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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 5, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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movingorward,inding t 5 investigation into the attack of the busy townten shopping district. we will have to bring the vaccine to people who are less eager. >> a shift in strategy, the president's new plan to get more americans vaccinated before the 4th of july. san francisco just became the only bay area county to move to the yellow tier, what it means for businesses. and the decision about president trump returning to social media expected in exactly one hour. >> it is may 5th, good morning to you on this wednesday. >> we want to start our day with a check of the forecast with mike. >> good morning. hi, everybody. a little bit of a change at the coast. you can see clouds on doppler 7. that's the marine layer trying to gather itself. it will start a cooling trend
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for the coast and bay. inland neighbors will be hot. the other news is there is no fire threat. not critical fire threat like we had stda you can see the made it past the coast very well. looking at the camera, you can see it is pretty clear. most of the winds are running from north to south. eventually, they will make the turn around the golden gate to the valley. 60s and 70s around the bay. any 90s today will be around antioch and fairfield with 50s on the coast. inland, i will let you know when the wamrth gets to you. it will not last long. another warming trend coming up. 60s and 80s in the icu this morning after being stabbed in the middle of downtown san francisco. this attack happened at a bus stop on market street just before 5:00 yesterday evening.
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police have arrested a suspect. amy hollyfield is live with the latest on this investigation. good mning. reporter: good morn. police are still preparing the charges. they say they don't have evidence of a hate crime but they have not ruled it out. they are also looking at assault with a deadly weapon and possibly elder abuse. they did make an arrest. they arrested a 54-year-old san francisco man about two hours after the attack less than a mile away from the scene on eddie street. the attack happened just before 5:00 last night on market street. the man walked onto the muni platform and stabbed the two women. one is in her, the other in her 60s. a woman working at a flower stand saw the man walk by with a knife in his hand. >> kind of worried because it it had kcks on the handle
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and it had a blade like a military knife. he walked away like nothing happened. >> how does that make you feel? >> unsafe. i feel like we need more officers patrolling. >> reporter: police used pictures of the suspect from witnesses to help them find him. they have not released his name. the victims went through surgery last night. they are in the icu in stable condition with their families by their sides. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc news. president biden has a new strategy to get more americans vaccinated by july 4th. >> our goal by july 4th is to have 70% of adult americans with at least one shot and 160 million americans fully vaccinated. that means giving close to 100 million shots. >> reporter: the president laid out a new phase of the vaccine push, focusing on vaccinating 12
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to 15-year-olds with the fda expected to give pfizer the green light in the coming days. >> we are ready to immediately move to make about 20,000 pharmacy sites across the country ready to vaccinate those adolescents as soon as the fda grants its okay. >> reporter: it shifts to smaller, convenient locations and boosting vaccine confidence. >> now we will have to bring the vaccine to people who are less eager. >> reporter: about 32% of the country has been fully vaccinated but demand has been falling. vaccinations have been dropping from 3 million a day to 2.3 million doses. >> pfizer says it will seek clearance from the fda for use of the vaccine in children ages 2 to 11 in september. more businesses around san francisco are preparing to reopen tomorrow. the county is the first in the bay area to reach the state's reest restrictive yellow tier. all of the other counties are in
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orange except for solano county which is still in red. bars will be open indoors without serving food. other businesses like hotels and night clubs will be able to open. the church of 8 wheels roller rink will be opening on friday. the owner says it is welcomed news after trying twice to open during the orange tier only to be shut i'm on top of the world. we're ready. we're prepared and the funky good time will continue. >> so while business travel isn't back, hotel managers say leisure travel is picking up and they are seeing more people booking rooms. >> marin missed the mark to get into the yellow tier because of travel mostly by unvaccinated people. they stay in the orange tier with the next opportunity to advance may 18th. sonoma county could move into the yellow tier on may 12th.
