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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 11, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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entrust your heart to entresto. tonight, the new fallout. the long lines for gas, some gas stations running out, after that massive cyber attack. the russian-based cyber attack shutting down america's largest pipeline, from texas to the northeast. tonight, when will it be back up and running? what we know so far. more than 1,000 gas stations out of gas in parts of the east. demand for gas rising 20% in just 24 hours. drivers waiting in long lines. prices inching up. and tonight, news from the airlines now, longer flights may require extra stops to refuel. also tonight, the horrific images. the 13-story building coming down in gaza. people running amid sirens in tel aviv, as the deadly attacks escalate in the middle east. hamas firing hundreds of rockets towards israel.
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israel retaliating, warning tonight, this is only the beginning. matt gutman on the ground in tel aviv. back here in the u.s., the coronavirus and tonight, the first children already getting the pfizer vaccine. after pfizer was approved for 12 to 15-year-olds. and tonight, the cdc director is now encouraging children to ask for the vaccine. our team in india tonight. the virus and the horror unfolding there. abc news obtaining video from inside a hospital. authorities now looking at it, oxygen on the way to the hospital, arriving ten minutes late. reports 11 people dying because oxygen there had run out. maggie rulli from india. news coming in tonight in the police killing of andrew brown jr. his family allowed to see more of the police body cam video. the family emerging just moments ago, revealing what they saw. the disturbing new images from the southern border tonight. a texas farmer finding five unaccompanied migrant girls on his property. authorities say the girls range
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from 11 months old to 7 years old. they were alone. under arrest. the alleged owner of that tiger on the loose, spotted roaming a neighborhood. tonight, authorities now say the owner has been caught. but where's the tiger? and our made in america series is back tonight and this one is for the dogs. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin tonight with the growing concern across this country after that massive cyber attack on this country's biggest fuel pipeline, from texas all the way up to new jersey. tonight, the lines growing at gas stations and more than 1,000 gas stations have now run out of gas. prices at the pump already going up and the fbi already confirming they believe a criminal gang based in russia is to blame for this. some of the images tonight. drivers waiting in those long lines to fill up.
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this is a costco in raleigh, north carolina. and with increasing demand up 20% in a week, prices now climbing. tonight, some gas stations setting a limit on just how much gas you can buy in parts of the east and in the south. some gas stations have already run dry. and experts warn panic buying is only making things worse. and tonight, american airlines, for one, already signaling that their longer flights may require extra stops just to refuel. and just to give you an idea of the size of this pipeline, from texas to the northeast, normally carrying 100 million gallons of fuel a day. and all of this of course unsettling, underscoring just how vulnerable we are to these cyber attacks. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with long lines at the pump and more than 1,000 stations running out of gas, the effects of the russia-based ransomware attack are being felt up and down the east coast, in what some homeland security officials are calling in a new bulletin, "the most devastating ransomware
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attack on critical infrastructure in the u.s. to date." energy secretary jennifer granholm says colonial pipeline still has not determined when it will be safe to restart the flow. >> by close of business tomorrow, colonial will be in a position to make the full restart decision. but even after that decision is made, it will take a few days to ramp up operations. this pipeline has never been shut down before. >> reporter: energy analysts reporting demand for gasoline rose nearly 20% nationwide monday compared to a week ago. >> everywhere i go, it's bags over the gas pumps. >> reporter: the 5,500-mile pipeline delivers nearly half of the fuel to the east coast and that includes jet fuel. gio benitez is at atlanta's hartsfield airport, america's busiest. >> some airlines are already feeling the effects. american telling us it will have to make pit stops for fuel on
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some long haul flights to hawaii and europe and cancellations could be next. >> reporter: it's been more than four days since colonial revealed that its systems were compromised by what the fbi has identified as a gang of hackers based in russia known as "darkside," in a brazen scheme to extort money. >> cyber attacks in our nation's infrastructure are growing more sophisticated, frequent and aggressive. >> reporter: according to the department of homeland security, ransomware attacks targeting the u.s. are up nearly 300% this year, with hackers extorting roughly $350 million from u.s. companies and consumers. the fbi identified "darkside" last october and said the group has targeted a number of industries ranging from manufacturing to health care to insurance. "darkside" part of a larger trend where hackers are going after bigger and bigger targets. >> and pierre thomas back with us again tonight. pierre, this is really eye-opening just how devastating one cyber attack can be. an those images, the long lines, some gas stations running out. tonight, we've learned the owner of the pipeline says we might learn tomorrow when they plan to
5:36 pm
reopen the pipeline? >> reporter: david, this could go on days longer. security experts have been telling us for years that many companies have not put in place the necessary firewalls and that many companies have not properly trained employees to prevent hacks. now we see that impact, david. >> pierre thomas with us again tonight. thank you, pierre. of course, the other story unfolding late today, the worsening escalation in the middle east. the 13-story apartment building coming down in gaza. and in israel, in tel aviv, people running in the streets amid the sirens. it's the worst violence between hamas and israel we've seen in years. this was the scene in gaza, that apartment building targeted and destroyed, reportedly after the residents there had been warned to get out. mourners carrying the body of an 11-year-old palestinian boy through the streets. in israel, those air raid sirens in neighborhoods in tel aviv. people sent running for cover. the death toll mounting on both sides tonight, and israel warning that this is only the beginning.
