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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 24, 2021 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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summer and the fall. it's a really interesting name. fraya. it either means noble woman, or hungry woman. >> which is fitting because if you're wondering why she is going north, it is because she is searching for food. >> all right. and coming up, why a bar agreed to accept monopoly money. >> plus, taking reality tv to a whole new level. the summer crop of new tv shows that could make the bachelor look like mr. rogers. but first, the latest addition to the las vegas strip, opening tonight. you're watching "world news now."
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welcome back. software pire near and international fugitive john mcafee has been found dead in a jail. at one point he was known for creating the mcafee antivirus software. the 75-year-old hanged himself a cell after learning he would be extradited to the u.s. to face federal tax evasion charges. las vegas is seeing a boost in post covid travel and one place is about to throw open its doors. >> this morning, a new addition
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to the las vegas strip hoping to cash in on the post-pandemic travel surge. resorts world las vegas opens tonight. the first hotel casino to open on the strip in more than a decade. >> they're going to bring in a nice influx of people, brand new pool, brand new nightclub, i think there's 40 restaurants in there. >> by a group from malaysia, three low tells in one, cost mog are than $4 billion to build. the sitting on the site formally home to the star dust hotel feature morse than 3500 rooms operated by hilton and a 5000 steet concert ven sue with booked, katy perry, luke perry, celine dion, and carrie underwood ♪ downtown, downtown. >> in addition to the 40 restaurants and bars, there are seven unique pools including an infinity pool with views of the strip. and a 27,000 square foot spa.
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lighting it all up, the largest in the world l.e.d. display, covering 100,000 square feet. sin city shut down early in the pandemic, but now, with most covid rules lifted, tourists are flocking back. >> i think it's going to be pretty crazy coming un. it's going to be a lot of traffic. >> a recent study found nearly a quarter of all americans now rank las vegas at the top of their vacation destination list. vegas is hoping for big business this fourth of july. miley cyrus is set to perform at resorts world, and the concert will be shown on the casino's l.e.d. screen, for the entire strip to see. mona, andrew? >> definitely got to check that out. coming up, the rollercoaster to end all rollercoasters. take a look. would you ride this? >> it can't be too bad, right? well, but first, reality tv's own summer time thrill ride, from sexy beast to paying for chastity, that's next. you're watching "world news now." you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a
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♪ l ♪ hot stuff ♪ hot stuff baby tonight. >> and the temperatures are heating up outside, and hollywood is about to serve up some hot stuff on the tubes this summer. >> it's a variety of reality tv unlike any that we've seen before. our own reality tv guru, will ganss, is here now with more on that. >> buckle up for this one, you guys. no shortage of drama of course on the bachelor and the costumes and the mystery from the magic singer, make for great television, but what do you get when you add all of that together? well, we're about to find out. if you thought "the bachelor" was wild. >> it is from every woman in america. >> you are going to knock me -- >> get ready for the next reality tv obsession.
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>> so i like your fin. >> sexy beast is a new dating competition in which singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics, putting their blind date chemistry to the test. >> kiss this girl, and i don't know what she looks like. >> the trailer is spawning intense online reaction. am i on drugs? you all running out of ideas, huh? and headlines like what fresh hell is this, netflix. >> what's going on here? >> content. content and content. and guess what, reality shows don't cost a lot of money to put together. they're a lot cheaper than signing on some huge movie star to some big development deal, get these people who most of them want to be stars in some way, and they'll do it on the cheap. >> sexy beast only one of several bizarre new reality shows set to begin streaming this sumpter. there's a show called "this" coming to hbo max and too hot to handle, bringing the heat to netflix. the competition that brings a
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bunch of sexy singles to an island and deducts prize money if they get physical. and the bachelor host announced he is leaving shot and the last episode of coping up with the kardashians, are these new outlandic reality tv shows the future? >> are the reality shows behind us? >> no, the kardashians will be around a long time after we're gone. >> it's bleak for us, but great for them. >> kylie. >> mom, no, seriously. >> mark predicts a lot more kardashianen in the future even though keeping up with the kardashianens is over. and sexy beast is set to premiere on netflix july 21st. if you don't want to wait until then to get your reality fix, too hot to handle is streaming today, and tonight is the premiere of rue paul's drag race all-stars. >> may the best woman win. i was about to go on this bash
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on the shows but not apologizing. >> never ru paul's drag race. >> sexy beast one is kind of interesting, i guess. >> i'm into. it i'll watch it. >> we'll sign you up. >> i'll keep you updated. >> thanks, will.
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♪ time now for "the mix" starting with one woman turning lemons into lemonade. >> small business owner jillian cannon of buffalo, new york, says it started small. amazon sending her packages that she never ordered but then a trickle turned into a flood, and in all, abot 150 of those unordered packages. >> how does this happen? >> anyway, she did the right thing, contacted amazon, which then told her not to worry about sending them back. those boxes contained silicone face mask, brackets, to allow more space for breathing so cannon repackaged the unused brackets as do it yourself face mask kits and delivered them to local children's hospitals. >> i love it. like a full circle moment. >> interesting that amazon
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wouldn't take it back though. you would think hey, these aren't mine. take them. no, you keep them. >> dropoff centers everywhere in the united states so i'm surprised. i know certain companies, that would have been like, bring it back right away. next, anyone, whoever wanted to use monopoly money as money n cash. >> a bar in massachusetts was accepting the colorful paper bills as legal tend ner a bid to be a localized version of the popular board game. >> the upon mole money was able to be used for the $5 cover charge as well as for hot dog, nonalcoholic jello shots and tickets for a raffle. >> but, and there is always a but, not beer. that could have triggered a go directly to jail and do not pass go order. >> do not collect $200. the offer was good for only two hours just yesterday. but that's kind of cool, right? >> i love those monopoly spinoffs. good luck to worcester, massachusetts, to getting their own. >> i learned it's worcester and not worcester. next, to the auto bahn of
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rollercoasters. a german film maker sharing this heart stopping video of the switzerland latest tourist attraction the gillmer bahn. the rollercoaster tucked into the swiss apples, formally served as an actual industrial railway and the maximum gradient is 106 degrees, which is basically a straight downward drop. >> so what do they do, just take the brakes off and let it go? >> i hope not. >> just let it go. oh, my god. i don't know how, i would be so terrified but also incredibly in awe of the view, and i would be like ah, ah, ah. finally to another stunning view from sea level. >> a whale watching boat full of tourists off the coast of new port beach, california, was treated to an upclose and personal stampede of dolphins. >> the pod of around 400 dolphins swam alongside and in
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