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counties have to have an infection rate of fewer than 2 new cases a day per 100,000 residents to qualify. sonoma county currently has 1.9. we are tracking tier changes as new information comes in. right now you can find the reopening tracker which details what is open and the different capacities depending on the tier. head to abc7 in an hour from now, facebook's over sight board will be announcing whether former president trump will be allowed back on facebook and instagram. trump's accounts on both of these platforms were suspended the day after the capitol insurrection. they are reviewing more than thn 9,000 public complaints. >> one person, should they go up and down, it's a powerful person. i understand the attention around it. the harm that could come from trump being back on the platform
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is immense. so of course it is skeptical. >> trump's accounts on and youtube also suspended. youtube's ceo said to restore access when the threat of violence subsides. there will be an event on on treasure island by cox. last event in sacramento county, he had a live bear which drew criticism between animal rights activists. he said you have a choice between the beauty, gavin newsom or the beast, him. he also made a stop in solano county. >> our pretty boy governor decided to come here to the french laundry for a dinner with lobbyists, pretty darn expensive dinner. and he broke his own rules in doing so. >> governor newsom is entering full campaign mode.
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yesterday he appeared along side the firefighters union which offered their endorsement. newsom called the recall a waste of time and money. >> now is not the time to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a recall effort that is nothing more than a partisan power grab. this is, and forgive me, a republican backed recall. >> kaitlin jenner unveiled her first campaign video which we showed you yesterday on abc7 mornings. you can learn about the last recall in our documentary total recall on our app, available to download wherever you stream. firefighters have been busy in the past few days. a car fire in solano county spread to the grass and raced up a hill side yesterday. sky 7 got there as crews were mopping up around 6:30alist night. you can see from this video, smoke was still rising into the
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air. the flames came dangerously close to some power lines. now firefighters have a small wildfire near santa rosa under control. it burned a couple of acres near leslie road last night. there is no word on what sparked it. good news, let's take a look at the delta breeze. it is starting to increase the humidity over the area that had the most critical fire conditions yesterday. look at vallejo, 84%, it is dry in dixon at 26%. that will increase as the marine layer gets stronger headed into the afternoon. the winds are up to 8 miles per hour. that is very healthy also. some good news there. let's talk about san francisco. we are around 48 to 53 degrees this morning with some clouds lingering along the coast. you can see them. about 50 degrees. most of us upper 40s to mid-50s this morning which is a little cooler than yesterday.
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here's a look at your planner for today. 49 to 56, not much of a change from now to 7:00. there will be a march of the clouds on the coast to the east, through the morning commute. they will quickly move back. you can see total sunshine by noon except at the coast. 72 to 83 is your lunchtime temperature for bay and inland areas. 76 to 87, that is not as hot as it was yesterday except for inland. look at the sea breeze reaching everyone by 7:00. 66 around the bay and a comfortable 71 inland. as far as any issues, it will be a great day for outdoor activities. it will be warm inland. air quality until saturday will be good to moderate which is healthy for all of us. we will look at the rest of the mother's day forecast coming up. let's talk commute. >> i'm looking forward to a warm
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mother's day. as you look at the road, bay area hot spot from tracey to the altamonte pass. we had two incidents on westbound 580 near grant line road. one was a crash and the other is a separate stall. it looks like traffic is a crawl onto westbound 205 out of tracey. check out this drive time, it is almost like traffic is back to normal. tracey to dublin is 54 minutes. westbound 4 is looking good. san rafael intoncisco is delay free. 680 shows traffic flowing well, no problems down through the sanole grade. and we will check out the south bay, nice and light for headlights moving on northbound 280. that is good to go all into san francisco. sy and demae
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it is adjustment day for two area college students charged with stabbing and killing an i talian police officer in 2019. finnegan elder and gabriel your of marin county say they claimed the officer was someone they were waiting for in a drug deal. elder seems to be accepting he could spend more time in prison. he spoke with this father who gave the team this quote. "dad, i know i should serve more time for what i did. but i didn't tackle anyone from behind with a knife
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ma'am morning. "the family says he shouldn't face charges. >> had they followed protocol for the operation, he will be here today. >> the prosecutors asked for life sentences a panel of judges could find them guilty but reduce the sentence, convict on lesser charges, or find them not guilty. dan royce has reported on this story since it started and covered every twist and turn called 30 seconds, a deadly night in rome. you can watch it right now on our app. the documentary is in the featured video section. the trial i set to begin in august. a pregnant holmes appeared in federal court in san za for the first time in a year. attorneys made arguments on what evidence the jury can hear. she is accused of misleading
