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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 14, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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due to a new executive order. thank you for joining us. tonight, president biden making global headlines just a short time ago. what he said about his upcoming summit with russian president vladimir putin. the two leaders about to come face-to-face in geneva. the president, after once saying he stared into putin's eyes and told him, i don't think you have a soul, our cecilia vega asking the president about that today and about this high stakes meeting. will the president draw red lines with putin? and it all comes after a key summit with nato leaders on china and russia. and tonight, the fate of two americans imprisoned in russia, with putin signaling he would be willing to discuss a prisoner swap, matt gutman back here tonight with the family begging for help with their son to come home. also tonight, the new concern as the u.s. is set to hit that awful milestone.
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600,000 american lives lost to covid. tonight, new concerns about the highly contagious delta variant first seen in india. now 90% of the cases in the uk. and authorities here warning it could become dominant in the u.s. and the new study tonight on how effective the vaccines are against this particular variant. from washington, d.c. up into the northeast at this hour, the severe storms as we come on the air tonight. also, the dangerous heat in the west. growing concern over the fire dangers. and we're also watching two tropical systems near the u.s. tonight. once off the east coast, the other in the gulf. rob marciano standing by. the chaos in midair. authorities say an offduty flight attendant threatening to take down the plane. the pilot calling on the intercom for passengers to help. overseas tonight, benjamin netanyahu is out after 12 years in office, out as prime minister by one vote. tonight, netanyahu now vowing to
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bring down the new government. here in the u.s., the deadly shooting at a grocery store. all of it, authorities say, over masks. the cashier did not survive. the images coming in tonight, the massive chemical plant fire. families nearby ordered to evacuate. and celebrating a popular character actor and you'll definitely remember his roles. good evening and it's great to have you with us as we start another week together here. and we begin tonight with president biden making global headlines late this afternoon on his eight-day foreign trip. tonight, a nato summit in brussels and the president pushing that message that america is back. and unlike his predecessor, who called nato obsolete, president biden calling attention to nato's article five, that an attack on one is an attack on all. that nato is rock solid, in his words, and a sacred commitment.
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the leaders of the 30-nation alliance gathering for a group photo. recognizing aggression from russia, also, for the first time, acknowledging as a group the growing military threat from china. and agreeing to tackle new challenges from cyber warfare to disinformation campaigns to ant anti-missile defense. late today, president biden addresses that high stakes meeting this week with vladimir putin. our cecilia vega leading off the questions. the president calling bright, tough and a worthy adversary. but what the president then said about expectations. will he draw red lines with putin? our chief white house correspondent cecilia stray ga leading us off with the president in brussels. >> reporter: today in brussels, president biden standing firm with the leaders of nato, an alliance his predecessor once called obsolete. reaffirming america's commitment to the principle that an attack on one nato country is an attack on them all. >> article five, we take as a sacred obligation. i just want all of europe to know that the united states is there.
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the united states is there. >> reporter: today, for the first time, the allied nations named china as a new security threat, calling out its, quote, assertive behavior. president biden preparing to meet vladimir putin wednesday in geneva. insisting that meeting is worthwhile, despite russia's hostile actions. >> every world leader here thanked me for meeting with putin now. every single one. >> reporter: they'll discuss putin's election meddling and the two recent ransomware attacks originating in russia. one threatened to disrupt the u.s. meat supply. the other on the colonial pipeline, triggering gas shortages and price hikes along the east coast. there's also the matter of several americans imprisoned in russia, including businessman paul whelan, serving a 16-year sentence for espionage. whelan insists he's innocent. in a new audio message released by his family, he begs president biden to bring him home.
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>> i implore you to bring this appalling case of hostage diplomacy to an end. please bring me home to my family and my dog flora, where i belong. >> reporter: today, the president telling me he's ready. you've met vladimir putin before. what have you learned about him that informs how you approach this sitdown with him? and what's your mindset walking into a meeting with a former kgb agent, who you've said has no soul? >> i'm going to make clear to president putin that there are areas where we can cooperate, if he chooses. and if he chooses not to cooperate and acts in a way that he has in the past, relative to cyber security and some other activities, then we will respond we will respond in kind. i have met with him.
