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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 1, 2021 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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calling it? is it leaving a dnight ne good morning, america. as we start this thursday, are the heat waves hitting both coasts finally about to cool off? state of emergency. scorching temperatures breaking records all over the u.s. conditions so dry that fireworks are banned in major western cities from seattle down to los angeles. holiday weekend travel crush. today expected to be the busiest day on the roads as almost 50 million americans are set to get behind the wheel. massive fireworks explosion. a truck erupting into flames and ripping through the neighborhood injuring at least 17. what went wrong.
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this morning, prosecutors here in new york filed tax fraud charges against the trump organization and its chief financial officer, jonathan karl has the latest. bill cosby walking free hours after the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction for sexual assault released from prison after three years. the court ruling his fifth amendment rights were violated. what cosby and some of his alleged victims are saying this morning. race against time. crews still searching the surfside rubble as four more bodies are recovered overnight. now the search and rescue mission bracing for a possible storm heading towards south florida. prince harry and prince william set to reunite to honor their mother princess diana on what would have been her 60th birthday. will this start to heal the wounds? good morning from washington. we're taking you into the treetops of the evergreen state plunging into the waters above and below.
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our ginger zee and becky worley doubling down on rising and shining from washington state. ♪ and we all ♪ and, yes, we do say good morning, america. great to be here with michael strahan and whit johnson and we thank you for starting your thursday with us. it is a busy start to the day, the holiday travel rush begins, we're following that dangerous weather overnight. >> yeah, the drenching rains and thunderstorms slamming states overnight. take a look at this lightning strike right here in new york, at yankee stadium. >> that wild weather all over the country and the deadly record-breaking heat wave scorching the west. still many wondering if there is any relief in sight. >> so let's get right to ginger who's in seattle tracking it all for us, good morning, ginger. >> robin, way cooler and cloudy this morning here in seattle, we know from here down to oregon at least 76 people lost their lives
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to that undecember presented heat. canada had nearly one hundred people and the fire danger peaked. oregon now state of emergency, the pictures you're seeing there from the salt fire, a new one, south of mt. shasta, no containment at this point. we'll see heat building back here. boston was 100. damaging winds in new york, between virginia up to maine, you had 160-plus storm reports and unfortunately, that's going to settle in with more flash flood threat too from southern new jersey all the way back to missouri, 1 to 3 inches falling quickly. >> thank you so much for that. now we turn to that deadly holiday travel crush. this july 4th weekend more americans are expected to be on the move than we've seen since the pandemic began. you're looking live at
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raleigh-durham international airport from abc station wtvd. people already lining up but travelers are facing shortages that could make getting away tough. abc transportation correspondent gio benitez is at newark airport with the latest this morning, good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. by all accounts travel today will almost certainly break pandemic records and that means if you're traveling this weekend, just be ready to wait. this morning, the travel rush is officially on with an estimated 47 million people beginning their fourth of july journeys across america and beyond. 3.5 million are expected to fly this weekend. united's ceo scott kirby telling us the busiest day could be today. >> july 1st is going to be the busiest day since covid started. only have that record for four days, because july 5th is going to break it.
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>> reporter: but not without frustration at airports and on the roads. american and southwest are still canceling dozens of flights per day. american with the pilot shortage, southwest blames the weather, and while tsa insists it's ready a warning from the tsa union head. >> because of the fact that, you know, there are shortage in staffing, there are going to be long lines. just be patient. >> reporter: even airport parking is running low. new york area airports now asking travelers to reserve a spot online and across the country reports of people looking for parking for hours and missing their flights. >> we're expecting chicago o'hare to be the busiest airport this weekend. it'll have about 403,000 departing seats which is nearly 100,000 more departing seats than the next two busiest airports, which are l.a.x. in los angeles and dallas-ft. worth. >> reporter: the busiest time for airports, tomorrow morning, specifically between 7:00 and 8:erbure 1 of the 44 million expected to hit the road this weekend, well, you better
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start driving. gas buddy telling us the worst traffic this afternoon and tomorrow between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. and cities like atlanta, boston, san francisco may be seeing three, four, even five times as much traffic as they typically see on any given day. so, whit, it's going to be extremely busy. >> got to hit the road early. turning now to that massive fireworks explosion in a sting operation by the lapd. there you see that moment, the bomb squad called in to safely detonate 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, but it all went terribly wrong injuring multiple people including police officers. our zohreen shah is on the scene with the very latest. zohreen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, whit. it's being called a total catastrophic failure. that blast last night shook this entire neighborhood. 17 people were injured. lapd and atf were attempting to safely destroy homemade explosives after seizing 5,000
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pounds of both legal and illegal fireworks, some the size of soda cans, others smaller as spectators gathered. a fireball and debris overturned cars shattering windows of this laundromat across the street. this morning, officials say luckily none of the injuries are life-threatening, but terrifying moments for this entire neighborhood. michael. >> definitely terrifying. thank you so much for that. now to that bombshell development in the investigation into former president trump and his company. the first charges stemming from that probe filed overnight and our chief washington correspondent jon karl has been tracking all the latest. jon, good morning to you, my friend. >> reporter: good morning, michael. abc news has learned that a grand jury has filed seal criminal indictments against the trump organization, and its chief financial officer allen weisselberg and mr. weisselberg has already turned himself in this morning to authorities in new york. this morning, after a two-year investigation into donald
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trump's business dealings, the first criminal charges against his company have been filed, and are now just hours away from being revealed in court. sources briefed on the investigation tell abc news the charges against the trump organization and allen weisselberg include tax fraud. company since the 1970s and one of his old books, trump said of weisselberg, quote, he did whatever was necessary to protect the bottom line. >> replacing george this week is my chief financial officer, allen weisselberg. and you think george is tough, wait till you see allen. >> reporter: sources briefed on the investigation say the company and weisselberg are accused of avoiding taxes on fringe benefits including cars, school tuition and rent-free apartments. the charges come after the manhattan district attorney obtained trump's tax returns and other records in a battle that went all the way to the supreme
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court. trump has long insisted that he runs a clean company and that the investigation is politically motivated. >> the continuation of the greatest and most disgusting witch-hunt of all time. >> reporter: weisselberg is the most important person in the trump organization who is not a member of the trump family. the big question now, michael, is whether prosecutors can get him to testify against donald trump. although mr. trump is not charged today, not expected to be charged today, this may be only the beginning of the charges in this case. >> i'm sure everybody will see how this will play out. jon, thank you so much for that. robin. now to the latest on bill cosby. this is a live look at his home just outside of philadelphia. he is now out of prison after his sexual assault conviction was thrown out due to a technicality. linsey davis has been covering the story from the start, and joins us now with more. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. many are just floored by this decision, but reaction is really across the board.
