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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming to his support. but one of his bay area accusers sharing a much different side of the story. president biden on his way to the surfside building collapse. the search for survivors now growing dim. plus there is new chilling video showing exactly what happened moments before the tower went down. fourth of july finds. the tips to get the most for your money. >> i'm looking to take advantage of a wine sale. >> yes. >> where? >> i'll give you the details. >> ha-ha. >> the important things. >> it is july 1st and you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we'll start with our forecast. >> i'm glad you looked at it in a positive way. first thing i thought was now we're commercializing independence day. >> oh, mike. >> that's been. >> america! >> nothing more red, white and blue than that.
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all right. take advantage of them. i can't wait to have you that wine with us. >> i'll share. >> that's very nice. >> driving around san francisco it is definitely slippery there and also parts of the east bay. watch out from this cloud deck. it's letting go of more drizzle and it's windy. 22 at concord. 37 in fairfield. this leads to a below average afternoon as the sunshine slowly migrates back to the coast. keeping you in the low 60s with mid to upper 60s san francisco. 70s for the rest of the bay. a few 80s la. weave traffic issu ve issue na a sialt. this is on cr involving at least six vehicles. there are two people trapped inside their vehicle. all northbound lanes are
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blocked so this is on northbound state route 121. this is essentially where state route 121 meets with state route 12. you can see that purple line indicating all lanes are blocked. in the opposite direction you can see that backup extends around 4 miles. because of the dry conditions we're seeing around the bay area there is a much bigger emphasis on illegal fireworks this year. >> you've probably already heard these going off in your neighborhood. one county isn't playing around with the fire danger risk. matt boone live with the consequences if you're caught. >> reporter: fire officials are ramping up the consequences to try to make sure people know not to play around with illegal fireworks. out behind me you can see the view into san jose. a little bit of a haze out. despite the moisture the grass
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is quite dry. that's pretty obvious as you look around. firefighters say it's drier than it is normally at this time of year. that moisture in the grass is closer to what it looks like in late august than it normally is in july. last year on the fourth of july in san jose firefighters said they saw a rise in illegal fireworks that resulted in more than 30 preventable fireworks related fireworks. they worry that trend could continue as people look to celebrate after a difficult year. which is why they're implementing this so-called social host fireworks ordinance which holds property owners financially liable for the illegal use of fireworks on their property. that means violators could be on the hook for thousands of dollars to cover the cost of damage to neighboring properties. and even if there isn't significant damage, they'll be responsible for covering the cost of the emergency response as well. >> we are concerned obviously with the dry vegetation of fireworks landing in that
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vegetation will start a fire that will make it a challenge to control. >> don't be the cause of a tragedy. don't be the cause of a fire. we'll be out there in full force. >> reporter: they'll be out patrolling but they are looking for the public's help. they don't want to inundate the 911 line, they are asking for anybody who sees someone using fireworks illegally to help them out and report it. reporting live in san jose, matt boone, abc7 news. >> thank you. developing news this morning, there are several wildfires burning to the north of us. you can see them on this map. there are at least eight. the largest right now is the lava fire. it's burned 17,000 siskiyou county. mandatory e advantaguation orders are in place. right now the fire is 19% contained and officials believe lightning sparked this fire.
