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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 13, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. summarizing the summit. what president biden accomplished during his talk with world leaders, his planned private visit with the queen, and his next stop ahead of his high stakes meeting with russia's vladimir putin. the president speaking moments ago. senate sights. congresswoman val demings on her uphill battle to unseat republican marco rubio in florida. >> we are going to do something that florida has never seen before. >> my one-on-one interview. ready to reopen. businesses in california hoping for a boom with the pandemic in retreat. >> i think we're looking at a new roaring '20s. >> will new york be next? plus, how millennials are looking to reshape the workplace remotely.
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soccer shocker. a player collapses during the euro 2020. cpr performed on the field. fans overcome. how christian eriksen is doing this morning. fright on the flight. an off-duty flight attendant tackled after allegedly threatening to take down the plane. >> we all just kind of swooped on him, and then we kind of got him down. >> the pilot's plea that sent passengers into action. heat wave. the warning for 38 million americans. this morning, temperatures in triple digits. records ready to be smashed. our weather team with the latest. and sky-high price. >> sold. $28 million. >> the winning bid to join amazon's jeff bezos on the first passenger flight into space. good morning. dan's off, but we are so happy
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to have janai with us this morning. >> always love sitting close to you guys. >> much closer than normal. there is a lot happening this morning. the g7 is wrapping up. the president meeting on the sidelines individually with leaders of france and italy. >> and those talks including urgent questions including the pandemic, vaccines, taxing major corporations, growing concerns about china, and in particular, russia. >> the president just days away from his summit in switzerland with vladimir putin. the big event today though, that meeting with queen elizabeth at windsor castle. president biden holding a news conference a short time ago. abc's rachel scott joins us from cardiff, wales. >> reporter: jay nay, good morning. that visit with the queen will mark an end to the first leg of president biden's foreign trip. next stop, the nato summit in brussels where the president is once again hoping for a reset. this morning, president biden capping off his first global summit of his presidency, speaking at a press conference
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moments ago. >> we just wrapped up what has been an extraordinary collaborative and productive meeting of the g7. >> are you supposed to be looking as if you're enjoying yourself? >> yes. >> reporter: biden is now the 13th sitting president to meet with queen elizabeth. the world's longest reigning monarch celebrating her 93rd birthday this weekend, insisting on using the ceremonial sword to cut the cake. >> there is a knife. >> i know there is. this is something that is more unusual. >> reporter: the uk the first stop on the president's eight-day foreign trip. next, it's brussels to meet with world leaders at the nato summit, an alliance former president donald trump once called obsolete. >> i think nato -- you have to really examine nato. it doesn't really help us. it's helping other countries. >> reporter: now biden wants to make clear that america's commitment to nato is rock solid. hoping to send a clear message to allies. >> the united states, i've said before, we're back.
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the u.s. is back. >> reporter: and it appears to be breaking through. >> thank you, guys. >> mr. president, did you convince allies that america is back? >> ask him. >> definitely. >> reporter: in their first face to face meeting, french president emmanuel macron saying biden is part of the club. >> i think it's great to have a u.s. president part of the club, and very willing to cooperate. and i think that what you demonstrate is that leadership, is partnership. >> reporter: all this leading up to the president's meeting with russian president vladimir putin in geneva next week. switzerland already beefing up security. the white house expecting the conversation to be straightforward and candid. >> i think what joe biden will be doing when he goes to see putin will be giving some pretty tough messages and that's something i wholly approve of. >> reporter: and despite all of that, praise for president biden, some world leaders were resisting his calls to take a
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tougher stand against china. the president was pushing allies to back a plan to counter china's growing influence and call out the issue of forced labor, but a senior white house official telling reporters that to go.ere divided over how far - eva? >> rachel scott for us there. thank you so much. stay with abc news for special coverage of president biden's first trip overseas. david muir heads up our special comprehensive coverage on wednesday. that's right here on abc. let's bring in our abc news political director rick klein. rick, good morning to you. it's great to have you. all these events at the g7 feel like the undercard leading up to the main event, the summit with vladimir putin this week. what does president biden need to accomplish in that meeting? >> this is shaping up perhaps as the biggest moment so far of the biden presidency, and both sides are contributing to the expectations around it. we heard talk about these world leaders in a club. putin doesn't want to be part of this club.
