not quite breezy as the last couple of afternoons. breezy though none didn't nonetheless. 20 mile-per-hour winds in san francisco. 15-20 mile-per-hour winds and most other locations. it is a bit warmer in most locations except in a few places in the north bay. here is a live view from the emeryville camera. you can see the developing marine layer. it is 64 degrees in san francisco. 77 in mountain view and san jose. half moon bay 59 degrees. there is a lot of cloudiness. it is: down in the far northern view. 82 in novato. 71 another. it into our low 80s and a view
4:19 pm
from our rooftop camera looking toward the exploratory am seeing a lot of a blue sky. these are the forecast features. clouds will increase. areas of morning drizzle will develop. that is been the pattern all week long. there may be a minor warm-up. we are not yet looking at a heat wave that is for sure. overnight once again expanding low clouds of fog pushing over the bay. there will be patches of drizzle near the coast and perhaps even beyond out over the bay this will be the picture. quickly the low clouds will burn back to the coastline giving us a day like today with sunny skies and inland into the evening hours. a few
4:20 pm
bay will drop into the lower to mid 50s. tomorrow look for sunny skies over the bay and inland. i temptress will be in the low to mid 70s near the bay as we push and then we will see mid to upper 80s and low lo here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. there will not be changing the temperature range as we go through fourth of july. just mild to warm afternoons after mainly sunny skies with lingering low cloud that the coast. that is what we are accustomed to pick as we mentioned a minor warm-up is likely at the end of next week. fireworks display? we have the low fog. they will be with us. it is hard to say whether viewing conditions will be great. >> at least not extreme heat. just ahead, a dream come true for san francisco it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable,
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a 12-year-old from san francisco of pixar's newest film called lugo. >> anna berman is a big fan of pixar films so it was a dream come true when she landed the role of julia. >> luca is an aspiring story . >> underdogs have to look out for each other. there is a twist in the story which is that luca and alberto rc monsters. everyone in the human town is afraid of sea monsters. everyone pretends to believe in
4:24 pm
monsters. >> i am not pretending. >> back creates a very big problem. >> you will laugh but you will also cry. sometimes maybe at the same time. it is a very emotional film. it has incredible messages behind it. accepting yourself and expecting others for who they are, there is a very strong female lead character of julia. she felt about girl power. that is definitely a strong and important message that needs to be shared too. >> my name is emma berman. i am 12 years old. voice julia in disney pixar's newest film, luca. >> i enjoy doing school place. i always wanted to be the main character. mom signed me up for a summer camp where i did a theater production of annie.
4:25 pm
i continue doing local theater and the bay area. i did some dancing. did voiceover and acting training. i performed in a show called gypsy where i was playing the role of baby june. there i got some nice words in the newspaper. it definitely motivates me. >> from there i got a call back three months later i got the part of julia. >> this is my first film and it is a disney pixar movie. it is insane and crazy. the character stood out to me a lot because i relate to her in a lot of ways because we are both very passionate and determined and hard-working but we are also very outgoing and goofy. >> she says center and then add cheese.'s sometimes it is santa mozzarella or santa ricotta.
4:26 pm
there was definitely some challenging parts of doing this. for the original addition i worked with my dialect and voice over coach helped me a lot with italian. then, after i got the part, to celebrate, i went to this beautiful italian restaurant, which i got --. i also met a waiter here who is an italian native and is fluent in italian. had some zoom sessions where he taught me a little bit of italian and he introduced me to more of the language. i wanted to just understand the language a little more and no the melody. he was reading everything on the menu with the italian pronunciation for me. it was definitely helpful. >> it was daniela.
4:27 pm
>> i really want to continue doing acting. i also want to go to college and learned things. i really want to work at pixar during animation storyboard design. i really want to learn more about it. >> she has a bright future. luca is streaming on disney plus. disney is the parent company of pixar and abc7. it is expected to be a challenging summer with a major drought and heat waves that keep getting in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business
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abc7 is committed to helping you prepare for what will likely be a very challenging summer. >> bay area is facing an unprecedented drought, heightened wildfire risk and record-setting heat waves. wave. is a new pillar in our efforts to building a better bay area. >> there is a disparity that could have an impact which neighborhoods suffer more in the heat based on something as common as trees. >> it may be the same sun beating on the bay area but the service temperature it triggers can vary dramatically neighborhood by neighborhood. a big reason for the difference? it is shade and the canopy of trees that lined some sidewalks but not others. >> there is this clear pattern where you could see some neighborhoods, especially the richer ones have a lot of beautiful trees. in other neighborhoods there are barely any at all. >> -- spent nearly 2 years researching the shadethe shadete
4:31 pm
for the july 2021 issue. she focused on some in california, a quick survey by the data team turned up similar divides in the bay area landscape where tree canopy density ranged from 5%from 5%fr% the people average $120,000 and up. >> it is in limited to 1-2 neighborhoods. you can find similar differences. >> often the dividing line is that clear as if freeway. in oakland we started in a diverse, predominantly less white neighborhood then watched as they steadily gave way to lush green yards as we passed under interstate 580 towa580 toa statistically wider neighborhoods near the oakland hills. that is where we launched drone view 7. side by side, the disparity is obvious. in central san jose you will
4:32 pm
see the same patterns in reverse as you pass from older tree-lined streets on the left over highway 101 into less affluent neighborhoods on the street on the right.the you can also pass 101 into the sparser blocks of east palo alto. searchers like dr. laura feinstein say when it comes to trees, the roots of the disparity stretch back decades. >> there were a lot of factors at play. it would only lend mortgages to people who were whites wealthier. >> fast forward to now and the disparity becomes more of a matter of the aesthetics.