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bay area crews are traveling north to help fight the fires. this is video of the san bruno fire department deploying a strike team to the lava fire today. in the north bay president biden says sonoma county will be getting a fema grant to help fight wildfires. this came during a virtual meeting with governors of western states about the 2021 wildfire season. the president announced plans to raise firefighter pay to at least $15 an hour. there are plans for new satellites. >> the truth is we're playing catch up. this is an area that's been underresourced. but that's going to change if we have anything to do with it. we can't cut corners when it comes to managing our wildfires or supporting our firefighters. >> more than 2300 square miles have burned across the west so far this year. you can follow fires
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statewide with our exclusive wildfire tracker. it's uploaded with the latest information from cal fire to check in and see where fires are spreading, the acres that have been burned and the containment information you can see it in real time. the fire tracker is available right now. bill cosby waking up at his pennsylvania home just hours after being released from prison. the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his 2018 sex assault conviction on a technicality. cos bimade a deal with the former da to avoid prosecution if he testified in a 2005 civil lawsuit brought by one of his accusers. a new da ended up using that testimony as a key piece of evidence to file charges against cosby. cosby spent two years in prison before that conviction was overturned yesterday. >> most of us are just shocked,
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stunned, my stomach hurts. how could this happen kind of g i think all of us are still sti the processing moment. >> actress phylicia rashad tweeted finally, a terrible wrong has been righted. new details on actor james franco's sexual misconduct case. he's agreed to pay $2.2 million to setal lawsuit alleging he and others pressured students at his acting school into performing sex scenes on camera. in the class action suit, students say they were told if they did the scenes they would get movie and tv roles. franco did not admit wrong doing in the settlement. a judge still needs to approve it. president biden and the first lady on their way to surfside, florida right now. >> we want to show you this new video. this is them leaving joint base andrews this morning. they will be meeting with first responders and the families of victims in this condo collapse. today marks one week since that
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12 story building went down. jobina fortson joining us from it the live desk. you've been tracking the search for survivors and this new concern from overnight. >> yes, reggie and kumasi. authorities announced the first two children reported dead in the collapse. they were d 10 years old. so far 18 people are confirmed dead. 145 are still missing. the threat of severe weather could impact the search for survivors. forecasters are watching a storm that could become tropical storm elsa. >> the inclement weather affects the job we're doing. compounds and makes it more difficult. >> video shows the building's parking garage just seven minutes before the collapse. water gushes down from what appears to be a pipe in the garage ceiling and debris on the floor. this is the area where a 2018 report cited major structural damage. as you both mentioned earlier, the president and first lady are traveling to surfside right
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now. their plane is expected to land at miami international airport in about half an hour. rookie turned hero. a south bay police officer saving a woman's life after just one week on the job. the new body cam video that puts you in his shoes. the bay area's pricey pumps. a new tax that'll have you spending extra money to fill up this holiday weekend. and paying even more for pg&e. why it's wa
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team usa is ready for the olympic games... so is jaco wxfternet, and m cluded.
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dollar per day for each holoouth beach. falling on the bay bridge. had to use the windshield wipers almost the entire way across the bridge this morning. all the way into san francisco the wipers were running. unusual. that's what you're dealing with. that's creating slippery spots. we have the usual breezes from the golden gate through the delta for the evening commute. let's take a look at what's going on with our air quality. it's going to remain healthy. we get moderate for a couple of days around the coast and central bay. that's still healthy. temperatures 57 to 61 for the east bay with a little bit of drizzle. mainly mid50s to low 60s for all of us this morning. now let's take a look at the way the daybreaks down. not much of a change through at least 7:00 temperature wise. 9:00 we'll still have drizzle around as we round out the morning commute. 50s, 60s and 70s at noon becomes 60s, 70s and 80s at 4:00 with most of the sunshine
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away from the coast. temperatures below average today possibly through the weekend. i'll have that coming up. i'm coming a major crash right now in napa. this is a head on collision involving at least six vehicles. major injuries have been reported and according to the chp they're working on trying to get two people trapped inside their cars out right now. so all northbound lanes are lock. a heads up if this is a part of your commute. live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. this is completely backed up. metering lights came on at 5:56. traffic is to the maze. a live look at the golden gate bridge where the chp has issued a fog advisory. it's pretty slick on the the th roadways. britney spears' father firing back after the claims he's overly controlling his daughter. the new tool police officers are now handing out to you on san francisco sidewalks to try to stop more car break
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ins. do not try this at home. this man proving that this is not what you need to do if you have a he to break, okat6:
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it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million jamie spears is asking the court to investigate the singer's claims that her conservatorship is abusive. in a court filing defending himself he said he was unable to hear and address his daughter's concerns directly because he's been cut off from communicating with her. jamie says he's strictly responsible for britney's finances. her medical and personal needs were turned over to a professional conservator in 2019. while speaking in court last week, britney spears said she did not have autonomy to ride in a car driven by her
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boyfriend. the singer also said she could not make her own decisions about birth control or marriage. she told a judge she just wants her life back. a mechanic in new mexico recovering after a low rider he was working on exploded. look at this. so just a warning this is kind of hard to watch. isaac was working on hydraulics when flames shot out from the back of the car. his friend taking the video said he had to go to the hospital. now he's home though. as you can see he was burned. he had burns on his hands, his arms, his neck and his face. right now they still don't know what caused this explosion. >> wow. in the south bay a rookie sacer be called a hero after helping to save a woman from a house fire. these photos from the san jose police department capture the moment officer chris reed and other officers arrived along lick avenue tuesday morning.