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you have supporters who are outside of his pennsylvania home yesterday chanting, we love you, mr. cosby. one of his attorneys described his release as proof of a syste. meanwhile, you have many critics and accusers who are describing his release as heartbreaking. this morning, bill cosby is officially a free man following a ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court overturning his conviction for sexual assault. the comedian telling me in a phone conversation about his disappointment with some of the coverage. >> nobody had the sense to say, wait one second, this doesn't match up with the truth, this is not what i was taught in college, this is not what i was taught at home. >> reporter: cosby then came out with a statement maintaining his innocence thanking fans, supporters and friends. the 83-year-old now back at home flashing a peace sign to the cameras. >> what we saw today was justice.
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>> reporter: the legendary comedian previously found guilty and sentenced to prison in 2018 accused of drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constand but the pennsylvania supreme court reversing that decision wednesday because of an agreement his legal team had struck with a former prosecutor that he would not be charged if he agreed to testify in a 2005 civil suit brought by constand. the court says cosby will not be retried on the same charges and that decision is, of course, sparking reaction on both sides. phylicia rashad celebrating the news writing on instagram, finally. a terrible wrong is being righted. a miscarriage of justice is being corrected. while cosby always maintained his innocence, he was dogged by accusations of drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women which he has also denied. now for many of cosby's accusers, anger and frustration. constand releasing a statement calling the decision disappointing and saying, it may
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discourage those who seek justice for sexual assault in the criminal justice system. that sentiment is shared by lise-lotte lublin who testified against cosby accusing him of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 1989. >> he cannot take back his lifestyle that he had previously of being this america's dad. that is gone forever. >> reporter: and one of the legal analysts put it like this, she said sometimes legal law and moral law don't always coincide. the cosby district attorney released a statement saying that cosby is free on a procedural issue that is irrelevant to the facts of the crime, robin. linsey, we'll bring in our legal analyst right now, dan abrams. so, cosby, again, maintaining his innocence. but that is not what the court ruled. >> this opinion says nothing about his innocence. there is no judgment from the
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court here about whether the allegations are true or false. et cetera. it is only about this question about what the initial prosecutor had promised, assured the cosby team and the reason it's significant is because the argument is prosecutor assures cosby team not being prosecuted. cosby's team then agrees to do a civil deposition only because they know there's no threat of a criminal prosecution. makes incriminating statements and new prosecutor comes in, uses those statements against cosby, now the court is saying, the entire process was fundamentally unfair. >> the court also ruled he couldn't be retried in this case. is that unusual? >> that was the most surprising part of the ruling to me, the fact that the court could have said we're going to overturn this and order a new trial. but instead what the court said is that the violation here was so fundamental to bill cosby's due process rights that literally this prosecutor cannot bring charges against bill cosby in connection with the case.
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>> the bottom line, it is over. >> bottom line, it is over. >> thanks. we have breaking news. we'll pause to allow stations and other time zones to join us for this special report. >> announc this an abc news special report. we're coming on the air with breaking news the supreme court has just issued a ruling affecting how state voting rules can be challenged under federal civil rights law, this is a win for republicans here at the heart of the case, in section 2 of the voting rights act of 1965, which bans any measure that ultimately denies or bridges the right to vote of a u.s. citizen on the count of race n this case the court found in a 6-3 ruling that two arizona voting laws don't meet that criteria for discrimination, those laws invalidate ballots
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cast in the wrong precincts. something called ballot harvesting. now democrats argued the laws disappropriately hurt many minority voters. again, though, it's a win for republicans who insisted the measures are race neutral and afford equal opportunity for all voters. 14 states have enacted 22 new restretive voting laws so far this year, with an unprecedented 389 proposed restrictions being put forward in 48 states. let's get to terry moran covering the supreme court for us for years. terry, walk us through this decision and the political imply cases moving forward. >> that's right, whit. let's start with that. this is a major decision on voting rights in america in part because the last thing you just described, in the name of
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election security, to change voting laws, to restrict access to the vote in order to protect against voter fraud, very little of which has been found. in this case, justice samuel alito writing, afirms, that republican effort against charges that it will impact minorities disappropriately, he said that's not the issue, he said in his opinion, voting takes time, only to a local mailbox, casting a vote whether following directions for using a voting machine or completing a paper ballot requires compliance with certain rules. because these rules on their face neutral, they apply to everyone, and because the system is open to everyone, because it might burden and he acknowledges it does, gnattive americans in
7:17 am
places where it's very hard to get to precincts in arizona or african-americans, if they have a harder time, as long as the system is open, it's okay under the voting rights act, that's what he said in this major voting rights act, liberals led by justice kagan take a different vision, they see this law as one of the most important laws on the books, there was an america before voting rights act and after the voting rights act. she said what's tragic here, the court has rewritten in order to weaken a statute that stands to america's greatest. a voice of defeat on the supreme court. conservatives and those looking to pass voting laws to maintain election security, they won. big win. >> all right, terry for us. i want to bring if devin dwyer watching this very closely.
