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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 29, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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councilmember about the in heaven custody death of mario gonzalez. we look to president biden's address and we were tonight, america showing new signs of turning the corner in the pandemic. covid deaths and cas falling across much of the country. the u.s. now averaging more than 52,000 new cases a day and nearly 20% drop in the last week. new york city, once the epicenter ofpandemic, now planning to fully reopen july 1st. america's plunging vaccination - rate. down from its all-time high just one month ago. president biden marking his heels of hisirst address to a e praling t n president jimmy carter and his wife rosalynn. president biden selling his massive agenda to the american people. more than $4 trillion in
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spending for infrastructure, education and jobs. republicans already pushing back. news tonight about three police officers under investigation in the death of mario gonzalez. body camera video shows the struggle with police. officers appear to restrain him using their knees and elbows on or near his neck. new details coming in about two deputies killed in a standoff. five people dead. the sheriff says the deputies were ambushed while checking on a family in their home. new developments in the alleged hazing death of a student at bowling green university. his family claims he was forced to drink during a fraternity induction ritual. u.s. troops begin the final withdrawal from afghanistan. aro of m the region. president biden vows to have them all out by the 20th anniversary of september 11th. the taliban wants them gone by this weekend. we're tracking dangerous storms tonight from texas to the
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northeast. tornadoes and giant hail, damaging homes and cars in the last 24 hours. the system now moving east. rob marciano timing it out for us. st ahort t now. of draft the event in p what commissioner roger goodell says he's looking forward to tonight. good evening everyone. joining us on a busy thursday. i'm linsey davis, in for david. we begin tonight with the next chapter in america on this pandemic. covid deaths and cases declining. more states and cities easing restrictions. at the same time, the vaccination rate in this country is drastically slowing down. in new york city, once the epicenter of the pandemic. the major plans to foully reopen the city by july 1st. governor andrew cuomo suggested
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it may be possible to open even earlier. but health officials are expressing concern about the huge vaccination falloff in parts of the u.s. tulsa, oklahoma, is averaging fewer than 200 shots a day at a site capable of administering thousands. the cdc reports more than 141 million american adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine. that's nearly 55%. in some areas, officials are going door-to-door to try to convince hesitant americans to get vaccinated. abc's whit johnson leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, new york city, once the epicenter of the coronavirus, announcing plans to be fully open for business by july 1st. >> you've gone out, you've gotten vaccinated, you've done so much to fight through this crisis, now we can see thatlitt. >> reporter: new york coming a long way since those dark days of soaring death tolls and boarded up al 100% capacity in most businesses by july. but broadway not expected to fully reopen until september.
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>> music to my ears. we've been waiting a very long time. >> reporter: more than half the country now seeing coronavirus cases fall in the last week. still, there are hot spots like colorado, washington state and oregon, where indoor dining is now banned in 15 counties, after a surge in hospitalizations. >> we know this virus is an opportunist. if there are pockets of places that haven't been vaccinated, large communities, that is where the virus is going to strike. >> reporter: nearly 1 in 4 americans say they're not inclined to get a vaccine. demand still dropping in some areas. our marcus moore is in oklahoma. >> reporter: at this vaccination site in tulsa, oklahoma, they can do 3,000 shots a day, but only are averaging about 200 a day. >> reporter: across the country, the number of shots falling from 3.3 million on average in early april to just 2.6 million per >> going door-to-door, knocking, just trying to draw people in. >> reporter: in south carolina, candace counts has a message for americans who don't want to get vaccinated.
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she felt that way, too -- >> i was not going to get it. i was the main one saying, don't get it. >> reporter: but she's changed her mind after watching the virus take the life of her healthy 66-year-old father in just weeks. now, she's gotten both shots of the vaccine and is encouraging others to do the same. >> for weeks of him being in the hospital, nothing is as bad as what he went through. just do your research and get the vaccine. >> a desperate plea after her loss. and whit johnson joins us now. and whit, what are we learning about the millions of americans who are not returning for a second dose of pfizer or moderna vaccines? >> reporter: linsey, we know about 5 million americans who got their first doses may have skipped the second doses. and a new survey in "the new england journal of medicine" found that many americans remain confused about the th sd dose. but health experts are reminding people, you have up to six weeks
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to get that shot and that is critical for full protection. linsey? >> whit, thank you. and now to president biden marking his first 100 days in office. one day after delivering his first address to a joint session of congress, the president took his message to georgia today, meeting with former president carter and his wife rosalynn. republicans are already pushing back against the president's agenda and its more than $4 trillion price tag. here's abc's senior white house correspondent mary bruce. >> reporter: on his 100th day in office, president biden today heading out to sell his massive recovery plan. stopping as he left the white house to pick up a flower for the first lady. biden traveling to georgia, the state that handed him a democratic majority in congress. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. would transform the economy and expand the role of the federal government.
