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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 29, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> president biden is going to hit the road today to sell his proposals. he will start with a rally in georgia and also meet former president jimmy carter. back to you. the unprecedented two women sharing the stage held special significance for us in the bay area. >> madame speaker, president -- [ applause ] no president has ever from this po >> historic moments to start president joe biden's prime time speech. while most of the president's comments centered around covid- 19 and the nation's response, it with us that opening when
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addressed vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi, both with bay area ties that meant so much to congresswoman barbara lee. >> it really reminded me of the people, the individuals, those women, especially, who fought so hard and paid such a deep price just to get today. it with us quite a moment for me personally. >> reporter: and children's council san francisco ceo was in full support of the american family's plan that president biden spoke of. ai among the other thing, the $1.8 trillion plan would provide universal preschool. >> billions of dollars in support of a universal pre-k and expanded subsidies for child care is a game-changer for family, investment for children. >> reporter: but it wasn't all smiles. the spending means taxing. the plan is to tax the top 1%
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but many republicans are skeptical, saying it is not sustainable. >> it is a terrible year. i wrote about his proposals to raise taxes. the economy is now just recovering. sigh finning money out of the private sec forwas and idea. . >> the vice president spoke exclusively at the live desk. >> vice president harris spoke with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos about china, immigration, race and social justice issues and harris stressed the white house has been meeting with democrats and republicans together to get this done. it today marks 100 days of the biden-harris administration and
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the vice president says the u.s. is in better shape, but with more work to do. >> the president hats rightly said we vaccinated over 200 million americans. the majority of adults in america have been vaccinated. folks got their $1,400 checks who desperately needed them and we made a real serious commanment into job creation in america. america is back and here to stay. >> harris went on to say she does not believe america is a racist country, but added the u.s. needs to address its racist history. you can watch the full, exclusive interview with the president coming up at 7:00 on "gma." >> thank you, jobina. building a better bay area means we are on vaccine watch here on abc7 news. a mass vaccination side is reopening on the peninsula after low supply forced it to close earlier this month. amy hollyfield is live at the
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san mateo county event center with what you need to know to get a shot there. >> reporter: good morning, kumasi. we watched this one in action before when it first opened. it is very efficient. you drive all the way through the process. you never get out of your car. you drive your way to your coronavirus vaccine. they will open this today after it had been shut down. at first the county said it was having a shortage of vaccine and now a federal infusion of vaccine is allowing them to open this. they are equipped to give 4,000 shots here a day. you need an appointment and they will be opened two or three time as week. other community clinics are also open and will stay open. this is just a bonus. they will be offering the j&j vaccine, the johnson & johnson vaccine along with moderna and pfizer, so there could be j&j at the clinic you go to. you will be told ahead of time and have the option of choosing j&j or deciding you don't want
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it, so be aware of that. again, you do need an appointment to come here but they have plenty of vaccine. they want to get it to everyone. they are close to having enough vaccine for everyone that wants it. that day should be here soon so they want you to get that appointment, get out here and get your shot. live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. the johnson & johnson vaccine is being used in the bay area once again as amy said. the j&j shot was offered at pop-up clinic in pittsburgh yesterday but some people walked away when they found j&j was their only option. >> i would rather take the double one. i know a lot of people that took it and they are fine. >> i knew it could be johnson walking in. i don't mind. i think it is fine.