7:18 am
we were talking about this, it's important to point out, these were laws that were passed years ago but both parties looking at this decision very closely given what's happening across the country. >> this was a partisan case from the beginning, republicans who were arguing in favor of these restrictions admitted as much to the court, they said, look, lifting restrictions would harm republicans, help democrats, a big win for the republicans across the country enacting more restrictions like these, also but a big win for republicans in arizona, a key state going forward, during the 2020 election, as we mentioned at the top the two restrictions, the out of precinct policy the ban on ballot collection, much harder to challenge other restrictions going forward. >> such a big part of the election. >> 80%. >> let's bring in kate shaw, our abc news legal contributor, also
7:19 am
covers the supreme court for us, kate, how did the justices come to this decision? >> whit, justice alito writing for the conservative majority, he said these laws may burden minorities in disproportionate way, but the numbers are small, we're still talking about an overall small number of voters in a context in a state in which has the justice described it's relatively easy to vote, remember, when margins are small in a state like arizona even a few thousand voters being impacted by a policy might tip the balance of the election, a ruling that will make it easier for states to impose restrictions, harder for plaintiffs like voting rights group to challenge. >> let's bring in our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas, as kate was talking about, at the core of this, do these laws discriminate against
7:20 am
specific minority groups, a lot of gro out there who will be disappointed with this decision today? >> absolutely, a lot of the civil rights leaders say thi se problem, that if you look across the board there's not any hard evidence of widespread election fraud, i can tell you the justice department will be looking very closely at this ruling in part because they have taken a stance or signaled they're going to look very closely at many of these new laws that have passed across the country in the name of election security, just last week, they sued the state of georgia that in fact the new law passed by the georgia state did in fact unfairly and directly targeted minorities, the justice department i don't think based on conversations i had yesterday will look at this law and chang >> the supreme court upholding
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national impli m have a full wr on "world news tonight" and much more on and our streaming channel abc news live. i'm whit johnson in new york. we'll send you back to regular programming and for those out west that's "good morning "good morning america." have a good day. zbla this has been a special report from abc news. th dupixen, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, parasitic infection. if you takn't an o them thout . when you help heal your skin from within,
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to help keep our state golden. your committed has a lot of drizzle. it is enough to cause coastal streets. breezy through the delta for the evening commute. air-quality will be good to moderate which is healthy through saturday. roll that into sunday for the holiday unless you are near fireworks. temperatures are steady. all the way until next week when they warm a bit. coming up, princes william
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with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. evit, ab ♪ good, good day ♪ welcome back to "gma," and you are looking at the gorgeous san juan islands as we "rise & shine" in washington state. we're going to take you from the treetops to the seashore this morning. that is coming up. >> i met my wife in washington state, too, so there's that. yakima, washington, 2005 it was, t was a good year. more on all of that ahead. >> hold on. did you mess up and that's your way of saying i'm sorry. sucking up a little bit. >> i got to acknowledge where the love was born so here we
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are. it's going to be a good morning though. we have a lot to get to, and we look forward to that. right now the top headlines we're following. on this all morning, the holiday travel crush. more travelers expected to take to the skies and roads since the pandemic began. today projected to be one of the biggest travel days of the holiday. and the cfo of the trump organization turning himself in this morning, facing charges in the investigation of the former president's company. and donald rumsfeld, who served as secretary of defense for gerald ford and george w. bush, died tuesday at the age of 88. a key player in the u.s. war on terror following the 9/11 attacks. according to his family the cause was multiple myeloma. and a major development in thatra the woman who allegedly caused that chain reaction by holding out a sign has now been arrested and questioned by police accused of involuntarily causing injury and putting the lives of others at risk, she's facing a fine of
7:32 am
about 1800 bucks. that game changing new ruling that allows student athletes to cash in from their name and their fame. plus, with prices soaring how to find the best fourth of july sales. that's all coming up, michael. we continue with that royal reunion. prince harry and prince william coming face-to-face at the unveiling of a statue honoring their mother, princess diana, on what would have been her 60th birthday. maggie rulli is at ken sington palace with the details. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, people have been gathering here in kensington gardens all morning long. it is just incredible. michael, you can really feel her legacy here. it is still so powerful even all these years later. for her sons, william and harry, today is about more than just remembering their mother's legacy. today is really about simply remembering their mother. just momenting ago, prince
7:33 am
william and prince harry reuniting to honor their beloved mother, princess diana, on what would have been her 60th birthday. her boys unveiling a much anticipated statue at her former home, kensington palace, where the pair grew up. >> i think this statue is hugely significant. it is a definitive tribute from her sons, from william and harry. it's their shared vision of how they want her to be seen and how they want her to be remembered. >> reporter: the world watched diana raise her boys. she was a hands-on mom, and the world grieved with them when she passed. william just 15, harry 12. united then, but now a rift between them. harry claiming jealousy drove him and meghan from the royal fold, but according to royal author robert lacey, william threw harry out after an explosive argument over whether meghan was mistreating staff. william never publicly addressing the row. ♪ the two last seen together
7:34 am
standing apart as they honored their grandfather prince philip during his funeral two months ago. today their brotherhood is under the spotlight once again. >> i think there's been a lot of hope that an event like this would bring the brothers back together and it's certainly true that their mother's memory and honoring her memory is pretty much one of the only things that really unites them right now. >> reporter: we know the brothers have been planning this memorial for years. it's something that's been so important for both of them. guys, hopefully it's this shared love for their mother that we focus on today and who knows, maybe this will be what brings the brothers closer again, guys. >> we sure hope that is the case. maggie thank you so much as always. we bring in our royal contributors, omid scobie and robert jobson. thank you both for joining us, robert, i want to start with you. maggie talked about it in the piece. harry and william have been
7:35 am
working together in preparation of the unveiling but could this lead to a reconciliation? >> well, i think it's baby steps at the moment, i really hope it is, because having covered this beat for such a long time i remember when they were little boys, always hugging and great mates and wouldn't it be lovely if they would embrace and let bygones be bygones. i think that, you know, these family occasions are moments where they can get a chance to speak. the fact they're with diana's sisters and very close members of the family, i think, might help because they've been great arbiters in the past and just standing there and looking at that statue in kensington palace, in the gardens where they used to play as kids with her looking over them, maybe that just might be the catalyst to start the end to this rift. >> we can sure hope that is the case, and omid, this is the second public meeting of the brothers since harry and meghan stepped away from royal duties last year. where do things stand between them right now? >> yeah, the relationship between harry and william is
7:36 am
still extremely complicated but despite very sort of inflamed reporting here in the uk, from what i understand from sources it is still a case of distance, they're simply not talking at the moment. while there's small communication leading up to this point through their relevant teams this is the first time where they have a proper opportunity to chat to each other and maybe being here in the presence of the memory of their mother will be a reminder of the importance of love and family. >> robert, what do you make of the queen and prince charles' absence at today's unveiling? >> i think it's a shame actually because i was there at the founding in 2004 when the queen was there and it was a much bigger occasion. i think that diana was one of the great figures of the latter part of the 20th century, the amous woman in the world and she helped change and modernize the monarchy and it would have been great to have them there. this is the legacy of the boys,
7:37 am