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investors about a failed blood testing start up. she has pled not guilty. the trial has delays, most recently because of her pregnancy. she is due in july. there is a way to get out frustration during the pandemic. here are pandemic piniatas that are offering some relief. >> reporter: these hand made piniata are becoming a smash hit. she is spending time constructing giant germs constructed after covid-19. there is cardboard, textured crepe paper. >> each one takes about a week. >> reporter: headquarters is her kitchen. news of vaccines inspired her to get creative. she works directly with covid-19 patients and she understands people may be searching for an outlet after an awful year. >> it has been emotionally
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draining, physically draining, intellectually draining. >> reporter: so this is a welcomed distraction. as cases drop across the u.s., mcarcty has a new take on pommelling the pandemic. >> this is a huge deal and i want everyone to enjoy smashing covid-19. >> it will take more than one piniata to get over this. >> reporter: a professor of psychology says there is quite a bit of research pointing to this release pointing to a brief moment of relief. >> still get the vaccination as the public health people would say. it is something fun to do and we need all of the fun we can get. >> reporter: mccarthy has yet to take a whack at one of her piniatas but she know the perfect time. >> when this is over. >> reporter: she has already made a dozen and that is a
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smashing success. >> is everyone okay? >> it looks nobody was harmed. >> that piniata. i guess whatever it t within reason. >> that piniata needs to to to knocked out of the group chat. i enjoyed that. it is pretty clear this morning. some areas will make a run around 90 degrees this afternoon, pretty warm. here's a look at the east bay hills. we are looking for signs of cooler but don't see any. they are lurking around the coast. the sea breeze will cool the coast and parts of the bay today. tonight it will spread to all of the neighborhoods kw that will bring us a chance of patchy drizzle in the higher elevation and fog in the usual spot. this cooling trend will be short lived. that's it.
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it will be sunny and warm again this weekend. today 76 and sunnyvale, 87 in morgan hill, 80 in red wood city. a big spread on the peninsula. coast, low to mid-50s for south san francisco and sausalito. on the east bay shore, upper 60s to richmond and berkeley. low to upper 70s elsewhere. low 90s inland. you can see anything that punches through the fog will quickly move back to the coast. there it starts to come back tonight. it will drop us to the 40s and 50s and jump start the cooling trend for thursday and friday. 80s and 90s are coming back as soon as mother's day. >> thank you, mike. people are not having as many babies as they used to. a new cdc report shows the u.s. birth rate hit the lowest point in more than a century. it fell 4% last year.
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that is the largest single year decrease in 50 years. it dropped for every age and ethnic group. the pandemic no doubt contributed to the decline. anxiety about covid-19 and its impact on the economy likely caused many couples to delay having children. for fans of the lion king, we are getting closer to learning more about mufasa and his brother in their younger years. a director is working on a prequel. he said the young mufasa refined reminded him of himself. are they really filming or are they drawing the movie? >> is it going to be live action? >> i'll do some research. coming up, seven things to know this morning. >> home renovation headaches,
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people trying to do up grades on homes are running into trouble. and helping singles find the perfect match. tinder has a new feature that is proven to improve your odds of making a connection. someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air,
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please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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it's 5:23. we have seven things to know. two women are in the hospital after being stabbed in broad daylight on market street in san francisco. police say they were waiting for the bus when a 54-year-old man attacked them. now that man is under arrest. number two, tomorrow san francisco will be the first county in the bay area to move into the state's less restrictive yellow tier. it will allow more businesses to open. all other counties are orange except for solano still in the red. president biden wants 160 million americans fully vaccinated by the forth of july. to do that he is shifting focus
5:24 am
from mass vaccination sites to smaller more convenient locations. new water restrictions have been approved in marin county. residents are limited to watering the lawn only twice a week. pools need covers to avoid evaporation. the county had restrictions on washing cars and power washes driveways and sidewalks. we will show how much things can change in 30 years and how much drier we have become. cooler weather hits the coasts, 50s there and 60s and 70s around the bay but 80s and 90s inland. and number six, traffic looks good across the san mateo bridge. westbound is the right-hand side. you could see some slowing on northbound 101 through san mateo. road work should clear by 6:00. in about 30 minutes, facebook's over sight board will announce whether former president trump will be allowed