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>> federal health officials continue to stress the johnson & johnson vaccine is safe s. blood clot issued that prompted the pause earlier this month happened in only a handful people that received the millions of johnson & johnson vaccines. well, 38% of residents over the age of 16 in california are fully vaccinated now and more than 29 million doses have been administered. you can find more on this more antioch police are investigating an apparent landlord-tenant dispute that left one man dead. now more from the victimughta.m to this home on the 3500 block of garrow drive, the normally
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quiet street now a homicide scene. >> both way were blocked up. >> it is very sad, a crazy times. >> reporter: after hearing the shots one neighbor said she ran outside and saw a man lying in the front yard and a woman screaming. >> i don't know what the whole situation was. i didn't hear anything prior to the gunshots but i knew they were gunshots. >> reporter: the neighbor, who kid not want to be identified, said the man with the gun stood there until police arrived. >> i was not afraid by shocked it happened there. >> reporter: family identified the man who was renting the home with his wife and two teenaged sons. his daughter drove all afternoon with her husband from the home in turlock. she lost touch with her dad as a child, only reconnecting recently. >> two years isn't enough. i kind of wish i had more time. >> reporter: she said he had been unemployed due to an injury but wasn't aware of an arab that would have caused a
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dispute with the landlord, though she admits there may be more she doesn't know about. >> i feel just as lost as you. >> reporter: antioch police detained a 50-year-old man at the scene for questions but have not said so far if he has been arrested. cal fire is losing the biggest asset, the world's largest firefighter plane. the 747 global super tanker carries 18,000-gallons of fire retardant and was used 119 times last year just in california including fighting the glass fire, sonoma and napa counties. firms are disappointed with the decision but with ready for fire season. >> i believe the residents of the state of california can take comfort in knowing that cal fire is prepared. the folks that fight the fires we will aggressively attack every vegetation fire the way we have. >> cal fire has agreements
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other agencies to pull additional resources. >> we know what kind of fire season we could be in store of because of what we didn't receive over the rain season. nothing has happened yet. clear conditions across the south bay. upper 40s to low 50s. you will find the temperatures as you head up the bay, some low to mid-50s, there mid to upper 40s in the north bay and' long the coast and low to upper 50s in the east bay valley where we had mid to upper 80s yesterday. and again today in our warmest areas. there are clouds on the way other side of the exploreer to yum to the west as we look across the embarcadero from pier 15. temperatures near 50s at noon.
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planner. it is not going to be as sunny today, but, still, you will need the shades and sunscreen. fastest breezes from 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00 to the golden gate to the delta, the first sign of change in the forecast. i will show you when the cooler weather gets to our neighborhood in the accuweather seven-day forecast. now to jobina and the morning commute. hi, jobina. good morning, everyone. we will start with a look at the maps with a sigalert in the hayward area. according to the chp there is a police chase that started in tracy and ended in a crash in this area. the east 14th on and off ramp from northbound 238 is closed right now. we do not have an estimated time as to when they will reopen. a live picture from the bay bridge, smooth traffic in from
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san francisco right now, too early for metering lights. aside from the ngsiga elsing out other blocking issues to report. garlic lover, rejoice. the popular gilroy garlic festival is coming back this year. what you need to know about the reimagined event. antes moderna makes a promise. the promise the vaccine-maker is committing to. and
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well, mornsays it is adding more than 200 million to 400 million more doses, including lower december booster shot and pediatric vaccine to help support the vaccine supply. they announced they are working to extend the shelf life of the vaccine. currently it is six months. the u.s. military is engaging in a fight coronavirus sending supplies from travis air force base to india. it is the air force's largest air-lifter, so big it can carry five helicopters. the shipments contain a million test kit, 30 pallettes of masks
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>>is the one mission for team travis is this. we have 60 or 70 people focusing on this one aircraft. this is bigger than just the u.s. but >> covid has affected 200,000 lives in india. the shipment is expected tomorrow. south bay leaders are looking ahead to the holidays. san jose announced christmas in the park will be returning to the traditional downtown event this year. the festival was nixed last year because of the pandemic and replaceed by a holiday drive-thru light show. organizers say that was so popular they are bringing that back for the festivities this year. also making a comeback, the gilroy garlic festival back on for the summer. organizers say it will be reimagined because of the
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pandemic but drive-thru gourmet alley in different events from july 23 through july 30. >> okay. what is a drive-thru -- okay, virtual event. >> what is a what? >> so, do you just have like garlic at home? >> maybe like an interactive something with someone teaching you how to make garlic ice maybe? >> scratch and sniff. >> garlic ice cream. >> i have never had it. >> i had it once. >> how was it? >> well, not so much. >> mike will take a pass. >> i had it and i love garlic and i love ice cream, but i don't love them together. >> okay! >> it didn't work for me. i am not into that sweet and spicy, savory think. no. but some people love it, so to each its own.
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a big seller. high clouds today, cooler at the coast and bay, the seabreeze is talking those areas. breezy and windy with our especilyaymperatures tomorrow we will rebound sunday and jump back to above average highs into next week in the back half of the seven-day forecast. high pressure is dominating the forecast. it is starting to be squeezed by the low in the gulf of alaska and pushing it away which is why we are seeing the faster winds and high clouds bringing slightly milder temperatures today. los gatos, mother began hill and gilroy 67 degrees. around 60 along the coast, dale city 63. mid-60s for downtown san francisco and sausalito. 78 to 83 for the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore upper 60s around richmond and berkeley and low to mid-70s for the rest of us.