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they found a raging fire and a woman who was unresponsive. officer reed took turns doing cpr with other officers until ems could take over. he'd only been on the jo for seven days. >> i trusted what we were trained to do was going to work. we kept doing it and they got a pulse. >> if they had not known she was there, if they had not started cpr after about two minutes of no oxygen going to the brain the brain starts to die. >> we're told the woman's pulse did return although we don't know her current condition. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police are tackling a troubling trend in san francisco. car break ins. yesterday officers handed out fliers reminding drivers to take their valuables with them. the chronicle reports there's been a 753% increase in car break ins from last may to this may. but remember last may during the height of the shelter at home orders so few people were out in their cars and basically
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no tourists here. since we're talking about cars if you have one, get ready to pay more to fill it up. california's gas tax is going up by about a cent today and of course this is coming before the fourth of july holiday when gas prices are spiking anyway. according to aaa on arch a gallon of gas is going for $4.43 in san francisco. in oakland and san jose it's about $4.34. nearly 48 million americans are expected to travel over the holiday weekend which is up 40% from during the pandemic last fourth of july. >> americans have had pent up demand. they are ready to get out and they are traveling in high numbers. >> aaa is advising drivers do not get on the road if you can help it between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. today and tomorrow because that's when traffic is expected to be the heaviest. new at 6:00, fourth of july holiday sales are underway. this morning on gma, shopping experts say you'll find good
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deals on summer items. target is selling $19 igloo coolers. home depot offering -- why did you say no to that? >> i'm waiting for the good stuff. >> home depot has this which you're not going to be interested in either been macy's and best buy are selling kitchen appliances for up to 40% off. athleta, coach and j. crew have sales up to 50% off. >> thinking about tvs and other tech, now is not the best time. once we're into july and late summer i would say it's worth holding out for the black friday prices. >> online shopping experts say it never hurts to bookmark the page of a retailer you like and check this weekend for sales. you never know if you're going to find what you want at a discount. >> i didn't have to hate on that cooler, did i? >> are we going to get excited a account a cooler? we're not. >> oh. >> cooler. >> what would excite you? what would be? >> some electronics. something.
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i guess that was more prime dayish. >> what do you need though? >> nothing. that's not the point. what do i want. >> okay. okay. >> so good. i've done all my clothes shopping. flooring. i didn't see any flooring sales. >> not on there. you can get a cooler. >> i bought more bathing suits like i have a pool. >> hot tub. >> that's true. >> can never have too many bathing suits. mount tam looking down on that compressed layer of marine moist air. i know some of us hate that word. it's drizzle. how about that. clouds open slowly today. that'll keep us from lacking summer heat today and all the way through the holiday weekend. i'm tracking just a slight warming trend next week. nothing really extreme in the forecast. cloud cover. you can see how slowly it retreats back to the coast. usual area san francisco towards emeryville could have cloud cover during the midday.
