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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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couple days now and no new victims have been pulled from the rubble. >> reporter: exactly, >> reporter: exactly, whit pup see their anguish, fear, their concern is written all over their faces. just a few moments ago when governor desantis was making his way down this row here i saw a woman i had met thursday night looking for her son-in-law. her son-in-law was on the fourth floor of that tower with his cousins and they haven't heard from him since. she's devastated. her daughter is devastated and to t lachbd ive to what the govr had to say. these families are looking for any bit of information they can get. so many families that don't know. they are assuming, holding on to hope. they're hoping for a miracle but they just don't know.
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you can see it's raining here in seaside and weather happenered the conditions. the search and rescue teams face sewed many challenges in the last couple of days. you heard from officials. they said they will continue to work. they are trying to find people. they are trying to get that information to those families. they've got crews working in 12-hour shifts, and it is an around around-the-clock situation. >> 159 people unaccounted for. i want to turn to our tom van nesn, former commissioner. tom, talking before coming on the air about the search and rescue effort. you were there 9/11. many haven't seen a building collapse like this in the united states since then. what did you make of what officials are talking about in continuing the searchnd rescue
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efforts two and a half days later? >> well, i certainly can understand what they're trying to do. they're holding out, even though there's less and less hope as the hours go by. they're holding out, saying that there's no hope. the last thing they wanted to do i'm sure, bring in that heavy crane that you have on the screen now. once you start moving all of that stuff like that, you get too much vibration, too much movement, and you really lessen a chance of finding anybody in that area. but they had to do that because of the fire. so everything they do to compensate for one problem is a greater problem in another area. the smoke, the density, the water coming down. the time going by. it's just such a difficult operation. it's heavy. it's compactness. i'm watching a guy before hitting concrete with a sledgehammer. it's just such -- we build our buildings very well.
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these are good buildings, and when they come down there's a lot of heavy, heavy material that is difficult to move. you just hope that there's somebody under hon. go by itpossib. >> and tom, seeing picture of the search and rescue crews. they built a slide, this chute, literally, brick by brick, one cinder block at a time, picking them up, putting it on the chute to access. they're looking for void space where is perhaps somebody could survive. pockets where there could be some air to breathe, but, tom, give perspective on this. again, going back to 9/11, how long after that disaster, that catastrophe, the attack there, were survivors actually being >> had n s tfirst 24 hours. we only found some five on the
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staircase, a port authority person trapped. after 24 hours, none. experts told us we would not find survivors but we could not listen to them. the mayor did not want to put that word out. we just didn't walk to give, take away any hope. firefighters and relatives just needed that hope. so we went on for weeks, but the compression, you know -- we had -- our weight was really more dense than this. we had 110 stories come down. not 12. 14 acres. really, a bigger, heavier, much more horrible event that there was no hope, really, from the beginning, but we just didn't want to believe that. i think there has been hope here for the last couple of days, and i just, you know, as time goes by you become more skeptical that they will find somebody, but these guys are doing a great job. >> sure are.
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they're very brave. we've seen images of them going into he rubble underneath some of these pockets, waist-deep in water trying to get to any possible survivsurvivors. they're not giving up because they believe there could still be void space where is somebody could survive. we'll stay on top ofs they on abc news. our coverage continues on "abc news live" and and a full update tonight. i'm whit johnson, have a good day. >> announcer: this has been a special report from abc news. a. others are still missing. i live just 15 minutes away in a building that just underwent its 40-year recertification process, so this is, of course, something i thought about as i went to sleep, just have to ll yohawh happened is incredibly rare. buildings just shouldn't fall down, guys.
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>> our thoughts with all of those people's families still waiting to find out what happened their loved ones. victor oquendo, thank you. coming up, a "gma" parenting alert. after losing her teen son to accidental drug poisoning, tv's dr. laura berman is on a mission to warn parents to be on the lookout for the use of emojis on social media that may be related to drug deals. plus, a big surprise for this dad and children's book author, the special message of love he sends to all families, we'll be right back. now, simparica trio simplifies protection. ticks and fleas? see ya! heartworm disease? no way! simparica trio is the first chewable that delivers all this protection. and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures; use with caution in dogs wi a history of therders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio.