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abc's matt gutman on the ground in tel aviv for us. >> reporter: tonight, that image -- israeli missiles leveling an apartment building in gaza. smoke soaring skyward. sources telling abc news the building had been evacuated. a drone surveying the scene to make sure people were out. israel launching 500 air strikes on what it said were hamas and islamic jihad military targets. the gaza health ministry reporting 32 dead, including ten children, 150 wounded. and the body of an 11-year-old carried through the streets during his funeral. violence between israel and the palestinians escalating to its highest point in years. and just hours ago, swarms of hamas rockets streaming into central israel, lighting up the night sky. sirens in tel aviv sending residents racing for cover. the israeli foreign ministry tweeting this video. hamas launching more than
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500 rockets, most intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system. but not all. in ashkelon near the gaza border, rockets ripping open buildings. three israeli women killed in central israel. 19 people wounded. in washington, a state department spokesman saying secretary tony blinken has spoken to leaders on both sides. >> israel has the right to defend itself and to respond to rocket attacks. the palestinian people also have the right to safety and security, just as israelis do. >> reporter: but tonight, the israeli defense minister saying, "this is only the beginning." >> matt gutman is on the ground in tel aviv tonight and matt, give us a sense of what it's like there on the ground. we haven't seen violence like this there since 2014. >> reporter: we haven't, david. and israel tonight is on war footing. the military saying its called up thousands of reservists and for a time, the israeli's main airport shut down incoming air traffic. and i believe this is the first time in a generation that we have seen violence in so many
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places. not just in gaza and in jerusalem, but in mixed jewish/arab towns inside israel proper. david? >> all right, matt gutman and our team. stay safe there in tel aviv tonight. thank you. back here in this country tonight, and to the coronavirus. reports the first kids to get the pfizer vaccine, just 24 hours after pfizer was given emergency use authorization. tonight, georgia has already begun vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds at the mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta today. more than 150 million people have now received at least one dose. that's 58% of adults. and tonight, the cdc director urging young people to ask their parents for the vaccine. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: today in georgia, the first vaccinations in children as young as 12 after that green light from the fda. >> i look forward to going to camp this year, because last year it got canceled. and so, i'm excited to go there and see all my camp friends. >> reporter: as many as 17 million adolescents will be formally cleared to do the same, after a cdc panel recommends the
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pfizer vaccine tomorrow. >> i am also encouraging children to ask for the vaccine. i have a 16-year-old myself and i can tell you, he wanted to get the vaccine. he wants his life back. >> reporter: for many parents, relief. >> just saw it on the news last week and i started crying in the car, like, oh, my god, it's happening. >> reporter: but some parents are still hesitant about the vaccine. just 30% in one poll say they plan to get their children vaccinated right away. 26% say they will wait and see how the vaccine is working. >> i'd just like a little bit more time, a little more data. >> reporter: tonight, with more than a third of americans now fully vaccinated, growing calls to ditch masks indoors. parents at this north carolina school board meeting pleading for the mask mandate to be lifted. >> take the masks off our children. it's our choice as parents. it's my child, my choice. >> reporter: today, dr. rochelle walensky on capitol hill defending cdc guidelines, saying they will change as more people get vaccinated.