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in fact, he positions himself as a force against that club. biden wants to make progress on, whether it's arms control, territorial sovereignty, human rights, this issue of cyberwarfare, cyberhacking, a huge one. these are not things that putin is just going to give on or like biden because he's a nice guy around. he has to make progress and deliver a message to a very savvy operator. in one very telling detail, whit, we're told there's not going to be a joint press conference afterwards. biden is going to speak on his own because he wants to put his own stamp on the conversation. >> we've seen president biden get this warm and fuzzy greeting with our allies at the g7. but how does he make that turn from the world stage to the hostile environment back in washington and the mounting issues that really matter to americans? >> what's so interesting here is that president biden has cast this trip as foreign policy for the middle class, for the working class. to make that connection is one challenge, and when he is stateside, there's a long list of issues coming to a head in the coming weeks. infrastructure, tax reform, the
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issues on immigration, climate change, gun control. all of these are issues that, if they're not tackled in the next couple weeks, they're not going to get done at all. biden really wants to draw some momentum off of this trip, make the connection to average americans, and then begin to operate like he has in the past to get some deals done, and people in washington are skeptical about the prospect of any of these things happening if they don't make major progress in the month of june. >> so much at stake. rick klein for us, we appreciate it as always. be sure to watch "this week" later this morning. martha raddatz interviews secretary of state antony blinken ahead of the high stakes summit with vladimir putin. plus, republican representative michael mccaul with the gop reaction to president biden's oversea's trip and rick is on the round table as well. janai, over to you. now to the democratic congresswoman hoping to unseat a big name republican in the running. val demings announced she wants to take on republican senator marco rubio of florida.
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i recently sat down with demings to talk about her run. >> when you look at this picture, tell me what goes through your mind. >> first of all, thanks, mama. my mother had an amazing ability to see things she had never seen before, right? to dream, to believe, and she instilled that in me, and so there are families all over this country who look just like this, and it's about creating opportunities like this little girl in this photo had. >> reporter: the daughter of a janitor and maid, florida congresswoman val demings became the first woman sworn in as orlando police chief serving in the house since 2017, rising to national prominence as an impeachment manager against former president donald trump, and being considered as a possible running mate for then-candidate joe biden. the jacksonville native grew up in the segregated south, now setting her sights on the senate. >> i'm never tired of
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representing florida. >> reporter: where currently no black women are serving, looking to unseat two-term incumbent senator marco rubio. rubio who won re-election in 2016 with 52% of the vote welcoming the challenge. >> i'm looking forward to this campaign. >> rubio's office accused democrats of, quote, tripping over themselves in a race to the left to find a candidate to help advance nancy pelosi's socialist agenda. what's your response to that? >> this is about the people of florida. maybe marco rubio should take an opportunity to get to know them. >> reporter: but demings faces an uphill battle. in recent years, democrats falling short in statewide races. senator bill nelson lost to governor rick scott. andrew gillum lost to ron desantis, not to mention former president donald trump winning this battle ground state in 2016 and 2020. he not only has the governor on his side, but the state's most famous resident, the former president is also here in
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florida, and on marco rubio's side. >> it's not about marco rubio. it is about floridians. it's about those families that i talked about who live in all 67 counties in this state who deserve to have someone fighting for them when they are having a tough time. >> reporter: but winning florida will be a challenge for democrats who haven't been able to win one key demographic, the diverse latino population. >> we are going to do something that florida has never seen before. when you talk about the diversity, look at me. diversity is our strength, and while we have had some tough losses in our home state, we know that they have been pretty close. they have been losses, but they have been close losses. >> her first challenge would be winning the primary next august. so far there are at least three other democratic candidates including former congressman alan grayson. whit? janai, we turn to the
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pandemic now and the nation's most populous state just two days away from fully re-opening. california's move comes as the nation approaches 600,000 deaths from covid. abc's zohreen shah joins us with the latest from los angeles. zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. businesses here have been hit so hard. i spoke to the restaurant owner here who says he has had to lay off and rehire staff multiple times at his various restaurants. they're now scrambling to get this place ready. you can see boxes and beer kegs everywhere. two more days until the big reopen. this morning, california businesses preparing for the state's big june 15th reopening. all venues, restaurants and bars opening at 100% capacity outside and inside if they choose. >> the last 18 months has been devastating and we can't wait for june 15th to come fast enough. >> reporter: restaurant owner jason eisner says he feels the restaurant world is about to have a moment. >> i think we're looking at a new roaring '20s.
