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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 29, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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now, after just 100 days, i can report to the nation, america is on the move again. >> president biden's address congress touched on everything from gun control to education but did his speech live up to his promise to unify the nation? reaction this morning. an investigation after deadly shooting. how it involved a landlord and a tenant. more vaccines means more opportunities to get the shot. we are live at a mass vaccination site reopening today. welcome to thursday, april 29th. mike, yesterday was quite a stunner. usually i am ready to freeze after about 4:59 in the afternoon because that's what it goes from summer to winter, that didn't happen. it will today.
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sorry to say. the seabreeze will kick in around 3:00 and temperatures will tumble in san francisco during that time frame. yesterday was the exception, unfortunately. that will come back next week. here's a look at the fog. you can see just updated there. let's see if i can zoom out. it is definitely starting to spread into more areas. the lowest visibility right now is in petaluma. it is rapidly dropping in santa rosa. you can see the fog returning. we are definitely seeing the influence of the seabreeze there. 59 at half moon bay. mid to upper 60s for san francisco enrichment. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. that cooling will continue to spread tomorrow. reggie, kumasi. today, presid presid heading to georgia. he will be marking 100 days in office by highlighting his
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accomplishments. this comes less than 24 hours after his first address to a joint session of congress. >> there was lot to talk about. he unveiled a new call to action on infrastructure, childcare. abc news reporter ike ejiochi is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning reggie, kumasi. president biden asked congress for trillions of dollars not only to help the economy and also to invest in the american people. president biden addressing his first general session by urging lawmakers to rebuild the economy. >> america is on the move again. >> reporter: in his first 100 days. >> america's house was on fire. we had to act. >> reporter: he called on congress to take action while he unveiled a separate sleeping child care plan.
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biden is asking congress to pass a total of more than $4 trillion in new spending, saying he wants to raise taxes on the most wealthy americans to pay for. >> pay your fair share. >> reporter: president biden noting the historic nature of two women sitting behind him. >> it is about time. >> reporter: the president welcomed new talks on the infrastructure built which faces fierce opposition for the price tag and broad scope. as for working with republicans, he showed some limits. >> i just want to be clear, from my perspective doing nothing is not an option. >> reporter: senator tim scott delivering the response. >> it is a big government waste. plus, the biggest job killing tax hikes in a generation. >> reporter: chris christie adding to republican objections. >> the words of the speech sounded like what you would hear from a 15-year-old if you
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gave him a credit card with no credit limit except the words came out of the mouth of an adult. >> reporter: president biden going to be hitting the road today to sell his proposals. he is starting with a rally in georgia were he will meet up with jimmy carter. back to you. vice president kamala harris says president biden's speech reminded americans to be optimistic. she spoke exclusively to gma and jobina is at the lives desk. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris spoke with gma this morning. she stressed that the white house has been meeting with geer toget things done. licans today marks 100 days of the biden/harris administration. the vp says the u.s. is in better shape but with more work to do.
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>> as the president has rightly said, we have vaccinated over 200 million americans. the majority of adults in america have been vaccinated. folks got their $1400 checks who desperately needed them. also, we have made a serious commitment to job creation in america. we are back and we are here to stay. >> reporter: harris went on to say that she does not believe america is a racist country but added that the country needs to address the races history. you can watch that coming up at 7:00 and gma. kumasi. building a better means we are in vaccine watch your abc7. starting today, a mass vaccination site is reopening after a low supply forced it to close. abc7 reporter amy hollyfield is joining us live at the event nterwi whatyou ed ow if you plan t shot
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thhi, kumasi we watched the site in action when it first opened. it is very efficient. you never get out of your car. you just drive your way through to get covid vaccinated. this is at the san mateo county event center and it opens today. it will be open two to three days a week. they are equipped to get 4000 shots per day. they have enough shots to open again thanks to an infusion from the federal government the county has smaller clinics open in neighborhoods. those are still open. this is just another way to increase options. the county is using the j&j shot again, the johnson & johnson shot. they will tell people beforehand so they can decide if they want the one and done shot or if they prefer pfizer or moderna. that will be discussed before you are given your vaccine. supply is rolling in and out as
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such a strong pace they think they will have enough vaccine for everyone who wants one soon. live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. speaking of the johnson & johnson vaccine it is being used once again in the bay area. counties are resuming the rollout of the one-shot vaccine after regulators lifted the pods last week. now, the j&j shot was offered in pittsburgh yesterday and some people walked away when they found that was their only option. >> i would rather take the double one. i know a lot more people that took it. they are fine. >> i knew it was going to be johnson. i don't mind. i think it is fine. >> health official stressed the johnson & johnson vaccine is safe. the blood clot issues that prompted the pause happened in only a handful of cases compared to the million of people who have safely received the vaccine. the pittsburgh clinic is offering the pfizer vaccine today and tomorrow.