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>> we now have 38,000 new infections on average per day. last may 11th, it was 24,000. and we sent a lot of kids home and camps were closed. the camp guidance is intended to get our kids to camp and allow them to stay there. >> reporter: this, as more businesses are reopening. ♪ three of broadway's biggest musicals announcing they will be the first to return, beginning september 14th. ♪ tickets now on sale for "hamilton," "the lion king" and "wicked." broadway playing a huge role in tourism and new york city's ecomatg nearly $15 billion a year, supporting almost 100,000obs. and those teens will be able to get thevaccine at all the normal locations, even some schools. this, as the biden administration is partnering with uber and lyft, offering free rides, trying to get to that goal of 70% of adults vaccinated by july 4th. david? >> all right, eva pilgrim here in new york for us.
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eva, thank you. and this virus, the worsening situation in india tonight. abc news obtaining images from inside a hospital. the desperate scene inside an icu, where the oxygen delivery truck arrived ten minutes late. reports 11 patients dying in just a matter of minutes because the oxygen had run out. abc's maggie rulli in india again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, authorities investigating this video obtained by abc news showing the chaos inside an icu where 11 people died when a truck delivering oxygen was just ten minutes too late. the grim images are everywhere. along the ganges river, officials scrutinizing this horrific video of dozens of bodies washing up on shore. autopsies now being carried out to see if they died from covid-19. at this muslim burial ground, this entire section is just covid deaths and you can see so many of them are so fresh, they only have makeshift tombstones. as overwhelmed hospitals
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struggle, patients are being treated wherever they can find space. we're just outside new delhi and look at this, they've turned what's normally a wedding tent into a makehift clinic. they built it out of bamboo and cloth. it's just in the middle of this dirt 2350e8d field, but here, they have been able to save thousands of people. volunteers providing care free of charge. without your organization paying for the ambulance, for the oxygen cylinder, what would they have done? would they just not of had oxygen? >> they would have passed away. that's the whole situation, what we are seeing. >> just a horrific scene there on the ground. maggie, that story of 11 people dying because the oxygen delivery truck was ten minutes late, really underscores just how thin supplies are, if any supplies at all in some places. >> reporter: yeah, david, exactly. literally everything is in short supply. look at this. this hospital has a live digital billboard out front, tracking the number of icu beds available for covid-19 patients. right now, it says zero, david. >> maggie rulli in india. we're so glad you're there, maggie, thank you. back here at home tonight, the family of andrew brown jr.
5:44 pm
before the cameras just moments ago, speaking out after being allowed to see more of that police body camera video this afternoon. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: it's been nearly three weeks since andrew brown jr. was shot and killed by deputies in north carolina. tonight, we're hearing from his family right after watching the videos they've been calling for. >> what we saw on that video was an unjustified killing. >> reporter: while the footage has not been released publicly, they say they were able to watch six videos, five of them were body cameras. >> we were able to see mr. brown sitting in his vehicle as he was ambushed. we did not see any actions on mr. brown's part where he made contact with them or tried to go in their direction. >> reporter: the district attorney reviewed hours of video and in court two weeks ago, he said brown hit deputies with his car. >> as it backs up, it does make contact with law enforcement officers. the next movement of the car is forward.
5:45 pm
it is in the direction of law enforcement and makes contact with law enforcement. it is then and only then that you hear shots. >> there's no way that this could be justified. there's no way possible. >> reporter: a judge ruled brown's family could only watch about 20 minutes of the videos, but there's more than two hours of footage from the incident. the videos could be released publicly by the end of the month. david? >> all right, victor oquendo. victor, thank you. we turn next tonight here to the disturbing new images from the southern border tonight. a texas farmer finding five unaccompanied migrant girls on his property. authorities say the girls range in age from 11 months old to 7 years old and they were alone. here's marcus moore. >> reporter: tonight, these heartbreaking images capturing the breadth of an ongoing border crisis. texas congressman tony gonzales sharing this photo on twitter. a farmer finding these five little girls alone on his land sunday, along the rio grande river. his wife posting videos on facebook to document the tragedy. >> this is one of our worker's wives right here taking care of
5:46 pm
this tiny one. no one with these children. >> reporter: three of the girls are from honduras, the oldest just 7 years old. the two others from guatemala, including an 11-month-old baby. border patrol taking the girls into custody before reviewing footage. >> car seats. we're going to need car seats. >> reporter: with the temperature reaching at least 100 degrees, the farmer telling congressman gonzales they gave the girls food, water and shade. >> it was really hot. i don't think they would've made it if i hadn't found them. >> reporter: david, all five girls are in u.s. custody tonight and the surge we have seen at the u.s./mexico border has left more than 20,000 children in hhs care at those long-term facilities. and david, that number has tripled since february. >> all right, marcus moore in houston. thank you, marcus. when we come back here tonight, we're tracking severe storms across several states at this hour. and the tiger owner arrested, but where is the tiger? people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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in atlanta tonight, a grand to atlanta tonight, and a grand jury has filed murder and weapons charges after that killing spree in a series of spa in march. robert aaron long is accused in the deaths of eight people, six of them women of asian descent. the d.a. says she intends to seek the death penalty and will pursue separate hate crime charges, as well. we're tracking severe storms in the south tonight. thunderstorms, heavy rain and possible flooding. large hail in texas here. flash flood watches from texas to alabama. several inches of rain in the next few days. when we come back, the alleged owner of that tiger on the loose, now under arrest, but where is the tiger? uilds 5g because we're the engineers who built the most reliable network in america. thousands of smarter towers, with the 5g coverage you need. broader spectrum for faster 5g speeds. next-generation servers with superior network reliability. because the more you do with 5g, the more your network matters. it's us...pushing us. it's verizon...vs verizon. and who wins? you.