this is their project so i can understand that. but at the same time i think it would have been good if the queen and charles were there personally. >> do you think we'll see harry and meghan in the uk soon together? >> i think this is definitely a moment that brings them -- harry and william together now but we haven't seen meghan here in the uk for a long time. next year, of course, is the queen's big jubilee and i think that will be a reminder of the relationship they still have with the queen, that very close relationship, the warm relationship that we've heard both of them talk about. despite not being working royals they'll be here in some capacity to help remember and celebrate the legacy she's created as the monarch. >> omid and robert, thanks for joining us this morning. robin. >> as they said, and maggie rulli said, it's about princess diana this morning. >> yes. >> today. we have that game changer for college sports, the ncaa announcing that from now on athletes will be able to profit from their name and their fame
7:38 am
getting the green light to make deals, make money without risking their eligibility. t.j. is back at the desk with this. >> it is a new day, it's a new era for the ncaa, for college athletes, because as of this moment, every single one of the nearly 500,000 ncaa athletes can make money off their own name, their own image, their own likeness, this has been a fight that's been going on for years and the ncaa has resisted and a legal fight as well but this morning things have changed so what does this mean? what happened with the ncaa? why did they turn things around? there were states that passed laws that allowed college athletes to make money. those were going into effect today so the ncaa wanted to get ahead of it and suspended rules to allow not a hodgepodge all over the place but a lot will have to put specific guidelines in place but this is a new day, a new era, and athletes can start finally -- because they weren't getting a piece of the billion-dollar pie, right? that's one thing but you are not letting them make their own
7:39 am
pies. >> when those states started opening it up, they almost had to, because they gave an unfair advantage to a school in california where -- another school where the players couldn't. >> they suspended their rules for now and some changes could come down the road but for now -- >> stayed tuned. >> i went to college broke. i could have -- >> you won't see a lot of athletes signing million-dollar deals. but still just to have control of your own name, image and likeness, to go sign an autograph at the mall to make money. a possible breakthrough in the treatment of postpartum depression. dr. ashton is here with that and next, the holiday weekend sales with prices soaring. what to buy and what to wait on to get a real bargain, where you can find them right now. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? we're back with those fourth of july sales. with prices for everyday items on the rise we're taking a look at the holiday weekend sales going live right now. what to buy and where so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. deirdre bolton has the details. deirdre, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the good news is, if a product is associated with summer, chances are get a good deal. from outdoor grills to patio furniture, to coolers, major
7:44 am
retailers are offering sales on everything you need to celebrate in style. >> the hottest category of sales for fourth of july is really going to be a lot of the staples that you might have if you're hosting a party. >> reporter: for your picnic or barbecue, target offering igloo coolers at $19. home depot offering a nexgrill five-burner for $198. >> record lowest prices for 12-packs of soda under $3 a target. >> reporter: in 2019, pre-pandemic, americans spent $6.5 billion on the holiday, 84% of americans say they will celebrate and the total spend is likely to be in the same range. retailers are vying for your dollars beyond the holiday weekend too. >> every online shopper is having a deal. go ahead and bookmark that retailer because inevitably something will go on sale. >> reporter: major retailers,
7:45 am
like macy's and best buy, have markdowns as high as 40% and reimagine your closet at athleta, coach and j. crew with sales of up to 50% off. as to what avoid buying this holiday? one expert says apart from home appliances you can do better on personal or entertainment electronics later this year. >> if you're thinking about tvs and other tech, now is not the best time. once we're already into july and late summer it's worth holding out for those black friday prices. >> reporter: one extra tip from our experts, no matter what you buy and when, take the time to comparison shop. it will mean more money in your pocket. whit. >> all right, we'll take that. deirdre, thanks so much. for more fourth of july deals visit where we are rounding up the best sales to shop for right now in our ultimate shopping guide. all right, coming up, we reveal "consumer reports" top sunscreens and insect repellents just in time for the holiday weekend. and next we have our friday
7:46 am
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7:50 am
considered the underdog in the college world series but now they are the champions beating vanderbilt. vanderbilt won it all in 2019. the team from my home state, the first mississippi state sports team in the school history to win a national title. >> big deal. >> it is a huge deal and, you know, it was the best of three and they lost the first game, vanderbilt smacked them around in the first and came back to win the next two, and the fans are just so excited. i did not realize it was the first team national championship there at mississippi state. >> you got to ring the bell. >> that's right. i have four of them in my dressing room. you did not need to send me any more. i got them. congratulations. >> congratulations, mississippi state, well done, well done, congrats, yes. coming up, it is time to wam seattle to tju islands when we . "gma's" "rise & shine" is sponsored by expedia.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
7:56 am
building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news.. good morning. i am reggie agui. here is jobina. >> this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the good news, all major blocking issues are gone. we have no crashes now which is good news, just low traffic from the commute. this is walnut creek showing off 680. stop and go traffic southbound. let's look at what to expect today. stay hydrated, even though temperatures are below average. drink that water. we have the small craft advisory to the delta this afternoon. tree pollen and grass pollen low to moderate. uv index once the sun comes
7:57 am
out, it will be high, continuing today. mainly 80s all seven days. consumer reports top sunscreen and insect repellent just-in-time for your weekend. another abc7 news update in 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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chg reg .s. conditions so dry that fireworks are banned in major western cities from seattle down to l.a. holiday weekend travel crush. today expected to be the busiest day on the roads as almost 50 million americans are expected to get behind the wheel. the latest on gas prices and the best and worst time to hit the road. also this morning, the new postpartum depression medication. a pill that could offer relief for so many new moms. dr. ashton will have the latest. breaking overnight. as britney spears fights for her
8:01 am
independence, her father calling on the court to investigate her explosive claims, the latest in the case on her conservatorship. ♪ washington. we're rising and shining in the evergreen state from the columbia river valley to the farms and forests. the small businesses bouncing back. ginger and becky taking you to new heights live this morning as we say -- >> rise and climb, washington. >> good morning, america. whoo-hoo. and america, there are some things we just can't share with you that whit shares with all of us during the commercial breaks. >> keep trying to pin me down every day. >> whit johnson, michael strahan, glad to have you with us as well. on this thursday. we're going to "rise & shine" from the beautiful state of >> . plus, we have your july 4th guide to summer skin protection.
8:02 am
"consumer reports'" top sunscreens and insect repellent. just in time for the holiday weekend. >> can't wait for that. but first, we have a lot of news to get to this morning, and we're starting with the deadly heat wave in the west, and thunderstorms in the east. let's get right to ginger for the latest, ginger, good morning, once again. >> reporter: whit, new numbers coming out, at least 76 deaths from here around seattle, down through portland and oregon and, unfortunately, the heat will be turned back on by the weekend. up in canada nearly 100 deaths. you can see the other problem becomes fires. south of mt. shasta called the salt fire about a thousand acres. no containment on that and evacuations could expand. we'll be watching that and storms in the east to break that epic heat that you all just survived, going into the damaging winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour, all of the damage in dutchessouy, youilhave lingering rain showers that could produce flash flooding from new jersey backo nexico. wh. >> all rig
8:03 am
breaking news from the u.s. supreme court, for more let's go to terry moran there in washington. good morning, robin. a major voting rights case a and victory for conservatives and republicans looking to pass laws on so-called election security issues, because in case out of arizona the supreme court looked at two laws, one, that prohibited ballot harvesting and that's the practice of third parties collecting people's ballots and tossi iing out a. unfairly burdened minority voters. justice alito writing for the six conservative said no, arizona's voting system is generally open, some minor burdens, but voting requires some travel. in a rings dissent, justice kagan said the voting rights act was passed by congress to make sure every had equal, open access to voting and in this
8:04 am
case the court's conservatives had damaged that project. justice alito said voters have access in many different ways in arizona, they can vote by mail, in person, and because there are so many different ways as long as the law's not specifically targeting minorities and minorities have many ways to vote this law is constitutional. the biden administration saying they'll look at it. a major voting rights case today. >> thank you, terry. two new headlines in women's health. >> we don't know causes it. this is not in a women's head, not being overtired.