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in the abc7 are keeping progress. 30% of people over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated. more than 29 million doses have been administered. you can find this and more at we are learning new details about a deadly shooting. a man was killed on his front lawn. police say somebody called them to a residence just before 11:00 yesterday morning. family members have identified the victim as a 50-year-old who was renting this home with his wife and two teenage sons. his daughter, desiree orlando, says he had been unemployed because of an injury but wasn't aware of any issues that would have caused a dispute with the landlord. she admits there may be more she doesn't know. ys pbay do. st as lost as you
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>> antioch police say they have detaed so far they haven't said if he has been arrested. still ahead, expanding healthcare coverage in california. the proposal allowing adult children to allow parents added to the plan. softball size help only down on texas. look at that damage that was left behind. >> it is a lot of damage too. holy cow. here is a look and you can see the fog encroaching the pond. san francisco, 49 degrees. it is still going to be warm inland but the
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images of janai norman's hail, bigger than baseballs. you're getting to softball. that means you are getting billions of dollars. car window shattered. this even damages groups on houses. that's why it is going to be a costly storm. it passed through the northern part of the state and when you have updrafts oh, my. that is amazing. do you know how fast the wind has to be? 120 to 130 miles per hour to support that's some energy. partly cloudy conditions around san francisco. we have mid 40s, upper 40s on
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the peninsula. near 60 in tracy. here is a look at walnut creek. a gorgeous sunrise. 50s at the coast today. 66 to 73 from noon to 4:00. 78 to 82, inland. down to 71. a gorgeous evening on the way. here's where the fastest winds are going to be from the golden gate bridge through the delta. that is going to bring healthy air, good to moderate now all the way through sunday in the forecast. we will take a look at the forecast coming up. let's go over to jobina. did you see those cars, jobina? this is my psa. if you haven't left the house already and you need to go into san francisco, the metering lights are on. they came on at 6:10. if you are vaccinated and you have a friend who is vaccinated, take the carpool lanes. that is also moving. we saw the stack up yesterday. without bay is looking good.
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a beautiful sunrise as well. we do have a sig alert. this is because of a police chief that ended in a crash. the east 14th on and off ramp is still closed. reggie. california could be the d first and only state in the country to allow adults to add parents as dependents on their healthcare plans. the proposal is aimed at increasing coverage at low income people living in the country undocumented and not eligible for government coverage. supporters say it will save money by limiting expenses. businesses say this will drive a premium costs. coming up, the fund celebrations returning to the bay area as we return to normal life, we will say, after the pandemic. citizen kane is no longer 100% fresh. that makes it official worse than some other movies including one
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new this morning, moderna says it will increase the global supply by up to 1 billion doses this year. that's not all they are committing to. jobina tracking this announcement. >> reporter: on top of the 1 million doses, moderna says it will up doses for 2022. in january, the goal for 2021 was 600 million doses. they are ramping up production and adding from anywhere from 200 million to 400 million doses. this includes a potential lower dose variant booster shot and pediatric vaccines that are in the work now. they will start making investments at manufacturing facilities to help support the increased supply.
