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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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protected. >> now at six the clock, former head of the cdc talking about the fda's decision to authorize a shot for children ages 12 to 15. getting vaccinated can improve more than just their physical health. team vaccination in county, making the shock cool, with help from the 49ers. breakdown of california's $75 billion budget surplus, the funding that will be set aside for stimulus text, if the governor's plan is approved. for my good morning to you on this tuesday, may 11th, we will get to those stories, but first we get to weather and meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right, thank you, reggie. kumasi, jobina, hi, everybody. i want to get with good news, about that? winds are less than 30 miles per hour in the hills. so th is nice. humidity levels are not in the single digits. we are in the teens and 20s, so
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that's a little bit of an improvement. but they are still critical fire conditions, so we need to be vigilant there 6:00 this evening, north, east they held and valleys, also the central valley is that red flag warning will continue to that timeframe. all right, you can see along the coast, changes already starting to take lace. look at the cloud cover there, 68 half moon bay, 68 in san francisco, 70s and 80s around the bay, 80s in north bay, still hot inland, 90s. developing news, advisors covid-19 vaccination for kids ages 12 to 15. this is a move that allowed nearly 17 million more people to get a shot. tomorrow, the cdc committee will discuss the new authorization, and the western states scientific advisory group will vote to get final approval for use in california. that means 12 to 15-year-olds could get vaccinated as soon as thursday. the marin county public health department hopes to vaccinate 7000 kids within a week of
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access. >> some parents are ready to go. some are not ready and some are weary. so i think we are going to see the same sort of trajectory that we saw with the adults. >> we have a list of marin's upcoming campus vaccine clinics on our website, just go to get the information. for my former head of the cdc dr. richard besser talked about how important it will be for kids to get vaccinated. >> the impact goes way beyond that. the mental health impact, the anxiety, depression. the idea that now with the vaccine, there are high school kids who can start the fall and have a normal high school experience, take off enough, do sports, engage with their friends and not have to worry. i think that's absolutely huge. >> dr. besser says he expects as more parents get their kids vaccinated, it'll encourage their family and friends to get there on getting the shot too. there is a push for older teens, 16 to 19 to get vaccinated. starting tonight, levi stadium will be hosting a series of team vaccination nights. amy hollyfield, live with how
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the stadium is trying to make getting the shot a fun experience. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi there. yeah, the adults are trying to be cool, kumasi. they even gave this party a hashtag. 49ers backstage pass, what you think? they are trying to make it fun. they will be hosting a teens only vaccine night here at levi tonight, they will have one tomorrow and thursday. teens will not only get a shot, the 49ers will be here to try to make it fun or people from the team. employees for the team, i don't mean to imply the players will be here. they will be handing out teams log, and they will be offering tours of the visiting teams locker rooms and the first 100 kids each night will get a $10 gift card to starbucks or chipotle. the clinic is open to 16 year-olds. their family members can get a
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shot too while they are here if they still needed. the clinic is open from 5:30 to 7:30. no appointment necessary. walk-ins are welcome. reporting live in santa clara, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thank you. san mateo county expected to enter the yellow tier today. that's according to supervisor dave can have a moving to yellow allows bars to open indoors, without serving food. it also allows other businesses to increase indoor capacity, like gyms and wineries. more covid headlines now, seeing a dramatic shift in la county. that was once the epicenter for covid cases. health officials say, they could reach herd immunity, by the end of july. california's 70 positivity rate has dropped to just 1%. that is a record low. nova backs will not seek authorization until july at the earliest. originally they thought it could happen by the end of this month. researchers have found the vaccine to be highly successful against california's variant. california is expecting an
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unprecedented budget surplus, that could mean more money in your pocket. governor newsom says $75 billion fall is thanks to the stock market. the governor wants to use some of this extra money to fund a $600 stimulus checks to two thirds of californians. it would be for people and households who earn up to $75,000 a year. the state would also be able to double its rent relief program for renters who haven't been able to pay during the pandemic. >> provide 100% support over the next few months, to renters that have been directly impacted by this pandemic. $5.2 billion we are putting up to take care of rent >> the state legislature has to approve the governor's plan, but if they sign off, it would likely be a few weeks before any stimulus checks would go out in the mail. now to a story you only see on abc7, supporters of the recall election, governor newsom, creating a $15 million
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strategy to try to remove them from office. a 12 page document obtained exclusively by abc seven news outlines the plan. one of the main groups behind this recall, rescue california, wants to create a volunteer citizens brigade to generate support. ballot harvest, to collect ballots of potential supporters, and target latino, aapi, and independent voters, who they say were most impacted by the governor's policies during this pandemic. you can learn more about the recall and the last recall in our state on the abc7 original special calledspecial d recall. it is on our abc7 bay area connected tv app, available wherever you stream. for mac today marks the fourth date since the cyber attack for us, one of the country's biggest gas pipe went to shut down. gas prices are going up and down some are running out of fuel. jobina the live desk with what the claim for the response ability of the attack is nothing this morning. jobina? they confirmed a russian based group known as darkside developed the ransom were, which crippled the pipeline.