5:25 am
back on facebook and instagram. his accounts were suspended a day after the capital insurrection. more people are doing home renovations or looking to do up grades with extra cash right now. there is a shortage of lumber and a supply and demand issue because of covid-19. >> reporter: home renovation headaches for home owners like joel newton. finding an expert has not been easy. >> the first six or seven were so busy, they wouldn't even talk to us about the project or the bids were really high. >> reporter: newton says he was rejected by numerous contractors before they even stepped inside his house. for contractors like chris williams, juggling up to 15 projects has become the new normal. the dehand for construction materials in 2020 surged largely on the backs of dyi renovators. now developing are back in the game, resulting in more demand. >> i don't know when it is going
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to stop. >> reporter: you can navigate all of these challenges and still complete your project. we have expert tips coming up on gma. tinder is raising the for singles with this new feature called vibes. it is a short quiz that asks a few questions. it is designed to give users something to talk about with their match. the answers will show up on the profile but only visible to others who take the quiz too. tinder tested this out before it launched and it boosted matches and likes across the board. >> good luck. >>comi up, a up, a up, alternative that turned into a business. and one town has made a decision about a 4th of july celebration. and insight on whether vaccines will be required for
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and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty building a bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> this is horrific, disgusting. now at 5:30, the investigation into a stabbing in downtown san francisco, two women had to undergo surgery, what we know about the suspect this morning. should all students be vaccinated once the fda authorizes it? bay area educators and doctors weighing in about what we could see this fall. more water restrictions to address the drought conditions, new rules that took effect immediately. good morning, welcome to wednesday, may 5th. >> let's start with a look at the weather. >> hi, everybody. let's start with live doppler 7. a lot of elements on the page here. the first thing you notice is
5:30 am
the visibility is a little low around half moon bay. we have a marine layer on the coast starting to gather. it will affect the coast by bringing us cooler temperatures this afternoon. right now, you can see from the east bay hills camera that the clouds are staying at the coast because of the winds which are those little barbs you see, kind of lime green, still glowing north to south, more so than west to east which will change as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. look for cooler weather on the coast. 50s there, and 60s and 70s around the bay. that is cooler but warm inland with 80s to even a few 90s in the east bay valley. we will talk about the cooler weather in the neighborhood and how short it will be coming up. >> thank you. san francisco police investigating a stabbing that sent two women in their 60s and 80s to the hospital. the victims had to have surgery and they are now in the amy hollyfield is live at the police headquarters with more on
5:31 am
what happened here. >> reporter: police arrested a 54-year-old san francisco man. they have not released his name. witnesses say that the two older asian women were standing on the muni platform on market street when they were attacked. it was 2 older asian women were standing on the muni platform on market street when they were attacked. it was around 5:00 last night when they were stabbed. police used pictures the suspects had taken to find and identify him. they arrested him two hours later about a mile from the scene on eddie street. san francisco supervisor matt haney says it is hard to imagine anything more disgusting or awful. >> police said this was a targeted attack and that he went after these two women but it was random in that he didn't know them. so he sought them out and attacked them in broad daylight. it wasn't a robbery. he just stabbed them. >> one victim is in her 80s and the other in her 60s. haney says they went through
5:32 am
surgery last night and they are now in stable condition in the icu. police are still working on filing charges against the accused attacker. recording live from san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. developing news on the race to vaccinate nationwide. president biden is set to deliver remarks about the covid-19 relief package he signed into law in march. this is coming as his administration is looking for ways to encourage more americans to get their shot. >> reporter: president biden announced his new goal is to now get at least one shot of the covid-19 vaccine to 70% of u.s. adults by independence day. already the vaccination efforts are facing challenges. this morning the biden administration shifting focus away from federal mask vaccination sites to a more targeted approach, zeroing in on areas with high demand and low access and communities reluctant to get the shot. >> we will have to bring the
5:33 am
vaccine to people who are less eager. >> reporter: about 32% of americans are fully vaccinated. demand for the shot is falling. vaccinations dropping to 2.28 million doses a day. dr. anthony fauci telling cnn. >> as the pool of people who are unvaccinated gets smaller, it gets more difficult. >> reporter: the fda is expected to authorize the pfizer shot for children 12 to 15 years old. they are hoping to get data from clinical trials in september to request that children as young as 2 to be vaccinated. this 14-year-old and her sister will also join a different trial, excited about doing their part to help fight the pandemic. >> it is better to be able to go through it with someone else. >> reporter: as for where we are with the fight against the virus, anthony fauci says if this were a baseball game we would be at the bottom of the 6th inning, meaning we are about