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adorno announced it is working to extend the shelves life. currently it is about six months. kumasi. the calendar says april but leaders are looking to the holidays. san jose has announced christmas in the park will be returning to the traditional downtown event this year. the festival had to be next last year drive-through light show. organizers say that was so popular that they will also be bringing that back for the festivities. also making a comeback as the gilroy garlic festival. organizers say it will be reimagined because of restrictions. it will feature a drive through gourmet alley, viual events, and it will be held over two weekends, july 23rd and 30th. an american clastic film has lost its 100% rating. an old review has been
6:19 am
discovered where the reviewer was not impressed with citizen kane. now that film goes from 100 straight positive reviews to 99% positive. the films that are above include terminator, toy story, and paddington 2. that was the part that really threw me. >> you are not a fan? [ laughter ] >> i have never seen it. i didn't understand it was such a good movie. >> now we know. >> i have seen citizen kane. >> and? >> i want to know what hater went back to 1940 want to dig up that review. why? >> me. i would have done it. if i worked there, i would've done it. i hate that movie so much. we had to watch that in college. we had to list things about it. there is a red wagon and i don't even know. it seemed like a real waste of
6:20 am
time. >> it was you. [ laughter ] >> wow. all right. now it dropped down to 98 thanks to reggie. [ laughter ] >> sorry to orson welles. >> i have never watched it. maybe i will just to see what reggie is talking about but that is bay camera, look at the blanket of clouds just oozing across san francisco. that is a sign of change. high clouds are on the way and that will cool the coast in the bay today. we will be toasty inland. breezy and windy with the coolest temperatures friday and especially saturday as the seabreeze gets aggressive. this is going to be a great kind of day. it is not going to last very long. high pressure sinking to the south. a little more stilt of a seabreeze.
6:21 am
75 in sunnyvale. 86 in gilroy. on the peninsula, 69 to 77 degrees. 59 at half moon bay and 63 in daly city. about 78 to 83 through the northbay valleys. that will definitely touch richmond and berkeley. everyone else around 70 to 75 degrees. around 80 to 87 in the east bay valleys. tahoe, the record high is 74. forecasted high, 73. that snow is melting quickly right now. there is not much of it. mid 40s to mid-50s with high clouds and low clouds today. about 6 degrees cooler tomorrow. starting monday and lasting through wednesday. now we're checking in with ginger zee.
6:22 am
hi, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, hi, kumasi. coming up on thursday on gma, the exclusive interview with vice president kamala harris after president biden's primetime address to congress. what she is saying about the plans for the future and republican claims that biden is dividing the country. also, a possible break in the unsolved murder of two young girls in indiana. a suspect who lives miles away is now being investigated for possible link to that cold case. roger goodell is joining us live. he has an exclusive interview. his plans for the league and vaccines. this is so touching, we can't wait to share it. this teenager who was the first generation college student overcoming incredible odds to get into the school. dreams has no idea but she is about to get a life-changing
6:23 am
scholarship on good morning america. tori johnson has some great deals and steals and michael b jordan taking us behind the scenes of his new movie. that's a lot and it is all coming up on gma. >> was paddington 2 a good movie? it has 100%. >> reporter: 100%? my kids have a pop-up book. i think it came for promo and paddington to scope came out. i can't even remember it. i know the book bothers me very much because the pop-up has too many words, they are too small, and the kids want to do it every night. i am done with marmalade sandwiches. no. >> [ laughter ] 0% rating for the pop-up book. that is the review right there.