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finally tonight here, made in america. and your dog will be very happy. tonight, our made in america may is back. first it was the families traveling across country in their new american-made rvs. but what about the pets? tonight, the sisters creating jobs with an idea that started with their dog. so bocce's the giveaway. is bocce having one of the treats? hi bocce! hi! this is kind of a family affair. >> it definitely is. >> it is. >> andrea started noticing what was in the treats she was buying for bocce. you literally looked at the ingredients of the treats that you were giving to bocce? >> i did. i flipped over one of the treat
5:57 pm
bags that i was giving him and i was shocked by the amount of ingredients and the names that i couldn't pronounce that were in his treats. >> so andrea started making simple, healthy treats in her own kitchen, all natural ingredients. it all just started in your tiny little west village apartment? >> it did. we would literally bake friday to sunday night, nonstop. >> and when stores started ordering and then reordering, they knew they were onto something. >> that's when we knew, you know, this is a business. >> we need a bigger oven. >> yeah, we definitely need a bigger oven and more hands to be cutting those treats. >> their first employee? their mother, jacqueline. has she been employee of the month or anything along the way? she's proud of her daughters. founded in 2010, bocce's bakery is made in america. peanut butter from massachusetts. chicken from pennsylvania. flour from upstate new york. the packaging from kansas. it takes more than 700 workers from start to finish, making 6 million biscuits a week. and they're hiring. as america begins to come back after this pandemic, how important do you think it is to
5:58 pm
>> i m prt e'isecausef e bshawe thintoe le tsuppor >> every treat, the letter b for bocce. he's been eating them for years and if he's still eating them, then it's a good sign. >> it is a good sign. >> tonight, there are now four bakeries across the country. illinois, vermont, california, new jersey. baking treats, creating jobs with three words in mind -- >> made in america! >> and it all started in her apartment kitchen. and fun to meet bocce today. i'll see you back here tomorrow. good night.
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it's the ballpark of their dreams. if it doesn't become a reality, the oakland a's have the green light to start looking to other cities to get a new home. what the team is saying about its future tonight. the race to vaccinate is expanding to 12-15 years old. we now know when kids in california will be able to get there vaccination shots. >> the request to head off a potential water crisis. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. build it or they will go. with the backing of major league baseball, the oakland a's have upped their stakes to get their proposed waterfront park. a good evening. thank you for joining us. oakland maybe down to its last strike and they want to keep the baseball team. on the left the a's current
6:00 pm
home at the coliseum. on the right, howard terminal where the a's want to build a ballpark. now, the league and mlb are playing hardball with emma be encouraging the team to move if they can't get the waterfront stadium built. we will begin coverage tonight with abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley. the message was crystal clear from the major-league baseball. in a statement they said mlb is concerned with the rate of progress on the a's new ballpark. we have instructed the athletics to begin to explore other markets while they continue to pursue a waterfront ballpark in oakland. >> because of the timing and the delays and the roadblocks, it is prudent at some other options. we are running out of time. that is the direction of the league. we concur with that. we will start that immediately with the league looking at other markets. >> that has been talk of other west coast options including la


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