4:33 pm
is climate change continues to affect the bay area the stakes will get higher. in certain cases the shade can be the difference between life and death. >> we can see that an extra degree of temperature during the heat wave increases mortality by 2%-3%. >> drew tuma says with a global warming seasonal heat waves are already becoming more of a threat. >> we have seen here some of the hottest years, the seventh hottest on record in the last seven years. since 2014. that is incredible what we are seeing. these heat waves are becoming more dangerous. >> while the threat is growing, so is local action. evan forrester and is has been organizing tree plantings for
4:34 pm
the group in east palo alto where neighbors joined in. >> get in the long history of environmental disenfranchisement that has definitely been a pushback. i think we got a lot of responses. people where into getting these into the house. >> nonprofits have produced detailed roadmaps for greening programs in partnership with santa clara county and elsewhere. if it's likely to branch out in upcoming years as the bay area seeks to protect historically underserved areas from the threat of climate change. >> now to see our climate change and climate watch stories and for more resources on how to deal with drought, wildfires, power outages and more, download the abc7 news bay area ab. the exploratory am is officially back open after a nearly 16 month closure. we are taking the lad look at the science museum from our kgo
4:35 pm
roof cam where you can make your next visit soon but you will notice some changes. joining me is phoebe white. she is the managing director of the exploratory am. right away this is a momentous occasion. congratulations. >> we are so excited to be open once again. it has been a long 16 months. we have been hard at work. rethinking about our floor creating new exhibits and experiences. we are delighted to have our community come today. really are so excited to be where we are right now. >> speaking of the experience itself how will things change for guests? what can they expect? let of your exhibits are tactile. >> we started by taking a deep
4:36 pm
look on the exhibits we have on our floor or had on our floor. we had to take some of those exhibits off the floor. exhibits where maybe you had to touch something with your mouth or take your mask off or get up really close to something we took quite a few exhibits off the floor. we have spaced our exhibits so there is more room in the space. we have a huge space with so many exhibits. there is a little more space between those exhibits so we don't have people clumping up and people can continue to social distance. we are requiring our audiences were masks. we have been building new exhibits. we have hand sanitizer is available. we are encouraging people to eat outside. we are doing all of the things
4:37 pm
we want to make sure people fill welcome and safe and where they can relax and have fun because that is what we about. have social justice matters play a role?a role?a role?a rol? >> we put together a task force to really think about the experiences. we are making progress. right now we are highlighting some local artists have come in and done some original originaln we are also inviting our audiences to reflect and share
4:38 pm
their stories in a way that is deeply personal. we are looking more broadly at our floor >> so much to learn and so much to explore. phoebe white of the exploratory am celebrating the reopening of their facility. thank you for being withwithwi >> thank you very much. that is really exciting to hear. $1000 hidden in the santa cruz mountains. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. [inflammation] let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. [inflammation] what's that? [inflammation] xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.
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timeout for the 4 the oakland a suspended ticket sales for tomorrow night's game because parking limitations in the decision not to extend service hours. they are expecting 35,000 fans.. >> we are not in a downtown in urban area where we have other spots. >> he tweeted about this saying he was especially frustrated by extended service hours for last friday's giants/a's game at
4:42 pm
oracle park. those fans who want to go to the game in oakland deserve the same service. bart officials denied his claims of favoritism. the last train leaving liens on about 10:15 for the expected end of the fireworks show. that will impact traffic more. obviously impact traffic but also the fan >> how my getting hogetting hogo >> the airlines are having a hard time wrapping back up again. item about bart service but it is frustrating for people as we are able to finally do something them services are there. >> exactly! i understand the frustration. as a fan i would like to
4:43 pm
services. moving on,moving on,moving , taking action. no other major tech platform has taken this before. this today the company announced it is banning at that future language and imagery tied to weight loss. it also applies to as referencing body mass index and also products that claim people can lose weight by wearing something or applying something to their skin. interest is making the move because so many people are facing challenges with body image and mental health due to the pending. as a woman, pandemic or not, there is so much pressure to look a certain way. i give this company kudos this n taking the stand.
