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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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winds have triggered a red flag warning which helped push it to about 45 acres. abc7 news bernard was right there as firefighters fought to get it under control. he joins is live, cornell? >> reporter: i have to say those red flag winds still very strong here in solano county. cal fire, keeping an eye on hot spots here in the hills. this fire burned 45 acres today before it was stopped. luckily, no one was hurt. a neighbor set his lawnmower may have started the fire. >> i got scared. i was running around. i locked up one dog because he was antsy. >> reporter: anthony wright called 911 the moment he saw smoke and flames near his property on lopes road in benicia. minutes later, the fire was making a run up the hill, fueled by acres of dry grass. cal fire calling in extra ground force and air support to fight it. air tankers, making a low
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altitude attack, drawing fire retardant. >> i thought it was going to domino effect. it went up quick, but they got it. >> reporter: anthony's michael grabbed what he could to put the fire out. >> i have the hose and fire extinguisher. just draw get back to and started spraying. >> reporter: but strong winds were no match . >> given the northern wind conditions we have experienced in drier conditions, the fire took off quite rapidly, spotted over the bridge, so we augmented with additional resources to extinguish it. >> i was trying to cut the grass down . >> reporter: rosenberg rodriguez believes he accidentally started the fire while cutting tallgrass on his riding lawnmower. >> that thing sparked, and that that's how it started . >> reporter: firefighters say one spark is all it takes to
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set off red firefly conditions. >> it's keeping me up at night. hopefully the homeowners are doing their due diligence. >> reporter: anthony has seen fires near his home before , and he's ready for another long summer. >> one month ago, it was all green. now, it's all golden state . the fires a real bad. >> reporter: a grass fire this large so early in the season has firefighters very concerned here and it is hot. it is dry. it feels like june or july, but of course, it is only may. this by what we heard from that homeowner, cal fire says it is still investigating the cause of the fire, but they do so using a lawnmower should be avoided during a red flag alert. we are live in abc7 tonight. cornell barnard, abc7 news. there is a red flag warning in effect right now for parts of the east and north bay. meteorologist drew tuma on the roof overlooking the bay joins us now with a look at those conditions. >> it will not take much of this early in the fire season to start a fire because the
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landscape is so parched, and he's excessively warm temperatures for this time of year are only further drying the vegetation. made it to the low 90s and our hottest spots today. 89 right now in vallejo, 88 in concord, 84 even and palo alto. made it to the 70s in san francisco today, 71 the current temperature in oakland. it is windy out there. we have winds gusting 20, 30 miles an hour at times. the combination of the wind, warm temperatures, and low humidity has a red flag warning until monday. tomorrow is another windy and hot day. we will have the numbers in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. the abc 7 news app way to stay on top of wildfires during fire season. we sent out the alert about the fire in solano county at 11:47 this morning. when you download the app. be sure to download the push alert feature. new developments following the death of a man while in custody of alameda police.
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alameda city council held a special meeting today to talk about changing the way police respond to certain 911 calls. this comes after mario gonzalez died last month. officers restrained him by putting their knees on his back. the officers are now on leave as the department investigates. city officials said today while they have discussed policing changes in the past, it is now more important than ever to actually implement them. >> i am hearing from my fellow mayors and organizers don't have 24/7 response. this is a shortcoming. >> the council discussed new training for 911 dispatchers, along with new use of force policies for alameda police. they also want to establish a civilian oversight board and launched an outreach campaign to educate the public about mental health resources. as the bay area experiences eight spike in crimes against the aapi community, the city of santa clara is providing a pathway for people to become
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allies. today, city leaders held a virtual workshop to teach bystanders what to do if they witness verbal harassment. the seminar included how to safely de-escalate various situations and how to provide support and solidarity to the person being targeted. >> why bystander training is important is because of the fact that a lot of times, when we hear about these hate crimes being committed, a lot of times, people are standing around and have done practically nothing or don't know what they are supposed to do. >> it is hard to jump into action sometimes. the city of santa clara partnered with counsel on islamic relations for today's event. sir frances drake high school has settled on a new name. it will be named after archie williams. now this is a fairly significant change . williams, who was black, won a gold medal in 1936 summer olympics in berlin. it was one of the first black pilots in world war ii.