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welcome back. dozens of schools are waking up to exciting news this morning. they have been added to the list of california's distinguished schools for 2021. 28 schools got the honor announced by tony thurman. it goes to hos that have improved test scores, suspension rates, and overall climate for students. at least one school from every county made the list along with schools from santa cruz and monterey. the state originally honored 102 last month but the additional schools were added. is it a bird? a plane? no. it is a swimming pool floating over london. the 82 foot long pool has been constructed on top of a development in the city. it is suspended between two buildings giving swimmers the sensation they are flying. it is the only one of its kind in the world. the pool is set to open may
6:27 am
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. i believe that the president has reminded us to be optimistic and believe in america. >> the actions of the president and his party further and further apart. >> now at 6:30, mixed reaction to president biden's speech with politicians divided. a recap of his plan for the nation. social justice leaders walking away from my committee meant to improve puic ty > okat ases new guidance on when cruise ships
6:31 am
can set sail, we have a sneak peek at the newest ship. a morning, everybody. it is thursday, april 29th. i know have been on the cruise. >> i don't think mike has been on the disney cruise. >> no. i have tried to get discount, you have to go at certain times. when you have kids, those aren't the times. [ laughter ] now that my kids are older, hopefully i can get on there. but then i'm not going to have the kids with us. i hear it is pretty good even if you don't have kids, reggie. >> i would concur although i did bring two little kids with me. they had the time of their lives. i will tell you that. >> hopefully we can talk more about that later. plenty of fog across the northbay. let's check the visibility. less than an eighth of a mile. santa rosa, visibility keeps
6:32 am
dropping also. santa rosa, nothing but some of the high clouds. this is going to continue to spread to the east. as you can see from mt. tam, we are seeing a changing of the guard. it is not going to be as warm as yesterday. 60s and 70s around the bay. still warm inland. your days are numbered. i will show you the cooling trend coming up. this morning, president biden is marking 100 days in office. he will be flying to florida to meet with jimmy carter today. this is coming after his big speech before congress. jobina is breaking down his message to the nation. jobina. >> reporter: the president outlined his ambitious agenda. he says the nation is in a once in a generation moment, saying we are on the move and the u.s. can stop now. he urged congress to pass the spell as well as a sweeping
6:33 am
childcare and education plan. it calls for universal pre-k, paid family leave, and tuition free community college. he is asking for more than $4 trillion in new spending, calling on only the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot the bill. >> i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. it is time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of america to begin to pay their fair share. it is their fair share. >> reporter: republicans sat mostly stonefaced, opposed to the tax hikes. biden says he is open to bipartisanship but not a blockade. he says doing nothing is not an option. the challenge now is going to be selling this plan. he is off to a big rally today to do just that. reggie. republicans also weighing in. tim scott delivered this gop
6:34 am
response. >> democrats want a partisan wish list. they won't even build bridges to build bridges. less than 6% of the plan goes to roads and bridges. it is a liberal wish list. plus, the biggest job killing tax hikes in a generation. >> for a full wrap up of the speech as well as a fact check of what he said, head to new developments in the death of a man who was in alameda police custody. the police chief is talking about this case. we want to warn you this video may be hard to watch. this is police body camera video and shows mario gonzales being restrained by an officer on his stomach as he struggled to breathe for more than six minutes. gonzales eventually lost consciousness and died. the interim police chief says watching a man lose his life is troubling. >> well videos give us a lot of
6:35 am
information, it is not the entire story. it is only part of the story. the investigation is going to go on. >> officers spoke with gonzales for 12 minutes before forcing him to the ground about a possible theft. he was unarmed. abc7 news spoke with a retired homicide detective who says this didn't have to happen. >> everything doesn't have to be a wrestling match. if you take your time, time is on your side. it is supervisor along with proper resources and you wouldn't see what you saw. >> alameda police have identified the three officers involved. james fisher, cameron leahy, and eric mckinley . all three are on paid administrative leave. the abc7 team has requested to see if the officers had previous complaints of misconduct. building a better bay area is not an easy task especially
6:36 am
when it comes to issues like police reform. several leaders will be after san jose committee that was meant to reimagine public safety and policing. reverend jethro moore says three meetings was all it took for him to recognize the committee lacked structure and focus. he says those who quit expected to have the police be involved but they didn't imagine the conversation will be led by police. san jose's deputy city manager feels the committee offered a much-needed discussion. >> we thought we were going to get a chance to carefully reimagine what policing was going to look like. >> it is going to take time and patience. it is going to made sitting through things you may not want to hear. >> he says this group will be reaching back out to those who have resigned. part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and
6:37 am
social justice. we do have a lot of resources. to find out more about how you can take action and be an ally, head to . in part of the area, that means keeping track of distributions. today, i major site is back open thanks to an influx of doses from the government. abc7 reporter amy hollyfield is live at the san mateo county event center . amy. >> reporter: it is quite a set up here, reggie. take a look. it will be nice to see this back in action. sad to see it sitting quietly a week ago. now they have plenty of vaccine. that is the world of the covid vaccine. this is because of a federal infusion of vaccine. that's how san mateo county is able to open this again. it is located at the san mateo county event center in san mateo. they are equipped to administer 4000 doses a day. you do need an appointment.