6:22 am
look how quickly it returns by 7:00 tonight. almost as much drizzle tomorrow morning as it has this morning. 78 in san jose. 84 in los gatos. 69 san bruno. 77 in it redwood city. at the coast, about 58 to 62 degrees. then mid to upper 60s for downtown. south san francisco and sausalito. could have 50s for bodega bay today. as you head inland, 74 at san rafael. 80 at santa rosa. low to mid90s from cloverdale northward. that's where the hot spots are today. 65 in richmond to 75 in fremont for the east bay. going to the game, it'll be comfortable. increasing sunshine and about 68 degrees by the end of the game. we'll go into the east bay valleys. 79 at san ramon. everybody else in the low to mid80s. expect temperatures back in the same region tomorrow all the way through sunday morning with pretty much the same cloud cover and the same afternoon
6:23 am
highs through the holiday. if you have clouds tonight you'll have them for fireworks sunday night. >> that's a grand tradition is to not be able to see the fireworks. you just see glowing clouds. good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> great to be with both of you on a thursday morning. i've got seattle behind me. so you know we are doing a rise and shine washington. however, it just unfortunately worked out that we got the new numbers after that unprecedented heat wave and now know that at least 76 people have died because of the heat here in the pacific northwest. nearly 100 up in canada. on top of all of this, the fires that have broken out all over your state. we'll be talking about those and the danger looking ahead as temperatures start to rise again. we also have to get into bill cosby and that bomb shell.
6:24 am
the disgraced median is waking up at home this morning. we'll have the fallout this morning. princes william an harry unveil a statue their at the mother diana. will it help heal the royal rift? then we'll come back to washington for rise and shine washington. the landscapes, the beauty and
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i must know his skin care routine." geico. saving people money for 85 years. beg your pardon. not better, not worse. the drought is the way it was last week with 95% of the state in a stage three and nothing changing here in the bay area either. we always show you the percent of the historic average. i wanted to show you the capacity of the reservoirs. anywhere from 62% don pedro. trinity, only 48%. look at lake. crews will begin taking down the pink triangle
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overlooking the castro. it went dark for the final time at sunrise. the pink triangle was illuminated from dusk until dawn for the month of june for pride month. a san francisco tradition is welcoming back live audiences. fleet week returning to the water front on october 3rd. the air show was set for october 8th through the 10th. u.s. navy blue and gems headlining the show. last year all fleet week activities had to be held virtually. sacramento's mayor made a potentially game changing announcement to try to solve the city's homeless crisis. might have a major impact in what we see in san francisco. we're standing by as president biden is preparing to land in miami, florida. we'll take you live as she shows his support one week after the tragic condo collapse. it's our top story this morning. heightened fears of illegal
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now at 6:30, an l.a. neighborhood rocked by this violent blast. the illegal fireworks bust showing what's possible for july 4th. now one bay area county adding more consequences to get you to stay safe. bart's big change means upgrades for your morning commute. you will notice them starting today. the future of instagram. the big changes coming to your feed. we are getting to grilling on this lead up to the fourth of july. a san francisco chef sharing delicious secrets and easy recipes that you can show off. because you need to come to that barbecue in style and ready. don't come in there with some supermarket food. >> uh-oh. good morning on this thursday, july 1st. you're watching abc 7 mornings
6:31 am
live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. doesn't it depend on the supermarket? >> that's true. >> you can hide a little better. >> add a little seasoning and put it in your own bowl. >> that's what i'm saying. put it in tupperware. yeah. we have our ways. >> disguises. absolutely. >> chef ryan is one of my favorites. i love him and his family. can't wait to see this. as far as our weather, it doesn't feel like grilling weather outside. look at this drizzle. and the drizzle is reaching the ground and it's causing slippery conditions out there. just hasn't hit any of our reporting stations with measurable levels at the lower elevations. it is out there and it's slipper why i in some spots. breezy. 22 at concord to 37 in fairfield. this is going to lead to slow sunshine and an on shore breeze that keeps temperatures below average from 60s along the coast into san francisco. 70s for the rest of the day and
6:32 am
a few 80s inland. reggie. >> thank you. happening now, here's a live look at president biden and first lady biden arriving at miami international airport to visit surfside, florida one week after a 12 story building collapsed in miami-dade county. at least 18 people have been confirmed dead while 145 others are still unaccounted for. the president is going to deliver remarks this afternoon after meeting with the victim's families. the search and rescue teams are still there. they are combing through the pancaked pile of debris looking for survivors but as every day goes on the prospect of that becomes more grim. back at home we want to illustrate what mike has been stressing to us. here's a better idea of the kind of drought we're in. with california's rain year ending yesterday, this two year period of northern sierra rainfall is the second driest in recorded state history based on data from the golden gate weather service. >> we're all now well aware of