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he's bright. he's tough. and i have found that he is a -- as they say when we used to play ball, a worthy adversary. >> and cecilia vega with us live again tonight, this time with brussels as she continues to travel with the president. all the focus turning to this upcoming summit with geneva with vladimir putin. and we learned one more thing that we will not see. a joint news conference between president biden and vladimir putin. and president biden explaining why? >> reporter: yeah, david, and it's really unusual to not see the president in a setting after a summit like this, but president biden is explaining it, he says he doesn't want this to turn into a contest about who can embarrass each other more or turn it to questions whether they shook hands. david, the president says he's going to walk in there firm, straightforward, but he does not want conflict out of this. >> cecilia, thank you. stay with us here, because we have one more report on all of this. you heard cecilia report there on the new audio from an
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american being held in prison in russia. there is another american being held prisoner on a charge the u.s. says simply isn't true. tonight here, you'll hear his own pleas from that cage in the courtroom. and our matt gutman with his parents in texas, pleading for help getting their son home. >> reporter: tonight, russia's talk of a prisoner swap giving the anguished parents of that ex-marine held in russia a sliver of hope. so now that putin is talking about a prisoner swap and there is this possibility in the air, does that give you a sliver of hope? >> absolutely. >> yes. we think this is our best chance right now to make it happen, is what's happening right now with the summit, so -- we're hoping and praying that's what happens. >> reporter: they say their son, trevor, who helped secure camp david during president obama's tenure, is a victim of what's being called hostage diplomacy. reid was arrested in 2019 after
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what russian authorities claim was a drunken night in moscow. putin, in a new interview, calling him a troublemaker. >> your guy, the marine, is just a drunken troublemaker. he got, as they say here, [ bleep ] on vodka and started a fight. among other things, he hit a cop. >> reporter: but the u.s. has said those allegations are a lie and the trial a sham. reed pleading his case from that cage in court. >> i have no idea what their motives would be, but this is clearly political. >> reporter: reed's father joey spent over a year alone in russia trying to free his son, who last year called on the u.s. government to help him. >> congress, my president, anyone in the united states, state department, secretary of state, anyone who believes that they have an ability to help me, i'm asking for help now. >> reporter: still, reed was convicted and sentenced to nine years. >> i thought maybe, you know, it's going to be okay and they're going to find him innocent. when they didn't, it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy says reed contracted covid last month in prison. what would it mean to you to see
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trevor coming home in the next days, weeks, months? >> it would be a dream come true. something that we've been wanting for awhile. and it would just be the greatest thing ever. >> matt, i know you just finished that interview a short time ago.phe's live with us fro tonight. the family of trevor reed, obviously watching closely news from this summit. i'm curious, have they had any interaction with the state department or the white house, have they been given any reason for hope here? >> reporter: there is, david. the state department telling the family that trevor's release will be on their agency. it's a top priority. and it will be talked about in that putin/biden summit. but they say there's no guarantee he'll be released in a prisoner swap or at all. david? >> matt gutman live in texas tonight. matt, thank you. i'll be traveling to geneva to join our political team on the scene there for this high stakes face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. that meeting, of course, on wednesday. our coverage throughout the day on abc news. and we'll be there starting
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tomorrow night for "world news tonight," tuesday and wednesday night. but we continue this evening to the other major news this monday night. the coronavirus in this country. the new concern tonight about the delta variant, first seen in india. as the u.s. is set to hit that awful milestone, 600,000 american lives lost to covid. the delta variant, health officials say, is more con stay use and more lethal. the cdc now saying it accounts for nearly 10% of all cases here in the u.s., up more than 60% in just a week. authorities warning it could become dominant here in the u.s. and it is hitting the unvaccinated very hard. the best protection, they say, getting the vaccine. and the numbers tonight. more than 174 million people have at least one dose of the vaccine. 61% of everyone 12 and older in this country. also tonight here, the new study on just how effective the vaccines are against this particular variant. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, as the nation nears that grim new milestone, some 600,000 americans killed by covid, new