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81 in san ramon, 88 in brentwood and fairfield, 90s through the central valley, a■ near record high 73 in tahoe today and mid-40s to low 50s e temperatures. tomorrow we will drop about 2 to 6 degrees and we will be coolest saturday. a nice rebound sunday, then warm and dr oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it. of relief... [joyfully laughs] protection... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... hope... so that we can get to all the other moments. let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. let's get it... together. so we can be together.
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let's get to immunity. now's your moment to get vaccinated.
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here are the 7 things to know this morning. number one, president biden pushed his sweeping $4 trillion proposal to congress including his infrastructure bill including a sweeping child care and education plan. senator tim scott delivered the republican response calling it a liberal wish list on a big government waste. number two, president biden noted the historical significance of the two women seated behind him, vice president harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. he said it is about time. and a mass vaccination center is opening at the san mateo center. you have to live or work in san mateo county to go here and you
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need an appointment, as well. number four, bay area counties are using the johnson & johnson vaccine again after federal regulators lifted the pause last week. health officials continue to stress the vaccine is safe. here is a look at our 24- hour temperature change. the temperatures are tumbling today. the beginning of a cooler trend. most of us a little above average away from the coast. and a sigalert in the hayward area right now because of a chase earlier involving police that ended in a crash. east 14th on and off s from northbound 238. number seven, we are just hours away from the nfl draft, right here on abc7. the 49ers get the overall pick in cleveland. it kicks off at 5:00 p.m. this morning there is a potentially break in the unsolved murder of two 8th grade girls in indiana. the case has stumped police for
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more than four years and now they are reason to believe it may be connected to another recent crime. now more in today's "gma first look." the unsolved case that has gripped the down of delphi, indiana, for more than four years. two teenaged girls disappeared by this bridge and the bodies found three years later but the pair left three clues behind. the audio ored on libby's phone is believed to be the killer. also on her phone, this photo and a short video clip of what could be the suspect. now, after four long years a potential new lead. on april 19, about 20 miles away, police in lafayette, indiana, arrested this man, 42- year-old james chadwell for an unrelated but troubling crime, kidnapped and attempted murder of a 10-year-old girl. what is it about this case that caught the attention of delphi
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investigators and next steps? with your "gma first look", back to you. dozens of bay area schools are waking up to some pretty exciting news this morning. they have been added to the list of california's distinguished schools. 28 schools got the honor announced by state superintendent tony thurman who improved test scores, suspension rates and overall climates for students. at least one school from every bay area county made the list along with schools from solano, santa cruz and monterey. they honored 102 schools last month but after further review the additional schools were added. >> that is wonderful. a "gma" exclusive with vice president harris. what she is saying about president biden's address to congress and where she said the country goes from here. and a shakeup in the south bay while leaders work on pro forma.
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and google's campus in san jose faces a critical vote. what is at stake for the tech giant and the community? taking a live look outside at 5:27. we will be right back. di so.. not ripped. what're we talkin about...