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darkside posted statement and saying, it never meant to create havoc. they just wanted to make money. parts of the pipeline are coming back online but i'll take several days to make it fully operational. the economic consequences are already being felt. this gas station in north carolina ran out of fuel. >> it affects anyone who needs to drive a car to and from work, to and from school, to and from a store to get groceries. >> this is like too much. it's just one more thing that takes us into major stress. >> it is pretty stressful. the shutdown could expend the recent jump in gas prices, already up six cents a gallon. what's stunning, american airlesfrom ro wi make sts and other placesfuel more easilyavla reggie okumasi? thank you, jobina. layoffs averted at the city college of san francisco. that this is coming at a cost.
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the compromise breach by the faculty and board of trustees. as more people get vaccinated, more events are returning to san francisco. the plan for pride celebrations at oracle park. i want to show you what's going on with ourwith ourwith or index. and you can see, we do have some high areas up in the north bay as we head to the morning hours, then it kind of tapers as we head into the afternoon. then look, it rises again, but that's just the sea breeze coming in with cooler temperatures and higher humidity. and taking this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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in north bay, crews were on the scene of a small grass fire to the night. a brynden san rafael last
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night. we have seen several small filers pop up around the bay area with these extremely dry and windy conditions. going to check in now with meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> a, reggie. yeah, that is how quickly the weather can change, and how fast the fire can spread under these critical critical criticar last three 6:00 this evening. so we need to continue to be vigilant. you see something like that, make sure you call 911, no matter how minor it may look. it could explode into something bigger. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s, down in the south bay. we've got 40s in the north bay, mid-40s to near 50, mid to upper 50s in the east bay, mid- 50s around most of the day and even 48 along the coast and some fog. you can see it's spilling into the bay. so definitely going to be cooler spots around the bay today, the closer you are to that sea breeze. the rest of us are still going to be in the 80s and 90s, and that means is going to be a little breezy in the hills for your commute. other than that, it's a pretty quiet commute weatherwise.commu.
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now, we do have high amounts of tree pollen and grass pollen, but those should taper a little bit tomorrow as we head into thursday. there is i will have more good news coming up in the seven-day forecast. let's see what jobina has been warning compute commute. we are starting out with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:47. it is pax there. pat laugh traffic is much lighter at the bay bridge. we have fog and a pretty big update for mass transit riders. last week, bart recorded their highest ridership since 2020. they are working to win even more writers back.iters they are adding more than two dozen weekday trips, and 15 trips to saturday's service, all will use longer trains for social differencing, at the end of august, they will extend service by three hours until midnight, yes, midnight will be coming back, and during the month of september, bart says it'll cut fares in half, to help boost ridership. reggie on kumasi? thank you, jobina. a heated legal battle over
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voting rights, on under consideration today on capitol hill. a new movie trailer drops for venom. he is
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today begins what's expected to be one of the most charged battles on capitol hill yet during the biden administration. democrats pushing for a sweeping legislation on voting rights. the gop standing by to shut this all the way down. jobina is at the live desk with more on what's >> thank you, reggie. the first hearing comes today with the bill called hr one, currently written, it would be one of the largest overhauls of u.s. elections in a generation. it would create automatic voter registration nationwide limit partisan gerrymandering, and require more disclosure from
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dark money donors, who donate without being identified. critics say the bill asks for far too much, in a short amount of time. democrats feel it's important, given the handful of republican- led state imposing new voting restrictions. some fear reduces voting access for people of color. hr 1 faces an uphill battle and needs 10 gop votes or a full bypass of the filibuster, by democrat joe manchin of west virginia says, he will not support that. kumasi? thank you, divina. tomorrow, houserville will be voting to oust one of their top colleagues from her leadership post. house minority leader kevin mccarthy of bakersfield is urging his party to remove wyoming representative liz cheney, and this is in response to cheney's repeated challenges of former president trump and his false assertions of a stolen election. new york republican elise stefan nick is campaigning to fill that leadership role. she voted to overturn the election back in january. new development, avoid laying off 160 full-time employees.
