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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 1, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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quick action by first responders in the south bay saves a woman's life. >> parklet problems. why they forced them to tear it down. a major rule change that will allow college athlete takes to get endorsement deals. i'll explain. june cooling is off today. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm still processing this. it is kind of a stunning revelation. >> a bay area woman who accused bill cosby of sexual assault is left stunned after the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his 2018 conviction. good evening. i'm ama dates. >> bill cosby is a freeman . release, billrison and back at cosby spoke with abc news by
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phone. >> and nobody had the sense to say wait one second, this doesn't match up with the truth. >> justices ruled cosby should not have been prosecuted because of a deal with former d. a. bruce caster that he would not be charged if he agreed to testify in a 2005 civil civil cl brought by andrea constand. cosby relied upon d. a.'s word he would not be prosecuted but his successor used his testimony as a key piece of evidence more than a decade later to file criminal charges against the comedian. cosby was later convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting constand, serving two of his three to ten year sentence before his release on wednesday. the court also bars further prosecution against cosby in the constad case. felicia rashad tweeted finally, a terrible wrong has been
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righted, a miscarriage of justice is corrected. his accusers are stunned and angry, including janice baker kinny of the bay area. >> most of us are just writing shocked, stunned, my stomach hurts, this is sickening, how could this happen kind of thing. and i think all of us are still in the processing moment. >> long time friend, the former mayor of san francisco, willy brown, maintains while cosby has his freedom, his life has been ruined by allegations. >> if they were absolutely accurate in telling the truth, why would you wait from 1969 until 20 to tell the story? >> we sent out a push alert that cosby's conviction had been overturned. for immediate updates by your mobile mobile device download the app. a judge denied a
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remove britney spears's father. the rejection stems from a request by britney spears' attorney last year. spears has been trying to petition the court to get her father removed for years. a big move in the ongoing investigation into former president trump's namesake firm. a grand jury in manhattan has voted to indict the trump organization and the chief financial officer, al tomorrow. a powerful explosion rocked a neighborhood during an illegal bu. at least 16 people were injured, three seriously in south los
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angeles. a bomb squad truck was destroyed. buildings and cars damaged. bomb squad officers had been moving 5,000 pounds of fireworks from a home. the blast happened when police attempted to safely detonate some of those fireworks. developing news, a fast moving vegetation fire north of redding triggered evacuation orders in shasta county. the salt fire is burning 2,000 acres flames are moving rapidly to the east and north. several roads are closed. the fire is 0% contained. in the north, the lava fire is torching 17,000 acres, that is 14,000 more than yesterday and the largest wildfire burning in california. mandatory evacuation orders are in place. strong winds, dry conditions are hampering the fire fighting efforts. the fire is 19% contained. officials say the fire was started by lightning. bay area crews are travelling north to help fight the fires. this is video of the san bruno
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fire department deploying a strike team to the lava fire today. san francisco firefighters are heading to the salt fire. there are several wildfires burning to the north of us right now. the tenant fire is not as large as the salt and lava fires but has prompted evacuations. crews are making progress on the beswick fire. it is 75% contained. in the north bay, president biden says sonoma county will be getting a $37 million fema grant to help fight wildfires. it came during a virtual meeting to discuss the 2021 wildfire season. president biden announced plans to raise firefighter pay to $15 an hour. there are plans for new satellites to improve early detection and apps to better inform residents of fire danger. >> the truth is we're playing catch up. this is an area that has been under resourced, but that is going to change if we have anything to do with it. we can't cut corners when it
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comes to managing the wildfires or supporting the firefighters. >> more than 2,300 square miles have burned across the west so far this year. fire danger and drought have south bay fire officials pleading with the public to not use illegal fireworks over the fourth of july weekend. >> don't be the cause of a tragedy. don't be the cause of a fire. we're going to be out there in full force. >> that is sheriff lori smith. fire officials saw a dramatic rise in illegal fireworks last fourth of july result inning 30 preventible fireworks related fires in san jose alone. if you want to see legal fireworks or want information on other fourth of july events, go to our website. a game changer coming from the ncaa. the league's board of directors cleared the way for college athletes to make money from
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endorsements and other ventures. we have the reaction. >> the locker room is insane right now. a mixture of chaos and excitement. >> reporter: mo hasan is reacting to the news that ncaa will allow athletes to sell their name, image and likeness. >> we're all excited about it. we think it will be a good opportunity for all of us. we talk about it every day. >> reporter: that from armanie archie, a defensive back for washington state university. he is thinking about video game and social media opportunities. >> i'm thrilled this is a true victory for student athletes, college athletes who have been exploited for decades. we kick started this effort. 22 states followed us. they finally threw in the towel. >> reporter: women collegiate athletes who sometimes don't have pro options were the first to reach out to her about
