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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 8, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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>> how much are we talking about krispy kreme? how much have good morning, america. breaking news. this morning, hundreds arrested in a global sting led by the fbi. breaking right now the global sting led by the fbi, arresting over 800 people around the world in 16 countries. called operation trojan shield. 32 tons of drugs, millions in cash and cryptocurrency seized. what we know right now. the u.s. recovering millions in ransom money. sending gas prices soerg in some places. u.s. promising to put russia on notice and warning the other
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companies. this morning, the ceo of kroger jins us live, what cyberattacks could mean for grocery stores. vice president kamala harris on her first international trip since taking office with a clear message for anyone looking to illegally cross the border. >> do not come. do not come. this morning, the new report on former president trump's immigration policies. >> vaccine slowdown. the u.s. at risk of missing president biden's goal of 70% of adults with at least one shot by july 4th. cases climbing in parts of the south as nurses in houston walk off the job overnight, protesting vaccine requirements at their hospital. deadly insurrection. the new senate report out this morning on the riot on capitol hill examining the security failures and what it will take to prevent something like that from happening again. new hope. the fda approving the first new ar t decades, but some experts are
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raising questions. dr. jen ashton joins us live to break it down for you. undercover mother. a texas mom facing charges posing as her 13-year-old daughter and sneaking into her middle school posting videos to social media from inside the building. why she claims she did it. ♪ and it is time to "rise & shine," america. we say good morning, america, from connecticut. lara is on the road where small businesses are buzzing back. from this hartford distillery that turned to making hand sanitizers during the pandemic, to the pizza place hit hard by the pandemic, and on to the last wooden whaling ship, "gma" is live from mystic this tuesday. we do say, good morning, america. man, we have a lot of news to get to. we do, starting with that
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breaking news, 800 people arrested around the world in a coordinated global sting led by the fbi called "operation trojan shield." >> law enforcement are calling it an unprecedented blow to crime gangs and we begin with pierre thomas with the very latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: michael, good morning. today nearly 800 people arrested around the world in a coordinated international sting. "operation trojan shield" involving 16 nations using an encrypted communications platform developed by the fbi. it was a communication app installed on phones that allowed law enforcement to see exactly what the bad guys were planning. from australia, new zealand, europe and the u.s., officials targeted crime gangs who traffic in drugs and arrange executions. $48 million in cash in cryptocurrencies confiscated and hundreds of firearms and more than 50 luxury cars seized. anr unning 32 tons of cocaine the fbi secretly got in the ss distributing more th00 vis to more than 300
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criminal syndicates operating in more than 100 countries. robin? >> thank you for your reporting, pierre. thank you. now we have the investigation into the cyberattack on that critical fuel pipeline. the u.s. now saying it has recovered millions of dollars of ransom from those hackers. senior white house correspondent mary bruce has the latest for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is really a rare victory in the fight against these cybercriminals. just as president biden prepares to meet with russian president putin and confront him on cybersecurity the justice department has now seized millions of dollars in ransom paid to the hackers that shut down the colonial pipeline. >> the old adage, follow the money still applies, and that's exactly what we do. >> reporter: the justice department seizing $2.3 million, more than half of the ransom by hacking the bitcoin wallet of the russian cybercriminal group darkside. >> today, we turned the tables on darkside.
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>> reporter: for six days last month the hackers crippled the key fuel line, triggering gas shortages and panic buying. colonial ultimately paying more than $4 million in ransom in hopes of bringing operations back online. >> i did make that decision that day. it was the right decision to make for the country. >> reporter: these attacks are increasing. in april, new york's transit agency was infiltrated by china. just last week the nation's largest meat supplier targeted. that was also linked to a russian group. the white house is warning companies to act now saying no one is safe. and is promising to put russia on notice at next week's summit. >> if certain kind of harmful activities continue to occur, there will be responses from the united states and -- >> what are those reses? >> we willay those out for president putin in this meeting and he will understand fully where the united states stands and what we intend to do. >> reporter: now, the ceo of colonial pipeline is on the hill this morning testifying before
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congress, speaking out about this experience, and why he paid this ransom which, robin, he described as the hardest decision he's ever made. >> mary, thank you. in our next half hour our exclusive with kroger's ceo rodney mcmullen about the cyberattack on the country's food supply and what it means for meat prices now. george? we go to vice president kamala harris in mexico this morning on her first foreign mission as vice president. she's been tasked by president biden to help reduce the flow of migrants to the u.s. border and she is sending a blunt message, do not come. chief white house correspondent cecilia vega has the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george, good morning to you. mexico today. guatemala yesterday. she was standing next to guatemala's president when she said that they'll root out corruption wherever it exists and her number one priority is addressing these root causes that people are fleeing their homes. on her first foreign trip as vice president kamala harris issuing a direct warning to ayone considering making the illegal journey north. >> do not come.
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do not come. the united states will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. >> reporter: tapped by the president to tackle the root causes of migration as illegal crossings at the southern border reach nearly 750,000 people, levels not seen in decades. the vice president there alongside guatemala's president promising the u.s. will help tamp down on violence and corruption which could take years. >> if you come to our border, you will be turned back. >> reporter: this as the biden administration is still investigating the fallout from former president trump's immigration policies. report out this morning more than 3,900 children were separated from their families under trump's controversial zero tolerance policy. and to this day, more than 2,000 kids still have not been reunited. and just 58 are currently in the process of being reconnected with their families. families like these, now seeing each other for the first time in years.
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now, these 3,900 children identified in the report is far below the 5,500 identified by the aclu. the biden administration says it's reviewing more cases. george, listen to this. this report also says the government to this day still does not know the whereabouts of the parents of nearly 400 children separated under that trump policy. >> just unacceptable. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. robin? george, now to the coronavirus emergency. the u.s. is on pace to miss president biden's goal of 70% vaccination by july 4th. a new poll shows that 78% of adults not planning to get the shot are unlikely to reconsider. and in houston, nurses at a major hospital there are protesting mandatory vaccinations. marcus moore is in texas for us. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning. monday was the deadline for that group of nurses to either get vaccinated or face suspension or
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even have their jobs terminated. this morning, those nurses are vowing to fight as health officials race to vaccinate the country. this morning, concerns growing over the slowing pace of vaccinations nationwide. on average only about 410,000 adults are getting their first vaccine dose each day, a sharp decline from the 1.4 million vaccinations a day in april. at the current pace the u.s. will likely reach 68% of adults partially vaccinated by july 4th, still short of biden's goal. but southern states like mississippi, alabama and louisiana show the challenge officials face in states with the lowest vaccination rates in the country. cases in alabama rising nearly 90% in the last two weeks. >> our numbers have increased back towards 400 or 500 cases a day and i'm sitting a little bit on pins and needles. if we see our cases increasing to a thousand or higher, that means we definitely failed the memorial day stress test. frustrations nearing a boiling point in texas.