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this comes at a cost. a deal between the school and faculty was approved monday order avoid layoffs. the public at a time and before the trustees took the vote. >> just ridiculous situation happened over and over again. so, please, don't cut faculty. >> city college of san francisco faculty are gallantly making a financial sacrifice to save city college by agreeing to lower pay, but that is unfair. supporting city colleges our collective response ability of san franciscans and californians. >> the deal will also likely save the jobs of hundreds of part-time faculty and classes. one grocery train is getting rid of its seniors only shopping hours. according to usa today, trader joe's will reserve the first hour of the day for seniors ages 60 and up. the policy was put into place to allow them and other at risk comes to mers to stop without crowds. senior hours have already been eliminated at most bay area
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stores. there is a new warriors fan and he has a problem of biting people's heads off. that's right, marvel antihero venom is part of dub nation. his human form, played by tom hardy, is spotted in the classic golden state the city shirt you just saw there in this first trailer for the sequel, venom, let there be carnage. is currently the number one trending video on youtube, like the first movie, the sequel was that in san francisco. it is out in theaters september 24th. ♪ you've probably never heard my name, my fame, greatly exaggerated ♪ >> this is exciting, pride movie nights are coming to oracle park. the two day outdoor event will take place june 11th and 12. the first night will feature this film, this is lynn then was tony award-winning musical, the height. the second nights movie has not
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been announced. ticket prices range from $25- $45. guest will be required to wear masks at all times, except when drinking or eating. i want to go. this looks like fun. >> yes, it does look like a lot of fun. >> if you pay a lot of money, you could be on the field. >> do it. >> they bring you the food out, they give you some kind of like chairs to lay down on. >> oh. >> yeah. >> sounds pretty tempting. >> it does. >> someone else can pay for me. i'm just putting that out there in the world. just to let people know, it's available, if you want to invite me. >> your companionship can be bought for this occasion. >> well, you know? it is 2021. >> there enough. fair enough. just remember, got to be faxed. reggie will hang out with you if you are vaccinated. sutro tower, we are looking at the changes that are taking
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place near the coast, which will include san francisco. you can see the sea breeze and the marine layer clouds. we saw the high fire danger in the hills, then to the east bay, because it's going to be hot and breezy there. definitely cooler near the coast, and the cooling sea breeze will spread to all neighborhoods tonight and eventually it'll bring spring back in the forecast, getting a lot of questions like what happened to spring? we will have it for a few days in the seven-day forecast. high-end lower separating, the further they are a part, the lighter the breeze. as that continues today, the elevated fire danger will drop, not until after 6:00. 82 and sunny dealt to about 87 in morgan hill and also los gatos and the south bay, 73 in san bruno, 83 in redwood city. low to mid 60s along the coast with mid 60s in downtown san francisco. we will have mid to upper 80s to the northern valleys, but low to mid 60s g the coast there. you can see the cloud cover, even pushing across the golden gate, reaching out to richmond
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in berkeley, that is why you are in the mid to upper 70s. everybody else is near 80 to 84 along the east bay shore, and still hottest in the valleys, 90 to 95 in the inland east bay neighborhoods. in the central valley, 95 today. 100 in palm springs. that's why we got the high fire danger continuing to the central valley, because of those mid 90s. tonight, you can see the cloud cover spreading and also more comfortable 40s in many areas. let's take a look at that accuweather seven-day forecast. the sea breeze will definitely cool the day tomorrow. you know, it takes another day to get inland, which will be thursday. by friday and saturday, temperatures are back to average, and they stay very comfortable all the way through monday. so we are going to have more days of dealing with nice weather then we have with hot weather. i kind of like that in the seven-day forecast. kumasi, reggie? looks nice, like.nice, likei morning america is coming up in 7:00 on abc7. >> tran twenty to and has a look at what the head. >> in morning, great to be with both of you this morning. coming up on gma, we will have the latest on the big news,
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the fda advising pfizer vaccine for children ages 12 to 15. what's next and what parents should know. former acting head of the cdc and pediatrician dr. richard besser joins us live. also ahead, the latest on the pipe when emergency, some gas stations are already seating beings shortages as concerning grows at the pump. then, the golden globes canceled? the award show pulled from the air next year as stars bash it for its lack of diversity. can it bounce back? , is ben affleck and jlo together? spotted again on vacation. plus chris rock and seth rogen? not on vacation with them, but ♪ look... if your wireless carrier was a guy, you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving...