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we're going to see people coming out in droves excited. >> reporter: the state dropping mask restrictions in most cases too for fully vaccinated people. >> it feels like it's long overdue, but at the same time, you know, outbreaks or not, we should still be careful. >> reporter: new york state on the cusp of dropping virtually all covid restrictions, getting close to a 70% vaccine threshold for adults where they would join 13 other states. this man urges people to get vaccinated after his pregnant wife was hospitalized with covid this spring and put on a ventilator. >> we have a social responsibility for not ourselves, but other people. >> reporter: doctors performing an emergency c-section in may. jennifer nash meeting her baby just days ago. >> thank god she's with us today, and awake and actually starting to see signs of recovery. >> reporter: and this coming as the nation nears a grim milestone. nearly 600,000 lives lost to
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covid, and over 300 people dying of the virus every day, and we still might not be in the clear with just this vaccine. dr. anthony fauci saying booster shots could be in our future. >> we don't know how long the durability is, but the history of coronaviruses tells us that the protection is not going to be infinite. it's not going to be indefinite. >> reporter: on the topic of vaccine mandates, 170 houston hospital workers who declined getting vaccinated, they might have to get one now to keep their jobs. a federal judge siding with the hospital. this could have a ripple effect when it comes to workers all over the country. eva? >> zohreen shah, thank you. and speaking of vaccines, joining us now is dr. paul offit, the director of the vaccine education center of children's hospital of philadelphia. thanks for being with us. you were part of that fda advisory committee meeting last week that was looking into the safety of giving kids under 12 a covid-19 vaccine.
7:14 am
ultimately it was decided it's not worth rushing studies in young kids to get them vaccinated faster, but you do have a warning this morning. >> there is a very rare, but very real side effect of the mrna vaccines called myocarditis. it's just inflammation of the heart muscle. the good news is it's rare. it's short-lived. it doesn't appear to have any sort of permanent effects, and i think for parents and for young people trying to decide whether to get this vaccine, the best way to think of it is this way. if you have a stadium of 100,000 people, all of whom were say, boys or men between 16 and 35 years of age and you vaccinated all of them with an mrna vaccine, two would have this short-lived temporary inflammation of the heart muscle. if you didn't vaccinate any of them given current rates of infection, about 1,300 would get covid. and, remember, covid itself does cause inflammation of the heart
7:15 am
muscle, as does this multi-system inflammatory disease. vaccination is the safer choice here. the choice not to get a vaccination is not a better choice, but it's a more serious risk. >> it's important to point out there are risks on both sides of these decisions. we're two weeks out from those memorial day celebrations which were sort of a test on community spread. what, if anything, are we learning as a result now that we're two weeks away? >> i think we're learning what we already knew, which is that the sars-cov-2 virus is a winter virus. when you saw an increase in cases sort of following thanksgiving or following christmas, it's because it's a winter virus. we are mostly outside through the summer. i think what's going to happen is because we aren't quite there yet in terms of population immunity, is when the winter comes you're going to see a surge which is why it's really important to have a vaccine for children before the winter hits. >> the delta variant, a lot of people have been talking about that.