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showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret. eye contact. you feel that? we just had a moment. [chuckles] who would've thought it? geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance. at 5:30, president biden's address to congress. how will his plan impact the bay area? and the historic moment, for the first time ever, two women sitting behind the president's podium. the vice president and speaker of the house sharing an elbow bump and this morning kamala
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harris speaking exclusively with "gma." and good news if you still need a covid-19 shot, shot san mateo vaccine site no more, a mass vaccination site ready to open. hi, everybody. we are starting with really low visibility in petaluma, fog returning here. we have gone to street level so you can see besides 101 the secondary streets that may be affected by the dangerously low visibility. that is likely to hang around for a while. there is a slight west to east breeze, so some of this could drift to the east and end up over in the napa valley, something we will keep an eye on. on san rafael south on 101 you can see no fog right there. it is very localized and dense in petaluma. as far as the rest of the day, we will see increasing high clouds and a few more low clouds along the coast than we had yesterday. breezes blowing through the
5:32 am
delta. fairfield is windy and 88. mid to upper 80s in east bay valleys. 60s and 70s around the bay. slightly cooler than yesterday and so are the upper 50s to mid- 60s from half moon bay to san francisco. more cooling on the way. i will show you that coming up. here is cue massey. >> thank you, mike. this morning president biden marking 100 days in office. he will be trying to georgia rmer president carter and first lady roslyn carter before attending the rally today. jobina at the live desk breaking down his message to the nation. >> yes. the president outlines his costly agenda to make the country, saying the nation is in a once in a generation moment saying we are on the move and the u.s. can't stop now. biden urged congress to pass his infrastructure bill and a sweeping child care and education plan, calling for universal pre-k, paid family leave and townships-free
5:33 am
community college, but his plan comes with an expensive price tag with more than $4 trillion in new spending, calling on only the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot the bill. >> i won't impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000, but it is time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to begin to pay their fair share >> republicans in the room sat mostly stone-faced. biden is open to partisanship but not a blockade, saying doing nothing is not an option. the plan now is for the president to sell the plan. he will have to go to places, get people on board and doing that today starting at a rally in atlanta. reggie?
5:34 am
>> thank you, jobina. well, the plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest in california could be in a unique place. >> taxes could get up to 50% and important some of the wealthiest to relocate. >> south carolina senator tim scott delivered the gop response -- >> democrats want a partisan wish list. they won't even build bridges to build bridges. less than 6% of the president's plan goes to roads and bridges. it is a liberal wish list of big government waste, plus, the biggest job-killing tax hikes in a generation. >> another republican is going viral this morning for what he did during president biden's speech. his camera caught texas senator tom cruz looking very sleepy, even closing his eyes and
5:35 am
appearing to nod off at one speech. after the speech senator cruds used the hashtag #boringbutradical. for a full wrap of president biden's speech and a fact check of what he said, head to this morning kamala harris is doubling down on president biden's message that america is back. in an exclusive interview with "gma", harris said the country is in a way in better condition than when they first took office 100 days ago. the vice president addressed the crisis at the border which she is in charge of, as well as race and social justice issues. ha out the history of racism in our country and its existence today
5:36 am
. you can watch the full interview with the vice president at 7:00 on "gma." new developments in the death of a man who was in alameda police custody. the interim police chief is talking about the case. a warning, this video is hard to watch. police body cam video shows mario gonzalez restrained by an officer on his stomach as he struggled to breathe for more than six minutes. gonzalez eventually lost consciousness and died. alameda's interim police chief says watching a man lose his life is troubling. >> while the videos give us a lot of information, it is not the entire story. it is only part of the story, so the investigation is still critical. >> officers spoke with gonzalez
5:37 am
for 12 minutes before forcing him to the ground. they were restraining him regarding a possible theft. he was unarspto a retired lapd homicide detective that said this did not have to happen. >> everything doesn't have to be a wrestling match. take your time. time is on your side. get a supervisor there along with your proper resources and you would not see what you saw. >> alameda police identified the three officers involved. they are all now on paid administrative leave. the abc i-team has requested to see if any of the officers had previous complaints of misconduct. building a better bay area is not an zetassing, especially when it comes to issues like police reform. several social justice leaders will speak today after quitting a san jose committee that is meant to reimagine public
5:38 am
safety and policing. the naacp president reverend jethro moore said three meeting us was all it took for him to recognize that the committee lacked structure and focus. he said those that quit expected to have the police involved but didn't imagine the conversation would be led by them. however the san jose deputy city manager angel rios says the committee offered a space for much needed discussion. >> we thought we would have a chance to carefully reimagine what policing would look like. >> we are committed to doing that, but it will take time and patience and it will also mean you may >> rs says the advisor group will be reaching back out to those who have resigned. >> part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. while we don't have all the answers we have a lot of vetted resources. to find out more about how you can take action and be an ally
5:39 am
head to part of building a better bay area means keeping track of vaccine distribution. a site shut down because of supply issues is back open because of doses from the federal government. now more with amy hollyfield at the san mateo event center this morning. hi, amy. >> reporter: good morning. a week ago there was a shortage. now me have plenty. sunshine is the world of the coronavirus vaccine. they are able to open this because of a infusion of vaccine from the federal government. so, this is happening in san mateo county in san mateo. this is at the san mateo county event center. they are equipped to administer 4,000 doses a day. you do need an appointment. this is a drive-thru experience so you never get out of your car. 16 to 17-year-olds need to be accompanyed by an adult. this will be open two to three days a week, but county officials want to emphasize the community clinics throughout the county are also open. this is a big bonus site.