5:34 am
two thirds through the pandemic. >> with the cdc poised to authorize vaccines for 12 to 15-year-olds, many are questions whether public schools will require students to get vaccinated before the fall. so far governor newsom and state officials have not released guidance. the superintendent of california's largest district in l.a. says he believes covid-19 vaccines will be required. bay area educators and doctors are weighing in. >> students are getting covid-19 and it is still spreading. so vaccinations are essential to making sure that we keep our students safe. >> it is very likely that by the time we get to fall, just like we are seeing already in california and san francisco, we will have such low cases, children will not be exposed because the adults are vaccinated. >> the university of california and cal state systems announced vaccines will be mandatory for students in the fall. the california teachers association has yet to take an
5:35 am
official position. in the south bay, levi stadium vaccination site hit a eoe fuy fill every seat in the stadium. it comes as the county is shifting its focus to mobile vaccination to better reach underserved communities. san francisco became the first bay area county to move into the least restrictive yellow covid-19 safety tier. these new rules will go into effect tomorrow. every other county is in orange except for solano county still in red. here is a snap shot of what is going to be changing for san francisco in a yellow tier. gyms can increase capacity from 25% to 50 pierce. they can reopen saunas, spas, and steam rooms. offices can expand to 50% capacity, not counting fully vaccinated employees. and up to 8 people now can dine together inside restaurants, wineries, breweries, and bars that do not serve food, opening
5:36 am
wdoors at 25% it w autrants ver more than i ever have. >> mayor london breed says the willingness of most san franciscoens was a big factor in advancing n. more than 70% of san francisco residents have gotten their first dose. new developments in the california drought watch. the marin water district has approved more water restrictions that take effect immediately. resdants will be limited to turning on sprinklers twice a week unless it is a trip system. pools need to have covers to keep the water from evaporated. the vote happened last night sw it was unanimous. >> the goal can be achieved but it takes diligence. >> it is a good start. >> we don't want to be the water cops. our goal is to get people to
5:37 am
reduce the amount of water they use. >> there are already restrictions on washing cars and power washing driveways and sidewalks. the officer convicted of killing george floyd now requesting a new trial, what derek chauvin's attorney is claiming. and a local hobby blossoms into a real business, a side hustle about more than just money. first, a check on the weather with mike. >> unfortunately, more than 30 million americans are waking up this morning to the threat of more severe weather. a flash flood emergency prompte, alabama last night. the storms killed three people and spawned at least 66 confirmed tornadoes since sunday. the national weather service says there could be more tornadoes and flash flooding from louisville to washington d.c. here's a look at the storm reports that start in nebraska
5:38 am
and go to pennsylvania and just raking the entire mid south and southeast. let's see what will happen today. the threat is not as good as earlier in the week but it is still there on the eastern seaboard and into the deep south. a new area developing in the upper midwest from oklahoma to montana. so that's a new system that is going to work its way across the country and bring some more severe weather. for us, looking at marine layer to change our weather and now it is not anywhere near the shore line. low to mid-50s for most of us. 57 for the warm spot. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. san jose, 280 at 17, waking up to sunshine there. not much of a change in the temperatures in your plan or through the morning commute. we will stay in the 50s at the coast today with cloud cover and the sea breeze really dominating the forecast. 80s inland from noon to 4:00. look how comfortable, you will
5:39 am
notice the sea breeze, 66 to 71. looking at 880 for the coliseum, it is clear, everything will be good. the roads, water, and also mass transit. know if you are going from san francisco back inland, the temperature could change 20 to 30 degrees. tree pollen and grass pollen will be moderate to high through friday. let's turn it over to frances and find out about the commute. good morning, everyone. a car fire has been reported in the roqueland area, northbound 880 at high street. we will look at the live camera to see if we can see it on the coliseum, northbound direction. we will keep you posted on this. in the live shot, not seeing
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
welcome back, everyone. derek chauvin's attorney is requesting a new trial. the former minneapolis police officer was convicted of killing george floyd last month. his attorney cited multiple reasons for this request including jury misconduct. the attorneys allege that the court denied a request for a change of venue, failed to sequester the jury and the media attention prevented a fair trial. george floyd's aunt released a statement saying she refuses to let anything take away from hearing the verdict of guilty, guilty, guilty. she said she prays one day chauvin takes responsibility for what he did to her nephew. the south bay is losing two middle schools, lee matheson middle school and clyde l.