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news." so happy to have you here this morning. >> i am thrilled. ed sheeran is back. the grammy winning singer has dropped his brand-new single "bad habits" along with a spooky music video. take a look. ♪ bad habits sleep still late nights alone conversations with a stranger i barely know ♪ ♪ swearing this will be the last but it probably won't ♪ >> this is the first song off sheeran's yet untitled fifth studio album giving fans new music for the first time since 2019. so it's good to have ed back. the singer explained the video in a statement saying "i wanted the video for "bad habits" to play on the nature of habits in a fantastical way so i decided often vampires. it was megafun getting into character except for the heights. that wasn't so fun.
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so" -- can't wait to see what he does next. and it might be summer, but halloween has come early. the "halloween kills" trailer is here giving fans a look at the latest installment in the franchise and it looks scarier than ever. the 2018 "halloween" movie was a a killer -- uh-huh -- starring, of course, jamie lee curtis. the box office blockbuster earned more than $250 million worldwide, becoming the highest grossing chapter on the four-decade franchise and setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman. but it looks like the best is yet to come or the worst now that it has returned. another brilliant chapter in the ultimate story of good versus evil. "halloween kills" hits theaters october 15th. that was always one horror movie i could watch. i see your face, eve sa.
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eva. that was always one i could watch. >> i can't watch any scary movies. i have nightmares. >> i would too but that one felt worth it. dan? jennifer garner on the hollywood map. beloved action series on five seasons from 2001 to 2006, and in an interview at sirius fest the actress is up to donning that red wig and kick butt and can still do it. the cast is insanely close after all these years and texted some this week. garner posting this picture from back in march wishing happy birthday to her "spy daddy." can't wait to see him soon. wa was that a hint? the "13 going on 30" star, if you're tweeting, justin ra jj abraham on twitter, fielding tweets from those trying to
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reach him. be careful with the handles the there. and look at this catwalking cat. totally normal how the cat is opening doors. "if you can't enter a room dramatically, is it worth enters at all?" >> send that to tony baker to do a voice-over. >> i want to know what that cat is thinking. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. now to our cover story. and a mother on a mission. tv therapist dr. laura berman lost her 16-year-old sam to accidental drug poisoning. she's now warning other parents about the language of emojis that can be related to the sale of drugs. zohreen shah joins us from l.a. with these details. zohreen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eva. berman is a therapist previously with her own show on oprah's network. she is still trying to help others in a very public way this time turning grief into activism.
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this morning dr. laura berman with an urgent message about potential warning signs after losing her teenager to suspected drug poisoning. >> sammy was 16 and amazing kid, really, really smart. almost a straight "a" student, very kind, very funny, tons of dreams and plans for the future. >> reporter: this week she posted a list of drug-related emojis experts say are commonly used on social media to talk about drugs. we're not saying explicitly what these mean but parents should be on the lookout for them. >> there's a whole language of not only emojis, but slang words. >> reporter: the santa monica police did not comment on the role social media allegedly played but told abc news in february, a preliminary investigation leads us to believe prescription drug use may have been involved. berman says sammy bought drugs from a dealer he connected with on snapchat four months ago. she believes either xanax or percocet laced with fentanyl killed her son. >> i had no idea that drug
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dealers were preying on our kids on snapchat. >> reporter: using those emojis are not necessarily always code, but berman says terminology is important for parents in case they see it on their kids' phones to make a determination for themselves. >> use my son as a teachable moment. >> reporter: she made it her mission for third party pa rent ago apps to alert parents of posts their kids send or receive, public or private that could pose danger. >> how do parents keep up with this terminology and then the changing terminology? and then the change in terminology. these words and these emojis evolved. right? >> the truth is there's no way to keep up with it because our kids are digital tiff natives. the dealers are constantly upping their games. not to mention dealers constantly up in their games. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, snapchat says, we are committed to working together with law enforcement in this case and in all instances where snapchat is used for illegal purposes.