6:38 am
it is a drive through experience. you never get out of your car. 16 and 17-year-olds need to be accompanied by an adult. they want to emphasize that those community clinics throughout the county that you have maybe seen are still open. this is just a big bonus site. officials say they want to make this as convenient as they can and they say soon they are going to have enough vaccine for everyone who wants it. that supply is starting to roll in. and now supply demand. they don't want to see that, they want to see the demand come back up so they hope this will encourage everyone to get out. live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. you can submit your questions to the abc7 news vaccine team. go to good news for sonoma county. it could be the first in the area to move into the less
6:39 am
restrictive tear. currently it is in the orange tier it is reported with declining cases, officials say it now qualifies for the yellow tear. the change could happen as soon as tuesday. capacity limits expand for private events, gyms, bars, and more. a key deadline in the race to recall governor newsom plus how soon we will know if it is a done deal. let's take a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. up right now by about 140 points. another updates on the market next. we go job hunting with jobina. she is introducing us to a local bakery that is looking to hire those who normally have a tougher time getting a job. we are going to check in with jobina on the commute. >> reporter: yes, it is time, everyone for the backup. metering lights came on at 6:10
6:40 am
you can't it. haov the goen fought tha area i want to point out for people that are along 101 moving through santa rosa specifically, heads up on the low visibility. we have a stake alert in the hayward area that is causing a backup. according to the chp, there was an earlier police chase that ended in a crash in this area. the east 14th on and off ramps from northbound 238 are shut down. and now let's check in with mike. good morning. good morning , jobina. thank you very much. hi, everybody. temperatures a little milder than yesterday. about anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees warmer. fairfield significantly warmer at 12 degrees warmer. antioch, 57 degrees. this is where we have the least
6:41 am
amount of cloud cover along with the south bay where you have 63 in los gatos. upper 40s to low 50s throughout the bay. the kids had a doctor school, watch out for reduced visibility. they will be harder to see. they will not have the coats around the bay and inland, 70s and 80s this afternoon. you'll need them at the coast, 50s. it is windy from the golden gate through the talty. we also have high amounts of tree pollen and the uv index is going to be high once again. temperatures a little above average today. let's take a look at some other high temperatures. this is brought to you by visit california.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
county officials have to complete the validation process for 1.6 million signatures that have collected. there is 30 days to withdraw signatures. we should know by the end of may if this will be going to the ballot. most voters support governor gavin newsom's support of reopening schools. they found 59% of likely voters approved of his plan will 40% did not. the survey also found that 57% of adults approved of how he is handing the k-12 education
6:45 am
system compared to 73% last april. you can learn more about the california recall, the last one, i should say on total recalled. it is streaming right now on the abc7 connected tv app wherever you stream we are hours away from the nfl draft and finding out to the quarterback of the future is going to be. the fifth floor waiting to find out who john lynch and kyle shanahan are going to draft. alabama's matt jones and justin fields and trey lance are all being considered. this morning, roger goodell discusses the key virtual draf with 50,000 fans at draft in cleveland. >> this year i think we will have the energy of the fans and having them back, which they love being here and being part of this draft. and then we are going to combine
6:46 am