4:44 pm
>> i applaud them as well. was always saying worry the covid 15. if you get 15 extra pounds during the pandemic you are doing all right. there are so many issues. when are we going to realize our body size is not indicative of our health. you can be in a larger body and be healthy. it has just gotten out of control to the tune of what? $71 billion the diet industry? they are feeding off of our insecurities and believe that our size indicates >> this is false advertising in a lot of ways because people are brainwashed to to eating a gummy bear can make them skinny. >> there is so much false advertising out there. the focus should be on health and wellness not necessarily
4:45 pm
how you look. that is not an indication of how healthy you are. is a lot of false advertisement. when i get rid of all of the stuff and start again? >> today was the final drawing for the statese statese stateses win dream vacation giveaway. a lot of the winners are in the bay area. up for grabs were vacation packages for five california cities including $2000 for spending money and other goodies like a spa treatment in palm springs and giants tickets in san francisco. four of the winners are in the bay area. a resident won the --. and alameda resident is going to palm springs and a san francisco resident was drawn for san diego.san diego.san die. winners will be contacted by the state. it is a part of an effort to get as many people vaccinated as possible. it just raised awareness of the need and availability
4:46 pm
vaccines. >> still hoping. >> it is kind of great. a lot of the people who got vaccinated did it not just because they were going to get a beer or whatever. it is kind of an added bonus for the people who did it to protect ourselves and the ones we love and care about. it is an added bonus. >> the first today. place fit for a queen, can you smell what he is cooking? that is the clue. it tells you in which state park a box of
4:47 pm
they are sharing clues on their instagram page. money is in a spot that is open to the public and accessible through normal movement so you don't have to go climbing any trees. any idea what this means? any guesses? >> i don't know. can you read it again? >> we will try it again. a place fit for a queen. can you smell what he is cooking? >> i am clueless. >> is that like a rock reference to the wrestler? >> castle rock says our director. >> that is a good good good goo
4:48 pm
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find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit megan mccain announced she is leaving the viewer at the end of the season. she thanked her cohosts on the show this morning. >> it is a privilege to work along such strong, brilliant, intelligent broadcasters like the four of you. are the most talented women in
4:51 pm
all of television and it has been so incredible to do this with you. >> she has had quite a run. mccain said it wasn't an easy decision but covid change the way she is looking at life and she wants to raise her daughter in the washington, d.c. d.c. d. wally funk wanted to go to space 60 years ago but couldn't because of her gender. now, at the age of 82 she is getting her chance flying with jeff basals aboard the inaugural flight of the new shepherds sub >> isn't that amazing? she would joan she will join jeff basals, his brother and an unknown person who play who paid $28 million to be on the
4:52 pm
flight. she waited decades for this. she volunteered for the mercury spaceflight but nasa canceled it. she logged nearly 20,000 hours of flight timeight timeight time overdue. you can't help but be excited for her for this great opportunity. >> eyes just lit up when she found that the good news. spencer i am so glad she finally gets to live outlive out lifelong dream. >> you see the joy in her face? it is unbelievable. we will be watching. i am watching the weather for you. we are having increasing low clouds and some drizzle. overnight lows in the upper 50s. tomorrow it moves to the coastline. sunny over the bay and in the. low 60s and low to mid 70s and the bay. mid 80s inland. here is the accuweather forecast.
4:53 pm
not much change in the pattern for the fourth of july. expect a little bit of a warm up at the end of next week but we have lovely weather ahead. enjoy the weekend. fingers crossed. you can see
4:54 pm
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today would have been princess diana's 60th birthday. a statue of her was unveiled at kensington palace by her sons william and harry. julia mcfarland has the story from london. >> prince harry back in britain reunited with his brother, prince william for the first time in public for months. they reunited to pay tribute to their beloved mother princess diana. thursday would have been her 60th birthday. and billing a statue of diana they both commissioned together in happier timesppier timesppies the statue standing the grounds of kensington palace where they both grew up at the sunken gardens where diana love to spend her time. >> it is about how they want her to be seen and remembered. >> what humanity harry facing the ceremony alone. side-by-side as they watched the young boys mourn. william and harry have but now adrift -- arrest has been driven between them.betwee.
4:57 pm
there were allegations that maine was mistreating staff at the palace. since then, the two brothers, one so close, now barely speaking. visibly awkward at theat theat e of their grandfather prince philip. the world now watching them looking for clues of any royal reconciliation. >> there has been a lot of hope that an event like this would bring them back together. it is certainly true that their mother's memory and honoring her memory is one of the only things that really unites them right now. >> prince william and harry said they wanted the statue to be a permanent reminder of diana's positive impact. today, all eyes will be on diana's boys instead. good to see them at least physically. don't forget you can always catch live newscasts and breaking news along with whether
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ up next, the alameda county sheriff's investigation into how taylor swift's music is used. also governor newsom now has a date for his recall election and when he will face voters and the dozens of people who want his job. healthcare workers are warning about a dangerous trend involving fireworks. illegal dumping goes control in san francisco and what officials are doing to try to put a lid on it. building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solution. this is abc 7 news. are you playing music to drown out the conversation? >> they turn up the music to keep his face off


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