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williams was born in oakland, attended uc berkeley, and was later a teacher and coach at sir frances drake high school. the school decided to change names last year as the country had a reckoning with racial and social justice. sir frances drake was associated with the slave trade. san francisco residents say they are outraged over humanitarian crisis unfolding in colombia. dozens of demonstrators as you can see gathered outside ferry building for a day of solidarity. they are calling on the colombian government to take action in wake of violent protests over the past several days. at least 25 people have died. demonstrators say their goal is to educate people on what is happening in colombia to find ways to show support. >> if we need a change in colombia, how does that change look like? what is that we need to change? what is our role here in san francisco as colombians for that change to happen? >> protests across colombia began last month over proposed tax hike that critics said would hurt
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that tax hike was canceled, but those protests continue. a concert airing tonight on abc hopes to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. some communities are also offering incentives to get people to roll up their sleeves. more than 150 million american adults have received at least one dose so far, and as abc news reporter faith abu bay tells us, there is still some hesitancy. >> reporter: the empty it is expected to grant emergency use authorization for pfizer's backs and four children ages 12 to 15 early next week. >> we know this age group can transmit the virus, and we want to get the those kids back to as normal a summer as possible and the vaccine is a big step in that direction . >> reporter: some florida public school systems are looking to set a vaccination
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pot for the new age group, similar to the ones in high school's last weekend for 16 and up students. according to the cdc , , than 150 million american adults have received at least one shot of the covid-19 vaccine. the white house is hoping to administer at least one dose to 70% of the adult population by the fourth of july. as more americans get vaccinated, health officials say the numbers are going in the right direction. >> the cdc reported over 41,900 new cases of covid-19. our seven-day average 45,800 cases per day. a decrease of about 13% from our prior seven-day average . >> reporter: but there is some vaccine hesitancy . the country's vaccination rate fell to 2 million shots a day. a 20% drop from the week before . some communities offering incentives . the atlanta braves, giving free tickets for future games to anyone who gets the johnson & johnson vaccine at the ballpark today. and tonight on abc, prince harry, jennifer lopez, and other celebrities, coming together at global citizens "vax live" to encourage people around the world to get
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developing news now. a cyber attack shutdown a pipeline that is the source for nearly half of the east coast's fuel supply . colonial pipeline transports about 100 million gallons every day from houston to the new york harbor. the company discovered the attack on friday and immediately shut down its systems. colonial says ransomware was used in the attack. we are learning more about when debris from that out-of- control chinese rocket could plunge back to earth. scientists are now estimating the debris will make landfall between now and 8: they say it will likely land in the mediterranean basin, but this estimation varies minute by minute. the 23 ton rocket is speeding to earth at 18,000 miles an
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hour and was launched last week by china's space agency. it's boosters were supposed to fall into the ocean, but it entered earth's orbit in stead. nothing this happy has fallen back to earth years. just in time for mother's day, as we honor moms this weekend. an oakland woman has collected a rather prestigious award. you will get to meet her, next. fire danger is high this weekend through parts of the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma is here with your regular forecast. warriors in playoff mode as the regular season winds down. good day to be a fa mother: right here, baby! vo: the sooner you recognize the signs of autism, the sooner you can make a lifetime of difference for your child. start by answering a few simple questions at
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ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. a woman in oakland is getting well deserved recognition this mother's day. she has been named oakland's mother of the year. >> i just feel blessed to just be honored and, you know, that's all i got to say. i did want to wrap up and say mayor shaft, thank you for all the support for me as a leader and for the oakland reach, which is what matters the most.
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>> lakisha young is a mother of three and the cofounder and ceo of like you heard, oakland reach. it's a group of oakland-based families fighting for education equality. this is the 68th year for the award by the city . a plaque for each honoree is located on the walk of fame past in a garden. great entertainment has always been a part of a.i.d.s. walk san francisco, and it's a bigger focus now that the event is virtual. san francisco's glide ensemble gave us a little sample of the song they will sing during the virtual walk next sunday. the choir has been performing at the post-walk party for years. a.i.d.s. walk san francisco is the west coast's largest and most pitiful hiv fundraising event. this event also includes billy porter, rosie perez, george tega cay, and stars for rupaul's drag race. a.i.d.s. walk san francisco is only a few days away. that if mark your calendars , may 16th at 10:00 a.m..