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>> we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our dhirn. >> reporter: he's calling for more than $4 trillion in new spending. proposing a massive child care and education plan, including universal pre-k, tuition free community college and paid family leave. he is also urging congress to pass his infrastructure bill, arguing it will create millions of jobs. >> the americans jobs plan is a blue collar blueprint to build america. >> reporter: and he's turning to vice president kamala harris to help get it done. harris last night making history. >> madam speaker, madam vice president -- no president has ever said those words from this podium, no president has ever 'ssa aboe. >> reporter: republicans cheered that moment but little else, especially not biden's plan to raise taxes on the most wealthy
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americans. >> he could have done his speech in about 30 seconds. he could have walked up and said, i'm president biden, thank you for watching, here's my message. i want all of you to send every bit of your money and freedom to washington. >> mary bruce joins us now from the white house. and mary, the president says he wants to work with republicans but he's only willing to wait so long. >> reporter: linsey, the president said he's willing to work with republicans to a point. stressing, quote, doing nothing is not an option. but going it alone and getting all democrats onboard is not a given, either. linsey? >> mary, thank you. and of course, one of the major issues in president biden's address last night, policing in the u.s. and tonight, three officers are under investigation in the death of a man in alameda, california. body camera images appear to show officers restraining him using their knees and elbows on or near his neck. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, the alameda police department
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promising full transparency over the death of 26-year-old mario gonzalez. after officers appear to put knees on his back and elbows on or near his neck to restrain him. the incident began with two 911 calls on april 19th. a seemingly disturbed man. >> there's a man in my front yard kind of talking to himself. >> reporter: after reports of possible intoxication and suspected theft, officers respond to the scene. all of it caught on their body cameras. when they encounter gonzalez, he appears to be incoherent but not aggressive. they note the alcohol in those baskets. >> i'm concerned about this open container. >> reporter: and try to lead him away. >> come over here, we don't want you to fall down, okay? >> reporter: but then they try to restrain him, twisting his arm behind his back. when the cuffs come out, gonzalezis it. stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: seconds later, they all go down. the officers struggling to restrain him for the next five minutes. they try to calm him down. >> it's okay, mario.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> we're going to take care of you, okay? >> reporter: all the while, the knee of at least one officer appears to be on his and it stays there for over 2:30. >> think we can roll him on his side? >> i don't want to lose what i got, man. >> reporter: 15 seconds later, they realize gonzalez is weakening. >> no weight on his chest? >> reporter: they attempt cpr until paramedics arrive. the alameda police stating that gonzalez had a medical emergency. he later died at the hospital, leaving behind a 4-year-old son. and the gonzalez family demanding jus dotice. >> they need to explain why a perfectly healthy man who was never charged with a crime was killed in their custody. >> reporter: linsey, three police officers and a parking enforcement employee are now on administrative leave. that as we learned that the city council of alameda is hosting a special session to review its police department's handling of mental health calls. linsey? >> matt, thank you.
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and those demands for police reform were the topic of talks on capitol hill today. family members of george floyd, eric garner and botham jean among those meeting with senators. the family has met with republican senator tim scott and they say that their talks went well. president biden is urging congress to pass a sweeping george floyd policing and justice act before may 25th, the one-year anniversary of of floyd's death. now the deadly standoff in boone, north carolina. the sheriff says two deputies were shot and killed while checking on a family in their home. the gunman is also accused of killing his mother and step-father before then taking his own life. here's abc's steve osunsami. e is sharing tonight f that another of his deputies has died after police responded to this home. police were called to make a welfare check and were gunned down by a man inside on wednesday morning. >> got an officer shoate. >> reporter: they share they were called to the home just days before over issues with a
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32-year-old they're now identifying as isaac barnes. >> he was waiting for the officers and we had an issue over the weekend. >> reporter: sergeant chris ward and deputy logan fox are dead. authorities say they were ambushed in a stairwell inside the home. there's now a growing memorial outside the sheriff's office. deputy fox was just 25 years old, sergeant ward was just 36 and a father of two who married his high school sweetheart. he died after being flown to the hospital. >> it's hard. god's got another angel. >> reporter: the standoff at the home lasted well into the night. when police were finally able to get in the home, they found the gunman, his mother and his step-father all dead. police believe the 32-year-old took his own life. linsey? >> steve, thank you. and now to those new developments in the alleged hazing death of a sophomore at bowling green state university. today, prosecutors announced indictments for eight former
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fraternity members. charges range from hazing to manslaughter. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: stone folts was 20 years old, pledging at bowling green state university in ohio when he died of alcohol poisoning just days after an offcampus initiation event. >> he was an amazing kid. just an absolute loving kid. >> reporter: the fraternity now permanently expelled and tonight, eight former members have been indicted in connection with folz's death. >> we believe and allege that hazing was an integral part of this event. >> reporter: stone told his mother beforehand the event would involve drinking. >> i saw, well, that sounds really stupid, and he said, it's just part of the ritual, i have to but i don't want to. >> reporter: prosecutors say stone and other pledges were given a full bottle of hard liquor and told to drink it all. hours later, stone was found unresponsive in his apartment. >> okay, are you starting the
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compressions again? >> yeah. >> reporter: he died three days later. >> to me, he was forced into something that the outcome is he was murdered. >> reporter: the fraternity members who were charged are scheduled to appear in court may 19th. prosecutors said today more people could still face charges. linsey? >> stephanie, thank you. overseas tonight and the first signs of america's final withdrawal from afghanistan. a small number of military personnel have now left the region. president biden promises to pull out the roughly 2,500 remaining troops by september 11th, but the taliban is demanding they leave by the original deadline, this saturday. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in kabul. >> reporter: tonight, a u.s. official confirming to abc news that america's troop withdrawal from afghanistan has begun. a small number of military personnel already gone. now america's top diplomat here telling abc news the taliban, who are demanding the u.s. stick to the original deadline this
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saturday, may be preparing to attack troops as they leave. >> we're all concerned about what will happen. we have very clearly and loudly, publicly, warned the taliban against any -- against any actions against coalition forces. >> reporter: all u.s. and nato forces are now scheduled to leave by september 11th, ending america's longest war. and in his speech before congress, president biden doubling down on that decision. >> after 20 years of valiant to bring those troops home.ime - >> reporter: but as they go, the security situation here is dire. the u.n. reporting more than 1,700 civilian casualties in the first three months of this year. the ambassador tells me that u.s. command has concluded that a military victory wasn't going to happen, even as he admits that there is still many terrorist groups here that afghan forces are now going to have to deal with. linsey? >> ian, thank you.