6:33 am
how dry it is here. leaders are pleading with you to stay away from illegal fireworks on july 4th. matt boone live in san jose with the extra consequences that are here this year. matt. >> reporter: good morning. pretty much every year the fire department comes out and says don't set off illegal fireworks. yet people still do. this year here in santa clara county and san jose they're trying to up the ante a little bit. as you said increase those penalties for people who do break the law. if it you look behind me you can see all these dry hills. that's typical this time of the year. we are in that drought. the grass behind me is drier than it usually is at this time during the year. as we said last year firefighters say they saw a rise in illegal fireworks on the fourth of july resulting in more than 30 preventable fireworks related fires. they worry that trend could
6:34 am
continue as people look to celebrate after this difficult year we've been through. that's why they're implementing that so-called social host fireworks ordinance which holds property owners financially liable for the illegal use of fireworks on their property. could be on the hook for thousands of dollars to cover the cost of damage to neighboring properties. even if there isn't significant damage they could be responsible for covering the cost of the emergency response as well. >> don't be the cause of a tragedy. don't be the cause of a fire. we're going to be out there in full force. >> now one of the difficult things for fire fighting agencies is on the fourth of july they get flooded with 911 calls related to illegal fireworks. they don't necessarily want you to use the emergency line. they are asking for the public's help to help identify people who are violating so they can come and investigate these uses of illegal fireworks. reporting live thiin san jose, matt boone, abc 7
6:35 am
news. >> thank you. more than a dozen people got hurt, including three seriously afexplosion in southern california. >> it happened yesterday during an illegal fireworks bust in south los angeles. police were trying to detonate the fireworks. so this blast as you can see destroyed that bomb squad truck and then buildings and cars around it were also damaged. earlier in the day the los angeles police department seized at least 5000 pounds of illegal fireworks from a house. not clear what went wrong. on our website right now we have a full list of bay area legal fireworks shows you can check out in your neighborhood for the fourth of it's on our front page this morning bill cosby waking up a free man. the former comedian was released from prison yesterday when the pennsylvania supreme s assault in 2018. the court threw out the
6:36 am
conviction on a technicality. apparently cosby's legal team made a deal with a former prosecutor that cosby would not be charged if he agreed to testify in a 2005 civil lawsuit brought by one of his abc news legal analyst explains why cosby's release does not necessarily mean he's innocent. >> this opinion says nothing about his innocence. there's no judgment from the court here about whether the allegations are true or false, et cetera. it is only about this question about what the initial prosecutor had promised, assured the cosby team. >> cosby cannot be retried in this case. you can watch that coming up at 7:00. california passed a milestone in the fight against covid-19. more than 20 million people are now fully vaccinated. that's 51% of california's total population, including kids under 12 who aren't eligible for the shot. when it comes to test
6:37 am
positivity though it's rising in it california slowly. it's now at 1.3%. hospitalizations also back above 1000. officials continue to urge everyone to get vaccinated to be protected from it variants. another reason to get the pfizer or moderna covid-19 vaccine if you are not vaccinated yet, earlier this week we told you about a study that said the vaccines could offer protection for years. now a different study finds they lower the risk of severe illness if you have a break through infection. if you're vaccinated you won't catch covid 90% of the time. even if a break through infection occurs the symptoms are significantly less serious. researchers found vaccinated people who got sick had fewer virus particles in test samples a enthey experienced a shorter infection time than unvaccinated people. the study published in the new england journal of medicine. trump organization in trouble? his company's chief financial officer just surrendered to
6:38 am
authorities. the next legal steps expected today. we're taking a live look at the big board. not yet. looks like this is in miami where they might be doing an update on the condo collapse. we'll check in with that in a few moments. back in business today for a beloved bay area favorite. showing off new surprises when you show up. now it's 6:38. we're checking in with mike for the forecast. >> we'll talk about a little bit of drizzle and heat. quite a difference. sending firefighters up to those fires near the border and look what they're going to have to deal with today, tomorrow and saturday. highs 93 to 103. so i hope they're going to be safe in all aspects of what they're doing. roof camera. you can see kind after misty morning. we had slippery spots in san francisco and other areas because of the drizzle. because it is cooler.