5:43 am
fisher middle school in san jose. the district says enrollment will drop to fewer than 150 students in each school. they will consuludate with renaissance campuses. a new report shows that 60% of school apps are sharing kids data with third party companies. this includes information like a student's contact list, even their location. the tech book focus nonprofit, need to be alliance, said it discovered this issue after the team surveyed a couple of utility apps for school districts. those apps allow students and parents allow them to review school calendars and more. the return to the classroom is bringing up new new new new w
5:44 am
some children. there are warning signs parents should watch out for. >> reporter: after a year of virtual learning, many students are now returning to the classroom along with back packs and notebooks. some are bringing with them new levels of anxiety. that was the case for angelica sanchez's daughters who are in lementary and pre-k. >> she was extremely nervous. there were several times where she would come to me and say, mom, i can't dothis. and i was like, you can totally do this. i know you can. >> reporter: according to one recent poll, 41% of u.s. parents say their child's mental or emotional health has been worse this year compared to last. 48% say social and behavioral skills have been worse. >> the abrupt change can be difficult to navigate. everyone needs to be attentive. people are at a heightened level of anxiety right now. >> reporter: mental health experts say some children may
5:45 am
not communicate with their feelings and suggest parents keep an eye out for possible warning signs. >> kids on the younger age groups oftentimes will have other complaints, things like headaches, stomach ache, you can also notice clinging, separation anxiety, moodyness, refusal to do things they might otherwise be okay with doing, any kind of acting out. >> reporter: there are helpful resources online. experts recommend parents lean on those and have an open dialogue with children. >> parents will be feeling a lot of the same symptoms. the more open, to a degree, you are with your kids, you can kind of foster a level of communication that will be therapeutic for the kids. >> reporter: that has been sanchez's approach and so far, she says it is working. >> overall, this has not been an easy time but we are learning to adjust. we always refer to each other as
5:46 am
a team. we are just going to grow stronger together. >> reporter: marcy gonzalez, abc her anxiety by turning her green thumb into a budding business. kaitlin hernandez discovered her love of plants as the pandemic started. then she launched miss succulents. she sells succulents and cacti that come in pots with inspiring quotes and sayings on them. she says it is a win-win for her and the community. >> it helped me a lot because it is a little escape and it brings happiness to others as well. that feels good to bring others happiness. that's what keeps me going. >> if you are interested in buying a plant from kaitlin, you can find her page on facebook. can she help me with my plant? because look.
5:47 am
>> is it a succulent? >> no. >> i feel you. we have been on a plant s plant spree for the past month and it's hard to keep them alive. >> and i'm like, do i water too much? do i need to repot? >> ours are burnt. >> burnt? how do they get burnt? >> because they have a lot of sun. >> move it. >> right. we were told that these are outdoor plants. they will lie to you at these stores by the way. they will straight out lie. >> is this okay for oh, it's good. patio? good, good. burnt. >> can i give you guys a little hint? there are little tags they put in them and it says whether it is a shade plant or sun plant or whether it is drought tolerant. just look for that. >> that's what we're going to
5:48 am
do. >> well, that's shade. >> come enjoy my yard. no one gets to enjoy my beautiful yard. >> read the tag. >> unless i post pictures on facebook. good morning. let's take a look and talk about more of our forecast. sunny around the bay and inland. there is a cooling trend that begins today for the coast and bay. it will reach all of us today and tomorrow. our mildest afternoons, only afternoons where temperatures will be close to average. spring warmth surges through the weekend and well into next week. right now, there is a low pressure that will start the cooling trend. as it passes us by, it will drag cooler air into the neighborhood. these temperatures are about as warm as it will get to the weekend. that is mid-70s to mid-80s. mid-to upper 70s on the peninsula, upper 50s on the coast. 78 to 83 through the north bay valley. quite a spread on the east bay,
5:49 am
67 in richmond, everyone else around 71 to 78. inland, we have about 85 to 91 degrees. near record highs in places like sacramento, tahoe, fresno at 98. here you go, the changes sweeping all of the neighborhoods, clouds will be increasing tonight, eefshen a chance of drizzle on the coast in the higher elevations. look at that. 50s at the coast, 60s and 70s mainly for the bay and inland on thursday and friday. the 80s creep back on saturday. a chance of 90 on sunday, monday, tuesday inland with mid-70s to near 80 on the coast. have a good day. back to you. >> thanks. i will take you on a journey. a great horned owl is at the humane society for treatment after this rescue in san francisco. firefighters pulled the owl from a tree at the park yesterday. the bird got caught in a string,
5:50 am
attacked by crows and disloedicated a wing. he was taken to the humane society for treatment. a survivor. >> beautiful. space tourism is getting closer. jeff bezos is expected to open ticket sales for his company blue origin. let's look at the website. it has a countdown because 9 a.m. is when we expect to find out more details like maybe how much it will cost. the date is intentional. today marks 60 years since the first american entered space. elon musk is also expected to launch civilians into space with his space x capsule this fall. disney is showing off a real light saber. that is not an effect. it is the actual thing. a lot of people are asking, how did they do that?