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now to the increasing violence against asian americans, new data from san leandro shows a nearly 300% increase in crimes, targeting people of asian descent.
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this latest video is quite difficult to watch. and includes teens attacking a man in his 80s. what you just heard was one of the teens giggling as the suspects are robbing the victim. they got away with his watch. the man suffered minor injuries. officers say the suspects involved are as young as 16. san leandro police have increased patrols there, working with the da to find solutions to the challenges of dealing with minors. >> other than, you know, putting juveniles in jail, what other avenues can we have two may be diverse some of the things that are happening. >> the victim in the most recent attack believes the crime was heat motivated, but police cannot say for certain if this was a hate crime are motivated by something else. from in san francisco mayor london breed is well booming 311 and 911 that thhiesnumberof tivity. reond to
6:26 am
were nearly 18,000 of these calls in 2019. wellness team will be made up of paramedics and mental health experts. if approved, the first wellness response team will be displayed by january. new at 6:00 am, you are now getting the chance to decide how your money looks. the u.s. mint is letting you choose the pioneering women that'll appear on its new quarters. up to five women can be picked by submitting online, and they cannot be living. so far come my and lou, who has deep history here in san francisco, and astronaut sally ride have earned the honor. their faces will go on the side opposite george washington, and the coins will be coming out next year. this is really cute. a new jersey family has finally figured out how the puppy was able to escape the gate. take a look. they recorded this doggy duo plotting the breakout. so you see little three month old quinn walking up to the gate sitting down, wait for the
6:27 am
other dog to come along, who is a pitbull mix, and then uses it as a launching pad. the video has 129,000 likes on to talk. tiktok. >> cute. >> cooperation. next at 6:30, north bay community works to close the digital divide. the offer to students who don't have reliable california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part.
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while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers your entire business in just one policy. because small business owners have enough on their hands.
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so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. and accessories for your mobile phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> now at six:30, and made her move in the race to vaccinate the u.s., the fda has authorized pfizer shot for 12 to 15-year-olds. the next steps before kids can start lining up. all of these children, all of our students, they deserve their homecoming. they deserve their senior prom.
6:30 am
>> vaccines are already available for kids 16 and up, the three things south bay teams will be getting if they had to levi for the shot. golden globes canceled over diversity issues. they found the awards voting group did not have any black members. the changes organizers are now promising to make. in morning, everybody. today, may 11th, we will get all the stories that we want to check in with mike first for a look at the forecast. hi, mike. on this tuesday morning, let me go right to the red flag warning, give you an update on the critical fire conditions that are going to continue through at least six a clock in the north bay mountains, east bay hills, and also the valleys. winds could be gusty at times, coming out of the north and dry air and dry fuels could ignite quickly and spread rather rapidly. now the high fire danger, you can see is mainly up in northbay, according to this index, which takes into account those parameters we talked about. watch what happens late this
6:31 am
afternoon into the early evening hours. that is the sea breeze coming back, which will heighten our fire danger, temporarily, as we head up to the 6:00 threshold. is also going to be bringing cooler air and more humidity. so once it gets established, it's going to also shut off that high fire danger. so when you feel that come in, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the fire danger is definitely tapering. you can see what it does to the temperatures, low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, mid to upper 70s for richmond. oakland, san mateo, 80s elsewhere, until you get to the east bay, 90s once again. reggie? thank you. big news on the vaccine front, fda has authorized pfizer's vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds. is comes as nearly 60% of american adults have received at least one dose. jobina at the live desk with more and what a bay area dr. is now saying about this announcement. pfizer reported the covid- 19 vaccine is 100% effective in adolescents and pose no safety concerns. the cdc will discuss the fda's
6:32 am
recognition and give the green light, which is accepted to happen tomorrow. so as soon as thursday, kids could start getting doses. the same two as adults. stanford pediatric infectious disease off dr. mullen otto said it is driven to be safe for children. >> the studies in 12 to 15-year- olds show the reactions to the vaccine were similar to what was seen in adults. some pain at the site of injection, and some mild flulike illness, but nothing that indicated the vaccine was not safe. it was as safe in children as they have been shown to be in adults. >> a recent survey found only 29% of parents of children under 18 plan to get them vaccinated as soon as the shot is available. only 32% said they would wait to see how the vaccine is working, kumasi? thank you, jobina. marin county hopes to answer your questions about vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds. leaders will be holding a town hall is at the clock tonight at the county of off location
