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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 30, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> oh, my jesus, he's good. and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> he is at the babae baetball. >> the football. right now on "america this morning," breaking overnight, dozens killed in a stampede as chaos erupts at a religious festival in israel. the incident already being called one of israel's biggest civilian disasters in history. the details coming in. rudy giuliani responds about the predawn raid at his home. >> about 6:00 in the morning there was a big bang, bang, bang on the door. >> giuliani calling the fbi's raid politically motivated and the new report claiming he was being used as a tool for russia during the election. new signs of hope in the pandemic. new york city preparing to open at 100% capacity. and when cruises can set sail
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again. plus, multiple arrests in the lady gaga dognapping case including e d rn t dogs in. the nfl draft. the best dressed, big surprises and what's next for the number one pick. from the close encounter with a mountain lion. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> to a bridge that's not for the faint of heart, all the trending stories to get your friday started. on this friday morning we do begin with that breaking news out of israel. a crowded celebration ending in a deadly stampede. >> more than 40 people were killed overnight as a massive crowd gathered at an annual religious festival. and many were rushed to the hospital. >> these images were captured by a drone showing festivities just before the stampede. as many as 100,000 jews
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reveilleo tiac collapsing into chaos after a stampede in israel left dozens dead and more than 100 injured. police say thousands of people were at a jewish festival when the massive crowd was sent into a panic triggering a rush to escape and creating a deadly bottleneck. some officials like those seen here were desperately tearing down metal barriers to make room for the mob while emts, ambulances and helicopters raced to the holy site to help free those trapped. >> all of a sudden we saw paramedics running by like mid-cpr on kids. >> police say they're still investigating what set off the stampede. early this morning, at least three dozen people were critically wounded and still waiting for help. medics say rescue efforts were delayed because the festival is held in a remote area at the base of mount meron. they promise to keep working
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until everyone is pulled to safety. it's the first religious gathering of its kind since israel lifted nearly all restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. breaking overnight florida became the latest to approve sweeping legislation restricting voting rules following claims by former president trump that the election was stolen from him. the governor is now expected to sign the bill that critics say will make it harder for millions of vote attorneys cast their ballots. it would limit mail-in voting including the use of drop boxes even though trump won florida. state lawmakers claim the changes are needed to guard against fraud. the feds reportedly issued a warning to rudy giuliani long before his home and office were raided this week. "the washington post" warned rudy giuliani last year that they were the targets of a russian attempt to meddle in the 2020 election. at the time giuliani was president trump's personal attorney. giuliani now claims prosecutors are trying to convict him of a the search warrant and used to
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seize phone and computers. >> there is no justification for that warrant. it is an illegal unconstitutional warrant. one of many that this department of injustice tragically has done and it breaks my heart because i belonged to the justice department, and i think i had a record that's a hell of a lot better than theirs. >> giuliani is under investigation for his dealings in ukraine where he tried to get dirt on president biden's son hunter ahead of the election and denies any wrongdoing. the u.s. is expected to have over 100 million fully vaccinated people by the end of today. public health officials consider that a sign of hope along with a falling number of virus cases. this morning, light at the end of the tunnel is appearing even closer as covid cases in the u.s. fall by around 8% in the last week. the former pandemic epicenter, fully re-open allowing full capacity at bars, restaurants, even stadiums starting july 1st. but most broadway theaters will
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have to wait until september. >> you've gone out, you've gotten vaccinated. you've done so much to fight for the crisis, now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: according to the cdc 30% of the u.s. is fully vaccinated. the fda is expected any day to expand authorization use for the pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds. dr. anthony fauci says he believes all children should be able to get vaccinated by early 2022. overseas $100 million worth of u.s. aid is now arriving in india where new daily cases are being shattered. experts are calling the explosion of cases in that country a fertile ground for new variants, which could be more resistant to the vaccine. health officials in shelby county, tennessee, say they've already detected the strain linked to the outbreak in india. >> it has been circulating. now, it is a little bit more infectious but doesn't cause more severity of illness. and the good news is that the vaccines that we have are, indeed, effective. >> reporter: back in the u.s.,
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another sign of hope. the cdc says cruise ships can set sail starting in july. the new guidelines will require 98% of the crew and 95% of passengers to be fully vaccinated. and in anaheim, california. >> i'm really excited just to be back. feel the disney magic. >> reporter: disneyland set to re-open for the first time in more than a year. the park is only open to california residents who made reservations. disney is the parent company of abc news. two sheriff's deputies in north carolina are being mourned after a deadly ambush at a home. they were fatally wounded while making a wellness check in the town of boone. that's when authorities say a gunman opened fire leading to a 13-hour standoff. the suspect is believed to have killed his mother and stepfather before taking his own life. in washington a federal investigation is under way looking into what could be mysterious sonic attacks on u.s. soil. one of them happened near the white house where a national security council official was sickened.
