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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 1, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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a 15-year-old on catalina island off the coast of los angeles has been hospitalized for a shark bite. the boy was canoeing when the shark bit him. he will be okay but he did require surgery. a los angeles judge has denied britney spears' request to remove her father from her conservatorship saying he will stay at least for now. spears' father jamie now oversees just her money and business dealings, along with an estate management firm. in 2019, a court-appointed co conservatorship took over running the pop star's personal life. fans of the royal family are hoping a ceremony today will mend fences between feuding princes william and harry. they're unveiling a statue honoring their mother princess
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diana. abc has those details. >> reporter: this morning, a tribute to princess diana, on what would have been ler 60th birthday. as her sons william and harry unveil a statue of their mother at kensington palace. all eyes will be on the brothers, after their public falling out, stemming from harry and meghan's move away from royal duties. >> we have a situation where we are remembering this hugely iconic woman and the legacy she left and the two people who are physically carrying on her legacy, her sons, remain bitterly divided. >> allegations of racism toward the couple's son archie, during their oprah interview in march caused a rift within the family. meghan claiming a royal family member was concerned about the color of their first born archie's skin because meghan has mixed race. the couple refusing to say who made those comments. prince william defending the royal family. a month after that bombshell interview, harry and william shared their first public appearance together at prince
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phillips funeral and today will be the second time brothers have been seen in front of the media. growing up theyth death in a pa crash in 1997. diana's legacy of philanthropy continuing through them. william and kate heading their own charity, the royal foundation. and just yesterday, harry visited with seriously ill children in london, he recently spoke to recipients of the diana award, given to young people who create positive change. >> our mom believed that young people have the power to change the world. she believed in your strength, because she saw it day in and day out. >> the statue being unveiled later today had been four years in the making. william and harry say say they hope it will help vic visitors reflect on their mother's life and legacy. mona, andrew? >> thank you. coming up, patriotic party ideas. >> and ideas for a festive spread. you're watching "world news now." you can sell your policy, even a
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♪ ♪ living in america. lady liberty shining bright. nothing says living in america like fourth of july celebrations. >> will ganss checked in with america's ceo, chief entertaining officer tim lair, for some tasty ideas. >> you are looking very festive, sir. >> i am feeling festive and i'll tell you what, we have some fun ideas for our fourth of july gathering that's american from start to finish. and some good tips for your viewers. so anyway, we're going to set up a lemonade stand but it's going toen an adult lemonade stand because i'm going to beirit, y i discovy favoterestaunt bartender says you got to try this, i did, it was so smooth, a nice little vanilla aftertaste
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little notes of that, and it's smooth, i'm going to use this, distilled ten times, filtered three times, it's american made, by an american distiller, buffalo trace, and it's a small batch. so perfect for your fourth of july get together. four ounces wheatley vodka. boom. three ounces of lemonade. that goes on top. and here's the ah-ha, will. i set out different flavors so your guests can personalize their lemonade. so i have things like peach, mango, pomegranate juice, cranberry, strawberry and some fun garnishing to go with that. so i will make a peach lemonade, and again, your guests get to make whatever they want. boom. a little peach goes in. quick stir. and then a peach garnish. and i think you have a little setup. >> pomegranate, yes. and i went with the dry july
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version. so the alcohol-free option. that's what i have. >> and that's a good point, because i always tell my guests, i say listen, you can go alcohol-free, leave out the wheatley, and just build your lemonade as you want it. so still have fun. happy fourth of july, will. here's to you. >> here's to you. >> light and refreshing on a summer day. that is fabulous. can't get any more american than hot dogs and i set up just regular hot dog, let my guests garnish it how they want it, but then here's a little twist on it, this is a buffalo chicken dog. i start with a chicken hot dog, put a little hot wing sauce, chonned celery, and top it with blue cheese crumble, kind of a fun twist on a dog and your guests can build it as they want. here's a secret to the dogs. always butter the buns before you grill them or toast them. because otherwise, they'll dry
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out. here's another fun idea. i can't take credit for this. there is a french chef called jacques la pen, it's a curly dog, here is how you make it, you score it down the middle and almost wait to you get to the end, don't go all the way through and give it about 12 scores on the side loo like this and when you put this in the pan or on the grill, it curling up into this beautiful little hog dog here and then he has a great garnish that has a little vasha in it and it is on the "world news now" facebook page for that recipe. and finally, how about a desert dog? >> let's do it. >> a little peanut butter in there. and then your guests can put on what they want. hot chocolate or a little bit of caramel topping. whipped cream. i like sprinkles so we will put a little of those on. >> there and there it is. the zes sert dog. everything for your fourth of july party. right there, will. >> tim, you've done it again, my man. and that dessert dog, by the
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♪ july, ♪ july, july, july july july j ♪ . >> the month of swimming pool, fireworks and other stuff. >> and other stuff. but what we never knew about july could fill a book. our will ganss is here now with a "world news now" quiz, july or lie. >> that's right, guys, first of all, i never felt more like katy perry in my entire life. with these graphics. welcome to july or lie. a series of statements for you guys, if you think the statement is true about the month of july, i say july, if you think the statement is false about the month of july, you say lie. are you ready to play july or lie? >> yes. >> let's do it.
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on oulgo ne cae world's jewels are found this time of the year, july or lie? >> i say lie. >> it's after julius caesar, no? >> that is correct mona. >> i was paying attention in history. >> bonus points. two for mona. one for andrew. question number two. the full moon in july gets its name because this time of the year male deer antlers are in full growth mode. july or lie? >> i'm going to say a lie. >> mona's got it again. it's called the buck moon. the buck moon is, you know, from the deer and the antlers, you know. >> all right. question number three, more presidents were born in july than any other month of the year? july or >> trump was june. >> this one, andrew gets presi
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died in july. >> that i close enough. got it right. >> not to bring the mood down or anything. days of summer officially begin in july, july or lie? >> august. isn't it august? >> according to the almanac, the official almanac, farmer's almanac, it is true, july. >> so i got this one. >> all right, we're not playing regis philbin rules. question number five. july is the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. july or lie. i'mguguh-o se bau telling me it's true, it's a july, not a lie. >> that's why i went with july. uh-huh. >> one right. >> of course, the coldest in the southern hemisphere. so we'll give you a half a
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point, i guess. >> okay. >> it's also leo season. am i off? >> leo s
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deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan! today, we catch up with kevin james from the crew, and the amazingly talented cynthia erivo. plus, a simple yet chic wall art with danny seo. all next on live. ["shake" by l.l.a.m.a., ne-yo, & carmen deleon] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! man. deja vu! good morning. [crew clapping & cheering] ♪ shake it like that ♪ ♪ baby, just shake it away ♪ hey, happy hump day! it's wednesday, june 30th, 2021. that's it! that's all you get from june, everybody. -that's all june has to offer. -party's over. as you know, once june flies by, it's--ready? july--bing! then it's over. then you know you're on borrowed time. i feel like it's been over for you--
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like, in may, you were already thinking it's over.


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