7:16 am
it's doubled here in the u.s., and cases are still relatively low, but the question is out there. how concerned should we be? >> very concerned. that's what this virus does. it keeps mutating and becoming more contagious. as it gets more contagious you need a high percentage of the population to be vaccinated to stop the spread. which is why it's so important now to get ourselves up to the highest level possible. i think we still need to vaccinate another 80 million to 100 million people to get to the levels of populations immunity where we can feel more comfortable to be stopping the circulation of the virus. of the 195 countries out there, many haven't given a single dose of the vaccine. >> that's a lot of vaccines to be putting into arms. dr. offit, thanks for being with us this morning. janai? officials in the uk say the wife of an american diplomat will likely face a virtual trial for the death of a british teen. anne sacoolas is accused of hitting and killing 19-year-old
7:17 am
harry dunn in england in august of 2019 while driving on the wrong side of the road. she claimed diplomatic immunity, and returned to the u.s. the u.s. has not agreed to extradition, but boris johnson said he spoke to president biden about the case when they met earlier this week. time now for the weather. let's check in with rob marciano in norwalk, connecticut. we missed you yesterday. one day absence was too much to bear for us, rob. good to have you back. >> reporter: it's nice to be back. it was my son's third birthday. i wanted to devote my entire day for that. >> happy birthday. >> reporter: thank you for giving me that day. happy birthday to mason. we're back in business, and it's a beautiful morning here in norwalk, connecticut. should be a lovely day. temperatures below average, but not the case in the southwest. that's where excessive heat warnings have been posted and a myriad of them extending up to california up into utah where there are also red flag warnings and there have been fire there that have done some damage in utah and arizona. and these temperatures do not help. get up to 120 degrees in some spots. vegas approaching that on
7:18 am
wednesday. you see this only gets worse as the week goes along today and tomorrow being the start of it and lasting until at least wednesday and if not, thursday. this big old "h" bumps up that ridge and takes the rain chances away. this is pretty typical for this time of year, and that means the drought that is ongoing, exceptional and extreme drought across much of the west will only get worse here over the next two weeks. that is good morning in san jose. a lot of sunshine this sunday. numbers today will be around average but it will feel muggy. it already does this morning. a humid afternoon and triple- digit heat arrives inland wednesday and thursday. the coast will be comfortable but around the be really warming up. 73, oakland. 74, santa cruz. heating up ch
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>> reporter: dinosaurs. it was all about the dinosaurs yesterday at the party. that was the theme. we had dinosaur balloons just about everywhere. the picnic table was covered in dinosaurs, and i think the cake was even a dinosaur shape. >> fitting for a 3-year-old. >> exactly. >> and he should get what he wants. he's 3 years old. it was his birthday. >> as long as he's not calling you a dinosaur, rob, you're in great shape. >> that's what janai calls me. >> reporter: thank you, janai. >> happy birthday, mason. switching gears now to a terrifying moment during a major sporting event. a player collapsing on the field at the euro 2020 game, the crowd silent during the intense efforts to keep him alive. abc's trevor ault joins us with the story. good morning to you, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. so some positive news this morning. christian eriksen according to the danish football association is awake in the hospital, and he's spoken with his team. his condition is stable and he's sent his greetings to his teammates.
7:20 am
this was a truly frightening moment at the euro 2020, and it brought that roaring crowd to a silence. christian eriksen is a star midfielder for denmark. he was mid match against finland. he had been moving fine and he suddenly collapsed face-first on the pitch appearing unconscious. teammates immediately calling for help. the team doctor says eriksen was breathing and he had a pulse, but that changed suddenly. the team surrounding eriksen arm in arm shielding him from the fans and the cameras as the doctors started to give him chest compressions. what the federation director referred to as a heart massage. soon that stunned crowd started chanting eriksen's name from both the danish side and the finnish side, and he was taken off field on a stretcher and tributes have been pouring in from around the world including from eriksen's intermilan teammate. he scored a goal against russia and then immediately found a tv camera and said, chris, chris, i
7:21 am
love you, but the doctor of eriksen's club team says he has never tested positive for covid-19. he passed every medical exam, and he had no medical conditions the doctor was aware of. and while, janai, this was undoubtedly a scary moment, it was a bit reassuring to see despite the competition, everyone immediately came together on the same team in support of christian eriksen. janai? >> an incredibly terrifying moment, but so glad to know he is doing better this morning. >> the finnish flag was how they hid him, carrying him off the field, the other team. the fans -- yes. >> it was much bigger than the game at that moment. >> trevor, thank you so much. still coming up, a scary scene in the air as an off-duty flight attendant allegedly threatened to take down the plane. how passengers helped subdue him. plus, priorities among younger people are changing the workplace. and the hot destinations as americans get back into the travel habit this summer. and because we like a deal, ways to save on your getaway. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is
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the class of 2021 asked her to be the speaker because she embodies courage, strength, and resilience. guests a record wear a mask and provide proof of covid vaccination or a negative test. congratulations to all the graduates. let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. we have fog. the deck of low clouds over the city, parts of the city, and the coast. it's mild, mid-60s for san jose, mountain view and sierra nevada, windy with numbers in the 60s to mid-80s. think you for joining us.