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we have zero tolerance for using snapchat to buy or sell illegal drugs. and laura is collecting signatures for a petition to push for third party tracking apps to be mandatory for all social media sites that kids use. eva. >> yeah. so many parents keeping an eye on their kids' social media right now. >> it's a wake-up. >> thank you, zohreen. a check of our weather now with rob marciano. hey, rob. >> hi, eva. a little focus on the west again. we're out here for this historic heat wave building in the pacific northwest. we could see all-time records fall. there are a few large fires that are burning. this one in eagle county, colorado. 3,700 acres burned there. 0% containmtion orders have bee lifted. fars in heat wave here we have this high over low blocking pattern which
8:17 am
means it will be here for some time to come and temperatures could get to record levels here, not just daily records but all-time records which is 107 in portland. could be 110 by tomorrow. seattle may get to 100 degrees. it's a long duration event and not helping the drought obviously, this heat. but the longer term outlook from july 1st to july 5th brings moisture into the southern part of this area but it's not going to relieve the heat building here in the northwest. good saturday morning. it's a foggy start here along the coast but we'll get clearing. we'll be heating up inland rand tomorrow return to some mist and drizzle and cooler temperatures around the bay. so even a warmup a small one. mid-60s to mid-70s but the 90s to upper 90s in the inland valley and getting up toward lake cut where we have heat
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>> beautiful sunrise coming up >> beautiful sunrise coming up over mt. hood here in portland, oregon. but it's going to be a toasty one for sure. i'll try to stay cool. guy, back over to you. unfortunately, today. rob, thank you. we'll come back to you in the net half hour. we turn now to "deals & steals." this morning tory johnson is bringing us big bargains for outdoor fun, and while you grab these savings you're going to be supporting small american businesses, just point your phone's camera right at the qr code on the screen to go right to the deals. tory, good morning to you. so let's start with these beautiful backyard and beyond gadgets. what are we looking at here? >> dan, that is koble. you can transform any space indoors or out with these awesome bluetooth speakers that also have ambient lighting.
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so great sound as well as a really fun visual and what's fun, you get to control the light. there's four different modes, wetheir trobe, fade or dane ck th loow l. all these products today 50% off so the prices start at $30. >> eva is already eyeing this stuff covetously. for her backyard. i don't know what's going to happen after this segment. p>> >> she wants the party cooler. she wants what's "in" the party cooler, i should say. i think the next thing here is really interesting. it's a really small charger. i almost cannot believe it is a charger. tell us more about this one. >> this is clutch and it's the size of just a few credit cards. you're right. it is very thin. it also comes with a charging cord built right into. oftentimes you have the charger but forgot the card. this is all done for you. there are l.e.d. indicators to tell you how much power remains and options for iphone and android.
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so make your choice. 50% off today. $25. >> really cool. and then we've got these special hooks here, what are these? >> these are heroclip created by a mom who needed an extra hand so she created it and they're really smart. the unique shape of them allows you to hang or hold just about anything. so you can hang a backpack off a table. you can carry a variety of big grocery bags with just one hand. you could hang a paint can from a ladder, so many different options with these. lots of images online to give you inspiration, these today 50% off so a three-pack starts at $26.50. >> still too heavy for me. >> looked liked you were working on your biceps. ers tiu oosea deltoid, i think.. there are so many options and they all have really special
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features, so integrated strainers, insulated lids, nonslip base, they're all made of recyclable material so a lot of specialness to them. ecovessel. a huge assortment you will find online with accessories as well ranging from $3 to $30. 50% off. >> we couldn't talk about the outdoor fun without bringing the pups into our conversation. so tell us about these. lots of options here. >> i know. i wish -- i wish i had asked you today to bring in walter. i know dan would have loved to have him there, but instead we've got some furry stuffed friends. this is sassy woof. and it was created by two sassy -- inspired i should say by two sassy dogs, to help your dog look and feel great every single day. it is a harness and leash set. so you get both pieces. they are designed for adjustable
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comfort, again, for everyday use, six different patterns, $24 for the set. and then, eva, we're ending on something fun. this is tubelox. a 220-piece set for life-size play. so not only do your kids get to build something, but then they get to play with it and sometimes even ride on it. there are endless amounts of construction that they can choose. it's designed for ages 3 and up to avoid screen time, get outside and build something. huge set today. 50% off. it's $140. >> yeah. they were trying to get me to get in this. eva was trying to to get me to get in this and i was looking at her like i'm not large but i cannot get in this. >> he actually thought about it. >> yeah. hey, you can shop all of these deals right now on our website. plus, it's the last day to get tory's 16 bonus deal for summer fun right now on our website, thank you very much. coming up on "gma," what to binge to get ready for "f9." a great surprise for a
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yes. ♪ >> i came here to take you down, little brother. >> that's your mistake. this is my world. ♪ those are the kinds of things i say to eva while we're anchoring the show. "thighs is my world." >> and i just ignore them. >> yes, that is true. hey, welcome back to "gma." "f9" has finally opened here in the states after taking in nearly 300 million bucks overseas. we'll tell you how to get ready for the new chapter in "binge this" coming up. we do want to start here with some news as you know, rescuers are using heavy equipment, drones, microphones even their own hands as they search for victims in the rubble