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havana, ba auorities believe diplomats were hit with directed radio frequencies. president biden is headed to philadelphia today as part of his push to promote his massive economic recovery plan. he returned to the white house overnight with the first lady, dr. jill biden, after marking his first 100 days in office with a visit to georgia. abc's ike ejiochi joins us now from washington with the details. good morning, ike. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth. president biden is calling his american jobs plan the blue collar blueprint to build america. republicans, on the other hand, well, they beg to differ. president biden hitting the road to sell his massive recovery plan before stepping into marine one to head to georgia, cameras capturing this moment between the president and the first lady. mr. biden picking up a flower for his wife. once on the ground the president holding a rally for the state that handed him a democratic majority in congress. >> you change america.
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you begin to change america, and you're helping us prove that democracy, democracy can still deliver for the people. >> reporter: the president reiterating the importance of his plan. >> it is -- it's a once in a generation investment in america. >> reporter: he's calling for more than $4 trillion in new spending by proposing a massive plan involving universal pre-k, tuition-free community college and paid family leave arguing it will create millions of jobs. republicans are comparing it to a spending spree. >> he could have done his speech in about 30 seconds. he could have walked up and said, i'm president biden, thank you for watching. here's my message. i want all of you to send every bit of your money and freedom to washington. >> reporter: during his rally demonstrators interrupted his speech shouting to the president to abolish i.c.e. >> i agree with you. i'm working on it, man. give me another five days. >> reporter: toward the end of his rally telling the
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american people he's optimistic about the future. >> we're choosing hope over fear, truth over lies. light over darkness. and we're working. we're working again. >> reporter: now, president biden's next stop is in philadelphia. he'll be speaking outside the 30th street station and he's doing so to commemorate the 50th anniversary of amtrak. kenneth. >> the return of amtrak for the 46 longtime senator turned president. ike, thank you. time for a look at your friday weather. the wildfire threat in southern california remains high amid unseasonably hot temperatures and low humidity. this one in ventura county forced some evacuation o ic were late lstern gu as rain also in new england. but most of the northeast will have strong winds today. up to 60 miles an hour. new york reaches 68 degrees today. very hot in southern california and the southwest. 70s from the northern rockies all the way to the southeast. you got 82 in new orleans.
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coming up, amazon announces when it's rolling out big deals in the coming months. also ahead, multiple arrests in the kidnapping of lady gaga's dogs. how police say they tracked down the suspects. and the nfl draft unlike ever before. th
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you might be asking yourself... should i get it? and if i do... will i be able go about life without putting my family at risk? you've got questions. and that's normal. the fact is, the vaccines are safe and effective. they're going to save lives. to get the latest on the covid-19 vaccines visit because getting back to the moments we miss starts with getting informed. it's up to you. we're back with breaking news. the manhunt for a murder suspect who escaped from deputies near atlanta's airport is over. jssan strover is accused of murdering someone in a bar in arizona. he was caught in georgia. deputies say he took off when they tried to return their rental car at the airport.