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some unvaccinated nurses at houston methodist hospital protesting the hospital's vaccination requirements. they're facing suspension and even possible termination if they fail to comply. >> i am more than willing to take it once the fda has approved it. >> reporter: meanwhile, states at or nearing 70% vaccinated continue to loosen restrictions. this as we're getting encouraging new results on the effectiveness of two key vaccines in the fight against covid-19. a new cdc study finding pfizer and moderna significantly reduce the risk of infection by 91% for fully vaccinated people and for the few who have received the shots but still got covid their illness was shorter, milder and less likely to spread to others. back to those states now with 70% vaccination, new york state hopes to be able to add itself to that list. new york city already planning an epic concert to celebrate the comeback with the legendary clive davis set to produce.
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this morning, no word yet on who might be the headliner. >> we are seeing a lot of changes. marcus, thanks very much. we go to capitol hill where the senate has just issued a bipartisan report on the january 6th siege of the capitol. it examines the security failures that helped enable the riots and the steps needed to stop that from ever happening again and rachel scott has the details. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is a blistering bipartisan report at a time when democrats and republicans are deeply divided, both sides agree there were significant security failures at every level of government on january 6th. one senator saying it was an thaek was planned in plain sight and intelligence officials knew of the threat of violence, there were maps circulating online about how to breach the capitol and that they failed to act. the senators also coming up with a list of recommendations to make sure this never happens again. everything from beefing up security around the capitol perimeter, to making sure that the capitol police chief has the power to request the national
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guard for backup, and also enhancing training for officers. but while this report is detailed, it is also limited in scope. really only looking at the failures of that day and the senators claim the fbi and department of justice did not fully cooperate with many of their requests and this morning, they're still left with many unanswered questions. george. >> which is why many believe a bipartisan commission is necessary. okay, rachel scott, thank you very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to that relentless heat with dangerous temperatures in store for the midwest and northeast. rob marciano is in the thick of it tracking it all. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. it just doesn't want to quit. a few people got some cooling thunderstorms yesterday, but all in all it's only added more humidity to the situation and continues to be very widespread. take a look at this map, it goes from the upper midwest all the way to the northeast, and temperatures today are going to be up and over 100 degrees potentially in pierre and minneapolis. you're on this crazy streak. the humidity increases and heat advisories with philly and boston. temperatures will feel like the mid to upper 90s today so try to
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stay cool. we did have some severe weather yesterday. a couple of reported tornadoes across colorado. this one doing light damage. thankfully nobody hurt with this storm, certainly photogenic, but we'll have more on these severe storms later on in the broadcast. robin, back over to you. >> thankfully no one was hurt. thank you, rob. now to the potential breakthrough in the battle against alzheimer's. the fda approving a new treatment for the condition for the first time in nearly 20 years. eva pilgrim has those details for us. >> reporter: this morning, a historic development in the fight against alzheimer's. the fda approving the first new treatment in decades. aducanumab which goes by aduhelm, a monthly infusion with early stage alzheimer's. its goal to slow cognitive decline. it's the first treatment that targets how the disease works, not just the symptoms. ken was diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer's disease when he was 58 years old. he joined a clinical trial in 2017.
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>> i could just feel my -- the fog would just lift. >> reporter: but despite enthusiasm for the drug, some criticism and questions, trials ended in 2019 after data didn't show enough evidence the drug works. the fda's advisory panel declining to recommend the drug in november, some experts saying the benefits don't outweigh the risks like potential brain swelling and bleeding. >> we have witnessed firsthand how this treatment has helped kevin. >> reporter: the fda's announcement falls under its accelerated approval pathway. the fda asking biogen to conduct a new trial to prove the drug's efficacy or the approval could be revoked. >> we actually need to continue to learn about its benefit in patients at different stages of the disease. >> reporter: and one of the other criticisms of this drug, the price. it's listed at $56,000 a year. biogen says they will work with those with insurance companies for a financial assistance
7:15 am
program and they're currently working with medicare to come up with an affordable option. they hope to have it shipping out to a pharmacy near you in about two weeks. michael? >> thank you so much, eva. to help us understand more, dr. jennifer ashton, she joins us now. and, doc, tell us more about the drug. what is it supposed to do? >> this is for people who were diagnosed with early alzheimer's. so mild cognitive impairment. as we heard in the piece it is supposed to really target the cause, not the symptoms. now, the devil is in the details. patients will need an mri then follow-up mris regularly and it is an intravenous administration so it's given once a month and then monthly thereafter. so not a pill and obviously requires some in-hospital setting to give the drug. >> but it doesn't come without controversy, because the fda's own independent advisory panel voted against -- they did not want to recommend the drug but the fda approved it anyway. what were their concerns and how rare is it for the fda to go
7:16 am
against their own panel's advice? >> well, i think first of all the second half of your question is it does happen. that's why these approvals and authorizations are not a foregone conclusion but controversy for two main reasons. number one, efficacy. in clinical trials one did not show any effect and one showed a very, very marginal effect on an 18-point scale. only a fraction of a point of improvement and the second is this theory about how it works. that theory about these beta-amyloid proteins or plaque is a theory. it is not generally accepted. so, again, when you talk about efficacy, that's part of the reason for controversy here. safety, when you talk about 40% risk of brain swelling, 17% of people in clinical trials had microscopic hemorrhages. risk/benefit, it's not clear cut. >> it's not clear cut. all right, doc, thank you so much as always. robin? >> all right, michael.
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i know you want to make your way over here to the desk because we are celebrating someone you knew very well. former new york giants head coach jim fassel. his son john confirming he passed away at the age of 71. he was a head coach of the giants from 1997 to 2003 and named the nfl coach of the year in his first year. michael. >> yeah, his first year. big part of my life. just a great man, a great coach and he will be missed. but i was definitely shocked this morning to find out this news and i just want to send my love and condolences to his family. a great man. enjoyed every minute with him as my coach and after my career and we continued to stay in touch and talk. >> thank you. >> thanks, michael. we're following a lot of other headlines this morning including the arrest in the road rage shooting of a 6-year-old boy. those charged are due in court later today. we'll give you the latest in the investigation. and the mother arrested for posing as her teenage daughter now facing charges.
7:18 am
going to hear why she claims she did it. first let's go back to rob. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, michael. more on those severe storms. videos out of charlotte, north carolina, where they had hail, and tornado as well and flash flood watches posted for little rock with the severe weather threat being across the black hills of south dakota and getting across western nebraska. this will try to knock down some heat but won't have a good go at it. time for your tuesday trivia sponsored by verizon. good morning.
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i'm the meteorologist. still breezy today. not quite as aggressive as yesterday. it will become sunny and temperatures well cooler than average. expect cooler conditions state with clouds in the same areas as this morning. we will get back to average levels by the weekend. look at this. barely any 70s and appeared most of us in the 60s. 50s at the coast. tonight, low 40s to low 50s. the seven-day fore we were lucky enough to get a cooling thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon, but that only added more humidity into the air. it's pretty steamy here, guys, try to stay cool. back to you. >> thank you, rob. we are having a busy morning and still much more to come here on "gma." coming up, fisher-price under fire, the critical congressional report finding that the company ignored safety warnings about its popular rock 'n play sleeper. we'll be right back. so that you can live that scuff-free life. honey, i'm home from my really important job!