5:40 am
county officials want to make this as convenient as they can. get to the one closest to you, the one easiest to get to. they say soon they expect to have enough vaccine for everyone who wants it, so supply is starting to outpace demand and they are hoping this will encourage everyone to get out and get their shot. live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. if you have questions about getting the vaccine where you live, you can submit the questions to to our vaccine team. sonoma county could soon be the first in the bay area to move into the least restrictive tier this california's reopening plan. the county is currently in the orange tier but the press democrat reports with declining cases health officials say it qualifies for the yellow tier. that change could happen as soon as tuesday. the capacity limits expand for private events, gyms, bars and more. only four counties currently are in the yellow tier.
5:41 am
a race to recall governor gavin newsom and how soon we will know if the ballot is a done deal. and the bay area going the distance when it comes to teaching music. but first a check of the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, reggie. leftover warmth from yesterday's well above average afternoon temperatures. 46 in castro valley. 49 in fremont. everybody else around 50 to 55 along the east bay shore under a clear sky. elsewhere mid-40s in the north bay with the before-mentioned fog. we have near 50 to 55 degrees on the peninsula. near 50 in bay. look at that, 60 in antioch for the warm spot. pacifica 46. we have micro climates this morning. here is 880 at the coliseum. notice what you don't see -- low clouds. in fact, no real issues this morning. everything you see for the commute planner is going to be
5:42 am
for the evening commute. it will be from the golden gate bridge, the richmond, san rafael bridge, the carquinez and richmond bridge where it is breezy and choppy on the water. clear in walnut creek, 55 degrees. 50s at the coast, near 70 to 78 bay and inland at noon. 74 to 82, not as warm as yesterday but still warmer than average and a gorgeous evening on the way, near 70 at 7:00. we have a lot of pollen out there and the uv index will be high. make sure you take care of yourself and protect yourself from that. both of those will be dropping a little bit this weekend when it gets gray and cooler and windy. i will show you the newest numbers coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. more on the commute now from jobina. good morning! good morning, mike. i have a quick update on in daly city and richmond directions bart has some
5:43 am
delays. and in emoryville for people travelingbound we have problem spots there throughout the morning, really our trend lately as people begin to return to work. a live look at the san mateo bridge. now, people picking up here as they make their way toward the peninsula. we have a sigalert i want to talk about in award that does not look like it will clear up any time soon according to the chp. east 14th on and off from northbound 238 is shut down right now. according to the chp there is a police chase out of tracy this morning that ended in a crash in this area. that is closed. also, i want to take to you the north bay. we have fog to talk about. if you are traveling along 101 to petaluma, and also
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5:45 am
5:46 am
. happening today, an important deadline in the effort to recall governor gavin newsom. county officials have to complete the validation process for 1.6 million signatures that need to be collected. there are 30 days to withdraw signatures and then we will know if the recall will go to ballot. the official election will be held in late summer or early fall. there is more on abc7 news' "total recall" with more information. movie screenings are returning to the san francisco castro theater. they started to add events to the schedule for this summer according to the san francisco chronicle. restrictions still have limited capacity but officials hope it will change. the frameline lgbtq film festival have within scheduled in june, comedy up events in july and more bookings coming in late 2021. i am very happy to hear that.