6:33 am
educations page. in marin county, after the vaccine gets the green light, public health departments want to vaccinate at least half of that group within a week. there's also question of vaccinating teenagers in the south bay. levi vaccination night the start tonight. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the stadium with the perks that teams can get if they get this vaccine. amy? >> reporter: the adults are trying to make it fun, ready. health officials are saying to teens, this is your clinic, and you need to take this step if you want things to get back to normal. they are going to be holding 18 only vaccination clinic at levi will be tonight, tomorrow night, and thursday. it'll be from 5:30 to 7:30. they will be handing out 49ers souvenirs and they will offer tours of the visiting team's locker room. and the first 100 kids each night will get a $10 gift card to starbucks or chipotle. health officials know the best
6:34 am
rate to each teens is not with all these treats but to have other teens talk directly to them. >> it's very disheartening to see these misinformation being spent on social media, discouraging people from being vaccinated. >> i chose to get vaccinated to protect my family, friends, and facilitate my return to in person school for my senior year. >> now the clinic does not require an appointment, just walk in tonight, get your shot and have a little fun while you are here. they've even created a hashtag for this party, 49ers facts stage pass. it's critical to get this group vaccinated. they don't like the numbers, less than 40% of 16 and 17-year- old in santa clara county have been vaccinated. they hope this clinic will encourage people to come out and they will get that number up. this is for 16 to 19-year-olds starting tonight. live in santa clara, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thank you. the world health organization
6:35 am
has identified the triple mutant covid-19 variant spreading in india as a variant of concern. officials they data to be published today suggests the variant spreads faster and could invade protections from current vaccines. they reported over 366,000 new cases on monday. congressman breaux, is urging the biden administration to speed the waiver process for vaccine patents. he spoke on gma. >> it's not enough for america just to be vaccinated. the variance will come back and hurt as if other countries don't or aren't able to produce it. >> over the weekend, dr. fauci urged the indian government to enact a nationwide lockdown to solo slow the spread. san francisco board of supervisors is set to vote today on whether to continue hazard pay for grocery workers. and requires grocery and drug stores with at least 500 employees to be paid an extra 5000 or aiming $5 an hour. the law went into effect back in march, but it is set to expire next wednesday. they are looking to extend this
6:36 am
mandate until june 15th. san francisco unified school district board will reveal more details today about seniors returning to in person learning. as soon as this friday. it would be just one day before the may 15th deadline the school district needs to meet, in order to receive money the state set aside for districts to reopen classrooms. the teachers union says around 500 of the 4000 sf usd seniors said they would return. launching a program that gives students discounted internet service, an effort to address unreliable internet access in the area, especially in lower income neighborhoods. the five-year program will use grants and donations for about 90 students. similar internet programs have been launched in san rafael and marin city. you can check for the latest stories and update on the pandemic on our abc7 connected tv up. is available on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and fire tv. download it now.
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governor newsom has declared a drought emergency in 39 counties, just three weeks ago, it was only sonoma and mendocino counties. now the list includes alameda, contra costa, napa, and solano, and the list is expected to expand in the coming months. the governor says climate change will continue to put pressure on the states water delivery systems. >> we have a system, conveyance system, water system that was designed for a world that no longer exists. it's incumbent upon us to acknowledge that an incumbent upon us to reimagine a different future. >> the governor announced a $5 billion plan to address infrastructure and conservation projects, to help in the long term. he also proposed an additional $1 billion in aid for low income families to help offset rate hike. sonoma county officials want to reduce the amount of water being pumped from the russian vetheyoking to the fede government to get help. >> the presidential declaration would be in assistance right now, in particular, when we are
6:38 am
looking at innovative projects that are going to recharge water and aquaphor storage for recharging projects. there may be help for residential declaration would be something that would be very, very helpful. >>'s emergency drought summit yesterday focus on the russian river on a plan to reduce the amount of water taken from the river would impact the water supply to 600,000 customers. in the middle of a drought, east bay mud customers could be seeing their water bill go up. they expend to find out more details at a public hearing today. they want 4%, starting in july. and then another 4% next year. east bay m.u.d. wants to spend that money on upgrading pipelines and wastewater treatment plans , among other things. the proposal is scheduled for june 8th. all right, let's talk about what's going on with your weather. good morning, it's about 6:38. we will start with the east bay, where we got 49 in san leandro and also castro valley, easily the cool spots.