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good morning. developing news this morning. a nationwide search for a san jose mother. the 35-year-old is accused of killing her seven-year-old son. his body was found on a hiking trail outside of las vegas. more than a week ago. both mother and son were last seen in san jose on may 24th. they were spotted in laguna beach and victorville. police believe she was driving a dark blue dodge caliber with a license plate. we will turn to traffic. >> thank you. good morning. we are following a major crash right now in vacaville. this has been upgraded to an alert on eastbound 80 at the cherry glen road offramp.
7:24 am
according to the chp, this crash happened between a big rig and one other car. the big rig has overturned. these are down to around four miles per hour. injuries have been reported. live look here at the san mateo bridge. check out the westbound traffic. it is so slow. we are reaching out to the chp. it does not appear to be that anything is happening on the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger
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or a public charging credit. see you volvo retailer for details.
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welcome back. breezy conditions again today. some of our bridges are going to be a little bit harder to commute than they normally would be. also, out on the water, it is going to be a little choppy. especially during the evening. cool eric, very clean. completely green through thursday. our coolest afternoon is tomorrow. coolest thursday is 40s anu. coming up, the ceo of kroger's life with the latest on the cyber attack on the me surprised
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get the food you love with perks from... - [group] grubhub! - [announcer] grub what you love. ♪ whoo! back here on "gma." i still get chills. lin-manuel miranda with anthony ramos, the pair performing "my shot" from "hamilton," and they're together again. anthony starring in the movie version of miranda's other hit musical "in the heights" so this morning, the man himself, lin-manuel miranda is going to join us live to talk all about it coming up in our next hour. we have a lot of headlines we're following including that breaking news, 800 people arrested around the world in a coordinated sting called "operation trojan shield," 32
7:31 am
tons of drugs, millions in cash and cryptocurrencies have been seized. law enforcement are calling it an unprecedented blow to organized crime gangs. also this morning, a widespread internet outage to hit reddit, twitter affected, "the new york times," the guardian, many more. the company behind the outage have identified it but no cause has been given yet. but these sites are now going back online. and we have more on the investigation of the cyberattack on the critical fuel pipeline that sent gas prices soaring. the u.s. has recovered millions of dollars of ransom from the hackers responsible and the white house promised to put russia on notice. we have a lot more ahead, including that school scam. a mother arrested for impersonating her 13-year-old daughter. why she says she did it and we also have an exclusive with the ceo of kroger. what he's saying about those rising prices. that is coming up later, robin. right now, we're going to move on, michael, with the latest on the arrests and the fatal road rage shooting of a 6-year-old boy on a california freeway.
7:32 am
the two suspects due to be arraigned in court later today. will carr has the latest on the investigation. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, case s crhe mmunity. up here to honor aiden leos, the 6-year-old with those bright eyes and that big smile. this morning, authorities say they have his alleged killers behind bars and they are combing through their social media pa pages, including an instagram that shows one of the suspects firing guns. we're choosing not to show those videos. this morning, the two suspects accused of killing 6-year-old aiden leos are set to appear in court, authorities arresting 24-year-old marcus anthony eriz and 23-year-old wynne lee after a two-week manhunt. >> there were indications they were doing everything they could to hide both evidence and identities. >> reporter: todd spitzer says they also have the gun and car used in the alleged road rage shooting. aiden was shot in the back while
7:33 am
his mother was driving him to school. he died bleeding in her arms. his last words, mommy, my tummy hurts. he was laid to rest monday. >> my precious son had his life ripped away from him for absolutely no reason. they took his life and my heart along with it. >> how helpful was the public in this case? >> the public was unbelievable. the public has been just huge and i cannot thank them enough. >> reporter: and speaking of the public, there was a $500,000 reward in this case. now that the suspects are behind bars the d.a. tells me that if there's a conviction some people in this community may be getting that money. michael? >> just such a senseless tragedy. thank you so much, will. we turn to the strange story out of texas. a mother arrested after she posed as her 13-year-old daughter and snuck into the girl's middle school posting videos of the act on social media.
7:34 am
t.j. holmes is here now with the details and why she did it. >> yeah, we're talking about a 30-year-old woman who posed as a 13-year-old child and made it from first period all the way to last period before anybody at the school even noticed. so now the school district is answering questions about its security. the mom is answering to police. >> do i look like a seventh grader? no? cool, awesome. >> reporter: this el paso mother is facing multiple charges after admitting to posing as her 13-year-old daughter at her middle school. >> okay. i'm in. >> reporter: according to the complaint affidavit, 30-year-old casey garcia checked into the school using her child's i.d. number and was seen in these videos posted to social media inside the school building. the mom managed to greet the principal. >> hello. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: attend p.e. class. >> the coach literally came up to me and was like who are you. >> reporter: even eat lunch maskless among seventh graders. >> i've been here all day. face-to-face with teachers. >> reporter: making it until last period before getting caught.
7:35 am
to the principal's office so i guess we're going to see what happens. >> reporter: police arrested garcia but she claims she wanted to highlight possible security flaws and safety protocols within the school posting this explanation on youtube saying she was trying to help prevent mass shootings. she's now charged with criminal trespass and tampering with government records. in a statement sent to parents in the san elizario school district, the superintendent acknowledged the breach in security and adds our security measures are being reviewed and evaluated not only at the school where the incident occurred but all schools and facilities in the district. and, guys, not to make excuses, we all wonder how could no one notice? she's under five feet tall about the same size as her daughter, mask on, hood on, glasses on, you can barely tell who is necessarily under there so that might have had something to do with it. she meant no harm to the students but you can't have this
7:36 am
seriously with security at a school. >> she wanted the conversation to start. she got that to start. we move to fisher-price and hot seat on capitol hill. a congressional investigation found the company ignored repeated warnings about its rock 'n play sleepers which are linked to more than 50 infant deaths. rebecca jarvis has the story. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george, and this was a hugely popular baby product before it was recalled in 2019 and now that new congressional investigation uncovering stunning details about the rock 'n play. >> i am appalled by the conduct of this company. >> reporter: a new congressional report finding fisher-price ignored repeated warnings about its once-popular rock 'n play sleeper. a fisher-price executive testifying on monday that 97 infant deaths linked to the rock 'n play have been reported to the company. erica richter told them she lost her daughter emma in 2018 while
7:37 am
using one. >> i didn't think anything of it except that it was a fisher-price product and so that it must be safe. >> reporter: the rock 'n play sleeper was designed and developed following extensive research, medical advice, safety analysis and more than a year of testing and review, the company said. it went on sale in 2009 telling selling roughly 4.7 million units before fisher-price recalled it in 2019. the report alleging that during those ten years, fisher-price marketed the product as an overnight sleeper, even though some regulators and consumers warned the company that infants could roll over and suffocate. pediatricians recommend babies sleep flat on their back. fisher-price testifying monday that it followed all applicable safety standards at the time. >> when introduced it met the
7:38 am
cps, consensus standards applicable to bassinets. >> reporter: erika hopes no one else experiences this. >> i think about what life would be like if i had known. >> reporter: starting by the middle of the year all baby sleepers will have to go through a federal safety standard, and just last week fisher-price recalled another product, the 4-in-1 rock'n glide soothers and 2-in-1 soothe'n play glider. coming up next, our exclusive with the ceo of the kroger market chain on the cyberattack on the country's meat supply and rising food prices. zone, ooohweee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey... ♪ ♪ alright... ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ come on...three, two, one ♪
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we are back with our abc news exclusive. from covid to cyberattacks, to rising prices, grocery stores have gone through a lot of changes over the past year. we are joined now by the ceo of the kroger company, rodney mcmullen, with what we can expect as america returns to some level of normalcy and welcome to your return, mr. mcmullen, here to "gma." good morning to you. >> good morning, robin. good to see you. >> good to see you again. you know this, just last week one of your suppliers, the nation's largest meat supplier, jbs foods hit by a massive ransomware attack. how did this directly impact kroger?