5:51 am
disney is not saying exactly. it will be showcased at the new star wars hotel set to open at disney world next year. disney is the parent company of abc7. you are just talking about space travel a second ago. that is the only space travel i want to do is at that hotel. it doesn't have any windows. all of the windows are screens that make it seem like in space. >> that's sufficient? do they have bathrooms? >> they have bathrooms. that's all i need. coming up, a physical therapist who went above and beyond, how learning to tap dance helped his patients. find why the bottle that is >>ancted to sell for $1 million.
5:52 am
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no fireworks by the water at least not in north lake tahoe. the north shore of lake tahoe and truckee are canceling 4th of july celebrations. an annual firework demonstrations bring thousands of visitors to the region in the days leading up to the holiday weekend. they hope by canceling this it will reduce crowd concerns and the possible spread of covid-19. krispy kreme is going public. the donut company has filed paperwork related to a public filing of the stock. it has been private since 2016 en ity a investment firm. the number of shares that will be offered and the price range has not been determined. the ipo is expected to happen once the securities and exchange
5:55 am
commission completes a review. christy's is auctioning a bottle of wine that spent a year in space. it sold for $10,000 previously. it may now go for a million. a company called space cargo unlimited sent 12 bottles of french wine to the international space station. the space wine comes with a second bottle of the same vintage that was aged on earth. that way if the buyer decides to open the space wine, they can compare them. that better be for a very special occasion. >> i'm intrigued. >> a million bucks, mike? >> yeah, too much. too much. i'd rather go to space myself than buy the bottle that has been in space. let's talk about the 30 year averages that just came out. our annual temperature rose by about a half a degree. if you thought it was getting warmer and drier, you're right.
5:56 am
the annual precipitation has dropped by about 10% across the board. i wanted to do a deep dive into january. we have lost at least 2 to 3 inches of rain the last 30 years across the neighborhoods and february is about the same. those are the two wettest months. that does not bode well moving forward. that's why we are having such issues with such dry winters and the fire season that follows. a quick look a tonight's forecast, 53 for the first pitch at the coliseum. new details in the lady gaga g nappca. court documents revealing what happened in the moments before the dog walker was attacked. >>nkg 11 days later, that is suspicious. >> you will hear from a man who claims he suffered serious side effects after getting the moderna vaccine. the search is on for a woman
5:57 am
whose hair was set on fire on a muni bus, what police are saying about what happened. a live
5:58 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
5:59 am
building a better bay area. moving forward and finding solution, this is abc7 news . >> it was big night and he had a played like a military knife.
6:00 am
now at 6:sco police investigate a brazen attack at a bus stop. the women attacked in broad daylight. blood clot concerns this time with the moderna vaccine. what one man experienced, this time, after getting the shot. facebook expected to make an announcement any minute now. we are waiting to see if president trump can return to facebook and instagram. it is wednesday, may 5th and we start with the weather mike nicco . the wind 's burn blowing north and south. it is not so good news if you were hoping for cooler weather
6:01 am
in lens. it will reach the coast with 50s , 60


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