6:39 am
most of us in the low to mid 50s, even up in the hills, look at orinda on the 58 degrees where we have a high fire danger through 6:00 this evening. temperatures in the mid-40s to near 50 in north bay, low to mid 50s around the bay to the south bay. look at those upper 40s and a little bit of fog along the coast. signs that things are changing. mid 50s and mid 60s in the east bay. in fact, kind of a tale of two forecasts, the closer you are to the coast, the sea breeze and those clouds are going to get you, keeping you in the 50s and 60s, while most of the day runs from 72 to 82 from noon to 4:00, but down to 69 at 7:00 people get in the neighborhood, 83 at noon, 90 4:00 and still 80 7:00. we have to wait until tomorrow for the sea breeze. so you look from the exploratory and to the west, that is where we will have the high fire danger once again and the uncomfortable conditions, if you are at home in high fire danger, as i mentioned. cloudy at the coast. let's talk a little bit about what kind of air quality, even through this record-tying heat that we had yesterday, we still had decent air. it'll continue to be good to
6:40 am
moderate, which is healthy for all of us today through friday. we will talk about spring coming back to forecast, next. let's get over to jobina and see about that morning commute. things still going well, jobina? unfortunately we have a new crush crash coming in in dublin. it's not too bad as far as the backup on west on 580 past san ramon boulevard. speeds down to around 20 miles per hour. at least one lane is blocked. according to the chp, an ambulance has been called out to the scene. so it does appear injuries may be involved. i want to bring you to a live picture right now, showing off the bay bridge toll plaza, where metering lights came on at 4:47. is packed and you are going to face some very slow traffic, from about the maze all the way through the toll plaza. once you hop onto the bridge, it'll speed up for you just a bit. live look at the golden gate bridge, where it is foggy, chp has not issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. it's also foggy along highway 1, reggie and tomasi? jobina, thank you.
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a restaurant at disneyland will open with an adult from the addition. what you will find in the park at the end of this month. taking live look right now at the big board, new york stock exchange down right now by about 380 points. updating the markets next. as people begin traveling again, broadway plans to come back so it's another day. yeah- that's what most people think. but in business it's never just another day. every day is the day. there's the day your store has its biggest sale. the day you have a make or break presentation. and the day your team operates from across the country. but there's also the day you never see coming- the day when nothing goes right. see- that's the thing. you never know what the day might bring.
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the three men accused of killing ahmad arbery are expected to make their first appearance in a federal courtroom today. this'll be the first time gregory mcmichael, travis mcmichael, and william bryan will be answering to federal hate crime charges, handed down about two weeks ago. arbery was shot and killed while jogging in february of 2020. the three men claimed he was a burglary suspect and two said that they were conducting a citizens arrest. they were acting in self- defense, they said. georgia's governor just signed a bill to repeal the states civil war era citizens
6:44 am
law. also today, the family of a black man who was killed by a sheriff deputy in north carolina will see nearly 20 minutes of body camera video of the incident. so far, the family of andrew brown junior has only been allowed to watch a 20 second clip from one body camera. authorities were serving a warrant against brown last month. an autopsy showed he was shot five times as he was trying to drive away from deputies. his family is calling the shooting, quote, and execution by law enforcement. a man charged with stabbing two asian women in san francisco has pleaded not guilty. a judge denied bail for patrick thompson yesterday. he is charged with attempt to murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and elder abuse. 85-year-old true fong and a 65- year-old woman were stabbed a week ago. both are recovering. his lawyer said the attack was not racially motivated, and that his client suffered from mental health issues.