7:43 am
>> well, in this case jbs did a great job of keeping the supply and really getting back online and so the customer didn't feel it, didn't see it at all, and it's really the two companies working together and jbs having a good backup plan, so in this case fortunately it didn't affect the customer in any kind of way. the supply chain was fine. >> that's very encouraging, but in general, consumers are saying they are seeing a rise in costs at the supermarket and in particular when it comes to meat purchases. when do you think you're going to see an improvement in that? >> if you look at -- through the balance of the year, we would expect inflation to be somewhere between 1% and 2%. we had expected some volatility in inflation early in the year versus last year and that's what we're seeing. so far, the inflation that we've been able to not pass to the customer, we haven't passed everything through the customer
7:44 am
because we really think it's more short term oriented. but the supply chain's functioning very smoothly and as you know, a year ago, it was pretty wild. >> yes, you were with us a year ago. you're reading my mind when it was all about the supply chain disruptions. at that time it was all about paper products, this time it's about meat supply. so what should consumers know right now about the supply chain, sir? >> yeah, love the question, robin, and from a customer's standpoint the supply chain is pretty much back to where it was pre-covid and it's really all of our almost 500,000 people, our associates have done a great job of keeping the stores in stock, our cpg partners have done a grea job of getting the stored replenished. if you look at today from a customer experience, it's almost exactly the way it was before covid, so it's exciting to see but it's a lot of people working together to make that happen.
7:45 am
>> yes, that teamwork makes the dream work as always. we do know that kroger has been at the forefront when it comes to getting folks vaccinated and now you're thinking of some incentives to help more folks get vaccinated. can you tell us about that? >> yeah, it's so exciting and it really -- the president biden's administration had conversations with us in terms of what more could we do? we were really inspired by what governor dewine did here in ohio with the million-dollar giveaway. so we decided to give our customers the opportunity to win a million dollars a week for the next five weeks if you get vaccinated at kroger or in one of our stores or at one of our events, and, you know, a million dollars each week can change somebody's life forever and, you know, we're going to do everything we can to get america back full speed and it's just one more way of helping support that. so it's exciting to be able to do that. we also provide $100 incentive
7:46 am
for each one of our associates when they become fully vaccinated as well. >> and you're also talking about hiring 10,000 new workers this summer at a time when a lot of retailers are talking about how they are having a difficult time finding workers. >> yeah, there's no doubt that we're having a difficult time finding what we call our employees associates and if you look at the number of openings we have today, it looks just exactly like it was before covid hit. and it's because of our continued growing business, our ability to connect with our customers is creating the need to hire 10,000 associates and we're really excited about being able to provide it because one of the things that kroger so many people come here for a job, but then they make it a career and that's -- i always tell people, you can do whatever job you want as long as you keep growing. >> rodney mcmullen, thank you
7:47 am
again for joining us here on "gma." we appreciate your insight very much. you take care. have a good day. >> thanks, robin. >> all right. michael. robin, coming up, our "play of the day" on this tuesday morning. we'll be right back. (dad vo) i saw them out of the corner of my eye. just a blur when they jumped the median. there was nothing i could do. (daughter) daddy! (dad vo) she's safe because of our first outback.
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(sniffles) are...are you crying? uhh, there's pollen... geico. great service without all the drama. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ coming up on "gma," tom hiddleston and lin-manuel miranda. this segment sponsored by geico. more local news and weather is more local news and weather is next. more local news and weather is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it doesn't take a superhero to help save the planet.
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good morning. how is our traffic? >> we still have some problems in vacaville this morning. hello irritant we will look at the backup because of the alert still in effect. this is a crash on eastbound 80 at the cherry glen road offramp. also now, a live look at the san mateo bridge. a problem spot for westbound traffic. still creeping along there. >> during spring? no, we are having spring during summer. look at these. mainly 60s for highs today. if you 70s inland. 50s along the coast. these temperatures are running anywhere from 6 to 13 degrees below average. we should be in the 70s and 80s . those won't return until at
7:57 am
least friday >> you are saying it is jackets. got it good coming up, gma is saying rise and shine the weekend. how the state is bouncing back for the weekend and had the holy trinity of pizza places. the news continues now with gma. have a great morning. this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking right now, the global sting led by the fbi. arresting over 800 people around the world in 16 countries called "operation trojan shield." 32 tons of drugs, millions in cash and cryptocurrency seized in what law enforcement is calling an unprecedented blow to crime gangs. what we know right now. the fda approving the first new alzheimer's drug in nearly two decades targeting how the disease works, not just the symptoms. the criticism and questions about the drug now being raised. the latest this morning. also this morning, actress shannen doherty's message about botox and how she wants women to embrace the skin they're in at every age.
8:01 am
♪ i feel alive ♪ "rise & shine," america, and good morning from connecticut. we're on the road as the u.s. bgins to re-open after covid shut down so much of the state for a year, from the tourist destinations to the famous pizza places. >> i feel very excited. >> see. >> ready for my waitress job. >> artisans at one of the oldest shipyards in the country now coming back to work. we're live from mystic this morning. look out, loki is back. tom hiddleston is live ahead of the highly anticipated new series and wait until you hear how he was almost thor. ♪ lights up washington heights ♪ >> from "hamilton" to "in the heights," we cannot wait to talk to lin-manuel miranda live. we have a look at one of the summer's biggest blockbusters and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ once we get going ♪
8:02 am
just got to hear it. good morning, america. thanks for being with us on this tuesday morning. yes, lin-manuel miranda is going to join us to talk about "in the heights" and also talk about a full circle moment when he's back here on "gma." we'll talk about that. >> one of our favorite people. lara is in connecticut, our latest stop as we "rise & shine" across the country. visiting states as they open back up. going to ask her how are they going out there, lara? >> reporter: michael, what a morning here in connecticut. if you live in boston, new york, or anywhere in connecticut chances are you have been here on a school field trip. mystic seaport in the top corner of this state, just eight miles from the rhode island border. this is a place filled with history from america's connection to ship building dating back to the 1700s. you know, we visited so many connecticut businesses who are bouncing back after the pandemic. one of which is the real-life mystic pizza.
