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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  July 1, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward, building solutions, this is abc7. hi, everybody, i am the unlimited and you are watching "getting answers." now what we do every day at 3:00 is axford's parents questions, get answers for you in real-time. today, we will talk with san francisco's public health director dr. colfax about the delta variance, fourth of july celebrations and vaccines third we will also take a look at some key travel tips as we get a look at the biggest travel day since the pandemic started. janice baker kenny became the third woman to accuse bill
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cosby of sexual assault, she lives in the north bay and joined us earlier this morning for a conversation with abc7 news anchors reggie aqui and kumasi aaron. >> she joins us now to talk about this news. janice, something that really struck me because i heard you as you are talking to abc news yesterday when this news 1st broke is that you are prepared to talk to some of these women who said they were sexually abused by the former mayor of windsor. and then, i think you got this news about bill cosby and it was like a punch in the gut? >> it was. i was feeling so much joy that because of my story, i am able to move forward and help other women or men in the same situation. a friend of mine asked me if i would not mind speaking to a few of the women who have come forward in that case. it is a sense of pride that i am able to get past my situation and be able to talk to other women who are still
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currently afraid to come forward , or are being ridiculed because they have come forward. as soon as i hung up the phone from her, my phone exploded with the news of what was happening. it was a moment of despair and it was surreal and i felt so deflated after just being on my little soapbox saying, yes, i will help you, we can get through this together. see what happened to me, i can talk to you about it and how your life will go on afterwards . it just was a sucker punch. >> i know it has been pretty much 24 hours since we got this news. have those feelings changed? how are you feeling now? >> i am still processing it. it is a little surreal. i am still a little shocked, maybe not surprised so much. i knew that it was going through the supreme court in pennsylvania
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and i knew this was a possibility, but it still was a stunning smack in the face. the pennsylvania das office for victim advocates in montgomery county the a da's office has been incredible at keeping the survivors of bill cosby aware of any new developments. we have letters before any of the media knew about the parole being denied. they stay in touch to make sure we are still doing okay. this was so sudden. no one prepared us. no one let us know. i am sure it is because they were not aware of this last-minute decision that was announced. so, it is still, i am still processing. one thing that i have to keep reminding myself is the fact that he was released on a legal technicality. he was not pronounced innocent. he was not pronounced not
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guilty. he will never be innocent. he is not an innocent man. i have to hold on to that. >> janice, you probably heard what former mayor of san francisco willie brown said. essentially, claiming that people who make accusations 30 years after an alleged sexual assault are not to be believed. do you think he is talking about you? >> that surprised me. my respect for the former mayor just took a nosedive. it surprised me because in this day and age, with so many women coming forward from the cosby case, from the gymnastics, from the weinstein case, so many people, even this mayor of windsor case, it takes years for people to feel safe enough to come through and that has been widespread reported forever , since this all started, for
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years now. to say something so ignorant surprised me. i just, for people that still say that, i pray that no one ever in their family or someone they love ever has to go through something like this and not be believed or be ridiculed for waiting so long. when you are ridiculed for waiting so long, you are being said you are a liar. it infuriated me say that. my jaw dropped. i could not believe that a man of his level of intelligence could say something so ignorant. >> i just wanted to let everybody know, janice, that is your story. it took approximately i think two decades to tell someone, your husband, these acons if ve decades to publicly talk about it. one of the reasons it took that
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long is because, like in many of these cases of accusers against bill cosby, this involved a drug that was given to you, a quaaludes it seems like it was, you took it, and it seems like you blamed yourself for taking that drug and that is part of the reason why for many years you decided not to talk about it. >> that is one of the main reasons. and actually, i told two, three people immediately after it happened. someone in my close circle, my sister, my roommate and my best friend all were aware of this happened the day after. however, i waited decades. when i told my husband and some of the women started coming forward in later years, he wanted me to come forward the same way they were and i kept saying, please don't even talk to me about it. those women were drugged without their knowledge. i accepted drugs
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from him and passed out. for 30 something years, i blame myself. absolutely. a lot of women still do that. i was out at a party and bill cosby gave me a drink and drugged me, so maybe i should not have been at the party. going back to willie brown, maybe he should have asked what were they wearing? that is the mindset we received. i have received so much support recently and when i first came forward. i spent this morning blocking maybe 50 people because i am a , i wanted same, i wanted fortune, and what girl does not want fame coming forward about being raped by a powerful man? it is just ridiculous people can't grasp this. >> do u feli release cosby migh impact how many women, how many
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people come forward to talk about situations like this? >> you know i saw your poll and i disagree with it. what happened yesterday has made me angry. i am going through these seven stages, but mine are a little different. first, i was shocked, in denial and now, i am to be honest. i think that by the show of support i have seen on social media and on the news that so many people are disgusted with this decision and know that he is indeed a rapist who was set free on a technicality. i see the support coming out from everywhere and those of us who have been in this position always want to pay it forward and support others who are afraid to come forward. i think w and want to
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speak our truths, it is empowering, it to get this out and have people love you for it . that, i see people still wanting to come forward, maybe out of anger. just because he was released, does that mean justice was not served in some way. his legacy is tarnished. he is going to be a pariah, except to his fan base and his close family and friends. i don't see it as a lot for people who have been assaulted that might be afraid to come forward because the support being shown to me and the other survivors has been incredible and we would do the same for anyone that asks for our help. >> janiceiag today. thank you so much. thanks again. >> she has powerful perspective.