8:31 am
of that collapsed condo in florida. more than 150 people remain unaccounted for. the cause of the collapse is still unknown. 22 1/2 years in prison for derek chauvin. the former minneapolis police officer convicted of killing george floyd during an arrest last year. floyd's family saying they were hoping for a longer sentence and they are hoping for that coming up at his federal civil rights trial. weather news -- triple digit temperatures hitting the pacific northwest this weekend. the region better known for cool, comfortable weather feeling more like the desert southwest. health officials in some areas are warning this heat could be lfe-threatening for people without air-conditioning. we'll talk to rob about this coming up. but now it's time for -- [ air horn ] >> yes, "binge this," janai norman is here. we're really far away from each other. >> we are really far away. we're missing our wing man whit but dan says he doesn't want me to get too close. >> i was going to say, you've insisted on social distancing
8:32 am
well past the pandemic. >> i have to get to it before you did so you're just mean to me behind the scenes. >> all right. it's time to fill out our entertainment cheat sheet. valerie greenberg has the weekend's best picks. valerie, good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, janai. >> it is all about the movie we've been talking about, "f9." >> it is. so for the thrill seeker vin diesel is front and center in the ninth film in the franchise. so it opened exclusively in theaters on 6/25 which was yesterday, and that is extremely exciting. as we reported already taking in about $300 million before it opened up in the states and deadline is actually reporting that it could possibly be the biggest one since the pandemic began, which is really cool. lucky for us we can stream, watch or binge on hbo max, amazon, itunes and google play. >> hopefully that's getting a lot of people back out to theaters.
8:33 am
i love your pick for tv to binge, the b.e.t. awards 2021 are back and live with an audience >> and you are going to be there bringing us all the fantastic coverage, and we're so excited. so this show is going to highlight some of the most impressive, beautiful black women, entertainers and in the sports arena. they continue to inspire us throughout 2021. who better to host than tv star taraji p. henson. queen latifah is being honored. i grew up watching her so this is extremely exciting. it's going to be one of the biggest with performances from dj khaled and andra day. tyler the creator. absolutely phenomenal. i cannot wait. i can't wait to see what you bring us. >> i'm excited. i'm heading out to l.a. later today. you may have exclusive backstage access. "gma" has exclusive backstage access. it airs 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific and i will be on "gma" monday with the inside scoop and now we have some new music to binge. lady a just dropped an album. tell us about that. >> they certainly did.
8:34 am
so their new album is all about resonating far more than with just country fans. it's about the message that we are all a work in progress. this is "what a song can do, "chapter one." it has seven brand-new tracks. i'm so pumped. and guess what? they are going to be here in the summer con either series. they hit the road 7/29. >> awesome and lady a sent us a special message, let's take a look. >> hey, everybody, we are -- >> all: lady a. >> and our brand new album, "what a song can do: chapter one" is all what a song can be. >> see you on july 2nd. >> live on "gma" this friday bringing us a special performance for the "gma" summer concert series. valerie, thank you so much for joining us. >> it's exciting. >> so exciting. eastern virginia, over to you. coming up, "good morning america," lori bergamotto brings us our summer musts picked by "good housekeeping" and google.
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search for sunshine creating the ultimate guide for summer fun with product recommendations in some of the top trending categories. lori bergamotto is here to tell us all about it. lori, so good to see you this morning. so let' start with this. >> so good to see you, eva. >> pool, beach or backyard, everybody needs a cooler. so what do you have for us? >> all right. we're going to start with a cooler that is definitely trending and one that "good housekeeping" picked to be their best soft-sided cooler. from coleman. this one from coleman great for families under $40 and can you actually fit 30 cans in there. it's incredible. it has soft lining for food, hard lining for drinks. you can carry it by the side so it's not too heavy, and this tested so well for us and kept drinks cold for an entire day. if you're looking for smaller, however, and, eva, this may be a reminder of your youth like it was for
8:40 am
me. the little igloo playmate coolers. these are trending so much on google right now. everybody is looking for one. they are seven quarts. eyven quar, d a great -- you know, if you're just a couple or going to the beach by yourself for a sandwich and a drink, under $25. >> lori, good morning. i always get jealous when i see kids in those little inflatable pools. now you've got one big enough for the whole family? >> that's right. we have the aquamare inflatable pool. we have victoria and gabriela modeling it for us. how's it feel, girls? >> good. >> good! this says you can fit two adults and three kids in here. it is very roomy, seven seat and we also love that it has this white band here that's designed so you don't get hot when you put your arms out under $50. it doesn't come with thef you're going to get in the pool you need towelr favorites are thesea
8:41 am
gear. we tested these out at "good housekeeping" because there's nothing worse than getting sand on yourself after you've just emerged from the ocean. so all you need is a towel like this. it's quick drying. these are around $40 on amazon, and it's because it's double layered, the sand just brushes right off. so, dan, all you need is this and a copy of "ten percent happier" and i'm telling you you'll have the greatest day at the beach. >> you can use it to clean up messes, wash yourself off when you get dirty. perfect. >> if you read the book you need beach.r for the backyard at the right? so what do you havforeally well us at "good housekeeping." this is from coleman. the reason we love this so much is that it only weighs about five pounds. it's really light. can you pack it up, and it comes with a little portable sling but it can hole up to 250 pounds. it's super sturdy. it's a minimal footprint.