8:05 am
some encouraging news, prompting new novel mechanism drug. let me tell you about it called zuranolone. it's an oral pill to be taken once a day at night. in clinical trials it reduced the symptoms of postpartum depression quickly. in many cases within three days and these results lasted until the end of the study even though it was short, 45 days, they got good relief, we don't know the cost of this drug and we don't know when it will be approved. it could be months or even longer before this could be in the hands of women sufferers. >> but still very encouraging. >> anything we can do to help women is important. >> the other headline, the cdc reporting a huge drop in screenings when it comes to breast cancer and cervical cancer because of the pandemic. >> of course. >> that's putting a lot of women at risk. >> a lot, in particular, low income women and women of racial and ethnic minority groups, we've been following this from the beginning, the cdc tracking six months of data in the
8:06 am
beginning of 2020 and no surprise they saw the screening rates for cervical and breast cancer down over 80%. this is a problem now. what is not known, how this will affect or could affect the rates of diagnosis and eventually deaths but we want to underscore, it is better to detect these cancers early than to have to deal with them later. >> you're an ob/gyn. what is your advice? >> my advice in this country is we have to do better with preventive medicine and shift the paradigm to treating illness and disease to preventing it and part is the well woman visit. >> all right. well, jen, we'll see you on "gma3." >> yes. >> you'll have the pleasure of reining in t.j. holmes. >> wish me luck. >> i often do. michael. coming up, we have the latest with britney spears and her fight to end her conservatorship. new details breaking overnight. also, questlove is joining us live to talk about his recto epic event that celebrated black history, culture and fashithe sn and this morning, get ready
8:07 am
for our next stop on our "rise & shine" tour. washington state, ginger zee, becky worley, tag-teaming, both there live showing us the beautiful evergreen state. we'll be right back. ♪ this day is mine ♪ what if i told you... the best place to begin is within. with collagen, that supports our body from the inside, out. because when we feel supported from within... ♪ our confidence... comes from way deeper. it's within us. ♪ when we really, really want something, (whispers) come on greg. it's hard to wait. ♪ ♪ that's why carmax gives you an
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the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. welcome back to "gma" on this thursday morning. tomorrow on "gma," get ready to "rise & shine." colorado. colorado tomorrow. >> i love colorado. >> uh-huh. >> great state. great state. cannot wait for that. now we'll turn our "gma" cover story and that breaking news overnight in britney spears' fight to end the conservatorship that she has called abusive. kaylee hartung joins us with the
8:12 am
latest. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, michael, that britney's request to remove her father from the conservatorship was denied. but to be clear what happened yesterday, the judge tied up loose ends on a matter decided seven months ago. now jamie spears is trying to defend himself and pass the blame to use the court to do it. this morning, as britney spears fights for her independence, her father is calling on the court to investigate her explosive claims. a court filing claims jamie spears is unable to hear and address his daughter's concerns directly because he has been cut off from communicating with her. ♪ it was just a week ago that the superstar spoke out in court calling the conservatorship that's controlled her life for 13 years abusive claiming her father loved the control to hurt his own daughter and telling the judge, i just want my life back. jamie spears' latest court filing an attempt to defend
8:13 am
himself outlining his current role as conservator of the estate explaining he's strictly responsible for managing e conservator of the person. he expresses the concern that montgomery does not help. the mother of two said the conservatorship doesn't allow her to ride in a car driven by asghari or make her own decisions about birth control or marriage. attorneys for montgomery telling abc news in a statement that she has tirelessly acted in britney's best interests and during her appointment britney's choice to marry and to start a family have never been impacted by the conservatorship. these dueling statements have a lot of competing agendas and we heard britney's plea. her attorney needs to file that request formally for this to move forward.
8:14 am
michael? >> it's a tough situation to watch unfold in public. kaylee, thank you so much. robin. >> it really is. now it's day two of your july 4th guide series with "consumer reports." we're back with their choice of the top sunscreens and bug repellents. you can use for all of your outdoor activities this summer. dr. whitney bowe is here to break them down. good morning, dr. bowe, always good to see you and have you with us. let us start with sunscreen. so how did "consumer reports" perform its testing and what makes these products the top? >> "consumer reports" uses a testing protocol that looks at two things, so first, they test for spf, a measure of how well the sunscreen protects against uvb rays so think "b" for burn and they don't penetrate deeply into the skin, but they're
8:15 am
prel prelim -- primarily responsible for sunburn and skin cancer uva protection so think "a" for aging. they penetrate more deeply into the skin, and those are the ones responsible for what we call photo aging and loss of elasticity, wrinkles, et cetera, but cause skin cancer. now, robin, the fda recommends a pass/fail test when it comes to uva, so, if a manufacturer passes the test they can say broad spectrum on the label but a consumer picks up that product, sees broad spectrum. they don't know if it passed the test by a little or with flying colors. so "consumer reports" takes that test one step further and actually quantifies how well the sunscreen protected against uva. >> okay, so, we know all this. let's not keep people waiting any longer. what were some of the top performing sunscreens they found? >> all right, so, robin, you know i like to break down my
8:16 am
sunscreens into chemical and mineral. chemical ones absorb quickly and of all the ones tested in the testing, one of the top performers was the equate sport lotion spf 50. now, this is considered a chemical sunscreen. now, mineral sunscreens contain either zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or a combination of the two, and they did not perform as well as the chemical sunscreens in the "consumer reports" test but of the mineral sunscreens tested two of the top performers were the badger active mineral cream and the california kid supersensitive tinted lotion. >> and let's move on now to bug sprays so what products are at the top of the "consumer reports" list. >> all right, so, two of the top performing bug sprays from the ben's tick insect and total woodland scent. i know that there are potential safety concerns surrounding deet, a rare case of rashes,
8:17 am
there were worries about seizures and things like that, but, robin, if you stay 30% below deet, the epa, they say it is safe to use when used as directed even in pregnant women and infants two months of age and up. >> oh, wow. dr. bowe, as always. thank you, thank you, thank you so much. appreciate it. enjoy your summer. we'll see you again soon. >> you're welcome. >> michael. >> looked like that pool in the background. it's time now to head to washington, it's the latest stop in our "rise & shine" tour across the country, and becky worley has been there all week seeing how the pacific northwest is re-opening and she joins us now from snoqualmie falls. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, michael. from this beautiful waterfall, now it's looking like a bit of a cloudy day, but after the record-breaking heat we've had this week never have the people of washington been happier to see their famous cloud cover. but as temperatures start coming down, excitement about
8:18 am
washington re-opening, that's going up. from sunrise over the columbia olympic peninsula and awesome mt. rainier. washington state offers fertile farms to the east and rain heave -- rain-drenched forests to the west. if you lived here like i have you know it rains a lot but that's what helps make trees in the evergreen state grow so tall. how tall? this one goes up over 200 feet. oh, here at adventure tier, the pros make your backyard tree climbing experiences look like child's play. "rise & climb," washington. after months of being shut down the owner leo says he's happy to get back in the swing of things. what does it mean for you to get back out here climbing? >> get back to some normalcy. >> you think this is normal? >> reporter: what he calls tree
8:19 am
acro. >> you're upside down. >> yeah, why don't you join me. let go of the hand. let go of the hand. >> is definitely not normal. >> reporter: these aren't the only trees in washington. in fact, i think i need a snack. apples are big business. this state produces more than half of the fresh market apples sold in the u.s. here bittersweets are pressed into hard cider. but the owner says when restaurants closed her sales soured. >> half of my business fell off completely stopped. >> reporter: but thanks to outdoor dining her tasting business is growing and direct to consumer sales are better than ever. another business that pivoted during covid, oysters. yum. the westcott bay company is found on san juan island, 170 named islands off washington's mainland. here i get a crash course in harvesting and cleaning.