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what do you think he kills with those? >> anything that swims. >> huh? >> my family's excited about this one. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. disney and pixar's new animated feature "luca" follows two young boys and their adventure-filled summer in an italian town by the sea. but along with all the gelato, pasta and bike rides, there's also a big secret here. that starts streaming on disney plus this friday, june 18th. let's take a look at some of the other stories that we're following this morning. happening right now, israel's parliament is getting ready to vote on a new government meaning benjamin netanyahu's reign could be coming to an end as soon as today. netanyahu has served a
7:31 am
record-breaking five terms and he will become leader of the opposition as the new coalition takes office. also right now, five great white sharks caught on drone vdeo swimming off the coast near santa barbara, california. you can see the video there. experts say the area is known as a nursery habitat for younger great whites where they can feed off stingrays and other smaller prey. the beach is also well known for the surfers. also, an unknown bidder has paid $28 million to join jeff bezos in space. we told you about yesterday's live auction for a seat on the first passenger flight to space. it lasted less than ten minutes with bidding starting at $4.8 million. no word yet on who the winner is, but we should find out next week. the 11-minute flight is expected to launch on july 20th. >> 28 million bucks for 11 minutes. >> 11 minutes. >> must be quite the view though. >> that's a lot of millions per minute. >> get all the selfies you can.
7:32 am
>> exactly. all right. we start this half hour though with the latest scare in the air. this caught on camera. a delta flight from los angeles to atlanta diverted after an off-duty employee allegedly threatened to take down the plane. kenneth moton is in reagan national airport with the story. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. federal authorities are investigating this incident on that delta flight. we've seen unruly air travelers before, but there's more concern this morning over the fact that this allegedly involved a person who is trained to know the ins and outs of the cabin of an aircraft. this morning, that moment of terror in the skies. delta crew members and passengers tackling an off-duty delta flight attendant. authorities say the unruly passenger, was showing signs of mental health issues and threatening to take down the l.a. to atlanta flight. >> i was just, like, yeah. this guy is trying to open the door. he's going to take us out. >> reporter: two flight attendants were assaulted in the melee.
7:33 am
the pilot making an urgent announcement. >> he very forcefully said, i need all able-bodied men to come to the front of the plane immediately for an emergency. when the call came, no hesitation. >> we all just kind of swooped on him, and then we kind of got him down, and we're holding him down and he was screaming and crying. >> reporter: passengers say the man's appearance when boarding the plane raised eyebrows. questioning why he was allowed to board the flight wearing a s.w.a.t.-like helmet, knee and elbow pads. >> why would you come prepared with basically what is armor to do something on a flight? >> reporter: the plane made an emergency landing in oklahoma city where it was swept and cleared. now it appears that as air travel increases, so does the number of unruly passengers. while it's unclear what triggered this latest incident, the faa says, out of a record 2,900 reports since january 1st, 2,200 included passengers violating the mask mandate.
7:34 am
delta says that off-duty flight attendant used the intercom, but did not try to get into the cockpit or open the plane's door. the man is facing several charges this morning, and he was transported to the hospital in oklahoma city, and was questioned by the fbi. janai? >> kenneth, thank you so much. now to a look at the real life legal drama for the husband of former "housewives" cast member erika jayne. "the housewife and hustler" features interviews with former "housewives" cast and will focus on tom girardi who was accused of embezzling from victims he swore to protect. >> so i have authority to distribute the money to you. that'd be good. on friday, but i think what i'll do instead if it's okay with you, because i couldn't get it to you monday anyway, i would like to talk to you personally. >> that was the three months after we settled. that was the first time we were
7:35 am
supposed to meet with him where he was supposed to bring our money. that's when he met with us, and then basically offered us the investment deal. >> "the housewife and the hustler" produced by abc news airs tomorrow on hulu. >> it looks good. >> yes, it does. >> dramatic. time now for a check of our weather and rob marciano in norwalk, connecticut. robasaurus, is that what whit is calling you? >> reporter: what is he calls me? >> robasaurus. >> reporter: oh, goodness. we'll continue to dive in. extinction is my middle name. it's coming. i want to show you some video out of greenwood, mississippi. it's been saturated down there from arkansas through mississippi and into alabama, and adding insult to injury, 3 3/4 of rain adding to street flooding. we'll see showers and thunderstorms that could become
7:36 am
severe today, and thankfully not down there, but it will be a little bit farther north. namely in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. you'll see thunderstorms and a weak cold front, as well as in the high plains and the upper midwest, but the heaviest rain will come across the northeast. that's a check on what's good morning. low clouds with us this morning in the city. sunshine on the way. upper 60s downtown. skies clearing midmorning then ever 70 >> reporter: this weather report sponsored by trelegy. i was going to try to make a dinosaur sound, but -- >> long neck? what's going on here? tricera-robs. >> reporter: i like that better. >> you're inching to give that a
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try. >> i like that better. >> a little creepy, but we appreciate it. thank you, rob. we'll talk soon. "good morning america" here, the new type of job market. that's coming up. how millennials are ditching the idea of a full-time job. and then the newest look at "black widow." will it draw people back into theaters? trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups.