8:03 am
yes, i had my julia roberts moment behind the counter and i just had to do the tourist thing and pose for that instagramable moment under the mystic pizza sign. thousands come here every year for a pie and a picture. a little slice of heaven in coastal connecticut. we'll have so much more coming up on "good morning america" as we say, "rise & shine," george, from connecticut. >> hey, lara, i think it was my fifth grade field trip. great to see you there. we have a lot of news to get to. we're going to start with that breaking news. 800 arrested around the world in a sting led by the fbi called "operation trojan shield." pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. the fbi secretly got in the communications business using an informant to develop an encryption communicating app called anom. they distributed 12,000 telephones and devices with this
8:04 am
app to more than 300 criminal syndicates operating in more than 100 countries. it allowed the fbi and other law enforcement agencies to know what the bad guys were planning. they seized more than $48 million in cash and cryptocurrency, hundreds of firearms and cocaine and other drugs. the gangs were allegedly involved in executions and fbi may have saved more than 100 lives going creative and sneaky. robin? now to the potential breakthrough in the battle against alzheimer's. the fda approving a new treatment for the condition for the first time in nearly 20 years. eva pilgrim is back with those details. good morning again, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, the fda conditionally approving the first new treatment for alzheimer's in nearly two decades. biogen's aducanumab that goes by the name aduhelm. it's a monthly infusion for early stage alzheimer's. its goal to slow cogny five decline. the first treatment that targets
8:05 am
how the disease works, not just the symptoms. despite the enthusiasm, some criticism and questions. trials ended when data didn't show enough evidence the drug works. the fda's advisory panel declining to recommend it in november with some experts saying the benefits don't outweigh the risks like potential brain swelling and bleeding and another major criticism the price. it's listed at $56,000 a year. biogen saying it will offer financial assistance programs and hoping to roll it out in two weeks. michael? >> thank you so much, eva. >> the price tag. coming up, it's world oceans day. we're live in florida with the race to rescue coral reefs around the world. how these underwater statues could be key to rebuilding them. tom hiddleston is live as we count down to the series premiere of the new marvel series "loki." we'll have a chat with him. we'll also chat live with theris be n e hehts. ♪ go, crazy, crazy ♪
8:06 am
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8:10 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." steamy tuesday morning here in new york. tomorrow, a life-changing surprise for an athlete who hopes to go to the special olympics. robin, you spoke with a reaction that left us all in tears. grown men in the studio, you know who you are were in tears. cannot wait to share that with you tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. but now we have our "gma" cover story, actress shannen doherty encouraging women to embrace their true beauty talking about aging while in the
8:11 am
spotlight, botox and her personal message to hollywood. kayna whitworth joins us now with details. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. her passionate, no make-up post garnering nearly 200,000 likes. she says after a night of watching movies she didn't see anyone that she could relate to and she is done with hollywood's unrealistic beauty standards. shannen doherty is getting real when it comes to hollywood and botox saying enough is enough. i embrace me now and that i love that i've lived and that my face reflects my life. i survived a lot, yes, cancer, but more than that, adding she's done with the perception magazines and hollywood try to ma uinto. ♪ the 50-year-old "90210" star was inspired to post after watching movies and not being able to relate to any of the women on screen because of all of the
8:12 am
fillers, botox and face lifts. the spark posting thousands of likes and comments including from former co-star jennie garth along with other hollywood celebs like sarah michelle geller and selma blair, just thinking, i fixed my face. >> i have stage 4 so my cancer came back and that's why i'm here. >> reporter: she opened up to her fans before most recently about her battle with breast cancer sharing videos and photos of herself undergoing radiation treatment and cutting her hair. >> right now i look like bart simpson. >> reporter: in february of last year sharing her cancer journey with "gma." her mission now, surviving and thriving. >> i think the thing i want to do the most right now is i want to make an impact and i want to be remembered for something bigger than just me. >> reporter: now doherty hoping to make coident about their looks. closing out her post by saying i want to see women like me, women like us.
8:13 am
an incredibly important message at a time when the american society of plastic surgeons found 11% of women indicated they are more interested in cosmetic surgery now than before the pandemic and, robin, this goes beyond hollywood. she's encouraging all of us to embrace that face. >> embrace the skin that we're in. all right, kayna, thanks so much. george? today is world oceans day and with the coral reefs around the planet under threat from climate change, there's a new effort to rebuild them. in florida, victor oquendo joins us with more. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. part of world oceans day is a call to action to protect our precious waters. let's go right up to our drone. this morning we are with the team doing just that. the ocean rescue alliance. helping to restore the all important coral reefs and they're doing so with the help of mermaids. ♪ mermaids, mythical creatures of the sea bringing new life to florida's coast. why mermaids?
8:14 am
what's this project all about? >> the thousands mermaids project is a project where we sculpt people as mermaids to spark conservation ment >> reporter: planning to install 1,000 of these giant mermaid sculptures up and down the state weighing between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds made out of organic materials helping to revitalize coral communities. >> coral reefs are critical for our ecosystem. they're extremely important for helping protect our coastal communities and really integrating a lot of different important environmental factors from sequestering nutrients and helping facilitate the whole ecosystem. >> reporter: coral reefs are the lungs of the ocean and most diverse ecosystem in the world. home to nearly a quarter of the planet's fish but across the globe they are slowly dying off due in part to climate change. >> it's extremely impactful. the reef has so much opportunity and a lot of people don't realize how much of an untapped resource it can be. >> welcome to the ocean rescue alliance. >> reporter: the ocean rescue the degradation of the reefs in
8:15 am
in a unique way. >> we restructure fish habitat, enables us to plant coral or oysters. >> reporter: mermaids attracting divers and marine life in our oceans. >> what is it like when you see these come to life surrounded by everything in the sea? >> it's quite amazing. it's a surreal experience to really see the different biodiverse fish communities that come in and different coral growth and sponges that recruit to the structures. >> reporter: this project started right here in the west palm area. 35 of those mermaid reefs are the waters underneath our drones. if you're interested and want to dive and see them for yourself, they have the coordinates up on their website. they still have a lot of work ahead. the plan, 1,000 mermaid reefs up and down florida's coast. >> george? >> great project.