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janice baker-kenny, bill cosby's accuser reacting on his release from prison. next, then francisco's public health director joins us to talk about the delta variant along with vaccines
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welcome back. fourth of july is this weekend and the state is back opened. we know a lot of you, myself included, are concerned about the delta variant. to talk is about that is the place you know very wellan d co thank u
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>> thank you. good afternoon be here. >> san francisco, we know, we have reported this, has led the way for vaccination rates we should be very proud of that. what are the very latest numbers? >> we are doing very low in san francisco right now. nearly 3/4 of our population is fully vaccinated, which is just great. over 80% received at least one shot. that is the really good news. the bad news is, the delta variant is here and it is growing. the delta variant of covid-19, basically like covid-19 on steroids. the key message right now is if you are not vaccinated yet, please get vaccinated. it is so important right now. >> dr. colfax, i think i just read this earlier today, the variance has not appeared in all 50 states. what guidance would you give people who are vaccinated and were not vaccinated when it comes to going into this
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holiday weekend? >> i think it is very important to emphasize these vaccines are just phenomenal. they are safe and they are our ticket out of this pandemic even with our coverage rates in san francisco, we still have thousands of people in san francisco who are eligible for vaccines who are not vaccinated. again, really emphasis needs to be on encouraging people to talk to their friends, their neighbors, their clinicians, their healthcare providers about the vaccine. we are here to answer questions. we still need to get those numbers out because if you are not vaccinated at the delta variant very high risk. this is not a good time to not be vaccinated for covid-19 and for the kids, the 12 and under who are still not eligible for vaccination, it is important for us to do everything we can to protect them. families, we know for instance from the data from the last year, the adult members of
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those households get vaccinated, transmission of covid-19 is very, very unlikely. those are the key messages right now, please get vaccinated as soon as possible for yourself, your family and our san francisco community. >> i just want just want just w and say the comments are coming in on facebook and unfortunately, i am seeing a number of people who are skeptical. todd says it is a scare tactic. others say it is just frankenstein, but the science does not lie. given that, what are your guidelines when it comes to let's say masking? would you say to still wear a mask even if you are vaccinated and perhaps in a social setting for this weekend? >> these vaccines are great. if you are fully vaccinated, there is no resent to wear a mask in most settings if you are outdoors or indoors at this time. i think the important thing goes, if you're unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated right now, it is really important for you to wear a mask inside and in very large crowded events. we
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encourage people to wear the mask, even if it is outside if they are not vaccinated. again, the key point, i think the masking issue is obviously we are getting lots of questions about that. i can say the vaccines are out and the vaccines keep you safe so you don't have to worry about all of these complexities around changing mask recommendations. >> and even though san francisco has those very impressive vaccination rates, people will be traveling from other parts of california, other parts to come into the city. do you think there is a potential for outbreaks with the variant here? >> oh absolutely. i think we are seeing a little of an increase in our numbers, which was expected because we have reopened our city and we get our economy back working and started enjoying new things. look at how different this summer is from last summer. this is good news. we do have slight increases
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right now and again those increases are among people who are not vaccinated. we are going to continue i thin community, especially with delta . delta is 150% more infectious than the covid we were dealing with last year. right now, it accounts for about 30% of our cases. but that is doubling every two weeks. in a few months, we think the delta variance will account for over 90% of our cases here in san francisco. this is not to necessarily scare people. it is particularly if you are vaccinated and if you are vaccinated and have young kids who are not eligible for vaccination yet, but i just can't emphasize enough, if you are eligible, let's do everything we can to have the conversation, to answer your questions, to talk to trusted family members, a healthcare provider. these vaccines are safe. they are our miracle medicines.