6:45 am
in an effort to cut costs, san francisco is temporarily cutting security at half of its parking garage is. the move comes as car break-ins are to levels not for the pandemic. 11 city-owned grudges will be left with security on site. the director of operations for marina security services as the company's contracts have temporarily been cut at grudges in union square, the tenderloin, soma, financial district, civic center, japan town and the marina district. >> we are seeing a higher number of assaults, and vehicle break-ins. destruction of property, a comes with homelessness and drug abuse. i'm surprised that we have reduce the amount of security in these locations. >> in a statement, the city said, the security isn't being replaced, and they currently are putting the responsibility on to other staff, who maintain parking facilities. for the morning money report, open residents are upset over the plan to increase police pending. with violent crimes surging, mayor schaaf has imposed
6:46 am
increases, rather than defunding, by as much as 50% as some activists have demanded. the budget commits $700 million. 18% of the nearly $4 billion total, to policing. the share is down from previous budgets, but critics say it is tone deaf. >> the police have the budget now. they have the staffing now. right? so nobody has taken anything from law enforcement. so if law enforcement is the answer to public safety, how come law enforcement has not been able to deal with the spike in crimes? >> the city council will hold a series of public meetings before a final budget is approved on june 30th. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. you can see we are starting significantly down right now by about 340 points. there is a rising rental car shortage across the u.s. some people, cashing in by renting out their own cars. they are turning to peer to peer car sharing services like
6:47 am
turo, get around and avail. a kind of works like air bnb, allows you to rent somebody's personal car while you are on a trip. weekend rentals in honolulu over the weekend were more than $1300 with national rental chains, but on turo, they were $137. >> were you a little bit anxious at first, when you first used this service? >> i thought this was insane. a little bit when you first heard about air bnb were like, what? why would you do that? that is crazy. >> now renters should be thinking about whether the private owner is properly maintaining the car, and you might have to purchase separate insurance. summer is around the corner. after a year of covid lockdowns, americans are that v here's how you can best the best meto book your trip, or you risk paying more as prices continue to go up. most travelers pick their destination, then their dates,
6:48 am
then look at pricing. to get the best deal, experts say search inside for cheap flights out of where you live, and then decide your destination. >> that's how you are able to take three or four vacations for the same price you used to pay for one. >> be sure to pay attention to covid guidelines. some countries require a quarantine or proof of vaccination work elsewhere, you just need to show a negative covid test. one of disneyland's most popular restaurant is reopening at the end of the month, with alcohol. the blue bayou will have alcohol on the menu for the first time, so you can order beer, wine, or a hurricane cocktail with two types of rum. will be the third place you can get ale ottwprivate members only club 33 and the ions for the blue bayou open one week from today and disney is the parent company of abc7. i'm going to get a hurricane, i think. >> i'm told trying to figure
6:49 am
out why you can't get into the other one, reggie. >> and a club 33? mike, explain this for me, thank you. he's doing exactly what it takes to get in. >> how much are we talking? >> yes, it's exclusive. >> if you have to ask, which i would have to ask, then it's not a question we need to be bothered by. >> you walk by the door. >> yeah, you walk right by it, it's by parts of the caribbean. the other thing is, in addition to being extremely expensive, it's also come it has this waiting list that's unbelievably long. >> so even if you have the coins, you still have to wait. >> that's right. >> okay. i understand. >> so are you going to get the hurricane at the blue bayou? >> that's what i'm saying. >> yes, right underneath it, the blue bayou restaurant, absolutely. let's talk about what's going on, yeah, refreshments. cold, good idea in places like
6:50 am
walnut creek, where he will touch low to mid 90s once again. you can see it's already starting sunny there. it'll be warm to hot away from the coast, where it's going to be cooler today. high fire danger through 6:00 this evening, sea breeze and clouds that start this afternoon will spread everywhere tonight. and eventually, that is going to lead us to morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, and springlike temperatures, as we get towards and through the weekend. all right, here's a look at the fog forecast. you can see it pushing inland, as we had up until about 9:00. look at that, how quickly if they buy lunch and sits out over the coast. let's go up to 3:00. it is still lurking at the coast, but watch this, at 3:00 is starts to make that rush to the ease. at least the sea breeze does. the clouds will come in a couple of hours behind that, so you will definitely notice a difference after 3:00 and many neighborhoods around the bay and at the coast. for the south bay, we are so looking at low to mid 80s this
6:51 am
afternoon. peninsula, 73 to 83. low to mid 60s along the coast in the san francisco. and for today's rare tuesday afternoon game at the ballpark, we've got the giants and the rangers, 62, dropping down to 59 as the sea breeze kicks in during the afternoon hours. mid to upper 90s, and mid to upper 80s, excuse me, to the north bay valley's. mid 70s to mid 80s along these bay shore. you can see low to mid 90s, the hottest by any state valleys. here's the good news, look at the clouds spreading tonight, miss along the coast, waking up cooler tomorrow, 40s to low 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, everybody feels more comfortable thursday and it just keeps getting cooler, with temperatures back to average as we head all the way through the weekend and into next week.'s own extended period, the longest one we have had so far, of spring is coming our way. this sunday, a special day, aids walk san francisco. the sears virtual event, live at home, will stream online and right here on abc7. we are a proud sponsor of the star-studded event, featuring billy porter, rita marino, 2001, rosie perez, ben platt