8:16 am
vict victor, thanks very much. >> it really is. now time to "rise & shine" traveling around the country as states open again. this morning lara is in her home state of connecticut. she's enjoying a beautiful day at the mystic seaport where we learned that george went as a fifth grader. he was probably in a suit and tie, right, lara? >> and a briefcase. >> and a briefcase as a fifth grader, probably showed up. >> reporter: 100%. our very own michael p. keaton in george. it is such a very special place, though, robin. so happy to be back here. i have great childhood memories. hope you'll come see it. we are so far up the shoreline of connecticut, the mystic seaport here this morning and the ship i'm standing on, "the charles w. morgan" the last wooden whale ship still in existence in the entire world dating back to 1841. now 180 years old in the nutmeg state. one of the amazing treasures here in the nutmeg state. nestled between new york city and boston this commuter state is home to delightful surprises. and over 90 miles of gorgeous shoreline with charming
8:17 am
communities like this one. ♪ the first state in the hard-hit northeast to open dining 100% in march, connecticut's small food and beverage businesses are buzzing back. >> welcome. welcome. first time? >> yes. >> there you go. >> reporter: in a restaurant called my wife didn't cook, devione serves soul food providing meals to people in need. >> i know how it is to not have and need a little bit of help. my wife and i was like let's make some meals for the community. once we did that, people started coming in and supporting us. >> reporter: the support so overwhelming, they now have a second location. >> have a good night. ♪ >> reporter: over 60 miles to the east the classic new england seaport town of mystic is a
8:18 am
tourist mecca in the summer time and you may just know it from the movie "mystic pizza." >> i'm not going to be slinging pizza for the rest of my life. >> the best pizza. >> reporter: they're still serving up slices. on the shoreline of connecticut this is the place to stop. i'm meeting up with the kitchen manager and grandson of the original owners who wasn't even born yet when the movie was made. >> my dad, he was running the shop, yeah. so julia roberts wasn't old enough to drink so they came in -- the whole cast came into the bar and ordered a bunch of beers, my dad was like, oh, oh, let's see some i.d. >> your dad carded julia roberts? >> oh, yeah, so she didn't have a beer that day. >> reporter: even hollywood couldn't stoprom mystic
8:19 am
talk to me about how slow did it get when you forced to close your dining room, only do take-out? >> i don't even want to talk about it. i'm talking maybe 50 pizzas a day, if that. that's how slow it was. >> reporter: but the turnaround began. this memorial weekend mystic pizza was setting records selling over 1,500 pies in one day alone. >> 48, got to put an apron on. >> i feel very excited. >> see. >> ready for my waitress job, julia roberts, move over. ♪ >> there are no words. it is exactly what you're seeing. ♪ it's gonna be a good day ♪ >> reporter: and less than a mile away a legacy in shipbuilding, dating back to the 18th century being preserved. tall ships like this beauty, "the shenandoah" are sent here to mystic seaport to be repaired at one of the only shipyards in the country that can do this kind of work. the incredible artisans that work here are second to none. what was it like for you guys during the pandemic? >> well, i tell you the very
8:20 am
beginning it was quite difficult because the number of ships we have in the water require constant attention. we slowly came back to work. >> and mystic seaport, the preservation boatyard is all about the continuity of history. >> yes, keeping the ships preserved and skills and talents necessary to preserve those ships alive as well. ♪ it's gonna be a good, good day ♪ >> reporter: robin, you know this is a quintessential shipbuilding town located on the mystic river. the buildings that you're seeing that are just on the shoreline here, most of them have been moved. their original buildings saved from demolition, used to create this seafaring village to educate about life in america so very long ago. >> such a beautiful state in so many ways. but, lara, what are some of the famous firsts there in connecticut? >> reporter: well, robin, next time you bite into a juicy burger, you can thank the
8:21 am
restaurant louie's lunch in new haven recognized by the library of congress, i might add, for creating and serving the very first burger. the first phone book also traced back to new haven in 1878. the first frisbee, the first lollipop and how about an only in connecticut, connecticut the only pez factory operating in the united states and that's in orange, connecticut. love those little candies. >> all right. we'll check back with you in just a little bit. another first, it is the first place where i've lived an extended period of time, over 30 years. because being in the air force, yeah, 1990 moved there to bristol, connecticut for espn and kept a home there all these years. it is a beautiful state and the people there are fantastic. let's check out now with rob again. hey, robin. >> reporter: my home state as
8:22 am
well, robin. i made that trip to mystic. i can't remember which grade to learn about those great ships. good morning. heat wave in many parts. three days above 90. philadelphia, you've had that so the kids are out there just getting cool any way they can. the way to do that avoid strenuous activities. wear loose, light clothing and take breaks and drink water, even when you're not thirsty. good news after today and good morning. i'm the meteorologist. still breezy today. not quite as aggressive as yesterday. it will become sunny and temperatures well cooler than average. expect cooler conditions state with clouds in the same areas as this morning. we will get back to average levels by the weekend. look at this. barely any 70s and appeared most of us in the 60s. 50s at the coast. tonight, low 40s to low 50s. the seven-day fore now to the new series "loki." critics are calling it the best television yet in the marvel cinematic universe.
8:23 am
the epic thriller picking up where "avengers: endgame" left off and we have loki himself, tom hiddleston with us live. tom, good morning. >> good morning. good morning to you, michael. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. it is great to see you. >> so much excitement because loki is back, baby, as we say here in the studio and he's cheated death -- he's cheated death more than once but were you surprised when you got the call that not only was he coming back but he was getting his own show? >> yes, yes, simply i was. but delighted and the reason for the surprise was that scene at the beginning of "avengers: infinity war" between loki
8:24 am
th thanos, it felt final, but he is the god of mischief and such a fun complex character. he's always got one last trick up his sleeve. >> and i tell you what, you were shocked but the fans were shocked. you were delighted. the fans are delighted and i heard you had an interesting run-in with a group of young kids in london. >> yes, yes. so one day i was, you know, out in the park and minding my own business and looking at the sky thinking is it going to rain later on? it probably will. it is the uk after all. and suddenly from nowhere i heard this -- this shout from a group of schoolchildren across the park and they simply said, are you really dead? which i thought was -- you know, it's like on a tuesday morning it's quite an existential question to be asked when you're thinking about other things, but, yeah, i find it very, very funny. >> kids don't have any filter. we all know that. we have a clip right now and in this clip loki is a prisoner of the time variance authority where he's stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare for messing with time. let's take a look at "loki."
8:25 am
>> please sign to verify this is everything you've ever said. >> what? >> sign this too. >> this is absurd. >> and this. >> oh, imagine if you only had to do that in real life, man. >> i know. >> i saw that fall from the ceiling and i was like, whoa. what was it like to do that stunt? >> you know, it's really interesting. we had an amazing stunt department on this show run by monique gatherton and my stunt double matt laboard, and they're
8:26 am
the best of the best. but the time came, i was about 30 feet off the ground standing over a trap door and inside the costume -- there you can see. there you can see my highly skilled training for this particular thing, but i'm wearing that harness and suspended on wires and they're hidden inside my costume but on the day i'm still standing over a trap door and the doors open and i fall those 30 feet, not quite as fast as gravity would take me. so i have a little bit of give in the wire but it is a hair-raising moment just before you go. >> i tell you what, tom, we are glad you did it. cannot wait to see the first episode of "loki" that will start streaming on disney plus tomorrow. thank you, my friend. we appreciate you.
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. here's jobina with a look at traffic. >> we've been tracking the same issue for about an hour now, which is the sig alert in vacaville. you can see eastbound 80, at cherry hill, we have a large backup. this is a crash between a big rig and a sedan. that big rig overturned. injuries are reported, multiple lanes are still blocked. bringing you a beautiful look bringing you a beautiful look at the z has pant y notis. testednyar
8:28 am
and built our most punishing test facility yet, in our effort to build the world's safest cars. we've created crumple zones and autonomous braking. active lane keeping assist and blind spot assist. we've introduced airbags, side curtain airbags, and now the first-ever rear-mounted front-impact airbags. all in the hope that you never need any of it. ♪ ♪
8:29 am
hey there bay area, live is coming right up. >> that's at 9:00 on abc7. let's take a look at what's going on outside. you can see our highlights for the day. it's going to be a breezy, and cooler than average day. i'm going to show you the temperatures, they're going to be running barely in the 70s in some inland areas. even 50s at the coast. these highs are about 6 to 13 degrees cooler than average, and even cooler tomorrow. >> thank you, mike.