technology and some of the things to give people and fans an inside view of players, the coaches, the general managers, and the inside people really want from the nfl. >> you can watch the entire interview coming up at 7:00 only on cme and you can watch all three days of the nfl draft right here on abc7. the first round kicks off tonight at 5:00 and then join larry beil for toyota after the game. that follows the first round tonight. larry will be joined by derek deis and ted when with analysis . now for your morning money report. the u.s. labor department released the latest weekly unemployment report showing some encouraging signs. 553,000 new claims were filed last week. that is a new low for the second straight week. it is also a decrease of 13,000
6:47 am
from revised numbers the prior week. it is slightly higher than forecasted. there are more than 3.6 million continuing claims, that is 9000 less then revised figures from the previous week. take a live look at the new york stock exchange as treading gets underway this morning. we are up right now by about 140 points. at abc7, we are committed to building a better bay area including the pandemic on the economy. i am very excited for this segment this week because i love bread! [ laughter ] you have a special opportunity for folks were just like me. >> reporter: yes, reggie. if you have ever been on a walk along broadway in uptown oakland, it is possible that you got a smell of deliciousness from firebrand artisan breads. they are hiring and looking for people who have some sort ofsab
6:48 am
a chef's cast. i may or may not know their memory to menu. what is most important is they are hiring. >> we focus on people who otherwise have barriers to employment. >> reporter: matt is the ceo and founder of the bakery focused on producing european- style breads and pastries. he is hiring right now to something he calls an open hiring model. >> we don't do resumes or formal job interviews. we don't do background checks. it is really a name on a clipboard. apply online with your basic name and telephone number. we call you and bring you in and make sure your good fit. >> reporter: they need a cafe manager, retail employee, two acres, cleaners, and more. >> we are opening a new location in alameda which will hopefully be opened by the end
6:49 am
of may. >> reporter: the company will need to fill all positions at the new locations that will also feature a worker resource center run by a group called five keys. >> five keys will serve as a connection point to groups and help us better serve the employees by providing classes, more training, providing on boarding materials as well. if someone is coming from incarceration and they need help with housing or different groups, they will be able to help and make those introductions and provide support. >> reporter: he says he wants his employees to thrive. >> if you have that work ethic and attitude, you will be successful. >> reporter: here are the details. the company is firebrand artisan breads, the qualifications, not. you can find more information at their website or, of course, the barriers can be anything
6:50 am
here. immigration status, also if you have legal trouble, anything. they want to hear from you. >> this is fantastic. >> it really is. >> can i say, the next time you want to come visit me, that's where we're going. [ laughter ] >> i had to wipe the drool off when i saw the croissants. >> my goodness. >> that is great, jobina. they take care of the whole self. thank you. i like that. all right. everybody is heading to jobina's after work . the big story today is unfortunate. it is the drones. look at the state, 100% dry. nearly 90% severe drought. more than 50% of the entire state is under extreme and that is the second-worst level. look what happened. the extreme spread across most of the neighborhoods.
6:51 am
we are really hurting here. and we have fog. maybe a little drizzle saturday morning. that is the only precipitation i have in the forecast. you can see the clouds are encroaching. it is going to be cooler along the coast. high clouds will come in also. pretty warm inland. a similar night tonight. it will be a mate, gray start to may. that is saturday. that will last all day. you can see they pull back to the coast and push through the golden gate bridge. the high clouds will be the dominant feature the rest of the day. 75 in sunnyvale. 86 in gilroy. 77 in redwood city. upper 50s to mid 60s along the coast and into downtown south san francisco. the breeze will get richmond and berkeley.