6:52 am
and george decay and many more. proceeds benefit hiv aids service organizations across the bay area. there is still time to register and raise funds, visit or call 415-615- walk. reggie? mike, thank you.thank attorney general urging facebook to drop plans for an instagram for kids. the group wrote to ceo mark zuckerberg saying they are concerned about social media's effect on the well-being of children, cyber bullying, and online predators. currently, children under 13 are not allowed on the app. facebook says the new apple give parents control over what children are exposed to and they will make every effort to protect them. this morning, hollywood foreign press promising to fix diversity issues after nbc announced it would not error next year's golden globes. this is coming after the la times revealed the award voting group had zero black members, among other issues. it caused a huge backlash in hollywood. hf pa has now outlined a week by week plan to diversify, that
6:53 am
includes increasing membership by 50% in the next 18 months. to give you some perspective on this, the current voting board there has 87 members. the academy that votes for the oscars has around 9000 voters. this morning, tom cruise is kicking back and joining the boycott as well. he is returning the three golden globes that he has won over the years, including two best actor awards. he is one of many big names distancing themselves from the hollywood foreign press. scarlett johansson, netflix, and amazon also have come out against them. broadway is back in the big apple. september 14, hamilton, the lion king, and wicked are all opening up to audiences. this morning on gma, the stars are out in times square. stephen player, who plays move off in line king, crystal joy brown, who plays eliza and hamilton, and alexander willems as madame orval from wicked, all sharing what this means for
6:54 am
the country. >> when i was in wicked before this terrible thing happened, there was an enormous amount of trans youth that were getting a hold of me and i mean 10, 11, 12-year-old children who were in the middle of a transition. they would come to the show and stand and ask for autographs with their parents. it was the first time they had ever seen another transgender person before in their lives. if you can imagine this, having no representation at all. so seeing your self reflected in art for the very first time is extraordinary, both for myself and for them. >> you can watch the full conversation with an exciting announcement on the return at 7:00 am, right after abc7 mornings. i can't wait. >> i know, i think wicked is at the top of my list. i lived there but i never saw wicked. >> you never so wicked? >> i'm sad. i don't know what i was doing. >> oh, my gosh, i think i've seen wicked three times, maybe
6:55 am
more. >> is it one of your favorites? >> it is definitely one of my favorites. my friend will be in a new broadway show, a revival of a show called carolina change but i think that was announced it'll start in october. i'm super excited about that. this is great. >> yes it is. you have a list. >> i do have a list. company, a keeps going. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. a reminder, you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand to the abc7 bay area connected tv app, available for apple tv, m enjoyed amazon, android, roku and fire tv. you can download now and start streaming. taking live look outside right now is 6:55, we will be right back. why can't our viewers get their money? >> there's a number of different things that can impact someone's eligibility. >> 7 on your side got your emails. hundreds of emails all about
6:56 am
the edd. you deserve better. that is why i promise to keep
6:57 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
6:58 am
it is 6:57. if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, the fda has authorized pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids ages 12 to 15. the cdc will discuss and get the green light, expected to happen tomorrow. that means vaccinations could start as soon as thursday. number two, team nights kickoff at levi stadium tonight through thursday, 5:30 to 7:30. you don't need an appointment for teens ages 16 to 19. family members can get a shot too. number two, san mateo county is affected enter the yellow tier today. it'll allow bars to open doors, and for other businesses, like gyms and restaurants to increase indoor capacity. number four, critical tire conditions continue for the northbay mountain, east bay hills and valleys thththththth
6:59 am
this evening, need to be vigilant for a few more hours, and then spring is back in the forecast. number five, looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza right now, metering lights came on at 5:47. traffic is backed up to the maze. if you are traveling along 80, this is what you can expect in emeryville, stop and go traffic. queen elizabeth open uk parliament, her first major public event since prince philip died. she was accompanied by prince charles and his wife. all right, look at this, number seven, pride movie nights are coming to oracle park. the two day outdoor event will take place june 11th and june 12th. the first night will feature the film adaptation of in heights. >> this is one of the few new musicals i haven't seen. i'm excited. >> you need to just splurge, friend, and get the nice layout seat check where is it? >> first of all, you have me getting the laid out seats that are excessive on the field, then you got me joining club 33. what else in my going to do you mark >> you need to live.
7:00 am
after this year, friend. >> your three best friends are right here. let us join you and good morning, america. big news on the vaccine front. the fda green-lights the covid vaccine for kids. millions of american children now one step closer to getting vaccinated. the fda authorizes the pfizer shot for 12 to 15-year-olds, the drugmaker reports it's 100% effective for that group with no safety concerns. first doses could be administered as early as thursday. what the president of the american academy of pediatrics is recommending to parents. breaki r gunfire and explosion. at least eight killed. one teen suspect arrested. what pipeline attack fallout. gas shortages now in multiple states. north carolina's governo


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