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fears about the highly c contagious delta variant, first identified in india. officials in the uk today delaying reopening plans. the variant now accounting for 90% of all new cases there. health experts warning it could cause more severe illness and will soon become the dominant strain in the u.s. >> the delta variant is now about 10% of all the cases in the u.s. if you haven't been vaccinated, when the delta variant comes to your town, it is much more contagious and more lethal. >> reporter: today, president biden pleading with americans to get the shot. >> there's still too many lives being lost. please, please get vaccinated as soon as possible. we've had enough pain, enough pain. >> reporter: while covid cases are declining across the country, five states with vaccination rates below the national average are now seeing increased infections. front line workers still fighting the virus, with more than 300 americans on average
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dying every day. >> those deaths are challenging. they could have been prevented with the vaccine. >> reporter: in detroit, hollie and antwone rivers got covid as they waited for their chance to get vaccinated in april. >> it just got worse and worse and then -- >> reporter: antwone, a father of five, was admitted to the hospital, passing away one month later in may. >> he was the kid's super hero. they love him to pieces. >> reporter: so many families hurting, david. as for the delta variant, researchers say preliminary data shows that two doses of the covid vaccine work well against the delta variant. the pfizer vaccine, for instance, is said to provide 79% protection. david? >> stephanie ramos tonight, thank you. we're going to turn now to is the severe storms as we're on the air tonight, from washington, d.c. right up into the northeast. also, the dangerous heat in the west. the growing fire danger across several states. and two tropical systems near the u.s.
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one off the east coast, the other in the gulf. senior meteorologist rob marciano, a very busy night for you. hey, rob. >> reporter: indeed, david. we'll start with pennsylvania, which got hit hard today with 60-pl 60-plus-mile-per-hour winds, power out and trees are down. the radar shows where the action is. watch boxes from west virginia to new jersey, so, dangerous storms to come. in the west, you mentioned the heat. it's expanding from southern california to montana. extreme heat warnings are up. this is not normal thisserly and it's not letting up until the weekend. three disturbances in the tropics. a depression off north carolina. that will stay out to sea. but the one in the gulf is worrisome. that's a favorite spot this time of year. we'll have to monitor that one closely. david? >> rob, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to that chaos in midair. authorities say an offduty flight attendant threatened to take down the plane. the pilot then calling on the intercom for passengers to help. gio benitez covers aviation for us. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi questioning the man at the center of the latest air rage incident.
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34-year-old stephon jamar duncan, a delta flight attendant on leave, who allegedly made terroristic threats and assaulted two onduty flight attendants. the pilot cowling on the intercom for passengers to help. >> he very forcefully said, "i need all able-bodied men to come to the front of the plane immediately for an emergency." >> we're holding him down and he was screaming and crying. >> reporter: the flight from l.a. to atlanta making an emergency landing in oklahoma city friday night. dun can suspected of having a mental health crisis. the case, just the latest in a string of shocking moments caught on tape. this southwest flight attendant attacked by a passenger just two weeks ago. the faa now telling abc news has it received more than 3,000 reports of unruly passengers on pla planes. the overwhelming majority are passengers refusing to wear a mask. >> the mask mandate is in place for a reason. it's in place because not
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everyone who boards a plane can get vaccinated yet. >> reporter: the faa threatening fines of $35,000 and as high as $50,000 for some of the violators. and david, right now, american and southwest are not serving alcohol, specifically because of this issue. but no word yet if other airlines will do the same. david? >> all right, gio benitez reporting tonight. gio, thank you. and overseas tonight, benjamin netanyahu is out as israel's prime minister. came down to a single vote in the parliament to oust him. chaotic scene as opponents and former allies turned on the man who has led the country for the last 12 years. his tonight, netanyahu now vowing to bring down the new government. when we come back here, news tonight about a deadly shooting at a grocery store. all of it over masks. the cashier did not survive. and a massive chemical fire we're watching. families forced to evacuate. they say this could burn for days.