8:30 am
we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the late ♪ ♪ here i go ♪ >> remember that well. lin-manuel miranda performing with some of the original cast of the hit broadway show "in the heights." that was here on "gma." that was 2008. now the tony award winning musical is hitting the big screen and this morning, we're thrilled to have our good friend lin-manuel miranda himself back with us yet again. when you're looking at that footage, okay, lin-manuel miranda, i feel like i have to say your whole name, when you see that 2008, that was the morning as you know of the tony nominations, "in the heights" -- you guys got 13 nominations but what do you remember most about
8:31 am
that morning? >> i remember it was very early and i really appreciate what you do for a living but what i remember the most when the nominations came out was robin dejesus, a force of nature, actually in my new movie "tick, tick, book" looked across the street and saw the bub barr gump shrimp company where he used to work as a waiter and the distance between bubba gump and tony nominated actor in a half a block was really quite incredible. i get very emotional thinking about that morning. >> oh, my gosh. didn't you also have a big dinner the night before with your wife? >> i did. i made the mistake of going -- no matter what happens tomorrow we're having a 14-course dinner tonight so i'm green in the footage you're watching. [ laughter ] the night before. i did not plan this well. >> 14-course dinner. some dinner.
8:32 am
you know, it's been -- it's quite a journey to get "in the heights" onto the big screen. made a little bit longer by the pandemic. must feel great to finally have it out there. >> it's really a dream come true. you know, this -- and i think it's made doubly poignant by the fact that, you know, we had to wait a year and we filmed this in the summer of 2019. the fact that you see people right now singing and hugging and dancing in the street, it's a movie about the power of community, just at a time when we're hopefully able to do that safely soon. >> and, you know, the movie is inspired by your neighborhood, washington heights. you had a chance to go back and film there. what was it like for you was it like a full circle moment if not go back. i'd still live here. >> filming and go back home. >> exactly. it was the only time i've gotten to walk to work in my career and, but honestly the show is a
8:33 am
love letter to this neighborhood. and to get to have those songs pl play, "in the neighborhood" where benny and nina are singing when you're home, they're in jay hood wright park, the park i walk through with my son every morning to take him to pre-k, where vanessa, my wife, lived in her first apartment by herself. her grandmother's building is visible in the movie. like there's so many -- it's like the movie is on top of our own life up here. >> oh, my gosh. you refer to your son. you and your beautiful wife have two adorable little boys, okay, "hamilton" was a tad before their time but what has been the reaction to the film? >> actually on the contrary, my eldest son was born two weeks before rehearsals started for "hamilton" so "hamilton" has been like the soundtrack of their lives. they're through their "hamilton" face. for them "in the heights" is a new muca .r favoritealon
8:34 am
number. >> ooh. >> when there's something i want them to do like bedtime and they don't want to i get a lot of -- ♪ no, no, no, no ♪ [ laughter ] >> it runs in the family. let's take a look at a clip. ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ >> oh, my gosh. lin, i was talking to during the break and told you i watched the screener the other night. oh, absolutely blew me away. i was ugly crying like 20 minutes in and it is something to know how long that it took
8:35 am
you to do this and to know that you didn't want to be -- you have a small role. it's modeled after your grandfather. word on the street is that you -- you were reluctant to take on the role. why is that? >> well, i had the perfect experience with my broadway family, you know, the real miracle is that we got that show from an idea i had in college all the way to broadway with kyara, my co-writer and so i was happy to let the movie have its own experience and then it was kyara who sort of talked me into it. she said, if you hadn't written this, you'd be begging to be a part of this movie. >> good point. >> it really is -- it's what we always dreamed of to work with a community of latino actors telling our own stories and then the other thing she did was she said, you know, the studio might cut it but i know a way for them not to cut it.
8:36 am
if you play in it. >> they wouldn't leave that on the cutting room floor. >> carrot and the stick. >> so much focus on community and as you were saying home and you had actually written a book called "in the heights: finding home." tell us about it. >> yeah, well, it's now a 20-year journey "in the heights" has had and so i reteamed with jeremy macarthur who co-wrote the "hamilton" book with me and it's a story of many of the journeys inside of "in the heights." i mean, not just my journey, but, you know, chris jackson met his wife when she played nina in a reading of "in the heights." the stories of school groups that have found the power of community and doing the show afterwards and have done annotations. kyara contributed essays on things that changed stage to screen, so it really is kind of a compendium of the past 20 years. >> that is absolutely beautiful
8:37 am
and it comes screaming through on the screen. it really does. well done. well done, our friend and thank you, bless you for tipping to share your talents with the world. you take care. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me. >> "in the heights" is in theaters and streaming on hbo max. it begins on thursday. coming up, "rise & shine" connecticut event, pizza. did someone say pizza. we'll be right back with lara. getting more for your dollar is easy with xfinity internet. it's like getting this...
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8:40 am
♪ it feels good ♪ we're back with our "rise & shine" series. this morning we visit connecticut, new haven home to a heated bout over the best pizza and lara is back with that. hey, lara. >> this is real. when people think about amazing pizza, they think new york or chicago deep dish but, guy, you need to throw new haven, connecticut into the mix. pizza is taken very seriously. everyone has loyalty to one pie or another. this is real. we're talking about a nearly 100-year-old rivalry over who makes the best pizza. >> abeats as they say. >> ah-beets. >> it's all about the ah-beets. sauce, mootz, parmesan cheese that fill the air. tourists from all over the world to get a slice of heaven from the self-proclaimed holy trinity. frank peppy's, sally's and
8:41 am
modern. >> explosion of taste. >> i don't know how else to describe it. >> it's so good. the cheese was nice and bubbly and melted and had strings and everything. >> frank pepe was the first to put it on the map in 1925 and to this day it's all about the white clam pizza. >> it's just all the fresh ingredients of a fresh clam on a fresh pizza. >> reporter: then a new rival popped up just a block away on worcester street and his very own nephew going head-to-head opening up sally's, a direct competitor where sauce remains front and center. >> 80 years ago when he developed the recipe it work in concert with the ov coal fired, the magic oven. >> reporter: in 1934 modern jumped into the fray. intent on proving pizza wasn't just a family affair. their pie called the italian bomb exploding across the state. >> we're famous for the italian bomb.