8:42 am
so it doesn't take up a lot of space in your car, in your garage. really fun, bright color and great to sit in and don't recline, but they're really, really comfortable, low to the ground and waterproof. so what more could you want? >> i cannot believe how well behaved your children are, if those are your children, in fact. >> i wish. i wish these were my children. my children are away right now. these are our neighbors who are so well behaved and adorable i just may take them as my own. >> well, they are beautiful and they've done a great job this morning. >> yes. >> lori, thank you so much for being with us this morning. and the july/august issue of "good housekeeping" is available now. >> thank you. speaking of hot weather let's go to rob marciano. the heat in the northwest is just insane. >> rob, we need an inflatable pool for you. >> whit, yes, i'd like that. lori and i are nearly neighbors. those weren't my kids. you'll cool off in the northeast as well. but here in portland, 95 was the high yesterday. i think we'll be about ten
8:43 am
degrees warmer than that opening cooling centers, historic heat wave. all-time records may happen. what they do, they go to the beach about an hour west of here, here are some pictures of seaside, oregon where water temperatures are in the 50s. so air temperatures -- tough to get into the 90s. so stick your toes into the water and that will cool you off. temperatures today in the northeast will be in the lower good morning to you. fog continues to scatter. our heat advisories to the north. look for upper we're going to turn to now "gma"'s first-ever pride inspiration list. we asked influential lgbtq plus celebrity, entrepreneurs, athletes own leaders to tell us about the rising stars in their community and gio benitez tells
8:44 am
us about one superstar's choice and help us with a big surprise. gio, good morning, again. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning again. i met with broadway actor choreographer and director todrick hall and he picked a children's book author whose new work embraces families of all kind. just wait until you see what happened when we surprised him. a pillar of the pride community, singer and performer todrick hall is a powerhouse from making history at the 2019 vmas. >> we have never needed you more than now to share your art, share your story. >> reporter: to dropping new music this year. ♪ ♪ it's rainin' fellas ♪ >> reporter: the activist sharing his experience through art. why is pride month so important to you? >> it warms my heart to see straight people and allies at a pride event, because i think that that's the way the world should be, and i love to see everyone come together.
8:45 am
that's like my ultimate goal. >> reporter: a chance for him to shine the light on someone special nominating author and longtime friend, ryan brockington, for "gma's" pride inspiration list celebrating the next generation of leaders making lgbtq plus history right now, and ryan has no idea. so, tell us why you nominated your friend ryan. why is he such an inspiration to you? >> well, i've known ryan for a very, very, very long time, and he's always been an incredible human being. he showed me this book that was called "daddy & dada" and i just got chills. >> reporter: the book a joyous celebration of love, family and acceptance. so are you ready to surprise ryan? >> i have never been readier. >> ryan thinks he's on "gma" just to talk about his book, not knowing he's in for a big surprise. >> for you it's really important that kids see examples like these. >> yeah. i think being part of the lgbtq
8:46 am
plus community, we're very aware th n see tir famil makeup in a book. withthough.e honest we dn' bring you here to talk about the book. we have a little bit of a surprise for you. someone you might recognize. so, secret guest -- turn on that camera! >> wait. what? todrick, wait, what? >> hi. >> what? >> here's the deal. todrick wants you to be on the pride sprangs list. he wants you to be on that list. >> oh, todrick. this is awesome. thank you so much. i. love you so much and i really think this is so much bigger than you could possibly know. when o'got this opportunity i thought i'm going to wait and use this opportunity for ryan. >> coming from you it means so much because i've seen you grow in this space, and -- so -- for someone like you who is
8:47 am
expanding the world of art and entertainment, in the you do, it's an honor. so i really appreciate it. now i'm crying on television. >> reporter: such an amazing moment seeing them support each other's work. ryan's new book "daddy & dada" is out right now and you can listen to toddrick's new album, "femuline." also out right now. >> really cool, gio. thank you very much. you can check out "gma's" pride inspiration list on, coming up on "good morning america," chef jason goldstein shows us how to whip up the perfect pride brunch.