8:20 am
and sorting fresh oysters out of the bay, the ones that are already open get cast aside. before covid, guests would shuck their own oyster, very do it yourself but not socially distanced, so the co-owner said they had to become restauranteurs. >> they learned how to be servers, they learned how to plate things. hef. >> mm-mm. heaven. but to get the whole experience of the san juans you've got to leave land. some of the islands here so close you can paddle between tem. and if you're lucky, you might even spot a whale or two. whoo. to cap off our trip anna kayak tours takes us out on a sunset voyage. >> oh, my gosh. dream. it's like glass out here. the co-owner says being cooped up inside made people crave the outdoors. >> fresh air and freedom is our
8:21 am
motto. >> reporter: so as a new day dawns on washington re-opening, i'll just enjoy the sun setting over one of the most places in the country. now, almost all of washington's covid restrictions have been nixed just yesterday. we're talking mask mandates, occupancy rates and physical distancing. businesses are saying, come visit us. we're open and after spending the last few days enjoying this beautiful place, i can tell you, guys, it is a vacationer's paradise. ah! >> it is. becky, i got to say it is so beautiful behind you. i love how you just jump in and you do whatever you have -- you have fun with it. >> she does. >> really, really. >> are you telling me to jump? >> no, just look at it. becky, thank you so much. >> okay. >> she probably woul gtois in seattle.
8:22 am
hey, ginger. >> hey there, i know you have been baking, 98 the hottest in eight years in central park, but look what happened to break it all up. damaging winds in middletown, pennsylvania, and now in the mid-atlantic today so from, say, eastern virginia up through maryland, all the way through southern new jersey, watch for good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. slick conditions and drizzle is heavy. summer heat is holiday. warmer next week but no real extreme heat. 60s along the coast, san francisco and oakland. a few 80s inland. tonight in the mid-50s to near 60 with drizzle. my ♪ hot town ♪isorning, tory
8:23 am
johnson is bringing you summer comfort. these products all come from small businesses and also you can put your cell phone camera at the qr code on the screen, the deals will come right up. tory, good morning to you. let's start with something nice and comfortable and we'll go over to these robes here. tell us about it. >> whit, that is the dude robe. it was seen on "shark tank" and it's got a couple of special features. premium sweatshirt on the outside and then terry towel on the inside. so you look cool on the outside, dry off on the inside. we have robes, we have shorts and joggers. two different colors, a variety of styles, size assortment at 50% off, they start at $30. >> as the big lebowski said, the dude abides. let's get into loungewear, tory. >> cozy earth is back but this time with its brand-new assortment of loungewear for women and men. we have for the first time ever for women shorts and tees,
8:24 am
we've got pajama sets that are long and short and men's crew, hoodie and joggers. what's great about this, it's softer than cotton. it is a premium material that's naturally temperature regulating and it packs really small. so if you're traveling, this is really good stuff to travel with, but no matter where you are, this is a winner, especially at our prices today. everything is half off, starts at $35, and free shipping from cozy earth. >> great. okay, next, you have something that will knock your socks off. tell us about this. >> adventure socks all made in america, no detail is overlooked when crafting and designing these socks, we've got five different collections from them for running, cycling, golf, leisure, no matter your adventure they have something from their simple reliable performance socks to cushion sock with a plush footbed to prevent blisters and bunching, big assortment. unbeatable price, every single option today is $6 to $10 and
8:25 am
free shipping from swiftwick. >> insoles here and these appeared on "shark tank." >> they did. these are insoles designed to absorb the shock that leads to pain and problems with feet. and so this will help to prevent injuries, fatigue, they're easy to trim so they'll fit right into your shoe perfectly and they also have a very thin profile so they won't change the fit of your favorite shoes. awesome for every day whether you're going to work or you're out with a contact sport. they say that it's beloved from everyone from runners to pickleball players, and at 50% off, a good day to give them a try, $27.50. >> you know i have kids and a dog so washable rugs. this is ve ieresngo . tell me more. >> jell pro is a big winner among viewers. this is their chenille textured polyester.
8:26 am
looks great. feels good on your feet and jelly grippers in the corner and will keep them in place, two different rugs, the runner and accent rug, so whether it's for hallways, kitchen, anywhere, 50% off, and you'll end, whit, on yellow leaf hammocks. we waited for this all summer. the ultimate way to relax, hand woven by artisans featured on "shark tank." 50% off, they start at $87.50. >> that's our man gary. i don't know if you can see our crew enjoying the hammock before the show. we appreciate it. for all these we partnered with these companies and amazing deals, get them on our website, coming up here, "rise & shine," washington, we have a huge surprise for a cafe owner who serves up a lot of love ith those lattes. we are back in a moment. with those lattes. we are back in a moment.
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. i am kumasi aaron . bay area officials are begging you to stay away from illegal fireworks . san jose's implementing a social host fireworks ordinance which holds property owners financially responsible for the illegal use of fireworks on the property and violators could be fined thousands of dollars. we are following a crash right now in san jose that is causing a big backup pest 87. the crash itself is on northbound state route 85 past camden avenue the speed is around seven miles per hour and it is involving five cars with
8:28 am
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8:30 am
morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and temperatures a little bit below average. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest honor app and ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ and we are so excited to "rise & shine" from washington, ginger and becky are there for us this morning and becky is going to start us off this half hour showing us the mighty force of nature that defines the state. both of you are mighty, i got to say, both of you and you're bringing it to us again, becky. thank you so much. >> good morning, robin. yeah, if i asked you to name one of the big migrations on the planet you might say the animals of africa or birds flying south for the winter. but one of the ■singlegreatest mike grasty feats on this earth
8:31 am
happens right down there in rivers like these. ♪ if you want to know what flows through the heart and soul of washington, it's salmon. 15 minutes from downtown seattle tourists flock to the ballard locks for an in your face look at these shimmering creatures. this water passage allows boats and the salmon to run between the puget sound and inland rivers where they spawn. this migration has played a vital role for the indigenous people of the pacific northwest for thousands of years. here on the river, members of the lumi nation take me out to fish. the people have treaty rights to the salmon. one of their methods is tangle fishing. cutting the net right now to get the fish out. wow. look at this fish. don't want to drop it, because of habitat and environmental pressures, the catch is highly regulated. fish are checked for tags.