8:42 am
kind of like everything on it, three meats, three vegetables. if i was going to the electric chair tomorrow that's my final meal. >> reporter: when the pandemic hit these places pivoted. >> we ran take-out. i'd have a line of 70 people standing outside and not wanting to get along and i would turn me into a bouncer. >> we doubled capacity on the patio. >> where our dining room was now in our parking lot and instead of numbered tables we had numbered parking spots. >> reporter: and people kept ordering those pies. >> community kicked in, you know, $20 tip wasn't uncommon on picking up one pizza. they would tip more than what the pizza cost and that helped everybody. >> that is a testament to our people. when you ask people about frank pepe's, it's about our people. people make pizzas and we have passionate people that make them every day. >> what's crazy is that these three pizzerias, there's something powerful that i think shows pizza can last through
8:43 am
anything. good pizza will last forever. >> for me i think it's the best? we're not on solid foods just yet. >> i don't care what pieces make their claims this is new haven, the original best pizza. >> i mean, being an investigative journalist i knew you would want to sample, explore some of our findings up close and personal so we did send some ah-beets. the plain cheese is from frank pepe's, the sauce pie, just classic tomato sauce, romano cheese from sally's, the competition, and the italian bomb, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, pepper, garlic, that is from modern and since i'm in mystic, thank you, frank. channeling my inner julia roberts with a slice from mystic pizza this morning, guys, i think we have to give it to connecticut on the pizza from
8:44 am
now on, america. >> yep. >> you got to throw them in the mix. >> so true but what he said about good -- >> i will enjoy and send it back to you. >> when he said good pizza lasts forever, no, this will be gone. the crew is going to tear this up. >> so many crew members standing on the set. they're usually in the back. >> thank you, lara. >> let's go to rob. >> and with good pizza, guys, doesn't matter what time of day you eat it. good morning again, want to give you an update on the fires in arizona. two with over 100,000 acres burned and not much in the way of containment and red flag warnings remain up across much of the intermountain west and low levels of humidity. good morning. i'm mike. those chilly breezes are around. temperatures should be in the 70s and 80s. most of
8:45 am
now to the season premiere of "the bachelorette" and there were a lot of men vying for katie's heart last night but only one got the first impression rose. kaylee hartung caught up with katie to talk about it. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, michael. the nervous energy was buzzing in new mexico through night one but katie took the lead and did her best to keep everyone qualify. for all the surprises thrown at her, though, perhaps the biggest one was the women who showed up. >> oh, my god. >> what's "the bachelorette" premiere without a few surprises. >> oh. >> reporter: night one of katie's season off to a hot start. >> they all look like that? because i'm in trouble. >> reporter: what were those emotions like as you were waiting for that first limo to pull up? >> well, i was kind of nervous because i didn't know what to expect and then when i heard kaitlyn and tayshia pop up behind me, i was so like, oh, thank god they're here. >> oh, my god!
8:46 am
>> former combach lohr evacuates kaitlyn bristow and tayshia adams filling in as hosts of season 17. >> more mentors. sisters really. any time i struggled they had great advice. when i needed to just have fun they were there laughing with me. >> bring on the men. >> whoo, i love that. >> 30 men trying to make that perfect first impression. >> and i heard you were a huge cat lover. >> i think i'm in love. >> a sense of humor is going to get a guy far. the way to my heart is make me laugh. >> whoo! >> katie helping ease the first date jitters. >> i can feel that you're -- >> you can feel the nerves. >> are you nervous? >> i am a little bit. no, i am. i don't even know what i'm saying. >> yes. thank you. >> the games starting early and the romance too. the first kiss of the season with justin. and a second with connor b., the cat man. >> why wait? kiss him on the first night, kiss him on the last night they
8:47 am
for the bachelorette. >> hello. >> after finally jumping out of the box james putting the men on his heels. >> she's gorgeous, right? >> put him back in the box. >> reporter: but not all risks pay off. >> oh, wow. okay. hello. >> the second right every time giving greg the first impression rose. >> impress me and be perfect, not greg. he was just like, this is me. i'm so scared right now and i thought it was really endearing. >> katie warned us it would be a wild ride and the preview for the rest of it did not disappoint between the fireworks, the mud wrestling. familiar faces and some tear, buckle up, guys and next week, hey, prepare to laugh. stand-up comedian heather mcdonald will make a special appearance for the first group date, michael. >> looking forward to it, kaylee. thank you so much. "the bachelorette" airs mondays at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on abc and today it is national best friends day. hey, robin.
8:48 am
so we're celebrating with the exclusive world premiere of the trailer for a comedy about a boy's relationship with a few glitches, "ron's gone wrong." let's take a look. ♪ >> hi. i am your -- your -- >> my bebot. ♪ i can't see me loving nobody but you for all my life ♪ ♪ when you're with me baby the skies ♪ >> the bebot, something is wrong with it. >> you're supposed to stay within six feet of me. > six -- oh! >> i am best friend out of my box.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ back with a way to support small businesses and save some money at the same time. this segment is sponsored by amazon which features many small businesses on its site helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the pandemic and beyond. take a look. >> from a mother/daughter sewing team to siblings turning doodles into a card game. >> yes! i got a card. >> reporter: these small businesses are shifting to online sales teaming up with our sponsor amazon and seeing big returns. >> many cases customers won't be aware when you buy from amazon you're often buying from a small business. they sell more than 7,000 products every minute. >> come here. >> reporter: paw struck is founded after the owner adopted tyson. >> i tried to find him natural
8:52 am
healthy treats and chews and the stuff i was able to find was not affordable. >> reporter: he started the company to give tyson some tail-waggingly good treat sflsz since then we've grown pretty significantly. >> reporter: even during the pandemic pawstruck continued fetching customers. sara is a sewing company that sells products like aprons and mask. >> during the pandemic it would have been easy just to sit back and feel sorry for ourselves but we appreciated the fact that amazon reached out to us and asked how can we help? >> reporter: their amazon online store creating an opportunity for sara sews team. >> we sold more personalized aprons during the fourth quarter than we probably had sold in the four years previous to that. >> yep, and you put it down. >> reporter: these two were looking for a family fun activity so they created inklings, a brand-new card game. >> my lowest is a 5 so i'll put
8:53 am
that back. >> reporter: the game helping the siblings learn math. >> ooh. >> we're giving people from around the world. >> reporter: this upcoming prime day amazon is finding a way to put all small businesses in the spotlight. >> prime day this june 21st and 22nd. >> when you spend $10 with one of these partners you get $10 to spend during prime day and if you're an amazon rewards card holder or you have our amazon store card you get an additional 10% back on anything you spend with small business partners. >> reporter: prime day creating another way to encourage all of us to shop small. pretty good deal. thanks to our sponsor amazon for inspiring small business stories.
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good morning, everyone. we're going to get right to jobina for a look at the roadways. >> we're going to start with a look at this sig alert that i'm following right now. it is in vacaville. we do have it this crash on eastbound 80 at cherry creek road. the traffic is backed up to fairfield. we're going to check in with mike for the latest on the forecast. hi, everybody. let's take a look at our temperatures. even though it's not going to be as windy as yesterday, the winds out there are going to make it feel even cooler. just a few 70s inland. remember when we had summer during spring? we're kind of paying for that, we're getting spring during
9:00 am
summer. even cooler tomorrow. now it's time for live with kelly and ryan. we'll be back at 11:00 for midday live. have a great morning. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, president bill clinton and best-selling author james patterson. plus, check out our everyday home hacks, part of our "live" at home series. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: i like it. good morning. hello. >> kelly: hey. hi. hi. >> ryan: thank you, scott. >> kelly: it is tuesday, june 8th, 2021. thank you for coming t to the show. >> ryan: i am comfortable with it now.


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