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in damage and repair costs. protect your home with a free terminix inspection. call 1-800-terminix today. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. welcome back t welcome back to "gma," and a look at america's changing work force. many younger employees saying business as usual is not what they're about, especially at this time. abc's deirdre bolton has more. >> the former job that i was at decided to no longer honor the working remotely. >> reporter: this morning, a career decision made in six minutes. >> the final straw for me was i was called into an in-person meeting and that meeting was only six minutes. >> reporter: portia dwight is a program manager, now with a new
7:42 am
employer that supports flexible remote work. >> as a mom of two, i have to tell you i was able to go see my kindergartner graduate from kindergarten and come back and not feel like i was rushing to work. i didn't have to apologize profusely for being a mom. >> reporter: one study from harvard business school shows that 81% of people who have been working from home either don't want to go back or prefer a hybrid life. many companies are trying to find the right balance. google, ford, citigroup promising greater flexibility. others, jpmorgan's jamie dimon saying, remote work is not for those who want to hustle. >> there are some big misconceptions between what leaders think and what this born digital generation thinks. nine out of ten in this generation doesn't want to go back to the office full time. they want the flexibility to work where and how they want. >> reporter: others are creating flexibility by choosing to wear many hats, embracing what they call polywork maintaining numerous jobs at once.
7:43 am
cassidy williams is a software engineer by training, but has several titles. >> i'm the co-founder of a music contracting site. i do some contracting work and i also host a podcast through my work. >> reporter: as more workers choose to work from home, they are now able to work several different jobs that are based in different areas throughout the country. >> i know that we as a culture definitely feel that way where a lot of our value is derived from the work that we do, but if you do a lot of different kinds of work, that kind of stretches your brain in a lot of different ways. >> reporter: most experts say that flexibility is the key concept as the culture of corporate america resets. eva? >> yeah, everyone got a taste for it. now they want that permanently. deirdre, thank you so much for bringing that to us this morning. coming up on "good morning america," the hottest travel destinations this summer, and how to score a deal ahead in our "weekend download." to scor our "weekend download." young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no.