6:39 am
stay hydrated. you may not be as thirsty, but you're going to need it for the body. as far as at home, we're still saving money. hopefully you're not using the air conditioner and enjoying this break from the summer heat. we have that small craft advisory this afternoon. pollen is remaining low to moderate. uv index very high. when that cloud coffer does feel back to the coast which will it will do, the burn factor is high. cloudy conditions in the south t bay. 57 in morgan hill. everybody else about 60 to 62 degrees. we have the 60s going up no newark and redwood city. that's it. as far as what's going to happen for the rest of today. 60s, 70s at noon. 60s, 70s and 80s at 4:00 with all the cloud cover back at the coast. we'll see if this lasts through the holiday weekend coming up next. it's still very busy in
6:40 am
napa. that's our biggest problem on the roads. a sig alert underway at haire lane. sensors are showing all northbound lanes are blocked. they're working on getting two people out of their vehicles. they're currently trapped. this was a head on crash between six cars. moving over now to wind advisory for benicia bridge. we also are bringing you a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:56. traffic is still backed up. heads up, it's going to be a slow ride. then if you're in san jose,
6:41 am
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while you were sleeping the trump organization's chief panel officer surrendered to authorities. criminal charges against him are set to be revealed later
6:43 am
today. jobina fortson at the live desk with this grand jury vote. >> hours after a new york grand jury voted to indict the trump organization and its chief financial officer allen weisselberg. he and the trump organization i today to face tax fraud charges. the trump organization is accused of avoiding taxes on fringe benefits. it's important to note this case is not expected to involve former president trump himself. the former president ignored questions about the criminal charges while holding a campaign-style event in texas yesterday. he's denied all wrong doing. >> thank you. starting today, every ncaa athlete in the country will be able to make money from a wide variety of business ventures without losing their eligibility. >> the ncaa's board of
6:44 am
directors cleared the way for student athletes to pursue name, image and likeness deals. some football players we talked to are thinking about the possibility of making money from video games, social media opportunities, signing autographs or starting their own businesses. si withgents and other endorsement deals. >> it's a mixture of chaos and good opportunity for all of us. we talk about it every day. ncaa rules that prevent schools from paying players directly are still intact. a san francisco family is waiting to hear from pg&e after they were forced to take down their park let outside the restaurant. in may they say someone from pg&e called to say they would send someone over to remove to accommodate pipe repairs. nobody ever showed up.