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wanting this change that not only benefits schools but athletes. there has been hesitation over college athletes receiving money for years, though. many already have full scholarships, which often equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> yes. there is going to be a monetary upside. what concerns me the most is that teams are successful because everybody is pulling the same way. now that we're dealing with money, which might not be equal, that does concern me. >> reporter: while money in exchange for enrolling in a school is not allowed and salaries from a school are not allowed, there is still some confusion on how exactly this will work. j. r. stone, abc 7 news. a san francisco family is still waiting to hear from pg&e after they were forced to take down the parklet outside of the restaurant to accommodate pipe
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repairs. kate larsen went to the restaurant tonight and said pg&e and the city of san francisco need to make this right. >> reporter: the yang family has owned this restaurant since 1997. it is a neighborhood staple, but -- >> last year was tough, it was a tough year. >> reporter: like so many restaurants, they built a parklet, which even as california climbs out of the pandemic, is still important. >> a lot of people that are not ready for indoor dining and they enjoy the outdoor dining. >> reporter: last month, he says someone from pg&e called and said they would send over a carpenter. they may have to remove the parklet for work on the street. >> but no one really showed up to check out the parklet or talk to me. >> reporter: he called pg&e repeatedly but never got any answers until san francisco's department of public works put up a notice to remove the structure immediately. he spent the weekend tearing
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down the parklet that cost his family $6,000. >> they're a giant company. i hope they have some sympathy for small business like us. also, i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: pg&e says they're making upgrades to the natural gas pipeline. they apologize for any frustration they experience. he also said they're looking closely at what happened and how they could have improved communication. >> pg&e clearly dropped the ball. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor gordon mar said they showed a lack of sensitivity toward small businesses. >> we asked pg&e to do whatever they can to make this right for the restaurant and i'm also asking public works to rescind the removal order. >> reporter: customers also have ideas. >> the least they could do is help them put the parklet back up when they're finished. >> reporter: supervisor mar also wants the city to provide more advance notice to businesses.
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kate larsen. chilling video in surfside. life saving measures making all the difference in the south bay. first responders saving a woman's life during a fast moving fire. get ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket the next time you cross the golden gate bridge. yes, something is happening with the tolls. i'm meteorologist sandy patel. the holiday weekend is approaching and we have no extreme heat to tell you about. i'll have the forecast coming right up. tonight we have a super cool new thing called an audience. >> there was a hat with names it and you had to make out with whoever you pulled the name out of the hat. matthew perry pulled my name out of the hat
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rescue workers of the condo building collapse in florida discovered the bodies of two children. they were sisters. 18 people are now confirmed dead. 145 people are still unaccounted for. president biden and the first lady are set to visit the site tomorrow. crews have gone through the debris for six days and are under more pressure with a storm approaching. new video out today shows the moments before the towers partially collapsed with debris and a water leak in the garage. you see the water right there in the center of the screen. it is an area inspectors said needed repairs years earlier.
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an inspection report from 2018 warns the slab right above the garage had major structural damage. back at home in the south bay, a rookie san jose police officer on the job for just one week helped save a woman from a house fire. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo spoke with the new recruit and other officers being called heroes by neighbor tonight. >> reporter: these photos capture critical work. a raging residential fire burned into the afternoon. >> we took turns. we were doing the c approximately fr for a couple of minutes before the ems and fire could really get everything together. >> reporter: chris reed on his seventh day on the job, still in training. >> i was hoping what we were trained to do was going to work. ahough her currentresponsive condition is unknown. >> had they not known she was
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there, had they not started cpr, after about two minutes of no oxygen going to the brain, the brain starts to die. >> we were doing our best to get her the help she needed. there wasn't a lot of thoughts. it was just action. >> quick action commended by residents. >> i have never seen a team work as fast as they did. and so caring to all of us. >> reporter: diana sanchez and her family live yards from the destruction. she and others believe a neighbor may have sparked the fire by smoking near oxygen tanks. >> common sense tells you don't smoke. >> reporter: while we await official word on a cause, what is clear is the community also had a hand in helping. >> while the neighbors were trying to put out the fire with the hose, we had another explosion which ended up being oxygen tanks >> reporter: initial explosion waking joy torres on tuesday. now she stands just feet from the debris. >> i hope people learn from, you know, this incident, because so many people lost their homes and they didn't have to. you know? it was unfortunate and i pray to