5:47 am
the castro theater is a great place to see anything so i excited. >> me, good news. it is nice to hear about all these things opening and moving forward. well, the clouds are moving from tam to the golden bay and the east bay through the morning commute. i will show the cloud cast coming up. that is one today. may 1 is saturday and our first may day will be gray and cool
5:48 am
and breezy. the clouds will scatter through the san pablo bay through the morning commute. more low clouds along the coast. the high clouds, the rest of the gray you see, look at the winds pickup during the afternoon hours. that is why it will be a little cooler near the coast and bay. 75 to 85. quite a spread across the south bay. 69 in san bruno, 77 in redwood city. upper 50s to mid-60s along the coast to downtown san francisco and south san francisco, mid- 60s there. 78 to 83 through the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore upper 60s in richmond and berkeley, everybody else low to mid-70s. inland low to even you were 80s this afternoon. tonight temperatures in the mid- 40s to mid-50s. the seven-day forecast, temperatures taper everywhere friday and saturday and the breezes are back off and the warming trend begins and warm around average and dry next
5:49 am
week. the labor department released the latest unemployment report showing encouraging signs. jobina fortson has more on these numbers a it is live desk. >> hi, reggie. look the a the numbers over the last year, it is good to see the acceleration of coronavirus vaccines across the country is having an effect on the job market. a new covid low was filed last week. a decrease of about 13,000 from revised numbers from the prior week. it is slightly higher slightly economists forecast of 540,000. there are 3.6 million continuing claims, 9 thalian revised figures from the previous week. we will see how wall street investors react to the new data when the markets open up in about 45 minutes. citizen kane has lost its perfect rating on rotten tomatoes. find out which movies are still 100% fresh. and today is the day that dreams come true for nfl
5:50 am
prospects. the commissioner roger goodell talking exclusively with "gma" before the draft kicks off. and a live ac at 5:49 this mornin
5:51 am
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go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. during this pandemic many people are searching for a silver lining. >> and that is what many people are doing. blue bear music does a lot of outreach and free programs for kids in underserved neighborhoods but that all had to be put on hold at the start of the pandemic. right away they pivoted to zoom classes and soon after they they were able to have outdoor classes as you can see
5:53 am
here in the park with masks and social distancing. within a few weeks they were back to roughly 20 classes. >> in a way we will be one of the nggure t a way to expand ou for lessons. >> love that scarf. >> i was going to say that got my attention! >> i heard what you said but i also saw what you had on! blue bear school will continue to offer the outdoor classes because they are so popular. i can see why. that is so cool. >> that is cute. >> yeah. of course, i have to be the bearer of unpleasant news. the newest drought monitor just came out. of course, it got worse. almost 100% of the state is in a moderate drought. nearly 90% of the state is in a severe drought and more than half the state is in the extreme. that is second highest in that extreme has spread across the bay area. look at this.
5:54 am
almost the entire bay area now under an extreme drought. you know what that means -- water. yeah, the lack of it, and how more and more agencies are going to be asking us to conservative or demanding us to conservative. we will watch the reservoir level, all 100% below historic average, some 50%, and they will continue to go down. >> mike, thank you. new developments in san jose. the city's planning commission has approved google's prosed mega campus. now the city council will take up the issue on may 25. the project features more than 4,000 housing unit as enoffice space. google will also benefit san jose with a community center and more than a dozen parks. critics say it will drive up rent and the san jose sharks say it will limit access to the zap center. we are hours away from this year's nfl draft and finding out who the 49ers quarterback of the future will
5:55 am
the faithful all waiting to find out who gm john lynch and head coach shanahan will draft with a number 3 overall draft pick. matt jones, justin fields and north dakota's trey lance are all being considered. now more from last year's virtual draft with 50,000 fans at tonight's draft in cleveland. >> i know the fans love being here, being a part of the draft, giving the fans an inside view of the player, coaches, general managers and the inside of access that people really want from the nfl. >> you can watch michael strahan's entire interview with
5:56 am
roger goodell coming up at 7:00 on "gma" and then the draft right here on abc7. the first round will kick off tonight at 5:00 p.m. and joy larry beall for toyota after the game following the first round around 8:30 p.m. larry will be joined by former 49ers offensive lineman derrick dietz and the athletics and the nfl film breakdown analyst with the draft pick analysis. how the recall election would go down. a new poll looks at whether governor gavin newsom's handling of the school reopenings will help or hurt his chances. and fights with the land lorde with deadly consequences returns. a look at will tenant's daughter.
5:57 am
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can report to the nation, america is on the move again. >> president biden's address congress touched on everything from gun control to education but did his speech live up to his promise to unify the nation? reaction this morning. an investigation after deadly shooting. how it involved a landlord and a tenant. more vaccines means more opportunities to get the shot. we are live at a mass vaccination site reopening today. welcome to thursday, april 29th. mike, yesterday was quite a stunner. usually i am ready to freeze after about 4:59 in the afternoon because that's what it goes from summer to winter, that didn't happen. it will today. sorry


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