8:48 am
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fever, stiff muscles, problems thinking, and sweating. (man) talk to your doctor about austedo... it's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit ♪ back now with the pride back now with the pride brunch. i was trying to do this dramatically an i totally couldn't. jason goldstein has a fun and delicious breakfast for us author of "the happy sandwich." scrumptious sandwiches to make
8:51 am
you smile. thanks for being with us, jason. >> thank you, i'm so grateful and happy pride. >> yes, happy pride. we all love bagels but making them from scratch sounds a little hard for me. your recipe makes it seem like it is easy, just three ingredients with a special pride twist. show us how it's done. >> okay, so every year on pride we have a bagel brunch before we go to the parade to celebrate being you, it's exactly who you should be and this dough is super easy. so i have a half cup of greek yogurt and a half a cup flour in there and 14 drops of your first food coloring and mix it together and then you get this awesome blanket of love right here and what you can do is freeze this for up to six months if you want to, but let me show you how to make the actual bagel. so you take the bagel dough, you twist it just like that and then you form that awesome iconic bagel shape and then you're
8:52 am
going to take the dough and put it into the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and you get this bagel carved happy love. >> ooh. >> all right! so i had trouble twisting that while i was wearing these glasses. i can't see anything out of them. >> yeah. >> maybe with your necklace? >> yes. anyway, it's confusing. you will show us how to make your famous sheet pan eggs. >> yes, okay, this is crazy esy. you can make this the day beforehand. i have 12 eggs and a half a cup of heavy cream and the heavy cream just adds that nice rich fluffiness to the eggs and then we'll raid our pantry so we do not have to shop for too many things, and i'm going to pour this on sheet pan, and in the eggs i have garlic powder, oregano, red pepper flakes, and cheese
8:53 am
cousins, mozzarella and parmesan cheese come to the party and then we are going to put tomatoes. we're going to put -- pepperoni -- >> chef jason, real quick running out of time. once you get that in there show us how to put it all together. >> yeah. yeah. so we take our fluffy eggs and we put it onto a bagel just like this, and we have a beautiful pride bagel of love. >> amazing. >> great job. >> you can get jason's great recipes on our website, we'l
8:54 am
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thanks for joining us. happy pride weekend. thanks for joining us. happy pride weekend. be sure to tune in to whit who will anchor "world news tonight" and we'll see you right back here tomorrow. ♪ i'm coming out ♪ ♪ i'm coming out ♪ >> announcer: starting next week as america re-opens "gma" celebrating by popping up live across the country. five states in five days. good morning, everybody. u' to be extra . cautious op the roads. chp has a campaign taking place in the western part of the country. this comes after an rose in
8:57 am
traffic deaths in 2020. 50,000 people were hurt in crashes caused by speeding last year. tonight will be a big night. the earthquakes will host the l.a. gal lackscy the quacks have hosted the galaxy usually at stamford stadium. tonight it will be at paypal park. there will be no capacity restrictions. this game will mark the largest sporting event since the pandemic started. it starts at 7:00 tonight. let's check in with lisa argen.. >> we're starting out with cloudy skies. here's a look at some of that blue sky in the south bay 60 in santa rosa. 82 in the south bay. we're warming up from two to
8:58 am
four degrees. we'll continue that trend as the fog pushes toward the shoreline with an afternoon sea breeze. 70 in oakland. toward napa, we're in the mid- 80s. we have a heat advisory, excessive east warning as you get into the sacramento valley. inland valley, low 90s. we'll talk about the heat coming up. up next a buyer deep in the rubble hampering search and rescue operations at that condo in surfside, florida. also, 17
8:59 am
people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. i could get used to this. so that's good. make sure your happiness lives as long as you do.
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that's why the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today. . get ready for the heat. temperatures will see a spike this weekend. it'll be dangerous and excessive in some inland areas. good morning everybody. thank you for joining us on saturday, june 26th. you're watching abc7 news at 9:00 a.m. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa and what we can expect today. >> hi. good morning to you. hi. that fog deck is eroding to the west. we are looking at sun in the inland valleys. you can see san francisco, oakland down around the peninsula looking at the clouds. up to the north where you see that black, that's a dome of high pressure


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