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authorities didn't say where strover was found overnight. eight former fraternity members were charged in the alcohol related death of a bowling green state university student. 20-year-old stone foltz was attending a pledge party for phi cappa alpha where he was told to drink a full bottle of alcohol, prosecutors say. he passed out then died three days later. the eight suspects are facing charges that range from hazing to manslaughter. they're expected in court on may 19th. the arrest made in lady gaga's dognapping case. the singer's dog-walker was shot during the encounter. now it appears gaga's $500,000 reward helped investigators. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning, multiple arrests in connection with the dognapping of lady gaga's two french bulldogs and shooting of her dog-walker. five people ranging in age from 18 to 50 are in custody and charged in the crime that happened in hollywood last
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february including the woman who claimed she found the dogs. urveillance video captured the moment dog-walker ryan fischer screamed as police say he was shot while dogs koji and gustav were snatched and driven away. gaga's third dog, miss asia, managed to escape. >> help me. >> reporter: 35-year-old fischer was shot in the chest seriously hurt but survived his injuries. lady gaga took to social media pleading for her beloved dogs' safe return offering a $500,000 reward. two days after the brazen attack police reealed a woman turned the dogs over to police claiming she found the dogs and was responding to the reward. but police say they later discovered she was in a relationship with the father of another suspect. three people have been charged with attempted murder and robbery accused of taking part in the dognapping and shooting. the woman who said she found the dogs along with the suspect's father were charged with accessory after the fact with attempted murder. authorities don't believe fischer was targeted because he
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works for lady gaga saying investigators believe the suspects were motivated by the high value of french bulldogs as they're often worth upwards of $5,000 each. all five suspects were in court on thursday and everyone entered nt guilty pleas. they were all ordered held on bail of different amounts, and their next court appearance is scheduled to be may 11th. kenneth, mona. >> so many twists and turns in that story. all right, andrea, thank you. coming up, what's leading to a possible chicken shortage. also ahead, the top picks at the nfl draft showing their style off the field and the big headline from the nfl, the trade rumors swirling around aaron rodgers. n? the trade rumors swirling around aa
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allstate the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement. back now with this mountain lion caught strolling right onto a family's deck near san jose, california. you could hear that woman behind the camera there. she shot this video carefully and bravely. while it looks like the animal was watching the tv there the woman says it was actually eyeing the family cat. amazon's prime days happening earlier this year. the online retailer has big deals during the days' long event and other retailers usually follow. amazon says prime day will take place in the early summer this year delayed until the fall in 2020 because of the pandemic. all right, some sports and what would be a truly massive trade in the nfl involving
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league mvp aaron rodgers. espn reports the star quarterback does not want to return to the green bay packers. team officials say they are committed to rodgers who just guest hosted "jeopardy!" for this year and beyond. other reports say rodgers wants to be traded to either the 49ers, raiders or broncos or maybe he wants that job with "jeopardy!" maybe. the rodgers story dominated the nfl draft. >> it was back to being in person after a year online. some players, the league's commissioner and fans all played their parts. here's will ganss. >> reporter: consider social distancing sacked. 50,000 football fans crowding 2021.cleveland for draft day - >> come on. come on, cleveland. [ booing ] >> i didn't come out of my basement for nothing. >> reporter: roger goodell and that leather seat making the trek from new york to join this year's festivities in person. as the draft got going, no major surprises in the first two
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trevor lawrence first overall pick by the jaguars, the 6'6" 21-year-old clemson quarterback embracing his new wife and their family in seneca, south carolina. >> i'm super excited to come down to jacksonville and play for you guys, and i just can't wait to go to work. >> reporter: and another expected pick, byu qb zach wilson picked second by the new york jets. >> there it is, the first hug of the night. >> reporter: zach sporting an armani suit kicking off a night of fashion. third pick and the biggest question mark of the whole draft north dakota state's trey lance going to the 49ers wearing a blue tux sharing this photo twinning with his brother writing, did it for my lil bro just to show him one day you could. a blitz of sharp looks. kyle pitts in green and yellow, ja'marr chase in all white. rashawn slater jr. with more pattern than the gridiron and pat surtain jr. proving real men really do wear rou
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pis weren person cleld,as no shortage of family celebrations caught on room. picking alex leatherwood prompting this living room dance party. the patriots got a brand-new quarterback in mac jones from alabama. the first time bill belichick drafted a qb ever in his tenure as head coach, kenneth and mona. >> all right, thank you, will. i did like the pink suit. >> yeah, it was nice. very nice. coming up, what's leading to a possible chicken shortage. also ahead, the shocked scientists who say they uncovered a mummy mystery in egypt. where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto is now approved for more patients with chronic heart failure. don't take entresto if pregnant; don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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that spent the last 200 years in a museum in poland was long believed to be a male priest but researchers were shocked to find out the mummy is actually a woman, in fact, the mummy was about to be a mommy. >> computer scans showed the mummy was seven months pregnant. next the teenager with quite a real estate story. >> she thought she was getting a great deal moving from oklahoma to arkansas. 19-year-old madison found a two-bedroom unit for $350 a month. >> after moving in she realized she was living in a retirement community. madison says she actually enjoys getting to know her neighbors. >> nice. next the crispy chicken craze is apparently leading to a shortage. >> according to food experts we're running low on poultry. demand is soaring in part because of the fast food chicken sandwich wars under way. >> that precold snap which crippled the industry for a time to blame. if you do manage to find yummy chicken, you might want to walk it off afterward. >> and we have the perfect place if you're not scared of heights. the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge open in
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. good morning! thank you so much for being here on a friday, april 30th. so glad to be with you all this morning. >> we miss you. >> it is good to see you all. >> it is like a reunion of sorts. >> i know! i am sure you didn't like getting up early, but we are glad you are here.
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>> that alarm, i tell you. i am like get me back on the app where i n


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