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it will stream online and here on abc7. abc7 is a proud sponsor to register and raise funds, visit a.i.d.s. walk .net. getting back to the weather situation at hand right now. drew tuma joining us the roof. it looks gorgeous but very windy. >> it's a beautiful day, but we have the hot temperatures bringing gusty winds and the low humidity that ushered in our early red flag warning in the early fire season. we saw a lot of brushfires start . conditions like we have at hand. beating the heat? got to go to the cut. a lot of people on the sand as the sun slowly sets. 24 hour temperature change. huge jump in our numbers compared to this time yesterday . 10 to 15 degrees in some spots. today, our hottest cities, low to mid 90s. this time of year, we should be 70s, so we are excessively warm
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for early may. 71 in oakland. 80 in san jose. 86 in santa rosa, 65 right now with a sea breeze in san francisco. that's talk about the winds. it stays breezy overnight tonight, so the winds are not going to go completely come the next 24 hours. they will ramp up back up tomorrow afternoon. 4:00, 5:00, you see the wind gust he at times. 20, 30, higher than that it comes to maxima wind speeds . the winds keep the dry air in place. overnight, little recovery with the relative humidity, but tomorrow afternoon to get the peak daytime heating. go gusty winds in the levels drop dangerously low from napa to fairfield to antioch. we are seeing humidity levels less than 30%, so when you have conditions that are vegetation, we have the red flag warning. it's for the north bay mountain, east bay hills. this will go until monday morning for a lot of us. it will go till 6:00 p.m. monday afternoon for solano county with the northerly winds
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tracking in dry air. that means our fire danger is running very high the next 36 hours. overnight tonight with that breeze, it stays on the mild side. a lot of us will hold in the 50s. some of us, fairfield and antioch, will stay in the low 60s for tomorrow. tomorrow, another gorgeous looking day. the winds are with us. it's a warm afternoon, and we are expecting our hottest cities back into the 90s. a look at the highs on your sunday. with the winds picking up in the afternoon, 90 and antioch, 88 in napa, st. in concord, 82 in san jose, high of 76 in oakland tomorrow afternoon, 71 in the city, hit about 64 four half moon bay. high fire danger tomorrow those warm temperatures. it is a hot afternoon on monday. the winds will ease on tuesday, thankfully, but the cooler weather is going to take it's time, so by thursday and
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friday, you will notice the cooler air getting closer to average this time of year. now, abc7 sports with chris alvarez. you know who had the best record in the national league? the san francisco giants after beating san diego last night. they lead them by a game and a half. giants fans feeling good and looking good at oracle park. these dance moves are spot on. saturday, bottom two, scoreless two. brandon crawford, 407 foot last to write center. it is 3-0, giants . warm day in oracle park means baseballs jumping off of brandon belt as well. 410 feet, and it is 4-1. giants , this fan has a souvenir. manny machado, looking, and he walks back to the dugout. austin slater, the game-winning home run last night. a little saturday afternoon yardwork.
6:22 pm
how about 456 b2 dead center? mustache power. giants win, 7-1. here is the brandons divisional games. >> i would think so. but i don't think that's necessarily what we are worrying about. >> when you are playing a team like this that you know is going to be in it all the way till the end, you want to win as many games as possible. it could be huge for us to ■et another win tomorrow. we've got a pretty good ball club, and we are here to stay. the a's are grooving at the hollis em, and so were their fans. first at-bat today, continues good vibes. homers deep center, and is 2-0, a's. second inning was the austin allen show . the catcher throws out kevin kiermaier, and he's out by a lot. even you can make that call home. that i'm half there, his first homer of the year. oakland, what a great sequence
6:23 pm
for allen. you do it on defense, the offense. the bullpen wavered, but they did not crash. it is win 6-3. they will also go for the sweep. the warriors would play the lakers in the 7-eight-game in the new play in tournament. golden state has five games left, all in golden state closes the season, hosting utah, phoenix, new orleans, and what's going to be an important game against memphis as well. with the standings bunched up 8 through 10, every game is going to essentially be a playoff game. >> is going to get down to the nitty-gritty. we've got to take it a day at a time. this is not a leak where you can look forward to teams a look past a team. >> we know where our teams are at, so that is something we are paying attention to, but at the end of the day, the first and
6:24 pm
foremost thing we have to pay attention to is our performance. >> we're all excited, though we know it's one game at a time where we've got to establish hours of to be in the playoffs and be ready to play. did you see this? san jose state football received their 2020 mountain west championship rings. it was their first conference title since 1991. their loan loss came in the bowl game, but those rings are nice heavy, and they deserve it for sure. >> not to mention, i am kind of blinded by all those diamonds. could you imagine how much that thing weighs? chris, many thanks. are you ready to rock or
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shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, a coalition in santa cruz county is coming together to protect ecosystems and waterways wildfires. how they are using mushrooms to do it. ucsf doctors have spent years developing a more personalized approach to breast cancer screening. their effort now to get more women involved. that is all coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. now the bay area rocks
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official and now has a place that pays tribute to its musical roots. the san francisco music hall of fame held its grand opening today in polk gulch. the museum says it is the largest gallery dedicated to bay area music, and it has quite a rich history. the bay area, if you did not know, played a pivotal role in the creation of west coast hip- hop, thrash metal, and the psychedelic sounds of the summer of love. how cool. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00, everybody. i am dion lim. for chris andrew and everyone here, we will see you back here here, we will see you back here toni here, we will see you back here toni some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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