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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 1, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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administration. >> he leaves behind defin breaking news over night the first criminal charges filed gensz former president trump company and one of his closest aids. what we're learning. >> breaking over night a fire works explosion rocks an l.a. neighborhood. leaving a dozen people injured including police officers. >> bill cosby home from prison this morning. sexual assault conviction over turned. we look at why and more accusers now speaking out. saying they feel betrayed. what happens next? >> video moments before the florida building collapse. the new group joining the investigation into what went
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wrong. >> william and harry coming together. the tribute today to their late mother. >> 80 years ago the first tv commercial hit the air. what's the best tv commercial ever? we rank the top three. this is "america this morning." good thursday morning. we begin with breaking news. concerning the investigation into former president trump and his company. >> the district attorney will bring criminal charges today against the trump organization. and chief financial officer. >> that top executive with close ties to the former president is expected to surrender this morning. >> this morning the organization that bares former president trump name now facing possible criminal charges. learning over night that a grand jury in new york voted to indict the trump organization. and its chief financial officer, weisselberg. the charges are expected to be
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unsealed today. when weisselberg and representative are due in court. expected to face tax fraud. allegedly avoiding taxes on benefits like apartments, cars and school tuition. on wednesday he ignored questions about the criminal charges in texas. >> biden is destroying the country. it started with a fake election. >> the former president is not expected to be part of the charges and denied all wrong doing. dismissing the investigation as politically motivated. >> the continuation of the greatest and disgusting witch hunt of all time. >> the possible charges the first brought after the two year investigation into the former president and his company. weisselberg worked for the company since the 1970s. in a book, trump said weisselberg quote did whatever was necessary to protect the bottom line. he appeared on trumps show the
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apprentice. >> replacing george this week. >> last night the former vice president of the trump organization acknowledged nothing major happens at the company. without donald trump's knowledge. >> anything that allen did that resulted in some kind of illegality of against the law, trump knew about it. nothing big happens at the organization without trump knowledge. >> a spokesperson for the organization declined to comment about the pending charges. >> also breaking, a powerful explosion rocked a residential neighborhood in los angeles. a bomb squad truck carrying illegal fire works blew up. injuring 17 people. including nine police officers. police evacuated homes after the explosion sent debris flying wherever. a tip led them to the home near a school. an arrested so
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>>ut say t htoric heat wave maybe to blame for hundreds-over deaths. so far 80 heat related deaths are confirmed in michigan and washington. in canada the mercury hit 120 degrees. inland areas will be sweltering again today. in the southwest, flash flooding turned deadly. a vehicle wept away in new mexico. >> we turn to accusers speaking out furious that bill cosby has been released from prison. after the sexual assault kwibs was over turned by the stream court. saying his due process rights were violated. >> this morning bill cosby a free man. flashing a peace sign outside his philadelphia home. after the pennsylvania supreme court over turned his sexual assault conviction. >> the 83 year-old speaking to
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the news about his case. >> nobody had the sense to say, wait one second. this doesn't match up with the truth. this is not what i was taught in college. this is not what i was taught in home. >> the court didn't exonerate cosby. ruling he should never have been prosecuted because of a deal with a former district attorney. >> he relied on the agreement. you can't have a system where prosecutors don't hold up to their word. >> the deal during a civil suit in 2005. when allegations were brought against him. the then district attorney agreed not to prosecute him for any charges related. persuading him to testify in the case. allowing her to win damages. during the criminal trial the new district attorney used that testimony against cosby. leading to his conviction and ten year prison sentence.
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>> the district attorney says we want to use the statement. uses the statement. and the supreme court ruled the entirety of the was unfair. so much so, they weren't going to order a new trial. they were going to dismiss the charges and say he cannot be retried for the charges. >> his conviction was seen as a big win for the me too movement and personal vindication for 50 women who accused him of drugging and assaulting them. >> women and victims of rape and sexual assault were feeling encouraged and empowered to come out and speak their truth. now we're thrown under the bus. >> this morning, calling the release disappointing. adding the court decision may discourage those who seek justice for sexual assault. in the criminal justice system. >> an accuser from 1989 says he got off on a technicality. >> he cannot take back his
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lifestyle that he had previously. of being this american dad. that is gone. forever. >> cosby is finding some support. his tv wife writing quote finally a terrible wrong is being righted. a miscarriage of justice is corrected. she responded to the backlash. writing quote i fully support survivors of sexual assault. coming forward. adding my post was in no way intended to be insensitive to their truth. >> cosby always maintained innocence and refused to join a sex offender program to win patrol. >> president biden will visit florida today. the death toll is 18. two children are among latest victims to be identified. now federal officials from the same agency that investigated the world trade center collapse in new york are joining the investigation. meanwhile, new video from just hours before the collapse. showing water pouring into the
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garage of the building. and over night this morning rescue workers reported hearing cracks in lt building. raising new concern. we're in surf side with the latest. >> after 2:00 this morning workers reported hearing cracks in the building. and had to investigate whether the rest of the tower would crash down. another example of the risk they are facing here. >> this morning the threat of severe weather looming large over the effort at site of the collapsed florida condo building. forecasters watching the direction of the storm system. it could dampen efforts to find victim ins the rubble. >> it affects the job we're doing. >> as crews make plans, new thiss thea w ced major structur damage to the concrete below the
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pool deck. failed water proofing. water is gushing down from a pipe in the garage ceiling. and debris on the floor. about seven minutes later the building crashing down. >> oh my god! >> she left a voice message for her brother. a she ran for her life. among the victims, a woman trapped in the debris. begging first responders for help. a firefighter saying a dumpster, rebar skb a wall of concrete prevented rescue workers from reaching her. >> it's a feeling of defeat and loss. we're humans. we feel it. >> the first children to be pulled from the rubble. >> it's also with great sorrow, real pain. i have to share with you that
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two of these were children. age four and ten. >> in the meantime there will be another investigation into this collapse. the federal agency which investigated the collapse of the world trade center towers after nine lempb. i launching its investigation calling it a fact finding investigation. >> thank you. >> let's look at thursday forecast. >> good morning the extreme heat takes a vacation on thursday. temperature wise about ten to 20 degrees cooler than wednesday. there will be humid storms out there. some could be severe. new york city, philly. washington d.c. flooding and damaging winds thursday afternoon. we're watching the tropics. eastern caribbean islands. under a tropical storm watch. expecting a category one hurricane there by this weekend.