6:45 am
the family says they called pg&e but never got answers unless san francisco public works put a notice up to remove the parklet immediately. supervisor gordon mar says the city showed a lack of sensitivity towards small businesses. >> we asked pg&e to do whatever they can to make this right for the restaurant and i'm also asking public works. >> they are giant company. i hope they have some sympathy for small businesses like us. i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> a supervisor wants the city to provide more advance notice to businesses. now it's time for your morning money report. weekly unemployment claims have dipped to a post pandemic low. 364,000 new jobless claims were filed last week which is down 51% from the prior week. that beat projections of
6:46 am
388,000. however continuing climbs increased to nearly 3.47 million. tomorrow morning the labor department will be releasing the june jobs report. it appear as lot of us do everything anymore. cloroxe is hit. demand way up at the peak of the pandemic. with vaccines now and many people just getting back into normal activities that demand is weakening. clorox' current stock price is $179 a share. according to forbes it could sink to $150. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we're starting up about 55 points. sacramento's mayor has announced a right to housing plan to legally obligate the state capitol to house its growing homeless population. the policy shift should open a new front. if the city council approves that measure it would be the first of its kind nationally and would impose a municipal
6:47 am
mandate to deal with the humanitarian crisis. san francisco's rental market is upthe ci seen aspike in for reals as more companies require workers to come back to the office. it's a sign we're bouncing back . >> rentals were sitting on the market for a long time. >> we will finish out with about 700,000 square feet of new leasing activity. now that is the best since the first quarter of 2020. >> commercial real estate firm surveyed 140 san francisco- based companies. it stays at least 70% indicated they will have return to the office at least in some capacity by today. a lot of people are getting ready for holiday cois moron a,e scott was live at his home in
6:48 am
marin county to teach everybody how to make the perfect steak flank. >> the safe zone is if you let it rest half the amount of time or the full amount of time you grill it and let it rest here like i have on the board. this just sitting at room temp about 15, 20 minutes then when you slice it it's gorgeous and pink all the way through. >> all right. so he also shared a recipe for zippy sauce. and he's going to also share the secret ingredient he adds. that's coming up on gma which starts at 7:00 right after abc7 mornings. now i'm hungry. i don't know if i can wait 15 to 20 minutes after it gets off the grill. >> i understand. >> you've got to let it rest. >> or the juices just all flow out. >> oh, really? >> can i tell you something good? exciting? barbara, her peanut butter cake recipe is featured in one of his books. >> there's a peanut butter
6:49 am
cake? >> yeah. didn't you know that? i've only been back a couple of weeks. >> where is it? >> barbara. >> honey. >> barbara. >> hey, girl. >> we're ready. >> is that my phone i hear? >> peanut butter is one of my favorite things. >> i didn't know that i know kumasi likesgoing make it happe it's that good. rhts take a look at here's a look from san rafael. pretty cloudy. may run into drizzle. not much in the way from tam you're above the fray of cloud cover there that's really compressed. that's whyso much drizzle falling out of it. it's going to lock in a below average afternoon. the overcast sky areas of drizzle will continue. this current pattern stalls through the holiday weekend. slight chance of warming next week. now jobina's been talking about the wind advisories for the
6:50 am
altamont pass. 20 to 35 miles per hour there a cross wind. it's a perpendicular cross wind. winds gusting up to about 20 miles per hour as this low continues to pump in. it's the drizzle is helping a little bit where it is falling. which is very few areas. it's rising. raising the level of moisture in the fuels or vegetation. pulling back a little bit the fire danger. it's not enough. it is helping in some isolated areas. low los gatos. 69 in san bruno to 77 in redwood city. 58 to 62 along the coast. mid to upper 60s downtown. south san francisco and sausalito. 74 at san rafael. 80 at santa rosa rosa cloverdale. everybody else in the low to
6:51 am
mid80s. mid50s to near 60 with drizzle and a whole lot of cloud cover out there. this pattern repeats for the most part all the way through sunday. you can see temperatures warm up just a little bit monday, tuesday and wednesday. still no excessive heat in this forecast. have a good one. >> thank you, mike. the exploratorium is reopening to the public today. if you check it out you'll notice there's a lot more open space. the museum's managing director what's changed. >> we've taken some exhibits all the floor. ones where you might have to remove your mask, for example. we're being really thoughtful about the kinds of experiences and how people want to interact. we're focusing on object visions. we're focusing on reflections. focusing on natural phenomena. >> now the museum still has interactive exhibits for visitors to touch but there also are plenty of hand
6:52 am
sanitizer stations. the museum is featuring murals and photos by local artists depicting black lives matter demonstrations and the pandemic. now new rules to keep in it mind. visitors ages 3 and up have to wear masks. capacity is capped at 50% and you can eat there but it's limited to designated areas. most tickets will be sold online. we welcome them back. they are a our neighbors across the street. authorities in north carolina have captured a venomous snake called the zebra cobra. the pet snake somehow escaped from its owner yesterday. you can see experts rushing in to grab the snake after it got caught on aingly trap in raleigh. according to our sister station wtvd, the snake's owner and post videos of them on tiktok. he was bit by a different snake a west african green mamba.