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tonight, news of a deadly shooting at a grocery store, authorities say over masks. a cashier did not survive. this playing out in dekalb county, georgia. authorities say the suspect argued with the cashier over not wearing his mask. hey say he then pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing her. a shootout then erupting betwee the suspect and and offduty dpty. both men were wounded. and we continue to monitor a massive chemical fire forcing evacuations near rockton, illinois, tonight. an explosion and fire erupting at the chem-tool chemical plant. thick black smoke pouring into the air. residents within a one-mile radius have been evacuated. they expect this fire to burn for several days now. when we come back tonight, remembering a famous actor. you'll know his roles. and we also mark the loss of a member of our own abc news family. like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease, i was there. be right back.
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our own. you likely didn't know his name, but you knew his spectacular camera work here on abc news for so many decades. our friend and longtime abc news photographer jim see seal has died. he started in the mail room in 1972, then the assignment desk and then out in the field as a photographer. he covered so many stories in the u.s. and around the world, from 9/11 to hurricane katrina. he was part of the only news crew inside the 1983 sing sing prison uprising. in haiti, covering hurricane isaac in 2012. his daughter kaitlyn recently posting, "every world news event you watched on tv, my dad was there. he was in your living room. he came home and we got the behind the scenes info through his eyes." his wife sharing with one of our colleagues that jim had a plan for who would get his camera and equipment next to make sure they shared his same passion. we are thinking of his wife kathy and his family tonight and you should know that your husband, your father, was so
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finally tonight, he often said he loved being a character actor. and you will definitely remember his roles. ned beatty, the prolific character actor. his roles spanning decades.
3:57 pm
more than 150 movies and tv shows. as rudy's father in "rudy." >> this is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen. >> beatty's first movie, "deliverance" in 1972. with john jon voigt and burt reynolds. >> you know something? you're right. we're lost. don't know where in the hell we are. >> "all the president's men" with dustin hoffman. >> ok yeah, i got the press here. i'm going to have to call you back. >> in "network" in 1976. his three-minute monologue earning him a best supporting actor or kak nor nation. >> you have meddled with the primal forces of nature and you will atone. am i getting through to you? >> take the gentleman's cape. >> reporter: and as lex luthor's henchman in "superman." >> i don't think he wants me to, mr. luthor. >> over the years, beatty always saying he loved playing supporting roles.
3:58 pm
>> it's a blessing. i don't know, i don't feel typecast and i think, you know, that is unusual in our business. i've been lucky. i've gotten to play different things. >> his family tonight saying he died of natural causes, surrounded by family and friends in los angeles. >> really not the work, really not the fact that people see your face. it's the people -- i keep coming back to be with other actors. >> well, tonight, we celebrate ned beatty. he was 83. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we look forward to moving beyond the blueprint tomorrow, formally and officially in the state of california, the best days are ahead of us. >> the feeling of optimism, from the governor today close in on full reopening of california's economy. good afternoon. >> the full reopening of the economy and there are a lot of changes. governor some said the state will be consistent with the cdc guidelines. when san francisco reopens, it's going to be aligning with the states guidelines tomorrow on the eve of reopening, marin county is
4:00 pm
reporting it has zero covid patients in hospital, last time that happened was over a year ago. the governor said it's time to have some fun and travel, starting tomorrow. >> the push is on now to get people to vacation here in the golden state. reporter cornell renard is live in san francisco with more, high cornell . >> hey guys, people are definitely returning to . 39, we saw that today. i wouldn't say huge crowds, pre- pandemic crowds but there are definitely a lot of folks here. officials hope that will change after tomorrow's reopening, they are urging all californians to actually spend their money and vacation here in the golden state in fact they are calling it, an act of modern patriotism, if you do. >> come on down, the sun is shining on . 39 . >> in are looking up for lake allens charter business at . 39. >> we are seeing more people


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