6:52 am
you will stay in the 60s. everyone low to mid 70s. low to mid 80s in the east bay valleys. mid-40s to a mid 50s. a lot more high clouds. tomorrow, we drop about 4 to 6 degrees. coolest saturday as we turn to may. sunday, we warm up a little bit. dry next week. have a good one. reggie. new developments where the city winning commission has approved the mega campus. city council is now going to take this up may 25th. the project features 4000 housing units and office space. google says it will benefit san jose with more than a dozen parks. critics say it will drive up rents in the area. the san jose shark say this will limit access. movie screenings are returning to the castro theater.
6:53 am
they have started to add events for the summer according to the san francisco chronicle. restrictions still limit capacity but they are hoping this will change in the months to come. screenings for the lgbtq film festival have been scheduled. they have more events coming up in late 2021. prince william and kate middleton are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today. to celebrate, they released two new photos taking at kensington palace. they were taken by chris floyd. they exchanged vows in front of 2 westminster abbey in 2011. this morning, we are getting a sneak peek at disney's brand-new cruise ship, the disney wish. this is coming as the cdc says u.s. cruises might be able to read start in july. the disney wish is still under construction. this will not set sail until th here isinside. hthe-storgrha
6:54 am
wianer inspedcreated cinderella gown. speaking of that dress, there is a bronze statue of cinderella herself. >> the guests are going to experience the fantastic word of his knee, star wars, pixar in a very innovative way. >> i am intrigued by this and how they are building up. you can stream the premier event at 8:00 this morning and it will feature 3-d computer- generated environments di is the parent company of abc7. that does look cool. >> obviously, i'm excited about this. [ laughter ] >> the one you went on, did it look like that? >> i actually went on the oldest ship and it went great. it was called the disney magic. highlight?
6:55 am
dance party with the characters. it was formal night so they were dressed up in tuxedos. >> it is like a ballroom. >> they also had the club after that. donald was up in the club, wearing his tuxedo, no hat. he took his head off to be respectful. donald is bald. that's of people don't know. it was the cutest thing i've ever seen. [ laughter ] >> those are details i didn't know. >> did i do the robot with donald? yes, i did. >> please post that. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch all of our news live through the connected tv app. it is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download the app now and start streaming. as we head to break, take a live look
6:56 am
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it is 6:57. here are the seven things to know this morning. number one president biden pushed his $400 trillion proposal to congress last night that includes its infrastructure built as well as a sweeping childcare and education plan. tim scott delivered the republican response, calling it a liberal wish list of big government ways. president biden noted the significance of the two women seated behind him. vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. he said it is about time. number three, starting today a drive through mass vaccination clinic is reopening to the public at the san mateo county event center. they have received more doses from the federal government . you do have to work or live in san mateo county to go here and you need an appointment too. we are hours away from the nfl draft right here and abc7. the 49ers get the number three overall pick. the first rung kicks off at 5:00 followed by after the game at 8:30.
6:59 am
number five, you are looking at the return of the marine layer and the seabreeze. most of us 2 to 7 degrees cooler. even cooler this weekend. number six, we still have a sig alert that is causing a backup. this resulted from me police chase. number seven, heads up right now. single day tickets for outside lands go on this morning at 10:00. the festival is set for halloween weekend. the highlighters includthe strokes. the passes are already sold days you haveone- day pass. you can do vip, general. you can do this elaborate thing. they have an elaborate option for $4000. >> oh.
7:00 am
[ laughter ] >> is at the when you are thinking about? >> no. i kind of want to do vip. >> you deserve to be vip. do you have good morning, america. biden's big plan. the president laying out his vision to drive the country forward in his first address to congress. >> america is on the move again. a sweeping initiative to transform the economy coming with a hefty price tag. biden calls on the wealthiest americans and corporations to biden administration calls on the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot the bill, also touting progress on the pandemic and also highlights the dangers of white supremacy. >> we won't ignore what our intelligence agency has determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today, white supremacy's terrorism. >> as the republicans accuse biden's party of dividing the country. vice president kamala harris joins us live this morning in an exclusive interview only on "gma."
7:01 am
also this morning, the race against time to get more americans vaccinated. thousands of vaccine d


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