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they are our ticket out and we need to make sure we continue our process progress we made in san francisco so we can continue to enjoy the things we have missed so must ye d have. >> dr. colfax, that attention grabbing number i want to repeat hammer it home, the delta variance, 150% more infectious. if that does not get people to wake up and take some proactive measures, i don't know what will. this being said, joanne writes in to say this, if i am vaccinated, do i need to get a booster? i think she is in reference to this new variant. do you anticipate this being the case? >> right now there is no recommendation with regard to that. the really good news about these vaccines is they work really well with these variants. these vaccines are your force field to prevent these vaccines from infecting you. there is no recommendation at this point for any boosters, which again is good and reinforces the fact that these vaccines are absolutely excellent. >> let's shift gears just a
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little bit. recently, san francisco had made the announcement that they are requiring city workers to get vaccinated or they could be fired. when you are part of that decision? >> so i think with regard to vaccination among employees, really the key here is for us to have a workplace that is as safe as possible and we serve the public. we support the policy of the department of human resources in that regard. we also know that a number of healthcare settings are requiring providers to be vaccinated as well. yes, we think this is the right decision and we are supportive of it because we need to protect our health first to continue to serve the public to the best of our ability. >> we are getting a number of questions from facebook asking in particular about the johnson & johnson vaccine. your thoughts on thatso efficacy? anything you can elab
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we know that the rna vaccines, the mrna vaccines, the pfizer and moderna vaccines are protective against the delta variance. we are still waiting for specific data on johnson & johnson in that regard. but again, i think people should get the vaccine they are most comfortable getting. the great thing about johnson & johnson is that it is one shot. if you are able and willing to do two shots, the m in rna vaccines are the way to go. >> we apologize to everyone on facebook who we did not get to, but of course we will have dr. colfax on our program once again. dr. colfax, many thanks to you nkyoi hope everyone great vacci next, we will answer your travel related questions as we
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get ready
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this is expected to be the busiest travel weekend since the pandemic started and there are lots of questions to be answered. joining us now is the founder of scott's cheap flights and author of the new book, quote, take more vacations. scott, thank you once again. i am sure lots of people could use a vacation ri ri >> no kidding. this weekend is set to be a busy one. if you are getting out, whether for a flight, road trip, make sure you get out early to beat the crowds. >> i heard from a little birdie you came back from spain, spent a week there overseas. we know the fact that 75% of vaccinated americans say they are not quite comfortable traveling abroad. does this mean there are some good deals to be had? tell us about your travel process. >> that is what. i got to spend
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a week in spain literally the very first day they opened and it was wonderful. of course, it is spain, no shocker that is a wonderful trip , but to be able to be in places like madrid and valencia in june with a fraction of the tourists crowds you would normally expect in a spain summer vacation was a sort of treat that i never expect to see again in my lifetime. and i think this is a real window of opportunity to be able to visit some of those iconic tourist explanations, especially overseas without the normal tourist crowds. again, for those folks who feel comfortable traveling overseas, there is a real opportunity not only to be able to experience it with far fewer tourists around, but also to be able to get some of those great deals that are popping up because there is not quite as much interest in those flights and because most people who in a normal year would be interested
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already booked their summer plans months ago and they are mostly staying domestic, whether it is hawaii, florida or elsewhere. >> i remember people telling me yosemite was going to be so packed! going during the pandemic was such a treat because there were no lines, no crowds, it was like a piece of cake. speaking of the travel process itself, how was getting entry into europe like? i remember when i went to hawaii earlier on in the year, i had to take multiple covid tests what were the requirements for you? >> the requirements to get into spain were quite straightforward. all you have to do is either show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test here because i have already been vaccinated, i just bought my little white cdc card. the process was, instead of just showing the airport official my passport, as you see right here, i show them my passport and my proof of vaccination. when i got to spain, instead of just going through the passport line, you would go through that, and then a health official would check your
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vaccination card. it took maybe an extra 20 seconds in the process overall. i would say, it was far less painful than many folks might expect. nothing to be aware of is that the rules are not standardized across the map. different countries have different rules, including some countries like mexico and costa rica which don't have any requirements as far as covid goes when visiting, but you want to make sure you know the specific rules for where you are visiting and that you stay on top of them because they are changing every, sometimes every few weeks. >> oh boy, we only have about 35 seconds or so. i want to get to this question, i know once you get to your destination, rental cars can be very expensive. we talked about the car- apocalypse in hawaii. what are your tips and tricks for getting a deal, is that still possible? >> really quickly
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things you will want to do to get cheap rental cars, make your reservation early, remembering they are generally free to cancel. keep an eye off airport rental locations, they tend to be cheaper than locations at the actual airport. keep an eye on alternative ways you can rent, whether it is from tauro, the are airbnb for car rental agencies, then subaru , toyotas will rent some of their cars at a much lower flat rate then you might find at the rental car agencies. >> did not know you can do that. always a pleasure, really good resources. check it out, scott's cheap flights, scott keyes thank you once again. we
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being on with us for "getting answers. " today, we heard from one of bill cosby's accusers and also talked with . tonight, the trump organization and its chief financial officer indicted on charges of tax fraud. a dramatic legal moment unfolding in front of the cameras here in new york. cfo allen weisselberg arriving in court. prosecutors unsealing the 15-count indictment accused him of running a 15-year tax fraud scheme, providing off the books compensation for top executives including apartments, tuition and cars. some of the checks allegedly signed by donald j. trump. eordeesha karling the search and rescue effort resumes in surfside, fl f. rescuers pulled off the pile when the remaining part of the south tower began shifting. president biden and the first lady traveling there today, meeting families of the


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