6:53 am
>> i don't think we should have to live in fear from somebody's pet getting loose because it shouldn't be able to get loose and hurt somebody if it's a nice pet. >> the zebra cobra was moved to a safe location after they caught it. >> all right. big changes are coming to instagram. the head of the social media app now says it is no longer a photo sharing app. in a video post, said that instagram is looking to focus more on videos now. this is coming as competitors like tiktok and youtube are seeing massive success. users will soon see full screen recommended videos in their feeds just like tiktok. the changes are expected in the next few months. new at 6:00 a.m., never before seen footage of gladys knight and the pips part of a documentary set to
6:54 am
tomorrow on hulu. >> yes, gladys. so this is gladys knight of course and the pips performing at the harlem cultural festival in 1969. this video is part of a new documentary called summer of soul which was directed by questlove. he talked with michael strahan this morning about the project and his directorial debut. >> in the beginning i think i kept it under the hat because whenever i pivot to an unknown territory whatever i get a little nervous. i kept it close to the chest. then i started calling ava and spike lee and fellow directors and what not. i joke that i think it was maybe three weeks ago that spike -- it finally hit spike i was making a real film and i didn't have a tiktok account. >> oh. >> that part. disney of course is the parent company of abc7 and hulu. you can watch michael strahan's
6:55 am
entire interview with questlove and much more on summer of soul. that's coming up at 7:00 a.m. on good morning america. >> i love an interview where someone is honest. >> that little oh. a. >> i saw gladys knight. >> did you? >> it was one of my first concerts. >> how was it? >> she can do no wrong. all i wanted to do was sing midnight train to georgia. >> did she? >> yes. >> is that her last song? >> yes. >> such a good song. >> so good. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch our newscasts live and on demand through the bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download the app now and start streaming. >> as we head to break, what >> as we head to break, what are we featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese.
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6:58 am
landing in it miami. the president and first lady will be in surfside today after that condo building collapsed meeting with first responders and with victim's families. number two, bill cosby waking up a free man. he was released from prison yesterday after his sex assault conviction was overturned. some legal experts say he could end up suing for malicious prosecution. number three, there were at least eight wildfires burning across northern california right now and the largest is the lava fire which is burning near mount shasta. officials in san jose are warning residents to not set off illegal fireworks this holiday weekend. there's serious concern about fires especially with the extremely dry conditions we're seeing. at least we don't have the excessive heat. look at this. we are tracking summer heat in today's forecast. temperatures 3 to 5 degrees below average. 60s, 70s and a few 80s. we've had a consistent problem throughout the morning with a major crash in napa on northbound state route 121 at hair lane involving multiple
6:59 am
cars. this is a head on collision. they're working on getting two people out that are trapped inside their cars. flying cars are inching closer to becoming reality. is. two cities in slovakia. this is the first intercity flight for the air car. can we let it go? you have to see how it transforms. >> it goes from car to plane. >> here we go. >> it does need a runway. it doesn't, there it is. >> then you have to fight traffic from the runway? >> you need to have access to a runway. >> could a runway be a street like if you have a driveway and then turn out? like mike, how's your street? >> i could do it. i could absolutely do it. but do i have to file a flight plan? >> see now. >> i don't know. >> this is getting too complicated. really is. >> my other question is, is the
7:00 am
plane car, is that what we're calling it? is it leaving a dnight ne good morning, america. as we start this thursday, are the heat waves hitting both coasts finally about to cool off? state of emergency. scorching temperatures breaking records all over the u.s. conditions so dry that fireworks are banned in major western cities from seattle down to los angeles. holiday weekend travel crush. today expected to be the busiest day on the roads as almost 50 million americans are set to get behind the wheel. massive fireworks explosion. a truck erupting into flames and ripping through the neighborhood injuring at least 17. what went wrong.
7:01 am
this morning, prosecutors


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