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only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. welcome back. in today's "weekend download," we'r welcome back. in today's "weekend download," we're helping you make travel plans. lots of people hoping to make up for the last summer last year and get out of the house. joining us from her own vacation in miami south beach is award-winning travel journalist and author of "happiest mommy you know," genevieve shaw brown. this is how you do it. you show up to work on vacation. we're hearing about a lot of demand for travel. what does it look like this year? where's everyone going? >> you know, this summer travel looks a lot like the summer travel of years past, and, you know, 74% of americans are planning on taking a vacation this summer, and of those, more than 60% are going to travel domestically. the most popular destinations,
7:48 am
orlando, las vegas, and where i am right now, miami, florida. >> okay. that is good to know, and we know places will obviously be busy, but how do you get the best deals when they're hard to come by right now? >> you have to know what a deal is. according to hopper, the average price of a domestic flight is $283, so if you see something in that ballpark, you're doing really well. if you see it, snag it. this is not the year to be waiting around for a last-minute deal. for the hotels, you want to look for free breakfast, airport transfers, things that will add up over time. if you can skip the car rental, do. they're very expensive this year. if you can't, try get around and touro. they're like the airbnb of car sharing. >> i'm glad you mentioned that rental car. that is a big thing right now. genevieve, when will we find the best deals? >> you know, look, not everybody has the flexibility to travel whenever. a lot of us use the school vacation calendar, but if you
7:49 am
can, you want to travel at the second half of august or early fall. you'll find better deals then when the demand starts to simmer. >> that makes a lot of sense, and of course, we know health and safety is on the minds of everyone. real quick, what are hotels doing to address that? >> at this point with things changing so rapidly, it's property dependent, mask requirements, and social distancing. you really got to call ahead and see what you are comfortable with. >> all good, useful information. thank you. enjoy your vacation. we'll be right back with "pop news." with. >> thank you. we'll be right back with "pop news." he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer,
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7:54 am
>> that was my pilates. now we can begin the second best part of sunday. we start with a new look at "black widow." a new action-packed clip shows scarlett johansson fighting off some foes. >> i got you. no! >> ah! >> a whole lot of excitement there, and "black widow" was the top film of must-see movies this summer. it will also be available on disney plus. the movies are back, guys. we have also got a new speak at nicole kidman giving audiences the creeps. she stars in "nine perfect strangers," an adaptation of the best-selling novel about guests at a wellness retreat working out their issues. >> it's a wonderful journey. sometimes it will be unpleasant. >> i don't want to suffer.
7:55 am
>> you're already suffering. >> the creators were also behind "big little lies" and "the undoing." it airs next month on hulu. kidman's other high profile project of course, playing lucille ball, and she says this time she is way out of her comfort zone because she was never cast as someone who is funny. i need the best ricky. >> ricky! >> janai is stepping up. >> she has some big shoes to fill because she's a very expressive comedienne as well. finally how is this for a summer job? tryouts were held for delivery positions on wisconsin's lake geneva. it requires them to jump off a boat, deliver mail, and jump back on. the boat travels 5 miles per hour and rarely stops. the timing has to be just perfect or you could end up high and dry on the dock or even worse, yeah. >> oh, man. >> all washed up. mail has been delivered this way for 105 years each summer season, and this is a coveted position.
7:56 am
so to be 15 again and have those knees. >> yeah. >> also, is that a reliable way to deliver mail? >> they have been doing it for years. >> sorry to those people. >> mona, thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you for watching. stay tuned for "this week." we're always on have a good weekend. have a good weekend. good morning. i'm liz kreutz. today is your final chance to get the covid vaccine shot with a side of free fair rights. the san mateo county fair is giving a free admission, $20 food voucher, and four ride
7:57 am
tickets. is right by the main entrance and anyone 12 and older is eligible. you can even choose your vaccine, pfizer and johnson & johnson. no appointment needed. you can write a dragon or tiger in golden gate park. a children's classic, the carousel is reopened this weekend. it's operating at half capacity, running every day from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. it dates back to 1914 and considered to be the true gem of the park's children's corridor. it will be a nice day outside too. san francisco, upper 60s. we have fog the right now. mt. tam, you can see the gray sky. 65, mountain view. the fog extending across the bay in some areas. 68, novato. another muggy afternoon. temperatures will be warm. mid- 80s in napa. with a relative humidity ticking up, it will feel
7:58 am
warmer. sea breeze is with us from san mateo, mid-70s. limited sun at stinson, half moon bay, and pacifica. the seven-day forecast. a little change tomorrow. high pressure begins to build. warming up the inland valleys. triple-digit heat arrives inland wednesday and thursday. we will warm it up around the bay. it's warmer there and getting to the coast,
7:59 am
oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it. of relief... [joyfully laughs] protection... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... hope... so that we can get to all the other moments. let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. let's get it... together. so we can be together. let's get to immunity. now's your moment to get vaccinated.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. breaking news. president biden wrapping the g7. >> america is back at the table. >> the return to in-person diplomacy, marked by elbow bumps, smiles and humor. >> are you supposed to be looking as if you're enjoying yourself? >> yes. >> setting up a stark contrast to his summit with putin, now just days away. >> it's about making myself very clear what the conditions are to get a better relationship. >> the latest this morning with secretary of state antony blinken and representative michael mccaul. outrage and a new investigation. >> this is unacceptable. >> the stunning allegations about president trump's justice department secretly targeting at


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