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god she is okay, but we don't know. >> reporter: also recognizing more damage could have been done if it were not for first responders. i'm amanda del castillo. california drivers will have to shell out more money at the pump this weekend. tomorrow the state's gas tax rises again by about a cent. it comes before the fourth of july holiday when gas prices are already spiking. according to aaa on average, a gallon of gas is $4.43 in san francisco. oakland and san francisco are seeing $4.34. travel is up 40% from last july 4th. >> americans have had pent of demand. they're ready to get out and and they're travelling in high numbers. >> aaa advises drivers to avoid hitting the road between 3:00 and 5:00 thursday and friday afternoons. that is w t will be theiest. br is going to get more
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expensive. starting tomorrow, the pay as you go rate increases to $8.60. the fast track rate jumps to $8.05. the toll invoice rate crosses $9 and car poolers will pay just over 6 bucks. be warned, prices are going up again, crossing one of the major bay area bridges around here, ama. >> if you're out on the roadways tonight, you have a little bit of the drizzle, you know, on your windshield. >> dan and ama, you'll need the windshield wipers tomorrow morning. it is drizzling in oakland, let me show you live doppler 7. we had real rain in the sierra nevada, hundreds of lightning strikes. monsoon moisture with thunderstorms. the reason why i show you this is markliville, .84 of an inch up there. here is how we did. our rainy season comes to an end
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today. santa rosa, 38% above average. san francisco, san jose, not much better. your average rainfall is 33 inches. you got just over a foot. so no doubt it was a very dismal rainy season. here is how the reservoirs are doing. new melones, 51% of capacity. don pedro, 62%. san louis, 33% of capacity. not good. hopefully this winter is better than the past winter. live doppler 7 is showing you the fog intruded into the east bay. visibility is low. over a mile in half moon bay. be careful tomorrow morning if you're out and about on the roadways. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. the top of pyramid, hardly visible. cool coast, mild inland tomorrow afternoon and we're looking at seasonal temperatures through the fourth of july weekend. let's talk about the fourth. at noon time, the fog will be
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around near the coast. sunshine inland, 50s to 70s, mild to warm. 4:00 p.m., some fog. for the fireworks that are taking place in the evening, make sure you grab a jacket or a sweater. it will be cooling off. i know there are parades going on on the fourth of july as well. morning tomorrow, you'll start out with slippery roadways with the drizzle, the fog, and then as we head into the afternoon, we hang on to some of the gray skies just like we did today. that is actually a good thing. that moisture that is added from the drizzle helps with the fire danger. temperatures tomorrow morning in the 50s, 60s, here is a look at your afternoon highs in the low to mid-80s, a lot like today. today was cooler, 38 in concord. 84 degrees in fairfield, 78 in san jose. 74 san rafael. mid-60s richmond, san francisco, 61 half moon bay. 67 degrees in oakland. accuweather seven day forecast, morning fog and drizzle giving way to a minor warm up for the end of the work week and it is going to be a fabulous fourth
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with low 60s to upper 80s before we bring back the 90s. not until next week. 60s coast side, just nice range of temperatures. >> i like bringing back the 90s and i'm not just talking i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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police are tackling a troubling trend in san francisco. car break-ins. officers handed out flyers reminding drivers to take their valuables with them. the chronicle reports there has been a 753% increase in car break-ins from last may to this may. san francisco tradition is welcoming back live audiences this year. fleet week is returning to the waterfront october 3rd. the air show is scheduled for october 8th through the 10th. the u.s. navy blue angels are headlines as always. last year all fleet week
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activities and festivities were held virtually. nice to have them back. >> that is fun. always amazing to see. coming up in sports, the 49ers will party like it is 1994. the a's a home against the rangers. the staples shove. what led up to t
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well it is the final day of june. as projected. the a's are in the thick of things poised to make a fun summer lasting deep into the fall. a's hosting the rangers. best hat in the stadium award. the a's debut, 2,000 plays and his career home run. it is fair. 3-0. a's. top of the sixth. rangers bring the tying run to the plate. chris bassett gets joeyys joeyyy
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a's win 3-1. rubber match tomorrow afternoon at the coliseum. suns, clippers. physical play between paul george and devin booker as book goes down. third quarter, phoenix up 11, booker, dribble, drive and score, 22 points for the 24-year-old all star. 36-year-old chris paul never made the nba finals until now. he scored a game high 41 and then watch this. patrick beverly, just the unnecessary shove right right rg bev, ejected. suns win 130-103. lightning hosting the canadiens, game two of the stanley cup final. final seconds of the second period. coleman breaks the 1-1 tie. so nice, we show it twice. the dive, .3 remain in the period and it is good.
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college world series, cowboys quarterback dak prescott hoping his mississippi bulldogs can beat vanderbilt. a three run blast. bulldogs win 9-0. they secure the first ever national championship in any sport at mississippi state. the 49ers will party like it is 1994. the franchise bringing back the '94 red throw backs like the ones jerry rice, steve young wore. they will wear the uniforms four times at home including the week three home opener against green bay and match up against the rams november 15th right here on
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