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and now, to the horrific scenes unfolding in brazil and india. brazil now reports more than 400,000 lives lost to covid-19 and just in the last 24 hours, india reported a global record of more than 379,000 new infections and more than 3,600 deaths. the u.s. state department is now urging americans to leave india as soon as possible. the first shipment of energy supplies from the u.s. is expected to arrive tomorrow. news tonight about russian opposition leader alexei navalny, seen for the first time today since ending his 24-day hunger strike. today, a judge upheld his conviction for defamation. the charge is widely criticized as politically motivated. navalny says he looks like an awful skeleton. and when we come back, we're tracking the powerful storm system moving into the east, potentially damaging winds and rain. rob is standing by for us. pausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself, 'are my bones strong?'
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after severe weather hail the size of baseballs, even softballs, causing damage. just look at these cars in norman, oklahoma. one tornado confirmed. several others reported across the region. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is here now. rob, what's next? >> reporter: well, linsey, we're losing the severe weather punch to this system, the wind, rain and even snow is still yet to come. the heaviest rains right now in upstate new york, northern parts of new england, stretching down through kentucky and all the way back through texas along that slow-moving front that moves east. by tomorrow morning, that low will be parked right over boston. the winds are really going to crank around this high wind warnings i expect tomorrow. a cold and blustery start to the weekend in the east. linsey? >> rob, thank you. and when we come back, the nfl draft will look a lot different than it did last year. and news from the cdc. when the cruise industry can return.
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americans could be back on the high seas as early as july. the cdc outlining new guidance for the cruise industry, telling abc news it remains committed to ships returning to u.s. waters. the cdc is now requiring 98% of the crew and 95% of passengers to be fully vaccinated. tonight, the nfl draft is about to begin in cleveland, and this year, fans will be in attendance. jacksonville picks first, expected to take clemson quarterback trevor lawrence. 50,000 fans are expected. roger goodell, who has been fully vaccinated. hopes to give his traditional hugs and he's looking forward to seeing the fans. >> the thing we missed the most from the 2020 season, whether it was the draft or our entire season and the postseason, super bowl, were fans. we just -- we all felt the lack of energy without the fans. >> night one of the nfl draft airs tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. and when we come back, a crazy idea born from pandemic boredom and the impact it's
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company's offer it might sound silly, the battle of the joshes, but it ended up making a difference. while it has a heartfelt ending, it all started out as a joke. hundreds of people armed with pool noodles duking it out at air park in lincoln, nebraska. with just one thing in common -- they're all named josh. >> josh! josh! >> a shared namesake just joshing around as they fight for the title of number one josh. josh swane said he dreamt up the idea in a moment of pandemic bo boar dome. whoever wins gets to keep the
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me>>hr, tw o -- t joshes was ultimately, it was the smallest josh who emerged the victor. >> little josh! >> 4-year-old josh vincent jr. dubbed little josh. >> lift him up! >> the event raised more than $14,000 for the children's hospital of omaha. the same hospital where little josh was treated for seizures when he was just 2 years old. >> we just wanted to say thank you to everybody who put this together. we are humbled and we appreciate it. >> yay little josh! thank you so much for watching. i'm lindsey davis. for david and all of us here, good night. sey davis. for david and all of us here, good night.
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building a better bay area. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. i feel very vulnerable and helpless . i think we need more help from the national level. >> gig workers reaching out asking for help. the call for benefits as the economy slowly starts to pick back up. thank you for joining us. weekly jobless claims fell to a pandemic low for the straight week. 553,000 americans filed for initial unemployment benefits last week. keep in mind, at this time last year, nearly 3 1/2 million people fire. california's unemployment rate increased to 8.3% in march.


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