8:32 am
if they're mature and come from their own nearby hatchery th our captain richard singing to this one to help it swim away. a reminder that to the lumi people the salmon hold a spiritual connection. this looks so beautiful. smells so good and show us how they prepare it. cooked on salmon sticks over open flames. >> we've been fishing since the beginning of time and helps us sustain would we are and where we come from. p>> do you think this?children will fish like - >> we hope so. >> reporter: they sell them to distributors like mulli island wild and online to salmon lovers. >> that's a lot of salmon. >> reporter: or may end up at seabear smoke house and take them from across the pacific northwest and turn them into a delicacy. the process here starts with fileting. >> this is so i come back with
8:33 am
all t turns out my knife skills made . >> oh, gosh. let's see how i did. a little bit of a miscut. >> reporter: mike is the president and ceo. he says during the pandemic, demand for home deliveries of his product went through the roof. if people couldn't go out to teir corner bagel shop for an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese they had to get it from somewhere. >> we were happy to do it for them and sent them the bagels too. >> nice. this is the part i've been waiting for. >> so let's start with lox. so that's -- it's called cold smoked so it's smoked at lee heat. >> melt in your mouth. oh, that is so good. >> sharing a pacific northwest delicacy and thousands of years of tradition. hot smoked, cold smoked. in a sandwich, on a bagel.
8:34 am
i think i've had salmon for almost every meal since i've been here. the folks at seabear sent some of their amazing products out to you guys to enjoy this morning with the crew. yum, yum, yum. >> looks delicious. it does. and we appreciate the crew bringing it out? that was my cue to eat, right? >> cue the mac and cheese. >> there we go. hmm? >> a sandwich. >> ask me questions with my mouth full. i'll get to that. it's delicious. >> becky, thank you. we're still full from the fudge that ginger sent us. >> i know. >> but ginger is now right outside seattle takes us to the spot known as the nicest place in washington so how is it going for you, ging? >> yeah, robin, it was quite the travel yesterday from that tiny island in northern michigan down to a little northern michigan airport off of a boat through detroit to seattle but it was all worth it because we got to
8:35 am
get to bellevue and meet clair, a single mom of three, owns her own business, takes care of her employees and even better, takes care of her community, especially in the pandemic. this is all sponsored by expedia and they helped us surprise her and take care of her with a trip of a lifetime. ♪ in the shadow of snowcapped mountains, seattle is surrounded by glistening water and lush greenery. it's towering futuristic space needle is the city's most recognizable landmark but go just across lake washington and you'll find the quaint yet chic bellden cafe. >> here you go. >> reporter: recently hailed as the nicest place in washington? we serve very hyped up millenial stuff i love personally. acai bowl and we have seven or eight different toasts. >> reporter: clair is the owner and founder. she says her business model is d
8:36 am
the ng money but bringing people together. charity drinks. her men knew is- order her let me love you latte and 25% goes to benefit low income family and so when the pandemic began claire saw an opportunity to help even more. >> the first month i lost 90% of my sales. if we're going to lose it we have to lose it with the best we have. >> reporter: she used her savings to keep her staff employeed. held diaper drives to for families in need and collected ppe for hospital workers and then gave out free coffee reminding guests you are not alone. oh, and by the way, she's doing all of this as a single mother of three. >> when i think about claire, it just puts a smile on my face. >> she really makes sure that you are the focus and that you are okay. >> reporter: for lifting up her community in good times and bad
8:37 am
our sponsor expedia wants to lift her up in the best way that they know how. hello. claire. >> yes. >> hi. i'm ginger zee from "good morning america." how are you? >> good. how are you. >> i heart you're an avid adventurer and love to travel and expedia is honoring those who need a little break by offering you and your children a dream vacation. >> oh, my goodness. >> on the sunny shores of belize. >> oh, my goodness! you know that expedia is going to be your travel companion and make it so easy and have the flight reservations, hotel reservation, all activities you can do easily in one spot and really want you to enjoy this because you truly, truly deserve it for everything you do. >> thank you. thank you. >> you did it. >> thank you, we did it. we did it together. oh, my gosh, i'm about to cry. i'm crying inside right now.
8:38 am
thank you so much. ♪ >> i loved watching how she takes care of her employees and her children, how excited she was to tell them. i have to say not only did claire deserve it, but, manage, she makes a mean latte, i needed one at the time and it was the coconut and cashew milk. she makes it from scratch. >> the way you've been traveling, i bet you did need that to get up right and early, thank you. coming up, questlove directing his first movie about one of the greatest soul festivals of all time. come on back. "gma's" "rise & shine" is sponsored by expedia. it matters who you travel with.