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>> coming up the shark attack near a boy scout camp. >> what's happening to the woman who caused this major pile up at the tour defrance. with her card board sign. >> the
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back now with an arrest after this huge pileup during the tour de france. the woman whose sign caused the crashes that been taken into custody. a special committee will investigate the attack on the capitol. only two republicans supported it. liz cheney and alan kinzinger.
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nearly 50 million americans are expected to travel for the fourth of july holiday and experts say today could be the busiest day at the airport. some airlines are still canceling dozens of flights each day because of a pilot shortage and other issues, and the tsa is warning people to expect those long lines due to a shortage of agents. and airport parking spaces are in short supply spending hours looking for a space. >> we're expecting chicago o'hare to be the busiest this weekend. it will have about 403,000 departing seats which is nearly 100,000 more than the next two busiest airports which are l.a.x. in los angeles and dallas-ft. worth. as for people hitting the roads, some gas stations are running dry because of the shortage of fuel.aining. in southern california a 15-year-old attending a boy scout camp is recovering after a shark bite. he was canoeing off catalina
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back now with a workshop disaster.a mes testing that car's hydraulic system when there was an explosion. he's now recovering from burns, and the blast may have been sparked by the car's hiydraulic batteries. a judge has rejected britney spears' request to remove her father from her conservatorship saying he will stay at least for now. spears made the request claiming the conservatorship was abuse. spears' father jamie oversees her money and business dealings along with an estate management firm. actor james franco has agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle a sexual misconduct lawsuit. former students from his film school say franco pushed them to perform sex scenes that went beyond what's acceptable in love scenes on movie sets. a celebration that
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what would have been princess ih >> reporter: this morning a tribute to princess diana on what would have been her 60th birthday as her sons william and harry unveil a statue kensington palace. all eyes will be on the brothers after their public falling out stemming from harry and meghan's move away from royal duties. >> you have a situation where we are remembering this hugely iconic woman and the legacy she left and the two people who are physically carrying on her legacy her sons remain bitterly divided. >> reporter: allegations of racism toward the couple's son archie during their oprah interview in march caused a rift. megan claiming a royal family member was concerned about the color of their first born archie's skin because megan is mixed race. the couple refusing to say who made those comments. princew rrwiiam shared their first public appearance together at prince philip's funeral.
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today will only be the second time they will be seen before the media. growing up they were pictured together bonded together diana's legacy of philanthropy continuing through them. william and kate heading their own charity, the royal foundation and just yesterday harry visited with seriously ill children in london and spoke with recipients of the diana award given to young people who create positive change. >> our mom believed that young people have the power to change the world. she believed in your strength because she saw it day in and day out. >> reporter: the statue being unveiled later today has been four years in the making. william and harry said they hope it will help visitors to kensington palace reflect on their mother's life and legacy. mona, andrew. >> andrea, thank you. in sports the suns are heading to the nba finals for the first time since 1993. chris paul scored 41 points in their blow-out win over the clippers last night.
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without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? time to check the pulse. we begin with the power in the big apple. >> trending online wednesday. because new york city sent an alert asking people to conserve electricity drew to the heat wave. >> new yorkers sounded off. one person posting new york really said shu air-conditioning off while we light this wicked poster in times square that's been here since 2003. they use twice the electricity
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required to power all the casinos in las vegas. to an an verse refor tv. >> the first commercial aired 80 years ago today. people watching a brooklyn dodgers game saw a ten second ad. for a company that is still in operation. it cost them $9. >> commercials are more expensive. everybody has their favorite. toot si pop, how many licks. third on the list. wendy's where's the beef commercial. apples 1984 commercial which introduced the mac. next to california. a real life treasure hunt. >> the idea of two friends hid $1,000 in the box in the mountains south of san francisco. >> they want people to get outside and enjoy the great out doors. th mone ces a y to motivate online today. we'll check the top headlines up
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7
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>> now at five, president biden trouble into the site of the florida condo collapse. new chilling video showing what happens moments before the tower went down. >> i am still processing this. is a stunning revelation. a bay area woman cosby of sexual assault stunned. the stronger election to his release from prison. >> will california change its mask guidance? state health officials are ce. >>oumit neuse your windshield wipers this morning. mike is tracking so thursday, j >> thank you for that. >> you are watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7


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