8:39 am
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gladys knight. when i stepped on stage i was totally, totally taken aback because i didn't expect a crowd like that. >> and the pips. ♪ i bet you wondered how i knew, baby ♪ ♪ that's going to make may blue but some other girl you knew before ♪ ♪ between the two of us, girl, you know i love you more ♪ >> welcome back to "gma" and we are taking you back, whoo, that's gladys knight and the pips performing at the harlem
8:42 am
cultural festival in 1969. that is never before seen footage now part of a new documentary called "summer of soul" directed by the one and only questlove who is joining us now. good morning, questlove. good to see you, man. >> hey, man. how are you doing? how are you doing? did you see how they looked when they were dancing? >> you know, i'm doing great. i'm excited to talk to you. you're a drummer, deejay, record producer, an author but this film is your direct electoral debut. and i know you asked some directors for advice on how to do it and asked spike lee, i heard and what did spike have to say? >> you know, in the beginning i think i kept it under the hat because whenever i pivot to an unknown territory or whatever i get a little nervous, i kept it close to the chest but then i started calling ava duvernay and spike lee and fellow directors and whatnot and joked, i think
8:43 am
it was recent -- like maybe three weeks ago that spike, it finally hit spike i was making a real film and didn't have a tiktok account like i was doing something real so -- >> and a real film it is and you had a big task ahead of you. you had to go through 40 hours of footage. so how did you tackle that? >> yeah, so, you know, the legend of the story is that, you know, 50 years ago they tried to sell this movie and nobody was interested. you know, so the footage is set and someone's basement for 50 years so basically it took five months for us to process and clean the tape and treat it, you know, so that it has flawless quality to it and i basically for those five months i had to sit on 24-hour loop in my kitchen, in my house, in my studio, even in my bathroom like i have monitors everywhere and just kept this on a constant
8:44 am
loop. this was my aquarium. >> you totally engulfed yourself in the process of it an i want to talk about your music, the roots. oh, man, it's been a long time. 25th anniversary of your do you want more album. have you listened to it recently and if you have what was it like to listen to it? >> you know, it's weird like i norm amelie don't revisit things like once i'm finished them so, you know, we had to remaster this record and it's a -- really make it good for our fan base like we put eight other songs that weren't on the album and it just reminded me of a time of the seven 6 us getting one -- tease one-way tickets to london to live, you know, we lived there on and off for like three or four years. >> wow. >> us living above a fish and chips flat, you know, with smelly feet so that's where i was back then. >> it's funny. your teenage self, thursday,
8:45 am
we'll throw back and dug up a photo of you as a teen. this is prom back in 1989. so what would questlove now say to that guy in this photo? >> what would -- oh, god, there i go. what would i say to my teenage self, you mean besides making sure i'm a first round investor in apple, microsoft and nintendo stocks, no, i think my life is the story of checks and balances and, you know, i'm a person that has bucket lists and fantasies, you know, i believe in fantasy, i believe in dreaming big and doing things i haven't done before so that's why like i write books and i talk college and, you know, i'm directing a movie and there's other things i'm about to do in the future as well like i'm one that always embraces my pivot. >> i tell you what, you have pivoted and inspired, my friend. you do so many things well and now you're a great director as well, congratulations on your
8:46 am
direct electoral debut. and i'm going to let everybody know "summer of soul," that's what it is, it is going to be in theaters and streaming on hulu tomorrow. big thank you to questlove and now we go to ginger in sacramento. >> yes, michael, from seattle here to the caribbean we're watching tropical storm elsa. this is the fifth named storm of the atlantic season, the earliest we have ever seen the "e" name pop up, even earlier than last we're epic season. here's the initial look at the track. so we do know there is a tropical storm warning for st. lucia but we'll watch for flor good morning. the drizzle will start drying around 9:00 in time for the commute to end. clouds a and coming up here chef ryan scott's no fuss tips for a great july
8:47 am
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we are back and looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up so we've got great ideas for your fourth of july cookout from chef ryan scott showing us two of his delicious and easy recipes from the no fuss family cookbook. chef ryan, good morning to you. good to have you so we're going to start off with your easy marinated flank steak and you have honey in there, oil, vinegar, spices but why the honey for the steak recipe? >> well, it's kind of like fourth of july, you got to think about it. you want a little sweet heat to mix it up different. what i have in my bowl is my flank steak. already cleaned from the store. i have salt, pepper, there is a little bit -- this is the heat part, chili powder and paprika and want to add honey because it will add caramelization. if it's cold like it is honey doesn't want to come out of the jar and add a little bit of
8:50 am
vinegar, okay, whit, so what happens is you let this sit for anywhere just a couple of hours then you get your grill piping hot. come over here, look what i got. my camera guy, smoker ready and look here. look here, i have this guy going, it's grilling at 500 degrees on one side. i've got one done already. so i'll pull it and let it rest. one tip. this is my fourth of july tip. let the meat rest. the same amount of time that you cook it. i know that sounds mind blowing. >> i'll stop you right here. this is important. a lot of people go wrong here and start slicing right away. tell us one more time. the amount of time you cook it is the key? >> all right. the safe zone is if you let it rest at least half the amount or full amount of time you grill it and let it rest on the board. this is just sitting here at room temp at about 15, 20 minutes then when you slice it, it's gorgeous and pink all the way through but what i like to do, mix it up a little bit and doing a zippy sauce and what i
8:51 am
have inside my sauce, not the norm. parsley, mint, some lemon, don't like jalapenos that are spicy cut the seeds out, put it inside with arug ga and luis the whole thin up and put that on top of your steak that got just like this, this sauce will go on a flip-flop, shrimp, chicken, beef, pork. are you trying it right now? i sent it over. >> we're looking. robin has been getting ahead of the game on the potatoes. all over it and going in for the meat. >> i'll go in for the sauce. >> you want to talk about potatoes. in my oven this is my one trick in my no fuss family cookbook. everybody starts potatoes with a cold pan. have you have ever seared a steak in a pan before, in ray cold pan? same thing when it comes to cooking potatoes, put it nice and hot in the oven, it should buckle and left it roast cooking from bottom to top and i'll take my roasted potatoes and i have a
8:52 am
vinaigrette with all of our favorite thing, whole grain mustard, di online mustard, olive oil, pepper cleannys and i add maple ship. mix it up. >> robin approves. >> look. all right. look at this. this goes over the hot potatoes. >> chef ryan scott, forgive us, we are out of time but see it. if you want to hear more we have the recipes on our website, robin approves so go and cook it, ryan, thanks one more time it, ryan, thanks one more time an dear ms, from day one you've tried to define me. but i never invited you in. it's my life and this is my journey. i've found a way to do things differently with ocrevus, an infusion treatment that's 2-times-a-year. for adults with relapsing or primary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis, ocrevus is proven effective in reducing relapses in rms and slowing disability progression in rms and ppms.
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>> announcer: tomorrow we're kicking off the tju ♪ i feel like a lady ♪ >> announcer: the weekend party starts right here tomorrow with "good morning america's" summer cone certificate series sponsored by caesars rewards. want to throw a big thank you to our crews in washington state. you guys look like you're having a good time and did an incredible job. thank you for bringing that to us. >> wonderful. today we are saying farewell to an abc news lifer, tom shine has been shining as a fixture in the washington bureau, washington, d.c. bureau for 48 years. he knows capitol hill better than most. he's a journalist, mentor, oh, erite famous tom shine note, you feel me. his daily email about stories
8:56 am
that catch his eye. stories that loved on abc news. that's because of tom's commitment to journalism. unwaivering, everlasting and we know that passion will continue even into his well-deserved retirement. we love you. our best to you and your beautiful wife. thank you, tom. 48 remarkable years. >> amazing. thank you so much for watching, everybody. have a great day.
8:57 am
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morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron. now check on the traffic. from the richmond san rafael bridge and you can see how backed up it is with a crush in the westbound direction. it does look alike at least one lane is blocked so expect delays in the area. ch pay has not given us a time as to when it will reopen. we have crash in san jose cousin slow down on northbound state route 85 test camden avenue offramp. off to a great start this morning as you case. en thsubreaks ou sunscreen anraenhollcool can stilget if u' ersingtofe are okay.
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now it's time for live with kelly and ryan. kelly and ryan. we have to see you at deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan! today, the one and only arsenio hall! and from the handmaid's tale, elisabeth moss! plus, cast iron cooking with chef melba wilson, and a visit from actor john corbett! all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [crew clapping & cheering] -good morning, deja. -deja: good morning! [clapping continues] -good morning! -morning. it's thursday, july 1st, 2021. -winter's finally gone. -this is it. -[laughing] -right? this is it. listen, let's face it. the kids are practically back in school. you know it, and i know it. just live in the moment of july 1.


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